Putin To Ban Pokemon GO From Russia Due To Links To CIA

Vladimir Putin is set to ban Pokemon GO from Russia after an internal Kremlin investigation revealed the viral augmented reality smartphone game has direct links to the CIA and wider intelligence community and is being used to secretly gather data on a colossal scale.

Vladimir Putin is set to ban Pokemon GO from Russia after an internal Kremlin investigation revealed the viral augmented reality smartphone game has direct links to the CIA and wider intelligence community and is being used to secretly gather data on a colossal scale.

Young people are being tricked into giving up their privacy to these intelligence agencies, according to Kremlin sources, and while playing the game they act as unwitting intelligence gatherers for the CIA. The game has an extensive list of intrusive tracking permissions, and it is these ‘fine print clauses’ that raised eyebrows in the Kremlin and sparked the ongoing investigation.

The game’s creator, Niantec, is closely linked to the CIA. Niantec CEO John Hanke created Keyhole in 2001 – which was later bought by Google.

Most of the money used to create Keyhole came from the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency and the CIA.

Pokemon GO is the pinnacle of Hanke’s intelligence gathering career thus far. He is a New World Order intelligence operative whose career has been creating ingenious ways to spy on unsuspecting citizens and siphon the information back to intelligence agencies.

With the launch of the viral game, the CIA effectively recruited millions of unaware, distracted people to work as intelligence and surveillance operatives, gathering previously time consuming, expensive data for the intelligence agency.

An agency that wants footage of the inside of a home or building can now place desirable Pokemon there, and naive citizens will collect the footage for them.

Putin, who has promised to destroy the New World Order in 2016, believes the augmented reality smartphone game is a case of wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The game hasn’t been released in Russia yet, however some Russian Pokemon fans have gained access and have started playing the game in Moscow, prompting Putin to warn them to stay away from his residence and government buildings over security fears.

The game looks set to have a limited life span in Russia, and other countries are showing signs of following suit in banning the CIA-funded game over security concerns.

China, the world’s biggest gaming and smartphone market, has expressed reservations about the game, believing it could be a Trojan horse for offensive military action by the United States and Japan.

Pokemon GO represents the latest tool to ensnare people. It is a form of hypnotism and could have sinister consequences. The New World Order have corralled these young people and are using them to create caches of hi-res data-rich images of their surroundings – including personal spaces – that get collated and stored by the CIA.

Kremlin sources believe the most objectionable clause in the Pokemon GO contract being signed by young people all over the world is the line: “We may disclose any information about you (or your authorized child) that is in our possession or control to government or law enforcement officials or private parties.”

In other words, everything your smartphone camera captures while you are attempting to capture Pokemon can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • James Fenton III

    Not many folks realize that Putin is right. I wished our Government would quit doing stupid stuff like this.
    Recently one man was playing Pokemon and had a warrant, so the game lead him right to the police dept. He was stupid enough to walk right in and be captured. Yes he should have surrendered, but this example is very revealing regarding how the game works.
    Be aware of what you do with this “Game”, it’s not what it seems.

    • Kameko Bruns

      No. Wrong. Just dead wrong. He wasn’t “led’ there, you gibbering idiot.

      The guys name is William Wilcox and he willingly went to the flagpole of the police station because it was an in-game “gym.”

      There was no collusion between Niantic and the police.

      How are people so fucking stupid as to believe this nonsense.

      • James Fenton III

        Programming is what makes this possible, seamless switching and uplinked data streams can carry more info than you would think. It sounds like the smart phones are helping to collect all sorts of “Data”, including anything on your phone. Edward Snowden revealed how this works with John Oliver, in Moscow. It’s on U-Tube if you have the time.

        • Dobequiet

          Do you have a shred of evidence to back up anything you are spouting on and on about? Complete drivel

          • ForwardThinkingMan

            Actually, Wilcox began hassling some kids and some Marine nearby saw this and called the cops. The cops came and found out he was a murder suspect and arrested him. Get the facts straight folks. No warrant … he was just a criminal doing what creeps do and got himself tangled with the cops. The fact they were all playing Pokemon Go is coincidental in this case.

        • Kameko Bruns

          Oh please shut the fuck up. Pokemon Go is not scanning court records in some attempt to lure wanted criminals to get them arrested. This was a random convergence of two entirely separate events.

  • profbarkingmad

    Yes but the Teletubbies have been brainwashing Russian kids to become sleeper agents for decades….Muwahahahahah!

  • Mira

    Putin, my favourite guy and yes he is right, except people are so dumb, and this seems to be the new craze.

    • Ricky Ross

      “We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one new delusion and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.

      …Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

      – Charles Mackay (from his book … “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”, 1852)

  • Sane Shackleford

    Global super tech that’s easily thwarted by a post-it.
    Yea, that sounds like our government alright.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AlexsandrIF Олександр Сергійович Івченко

    Author you fucking idiot, Russia has long banned all Japanese anime cartoons, and also in Russia prohibited the anonymity of the Internet.

