Queen Elizabeth ‘Shapeshifting’ On Live TV Goes Viral

The spate of sightings in recent years has led experts to suggest we are in a 'golden age' of shapeshifting reptilian sightings.

Claimed sightings of Queen Elizabeth in shapeshifting reptilian form exploded across the UK on Saturday as the oldest and longest reigning monarch in British history held official celebrations for her 90th birthday.

Alleged sightings of Queen Elizabeth shapeshifting in reptilian form exploded across the UK on Saturday as the oldest and longest reigning monarch in British history held official celebrations for her 90th birthday.

The trooping the colour parade in Whitehall – attended by the Royal family, British politicians, and dignitaries from around the world – honoured the nonagenarian Queen and her close ties with the armed forces.

However it was during BBC2’s evening coverage of the parade that shapeshifting reptilian sightings peaked across the country, with the hashtag #ReptilianQueen briefly entering Twitter’s top 10 trending topics.

There were multiple accounts of seeing Queen Elizabeth with ‘green, scaly claws,’ and one account of seeing her ‘black snakelike eyes with a yellow stripe down the middle,’ while others claim to have seen the monarch in her full-blown reptilian form.

However as the trending topic began attracting attention the tweets with the #ReptilianQueen hashtag and the accounts behind them began to disappear.

The hashtag fell out of Twitter’s top 10 trending topics and now appears to have been airbrushed from history by the social media platform.

A user who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of losing his Twitter profile – a business account with over 20,000 followers – says that he clicked on the hashtag and watched in real time as hundreds of tweets and user accounts got deleted.

He saved copies of as many new tweets as he could before they were also deleted.

Tweets were lasting 10, maybe 20 seconds at most before getting removed.  Twitter was right on it, it was a serious operation, nothing was getting past them.’

Shapeshifting Queen Reptilian Queen Reptile Queen Twitter Queen Lizard Queen Lizard

Tweets that were deleted before he could copy them described the Queen shapeshifting for ‘a span of maybe three seconds‘ and having a ‘sick grey face like a lizard mated with a vulture.’ Another tweet mentioned ‘scaly protrusions‘ – with the Twitter user fearing that people ‘just won’t ever believe’ what she had seen.

According to historians there have been sightings of reptilians around the world at regular intervals throughout history, however it is widely believed that we are now in a golden age of reptilian sightings.  There is a belief that the world is gaining consciousness, waking up, and that the veil is slowly lifting.

Experts are saying that more people than ever before have developed the ability to witness shapeshifting. Two people watching the same scene will not necessarily both be able to discern the shapeshifting reptilian.

It is said that Queen Elizabeth, a high priestess of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline, is the most commonly sighted shapeshifting reptilian in the world.

Twitter have not responded to enquiries about why they removed the tweets and permanently deleted the accounts, or if they were acting under outside orders.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Jay

    When the time comes for her to pass from this world, make sure you see how long the coffin is. When one of them goes, they revert to their original form and much longer body length. This will be especially interesting with her, as she is really rather short. You will ask yourself, “Why does the coffin have to be so long for such a short person?”

    • Le Cochon Bleu

      Um, even if so, I think the Royal organisers may well have thought of your ‘proof’ of reptillian, and probably would have planned in advance.

      … Making sure *not* to use the 15 foot coffin with the thin, 9 foot long, thin and narrowing appendage. Not publicly anyway.

      Either that, or you know, good practice is to double over the tail.
      Who knows what formal protocols are in use at these times of ceremonial acts?

      Good comment, though.

      However, I have to feel sorry for The Queen if she is indeed reptillian (and anyway, in the circumstances), as it would hardly be her fault (either way). Surely a shapeshifting lizard is a shapeshifting lizard, and if so, it’s not a matter of choice. Therefore one has to wonder if people haven’t been unduly discriminatory to lizards or shapeshifters more generally? More power to their tails?

      • Jeffery Hinchey

        The queen was a victim. Red dragons, can be harnessed and captured, by cabal magic, held by the Ancient priests back to Babylon, the time of when that magic captured her. The poor soul has been here for thousands of years and perverted to do harm. Red Dragons are a fundamental energy of this Universe, I myself have such an aspect, and 300 of those dragons exist at this time in a fixed dimension to actually fuel my energy, in part, This is why I am still alive, this Universe is vampiric, and energy matters.

