Queen Elizabeth: Imminent War Being Planned By Powerful Forces

Queen Elizabeth has written and recorded a speech addressing an "imminent global war" that she claims has been planned by powerful forces.

Queen Elizabeth has written and recorded a speech addressing an “imminent global war” that she claims has been “planned by certain forces with the necessary means to bring about fundamental global change” and create a “new dawn” for humanity.

During the recording the Queen says, “One must now make the necessary preparations to say goodbye to loved ones as the nature of war in 2018 does not permit one to assume who will live and who will die. Many will die in this war,” according to BBC production staff.

2018 is a very special year. It will go down in history as the start of World War 3,” the Queen warns her subjects in the recorded speech. This is the second World War 3 speech the Queen has written, after a 1983 version, written during the height of the Cold War.

My beloved country is about to enter its darkest period in the coming months as a brutal and apocalyptic war will be waged in the east. The die has been cast and the world will not be the same afterwards.

I am not concerned with the trivialities of political point scoring. I am concerned with the irreversible consequences we must face in this nuclear age as the war drums beat ever stronger,” the Queen says.

It is understood Queen Elizabeth is making reference to the nerve agent attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England — an event the British government has been quick to seize on as a pretense for a more aggressive stance towards Russia.

While there has been no evidence presented that the attack on the former spy and his daughter have anything to do with Russia, the British government has denounced Putin and the Kremlin, expelled Russian diplomats, and sent British warships to monitor Russian military war-games taking place in the Black Sea.

Speaking about the Queen’s recorded message, a BBC production assistant said, “The Queen was speaking as though she knows the war plans inside out. To make matters worse she seemed completely resigned to the idea of a new world war.” 

By the end of 2018 the world will be unrecognizable if the pro-war cabal continue gaining strength. War in the Middle East, justified by the use of false flags, has long been the cabal’s preferred method of igniting World War 3, bringing Russia, China and the U.S. into direct confrontation, before ushering in the final phase of their masterplan for global dominance.

According to BBC production staff, the Queen said: “One must prepare for the new dawn humanity will soon wake up to, which cannot come into being without a period of complete darkness, the blackest of nights, the likes of which we have never experienced.

It is understood the “period of complete darkness” refers to World War 3, with western forces dismantling Russian dominance in the east and driving humanity towards a unipolar world. The “new dawn” that humanity will soon “wake up to” will be the totalitarian New World Order.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Steve S

    The world is a stage. War will only exist as long as people fight for false patriotism, false nationalism, and false leaders encouraging them to do so. When the public says, Thou shall not kill and refuse to fight, they will find the rest of the world feels the same way. Only the leaders believe in war…because they are the ones profiting off of the needless deaths of others.

    • ffshowcanyoubesodumb

      you just haven’t got a clue have you fukwit…lol….. there is a thing called youtube…go there watch some docos and pull your head out of your ass and stop jibbering shit…

    • Geza Barbieri

      Yeah you will have the choice to dress up and sign for weapons and go to war, or be killed at your own threshold, or in a Fema camp. When the MP comes and loads you on a truck.

      • Douglas Fromm

        If you have to sign up for weapons, your already dead.

        • Geza Barbieri

          I mean, pacifists get killed or sentenced to jail. That is the deduction from past wars. Only public refusal of going to war may help in large numbers. riots, uprisals as civilians.

          • Douglas Fromm

            The UK is already lost, London has basically been taken over by Muslims. Riots won’t stop anything, just makes for east targets. You ever been in Combat, I have, U.S. Marines. Arm yourselves, get weapons from the black market if necessary because your government can’t protect you.

          • Legal American

            Finally, somebody who thinks like I do.

    • Westerplatte88

      Well said.

    • Jutta

      The actual 3.”WW,plans stem from those NWO-1world-Rothschild-CIA,-network. The Democrats in US HELP reaching this NWO incl. War as well as the MSM-Parteien in Europe.
      TRUMP, as a Patriot exactly wants to avoid this catastrophe. I’m convinced he just stopped warp reps in Syria.
      Read the Q-posts, read QANON EVERY Day – and you will learn the hidden background and the truth.

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    The rich want war to gain more power and wealth?, than let them go fight it themselves.

    • Graeme Dingwall

      That would not generate more wealth, its the use of war as a commodity that generates wealth not elitist wankers fighting and killing each other.
      I would have thought folks would have noticed that by now…………..

      • Donna Diesburg

        What do you mean?

        • Graeme Dingwall

          Well if you have shares in a weapons company as May Trump and many other leaders do then how do you make money? Simple create a war to use those weapons and charge you and I (the tax payer) to pay for those weapons and thus making war a commodity its that simple.

