Queen Elizabeth Reveals She Is Ready To Flee Britain

The Queen was overheard saying that military intelligence suggests that if Britain doesn't leave Europe then World War 3 will occur.

Queen Elizabeth II says she is ready to leave the UK if Britain vote to remain in the EU

Queen Elizabeth stunned BBC production staff yesterday while preparing to deliver the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, hinting that she is planning to abdicate the throne and flee the UK, a BBC insider claims.

One is making the necessary preparations to abandon ship,’ Her Majesty said. ‘A violent storm is coming, the likes of which Britain has never seen.

BBC staff ‘stunned’

Her Majesty was speaking to her advisors while taking on the Parliament Robe of State and Imperial State Crown in the Robing Chamber, however she was already wearing a microphone and her comments were heard by the whole gallery.

She seemed angry that she had to remain neutral in her speech.  She said there is solid intelligence from military top brass that if we don’t Brexit there is an inevitable World War 3 scenario that will play out,’ the insider said.

World War 2 will seem like a bump in the road compared to this.  I must warn my subjects,’ the Queen said.

BBC cover up

The line was cut off at this point and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director John Kirby.  He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been ‘shooting her mouth off a lot lately‘ and that ‘we must all ignore, forget, delete from our memories everything that we heard.’

He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.’

Queen Elizabeth’s abdication

What does Queen Elizabeth know that we don’t?  She is certainly privy to information that is kept from the public.  The possibility of a geopolitical conflict, culminating in World War 3, has been discussed by Britain’s politicians this past week.  By warning advisors that she has made the necessary preparations to flee the country, is she hinting that she has inside information of the darkest kind?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • pagliaccio sconcio

    If she flees on her motorbike the american cops will crush it,loud PIPes save lifes

  • Nancy Clark

    Remember she said our past Christmas would be our last!!!!!

    • etyrnal

      where/when was this?

      • eric

        read more.

    • socalbeachdude


  • Mahboob Khan

    When a ship is about to sink loyal captain goes down with it whereas the disloyal abandons it and flees via a lifeboat. May be she thinks that she has milked it enough and there’s no need to stick with it anymore.

    • Robert Kohinsky

      The queen royalty and christain , no fear , lies within her gates, muslims evil will result in the cause of ww3, , no christain ever desired war,it is the enemy to all good that thru islam brings chaos

      • The Penitent Man

        Well, no real Christian would desire war but a boatload of fake Christians wouldn’t have a problem starting a world war, and in the name of everything Holy.

    • s.smith

      How dare you insult our Queen, she would not leave her people she made a promise to her people and will not give up her throne until she dies,she swore this years ago after seeing her father ,who wasn’t a well man forced into his reign after his brother abdicated to marry mrs wallis .Her father died quite young due to the strains of him having to take over the crown. She swore she would rule for all her days ,so that charles could grow and be ready to take over when she dies. But as you probably wasn,t taught this , you make stupid comments about OUR QUEEN.THE QUEEN most British would stand and fight and die for .

      • Alex

        Haha. You’re an idiot if you think the Queen would stick around if world war 3 kicked off. If you believe the words of a woman who has looted countries for years and sits on her wealth as the rest of the country struggles then you need to give yourself a serious shake. The Queen knows no morals and her very way of life proves that but yet you think she would stick around and die on her throne if world war 3 occurred? Haha. delusional much?

        Btw, she maybe your Queen but don’t dare insult everyone with your sycophant tendencies by referring to her as our Queen. Some of us know better and know the monarchy has no place in the 21st century and don’t recognise the Royals as more than parasites.

      • wilburt

        You still think they are British? Have another pint, you have been dooped.

        • Henry

          Her Majesty is exactly that- Full of Majesty. Her Majesty hails from a line of fierce warrior kings. Where where you or your forebears then?

      • The Penitent Man

        Amazing. I’m truly surprised that people like you exist. What has the Queen or the Royal Family ever truly done for the people? Is it all just nostalgia or the idea of a righteous King or Queen ruling over the people in truth and justice? Unfortunately the history of “Nobility” (what bullshit) is fraught with horror, murder, and lots of blood-letting. These people aren’t better then us, if anything their rise to the top is an indicator of their brutality and lack of empathy and compassion. Crack open a history book, the Royals were and are brutal people. They are unable to empathize with us, the common people. Their lives are so vastly different then our lives that it is like oil and water, the two do not mix.

        Take Henry Eight as an example, the man was a homicidal tyrant. He had thousands of northerners murdered, men, women, and children, over their religious leanings. He was brutal towards the Scots, as most English Kings were, and he murdered three of his wives. What a psychopath! All that inbreeding creates some major genetic abnormalities, usually resulting in psychopathy. After all, aren’t they the ones who have led us all into destructive world wars, yet blaming it on the losers?

        People need to wake up, and fast!

      • Padraigin Eagle

        BBSee: Is that you, Freddie, a Queen Bohemian on lame stream.

        • Anonymous

          You people should be ashamed

    • Daniel Rich

      @ Mahboob Khan,

      In actuality the 「US] ship looks like this:

  • James 64

    Someone wrote about the author of this garbage “I feel his fear”. No,
    he feels the fear of others and feeds off it like a parasite while
    creating more fear. The Brexit/EU situation and upcoming referendum is a
    serious issue, and shit-stirring with made-up stories/disinformation
    does not serve anyone anywhere except the author himself who is
    incapable of writing a real story and earns a few lousy bucks from the
    ads concocting stuff like this. “Passionate about the truth”? I think
    telling lies is more his passion. Give it a rest Baxter and get a real job.

    • eric

      crack is not good for and life in a bubble must suck. oh pills are no better for you either. get off what ever your on.

    • The Penitent Man

      Well said.

    • socalbeachdude


  • https://twitter.com/NaturalActivist RiK Aitch

    I can’t imagine the queen using the word #BREXIT. It’s so ‘of the people’, ‘common’, ‘not good english. #EUEXIT

  • commonlaw

    Go ahead and try it- there is no where you can hide-good stomps evil.

  • Jamie Lëë Case

    Her Majesty, would never abdicate the throne. She swore an
    oath to serve the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth until the day she
    dies. Who ever has written this is just fearing the worst. The story of
    this is fearful and wants to bring shame to the Queen. The Queen is
    stronger and will not leave the British people to suffer. God save the

    • Mathieu Millecam

      Ow please…. Grow up! She’s THE first to flee when the shit hits the fan.

      • socalbeachdude

        Totally false.

        • Fabrizio Bertuzzi

          she will flee only if she sees no hope to remain alive because to rule you must be alive first. she must think at the future too.

    • wilburt

      The “Windsors” is not their real name and they were never British. Wake up.

      • The Penitent Man

        They have mixed blood just as you and I do but they are still white. The nobility of Europe have been marrying one another for thousands of years, that’s how the game is played, how alliances are made and how, sometimes, peace is made. Most “British” people are not Britons themselves. They are a mixture of Celtic and Germanic peoples, with some ancient Briton mixed in as well. The invasion of 1066 by the Vikings and by William the Conqueror changed things quite a bit. Most English Kings didn’t even begin to speak English for hundreds of years after the invasion. They spoke Frankish, or French. And we haven’t even discussed the other influences like the Romans.

        • Iffy

          ‘The invasion of 1066 by the Vikings…’


          • EmilyEnso

            The Normans were of Viking descent.

          • Anders Normansson

            lol its commonly understood that “Normans” invaded Britain in 1066, not Vikings. By the middle of the 10th Century Rolo’s Normany Norsemen had completely evolved into their own unique culture and ethnic identity from generations of assimilation.

          • EmilyEnso

            They were still vikings.
            As the invaded English found out the hard way.
            But we have bad memories.
            We are undergoing invasion as I write.
            More alien in every concept than your local rampaging Norman viking.
            And millions of them.

            And this time we are inviting them in with free houses and massive benefits and just wait, brainless herded sheeple, until they start taking our heads and the entire lot.
            At least we put up a bit of resistence in 1066 – the good old shield wall – now we are just lambs awaiting the halal slaughter whilst the shepherd looks on

          • The Penitent Man

            Haha! I was wondering if anyone would have issue with that statement. Yes, the Vikings attacked a week or so before the Normans invaded. Harold had to make a critical decision, should he march his army up north to fight the invading Viking army, knowing that the Normans might land while his army was engaging the Vikings. He made the decision to fight the enemy that was already in England, rather then waiting for an enemy that might not come at all. So he marched north and his army crushed the Vikings, then had to march right back down south on hearing the Normans had landed and had started their invasion of England.

