Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines

The Western government-controlled people are an "intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown", claims Putin who says that Russians "must be protected ... at all costs".

Putin Says That Russia Rejects Western GMO, Big Pharma, Vaccines

A report prepared by the Security Council (SCRF) circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has issued orders that his people must be protected from GMO “food” and Western pharmaceuticals “at all costs.”

The report says that President Putin believes the next stage of human evolution is currently in “grave risk” and that Western and global powers are “intentionally decelerating the process for their personal gain.”

“We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”

“We must fight this.  A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests,” the report states.

Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an “intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown,” the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only “dark/evil” but “counter-productive in the medium to long term.”

Russia under President Putin has been giving away land for free in the past few years to people willing to farm organically and sustainably.  The goal is to become the world’s “leading exporter” of non-GMO foods that are based on “ecologically clean” production.

The Security Council report comes just months after the Kremlin announced a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a major step in the fight against multinationals like Monsanto.  Russia continues to lead the way in the realm of natural, organic farming.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Ray Songtree

    No sources? Who was translator? ?????

    • ang

      Just look at the health USA, 69 vaccines, yearly flu vaccines, all GMO, and 52% of kids are chronically ill? 1 in 2 will get cancer, 1 in 33 children born in USA have autism……………. You need a translator?

      • Knowles2

        That not his question, his question is when did Putin say this and who was the original source of this story.

        • Paul Welch

          WOW, now we want to know when someone said something and you want proof of what someone said? Where was this kind of thinking over the past 8 years with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?
          No one ever asked for the source of those LYING TURDS.

          • Knowles2

            Actually I always do when I think it bullshit an doubt they said what people are claiming they say. With Obama it not hard to track down the vast majority his quotes to specific speeches or interviews. or Blair or even most of what people claim Putin have said and yet I can find zero source for this one.

          • Charles Dice

            Right on.

      • SMattison

        Also, wholly unscientific. Vaccines prevent unnecessary death. GMOs aren’t dangerous. Chronic illness is a human condition, mostly caused by hundreds of types of Rhinoviruses, and the ONLY cure for that will be vaccines. But hey, if you think you alone have discovered the one true source of autism, by all means, publish a scientific study and win a Nobel prize. Until then, STFU noob.

        • josh R.

          GTFO SCHILL !!! & Go play on the freeway. Fucking idiot.

          • SMattison

            Aww, I injured poor Joshy with my words! Do you have actual scientific theory to back up your hypotheses or are you just blowing smoke up everyone’s ass, hypocrite? Also, you spelled Shill wrong.

        • http://mathsman0.tripod.com/ lemniscate888

          Are you another learned ignoramus worshipping dogmatic materialistic scientific mumbo, jumbo.

          • SMattison

            No. By definition, mumbo-jumbo is an English term which denotes confusing or meaningless language. My language is far from meaningless.

            Also, your question is self-conflicting, as “learned ignoramus” is an oxymoron. While it is true what Thomas Jefferson said, that “he who knows most, knows best how little he knows,” he meant his statement as a jab against the Dunning-Kruger effect (where people who are uneducated think they know-it-all), NOT as an instruction to avoid education, or that lack of education is somehow the secret to truth.

            I certainly do not “worship” meaningless dogmas, nor meaningless material things, nor even do I worship science. I understand science, and I understand how science works. I understand that by science, we may understand how the universe works, because the universe follows certain principles. Mostly those principles are encapsulated in scientific laws and repeatable experiments, and when our understanding of the universe improves for whatever reason, those laws are also allowed to improve.

            Is there any other way to know things, besides listening to the voices in your head as is encouraged by many religions? How do you know you can trust those voices? 😉

        • Nicky

          Yes of course The One and Only cure…. Gosh as soon as they come up with “jumping off a cliff will give you your youth back” you’ll be the first to jump right?!
          Man you’re full of it!

          • SMattison

            No, not “the one and only cure”. That’s why there are hundreds of different vaccines, and children have to get so many when they are young. It’s not “One vaccine to rule them all”. It’s scientific, and sophisticated, and specific.
            But hey, feel free to die. There are plenty of ways for you to do just that if you avoid vaccines.

