Putin: Illuminati Plans To Use Islam To Spark World War 3

They want you to remain ignorant of the truth: that the illuminati are using Islam in order achieve their ultimate goal – to destroy the West as we know it, and usher in a New World Order.

Putin says the illuminati plan to use Islam in order to spark World War 3

Brave Vladimir Putin is determined to destroy the Illuminati, describing the destruction of the world’s most elusive organisation as the ‘most important legacy’ he could possibly leave behind, and according to Kremlin sources he understands the role of Islam in the Illuminati’s plan to start World War 3.

In Russia there is an old saying that roughly translates to ‘If you don’t understand the past, you won’t be able to understand the present, or shape the future.’ Putin lives by this saying. According to sources he has been studying the history of the Illuminati so he can understand their plans and destroy the invasive organisation before its roots and branches spread too far and wide around the world and it becomes too late.

Albert Pike’s ‘sequence of three world wars prediction’ is of particular interest. Albert Pike was a top Illuminati Grand Wizard, a notorious Luciferian, and a General for the Confederacy in the American civil war. In the 1880s he openly stated that Islam will be the central component in World War 3, and that the Illuminati will lead Islam into direct confrontation with the West.

We have already seen what the New World Order has done with Islam. They have used it to foment a crisis, a clash of civilisations. Make no mistake, the Illuminati is using Islam to achieve its goals.

It is documented that Albert Pike wrote a letter to a friend in 1871 outlining the final and largest of the three world wars – World War III. According to close friends of Putin, he believes this letter is much more than simple correspondence between friends. He believes it serves as a blueprint that spells out exactly what will happen in the last war, and it is being followed by the Illuminati to this day.

In this notorious letter/blueprint, Albert Pike is recorded as saying his military program might take 100 years or a little longer to reach the day when those who direct the conspiracy at the top will crown their leader King-despot of the entire world, and impose a Luciferian totalitarian dictatorship upon what is left of the human race.

Pike seems to indicate a conspiracy to start a war so that the Antichrist can ascent to his position as world ruler.

Pike’s letter also details the specifics of the first two world wars – with chilling accuracy:

“World War I must be bought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Tsars in Russian and of making that country a fortress of atheistic communism.”

“The second World War will be fought for two reasons. To establish the State of Israel, and to expand communist control over Europe.”

“World War III must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world.”

According to Pike, Islam will be the central factor in the downfall of the West. Islam will then be decimated itself, allowing for the new religion of Luciferianism to spread on the earth. All Muslims will fall for this system. There isn’t a single Muslim on this earth who will not submit to the religion of the New World Order, according to Pike’s historical prophecies.

Islam is merely the Illuminati’s tool to destroy the West. They followed Pike’s blueprint when they destroyed the World Trade Centre in 2001 and blamed it on Muslims. The crisis that would come was a long awaited prophetic fulfilment. As Albert Pike had predicted, Islam was the religion used to foment a crisis.

And as we all know, from that point things only got worse. What is the common factor every time you see a crisis? Who is behind it?


And the Illuminati want you to believe it is inherently a problem with Islam. They want you to remain ignorant of the truth: that they are using the religion to achieve their ultimate goal – to destroy the West as we know it, and usher in a New World Order.

It has all been mapped out. We have seen what they are doing with the migrant crisis, and with terror attacks, and so on. They are using Islam to stir the pot. Only through understanding the history of the Illuminati can we possibly understand the present state of the world, and make sure the Illuminati does not shape our future.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Sabatina Massion

    The two behind it are Bush & obama they are working together to achieve there goal…little do they know they will not.

  • Sherif Magdi

    Illuminati’s ultimate goal is not to destroy the West but to destroy all religions that worship God, Satan is the enemy of man and a source of inspiration to the Illuminati. He wants man to stop worshiping God. By creating communism in WW1 & WW2, they managed to destroy christianity in many place of the world. Now they want to destroy Islam.other religions are not important because they don’t worship a one true God.

    • Susannah Fitters Fedders

      May I ask what is your nationality

    • http://members.shaw.ca/duncancrow/ Duncan Crow

      Ask yourself: how can I think outside the box of superstition and set myself free? The way I did it was to research how the religions were given to us and who gave ’em. Yup, I thought I smelled a rat and learned ancient history.

    • Jim

      Islam is Baal worship. Biblical Evidence Why the Worship of Allah Is the Worship of Lucifer


      Muslims making human sacrifices to their deity


      Why is any of this important? Groups have recreated the gateway to the temple of Bel (Baal) in London


      • and NYC


      • Shamael Ben Shabbatai


      • zzm

        islam is the true relegion of peace to the world

        • Gary

          Your delusional.