            All this took place (with the Vikings) between mid-September to September 25th, 1066. The Normans, after waiting for the winds to break in the channel for three weeks, set sail for the south shore of England on September 27th, two days after Harold’s Viking victory. That’s what makes the battles that took place within the month of September, 1066 so amazing. It wasn’t just the Battle of Hastings, it was much more exciting then that. To think that Harold Godwinson was forced to fight two invading armies in such a short time-span, and almost defeated both of them, is an amazing feat of history.

          • Anonymous

            William was only king to occupy Briton he even built his castle it’s still in London today

      • Karen Willet

        So what? A lot of us in this country have french surnames but we are still british.

    • The Penitent Man

      It could be that this story was written to create a swell of fear within Great Britain and the western world, most likely to scare us into allowing our politicians to pass new spending bills for military equipment. It’s a money game, a game of thrones. The Queen isn’t going anywhere so the real message is about building up fear of a third world war, which would eventually go nuclear, though most likely in a limited fashion.

      • socalbeachdude

        It was written by someone totally delusional attempting to create fiction and it is appalling that this farcical false nonsense was published anywhere as it makes a laughingstock out of both the author and the party publishing this rubbish.

        • The Penitent Man

          Well, the intention is the same, regardless. Was there any other source, since this article, that it was anything other then a lie?

      • robert owen

        Its called the “PLACEBO EFFECT” if you get enough people to believe it, it can happen.

        They know that, and I know that. And people who understand how the AETHER and consciousness works, know that also.

        A great video of truth on how this works, is by a man who worked under Otis Carr, on one of TESLA;S students, who Ralph Ring worked with, and built their own teleportation space ship, based on Love, spirit and consciousness to travel beyond the speed of light to other dimensions, as the secret space program does, after we figured out how to reverse engineer what crashed at Roswell in 1947.

        Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology


      • Fabrizio Bertuzzi

        it was written according the feeling the majority kept inside.
        if you keep fear you will experience fear, that’s the rule of creation. as inside SO outside.

        • The Penitent Man

          Well Fabrizio, you’re right. Fear begets more fear. It can be hard to remain without fear at all times though, we’re just human.

    • socalbeachdude

      Queen Elizabeth II is a superb monarch and will remain in the role of Queen as long as she is alive which hopefully will be a very long time. Long live the Queen! Then, that role will pass to her soon, Charles.

      • bronskibeat


  • Curtis Reed

    If the Queen actually did say something of this sort, I for one would want to hear her opinion in depth. She seems to have been a fantastic monarch and has seen the worst and best of history in her reign. Her many decades of experience may give her an insight into what is happening that we lack.
    On the other hand, we now have dueling statements, where Cameron says the Brexit would cause WWIII and this alleged statement by the Queen that not exiting could lead to war. I have not heard any real logic from either yet that explains their conclusion.
    And is there any trustworthiness to this article and the journalist?

    • Nick Rabe-Hass

      id believe her before him, keep in mind he is an elected (paid off by corporate world) official you know the same ones that have been behind all the upheavals say in the middle east, africa, south america need i go on

      • robert owen

        Some of us know a more official name, that goes back to 741 AD, which are the Khazarian’s, or idol pagan cult, who in order to avoid being invaded by those theywere surrounded by who practiced Judeo Christianityand Hebrew religious practices, adopted the Talmud and became known as they are today at the Vatican, as Satanic/Luciferians.
        Rothchild whoheads up the largest international banking setup, is a Kazarian as is the alliance with the Illuminati.
        These are the ones responsible for the global sexual pedophilia and child genocide programs, as what they see in their cult, as offrigs to Lucifer, as the blood sacrifice of the inocence and belive their mission to break the human heart and shatter the consciousness connection we have with the Kundalini, will render them no longer the immortal connection they have with their spiritual connection with the Aether, and ths killing off one of their children.
        Its why the US military now has a Satanic ritual of being sodomized that shatters the consciouness thrugh the Kundalini.
        Here isa link tosome better intel

        Federal Reserve

        To New US Republic Via

        A Global Currency Reset


        • Jayebird58

          The Khazarian’s? I thought it was the Kardashian’s. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. lol

    • beingone

      It doesn’t take that much to realize what the EU masters are doing, its the genocide of the Anglo Saxon peoples of Europe. The muslims moving in will never integrate, will multiply and assume all roles in government and change your laws to sharia.. Your freedom of speech is already being reduced, it is here in the States too, you can slander Christianity all you want, but say anything bad about islam and your investigated. With the immigration they could have brought in Christians to the UK and Europe, instead they were left behind to be slaughtered. There are some Christians, but there disproportionatly misrepresented in the immigration nimbers Also whats the labor shortage bs? unemployment is running from 10% to 40% in Europe and there bringing in more people? to do what?? to sit around take up public housing and to torture and rape the locals. Its part of the UN plan to bring the wealth of the developed countries down to the status of 2nd world nations.. Over time, as Islam takes over Europe,,all your freedoms, culture, art, buildings, churches, will be destroyed. That’s what they do,, there an empire builders by distruction. What do you think the crusades were? was to kick the muslims out of southern Europe, and the old holy lands, they were Christian before the muslims moved in, there beliefs will become yours, or you will die. You all have been asleep way too long, and let the liberals walk you down to the path of distruction,,, wake up,

      • Caro

        So true, well said! Exactly my sentiments. But the sheeple just keep grazing happily along. As long as the fridge is full of beer, who cares about the rest?

        • 1555

          a beer and a reefer, and all is well in the sheeple graze yard.

      • The Penitent Man

        Well said. There is at least one person aware of the fact that our survival as a people and a race is seriously in jeopardy! The real problem are the New World Order politicians and the millions of brainwashed white masses that are applauding their own destruction! These invaders haven’t even reached parity with us yet and they are already causing massive problems. What do you think is going to happen once they have the numbers? It will be lights out for western civilization (white civilization) all over the world. Goodbye America, Great Britain, Mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Canada.

        When London elected a Muslim as their mayor I nearly shit myself! If there was ever a sure sign of the end of Britannia that surely was it! And while Britain suicides I see Obama trying to destroy as much of the United States as he can before he leaves office. Why are we antagonizing the Russians and creating situations that may very well lead to a hot war? The Russians are a Christian people, strong, and will fight for what is right, we just have to give them a chance and show them we are behind them. Any politician who’s talking aggressively about attacking Russia should be removed from power immediately.

        • Caro

          Quite right! All that is happening now we can lay squarely at the feet of the establishment and the evil United Nations. They will have their New World Order/Government, by hook or by crook, by conquest or consent. They will not rest until the last
          White child has been chased down. It is called: Genocide of the White race!! There are a few of us here in Australia who can see what is happening and are like minded thinkers, thank goodness!

          • Loretta Terry

            We Americans can see exactly what is happening.That’s why our election is the most Important election since our civil war. We must get Trump in there because if we don’t we are doomed to hell.Hillary Clinton has been in bed with these terrorist for decades and if she gets in there the muslims will have a very clear path for a take over of our country,a long with having no way to defend ourselves because she wants to take our guns from us while taking in thousands of these undocumented so called refugees.

          • The Penitent Man

            Well Loretta, I feel you but I wonder how truly important it is, considering that all of our elections have been a fraud for the most part? Presidents are selected, not elected, as the saying goes and I think it’s pretty accurate. The powers that be make sure they own both candidates, so regardless of who wins they still own them.

            So, is Trump somehow different? I believe the last truly great President we had was Kennedy. They thought they owned him but were wrong. Either way, it didn’t stop them from putting a bullet in his brain, did it? And it didn’t stop them from murdering his brother and his son, decades later.

            Again, you’re right, this is a critical stage in our history and world history. All the people around the world can feel the tension, the danger, and the hope. In order for Trump to succeed he has to get elected, then he has to go against the entire new world order. The last time someone tried to do that tens of millions of people were murdered during WWII. And Trump is not guaranteed a win since we know these clowns have no problem fixing elections.

            The powers that be have a crucial decision to make. Do they fix the election in Hillary’s favor and risk the anger and a possible armed revolution in America, or do they roll the dice and allow the people to get what they want, Donald Trump as the next President of the United States? If they go for the latter and allow Trump in the oval office they will, of course, try to control him, blackmail him, extort him, possibly assassinate him, in order to keep their march towards world government going, regardless of how many corpses they leave behind.

            If they choose Hillary then they’re going to have to fabricate some pretty damn awful stories about Trump being unfit to become President. I’m not sure how they’ll do it since Hillary is a cold-blooded murderer and a new world order minion through and through.

            As the Chinese say, may you live in interesting times.

          • Sandra Ortega

            Very well put.

          • Lakewolf Whitecrow

            What makes you think that a billionaire narcissist is going to do ANYTHING that won’t line his pockets and the pockets of his friends?
            You people scare me to death.