          • Randi Bussear

            Really? Have you seen a childhood vaccine schedule lately? It is the same vaccines over and over and over again. Why? Because they fail. They dont work. They xont give immunity. What we vaccinate for are mild childhood illness or curable, anyway. We are trading in mild illnesses for severe side effects. Would you like a vaccine insert? It states right in them that they can cause neurological damage, seizures and encephalopathy etc etc…what is autism? All of the above are linked.

          • SMattison

            Really? Have YOU seen a childhood vaccine schedule lately? Do you know WHY it is the way it is, or are you only knee-jerk-reacting because there are a lot more shots than you were given and you’re jealous? Are you upset because in the modern day, doctors know more than they did 50 years ago, and can more effectively fight more diseases? Do you even know what “curable” means, or how those cures WORK? Through vaccines: Smallpox and Polio were only eradicated from third-world countries because of vaccines, not because every podunk third-world village miraculously got clean drinking water in 1977, and then somehow lost all that clean drinking water again.

            Do you even know the differences between the words “may” and “can” and “do”? Obviously not, since you don’t even know the differences between the words “xont” and “don’t” and “won’t” and “font”. Vaccine inserts says these things “MAY be caused” for CYA purposes; because lawsuit-happy idiot parents would otherwise try and sue these doctors for every little fucking thing they never noticed before about their ALREADY-AUTISTIC kid, and try and blame it on the vaccine makers, who already have enough of a hard time fighting off biochemical threats and don’t need to worry about fighting off legal threats that could shut them down for no reason. You also say these above things are “linked”, based on WHAT? Based on a singular flawed study by a crackpot scientist that never even subjected that study to PEER REVIEW? Well I’ve got some studies for YOU, sir.


            So GTFO, see a therapist about your crippling Dunning-Kruger syndrome, and come back when you understand how SCIENCE works.

          • Randi Bussear

            Bahahaha yeah I know why the schedule is the way it is today…because the vaccines DON’T WORK! Hence, BOOSTERS! But you are right. Science does work but not yours…lol They keep increasing the schedule thinking if they do that sooner or later to vaccines may work. They don’t. The only way that have worked is by causing neurological and autoimmune issues in our children. You must hate children. Sicko!

          • SMattison

            That’s why you have so much smallpox and polio, right? Oh, that’s right, those are ERADICATED. But I’m sure you think that third world countries that still don’t have access to clean water can just magically eradicate viruses? You’re quite ignorant if you think that vaccine science doesn’t work. You’re the one that hates children, trying to infect them with your pox parties that more often than not actually get children KILLED.

        • Bullshit Analyzer

          Show me one credible study that vaccines do not cause autism

        • Paul Welch

          Oh, Yes, go on and publish that study and you will be dead before the ink dries on the paper. Hillary and her crew will make sure of that.

          • SMattison

            False. I don’t know which television news station or internet source has been lying to you, but people are actively seeking real world scientific causes for this spectrum of effects, and no singular cause has yet been found. Also, even though they are a pair of crackpots who published flawed studies with zero peer-review, neither Andrew Wakefield nor Eric Seralini are dead. So take from that the following; You can publish any amount of studies you want. But whether you are taken seriously or not depends on how scientific your study is, how accurate your study is, and how repeatable your study is when subjected to peer-review.

        • empiricist2

          “Autism” is a collection of symptoms. Tying it to a single cause is difficult. However there is quite a bit of evidence for vaccines linked to “autism-like symptoms”. Not the same as autism per-se but in the ballpark. Here is another list of studies linking vaccines to autism. Also the studies done typically don’t compare to the unvaccinated. http://www.activistpost.com/2013/09/22-medical-studies-that-show-vaccines.html

          But a new recent study comparing to unvaccinated IS showing 4x autism rate and several other problems with vaccines. https://needtoknow.news/2017/05/first-ever-peer-reviewed-study-vaccinated-vs-unvaccinated-children-shows-vaccinated-kids-higher-rate-sickness-470-increase-autism/
          So it isn’t so simple as you think.