          • Donna Diesburg

            Please stop sending me emails.

          • Graeme Dingwall

            I don’t Disqus do, just how system literate are you?

          • https://www.TitanicImpact.com Kyrila Scully

            It’s the Military-Industrial Complex that began around WWI. How do you think Ford and Edison got so rich? And all their cronies….

    • HERB

      Isn’t it something ? There always has to be someone to blame other then ones own self

      • Donna Diesburg


  • Johnny Doe

    The globalists have all wanted 95% of the population eradicated. Looks like this is how they will achieve it. May they all burn in Hell !

    • Paul Hazinski

      Ur not wrong the monolith at the world health org has listed a global population of 500,000 to promote a healthy world

    • Crystal Whalen

      They will

  • http://batman-news.com RYBACK

    This sounds really bad……………….is this some sort of Jewish con game?

    • SoulessRedHed

      She is Jewish.She’s a fraud.

      • sandy daniels

        actually she clamed to be musilm a direct descendant of mohammed

        • SoulessRedHed

          Well I’ve heard they are Crypto Jews or Donmeh Jews Sabatean Frankist.

  • Paul Adams

    “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened” …. who said this?

    • aliennation

      Umm.. I think Jesus said that…. I know I read it in the Bible anyway

    • sandy daniels

      Yashua, Matt 24

  • anonymous4u4me

    Listen to your grandmother now, she is wise, innocent and concerned for all mankind, she is the last one that would be part of this dark day coming, That was the tag line for the article but somehow did not find its way to the press.

  • FullDisclosure

    Not gonna happen, fake article, fake news

    • Lobogris

      Thank you so much, I was beginning to get my drawers all in a knot. I can now spend the next hour untying all the knots.

  • Kane

    Well we could have guessed from 1588. Nothing new .maybe the Spanish Jesuit Pope has some clue ? And guess who will be in the thick of the slaughter ,and who will quietly observe from the safety of south Americas You know just in case something should go a miss with the great expectations.

    • Lobogris

      Torquemada has a special rack just for you Sr. Kane.

  • TR3B

    Does the Queen know something we don’t know & should ? or is she senile

    • Geza Barbieri

      She was told what to put forward!

  • Lobogris

    She said Christmas last that it would be the last Christmas.

  • jubei


    • Jolyon Folkett

      What? You don’t believe this? Me either.

  • sandy daniels

    Of course the old snatch knows …she is responsible for starting this crap. May she burn eternally. Russia didn’t want this, the USA didn’t want this, perhaps china did but I even doubt that. The illuminate DOES WANT THIS !!!!!! May every one of their 13 families Roast their f-ing azzes in nuclear fire as well as eternal fire. Long Live Yashua!!!!

    • all in all

      yep..you know whats going on…shes the fucking problem her and the 13 devil families..these families have direct communication with satan…

    • David Hulme

      You silly git heard it all now the Queen responsible for starting it why on earth would she do that you daft sod get real for goodness sake .

      • Jason Bingley

        She is one of the most powerful people in the world.She has a say on all events which are perpetrated on us slaves.Wars arent accidents they’re meticulously planned. For years in advance ..

    • https://www.TitanicImpact.com Kyrila Scully

      The queen has nothing to do with political decisions in her country. That is the doing of the Prime Minister and Parliament. She does offer her viewpoint weekly, but that is all. She is a monarch in that she has an inherited crown but is little more than a figurehead and face of many British charities. She does make speeches to encourage her countrymen but she has no political control.
      Oh, and she’s a WWII having served England as an ambulance driver for the military while her father was King. Her sister Princess Margaret also drove.

      • Jason Bingley

        You are delusional.Surely you cant be that ignorant.

  • A1234567Z

    The Hague Convention of 1907 for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes is not mentioned in the Queens Speech. At the end of the conflict and millions of deaths one more Treaty will be added to those that already exist and it will be consistent with The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and all others in existence. To prepare for a war and incite aggression is something in conflict with the UN, its Mandate, and Legal Jurisdiction. It looks like the “new world order” thinks it rules the world and queen elizabeth is their cow or bee and is due for a milking in their one world state.

  • fukingslag guts


    • MLR✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Couldn’t have said it any better!