          • Penitent Man

            What makes you think a multimillionaire narcissist who takes bribes from foreign countries and sells our uranium to Russia won’t line her pockets (she already has)? I appreciate that bigoted label (you people scare me to death), like you know anything about me or what I think and feel.

          • Sandra Ortega

            Agreed , we are in serious trouble Trump is our only chance !! I wish the liberals would wake up & see the big picture.

        • Eileen Kuch

          It’s not all gloom and doom; there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Western (Christian) civilization won’t be extinguished; God has already ensured that Christianity will survive/thrive. Jesus Christ already told His disciples that His Church will survive; that the Gates of Hell shall never prevail against it.
          Unlike the UK, Australia and Continental Europe, the US has over 100 million gun owners owning over 400 million firearms; over half are hunters, combat veterans or both. Obama and his minions will be in huge trouble should they try to confiscate all these weapons. All of these gun owners are proficient in the use of their firearms and won’t hesitate to use them to kill anyone who tries to confiscate them.
          I totally agree with you that we shouldn’t be antagonizing Russia and creating situations that could very well lead to WWIII. As you said, the Russians are a Christian people, strong, and will fight for what’s right .. we just have to give them a chance and show them we’re behind them. Any politician talking aggressively about attacking Russia should be removed from office immediately and prosecuted for high treason. That includes the Hildebeast, Obama and the entire govt.

          • The Penitent Man

            True Eileen, but before that happens millions of us are going to perish by the sword. The ending is sweet but to get to that ending we have to endure much tribulation. And remember, God will allow the Antichrist power over the saints. I wonder how many Christians are reading Revelation closely? The tribulation begins with a great earth quake, then two massive impacts on the earth’s surface, then the story begins to unfold in earnest.

            The current world order and this new world order that the rich men of the earth are working on will be destroyed because of those three events. The New World Order that we really have to worry about is going to be created very quickly, out of ashes and chaos that the beginning of the great tribulation causes (a crisis government created to appease the wrath of God which is how the mark of the beast comes into play).

            Think about it, almost two billion people will die at the very beginning of the great tribulation! Then, after that, horrible events will continue for over three and a half years. There’s a lot going on, to say the least. So I’m not worried about Obama trying to confiscate our weapons, it won’t happen under him, unless the great tribulation begins before he’s out of office, which I doubt.

            Jesus was crucified in 30 A.D., two thousand years later, to the date would be 2030. I’m assuming the tribulation will begin around that time period, though I could of course be very wrong. Most Christians believe it will last seven years, though I disagree. That view is based on an erroneous understanding of Daniel 9:27, the so-called 70th week. The problem is all the theologians mixed up the Antichrist with the Messiah.

            It is the Messiah who makes a covenant with many (the new covenant) then dies in the middle of the 70th week (if you’re familiar with Yahweh’s calendar which began ticking at the time of the exodus, Jesus died on a Wednesday year, exactly in the middle of a prophetic week of years!).

            There is no peace treaty of seven years and there will most likely be no rebuilt temple as it contradicts Jesus’s words. Remember, our bodies are the temple now, just as Jesus taught His disciples so many centuries ago. At least that’s what I have learned through many years of Bible study. I could be wrong, others could be wrong but I doubt it. All the scriptures seem to support what I have learned.

            What will happen when tens of millions of Christians are not raptured away at the beginning of the great tribulation? How many have been deceived into thinking that they will somehow be whisked away, right at the time the earth will need salt and light more then any other time in its history?

            What is happening right now, between Russia and the current New World Order…possible nuclear war, could be the many prayers the saints offer up in the book of Revelation. What would make all of God’s people pray all at the same time? Maybe a limited nuclear war or a nuclear strike and the saints praying to the Father and the Son to stop the madness before the entire world is destroyed?

            I’m just thinking out loud Eileen. We’re living in very interesting times.

          • Dt

            You write beautifully, WOW! “How many have been deceived…st the time the earth will need salt and light…” Powerful…salt and light true grit so to speak…yes we are living in for interesting times

            also enjoy your perspective !

          • The Penitent Man

            Thank you for the compliment.

          • SILVER STREAK


          • The Penitent Man

            Did I write that the Messiah was thirty years old or did I write that He was nailed to a tree in 30 A.D.? Pay attention to context and what you’re reading before going off half-cocked. I’m not sure why you went into a diatribe on “Judaeo-Christianity” when I never said anything about what you’re rambling on over.

            Thus far you’ve proven you aren’t a very attentive reader.

          • SILVER STREAK


          • Paquita de Shishmareff

            In addition to the catholic church, there are thousands of protestant denominations nowadays and still counting. So, exactly which church was Jesus talking about when He was referring to His Church? Just wondering.

          • SILVERSTREAK


          • Dt

            We do not know what type of weapons they will use to create the conclusion they desire…chem trails, nano tech…ect

        • Islamo_realist.

          Russia is not what you portrayed. Mr Pukin is using the church as a way to make you believe he is a strong christian. I remember not too long ago when the Russian church operated in the shadows with Mr Putin and other henchmen at the wheel. I know that Russia has a huge Muslim population and is very friendly with Iran. The day they delivered that weapon system to Iran, that’s when all respect for him flew out the window. Strong Christian nation ?? Or more like strong Muslim takkiya?
          Arming a nation like Iran is very unchristian.


            I thought that ‘love thy neighbor…’ was one of the commandments, but I forget USA is not Iran’s neighbor… however, Russia is

          • Crystalskyes

            Wicked sinners are not my neighbour. Anyone who refuses to follow the Bible is not my neighbour and I am not obligated to help them just as how God is not obligated to deliver them from poverty like those cursed muslims. Deal with the choices that you make. Since most people like to rebel against the God of the Bible, they honestly deserve nothing but death. Death to Islam as Islam is Death since their allah Hubal is a pagan god.


            Thank you for explaining your point of view, because I was under impression that we are all neighbors by virtue of sharing this planet… I guess it’s a ‘live and learn’ type of thing… Thanks again

          • Crystalskyes

            Yeah, it is embarrassing for me and God that they abuse the blessing of even being able to breathe the air here. They dishonour God with their lifestyle and think that it is a bloody entitlement.
            People are such spoilt brats… I can only imagine how God must feel feeding these ingrates.

          • Crystalskyes

            By the way, Alex, dont thank me, thank God for it.
            Believe me, I would have no reason to help you learn jacksh** if it wasnt profitable for me to do so. So if you need to thank anyone, thank God. Because I didnt help you out of the kindness of my heart.
            Just had to let you know the facts.

          • Анна Громова

            Putin is a part of NWO and have nothing to do with Russian people. He just did the same like in all other white countires- muslim mass migration. If we want to survive as a WHITE RACE we must UNITE!

          • kovir


          • disqus_uj44WuVjt2

            Russia’s primary problem is Communism!!! Putin and most of Russia is NOT Christian but they seem to be anti Muslim and anti New World Order, which is OK by me!!! The first time I heard the term New World Order was from the elder Geo Bush, and I believe that JFK was the last US President that was not governed by whoever is running this scam!!!

          • The Penitent Man

            Did I ever say I believed Putin was a strong Christian? Some people are making out like Donald Trump is a Christian and I don’t believe them either. When I speak in broad terms about a nation I mean the people, not their political leaders. I would bet that most Russian people are good people, just as most Americans can be decent people. My problem isn’t with Russians or Chinese, it’s with the evil people who manipulate events and create tensions between nations, the people who start the wars and keep the majority of the people in poverty.

            If Iran was our ally would it then be a Christian act to sell them weapons systems? The United States sells Saudi Arabia F-15’s and F-16’s, Abrams Tanks, and other assorted military equipment. Is that also “unchristian”? People living in glass houses shouldn’t through stones. That means none of the nations involved in this current conflict are saints, they’ve all done some unsavory things in the past.

            It isn’t about “right and wrong” anyway, not to the United States or NATO. It’s about trying to bully other countries into accepting their political will, which amounts to being sovereign in name only, something no country should have to suffer under. Still though, there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes that we are totally unaware of, enemies may only appear to be enemies, and friends aren’t always truly our friend.

            My point, things are not so black and white, there is lot going on that we don’t know about and won’t know about for some time.

          • The Penitent Man

            I’m pretty damn sure I never said anything concrete about Putin, or rather what I believe about him personally. As a matter of fact I’ve made many statements saying that I don’t trust him, just as I don’t trust any politicians as most of them are double-dealing liars. But one thing we know for sure, Iran hasn’t invaded anyone lately, have they? And Russia’s last venture went really bad in the 1980’s. Since then Russia has been focused inward, rebuilding their military and economy. Something else we know is that the leaders of our nation are firmly under the control of the Synagogue of Satan.