        • Yoan Alexander

          Vaccins are scams and the big companies put shit in them so we get sick and then want to by their products to get better. I stopped getting vaccinated in 2008 and I never get sick anymore, well maybe once a year, but it only last 1-2 days !! You see, the body fights of better the virus naturally.

          • SMattison

            The “big companies” put adjuvants in them, because without the adjuvants, the vaccine would be SO HARMLESS your body wouldn’t even react to it properly, and it would pass harmlessly through your system. You have to trigger the body into action so it knows there’s even something to fight.
            I don’t know about you, but if someone wanted to lock me in a box for a couple of days every year, I’d kick him in the junk and push HIM in the damn box.
            The body doesn’t fight “of better” the virus naturally. Google pictures of children with Polio, who have to sit in iron lungs for the rest of their lives, and THEN tell me that the human body is better at fighting off viruses…

          • The DOG

            Vaccines are counter productive to the evolution of an effective inheritable antibody based immune system like that of human biology. This system is not propped up by any substance provided by a third party and evolves with exposure to other biology. The invention of vaccine may have saved us for a time but it has only stopped us in our evolutionary tracks and delayed our eventual extinction. Vaccines save individuals but wither societies ability to react to disease over time. Vaccines are enabling your immune system to be a lazy and ineffective part of your biology.What happens when the vaccine/substance is gone because, unethical
            business practice pushed the vaccine out of reach of the ill due to price, then people will
            die/fall ill in sudden large numbers. That’s OK because its peer
            reviewed and FDA approved and here for your consumption in perpetuation
            of an illusion of health. How long before AMA and the FDA along with with the pharmaceutical companies turn our immune system vestigial with all their chemical solutions, so our immune system ends up as a third party separate from us. Who knows what they are really doing and intend, the truth is always stranger and more terrifying than fiction.

          • The DOG

            That being said I do not necessarily believe that Putin has said these things. If he did than he is far different than portrayed in western media.

          • SMattison

            No. The viruses that afflict us the worst come from animals that are not even Human, and are intended for non-human biologies. It is only fair that we get the opportunity to fight them appropriately, and our vaccines are the easiest, fastest, most humane, least fatal way to do that. Are we creating vaccines to fight every little rhinovirus? No. We’re fighting the viruses that kill our children, that kill our elderly, and occasionally that kill our healthy. Do you consider it evolutionary to kill people? How many guns do you own?

          • SMattison

            “What happens when the vaccine/substance is gone because, unethical business practice pushed the vaccine out of reach of the ill due to price, then people will die/fall ill in sudden large numbers.”
            I’m glad you, at least, admit that vaccines are effective. If your beef is with unethical business practice, fight that. Don’t fight our lifesaving technology. It doesn’t help.

        • Charles Dice

          Please search, GMO Shiva Ayyaduri

      • josh R.

        Their heads are so far up their asses they are having trouble reading correctly.

    • Arnold GS

      Use google translator

      • Ian F

        Do you have a link to the report in Russian? Stunning the author did not include one! Baxter Dimitry, not sure where you are winning these arguments, but lets see some citations to back up your assertions! I know Putin is anti-GMO, but I want to see where he is saying all this stuff!!!! You may very well be right, but lets see some proof!

        • Arnold GS

          No I don’t! But fair enough. I will look for one. Be nice to verify these claims

    • Arnold GS

      Just requested the original source in Russian (e.g. link, video, etc etc) from Dmitry. Understood the concerns. My apologies for the “Use google translator” snide remark below.

    • Kae


    • Knowles2

      None still haven’t been disclose. But considering no Western Pharma was ban from operating in Russia and that Russia has generally has the same vaccination program as in the West I think we can safely call this story false.

      • Lucy Hill

        Actually the Russian vaccine schedule is a lot smaller than US, they also have low rates of autoimmune disease such as Diabetes Type 1

        • Knowles2

          Actually the schedual, there not a lot off difference at all. The only substantial difference is that in Russia it only advisory whilsts in US it recommended, vaccination rates are reverse, Russia vaccination rate is 87% in the US it around 84%.



          The incidence of Duabetes Type 1 and Type 2 isn’t that different either,

          12.1 per thousand in Russia.