  • Steve Rice

    It’s exactly matching the actions Trump is taking at this time! Little attention is paid to the fact that Trump is actively bringing Syria, North Korea, and Iran to rubble apparently in that order. Little attention is also paid to the fact that these three countries are the last three countries on the planet that do not have central FED banks owned by the Rothschilds! I remind everyone that Libya and Iraq were just like these three before they fell and now they each rebuild borrowing from centralized FED banks. So you can see where this is going it’s leading to bring all these remaining hold out countries and a few provinces in China to their knees so the powers which the Don apparently works for, can go in and set up new FED centralized Rothschild owned banks! All to, “”Help the people”” of course to rebuild all that the powers brought down. How convenient! By the by, once the last country falls and gets a new bank that is the beginning of the new world order right there folks! If my guess is right Donald Trump will have moved in even closer to getting that all done by prep time 2020 and if he has his way he will be the leader of the NWO to initiate it into play. It all pieces together now nicely. The selected governor, family of course in the DON is put in place, the Queen spells out the plan and now we see it all happening on the chess board. And there it is. Donald Trump does the work of the money masters moving things toward the NWO so that by prep time for next run he can officially be the selected governor of the world colonies of the NWO!

    • http://www.174ahc.org/ Gofer

      And your heroine Clinton would have done … um … exactly the same as you put all on Trump…. only faster.

  • Katarina Tornquist

    She can go down to dark abyss instead…..to the devil whom she worships

  • Black Swan

    ” War is therefore the balancing of the system by killing the true creditors the Public, which we have taught to exchange true value for inflated paper currency, and falling back on whatever is left of the Resources of Nature and Regeneration of those Resources.” Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars (Pg.9)

  • Jean Goudreau

    Only the whites will make war??
    Because I doubt the africans will participate….so if I understand this correctly we will provide a FASTER END to our white civilisation, even faster than with the migrant invasion??
    No thanks, I won’t give the globalist this chance that they crave for!!

  • R0CK W00D

    Baxter Dmitry sucks !
    I know who you are, you are a fucking fake news maker !!!
    You’re talking about the BBC but by chance you forget to give the link to the source. ^^
    FAKE !!!

    • AKgrandma

      People like him will continue to exist as long as there are sheeple out there to follow him. This was so obviously a fake story, I can’t fathom all those minds who jumped right on the bandwagon, touting their hate and doom. ‘Tis a sad state this world is in.

  • Mathusla

    She must collect her lizards tail and vanish, and take her brood with her. The British people know who she is and where she’s going. The sooner the better, the world is done with the shenanigans of child abusers and blood drinking lizards coming out Babylonias eternal nightmare.

  • Michelle

    The words in her speach and her knowledge comes from the unpublished books of the Siener van Rensburg which were confiscated by the brit army in WW2. I know this bcuz it’s my boer heritage and common knowledge in his books. Yr queen knows the rath for the WW3 predictions in the new world order

  • Graeme Dingwall

    That fucker has stood by and watched HER government abuse and destroy the lives of HER so called subjects and said NOTHING fuck her and her futile words I hope Putin & Xi Jinping have her and hers at the top of the list with that reptile Rothschild and his kith and kind.

  • Michelle Griffin

    Everyone has their own opinion with that said I do feel this world is headed toward grave times of uncertainty. My heart is saddened by the times where men and women have become lovers of the same sex. A country where people are more concerned about the events of 10 years ago more so than the critical events of today. We are facing war however I take comfort in knowing my end on this earth will be the beginning in eternity with Jesus. WORLD WAKE UP the day is coming!!!

    • MLR✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ


    • Donna Diesburg

      I know Michelle. Jesus is coming. I pray people would at least read the book of John

      • Jazzykat

        No one is coming,idiots

        • https://www.TitanicImpact.com Kyrila Scully

          You’ll see.

        • Jason Bingley

          Dont people realise yet that the bible was written by the people ruling us .It aint rocket science.

    • Richard

      I feel saddened by times where people think it’s important, or any of their fucking business who goes to bed with who! With all that’s going on in the world! Have a word with yourself.

  • TrumpCovfefe

    Well there’s only 8 months left in the year so the reptilian queen better get her shit together.

  • Kimberly Creighbaum

    Same thing i have been saying . Russia and China both have been stock piling gold . If you paying attention to all that is happening you can see it to .

  • Will

    There is a war being waged around the world right now. It isn’t WW III. It isn’t just in the east. It’s being waged by people of nearly All religious backgrounds, against the luciferian elite, by the people of the world who wish to be free from those luciferian tyrants. At this time, the good guys are behind but are catching up rapidly. We the People (all over the world, not just in the U.S.) are hoping and praying for a permanent win against the satanist, cannibalistic scum that fantasize that us decent folk are dirt under their elite feet. It’s amazing and beautiful. God protect and save Your children from Your enemies.

