Watchman on the Wall

Coming from a wicked fool, as you clearly are, no one cares what mindless gibberish you choose to spout for now. Soon your time will be up. The demon controlling you and I both know it. Denying objective truth changes nothing.

  • sol

    according to stanley kubrick, the moon is covered with sand, since the desert was where they shot the moon landing.. as for farts, the reason they smell is so deaf people can enjoy them too..

  • Waykent

    Thank you for violating Matthew 24 : 36

  • Bazzio101

    Get a grip on reality:
    Read the book “Illuminati ~ The Cult that Hijacked the World”

  • Trajan Morgan

    I’m a Christian; you’re just a false teacher & date setter when you start spouting Jesus is coming in 11 months. Jesus is coming again, but in precisely 11 months….NO.

  • Watchman who actually reads

    No, there is no peace treaty with Israel. The Anti-Christ has not stood in the Abomination of Desolation. Let’s just ignore the preceding events, throw out scripture and make up our own doctrine, NOT.

  • Waykent

    Please provide proof.

  • geri

    The NWO already has Set up PROJECT BLUEBEAM for the Christian Fools like yourself, Us Real Christians know the Truth!

    Blue Beam Project and the Fake Rapture Real deception cannot occur with true believers, due to the presence of the Holy Spirit, giving discernment.

  • Martin Houston

    Bit of wishful thinking going on here I think…

  • Digger Dan
  • Jan7

    ITV recorded it.

  • Bazzio101

    Pathetic leg-pull

  • Mark Patton

    Unless jesus comes back and the Chinese stop making toys Christmas will start next October just like it always does!

  • SargeantSean

    While I would normally side with the “BS” crowd, I also recently read a report the Pope said virtually the same; “This will be the last Christmas.”
    I truly believe the Muslim invasion of Europe is well underway. They have a very public agenda to overtake and change western civilization into a Muslim run, theological slave society. I would not be in the least surprised that the things happening in Europe (specifically Germany and Sweden) start happening here in the US with rape gangs and Muslim “no go” zones. If the media hides what we can so easily find out on our own and can get the word out, there will be chaos in the streets. more so if this happens after this administration tries to outlaw the majority of guns privately owned guns. (See; H.R.4269 – 14th congress (2015-2016):Assault Weapons Ban)
    Be diligent, the fundamental transformation began 7 years ago and the final phases are about to take place.

  • Gail

    I see nothing by a BBC Reporter or the Queen’s staff stating as such, no name, no video, etc., on this. What a terrible thing to say. Christmas will go on, unless the world ends, which I do not see happening. We will have many more Christmas celebrations in future. There is nothing in this article to show proof this ever happened, and I think unless you have proof on your articles, you should not state horrible things, especially on Christmas.

  • bogtrotterr

    I do not see one ounce of credibility as to why I should believe one bit of this fear porn. If I missed something, please let me know

  • vulcun1

    Ill believe this story when they actually air the video of her saying all that stuff .

  • Alleged Comment

    She looks concerned and nervous in this video. Maybe it’s HER last Christmas?

  • johncopeman

    Where is the source for these claims of what the Queen said that didn’t go on air? Without a source, this stands as similar sensational BS that the mainstream media trot out?

  • Muriel Katz

    I was expecting to see a video of the Queen saying this. Instead, all I saw was a short article that gives no names, no links, no anything for verification purposes.

    I take it that your purpose for posting an unsubstantiated piece of drivel is because you WANT to discredit your site.

    Consider it discredited.

  • Trev

    This news service has once again put out another bullshit story – do not trust this as a crdible source they are hopeless.

  • Lucky

    The queen reptilian has spoken.

  • Sally Hallman

    looks are deceiving she sounds like a sweet little old lady, but who knows could be devil in disguise.

  • DeeDee2Die4

    Let’s make a correction: Her last Christmas.

  • One Wild Kiwi

    What nonsense.

  • DW

    Oh man, I’d LOVE to see that video!

  • Knave_Dave

    Yaright! The queen is not even remotely stupid enough to make such a statement, confessing family guilt to a room full of BBC reporters. It goes beyond “Evil Queen” to “evil STUPID Queen.” In which case, the queen should be greatly thankful that BBC staff were not only far smarter than she but apparently cared much more about the queen’s reputation than the queen does.
    Ridiculous, and people who believe it are fools because it doesn’t make sense that anyone would ever tell the world he or she is guilt of Diana’s murder.

  • JesusIStheWAY

    No one knows the day nor the hour when the LORD returns, only the Father. What we believers do know is that WE ARE living in end times. And yes, according to the Holy Bible, the Second Coming is when the Sun and Moon are darkened – the opening of the 6th seal = which is AFTER the tribulation. According to many watchmen of the LORD, Obama is the FINAL president. Lets be watchful as the Word of God says and spread the truth of the gospel for the lost.

  • Christine Gavin

    Yes I am beginning to loose faith in Steve Quayle, because of the stunts they are pulling! Anyone believe the Queen needs to vent is a nerd!

  • dan from ohio

    the Pope also stated this Christmas could be our last one.Looks like 2016 is gonna be a bad year.

  • WhiteDragonKing

    Well between WW3, NWO, The Two Witnesses,climate change, That prophecy, that those pagan’s believe that 2012-2016 will be the years where the “gods” will return,then theres the alien stuff. Yeah, one way or another this just might be the last christmas.


    so says a “BBC insider”… well that’s the only confirmation I need, not that an actual video outtake would be helpful… case closed…

  • LausDeoAnnoDomini

    So lets see….. The people who made famous the phrase ” “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” AH: That they built chambers to inject a gas into to destroy human beings lives, but they did not inject the gas ???????????????