          • Shaz

            Your ignorant

          • Mike S Clifford

            No. You are. And willfully so.

        • sarde

          How can it be true religion if you fighting amongst each other…killing innocent children.. So can that be???

      • Mike S Clifford

        In no way are the Shoebats, other “Traditionalists”, or other pseudo-“Catholics” genuine Christians. They’re heretics. They accept certain other non-Catholics’ false claims to be Christians. They also hold the heretical Sedeoccupist position, that is, the heretical acceptance of the Vatican 2 antipopes’ false claims to have been popes, the Vatican 2 New World Order Antichurch’s false claims to be the One Holy Catholic Apostolic (Roman) Church, Vatican 2’s false claims to have been a Council, the 1968 New World Order “Rite”, the 1983 New World Order “Code”, and the 1992 New World Order “Catechism”! I stick to strictly Sedevacantist sites when it comes to Christianity, that is, only Catholicism, which, at this time, teaches the Doctrinal Sedevacantist position. Sedevacantism is a Dogma.

      • Qasim Hassan

        you are talking complete rubbish

    • Pazza

      ‘The west is the best’ they want to destroy the liberty orientated ideology of the western world and its predominantly Christian faith, the east is regressive and communistic, the west freedom based – it makes sense that they want to stamp out the west as we know it.

    • Jose Aguila

      You have the point. Of what we witnessed today, West be it Cons & Libs institutions have same position. But Donald Trump is actually an independent institution who doesn’t follow Cons & Libs political correctness bec he thinks both are wrong….& he is being crushed by both. Donald is our hope to save from the devilish New World Order called Illuminati I believe Israel is not part of this scheme. The Jews must be saved from destruction .

      • Mike S Clifford

        You don’t get the presidency without being complicit in the New World Order agenda. All state and federal “elections” are rigged. The Illuminati chose Trump. He does only what they let him do. He’s a Zionist. He has a Jew son and a Jew daughter-in-law. Illuminism is high-ranking Masonry. Masonry came from Jewry.

    • marcsi togor

      They are trying to destroy Islam for centuries, by using the Hadith… they led the muslims to believe what they want, and do as they want, well most muslims, theyre far worse than we’d imagine,
      watch these: –prepare your minds to be blown, remember the Quran is the last revelation of God Almighty:

      • Qasim Hassan


    • Mike S Clifford

      Only 1 religion worships God. All others worship devils and/or puny mortals as their false “Gods”.

      • Sherif Magdi

        Yes, Islam

  • Shamael Ben Shabbatai

    Illuminati ??? You’re in the wrong period of time, we are 2016, not anymore in 1800.

    • Gin A.

      If you think the Illuminati aren’t currently active, you’re sadly mistaken. Research the Bildeberg group, a prime example.

      • bamaclt

        And Davos, the Rothschild family, and Rockefeller’s, Pike, Marx and their common NWO geopolitical globalist stance. More importantly, it’s obvious the the Hegelian Dialectic is still utilized outside of politics to influence global political climates. It’s not conspiracy. It’s documented history that exists in written records.

      • Pseudokoning Alexandros

        Yes, with the Bilderberg Group you essentialy have a quite evil cartel of naive left-wing elitists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_participants Here a quite interesting list of participants. It’s a bit the dark side of my country to be ashamed of as Dutchman.

    • Ramm397

      Shamael ..Where have you been?

    • Chris

      You need to do some research. The Illuminati has done nothing but grow and get super rich from wars they set up. They own the private reserve banks that have lent money to many countries including the US. Because of the debt, these countries are under Illuminati control. That’s why the US went into Vietnam, Central America and now the Middle East. Many countries are under their control.
      And along with the word Illuminati you’ll find the names of Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Morgan, Windsor and Pope Francis.
      Check it out.

      • Richards

        And Rupert murdock

    • Richards

      Did you not read this property.. You have to know the past to pen out the future what’s happening now was probably pland in the first and second world war’s

  • Paul Cook


    yournewswire is renowned for inaccurate speculation and if the dialogue is to be believed it must provide reliable and widely available sources. None of this stuff appears in the mainstream, even independent media.

    While the content is good, even quite accurate in many aspects, it is not necessarily any more than a false trail. There is a curious fascination in YNW of blending fact with fantasy to create an ‘exclusive’. This is more like the Luciferian creed it purports to debunk.

