Refusing To Vaccinate Your Child In California Is Now Illegal

Any parent who refuses to vaccinate their child in California will be breaking the law as of January 2016. There are no exceptions. 

Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation on Tuesday, making California the strictest State in America – and it means that all children must be vaccinated before they can attend school. reports:

Noting the “widespread interest and controversy” surrounding SB277, Brown said he signed the bill because “the science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases.”

SB277 eliminates an exemption many parents have used to opt their children out of some of all of the 10 required school vaccines, based on personal or religious beliefs. The new law takes effect on Jan. 1. But even after that date, children enrolled in school or day care who are unvaccinated because of a personal belief exemption can continue to attend until their next scheduled vaccine check. Such checks occur in kindergarten, seventh grade or when students enter a new school.

“While it’s true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community,” Brown wrote in a signing message with the bill.

Noting the “considerable debate” in the Legislature about the vaccine mandate, Brown called attention to an amendment allowing children to receive a medical exemption from a doctor. That exemption is broad and can be based on family medical history—such as a sibling’s adverse reaction to a vaccine. Many of the thousands of parents who lined Capitol hallways to express their opposition to the bill had said medical exemptions were too difficult to obtain.

“SB277, while requiring that school children be vaccinated, explicitly provides an exception when a physician believes that circumstances—in the judgement and sound discretion of the physician—so warrant,” Brown wrote.

  • Lightmann

    I think it would be quite easy to bribe a doctor to sign off on vaccines that weren’t given….

  • Logical

    It will be as easy to get a Dr/s exemption as it is to get a pot license in CA!

  • Jack Haas

    Enjoy the next plague

  • Pat R

    The headline is false. They can’t go to public school if they aren’t vaxed. It isn’t illegal to not vax.

  • sequence

    Many parents use to opt? Lie! 98% children of California are vaccinated!

  • Parent

    How can you say “no exceptions” and then proceed to outline two reasonable ones. It’s just that the personal belief bull is gone.

  • Kameron Krause

    Ok sheeple. It amazes me how all of you buy the line of crap shoveled into your head by the government. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HERD IMMUNITY. I am 46 and got a measles vaccine in 1970. These BS vaccines even the pharma whores admit don’t last a life time. So myself along with most of the adults over 30 which make up 55% of the US population are UNHERDED. We should have massive outbreaks according to these baffoons. And as far as I know we haven’t. Can any of you think on your own? And riddle me this. If the flu shot doesn’t work every year because they guess the wrong strain and they also admit to this one because they know most of you aren’t bright enough for critical thinking. Then how can a measles vaccine that was developed 30 years ago against one particular strain at the time be protecting you from any of the numerous strains you could possibly run across now. And I know for a fact their are different strains again from the mouths of the officials themselves because they check to see which strain it is so they can tell if it came from out of this country or if its a US wild strain or a vaccine strain. All different . So back to my original question if the FLU VACCINE is historically a huge failure every single year because they guess the wrong strain admittedly then how is a 30 year old measles strain protecting anyone from all the different measles strains now. Can anyone think out there and not just keep vomiting VACCINES ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE THE SCIENCE IS IN ….. YEAH it sure is and its not that their safe and effective and this whole vaccine immunity is a fraud

    • Andrea Hessedenz

      Well said Kameron!!

  • suzy lee

    The title of this article is erroneous and misleading. The law pertains to admittance to school only.

    • Sweet Liberty

      You are wrong at the last minuet an amendment was added that essentially covered all home schoolers as well. Any one attending a class has to have vaccines or a medical exemption. Class wasn’t defined, home school co-op social events could constitute a class. Home schooling of more than one child could constitute a class.

  • MadWorld

    How is it “illegal”??????? I am very familiar with SB 277 and there’s a difference between what the legislation requires vs. it being “illegal”. Get it together, journalists.

  • Sweet Liberty

    They had to leave in the medical doctor exemption so that doctors and the rich can avoid vaccines or have choice while the poor are subjected to every single one on the schedule as scheduled.

    • Marie Giroux

      No, they had to leave in medical exceptions so that doctors could legally refuse to vaccinate children like my two sons who were allergic to eggs. Since the MMR vaccine posed a potential problem their doctor didn’t want to risk giving it to them. They were vaccinated years later, once their allergy disappeared.