          12.8 per thousand in US


          I check a few countries and number of Vaccines and rates of DT1 show no correlation what so ever, if there was Finland vaccination should be substantially different to Russia or the US as they have 51 in 1000 cases, an yet this shows they follow broadly the same schedule as Russia and US.


          • raziel71

            Sorry but no, using wikipedia as a source is not acceptable. In the US is not “recommended”, it is almost mandatory. In NY IS mandatory as well as in California. And you can not take your child to school here in USA without vaccines unless you have an exception , which is discriminatory and borders on the self accusation side by the way that is redacted. In Russia, you can go to a doctor and pay some money and they will give you an exception without no problems and no one pushes it in the way is pushed here. By choosing your sources nowadays you can make up anything you want, specially using wikipedia that can be user redacted. Now, I personally now people from Russia and have their input as first hand experience, not some made up paper from the internet.

          • Knowles2

            Only one was from wikipedia, the rest weren’t. Advisory or not, diabetes rates in Russia are higher than the US, highly suggestive that their zero link with vaccines and diabetes.

    • Diane
  • Wesley Renfroe

    a team of scientists did a tear long study and found all food including vitamins contain poisonous and/or toxic ingrediants

    • Arnold GS

      You have a source for that? Really….I want to read the whole thing (I am NOT being sarcastic at all). It would be a great addition to my arsenal for when I argue with my Americans “friends” on the other side of the pond

    • Tuatha de Danann

      Sure they did. We’ll believe you, with no citations and poor spelling.

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    I’m glad he’s sayin’ it. This needs confronting with commonsense remedies.

    • ang

      The remedy? Get rid of USA government, pharma and monsanto, include Billy Gates cause he is really nuts (too much pharma drugs I reckon), CIA get rid of those idiots too, and finally just start again…. Bit late though, Usa cant get GMOs out now….. Cant even sell GMO free grain to China, too full of rubbish GMO.

      • Marcella Pierce

        What was listed is a huge problem for sure, but some vaccines, like the compositions used early on that eradicated things like smallpox and polio are still needed, but things like the HPV vaccine, those are definitely proven to be hazardous.

        There is also the Oil industry, whereby things are also dangerous, polluting ground water and soil, and too many people close to wells and fracking are experiencing gasses that cause their water to catch fire (the gasses push through their wells and ignite near flame).

        We need to stop GMO ‘foods’ for sure, and we Americans have been voicing that for a very long time, yet the government has turned a deaf ear and shut down all attempts by states that have passed laws banning Monsanto products.

        The greed of this country’s politicians has been effectively killing off it’s citizens with all kinds of cancers and other maladies, and those things in themselves makes money for the pharmaceutical companies as well as the medical professionals pushing tons of medications on their patients in exchange for the kickbacks they get from big pharma.

        It’s become insane. People truly need to wake up and take back their country, especially for their health and the health of the generations to come.

        • Tuatha de Danann

          Re- ‘but some vaccines, like the compositions used early on that eradicated things like smallpox and polio’.
          Early vaccine compositions often caused severe adverse reactions and were ineffective. Early inactivated polio vaccines caused polio, and live vaccines spread polioviruses. Smallpox vaccines before the 60’s produced immunity in recipients as low as 20% .

          • Marcella Pierce

            Maybe I should have put a time frame when stating about “early on”. I was actually referring to between 1960 and 1985. The years I was young and my children were born.

            None of them ever had issues, nor was there ever reported any issues, during that time frame.

            I agree that big pharma has degraded from being the benevolent entities they were, to the dubious entity they’ve become.

          • Arnold GS

            “I agree that big pharma has degraded from being the benevolent entities they were, to the dubious entity they’ve become.”….

            Do you know why any and all multinationals are “evil”?

          • Anon


          • Marcella Pierce

            Actually, I have been investigating some of the largest corporations and banks most recently, and what I’ve been able to come up with, once written or spoken, will put me in the naive people’s ‘Tin Foil Hat’ list lol

            But I believe I have a very clear picture of what, and who, is running the show.

          • Arnold GS

            Well, then you are much further ahead of me. I have NO idea who is running the show. I only know that little sniveling “executive” wannabees and their “global security division” (former feds usually who use “fear” of the myth to scare away competition) are the real problem. Who is pushing them? Listen…I am ALL ears!