          • The Penitent Man

            I can only go on what I read. I’m not a sycophant for Putin and I’m suspicious of his motives, but compared to our “leaders” he seems quite reasonable. Russia has a better track record then the United States and western “democracies” since the fall of the Soviet Union. Look at what our politicians did to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya? They murdered Qaddafi a year after shaking his hand and promising peace and cooperation with the west. After he was assassinated the flood gate of north African invaders into Europe has been non-stop. Compare that record with Putin’s record and ask yourself who’s more of a threat to the people of the world.

        • robert owen

          Here is a link to Neil Keenan’s Group K recent intel update, who have been working with the Chinese elders on solving this problem.

          Federal Reserve

          To New US Republic Via

          A Global Currency Reset


        • Анна Громова

          Hi, I am Russian and absolutely agree with your words. All of the durty propaganda to make Russians – the “bad guys” is a huge lie. Glad you wake up and see that we are of THE SAME RACE, THE SAME BLOOD AN THE SAME CULTURE! And remember, Russian people never want any war with the west. Never and ever.
          We must UNITE before it’s too late for all of us! In Russia is also very huge problem with MASS MIGRATION. Just look here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aihmte1DWvA

          • JoAnn

            Thank you for your comment. We Americans do not want war only peace. We have not had a president in office since Reagan who really loves our country. Others were and are owned by the evil elite that want ninety percent of us dead and war would do the job. Also migration of Muslim young men who probably in a large part are terrorist is a real problem. I don’t believe Russians are bad people or want war, I sure don’t. You can’t believe what is on the news, all our stations are owned by the evil lying elite. Our president now has destroyed our constitution and is hell bent on destroying what’s left of our once great country before he leaves office. Our only hope is Donald Trump, he’s not perfect but he is our last hope. Trump will be more of a uniter than a divider. We do not want the wicked witch Hillary in office. I am afraid there will be a false flag before the election so they can cancel it, I hope and pray not. I hope the majority of your people feel the same as you. Peace and much love…

          • PL

            Hellow my Russian friend, We got same blood, same coulture, same history, same God in our hearts. Live in Poland and see how people are being manipulated by media and government against Russians. Same the other way. Government always works against its citizens. I know that Russians has done many bad things to Polish citizens, but that was past and our aim is protect our values and forgive to build better future for our kids. Gready banksters from some very small country in the middle east and their big brothers from behind the Atlantic Ocean wants to make a hell in far/middle east and also in Europe so the citizens of small country could get the land when war dust settles down. That’s the truth. Both, “religion of pease” and babilonian wisemen hates white people and Jesus and will do all they can to destroy Chrstianity as said in Revelations. Our hope is God, Jesus and our blood. Unlike them we’re pure, not a seed of the devil.

          • cae

            The Russians did nothing but suffer, Its the Bolshevik Jews killing all of us, whilst pretending to be white.

          • kovir

            Agree. But there is a propaganda in Russia too that western people are the bad guys :). In Poland we think that cooperation with Russia is the only cure for islamic invasion but it’s hard to believe in it when Russian goverment make a threat against Poland … to bad because we are the same slavic people…

          • Olivia

            Same in Romania, u can never do business or collaborate with Russian! Better treat them with your back and ignore them!

          • The Penitent Man

            But are Russians truly threatening Poland? It seems to me that NATO and the Anglo-Zionists are the ones stirring the pot, using propaganda to make the Polish people fear Russia. Since the fall of communism in 1990 America has been encircling Russia and her sphere of influence. Western promises of non-interference in the Russian-Slavic sphere turned out to be huge lies. Instead of economically supporting Russia during those hard times the international bankers did everything in their power to weaken Russia while at the same time, financially prospering of of her misery.

            You’re right, propaganda goes both ways, yet we had a real chance at a lasting peace but we threw it away in favor of lies of Russian aggression and the fear of a Soviet resurgence, which is blatantly false. My country can invade any nation it wants to and politically, all of NATO supports it, regardless of right and wrong. If Russia does anything out of self-interest it is called evil. At this point in time I’m beginning to believe Putin is a lot more honest and honorable then any western leader.

            Long live Poland my friend.

          • The Penitent Man

            The problem with a lot of Americans is they equate “Russia” with the old Soviet Union. And it doesn’t help their simple world view that Putin used to be in the KGB (though their memories fail them when they forget that George Bush the elder was the head of the CIA!). The Russian people are an amazing people, both part of Europe and part of Asia. A rich culture, good,strong people and a lot like the Americans of old were now. It seems the roles have been reversed. It used to be that Russia was the world’s enemy and now it is the United States that is considered the evil empire.

            Funny how things change, huh?

            A lot of Americans want peace with Russia and China. I’m one of them. I believe that the western leaders of the world have been acting like children for a very long time. How can they be such monsters? They talk about peace yet all they do is practice war. No normal human being in power would risk the lives of their people, gamble with all of us, and the world. They are psychopaths or they are being controlled by far stronger enemies then most of us are aware of.

            How can we unite? If our leaders say it’s time for war we all line up and do what we are told. It matters little if our position is right, they force us to kill one another. Will it matter that Russia is in the right in this particular time if we all die or even if only some of us die? How do we stop this madness? I do not believe that human beings are inherently violent. I think most wars are banker wars, caused by psychopathic elites.

            Normal people are happy to live and let live. If common people ran their countries the world would have a good shot at being at peace. Unfortunately evil men often rise to power and drag the whole world along with them to war.


          • Olivia

            I am Romanian, and after you stole and killed us, yes! You are the bad guys and will always going to be! Hope Kremlin gets nuked!

          • Rp

            Reading your comments, and seeing the different countries that are speaking here, warms my heart and reinforces my feelings. As normal citizens of our respected countries, we don’t want war. I surely don’t !!! I’m an American. I see you as human beings who, just like me, enjoys the love of good woman, good food, and a stiff drink from time to time, and just want their lives to be peaceful, prosperous, and content. The problem lies with our countries governing officials, and controlled media, they are the ones that push us to hate, mistrust each other. “WE THE PEOPLE”,,, means us ALL.

          • Heidi Katt

            please tell putin to bomb the fuck out of the new world order before they get to him. I’m an american and obama is a traitor, putin is the only one with enough decency to stop them. We need to get rid of islam, it’s not a religion. he has my permission to bomb my country out of existence, it’s better and faster than being tortured by muslims. Godspeed and if I live and russian troops come to me i will personally thank you for making the difficult decision that must be done to protect you and your people. Ban islam, every where

          • The Penitent Man

            I’ve never had anything against the Russian people, though I was taught to fear them as a child during the cold war. The first Russian I ever met (Misha was his name) was an honest and strong man, friendly and very helpful to everyone around him. The Russian people have suffered much in their proud history, millions murdered during the Bolshevik reign of terror because of past “insults” to the banking elite of this world.

            Russia used to be a key ally of the United States. During the civil war in America in the 1860’s our Russian friends stopped a joint invasion by the French an English by parking the Russian navy on both the east and west coast of America, effectively blockading our mutual enemies. Most Americans and Russians have never been told of our close friendship in those times. I look upon the Russian people as being as European/American as I am, even though part of your population and your vast country spans into Asia.

            It is sickening to me that America has been usurped by criminal politicians and international bankers. If America and Russia created close ties once again and became strong allies like they were in the past nothing could stop us making this world prosperous and peaceful, yet evil men have scorned Putin and the Russian people, forcing him to look elsewhere for honest friends.

            Peace to you.

      • daveycrockett

        The Christian people of western Europe have been beating back the muslim rabble for centuries. My lineage goes back to Martel, who was part of that fight in the 8th century. Apparently we are all going to roll over as the nwo elite use these sub humans to destroy the west. These camel jockeys will then be used as slaves and cannon fodder for the elite, they are just plain too stupid to realize what their true purpose and end will be.


          Oh yes, but nothing personal, it’s just business. Please, understand, they are a cheaper kind of a slave than you are…

      • zeph

        Islam was made illegal in the U,S in 1952, look up this law.

      • socalbeachdude

        Those are absolutely false and extremely stupid assertions.

        • Islamo_realist.

          I’m glad someone else agrees that this statement made was utterly pure B.S.

      • Kim Kong

        You’re right!

      • Distressed7

        Islam is a bore.

      • Pith_n_Vinegar

        For someone so passionate about the Anglo-Saxon peoples, your spelling and grammar is pretty lame. Maybe they should die out.

      • Caro

        You are spot on, beingone. But the ‘sheeple’ just keep grazing happily along. As long as the fridge is full of beer, who cares about the rest. When they do wake up, it will be too late. It is already too late.