    We are all very much aware of the Hegelian Dialectic; all it now does is erode belief in the state and the underlying Zionist deceit that controls it.

    The fact that Islam is to blame for the crisis is plainly wrong, so is the fact it’s Islam against Zionism, because the reality is it’s Islam versus the Goyim. The West as a proxy of Zionist Israel started these crises after the Bank fraud of the 9/11 false-flag and has pushed the ME destabilisation strategy based upon CIA/Mossad ISIS and other Terror groups.

    YNW needs to be more accurate in future.

    Of course the public can (and does) otherwise consider it a part of the misinformation exchange.

    Only verifiable facts will be given any serious consideration. Only events that actually play out can be proven to be credible. The moment Putin starts bumping off the Illuminati, then we will see the truth of it. When half the Rich-list are gone and wealth distribution is working, I will believe it’s a sincere effort to rid the world of Tyranny. I’m sure there are plenty of proxy mercs who would love a bounty for their troubles from Russia or other sponsors, even new bloods. The crusty old generation don’t have long left anyway. Heart failure often strikes the elderly doesn’t it?

    I am sure the writer doesn’t have direct access to Putin’s thoughts interests and fascinations with subjects even the Illuminati controlled politicians can’t speak about.

    First rule of ‘Fight Club’….

    • Opus Dopa

      The islam is just a tool for giving the blame i guess. WW3 is the War on Influence. Psychological warfare by secret societies, to conquer strategic (political) positions.

    • Chris

      Who do you think runs major media in the world?

    • Peter King

      Paul your post is interesting. So if the source isn’t the mainstream media, which is ALL zionist media, the source must be questioned?
      Who do you think owns the world media and why do you think they’re quick to get to control the media?

  • Pamela McDermott

    It’s interesting, since it is already known that the US and the West created first Al Quaeda, then ISIS.

  • Khalil Ur Rehman


    Know the fact the Zionist Illuminate, the highest Luciferian worshipping body of Zionist Jews and Christians had decided to dismember the United States of America way back in November 1968 after getting alarmed on the election of first Roman Catholic president of USA, the great JFK. THE Illuminate sensing that it had no further room left to play here in America, took two major decisions in this regard:
    Firstly to get rid of JFK in the short term, and
    Secondly to shift their Illuminate headquarters to China (the most suitable place as Chinese don’t harbour any historical or religious prejudices against them as do the followers of the Abrahamic religions ie the Christians and Muslims). The deal with the Chinese was struck and as a quid pro quo the Illuminate arranged for the transfer of nuclear technology to the Chinese, (which was done with great speed and astounding success even to the surprise of Chinese themselves and China even tested hydrogen nuclear bomb in 1964) in return for permission to shift and lodge the Illuminate headquarters in China, which was agreed and consequently the Illuminate resettled itself in China. MIND you the present rise of China as a great economic and military power is greatly to the efforts of the Illuminate.
    As a follow up of this covert collaboration Dr Henry Kissinger was despatched on a secret visit to China in 1969 from Pakistan where apparently he had come on an official visit.
    To further cement the deal and assure the Chinese of their support, President Richard Nixon was sent on an official first ever visit to China.
    However in the mid 1970s due to various developments at international level and long term Illuminate plans, break up of USSR was accorded priority over USA. Therefore after the break up of USSR (with the covert assistance of Pakistan and sacrifices of poor tribal Afghans) as an aftermath of Afghan war, USSR became a history in 1991.
    Immediate after this, the focus of Illuminate shifted back to the break up of the USA. Therefore the team of Neoconservatives (Neocons) led by Dick Cheney prepared a plan to begin the process to destroying America by preparing a plan called “The Project for New American Century” in 1995 which was implemented through 9/11and clown George W Bush, resulting in the invasion of Afghanistan and then lraq.
    This process is going on and will finish only when not only America is gone as a great country but along with it are devastated the Middle East and the Europe and major part of rest of the world.
    Recollect the plan of Zionist Wizard, Albert Pike, the 33rd grader Free Mason of Scottish order.
    Never make a mistake, America is under demolition and the tools for this are right there on the American soil,
    the American establishment, White House, Congress, the Fed Res and American Financial Corporation of big banks and myriad influential institutions and covert bodies.
    Plan is perfect at the face of it, but this time it will miserably fail due to drastic and inherent flaws in it which require a book to describe. Thanks.

    • Peter King

      great post. what drastic and inherent flaws do you think the plan has?