            Oh…how I know the above? Was in four of the cases (not as a target, but observed from afar). Same modus operandi ALL the time. It’s like their ONLY play.

          • CharlaS

            I had my first vaccine injury in 1961 from the polio sugar. I hurt for weeks and for almost yes afterwards could not work normally in the farm fields as I had before without severe muscle pain. My 2nd vaccine injury was in 1970 when I received several vaccines to travel overseas. I had a mini-stroke. I still deal with the effects of it today.

          • Anti

            Dont worry , I am sure your doctor said it was all your fault and your genes, nothing to do with the poison shot into you. just a coincidence, or how about “we didnt know” seems a safe phrase the medical prof likes to use.. I cant believe people still get a flue shot and end up with some debilitating illnes for a few days or weeks after…and never join the dots and do the same the next year… pure insanity

          • Anti

            and none of them would have had to have so many so young as they do now, would they, they give children only months or weeks old ADULT doses, no wonder the brains get fried !!! talk about a mindless state, but as long as it makes money thats all that matters…such insanity… only in Murika..

        • Anti

          The polio cvaccine actually mae more people come down with pnumonia than it cured..as all vaccines do now adays,If they were to cure people how come the drivvel you hear of unvaccinated people causing vaccinated people to catch the disease they have been vaccinated against…. nonsensical … but hey USA makes it the Law to have kids injected, and makes it safe for Bifg Pharma to not be held responsible for the damage done to those kids by their fabulous vaccines….. Some country HUH!

        • Stacy Flanagan

          take it from someone who has worked in medical malpractice & insurance defense firms, and legal depts of hospital corporations and health insurance companies the entire system is a fraud.

          the polio and smallpox vaccines did not have anything to do with the decline in those diseases. they have been fabricating those statistics and studies for decades now. this was pre planned a long time ago, allow me to explain.

          some things that were left out of our history books. in 1907 Indiana passed a eugenics law to legalize sterilization of people they labeled “imbeciles.” many states adopted the same laws. although it was overturned in 1921, in 1924 it became legal to sterilize people in mental wards.

          Hitler wasn’t the first to the eugenics agenda, it was the US. Hitler actually learned this from the US. After WWII and the nuremburg trials the US still wanted to sterilize people but they knew the eugenics would never fly again and be legal. so they changed the name from eugenics to “genetics.” there were 64,000 people sterilized in the US before the made it illegal. there were many college eugenics courses prior to WWII as well. they basically kept the same studies and agenda under the science of genetic research and birth control for the poor. margaret sanger is the most evil witch of her time. she was the founder of planned parenthood. she LOVED the idea of eugenics. So did Bill Gates’ father who was involved with the creation of Planned Parenthood as well. and what do you know Bill Gates himself LOVES vaccines.

          when the baby boomer generation got the polio vaccine as children it contained a virus called SV40. that is actually a cancer virus. and that wasn’t the only virus in there as the #40 is just one virus. they do NO long term studies on vaccines. they never tell you that besides all the toxins they put in them, the so called “dormant” and “live” viruses in the vaccines never leave your body. and they dont’ tell you at some point in your life a dormant virus more than likely will become “live.” which is why the baby boomer generation is dying of cancer like crazy. and right around the time of their retirement and age to draw social security. think that’s a coincidence? considering the govt is bankrupt and social security checks are fiat money as well. I know i’ll never see a dime of what I paid into it and I’m only 34. there were a lot of people who also got polio from the polio vaccine. diseases they have claimed to eradicate due to vaccines were actually eradicated by other means such as sanitation, better diet. more access to health care. they make statistics say whatever they want them to say. what the government has labeled “official science” is usually some studies from a couple researchers who were paid to say whatever they wanted it to say, the govt stamps it and boom approval & on the market in no time.