  • peanut butter

    I had wondered what the Queen thought about the muslim situation in her own back yard, but I guess this will have to do. It looks like she’s about ready to go to the bunker to me.

  • Alan

    Hope it does not start until after I have been on holiday, if you got to go, might a well go out with a bang.

  • Marilyn Stern

    This begins with the war within her own house, starting with the close friendship of her grandsons, William and Harry, with the Obama’s and Clinton’s. Prince William is the owner of SERCO. SERCO owns ObamaCare, which has a covert strangle hold on the world. Under Obama’s lead, SERCO also controls the U.S. Patent office and runs the detention centers in Australia that are costing the United States millions. Prince William has also been known to go to the island that Bill Clinton frequents. Harry follows big brother’s lead.

  • Nanette Gray

    She is right about this, the darkest of dark when Satan’s Antichrist rules! One World Order!

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    When the ashes of the last war are buried, the people themselves will no longer allow themselves to be ruled over by presumed elites who don’t know how to do anything for themselves.

  • David Bell

    You lot do realise this so called news site is full ofr unverifiable fake news stories?

  • Christopher Wintle

    Resist wars at all costs, The NWO need arms sales

  • HermitTalker

    The Government writes the speeches for the Queen,

  • Jay Wood

    The Only reason there would be a war is the cabal trying to cover up their crimes, people of the world, dont fall for it , let these treasonous traitors be found out and executed, the world will be a better place

  • RichG

    The Queen’s grand son is learning his scriptures;
    The Queen’s Son knows what to expect; because they Queen, Son and Grandson expect Jesus to intervene on this.

  • mimi

    scary to say the least

  • YouCouldBeRight

    So the rich want the world blown up. No one will be left to fly their jets ( make, build, or repair them), prep their 5 star hotel rooms, no one to get them their caviar, no one left to clean their mansions, no one left…yeah, it’s all good.

  • http://www.engardehealth.com/ Roberta Gabor

    Looks like they left God out of the discussion. I think he might have something of important to say.

  • crissyfield

    The Queen and her cabal will not win.

  • crissyfield

    I have faith in my President. He and V. Putin are men of faith. They will not play their evil games!

  • crissyfield

    The Queen has no country. It is a cesspool.

  • Mick bown

    Really??? Ffs so where’s the vid of this speech? Don’t be fooled this is a bs article, I’m not convinced we ain’t going to war because of the warmongering cunts in gov and banking but this queens speach is bs

    • AKgrandma

      My thoughts exactly. This is BS News. There is no such thing as Your NewsWire! But oh look at all the “hate the queen” coming out of the woodwork with all their venom. Sheeple are so easily led!

  • http://laurenceeighnerhexamer.com/ Laurence Eighner Hexamer

    Fake news.

  • Sharon Samuels Spence


  • Sharon Samuels Spence

    They probably still harvesting body organs HEARTS ESPECIALLY SO THESE OLD PEOPLE IN POWER CAN LIVE LONGER

  • Jandre Kroeze

    Nerve agents fabrications, chemical attacks staged scenes in Damascus and lies via the medias, all because the Western World wants to wage War to bring about their Masonic lucifarian Wet-Dreams.Our real enemies are those who rule over us. Everyone must die and a few elites must escape the carnage and death. Kill alll the rich and fix the world would be a better option, as opposed to mass bloodshed and rivers of blood. Needless to say, the Most High will exact revenge on those who cause all the violence, evil & wickedness. Even the Rich cannot escape the Day of Spectacle and the lake of fire.

  • Big Hoss

    If the minions refuse to fight we will have peace. If they realize the lies the game is over. It’s all lies.

  • Ron Hussey

    What psychcotic drugs is the Queen on ?

  • John Michael Sudol

    Is there another source for this astonishing claim?

  • Spencer Carter

    Unless you have the audio, it never happened.

  • Matibob

    This old bat is in for one hell of a surprise.

  • Allan Waye

    “according to BBC production staff”

  • Allan Waye
  • Manuel Kah

    Is there any link to her speech? I suppose it’s recorded!

  • Patti Dail

    Seems like this is old news!

  • Jacotime

    Bahahahahahahahaha, the old hag with Alzheimer’s is going to give an accurate prediction of WWIII? That’s laughable.

  • Two Moons

    The Lord Jesus Christ will destroy all of you in the end, he will be victorious and all of you will burn forever and ever in hell which was made for you, vengence will be his and you will reap what you sew, praise almighty God, he is king of kings and lord of lord, every knee will bow before the Lamb of God and that means your evil royals!