    • Namron7

      Is this bloke nuts? The Queen’s mother and father famously stayed on in London during the war – with bombs and V1s and V2s raining down. I’m no great fan of the Royals, but lack of courage is NOT one of their failings. Absolutely no way would the Queen ever leave Britain when it was threatened.

      • socalbeachdude

        Yes, apparently this “bloke” is totally nutzoidal.

      • Fabrizio Bertuzzi

        if you want to rule you must first stay alive

    • http://www.divine-way.org Marie Devine

      Media slants things to change the real message.
      Her real message conforms to God’s warnings:
      Warning for all nations: Read Yahweh’s history in the Bible.
      God is against nations joining together for protection and control etc.
      He frustrates, confuses and destroys their plans
      (USA, G-8, G-20, UN, EU, NATO, Quartet, and all)
      (II Chronicles 16:7-12; 19:2, 20:35-37; Leviticus 26, Isaiah 8:9-14;30:1-7; Psalm 1 and 2)

      • socalbeachdude

        Please go buy a clue somewhere, dudette.

      • divinasion


    • T.j. Thomas

      I’m certainly leaning towards that she didn’t say it, or not as quoted. She went through the bombing of her country, and didn’t flee when there was a chance of a German invasion after all, and has served as monarch for over six decades though she never expected and probably never wanted to be. I have a very hard time imagining her abandoning it now, particularly with all the anti-Muslim shading this is getting.

      • socalbeachdude

        100% correct. The Queen would never make any such statements.

        • robert owen

          they understand how consciousness works, no different than the placebo effect.
          Most of the internet and the truth movement is operated by the SATANIC/LUCIFERIAN and CIA/MOSSAD and their minions, to keep people in a state of fear, for it is in love, that keeps us in harmony.

          These are Satanic demon spirits who hate life and hate those who ove life. and why they run the global pedophilia and child sacrifice rings around the world.
          Its one of the main reasons the Russians and Chinese and the rest of ASIA, joined in eradicating this planet of this evil corrupt force.

          Bu they had to create the BREXIT BANK, that was signed onto by all nations, including Europe, except for the USA and UK who get their marching orders from the Vatican, Rothchild and the Monarch, who are all Luciferian.

          Federal Reserve

          To New US Republic Via

          A Global Currency Reset


    • wayne

      Allow me to fill in some details

      In 1994 56 Islamic countries and Palestine wrote an Obligatory sharia law abrogating Christians and Jews in order to Legally kill us as infidels. It is protected by apostasy laws should any Muslim discuss or consider this law ( written in English for English speaking Muslims) writtenrendering it both secret and irreversible. Pages 846 & 23 http://concit.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/reliance2_complete.pdf

      You may have noticed they army of young Muslim males leaving their families behind to pour into Europe.

      just yesterday A Muslim stabbed 4 Brits in a car park in Hampton 1 is fighting for her life. this morning the terrorist was allowed to be bailed. This Muslim the day b4 attacked a police officer with a knife and was released. These are the same stories going on in the EU we are being set up for slaughter our government and Machinations are set to be against us and for Islam.

      I’ve also been tracking a ship “the whiskey Trio which is delivering Military grade weapons around the EU probably to ISIS these weapons are coming from Turkey. The ship was caught by Sweden accidentally for a safety violation and released.https://behindthenewsisrael.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/sweden-govt-impounds-turkish-ship-carrying-tonnes-of-explosives-rockets-ammunition/ I believe that there are many such deliveries gong on and the main attack will be last week of November

      • Kim Kong

        What’s going on is, Israel need Land, Palestine and Syria to build Great Israel. Plan is. Move people out of that territory, there be no army to fight. Land be free and easy take… Arabs, ( the human garbage) don’t see that. If war begin in Europe, they be first to kill. Europe is for white people only..

        • Bob Chum

          BLAME THE JEWS, I DO!!!

      • robert owen

        There are higher laws in this universe, that won’t let you move beyond 3D Cosmic density, for theact is, if you do not honor love and free will, your stuck here and won’t be given the keys that unlcok your consciousness energy and spirit within you to move beyond this dimension.
        All of what you say comes fro a non living spiritual recognition, of higher cosmic laws that millions of other inter-galactic civilizations follow, and until you have learned to reach unity of consciousness and that means we are all connected to the same aether of spirit and love that we are a part that is woven into you, then you will be stuck here replaying out the same recycled incarnation of your soul over and over again, until you have learned the lessons of how to move onto greater spiritual awareness and out of 3D into the infinite dimensions in which infinite civilizations all live in peace, love, harmony and balance and what you say does not.

        Its primitive materialist thinking like that, that ignores the obvious.
        Evidence of that is seen through the lens of those who have moved far beyond what you suggest will keep yu here and never learn how to live in bliss and love.

        Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether technology


        • wayne

          Don’t do drugs kids

          • Fabrizio Bertuzzi

            better you do not replay on something you do not know…



  • powys

    If this story is factual, then I am glad because I feared that she did not understand what all of her Ministers since Heath have done to the Land of Hope and Glory.

    • http://petesnewhangout.wordpress.com peterpetterson

      Heath the child rapist and murderer?

    • socalbeachdude

      No, there is not an iota of truth to any of these bizarre and false assertions.

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    She let it happen. Duh. She had all the power she needed to stop it. Duh.

    • The Penitent Man

      Maybe she doesn’t have all the power to stop it, ever think of that? The world is a bit more complicated then we would like to believe. There are factions, very powerful cabals at work, pulling strings and fighting amongst themselves. Basically, Good vs. Evil and evil is currently winning.

  • Cindy

    I’d like to know where she thinks she’s going to go?

  • duckified

    The Queen is right. It’s called the Tribulation. Read all about it in Revelation.

    • Valane

      I have read and I agree, Satan is ruling the world right now, and very soon there will be the biggest war ever that no country can stop. What we have seen/read about wars will be nothing to what is coming..

      • john burton

        the queen is satan

        • Padraigin Eagle

          More or less, ‘she’ be a Lucifer atop the tree, Masonic ‘BethBeCertainly.

        • Fabrizio Bertuzzi

          but also satan is a God creation.
          can you have temperature without cold and hot?
          without difference there is no Creation.

      • The Penitent Man

        If you’ve read the book of Revelation then you should know the sign of the beginning of the Tribulation. What sets it all off? Most Christians I’ve spoken to about this have no idea at all. They tend to get bits and pieces of the story from their lying pastors. Specific, very specific events have to occur, and in perfect order for the tribulation to begin.

      • Jemima Morrison

        Our Queen reads and knows her Bible, she knows the troubles that are coming upon us —- the message today is REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND

  • animalnut

    What utter crap ! Have you really got nothing better to do than tell faory stories ?!

  • animalnut

    What utter crap ! How do you get away with these fairy stories ?

  • James Rushton

    you people commenting here do realize I hope…that the in the British Isles there are 22 million Sikhs…BEFORE you even START counting Muslims…Jesus People…the levels if total ignorance I see online regarding reality is just…stunning…it’s like you all live in a World that disappeared 40 years ago…

    • Alex

      What does Muslims and Sikhs have to do with anything?

    • beingone

      the Sikhs are fine, its the laws of the muslims you all are apparently incredibly stupid on,, they do not believe in any of your freedoms,, what do you think the crusades were? to kick the muslims out of southern Europe and out of the holy lands, those were all jewish or Christian before the muslims invaded.. they will destroy your countries, if you don’t see that your a total idiot. that’s not hate speech that’s fact, or why would the police be hiding all the crime data?

      • The Penitent Man

        The Muslims have started Jihad 458 times in the past 1400 years, and their evil continues. The Crusades were defensive in nature, lasted less then 300 years and happened 13 times in our history. Compare 13 to 458 and then talk about Christian violence. Christianity, with its many errors, non the less, has brought us many, many benefits. Without it I doubt we would have ever enjoyed the civilization we have now. Islam, on the other hand, is a political ideology based on destruction and murder.

      • James Rushton

        well said…and I agree…my comment on the Sikhs was to point out to Brits that 1/4 of their country was already drastically non-British…before even considering the many millions of hostiles on the Islands

  • leewacker

    No, I think the lady is tired, and don’t overlook all the infighting that has been going on within the Royal family for quite some time between Camilla, Charles, the Queen and others! After all, she is 90, and most likely would like to have a little bit of “me” time for a few years!

  • Thoth

    So maybe the Lizard Queen has grown fond of us mere peasants?

  • steveb3

    If the once great countries in the UK stay in the EU there will be many race against race wars here, we’re getting all the same immigrants here that fought against each other and destroyed their own countries so probably destroy ours.

