Russia Threatens To Publish 9/11 Photo’s Proving Inside Job

Russia has threatened to release evidence that allegedly exposes the involvement of the US government in connection with the 9/11 attacks. 

The Russian government have said they are preparing to release evidence which proves the US were involved in the attacks via satellite images they have. report:

If successful Putin’s revelations will be a huge blow for the U.S. government. It’s credibility will be undermined and mass protests and riots are likely to be seen across America.

America’s position as the leader in the “fight against international terrorism” will cease to exist when the images are released.

Experts warn that the release of images proving the US governments involvement in the 9/11 attacks could have consequences bigger than anybody can imagine right now.

  • Mohammed Abdalla

    just like the photos that i can photoshop right here, right now, for Putin shooting all those Russian journalists and opposition figures since 2004. which would be even partially true since he was the one behind their deaths. even the ones killed in London and other European regions.

  • Reemslaw

    This article is 3 months old. Plenty of evidence out there already. Americans will still believe it was bin laden. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Gary

      There could be stuff we haven’t seen.. It’d still be interesting to see what they see.. Ruskies are pretty intelligent.

  • Leland Cool-Blue Casey

    As long as America keeps its media in line on the mainstream level then people will still believe Bin Laden did it. I can’t believe with Internet access and research that people can’t see the truth about all this “terrorism”.

  • Steve N.

    This article (threat) was published by your site over three months ago. Has Russia ever released this information/photos?

  • SammySeattle

    9/11 conspiracy nutcases are still a thing?

    • the cheezewizzard

      yes. people still believe 19 arabs conspired to fly jets into buildings…..who would still believe such a “thing”?i agree. only a nutcase would.

      • SammySeattle

        Much more believable than the scenario posed by the author.

        • the cheezewizzard

          you have answered your own question.

        • Matt M Matthew

          The scenario by the author is the same one that took MH 17 out, and the same that damaged the Pentagon, a Cruise missile took out all 3 buildings that morning and besides my avatar, there is plenty of real truth out there.

          • Paul

            Pilots cant manover planes like they were that day it would stall even pilots exsperianced flying such planes never mind some arrabs that only learned to fly light aircraft in the us

    • Matt M Matthew

      My avatar say’s your a damn nut-case Skippy!

  • David Henderson

    It would not make much difference if the did release what they have. Few people would believe it. If God him self told the people that the US government was behind it it still would not change much. People on both sides have already make up there mind as to what did and did not happen that day and no amount of proof is going to change either side.

    • Daniel Ros

      It never has yet

    • johnscriv

      I’m inclined to think more people change their mind in the direction of realizing the official narrative is false than in the other direction.

    • suna O’oluna

      You’re Totally insane Run to the Nearest mental Hospital !

    • Sherrie

      People that believe our news media and don’t do any research on their own are in for a big surprise!
      Yes it was an inside job and I could care less if you believe it.

      • David Henderson

        I know it was an inside job. My fear is what are they going to do next. If they are willing to do that then is there no limit to what they will do next?

      • Jennifer Atkins Leever

        If you could care less, then you still care. Think about it.

      • TimOzzyCzernik

        “COULD”… OR COULDN’T” care less?

    • Greg Winarsky

      You are exactly correct. If the lie is big enough. People believe it.
      Say it over and over and poof its true.

      • TimOzzyCzernik

        I think many people KNOW it, but are so AFRAID to speak out.

  • Stephanie Todd

    Even if this story is true, grammar and punctuation are still important. It’s “photos,” not “photo’s” and “the United States is,” not “the United States are.”

    • Daniel Ros

      No one cares don’t fool urself

  • Everett Dowd

    This is inline with a satire article. Call it a rumor really. No actual facts to back it up and then the same masses come out who say the “MASSES” are never going to believe it. I dare anyone of you non Muslim’s to go “LIVE IN PEACE” in a Middle East country under Sharia law. Go ahead. Now if the article said look at the steel beams sticking up in this picture of the third tower that collapsed see how they are CUT AT A 45 DEGREE ANGLE? Then maybe I might take some credit into it but since the writer has no damned knowledge of how explosives work and that a tower that falls over would have bent broken beams instead of a cut beam. Now here is the important part! The other side would say the fire department cut them to clear rubble. WRONG! The 45 angle is charred. This means explosives. Then if it were done by torch there would be a drip line from melted metal? Again the charring is pocked which is consistent with a C4 or B4 comp style explosive. There were reports of hearing loud booms before the impacts of the planes as well. Just a thought but do some real research and not just support another tyrant other than the American one………Russia is worse and in a world of shit I am going with the little shit over the big shit…..