      • Khalil Ur Rehman

        The west is too exposed, in disarray and engulfed in economic crises to the extent of total collapse. All moral grounds and discipline required of great societies and a great civilization has gone. Reliance only on weapons isn’t sufficient. Russia, I personally know has tremendous advantage in weapons and technology for destruction than the US and NATO. ZIONIST elite simply doesn’t have the manpower to dominate any place, much more the world. As a result of ongoing confrontation, much of today’s human civilization, especially of the West will be gone. Nothing will be left in the Middle East and even in the east.

        • Peter King

          but i thought the plan was to destroy the USA and that is working?
          the zionist elite dominate the middle east. and have the nuclear weapons in israel to prove it. they would start a war with iran any time and get united states backing and the world wouldn’t do anything about. just like they did syria. with syria and venezuela they used cia opposition but now the cat’s out of the bag and israel would just attack iran.
          the zionists also dominate europe. look at how they sent the refugees to europe and thrown their societies/countries out of wack.. as planned. the plan was to destroy iraq and syria for greater israel expansion.
          they’ve also almost wiped out the palestinians. might take a while but they’ll mark the new greater israel boarders.

          • Khalil Ur Rehman

            Israel lacks the manpower. It has meagre and limited population. Iran has terrible Hezbollah fighters in Southern Lebanon and will wipe out Israel with raining latest rockets and missiles. Iran may also be having nuclear missile to fire and reach Israel. lsrael is in real danger of being completely wiped out!!!

          • Richards

            ???????what are you talking about.

          • Jana
          • Peter King

            you forget that israel has completely infiltrated and taken over the united states at all levels. israel used to fight their wars but no longer does it. they now use the united states to fight their middle east wars. israelis control united states foreign policy and use the zionist media to send americans and the world to israel wars in the name of patriotism, war on terror, removing dictators etc…
            if the united states wake up and no longer doesn’t want to get involved in israel’s wars, there’s still the zionist intelligence cia and mossad and the zionist media which can attack the united states again like 9-11 and pearl habor and use the propaganda to get to Iran. that will work like it’s always worked. if it doesn’t, Iran has no real match against Israel because Israel will Nuke them and there’s nothing the world can do about it. they used Nukes on Afghanistan (through the US), and Yemen (through Saudi Arabia) and the world did not do anything about it.

            the Israelis have infiltrated and conquered United States and everything the United States has, Israel does too. If not more. And unlike the United States they’re not bound not to use their nukes. They’ve already Isolated Iran from the world through their propaganda and its worked.

          • Khalil Ur Rehman

            Peter, you are absolutely right. But don’t forget Russia. If lean is attacked, Russia and even China won’t remain silent spectators. Russia at the moment has 2500 US, Isreaeli and European cities aimed at by it’s ICBMS!
            SO USA,lsrael and UK, the real triangle of evil has formidable enemy!

          • Peter King

            Neither Russia nor the US intend to use Nukes. but the US just might for the sake of Israel because Israel runs the United States. the real power here is Israel and Israel doesn’t really care or mind a US-Russia war. That war would hurt Russia more than it’d hurt the US and Israel because NATO has the Nukes right outside Russia’s door step. Russia’s Nukes on the other hand have to travel a long distance to get to the US.
            Russia simply won’t know what hit them. they don’t have any allies left.

          • Gary Brew

            You really don’t have a clue. Let’s start with the BRIC Nations (Brazil, India, China and South Africa). Russia is also better friends with most of the countries in the middle east than America is, so If I were you I’d be a little more attentive to who you believe likes who better in this world.

          • Richards

            Yeah. They’ve already wiped Palestine off the map…

          • mike johns

            the plan is to hand the baton to a new order….the west is built on judeo-christian law…..magna carta…common law and the structures therein are the obstacle to a new order….new technology cant be released until all siblings are through fighting…..the western philosophy won’t merge into the mould so the east will become the power….just as it has moved westward across history…ie;the power…..it will suffice the futurist to create a religion that is universal and a new wineskin in the shape of a new powerbase….

  • Khalil Ur Rehman

    American policy at the moment appears to be
    “DOLLAR or DEATH”!!!
    meaning thereby that America is bent upon starting ww3 if dollar is discarded as international reserve currency!!
    This is an extremely foolish, rather a fatal policy as it seems America have have lost all sanity.
    There are still many honorable ways where America can still make the dollar co-exist and compete with other currencies coming on the international market.
    With the “dollar or death” policy America would simply be committing suicide!!!
    My point is that America still leads the world in the industrial, technological and other fields and is far ahead of Russia, China and even Europe. The only thing it needs is to revolutionize it’s industry by shifting and laying more focus on civil sector rather than just the military sector for exports, and make it’s products more competitive with China, Japan and Europe (having different standards than the domestic standards with lower price structures for third world and developing countries).
    Special fields that l can see is automobiles, machinery of all types, computers and electronics etc.