  • Arten

    War is coming because the Establishment have committed Treason. I suggest you read up on Cromwell because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. She being an elitist wants us in Europe, which violates English Constitutional Law. This is a stepping stone to their dystopian New World Order and the enslavement of humanity. Wake up and stop complying with the corrupt system. You can all find the moral courage stop paying council tax because its unlawful and treasonable to do so. You are paying for your own demise its time to make a stand.

    • beingone

      She said she wants Brexit, to get out of the EU master plan of destruction,,

  • Alex

    Oh, if only. This would be one of the best arguments to vote Remain. As long as she promises to take the rest of her parasitical family with her….

  • Andrew Sunderland
  • Tarquin Farquar

    You can bet your vest that Queen Elizabeth is the best informed, and most experienced statesman the modern world has ever known. She enjoys the loyal support of about three fourths of the population of Great Britain. Which makes her personal opinions influential beyond belief in the UK and the Commonwealth. If these reports are true then the best we can do to help ourselves is to prepare for the worst possible option. Queen Elizabeth as far more than just a jewel encrusted manikin, as many of her detractors have learned to their cost.

  • Koolz

    Nato controlled by cia and jewish zionists of satan are ready to start ww3 with russia. Isis the cia/mossad/british intelligent creation is murdering christians.

  • http://petesnewhangout.wordpress.com peterpetterson

    A war with Islam?

  • http://petesnewhangout.wordpress.com peterpetterson

    Royals would go to Canada?

  • Robert

    She’s leaving or running away because of all the muslim scum that has invaded Europe. What fools we have become. We actually are telling the muslim scum to come and kill us and take our countries?

  • Mark Sivad

    How about the other Royals, don’t they have an opinion???

  • CPT

    The Queen and her family are not innocent observers…she knows exactly what is going on and has more decision making power than we will ever know. The general population is led to believe she is just a figurehead with no say in national and global affairs. Far from it…her family are involved in every major military, economic and social decision made. She is part of the elite power structure that gives the likes of Cameron and other so called world leaders their orders. Don’t take my word for it…research it for yourselves.

  • Monty

    Utter bollox – I don’t believe this for a moment!
    Not that I don’t think she would be wrong in what she (allegedly) said, nor that I doubt she has concerns along these lines. What I simply do not believe is that (a) she would have carelessly voiced her concerns in this way or (b) that they would have been captured on audio, yet somehow the recording isn’t available for us to hear.
    So I agree with the sentiments, but to imagine that the Queen would have been overheard saying these things is just fanciful nonsense.

  • L Garou

    What’s going to happen is the African Muslim retards are going to drive the white people into each other’s arms. How do you think that will work out for them?
    Here’s a hint .. deja vu, all over again. That’s how.

  • http://www.divine-way.org Marie Devine

    Queen Elizabeth did not say SHE was leaving the country; she said BRITAIN must LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION or World War III will happen. “She said there is solid intelligence from military top brass that if we don’t Brexit there is an inevitable World War 3 scenario that will play out,’ the insider said.
    “World War 2 will seem like a bump in the road compared to this. I must warn my subjects,’ the Queen said.”

    That conforms with God’s warnings:
    Warning for all nations: Read Yahweh’s history in the Bible.
    God is against nations joining together for protection and control etc.
    He frustrates, confuses and destroys their plans
    (USA, G-8, G-20, UN, EU, NATO, Quartet, and all)
    (II Chronicles 16:7-12; 19:2, 20:35-37; Leviticus 26, Isaiah 8:9-14;30:1-7; Psalm 1 and 2)

  • James Rushton

    If this Story is accurate…why would anyone be surprised that the Queen is pretty well a Prisoner, watched and controlled by Her own Staff…a few people have mentioned the Queen’s Power…well…She has none that Parliament doesn’t authorize…as for Her Voice?…she reads speeches prepared and authorized in advance…and the Press is carefully controlled regarding ANYTHING the Queen does…so…if you want tot know what the Queen is thinking…consider Her role…consider her personal Experience with War…and use a little common sense…She has always been a Center-Right Conservative…

  • Ken Baker

    Queen Elizabeth will relocate because the TRUTH will be revealed.
    She is in cahoots with the Draco Reptilians.
    Deception will be revealed to the General Population.
    Entire Royal Family must exit the UK……..very soon!

  • Padraigin Eagle

    The Darkest Mind: The British Broad Conning, your daily psyop from the Puppet atop

    The Cabal Omerta Code, ‘Warn the sheople, and if they do nothing, then they get what they deserve’, no mistakes with the Tribal Herd.

  • Fivish

    WW3 has been raging since the Common market was created. Without firing a single bullet and using law-fare the ever closer union ‘project’ is moving to a United States of Europe run by Germany. Merkel said the first language of Europe will be German! And of course the Germans have been colluding with the Islamofascists since the 1930’s. Recently we have had the islamofascists invading Europe at the request of Germany. None of this should be a surprise as it was known 40 years ago and why I voted NO then and will be voting NO again in June.

  • Badger Badgerism


  • zeph

    Is this woman even English? How dare she allow such a wave of barbarians to push the real Brits out of their home? She has allowed her country to be desecrated, and now that the nest is fouled, she wants to flee? She should be ejected with the invaders!

  • http://bitclub.io/james Jxo Az

    I don’t get it, why would WWIII break out if Britain stays in the EU. Why would an exit prevent that? What’s the threat in the EU?

  • eddysachs

    How does one verify that she actually said this…or is this another ratings ploy of deliberate shit disturbing?

  • apeman2502

    I have $5.00 says she is heading underground.

  • Lyn

    This news have cheered me up no end , the Queen would never flee from Britain ,the preparations to abandon ship ,is getting out of EU before it crashes ,and she will keep UK ,she will never have her country surrendered .

  • duh

    ‘Better to light a candle than curse the darkness’
    Queen Elizabeth II.
    December 25th 2015
    ‘Enjoy your final Christmas’

  • John Derubeis

    Before we can discuss what the queen says. First we have to ask why she is there in the first place. Lady Di couldn’t stand to be around the whole loat of then. And prince Charles wishes he was tampon and is proud to be distant relative Vladimir The Impaler.. As a young child I actually though blood was be so that why they were better than the rest of us. I say off with there heads the will see if there blue bloods

  • Koolz

    I will show you who they all are
    Includes pictures and names.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    She is a cannibalistic reptile and sees her subjects as her “Stock” and this if it happened is part of the big game. Just like the feint being pulled with Trump in the USA. The elite are not very bright…but they are a long way ahead of you mugs in the street I can tell you from here.

  • socalbeachdude

    This “article” is nothing but utter nonsense.

  • socalbeachdude

    Queen Elizabeth is a lovely and intelligent lady who just celebrated her 90th birthday last weekend and certainly would not make such absurd statements as this “article” claims she did without any basis or substantiation whatsoever.

  • Archie1954

    If She were truly to abdicate She would never leave the UK! That everyone, is a given. She has never considered Her own safety above the consideration for Her subjects, not in 60 some odd years. So why would She change now?

  • wadecox

    The likelihood of HM saying something like this is Zero. She is too wise and experienced to make this sort of error. The BBC leftists would love to stir the pot. She is not in favour of the EU and her mother did not trust Germany at all. We will be at war very soon and we all know it and the parliament is discussing it now freely.

  • Ian

    Well look at the state of England it has become an Orwellian dictatorship and is run by some very sick and dark people, they even hold power over the Monarch. I don’t blame her and if that happens then best to get out of any English speaking country. Britain has become a bastard horrible place it has been made that way by the thugs that have held power over the years. A time is coming when a good part of England is going under the sea, may be she knows of events to come. In central London the bankers area surrounded by reptilian Dragons Yes that is what is controlling this planet. I saw them many years ago but did not have the knowledge I have today, and like most I just considered them as some coat of arms when in fact they are a representation of the vile evil beings who are running this world into the ground. Britain has and is a warmongering nation it is easy to call the people to arms by fear. One only has to look at history These monsters controlling the world finances want a third world war. Read agenda 21., She like most of us know what is coming, yet the puppets who are administering the Big Brother have no idea of what they are doing because these people are dumb that is why they are used. When I went back to England I had my own money but I had some bitch from the Government come and thump on my grand mothers door, to interrogate me on what was my reason for coming to England I am British born yes just look now who the country is on purpose being invaded.

  • wayne

    It’s very Important to remember that a war with the Muslims means we will have to take out the establishment who will side with them first that inc MSM

  • QV3

    If Brexit does not become a reality, the queen will be under the thumb of the EU Nazis. And bet your last pence the Tower of London will be the first to be raided — the Crown Jewels will be in the hands of the faceless, nameless savages and barbarians in Brussels. Westminister will be gone. And Britain will be used by the Nazi EUnuchs as a dumping ground for the mistake their Bovine Merkel did by sending the muslim rapists, thugs, drug dealers, and throat slitters.
    Britain should join East Europe and bomb the EU countries to rubble. They are all demon possessed, anyway.

