Putin: Russia Warns It Will Restore Istanbul Back To Christianity

Putin warns Turkey that Russia will restore Istanbul back to Christianity if they don't leave Syria alone

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stark warning to the government of Turkey, saying that if they do not leave Syria alone he will restore Istanbul to Christendom. 

Addressing a delegation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Putin began by reiterating that nothing can severe the alliance Russia has with Ukraine, despite efforts by the ruling junta in Kiev.

Rising neo-Fascism in Ukraine is like the infectious Gangrene which can spread across the European continent , and we, the people of the Russian Federation and descendents of the Soviet Union , we are determined to stop this plague,” Putin told the crowd.

Awdnews.com reports:

Should Turkey not stop supporting al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, I am indeed eager to end the job the late Tsar Nicholas II left unfinished. < During the World War I , He [Tsar] sought to restore Constantinople (Istanbul) to Christendom and protect Russian maritime security by liberating Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits but fate prevented him,” TASS Russian News Agency cited President Putin as saying on Saturday.

We also advocate Greek sovereignty over the Cyprus, added Putin, and call the Turkish regime to end its decades-long occupation of this Mediterranean island.

Referring to five-year-old Syrian crisis, Mr. Putin launched a scathing attack on Turkish president’s dreadful dreams of breathing life into dead Ottoman Empire by supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria and Iraq, saying prospects for a lasting cease-fire in Syria remains doubtful due to Ankara’s war-like agenda and its vicious alliance with Saudi Arabia.

  • Djago

    Putin`s got my vote, that`s for sure.The only real man in politics at this moment.

  • David Lee Smith

    I don’t fully trust any politician but Putin seems to be the most straight talking especially regarding recent world events. Could do with a leader like him in the UK.

    • Djago

      Uk leaders got shit for brains, by the way, there is one good dud, George Golloway, he calls a spade a spade

      • AlanfromNY

        Yup England’s is being invaded by millions of MuzzieScum, and George Galloway’s response is . . . ???

    • Martinez Garcia Rodriguez

      Could not agree with you more.

  • Ryan Knauss

    I can’t wait to kick Obama out of the White House and move Trump in!

    • ozims

      SAME HERE..

  • Trina Sue Tenney

    hillary and obama payed for isis so not sure why he would fight them is what bugs me so and puttin knows it they need to come here and kick them out of DC

  • Higlac

    This would be WONDERFUL were it to happen. It would be a dream come true – and not just for Russians: Greeks, Serbs, Ukrainians and perhaps Croats, Slovenes, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Magyars (Hungarians), Bulgarians and Romanians (including Moldovans)…

    • Michael Gerardi

      And Istanbul isn’t even an infidel Turk name. It’s a corruption of a Greek term for the city.

      • Higlac

        Can you please give some details thereupon?

  • cocoon

    Unlike many world leaders, Putin’s words are not hallow. There is no false red line in his speech. And he looks at preserving Russia as his primary function.
    As a US citizen, I must say this last quality, preserving national interest, is rather intriguing.

    • Michael Gerardi

      It used to be a quality American Presidents possessed. It used to be something a voting majority of Americans found important.

  • Kangkungland

    Dear Mr Putin, you are my hero. I fully support you. The very best of my wishes to you.

    • QEternity

      Do not find Heros in politicians. Few are altruistic, including Putin.

  • QEternity

    Putin is a Russian “nationalist”, not a world “ultra-nationalist”. He is not going to allow russia to be hollowed out on his watch. Ergodan better watch out for polonium umbrellas.

  • Valerie Arnold

    I love this man.

  • Michelle

    Ohh pleas!!. IMO Turkey has NO right to one gram of European soil and even the rest was once Greek. Despite his past I admire Putin more every day. Not hard as even one testis places him ahead of every western politician.

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    Good to see that Russia is taking a position on the iniquities perpetrated by the US-NATO-Sunni Axis. I am particularly delighted by Putin’s position on Cyprus and Ukraine.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DavidWLincoln David W. Lincoln

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the Saudis and Turkey at odds with each other?

    Virtually all the rest I concur with, except for allies to Mid East Christians are found in the west. Look at twitter.com/allnews2nite for instance.

  • Ken Sears

    All joking aside, we can’t really be excited at the prospect of a megalomaniacal hegemon using “Christianity” (to which, as we all know, Putin has been passionately devoted from his earliest youth…) as a pretext to pursue imperialistic aggression against a sovereign nation, in order to fulfill Russia’s age-old dream of owning the Bosporus, right? I mean…right? And…as if such military aggression would actually have anything to do with the advancement of Christ’s kingdom. Otherwise, we’d have to concede that Mohammed’s blitzkrieg across northern Africa was also (on the “might makes divine” principle) the divine proof of Islam’s heavenly origins.

    • Sen Uasrit

      The US has hundreds of bases around the world, it is already meddling in Chinese affairs.Guess what? your eyes can only see the small sins of Russia but those of the Great devil America you chose to ignore!

      • Ken Sears

        Another PPT–Paid Putin Troll. Meanwhile Putin keeps sending his “little green men” to die in a criminal assault on Ukraine.

  • Guest

    Putin is one of the most mendacious politicians of our time. A vicious and unprincipled protect only its own interests and money .

  • SteelBriar

    Hooray for Putin.

  • Gunner55

    It would be nice if Putin succeeds. In order to achieve this goal but he should have to make huge concessions to United States for powere balance provided that the Democrats and GOPe are defeated in the upcoming election. That includes the despicable Ted Cruz.

    Islam is the enemy of all humanity and must be destroyed.

  • zorbatheturk

    Putin is an evil lying toad.

  • jan zizka

    Putin(Gog)…will take Istanbul using “Christian” rhetoric just like Hitler used in the begining, and it will start the final world war -the Gog Magog War in which Russia and its allies will fall defeated in mountains of Israel as God revealed to prophet Ezekiel some 2700 years ago- Read Ezekiel 38,39 chapters.

  • jan zizka

    Putin is using the same old Hitler’s tactic of using religious rhetoric to unite people for his selfish gains.Only difference is this WW3 aka Gog Magog War will be the final war of mankind before the Church age ends.

    In this war the Gog Magog alliance (Sino-Russian – Islamic terrorist alliance) will fall defeated in mountains of Israel as God revealed his prophet Ezekiel of Israel ,some 2700 years ago as recorded in the Ezekiel 38,39 chapters of the Holy Bible- God’s Eternal Holy Word.

    • LostMind

      no in this war jews with their anti christ leader dajjal will be defeated by Muslims+christian and there would be one religion after it. guess what?

  • Taclight

    I couldn’t agree more. Constantinople is ours and must be restored.

  • sam

    vladimir Putin is the only polytician that cares about the people on this earth he wants peace not war but the usa polyticians mostly power money hungry and ties with the very few who run things on this earth want wars look around what is happening. We are not safe for the last 100 years.may Jesus help us all

  • sam

    Turkey and Turkish people are not the original inhabitants of this land.kurdish Greeks Armenians are look at the Genoside in 1453 and 1914-1918 to 1922 to Greeks and Armenians.They are Barbaric people want to concour all Greece Cyprous which are Christian Country’s. and note usa also is a Christian country but dont care about Christian values polyticians not its people. Konstandinouple asia minor and Agia Sofia will be again one day given back to Greece.As per the profesis just wait and see.A thief gets always cought