Witnesses Report Flying Reptilian Over Chicago

Witnesses report seeing winged reptilian beast flying over Chicago

Multiple witnesses in Chicago have reported seeing a reptilian humanoid creature flying in the sky over the last ten days.

According to the Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse, the first sighting took place on July 20th, at 5 p.m.

Singularfortean.com reports: “We were driving down Lake Shore Drive toward North Avenue Beach. In the car with my best friend, my sister, and my boyfriend. As we were approaching the curve near North Avenue beach we saw something fly out from underneath the bridge that goes over the street that separates that big black building in front of Navy Pier (Lake Point Tower) and the beach. It flew straight up into the air and out toward the lake. This was not an owl and it was not a seagull as seagulls are white in color. My boyfriend who was in the front seat with me was the first to see it and showed me and everybody else saw afterwards. It was freaky as f*** to see this thing fly up like that.   It was like completely black and look like a giant flying bat. It flew straight up and out of sight I could not keep watching it as I was trying to drive and not get into a wreck. It was freaky to watch.”

A UFO Clearinghouse investigator was able to contact the witnesses, and the following was added to the report.

“The reported sighting occurred on 07/20/2017 at approximately 1700”

“We saw it fly out from under the bridge, it was flying very fast and was headed toward the lake. It was a large creature, solid black and had wings. The driver was not able to give any details as she was trying to watch the entity and avoid getting into an accident.”

“The boyfriend was able to give a little more detail. He stated that the creature was solid black, had a pair of large wings that were the same color as the body. It flew out from under the bridge at a very high rate of speed and cleared the trees in a matter of 1-2 seconds as it headed out toward the lake. He did state that it was headed in the general direction of the pier and the water treatment plant.”

The second sighting was on July 27th at 8:45 p.m., and a potential picture of the creature may emerge as a result of its circumstances.

“I was leaving work at about 8:45pm on Thursday night in The Loop as I walked the two blocks to the nearest train station to go home I saw a large batlike creature that was perched on top of one the streetlight poles across the street from the Harold Washington Library. This creature stood about 7 ft tall and was sitting there motionless.”

“This creature had a pair of glowing red eyes that appear to be fixated on something across the street. It stood there for about 6 seconds  that’s when I saw a flash from a group of kids on the sidewalk as someone was taking a picture of this thing.  It then spread open a large pair of wings flapped them a couple of times and took off into the air. The girls from that group of kids screamed and they all took off running.”

“I saw as it shot up and over the library and was gone in the matter of about two seconds. I was very shaken up by what I saw and talked to my pastor about it at church on Saturday. It was he who pointed me in the direction of this site where I can make this report, thank you.”

The third and final sighting was on July 29th at 10:30 p.m., and the witness included a sketch of the creature.

“Hi, I saw that you were keeping a timeline of “batman” sightings in Chicago. My friend and I just saw something in Albany Park/Lincoln Square, about half an hour ago (7/29 – 10:30 PM CT), and I’m not sure who to report it to.”

“It was a huge black shape that appeared to be gliding high over the Wilson/Kimball area. We viewed it from my balcony about half a mile north of there. We observed it gliding for about 2 minutes before it was lost in the clouds, headed south. It looked somewhat like a bat and that’s what I thought it was at first, but it was just too big! It was hard to tell exactly how big from that distance, but I would guess about an 8 foot wingspan.”

“We’re pretty spooked by it. Let me know if you have any advice about who we should report this to.”

This brings the number of reported sightings up to 20 so far this year in Chicago.  All of the sightings have taken place in the lakefront area within a few miles of Lake Michigan.  The sightings generally take place in the evening or at night, often in or near a park and around water, and witnesses consistently describe a large, bat or bird-like creature with humanoid features; although in one case the creature was reportedly “insect-like.”  So far no pictures or video have been forthcoming.

To report a sighting, contact Lon Strickler at lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com or call him directly at 410-241-5974; or fill out UFO Clearinghouse’s contact form to get in touch with Manuel Navarette.

You can view a timeline of the sightings so far here, and an interactive map here.

  • monica

    What stuff were they inhaling ?

  • Le Cochon Bleu

    Genetically engineered flying fox?
    They can come quite big anyway.
    But if you compare standard fruits and vegetables to prize winning sizes, tney can be a few times the standard size.
    There are 8 foot something men, occasionally.
    Perhaps a flying fox does not need artificial genetic interference to reach that size in a freak bat.
    Just some amazing source of food – or maybe what going down at the treatment plant mentioned.

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  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Antichrist has arrived.

  • Mystic

    Some contend that this happens as a result of a portal to another dimensions. It is like the Bray Road beast – a wolf man that has been spotted multiple times by different people over the years. It will get bored and disappear.

  • Carl Hungus

    It was Debbie Wasserman. Calm down people

  • fartytowels

    Hillary Clinton

  • https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1VF_2-6eyla7ayRtJyeQuamPUa-Q The Paulstal Service

    Very likely a remote control airplane.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Thank you, Montauk….

  • slick

    fuckin bullshit sounds to me like they need more tourists action in the lake michigan area. Come up with a better story dipshits

  • Borax, Proud Deplorable

    Nancy Pelosi commuting home to SF?

  • http://arnielerma.wordpress.com ArnieLerma

    Images of the chicago theatrical appear to be a human is a custom made flight suit, with 4 circular antigravity disks embedded in its ‘wings’.

    Oddities noted: too many witnesses and too many nice pictures.

    I have been in Manhattan, at the 72nd street and Broadway subway, standng at that little triangular park between 72nd and 73rd streets, at sunset, when a fireball descended, bright enough to leave a shadow, and in a sea of perhaps two thousand humans, not one of them noticed this, except me… So based on that experience (and others like it), I find having so many witnesses and nice photos just too convenient to not make me suspect choreography. Close examination of the photos also make me suspect…

    The real mothman does not ‘like’ scaring people, or performing for humans. Because mothman is associated with warnings of future events, and because small anti-grav lifting plates have been perfected by the deep state, I suspect the chicago incident was the use of these new gizmos, designed to create fear of a chicago event, so that after the sept 11th 2016 chicago event, this gizmo could be used to terrorize designated populations.. playing on the “batman’ imagery in the public psyche, and the mothman record regarding the bridge at point pleasant. and that airline crash.

    In one of the close up images provided, you can distinctly see three of the 4 lifting devices.. the ones near the wingtips give the illusion it is flying from lift on its “wings”

    So I conclude this is a clever psy-op… a pre-seed, and looking at the way it has been turned into news, it is quite succesful..

    EDIT: Re 911, the next ‘event’ is going to have to do two things, upstage 911 in disaster horror -and- hypnotize middle america to believe the who-done-it that follows.. https://arnielerma.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/scientology-isis-911-and-flat-earth/