  • alnov

    In Germany we are already prepared of pogrome against our people. Local gun clubs have created a plan to proceed counter measures when the muslim invaders start to attack.
    We expect a global terror attack in every Western town and city, probably all done at the same time. We discussed to kill everyone looking like a wog.

    Our greatest concern, however, is that it is said Obama was a muslim and order US-troups all over the world to attack and therewith support the wogs. In case that’s correct, our last hope is a Russian invasion to Central Europe. At least this is a better option than having the sharia law implemented.

  • zero

    It’s fairly clear that Europe is in a downward spiral – out of control debt, the Islamic invasion creating instability, EU expansion leading to conflict with Russia. Where that will end up is anyone’s guess, but the potential for conflict seems to be real. If the UK is tied to that system, it will go where Europe goes, so if there’s a war, the UK will be in it whether it wants to or not. If this story is accurate, the Queen seems to have a firm grasp of the obvious. If I was in the UK, it would be an easy choice for me – GTFO of the EU.

  • robert owen

    It’s my bet that there is not 1 in a 1000 who actually realize the magnitude of not only her criminality in making this happen, but her own “self-evident indictment of her own collusion, and should be arrested for “TREASON” against the entire commonwealth for which she is in cahoots, with Jacob Rothschild, Pope Francis and the ZIONIST ASHKENTNAZI’S of the Vatican’s Luciferian/Satanic/Baphomet Horned God Wicca of the pagan cult that came out of Khazarian in 741 AD.

    Which is one of the direct historical links to the Illuminati symbolism you see o the back of every fiat worthless Federal Reserve Note, that was created out of thin air and hypothecated millions of times to make them more rich and powerful, for which they build their war machine and surveillance apparatus, to take out those that love life and care for this planet.

    They raped and pillaged the western hemisphere and is responsible for all of the genocide and ecocide of this planet.

    The know if they plant in your mind, what a war like that looks like and enough people believe in it, then it can happen.

    It’s why they released this information, even though I know for a fact, that higher more benevolent ET’s will never let this happen.

    In fact, they have already been disabling nukes and rendering harmless all of the USA DUMB Deep Underground Bases the Pentagon has been building on behalf of the Satanic Rothschild and Vatican cabal.

    The only way these Satanic monarchs and Satanic low life’s ca get any traction to overcome what ET’s are doing, is for you to live in a state of FEAR and that drains your positive energy and your consciousness when it is a collective belief it will happen, can make it happen, the same way that the placebo effect cures someone, even though the pill is only sugar.

    Your belief system is the most powerful force on this planet and they know it.

    If you think for one minute they could not have prevented this from leaking out, you’re kidding yourself.

    They let this go out, because they wanted it to go out, for the express purpose that I just said.

    They know their control and satanic evil of corrupting the world of finance and making it so people don’t have to be in a form of human debt slavery, which is fraud also, since they have been printing worthless IOU’s for 80+ years now and has gone belly up.

    Their done and they know it.

    The IMF and the new BREXIT BASEL III agreements have already been signed and the last 2 holdouts to go to a new global gold standard and make it more honest and reign in more prosperity for everyone on this planet, is the UK and the USA, which was the home base of the Rothschild and Goldman Sachs global war on finance and why they took down Brazil and toppled a democratically elected government and installed another puppet regime, just like the PM Margot Thatcher did, like Blair did with Bush to commit war crimes against Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    Here is a link to Neil Keenan’s Group K recent intel update, who have been working with the Chinese elders on solving this problem.

    Federal Reserve

    To New US Republic Via

    A Global Currency Reset


  • Mark S

    If this really is the year if disclosure like I think it is, once the masses learn of the illusion that has been portrayed upon them, then the elite behind the NWO will be unable to gather the momentum from the public to start WWIII. They have been unsuccessful in the Ukrain and Syria and their Brussles scenario backfired as well.

  • lighthealer

    Your journalism is terrible. You took a lie and re-formed it into a supposed ‘original’ story by you. WTF! It is way past time for you to “GO WITHIN”.

  • Malcolm Martyn

    Sounds like bull dust to me as it would damage her investments and reduce their value by millions if we do leave along with everything else we produce and own matched with runaway inflation and spiraling debt in a reduced job market I reckon its much the other way around and I would definitely want to hear it from her own lips rather than believe the media. Did I mention im a republican anyway and couldn’t really care less.

  • GeorgeGalbraith

    you BBC R’ses will twist anything to your slant/angle. Get a life!

  • Janet Campbell

    Surely this is a hoax? The Queen would never be caught saying anything so politically incorrect even if she is thinking it! Another journalist perhaps trying to make a name for themselves! If true totally agree! Get out now before the house of cards that the EU is falls!

  • spirittoo

    The queen is part of the cabal … aka … the circle … aka … the family, that controls this planet. She knows The Event is near, and when compression breakthrough takes place, she and the rest of the cabal members will be arrested. She thinks she can run and hide, but she nor the others will not be able to escape. The Light Forces and the Resistance Movement knows of their plans, they will not get away, and will be finally held accountable for all their crimes against humanity.

  • Marauderson

    what is the source of this report?
    passionate about the truth?? so what’s the truth?Where did you get the story?

  • JohnBoy

    At the moment she is Queen of most of the Commonwealth nations. Why should she abdicate from that role in order to leave Britain? Keep her crown and just move to Oz or somewhere.

  • fakenews

    You morons know this is a fake news site, right?

  • Adm Tech

    Source? Otherwise just more disinfo like elsewhere on this site.

  • mark

    Maybe she’s fed up of that useless idiot Cameron! Im fairly sure something is brewing in the UK because people have had enough, its only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose and fact is the police cannot control hundreds of thousands of pissed of people, the government has abused the taxpayer for too long, I think there is a possibility of civil unrest on a national scale and if i was a politician i wouldnt sleep to soundly!!…

  • veggiegrrrl

    WW3 will be fought over water.

  • Christina von Bonsdorff

    I don’t believe for a moment that your Queen has said this. And I’m sure she would never leave her country or abdicate. She is the only real Queen in the world.Can be compared to the great Queen Elizabeth I !

  • MJM

    The British subjects have no guns to protect themselves. Take all the weapons by which they can defend themselves, and then bring in the Muslims. She knows what is coming. It is going to be a blood bath.

  • francis_albert_sinatra

    Her only hope for salvation is to give her wealth away to the poor then move to a council house somewhere.

  • Olivia

    :)))) The Queen told me yesterday, that pigs fly! Please believe me! It was cut off, but believe me! :))))

  • Olivia

    Russia vs America! America any time, day or night! Russia is not a country you want to have anything to do with! Yes yes, the Russians are nice, they have a culture …. bla bla bla, still is better for them to stay in Russia, and Russia stay out of our business! The Nazi army was more civilised and well behaved, than the dirty Russians, who killed, raped., vandalised, robed and so on even countries in alliance with them! We dont want any business with Russia! And this fake article with the Queen, IS RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA!

  • Keith Towers

    I wrote to the Queen and asked her to have a word in the ears of those in charge about this very issue. Of course I haven’t heard back and I doubt that my letter even came to the attention of the Queen. But believe me when I say that if we stay in the EU then the people of the UK population will be micro chipped with the lame excuse that it is best for our own security if we are. That chip will contain all personal medical and banking details and include birth, educational and religious details. Cash will be phased out and you will have to have this chip implant if you want to buy or sell. It sounds like the scenario from a science fiction horror film, but believe me it is ready and waiting to happen. Messengers like me will most certainly be called mad, irrational, and merchants of doom and gloom. We will even be called prophets of doom. I don’t care. I’m just the messenger.

  • Paul Eno

    she see the invasion of Europe and her beloved country of England from Islam

  • BigRuss730

    This is satire guys, come on…

  • tick tock

    During the Republican presidential campaign all the candidates talked of bombing Russia, except Trump. Everyone is upset that Trump wants to speak to Putin. That says it all. Starting war with Russia is the globalists plan and Trump put a huge monkey wrench in the whole system. Russia, Poland, Hungary are the only countries standing up to the globalists.

  • tick tock

    The globalists were responsible for Eastern Europe to fall to communism, for China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Central and South America etc to all fall to communism. The U.S. and Western Europe stood in their way. They were shocked when the Soviet Bloc fell. Now the West is about to fall.

    Someone with money who is against this globalist madness needs to step up and help us, in many ways.

    Remember, Lennin said it does not matter who votes, but who counts the votes.