          The CDC, FDA, USDA & WHO are all basically owned by big pharma. revolving door between them. the CEO of Merck used to work at the FDA that kinda thing happens all the time. always the same ones bouncing around.

          in the 1980’s congress passed a law exempting vaccines from medical malpractice and product liability suits. which gave them free reign to do whatever they want, put whatever they want in the vaccines & never be held responsible for anything.

          all you have to do is compare the autism rates, allergies children have today, all kinds of issues that children didn’t have before they passed that law.

          we have the sickest generation of children in all of the developed nations in the world. allergy doctors say they have never had this many kids in one generation with so many allergies. some vaccines contain peanut oil. it’s so bad most schools won’t even serve anything peanut related because of this.

          there is no safe amount of any poison. mercury, thimerosol, formadelhyde no amount is safe. not to mention the flu shots contain 25,000 times the amount of mercury even the criminal organization known as the EPA says is safe.

          you know it’s gotten way out of control when newborn babies are given a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease the day they are born. there have been studies done asking health care professionals why they give that vaccine to newborns and most have said “that’s what we were taught.” The Rockefellers have also taken over all the medical schools in this country not to mention they own the Red Cross. That alone should creep you out.

          if you or your child get damaged by a vaccine and you cause enough uproar you can get compensated in this little thing known as the secret vaccine court. it’s not really a court they keep no public records. it’s just an administrative meeting and the money that compensates these vaccine victims in these secret hearings are TAXPAYER MONEY. again the vaccine maker still has no liability in this. we are getting screwed every which way possible.

          not to mention the 3rd leading cause of death in infants is SIDS. well there is no such thing as SIDS. it’s vaccine damage. since the CDC has claimed vaccines are safe and they have no evidence of damage, if an infant dies after receiving a vaccine, wasn’t previously ill with a disease, and has no signs of trauma the coroner will always label the cause of death as SIDS. the statistics on vaccines the CDC gives are about 10,000 times understated.

          I would recommend to NEVER EVER get another vaccine and do not let them stick your children with one more dose of poison.

  • ang

    Finally someone not corrupted by the power of pharma and monsanto fraud. good on him.

    • jazzfeed

      Fortunately for the Russian people.

  • http://mathsman0.tripod.com/ lemniscate888

    May my heartfelt prayer be heard by the nine
    “choirs” of Spiritual Hierarchies( Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones;
    Dominions, Virtues, and Powers; Principalities, Archangels and Angels) that
    they may wake up the American people to start resisting in which ever way they
    can the tyranny that is about to descend upon them in the the Name of the
    Father, his Son Christ-Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


    • Linda Aguilar

      Keep religion out of it please.

      • Sev

        There is no need to bring religion into issues of personal HEALTH and WELLBEING please thank you

        • Carmen SanDiego

          I assume that’s sarcasm…

      • Carmen SanDiego

        How about you non-religious just skip over the comments that are for religious people. It’s called freedom of speech and we can communicate with each other and share our feelings and prayers whenever we want. You non-believers don’t have the right to ask us not to speak just because you don’t believe in the same things. Who do you think you are?

    • Flying Gabriel

      ” .. for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” (Matt;26:52)
      “You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you.” (2Chron; 20:17).

      So, you stay home and pray and be good OK? The Atheists have got this one.

  • Greg Burton

    The Satanic NWO: speciate the elite, despeciate the useless eaters.

    • Mrs Doris Carberry

      Don’t tempt fate

      • Carmen SanDiego

        Tempt fate? This is already well in motion.

  • Feli

    Can we have the source of this news? Thank you.

  • KeepOnLearning

    Even though he’s right about that, he’s so bananas (and widely demonized) that his voice will only give promoters of HFCS and thimerosol-laced vaccines even more ammo.

  • JeanClellandMorin

    Son-of-a-Gun ! I hope Putin is Vegan. In any case, do your research and get VEGANATED ! ! ! Jean Clelland-Morin

    • Sev

      He likes vegetables no two ways about it

  • Brian

    Putin was supposed to be such a monster but hes the worlds biggest hero now

  • Brian

    How do I get my hands on this report?

  • Wendell

    Still waiting for the source for this report.

    • Angie

      Just look at the bad health of the average American and there is all the proof you need!!!!

      • Flying Gabriel

        The content may be correct, but that doesn’t prove Putin actually said it.