    • Jeffery Hinchey

      Jay, the Queen is not a Reptilian of the same type as the Queen Mother, she is a Dragon, and much larger, in spiritual form. The next incarnation of the Queen will be that second child of William, poor William will die early, and the first son will as well, and she will be Queen in about 30 years again.

      • Melgas

        Just saying but ALL the souls U deal with are DEMONS (fallen angels). Even the ones u think are good their not, be aware of that. They are extremely dangerous, my warning to U.

      • abyx34

        You are nuts my friend, talking so much nonsense like you know it all, without one shred of evidence. Good luck to you.

        • Jumbo

          haaaa…you should have read the Bible before commenting that

  • Dylan

    No evidence though

    • Finola X

      There is SO MUCH evidence, look at history, it is everywhere if you want to see it.

  • Barry White

    Killary Clinton belongs in prison awaiting her execution instead of running for president

    • Crafty Cornelious CramDen


  • Soul60

    Is this the real reason why Prince was sacrificed

    • ria deli


    • Jeffery Hinchey

      Prince was stupid. He like most people do not know there is 4 layers to Earth. The new madrid faultline is a physical manifestion of a separation barrier on higher dimension. So Prince flew to Horus Earth, Georgia, and he took on that self. As he approached Ra Earth, and the New Madrid he connected with his other self, causing a panic attack. He went to hospital 3 hours, and was cleared. So he got home and he still felt the effects of the two Princes, the one in Georgia and the one in Minneapolis, and it caused major isses. Horus is very low vibration over Ra, the Prince on Horus might have already been dead. So he took some medication, to calm nerves, but no one home. He did not calculate properly, and passed out, and no one found him. It was a shock to him spiritually, and a stupid mistake.

  • 14west1

    Did any of these people happen to record it?

    • Jason Chapman

      probably not, because its a load of crap.

      • Jeffery Hinchey

        No, it is not, sorry. https://youtu.be/F5DjAIjVx6o

        • Nickademus420

          That is crazy! Nothing that big on this earth can move in a circle that fast and be on fire. Must be an alien ship.

          • abyx34

            must be comuputer graphics

  • Captainamerica

    so no one post a video about this? blah next conspiracy theory please!

    • Alan Roy T

      the queen has seen things that are not from this earth I have her letters of thanks for my gift to her for my video of space secret projects and in these videos you can see possible un earthy things https://youtu.be/LeMBsWe3BMQ

      • Lloyd Kennedy

        How utterly underwhelming this was. Did you film the kids sand pit through a bowl of water?

    • Kat

      Well, the story goes that not everybody is awake enough to see. I guess that’s the bit that makes it a cospiracy theory, not provable fact: some see, others do not.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    where is the video? fucking clickbait

    • ad p

      It is not that simple, you might not be able to see what other people see

      • Alystic

        So can you share the video?

  • AD piccolo

    Only some people are able to see the shape shifting, two people can watch the same footage and see different things.

  • Atom

    Okay after 3hrs of looking through the footage trying to find green hands i did not find any, she wears gloves all the time so she don’t have to touch other peoples hands lol. But… when she was coming back at the parade her face face starts to get all these dark patches when the sun comes out, and the bloody bbc quickly cut the camera to another zoomed out camera.

    if you anyone has got the time to go through it all, let us know what you find, before they take the video down.

  • Jerry Emery Delacruz

    This supposedly happened on live TV and there’s no video. Go fuck yourself.

    • Anon


  • Shari Peterson

    They mention green scaly hands but she also happens to be wearing green? Doesn’t displacement of color sometimes happen with the signal and video technology being used?

  • Kell

    So were is that footage than????

  • Ajax

    I have known this for 20 years, she is a cannibalistic reptile and sees her subjects as her “Stock” and these sightings if they happened is good news that more people are able to see through her and see what she really is. It’s not pleasant and most of you mugs on the street will NEVER be able to see this clearly, but my mum can and so can my fiancé.

  • Buttonit

    Weird, the Queen’s outfit was bright green on this day – not powder blue. Idiots.