    • AntoxaGray

      “I don’t agree with your opinion” = idiot? English dictionary, 2016

  • Kameko Bruns

    Hands down the dumbest shit I’ve read all day.

    • MysticKnight17

      Wow, if you seriously think this isn’t possible, what planet are you on? You really think the government/CIA wouldn’t do something like this? You’re fucking blind and been brainwashed then.

      • Soarintothesky

        It isn’t possible. Not enough bandwidth and storage for one thing.

        • culterno

          Not enough bandwidth and storage for whom exactly? The massive NSA data centers being built in states like Utah say otherwise.

          • Soarintothesky

            And it has great, untraceable, connections to Russia. hm. This article is clickbait along the lines of Putin saw QEII shapeshifting.

      • Kameko Bruns

        If you’re seriously stupid enough to believe this shit then you just need to die.

        • S

          Really? That’s a bit extreme. Also, there is, in fact, a well established connection between the CIA and the creator of this game. If you have two neurons let them fire, but I suspect you’re just a troll, so BUGGER OFF!

          • Kameko Bruns

            Oh for fucks sake. you’re one of those moronic Alex Jones morons.

            There is no such link. John Hanke received start-up funds from a broad spectrum of companies you moronic fuckstick.

            The problem with you is that you only HAVE two neurons which is why this nonsense makes sense. I have trillions ergo I’m capable of logical, rational thought.

            Now begone.

        • AntoxaGray

          Classic argument of direct insult when you have nothing to say. IMO people such as you should be banned. For insulting and for telling to die.

          • Kameko Bruns

            I don’t need to make my argument more convincing. You conspiracy retards need to be welded into a box and dropped into the darkest part of the ocean. Fuck off and die.

          • AntoxaGray

            And againt, hateful irrational comment full of insults, but husk in substance. Just proves that you have nothing to say to back up your words.

            And what did I against you? Why you want me to die? Or you think you have divine right to be wrong?

            I never threatened you, never did you harm, just show you that you are wrong. I just don’t like people who use stupid arguments and logic fallacies, can’t say anything useful, only troll and make others unhappy. Perhaps you should change your stance on life and on other people. World will be better when u stop trolling and hating for no reason.

        • MysticKnight17

          I’d like to see you try.. Try having an open mind, I’m more advanced than you are because I have an open mind. You people and your obsession with commonality and wanting things to be the same and stay the same because THATS how it been so it SHOULD continue being that way. That’s called stagnation, that’s automatically a bad thing.

    • S

      That was Apple who denied access to the smartphone, not Google.

  • swampwiz0

    Where are the trolls who usually comment about stuff like this?

    • Charlette

      Out looking for Pokemon!!! hahahha just joking .. sorry was just reading this article & saw your comment and couldn’t resist.. lol

  • Anon


  • http://lycanitesmobs.nephrite.uk Lycanite

    It’s ok guys, I’ve got my tin foil hat on!

  • John

    Yeah, anything to do with the CIA should be avoided.

  • Mafia bear with vodka

    Ok. I’m Russian. There is no ban on the game, even our banks are now creating lured pokestops in regional offices. The thing about them places like Kremlin to have no Pokemon is because we have loads of tourists in there actually doing some sightseeing. We don’t want crowds of people just stalking around to find Pokemon in Pushkin museum 🙂

  • Richard Grech

    We’ve finally seen someone die to Pokemon go. This is going to be great – I wonder how long before the hystericals call for it to be banned.

  • GeoSyll

    This whole Pokemon Go thing isn’t even a game… it’s, like Putin said, a new way of gathering intelligence AND a new way of actually controlling the masses, a big social experiment.
    Today an electronics store made an announcement that there will be lots of Pokemons right outside their main store. As expected, a few thousand of morons will go there. Even if not a few thousands….a few hundreds for sure.

    So, the experiment is a success, all you need to actually tell a bunch of morons where to go and what to do is a software disguised as a silly video game that nobody above 20 years old should even pay attention to in the first place.

    Unfortunately our modern society is full or “humans”, not people. Humans are just another mammalian species with some basic intelligence but mostly instincts,eat,drink,fuck,sleep,having “fun” and of course….follow the herd.

    People on the other hand are humans who have evolved beyond the basic mammalian state and have the ability to think and reason, to investigate and learn. Unfortunately People are under extinction. We are devolving and what’s happening no with this “game” is by far the best evidence.

    • AntoxaGray

      Lets play anyone who play games morons? What about football fans? They too?

  • Justin

    The Idiots who play Pokemon Go will voluntarily go into internment camps: Hitler was an amateur.

  • PutresVigil

    Oh please. Spare us the conspiracy nonsense.

    Average Human IQ: 100

    Average Russian IQ: 97

    Notice that it is the countries like the US, Russia, and other low intellect communities worried about chemtrails, reptillians, satanic organizations, the New World Order, etc.

    • AntoxaGray

      The more smarter people are, the less they care about average IQ. Because smart people know that averaging does not represent anything.

      • Proud Amelekite

        [The more smarter people are…]


        Also, while it is not fair to judge an individual by an average, you can judge aggregate groups by averages. That is what averaging is for, actually.