Putin Says He Will Declassify Documents That ‘Expose Interesting Names’

President Putin has vowed to declassify documents that will reveal "interesting names"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to declassify a range of archival documents from 1930 – 1989 which he says will reveal some “very interesting names”.

Putin said that as far as he knew, “these documents there are cases, excuse me, of snitches as well as the innocently repressed, with very interesting names, some documents will surprise society…

Fort Russ reports:

Yesterday’s Panamanian crib notes immediately received a fitting answer. Guys who are receiving grants from Soros Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, their owners, and other interested parties were thinking that they were taking part in a hunt for the beast. Well, well.

This time they were made to play ping-pong, but they didn’t even notice it. So naive are they… They scattered the documents around 80 countries and 400 paid journalists to deducted names and addresses. Well, at least one of them was from the CBP (Foreign Intelligence Service) and a couple hundred from the GRU…And they’ve got their punishment, not them, of course, but their owners.

The Russian President said that he has decided to declassify many archival documents, and that he will sign the decree today. And it was signed. Here: http://kremlin.ru/

And he quietly added: “This, as far as I know, according to the information from archive agencies, concerns the period from 1930 to 1989. In these documents there are cases, excuse me, of snitches as well as the innocently repressed, with very interesting names, some documents will surprise society…”

In fact, what is happening is a test for society and the President. He passed an exam for the “leader of the nation”, and society – for the “superpower”.

I have no doubt, personally, of the result. And also no doubt on the number of political cadavers that will appear soon in stupid Europe, which thought that she was taking part in the hunt for the beast, whilst the ambush was prepared for her.

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    Good News……………Putin will finally confess!

    Mysterious rash of Russian deaths casts suspicion on Vladimir Putin


    A former member of the Russian parliament is gunned down in broad daylight in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. A longtime Russian ambassador to the United Nations drops dead at work. A Russian-backed commander in the breakaway Ukrainian province of Donetsk is blown up in an elevator. A Russian media executive is found dead in his Washington, D.C., hotel room.

    What do they have in common? They are among 38 prominent Russians who are victims of unsolved murders or suspicious deaths since the beginning of 2014, according to a list compiled by USA TODAY and British journalist Sarah Hurst, who has done research in Russia.

    The list contains 10 high-profile critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin, seven diplomats, six associates of Kremlin power brokers who had a falling out — often over corruption — and 13 military or political leaders involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, including commanders of Russian-backed separatist forces. Two are possibly connected to a dossier alleging connections between President Trump’s campaign staff and Kremlin officials that was produced by a former British spy and shared with the FBI.

    Twelve were shot, stabbed or beaten to death. Six were blown up. Ten died allegedly of natural causes. One died of mysterious head injuries, one reportedly slipped and hit his head in a public bath, one was hanged in his jail cell, and one died after drinking coffee. The cause of six deaths was reported as unknown.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Good News……………Putin will finally confess!

    What Really Happened To Raoul Wallenberg?

    Wallenberg was a Swedish businessman who worked during the war to not only establish hospitals, soup kitchens, and safe houses throughout Budapest but also to provide false papers to Jews threatened with concentration camps. By the time Budapest was liberated in 1945, more than 100,000 Jews remained safely in the city because of papers provided by Wallenberg and his associates.Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviets in 1945. What happened to him after that is a mystery.