  • Daan Du Plessis

    What is wrong whith the world are they so fucking stuped to allow this to happen.Look what they did to us here in South Africa.Thousands of white people are already murdered and the blacks keep on murdering the white people every FUCKING !!! DAY.

  • chamberlain

    “In the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breaths. Completely destroy them – the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites as the Lord your God has commanded you. Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshipping their gods, and you will sin against the Lord your God”. ( Deu. 20:16-18 )

    The three Abrahamic religions are – Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
    Unfortunately, this agents of the Antichrist has taken over the three Abrahamic religions.
    They are today the leaders of these religions. They are setting us against us.
    They are practically in control of everything today.
    Could it be the reason Adolf Hitler did what he did ?.

  • Realist

    Just let the Muslim women in they would be so relieved to have 2 children only, no beheading so he can marry a 13 yr. old. Many would love to drive a car, go to work, wear clothing without the tea towel around the face, speak to other people, go to the movies. No more FMGenitals cut off. Would never let it be done to the males eh ! Send in the drones and bomb the sh*t out of them. No loss of our people’s lives. Assard says support Syrians to stay in Syria – he can do this.

    • NM

      Dear Realist, I’m a muslim woman and I’m not from the West. I’m 29 years old and enjoying my life living with friends with no one in my family or society forcing me to get married. Yes I do have parents and a large family who I love too. I drive and go on long road trips with other Muslim girls. I used to be in the Human Resources and I am now working for a law firm. I wear a veil on my head and try to be as much modest as I can in my way of dressing and living. I speak to other people; be it female or male, whatever be their religion or nationality. I do not enjoy going to the movies as I believe it’s a waste of time when I could be swimming instead or reading a book or go for a bush walk. But for my friends’ sake I do go to movies at times. No that FMG thing you are talking about, it’s not prescribed by my religion so it wasn’t done on me. My father and brother are circumcised though, just like the Jewish. My country hasn’t sent drones to any other… But the West did kill people in our country long back but thanks God our ancestors managed to get them out of our land.

  • Ben

    I think this is mostly incorrect. Religions are driven by fear and naivety, and hope! The danger from them is they can be utilized by an outside force that can convince them he (or they) are the Messiah. The “Illuminati” isn’t it.” While I think Globatization is the ultimate result, such as in the envisioned era portrayed in “Star Trek,” 400 years from now, before all the nations have combined into a mish-mosh of a mess, lots of major fighting is going to occur. Islam might look strong but will ultimately be destroyed. Have a nice day.

  • Kieron

    All religions are an interpretation of the same basis principles. Those interpretations are applied differently in various beliefs. Where the original concepts came from are debatable.The divisions in religion are brought about solely by interpretation.Those that wish to destroy all of them understand that and use it. They are getting very good at it.

  • Marcelle

    The Blue Print letters you refer to have apparently never been confirmed genuine. The religious slant is also questionable. Essentially they are milking religion until they want it no more. Its control choice of today. They are evil and some will say they are Lucifarian, used to gain credit and reason for their evil intent. They are a emotionless heartless power mongers who care only about power to rape the world for all its worth. Gold is practically gone … how many countries have gold in their reserve bank to back the currency? .. and then … the countries who think they do are actually totally in the dark, the Elite make sure of that through secrecy policies. Thats just one example. Could go on forever … their agenda is more evil than anyone could ever see coming

  • Mike S Clifford

    Putin’s right but the rest of this is pro-Mahometan propaganda. Mahomet was a sociopath. He killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Mussolini combined. He hated black people. That’s why Mein Kampf is a knockoff from the Koran. That’s why the Mahometans helped the Nazis during World War 2. That’s why the vast majority of Mahometans are Nazi-sympathizers. That’s why Persia was renamed Iran after the Aryan Nation. Islam is a false religion and a totalitarian political system. Read the Koran in chronological order to see how Allah’s instructions go from peaceful to violent as Mahomet gains more power. It teaches that all non-Mahometans must die or become Mahometans. The Moslems brought the 400-year-overdue Crusades on themselves. If it weren’t for the Crusades, you’d be wearing a burka, shouting “Allah akbar”, massacring people, demolishing things, raping and “marrying” 9-year-olds, raping goats, and so on. The Illuminati wasn’t even around back when Mahomet was around. The Masons were but that was after they changed from the Mysterious Force to the (Sons of the) Widow and before they changed to the Stonemasons and then they changed to the Freemasons.