        • Anti

          Who cares who said it for crisakes… its true, but I suppose you need to be off GMO’s,Pesticides,poisoned meats, mass poisoned vaccines and low nutritional foods to see it.

          • Flying Gabriel

            Did I say it wasn’t? Whatever you’re consuming is causing you to read words that aren’t even there. Find someone else to pour your unpleasantness on or get some help with anger management fella.

          • Anti

            by your trivial rant I think it is you who needs help.and the rest of my statement proves my point.

          • Flying Gabriel

            I agree, it’s true. But attributing quotes without a source or proof damages credibility. That’s my point, what’s yours again? Never mind . . . your name says it all.

  • Robert Truss

    The man is right. GMO foods are modified foods that change our ever being. Then the body gets sick.

  • Alton Clark

    I can’t believe so many people don’t believe this but believe every lie that Obama tells with no proof !

    • DmarcusBe

      Everybody knows this is true

      • Severus

        the boss man

    • Anti

      Dumb is a dumb are… Rah Rah USA! sad sad people..believe all that their scripted news tells them to believe, and dont goet me going about how anyone can even think Hellery would make a good pres…its ridiculous, she’s the establishment who are in it for themselves as they alwyas have been….

  • Dr. Leo Rebello

    Kudos to #VladimirPutin. @BaxterDimitry you should NOT argue with idiots, morons, brain dead. Discuss and Disseminate proper Information. But note, that Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. Follow me. I have lectured in 65 countries, written 51 books, trained and treated over a million people since 1975, through Natural Medicine.

    • DBanque

      Kudos to you brother

  • Dr. Leo Rebello

    I forgot to add that what President Vladimir Putin has said now, I have been saying since 1975. Read my books of AID$ $CARE, Holistic Healing in Tropical Diseases, Nature Cure and Yoga Therapy, Total Treatment Plan for Muscular Dystrophy. My next book will be on Autism due to Mercury and other lethal ingredients in Vaccines, which are part of popular control pogrom.

  • Dr. Leo Rebello

    Those interested in knowing more about God’s Farmacy verus Devil’s (P)harmacy, please go through my REVISED OATH FOR DOCTORS [2003], WORLD HEALTH AGENDA [2004] and MEDICINE MADNESS [2005 revised in 2013]. Only then write.

    Agents of Pharma Mafia, Parrots who rant about Evidence Based Science, and so-called experts of One Disease, One Organ or Super Specialty.

  • Mark Active

    Interesting but it makes no sense at all. First of all Russia vaccinates their population extensively so the claim (although true) is contradictory and at the least hypocritical. Second, there is absolutely no source for this anywhere on the internet. This is the only website making the original claim. I’ve searched SCRF and even googled in russian and their is no mention anywhere of what is stated in this article. Where did the author obtain his facts? This news would be mind blowing if he indeed stated it and it was true. But if all we have are a few quotes translated to english on one website with no authentic russian source to verify, then all we have is a made up story that we cannot verify. Baxter I would to know the source please. Thank you.

  • Big Dan

    Big Pharma is available now! Like all good capitalist scams, Big Pharma has quietly morphed into a monster. Welcome to the world of Big Pharma! There are a number of cool new features, each operating for a sinister purpose! Stockpile up.

  • Muni_Corp_Citizen

    This would be great to forward but it seems to be an unsourced news item. These types of news items have been known to be deliberate bullshit to discredit alt news. How about a closer original source like PRAVDA English? Did Putin really say or write this? Is it part of a policy paper?

  • Novack

    @Arnold GS, any news regarding the original source for this? Anything to back the articles claims? I really hope this be true, what its said is incredibly powerful coming from Putin… but you’re not really expecting just faithful belief here, right?

  • Jennifer

    Putin is calling me a fat retard…LOL

  • Sindre Svanes

    source? this is probably fake, god tired of amatuer reporting.

  • shotofhealth

    Yes, where is the source please?

  • http://www.math.missouri.edu/~rich/MGM/primer.html rwinkel

    This article is worthless without some kind of attribution.

  • signalfire1

    Well, *whoever* said it was right on.

  • RonPi22

    Putin is a dangerous guy, my life was saved by “big pharma” and their supposedly evil products. If I was living in Russia I would be dead now. Pull your heads out of the ground. Pharmaceuticals are GOOD. 21st century miracles. Full stop.