  • Buttonit

    Weird, the Queen’s outfit was bright green on this day – not powder blue. Idiots.

  • Anya


  • AmyParklehorse

    The Queen and her whole family are benefits scroungers. Draining our economy. Next referendum: off with their heads

    • Jeffery Hinchey

      No, they are not. They killed and threw their chosen helper under the bus, the Pharoah who was sent to reform them as souls, and took over his world. And this is his world, and you are his, and he is a benevolent dictator and ruler, but you have better get used to it, this is not yours or any humans Earth it is his, and you are here as a guest.

  • Millii

    Loads of celebrities are seen shape shifting. The eyes give it away the most. Watch justine Bieber and miley cyrus. There are videos on YouTube of their eyes changing. Too detailed for special effects. In fact I am wondering if we all originate from this lizard being. Maybe everyone on earth are from different alien races. Maybe their planets could not sustain life so they came here to continue thein races. For instance that wound explain why people look so different such as the Chinese, Africans, Japanese, South American etc… would make sense. All religions were created to cover it up, as it would effect people if they knew the truth. It would cause a lot of civil unrest. Best way to cover it all up. But people aren’t stupid. One day the truth will come out.

  • Jason Chapman

    Most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever, dreamt up by that idiot David Icke.

    • Andy

      Jason Chapman or is it CRAPMAN!!!! What ever you TROLL, Icke is a truth seeker and truth champion. Who is paying you troll Sorros????

      • Jason Chapman

        Wow, name calling, there’s something I have never encountered. I’m going to take the moral high ground here and not call you names back, and I’ll tell you why, I’m a grown up.

        You my friend are exactly what wrong with the UFO culture today, People desperate enough to believe in anything out of the ordinary, no matter how bizarre.

        I’m a UFO researcher myself, been doing it as long as Icke, although I do confess I never went on the Wogan Show in 1991 and claimed to be the son of God like he did. Look at the end of the day you have you beliefs and I have mine.

        If Ufologists keep squabbling one another, doesn’t it prove that the governments of the world have won the fight to keep secrets about UFOs.

        Thanks for your time, please check out my Amazon page, I’m also a writer.


  • geri
  • Patrick

    Ok so wheres the video?

  • Sonchild8

    these people are fallen angel offspring they aint superior they know this but the world gives them praise they are demons!

    • Jeffery Hinchey

      For gods sake man, the bible is 2000 years old, we have historical findings in rock, dated to be 60 million years old, this is not humanities first rodeo, please see a big picture here, the bible is PARTIAL truth.

      • Melgas

        yeah this is how little u know about the bible. enough said …

  • Mikey

    Here’s a list of supposed “truther” sites that are actually full of bullshit. This page of turd is right at the bottom.

    • Truth Seeker

      You’re a government Troll, they are some of the best alt
      news sites, NaturalNews posts some of the best news on alt health, RT posts
      some of the news that mainstream won’t cover, with the agenda of making Russia
      look good of course.

      Infowars and their sister sites are full of crap, Alex is controlled opposition,
      just watch his banned David duke
      interview. kind of funny David Icke who is famous for the theory is not even on the list, he does have daily news headlines you now lol.

      ActivistPost has some great news articles, I have not been on all of the sites
      but i guess you just made them more popular by trying to discredit them lol.
      what you have to remember people is do your own research on news
      stories, check the facts and take what you can from it and drop the rest.

      This reptilian theory is one of the biggest conspiracies, because there’s never
      any solid proof apart from all the symbolism and religious information and
      stories, even secret space program whistleblowers never show us real pictures
      or video, it’s something that is only going to be proven once we have the
      ability to see beyond this limited visible light frequency.


      • MikeC2

        Well said, Truthseeker. I am sick to the back teeth of these government, corporate trolls getting around dismissing everything that isn’t drip fed to them by mainstream media.

      • Lobna

        Truth seeker, how can you know what to believe and what is wrong in the path of seeking the truth, it s frustrating some lie and some dont but who is the truthful if there s no proof? And with all the videos and news on internet and sites… I watched a video by David Icke and still dont know if what he says is true or not ….. I dont know where to look

    • Jeffery Hinchey

      Explain the flying light 40 km from Buckingham palace in the video above. The video was taken by little children ad uploaded by their dad. I mean honestly, you think little children are out to pawn you? Why do you not think outside the box? She is GOLD like I said, SHIELD OF GOLD, protection, and SHE FLEW FOR ALL, just consider you might not know everything, that is all.