    Faith unfeigned endured until the end!!!

    Psalm 119:126 It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.


  • Anestis

    I cannot believe the rubbish on here , the holocast didn’t happen , 9/11 was caused by the American government , Princess Diana was murdered by the royal family what utter crap , firstly my father saw some the death camps Germany, and was there for a year after the war trying to sort displaced persons ,
    9/11 please have some common sense , think about it !!
    Princess Diana , wore no seat belt , driver lost control end of ,
    So to all the sad people out there who are looking for some crazy theory , get a life

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Proof please… Where’s the Proof?

  • Der Dritte Sargon

    Vom Hohen Norden wird
    der Dritte Sargon kommen;
    unvermutet wird Er hereinbrechen
    über die in Gift lebende Erdenwelt,
    wird mit einem Schlage alles erschüttern
    und Seine Macht wird unbezwingbar sein.

    Er wird keinen fragen,
    Er wird alles wissen.

    Eine Schar Aufrechter wird um Ihn sein,
    ihnen wird der Dritte Sargon das Licht geben,
    und sie werden der Welt leuchten.

    Wenn der Dritte Sargon gekommen sein wird
    und die Schlachten wird geschlagen haben,
    so werden jene seine Schwerter gewesen sein –
    siegreich gegen vielfache Überzahl.

    Dann wird Er, der Rächer, über den Weltkreis
    gedonnert sein mit feurigen Streitwagen,
    Blitze schleudernd gegen die Mächte der Finsternis,
    bis sie restlos vertilgt sind.

    Und die Stunde des Lichtes wird heimkehren
    über die Erdenwelt.

    Einsam sind die Tapferen und die Gerechten.
    Doch mit ihnen ist die Gottheit.

  • Irene W.

    I agree, Bullshit. Where is the out take?, Which one of the production staff or palace advisors are willing to come forward. Most likely no one is willing to come forward. BS.

  • Shamael Ben Shabbatai

    I was expecting to see that first recording here. Where is it ?

  • Julien Bernard

    Wtf…. she never said that haha

  • Underbridge

    Did Sky and ITV have to send their on-set staff for early lunch too?
    I wonder if Buck Palace fed them properly or just dialled a pizza.

  • CJ

    Lets get this discussion back to the queens message, not all this BS about other issues. Where is the evidence the queen said different to what the final take said???
    Where is this BBC insider, where is the evidence?

  • Char

    “Enjoy Your Final Christmas” ; when is she saying that on the BBC ?? Nowhere ! Stop takin’ coke and act like a man.

  • Der Dritte Sargon

    Die Dunkelmächte haben sich wohl nicht getraut uns, die Kinder des Lichts am Silvester anzugreifen!

    Die “Dritten Macht” wacht über uns.

    Und die Stunde des Lichtes wird heimkehren
    über die Erdenwelt.

    Einsam sind die Tapferen und die Gerechten.
    Doch mit ihnen ist die Gottheit.

  • Bridi NicBili

    She got her message out. Thank you Your Royal Highness.

  • we are not amused

    sorry, can’t believe this from some random blogger, i live in the u.k and have heard nothing of this, stop fear mongering you piece of shit

  • Stian Magnæs

    I believe that the protection given to MI6 files under the Official Secrets Act should be set aside in the public interest in uncovering once and for all the truth behind the dramatic and historically momentous events that lead to the murder of Diana, princess of Wales.Judicial corruption, suppressing the evidence, Paget pantomin, Illegal jurisdiction of Princess Diana´s body, 2 illegal embalmings, 2 illegal autopsies, illegal repatriation, testing the wrong samples, fraud at ILM, phantom search for the white fiat Uno, changing Diana´s Royal status, default seatbelts, why did the Jury not get to hear, that a fault was found in Diana´s seatbelt and why was the vehicle report not shown to the Jury ? Why was the Paget report not shown to the jury ? The Jury didn’t get to see a single document on Princess Diana. Nor did they see Henry Pauls toxicology report. Are you kidding me ? The Jury are supposed to investigate the circumstances surrounding Diana´s and Dodi´d deaths – yet, over 700 vital documents were withheld from the Inquest Jury. The Documents The Jury Never Saw from 2010 – John Morgan. Princess Diana was assassinated at the hands of the British Secret Intelligence Service under the directions of senior members of the Royal family, headed by Queen Elisabeth II. Princes Diana´s life was stolen by MI6 and the Royals, and her death was stolen by the Queen, Scotland Yard and the British judiciary. Princess Diana was seriously abused throughout her marrige – seriously mistreated by Prince Phillip, the Queen and Prince Charles and other senior Royals. But after being assassinated, her body was mistreated – with multiple embalmings and post-mortems – under the direction of the Queen, the evil Bitch. Then the investigation of her death was hijacked by corrupt senior officials in the French and British police, including MPS commissioners Paul Condon and John Stevens. The final injustice was carried out at the hands of Lord Scott Baker, who pretended to conduct a thorough investigation, but instead presided over one of the most corrupt and mismanaged inquests in British history. I recommend John Morgans Inquest Series. Begin with his compillations. This is the forensic evidence of Princess Diana´s assassination.

  • Steeplejack

    This is just reported! No weight or gravity to the accusation – let’s see the actual footage and hear the exact words and then we can make up our own minds!

  • Tom Smith

    This isn’t true at all.

  • Quest

    The old gal has alziehmers

  • D Gibb

    this cannot be verified, this news is not worthy.

  • Cherice

    All of you apparently have no clue the Jewish that were murdered were not Jews they were Armenian
    This is why they have the genocide celebration for lives lost . All Armenians know the lost tribes of Isreal are black. Get your facts from the truth for Gods sake..