    • Freedomjo

      How was your life saved? Could you elaborate?

      • Carmen SanDiego

        Clearly what Ron doesn’t understand is that it was the establishment that made him sick in the first place so that big pharma could come along and save him $$$$$. If they did. It’s just part of their endless money making scheme. Kill off the poor eaters and get rich off of the people that can afford to fight the illnesses and diseases given to them.

  • Damien LeGallienne

    First of all — PUTIN never said this. It’s fake. It’s stupid junk brought to you by people who are mentally sick. The same people who want to dismantle the pharmaceutical industry and stop genetic engineering of food – people who will then wonder why their kid died from polio or tetanus or diphtheria and wonder why a loaf of bread costs $100 and they are all starving to death. You cannot feed 7 billion people unless you make crops disease resistant. grow the frock up and stop acting like mental midgets. Go to school and learn something, you morons.

    • Freedomjo

      It’s easy to call others moronic and mentally ill, especially if it is your own proclivity. That makes it more understandable. Ask why there are so many autistic children today. Ask the 100,000 people each year whom are killed by “properly” prescribed drugs. Oh, you can’t, they’re dead. Ask the other hundreds of thousands of people killed due to iatrogenic causation. Oh, you can’t they’re dead. Should I go to the same school which taught you how to not question and to assume you know things you don’t? Are you sure you can’t feed 7 billion? Is that an assumption or is that something you know? How do you know this? Have you ever tried to feed 7 billion? Have you compared this feeding between growing genetically engineered crops and non ge? Where was that school which taught you this nonsense and how to be a boor? Please let me know so that I can avoid it and go somewhere else.

      • Damien LeGallienne

        Wow, you sure showed me. I’m a changed man.

        • Freedomjo

          Would that it had been so easy!

  • Susan Ford Keller

    “5,000 years of vaccine free human history with a population increase of 6 Billion people proves that vaccines are designed to stifle the evolutionary process, not protect people.” ~ Tim Singleton

  • Anti

    Wow we can see the trolls dont like the truth being shoved down their throats cant we !! no matter who says it,
    If you have a sick ignorant malnurished population making oit so easy to control by a few greed merchants you end up with a country called USA.but luckily they dont see it because they are told they are exceptional and even que up to have more vaccines pumped into their poor kids and even make it mandatory for every one soon..I wouldn’t be surprised if you would go to profit prison if you dont have a poison shot….Only in America jeez!

  • JO

    SOURCES ????????????

  • http://mathsman0.tripod.com/ lemniscate888

    Tyhe Golden Calf and Mammon worshipping White House will soon be struck by continuous bolts of lightening. They are traitors to the American constitution and only serve the rich. Dear President Putin the quicker al- Qaeda is totally annihalated the better tuyhe world will be.

  • stevemeikle

    I’m sorry but no. Do you read history? look up the very word vaccine playing close attention to its derivation: then ask yourself why we stopped dying in our millions of smallpox? The thinking here is so foolish that I suspect that Putin is using it as a propaganda thrust against the West or the West is telling lies here to portray Putin as a fool. Who knows? Indeed if he knew his own Russian history he would know (as I suspect he does know, or Western propagandists have forgotten that he could know as they do not know it themselves) that it as no less than Catherine the Great who submitted to one of the very first vaccine treatments and showed enlightenment and rationality in doing so. I am 57 and have not died of exhaustion or disease. I have vaccines and the like to thank for that, not agrarian fantasy living. Go an read how well peasants lived in their mud and straw huts, as Green as they come, and long before any of the things he complains about

  • Ruarc Oney

    Source ?

  • Dave Jeffers

    Read it and believe it because you will NOT get a honest answer from D.C. they are the reason for the big pharmy poison and the GMO(monsanto world) and all the killing of children & cancer. Hitler did it so is american gov. doing it they learned all of this killing from the Doctors & scientist they brought here after ww2 so our Gov. is Hitler today !

  • https://www.facebook.com/LiberalMediaHourlyCommentary Michael Q. Rudnin

    Video, or it’s bullshit.