      • abyx34

        Children are not magically to be trusted, they can be manipulated as well. A candy bar? Ice cream, choccolate or toys, from their dead… whatever it takes, it can be done. And this is a fact.

  • Truthouts

    They were deleted m8, can you read?

    • Zi’el

      I just checked, no evidence any of them ever existed in the first place

      • user534566

        How did you check this? If they were deleted and airbrushed by Twitter I cant work out how to check this.

        • Zi’el

          google “check if a twitter account ever really existed”

  • JessicaO

    Princess Diana said the queen is a lizard and not human, she had the ability to see through the veil, now more of us can too, there is a light beginning to outshine the darkness and this terrifies the reptilian elite. They will do anything to stay in control and generate the fear in us they thrive off it, Stay safe X

  • Jesse James

    the world wants to be blind…..

  • MrLibertad

    reptillian, alien = bullshit from luciferians, misinformation for new world order.

  • Simon

    This is BS as none of the Twitter accounts exist! Just made up nonsense.

    • Truthers10

      They were deleted mate, can you read?

  • Simon


  • Jeffery Hinchey

    Of course, she is a ancient Dragon, I told everyone that in 2014 when I sent her a healing, but see, I am the most dangerous man in the world to the Matrix around you, powered by her Energy. Why do you think she is Queen? Cause they imprisoned her over 6 thousand years ago with her Karma, and used her massive spiritual energy to power the matrix they control you with. Well, they used to, until I got it fixed. So the Matrix is breaking down, and you caught a glimpse of her. And it will happen more frequently. This is truth, believe it or not, I am too busy to mucky muck with convincing people more interested in soccer, hockey, or football, than the truth that controls their life, but if you want the truth, well here it is. Simple as that, and yes, I can do these kind of healings and blesslngs, and let me ask you who do you think deleted those accounts? People? No the Matrix, but it will not delete my stuff, I am too spiritually powerful. Rise to your power humanity, do not be sheep.


    • Lobna

      Hello,I find what you said intresting.. but how did you know all these things? I hope you can explain more and if you have proofs or documents anything I ll be grateful if you share it with us. I dont know what to believe, but we all want to see the truth.. and break free from the matrix..

    • Love&Light

      I would really like to learn more from you. Is that possible?

  • GroverMax

    There were also those reports of an absence of flies within the range of her tongue…

  • Mike Jones

    This article, and the subsequent comments, are a glaring example that people with genuine mental health problems are not getting the help they need. It’s a bit sad really.

    • Jake Thomson

      its quite embarrassing really

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    lizard lady just busted the union for smits&giggles

  • Hal

    Maybe Jim was trying tell us something?

  • Nickademus420

    Any fans of Doctor Who are familiar with that show’s concept that there were human-like reptiles living on the earth pre-Cavemen. They were forced under the earth due to a meteor hitting earth or other event that they knew they could not survive. Throughout the next few million years they built a civilization underground and mostly slept until they could come back onto the surface. They realized that coming directly to the surface would lead to war with the humans and death to their race so they remained in hibernation. Perhaps the reptilian people we see today are some of that race, on a fact seeking mission to see if it is a good time to try to reintegrate into life on the surface of the Earth. Who knows?

  • Luciano Horta

    Yes I believe in reptilian theory and I saw them …
    BUT this site here is a clickbait SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the fucking proof? There’s no video?
    Fuck you!!!!!!!

  • heX

    please accept this to be true, it is high time, some have been waiting so long for the disclosure..it is weird yes but it is true, reptilians exist, we even stem from them in our dna..earth is not what they have thought us at school, history is a lie. we have been betrayed. but now it is time for the truth to come out to the greater masses.. wake up humanity..for this

  • Watchman for Truth

    Her reptilianness the queen is a shape-shifting, child eating ALIEN!!! Vladimir Putin, Russia president also saw her shape-shift, so did Princess Diana!