    Nothing to do with EU Bexit or a WW3 she knows now beyond any doubts that Planet X Nibiru System will kill off 3/4 of the World Population & the UK plus most of Europe & the Middle East will be under water plus a Pole shit is going to happen every Volcano will go off plus Earthquakes Tornadoes Tsunamis will get worse they have know since the early 80’s & they spent over 3 Trillion building underground cities but now know they will not save anyone in a Pole shift…Wake up its coming 100% it has nothing to do with Wars they have already moved all the Nuclear warheads & they know the Nuclear facilities will also cause huge deaths…

  • Crystalskyes

    Then all the more reason why Brexit must happen. The Rapture will happen in the future, the near future I might add.
    Repent you wicked sinners and apologise to Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God for your sins.

  • Ivan Pihama

    All wars are banker wars always coming down to money.

  • AshleyD

    A bigger issue, aside from all of this religious hatrid, is the fact that if someone isn’t entirely religious at all, or even mildly sees things differently, those who are in fact solidly christian, muslim, catholic, whichever it may be.. often grow to disregard who a person is because they don’t have the same outlook. You can’t force someone to join your religion out of fear and threats against the people. It has the OPPOSITE effect. It makes people want to run in the opposing direction. In each religion there is a God, and each has it’s own variation of what happened in the Beginning, and they mass murder for that cause, when some of the basic scriptures say to stand by your fellow man, and that yes, there may be Gods calling others “false Gods” but nowhere do they say to kill over it. No killing of innocent people! i, for one, have yet to find a religion that I can follow wholeheartedly. People would condemn me for not jumping on their side. I did not grow up religious, nor have some of you. I did not jump into religion immediately, neither did some of you. No one is patient. People want to point fingers and blame the rest of the world. It’s all battles of territory and who wants justice and revenge. Over whose religion is the most true. All of you believe your own is the true path.. and yet how come no one even thinks about how we drain resources for selfish needs when we only drain the earth, cause climate changes, and blindly go about our everyday lives as though nothing will change? EVERYTHING is changing. Every day it gets worse. People want to hide behind their technology and the comfort of their lives, and just sit there not thinking that if they stay that way, the world won’t fall to shit around them. No one is unaffected by these things.
    I know plenty of amazing people in this world, and religious difference doesn’t affect the way they interact and help other people in any negative manner. People who run greedy corporations, governments, trying to get the masses to bend to their own wills and beliefs is the most evil thing. They think they are controlling us, not taking into consideration the fact that without the masses pouring in their paychecks to said businesses, these people wouldn’t be so rich. People join the military for the hopes that it will bring a better future, because of what is advertised along with it. Then once they have signed, it may as well be signed in blood. The big business guys don’t always care so much about how what they do affects the public and the economy, or the people who have to live in it day-to-day. We are all one species. We have different skin colors, beliefs, opinions. Get over it. Honestly, if there were one true God, why would he give others the opinions and opportunities for others to worship different Gods and tell you, “there is only one, destroy all the rest who think I am false?” If that is the pathway.. I am off the road my friends. I know many of you may agree that some of your belief system are putting it in a false light. I am only pointing out those who abuse their religious freedoms and twist it into something horrendous. It puts a false light for the rest of the world to misinterpret and starts battles and wars that shouldn’t be fought. We do not own people. We do not own thoughts. We do not own this earth. We have not been on this earth long and already we are destroying it faster than we can save it. We are hurting each other faster than we can stand together. If there is a doom, we are it to ourselves only. We are our own downfall. At the end of the day, money doesn’t get you into an afterlife, you can’t carry physical belongings and a piece of land with you. You have t understand that in the end, what matters is what you can live with after a long life. Cause it all stays behind after you’re gone and the rest of the world moves forward with or without you. It’s our legacy that matters. And right now it’s pretty shitty.

  • The Penitent Man

    Excuse me, the white man wasn’t the first race to do any of those things. All I see in America are people who complain about how much they hate us, yet all of the “people of color” want to come to the nations the evil white man has created. Don’t you think a lot of us are sick of your bullshit too? If you want to make it about race then so be it, but you’ll lose the argument.

    What’s long overdue is for you guys to drop the hatred you were taught by the real enemy.

  • The Penitent Man

    “Of course people of color migrate to white nations…”

    That’s bullshit. Africa has not been stripped by the western powers. As a matter of fact there are more Chinese there then white men currently. South Africa is a perfect example of how black people migrated from the north by the millions to benefit off of a nation built by white ingenuity, then claim that it was somehow “theirs” when they had no link to the land the Dutch built a great nation from in the 17th century.

    You’re all about being a victim aren’t you? It’s never the fault of your people or their lack of creativity, it’s all the white man’s fault. And when you migrate into our countries and commit almost all of the violent crime and rape our women, again, it isn’t your fault, it’s ours. Take some damn responsibility and look within and you’ll find your problem very quickly.

    It is very evident that you are a racist and that you hate people simply because they managed to succeed and you didn’t. You’re also ignorant of history, forgetting about the crimes of your people, who sold one another to the highest bidder, took part in the massive white slave trade of the Mediterranean and had no problem raping and murdering the European people for your own monetary gains. You forgot about the Mongols and the Huns, who ravished eastern Europe and killed millions of innocent people.

    And what about the so-called “Buffalo Soldiers” of whom their brutality still lives in the minds of the Native Americans, who said they were more brutal then any white man?

    Yeah man, keep up the same old song and dance. It suits you well.

  • mksharma62

    Even if she turned insane and uttered those words, still those should be, and should have been, broadcast. Otherwise, what is the meaning of freedom of speech and expression, and freedom of press,

  • The Penitent Man

    Really? You’re using the words of the Messiah to substantiate your hatred of whites? Yahushua was a Caucasian, by the way.

    Here some inconvenient facts for you; 99% of blacks murdered in the United States are murdered by other black people. The 1% of blacks that the police have killed were overwhelmingly justified shootings. White people are 500% more likely to be killed by blacks then blacks being killed by whites. Black males make up less then 4% of the U.S. population yet commit the vast majority of violent crime in the United States. I could go on but why bother, you’ve already proven that reason and critical thinking are beyond your talents.

    There are bad cops, no doubt, and they shoot more white people then they do blacks, just look at the facts. The mainstream media has brainwashed you bro, taught you to hate white people. They don’t show any incidences of black police officers killing white people. Our universities refuse to teach history in a fair and unbiased way, causing more harm and teaching hatred of whites. Why aren’t people taught about the white slavery that took place in America, or the black slave owners in America? The enemy controls the past which means our future in in peril.

  • James Annorluiz

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  • Royal T

    I think many people know who the the culprits behind most of the geopolitical problems in the world are but have been intimidated by the device of “political correctness” into not revealing their true opinions, a situation aided by a, largely privately owned, MSM. I would reveal who I think are the culprits, but I fear being accused of antisemitism.

  • Peter Harrison

    !!!READ TO THE END!! I'm one of the vender's of the new world order. we are known as the Illuminati. the Illuminati is the greatest order on earth. We are enchanted that your life's journey has led you to discover our organization. we rule the world with riches, power, fame and wealth. we are looking for more brave people who can keep our secrets and be loyal to our brotherhood to join us. As a member, you achieve the following benefits… Riches, Fame, Power's, long-life, Wealth and protection according to the 3th order that says "every member is covered with the LIGHT of luci that No enemy can harm". To join us, you just need to be initiated under Lord Lucifer and then obtain wealth, long life, riches, good health and fame beyond your greatest imagination. There is no turning back after the online initiation. we do not sacrifice human blood and also do not practice killing. According to our master lucifer, every man was born free from suffering. We are gods. Each with a choice to make. Our aim is to build the new world order concretely. We don't usually recruit people from social networks but due to the establishment of the new world order that is about to begin, we are giving this equal opportunity to everyone who is willing to join the Illuminati. Do you want to get pregnant, do you want your ex lover back, are you sick, do you want your husband to appreciate you, do you wanna get famous and rich, do you wanna be a celebrity, do you want your business to grow excessively, do you wanna be honorably good academically, do you need a job, do you need a husband, do you have a problem in your marriage? If you are ready to join us, then do. it's your free will, not by force. We do not force people to join us because very soon the world would be us all. Contact the illuminati world agent through WhatsApp on +2348102836456 or via  email: illuminatiworldwide1997@gmail.com to get initiated. I'm here for you if you need more enlightening.

  • Stuart Leggat

    If this was in any way true, it would absolutely impossible to keep from being all over the world news…it’s yet another crap piece of fake info designed for the totally gullible in society of which, very unfortunately, there are multi millions throughout the world…also, the Queen at her age, would never leave HER country.

  • Ron Angel

    This rubbish story is well written and has a ring of truth to it, but for one point especially at her age and medical conditions the queen would never leave the country and her people apart from maybe go temporarily Scotland until things returned to normal.