    • Seul Mi

      Dont waste your time to drop Islam image. I claim that Islam is real one. If you craving for the truth.
      Find it Stop being ignorant and start seek the truth.

      • Mike S Clifford

        Islam will be destroyed. Islam is a false religion and a totalitarian political system. Islam is debunked by the Koran itself. All who die as Moslems go to Hell. I have the Truth. You don’t. Take your own advice, stop being willfully ignorant, and start seeking the Truth.

  • dom fammartino

    Zionism is a political creed introduced by the House of Rothschild to advance the goals of the Illuminati families that are largely controlled by the Rothschilds. When people think of Zionism they think of Jewish people. When they think of Israel they think of Jewish people. That’s understandable given the propaganda, but it is seriously misleading and those instant connections need to be broken if we are going to understand what’s going on here. Zionism means Rothschild just as Israel means Rothschild. When we see the extraordinary number of Zionists in key positions around the world we are looking not at ‘manipulating Jews’, but manipulating Zionists representing the interests and demands of the Rothschilds.

    Let’s get this straight. Zionism doesn’t give a damn about Jewish people. To the Rothschilds and their Zionist gofers and thugs the Jewish people as a whole are merely cattle to be used and abused as necessary – just like the rest of the human population.

  • dom fammartino

    The Satanic Illuminati’s goal of both revolution and war is to destroy Western civilization. – We remain in denial until we recognize that culture and politics are fully controlled by Satanists bent on destroying Western civilization. People who can’t see it is because they “see through the spectacles they set astride our nose.” –

    Their aim is to destroy the social order (nation, family, race, religion, property) and morality on its head. – and turn the world into a global slavery system and total police state.

    What had been prohibited would be allowed: adultery, incest, pedophilia. (This is the occult origin of our “sexual liberation.”)  Inspired by “holiness through sin.” Good would come through the annihilation of Western civilization and the triumph of Evil. –

    This Satanic movement gave birth to the Illuminati, Communism and the NWO.

    It controls the world today. – In australia and the world over they control 96% of the media, They rule over government, foreign policies, the court system, law enforcement, corporations, entertainment industry, etc, etc.

    The satanic plague devouring humanity has and will continue to prosper because the world will not be destroyed by those that do evil, but those who watch them without doing anything.

    The most powerful tool of the government and media: Label critical thinking as conspiracy theories. We live in a world of lies were the truth is no longer true. Telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act in a world of lies.

    It’s so evil are there motives. All their money, information, media institutions, false flags, are all designed to psychologically have us civilians competing and fighting with each other. Without any of those three you have no reason to hate because you are designed to love but they instill a fear you hate but cannot relieve so you hate more because you just want to love.

    “To determine the true rulers of any society, ask yourself this question: who is it that I am not permitted to criticise.?

  • Mike S Clifford

    Putin’s right about the Illuminati using Islam to spark World War 3 but the rest of that article is pro-Mahometanism propaganda. Mahomet was a sociopath. He killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Mussolini combined. He hated black people. That’s why Mein Kampf is a knockoff from the Koran. That’s why the Mahometans helped the Nazis during World War 2. That’s why the vast majority of Mahometans are Nazi-sympathizers. That’s why Persia was renamed Iran after the Aryan Nation. Islam is a false religion and a totalitarian political system. Read the Koran in chronological order to see how Allah’s instructions go from peaceful to violent as Mahomet gains more power. It teaches that all non-Mahometans must die or become Mahometans. The Moslems brought the 400-year-overdue Crusades on themselves. If it weren’t for the Crusades, you’d be wearing a burka, shouting “Allah akbar”, massacring people, demolishing things, raping and “marrying” 9-year-olds, raping goats, and so on. The Illuminati wasn’t even around back when Mahomet was around. The Masons were but that was after they changed from the Mysterious Force to the (Sons of the) Widow and before they changed to the Stonemasons before they changed to the Freemasons.

  • Sam One

    I don’t know who is Albert Pike, whether he was real or not, whether his letter is true or just a fake. Whoever and whatever he was, I know one thing for sure, that islam is real and pure evil. Islam should be destroyed, no matter what and who is Albert Pike.