    • usman niazi

      actually there is no sharia law anywhere in the world… saudia arabia tries to mimic it but only like 10-15%… the first thing about shariya law is that the best of men is chosen to lead, selected by the best of men… the most knowledgeable and the wisest… that means, no tyrants, no campaigning for power as in politicians, no kings… just the best people in charge in a corruption free environment with zero poverty… the rules and regulations that people hear about islam and seem harsh are actually the worst case scenarios and for people who are showing off their misdeeds in public… e.g the second caliph omer r.a, asked a governor under him, that what would he do when he catch someone stealing… the governer replied that he would cut off his hands, like the religion orders… to this the caliph replied, that you go ahead an cut off his hands, but if anyone suffers from hunger in your entire state, then i will cut off your hands… now what we learn here is that such punishment, though it seems harsh, are for people who make stealing a hobby and a sport and do not do it out of desperation… that is why if you have hate against us, then hate us muslims, not the religion… there is absolutely no argument that could laid against it that makes it look bad… even though i am not a scholar, i can clear any misconceptions you might have against us…only foolery and ignorance on your part could make it look bad as you judge us by our actions, which sadly are not of a true muslim… we are supposed to be so good in life that people simply convert to islam by just observing our way of life… we have been corrupted to the core and the only real islam on exists in the hearts of people, who are not riddled with anger and frustration, resulting in bigotry…

      • jijo

        Doesn’t your first sentence prove that Sharia law is just an idealistic fantasy? Anyone can chart out idealistic laws but it won’t hold for long. Humans are greedy by nature. That’s why none of the idealistic systems, like Christian laws or Communism doesn’t work. So it is with Islam too.

        So quit thinking how superior Islam is and start to get practical. Change with the times.

        • usman niazi

          the laws worked for a long long time… it only came to an end after WW1… Muslims were prosperous before that. The only change with time that came was decadence and nothing else. Western decadent philosophies forced on to us. Slavery to the banks and the media has locked the minds and hearts of people to a good hearted society and replaced with a miserable one which kills for worldly obsessions.

    • Julian John Siuksta

      Well I have visited the UAE, which correct me if I’m wrong, is governed by Sharia Law. It’s not a perfect system, but if you’re not a troublemaker, there’s no [problem. Also I’ve been to Russia. The FSB there are perfectly civilized, even friendly. They have come a long way from their Jew-managed NKVD forebears. Can you say this about America’s security agencies?

      • Leslie Benjamini

        Spoken like a true Jew hating bigot.

        • Julian John Siuksta

          I don’t hate them all. Just Soros, Kissinger, Kushner, Wolfenson, Wolfowitz a few others.

        • Julian John Siuksta

          I would NEVER wash myself with soap made from Jews!

    • jeremy

      There were no explosives. The one million tons of steel in WTC 1&2 cannot be reduced to dust in 20 seconds with C4,The heaviest load a truck can carry is 20 tons. There were 7 buildings so that makes at least 2 million tons of steel needed to be removed from the site.That is 100,000 truck loads of steel.The site was cleaned up in a few months. Therefore traditional explosives were not used. The molecular structure of the steel was changed, There was hardly any steel left, just dust. Merlin waved his magic wand. Poof! Look at the photos. The buildings did not collapse or explode, they were turned into dust. I doubt Putin can prove anything, the force that did this is invisible and anyway nobody is listening, just another conspiracy theory!

      • Robert OShea

        Thermite will do this to metal. That’s what was in the truck that came a week or so before it all happened. The Towers were closed for a day.

    • Robert OShea

      Thermite friend. Only Thermite can do this. A group of 200+ architectural design specialist all agree it was a controlled downing.

      • Sherrie

        Yes and that thermite was made in 1 government lab.

  • Matt M Matthew

    Hey folks here is a but of info on how they fool you. It is what we have always claimed and is rock solid, enjoy!