Russia Warns Of Donald Trump Assassination Plot

Russia say they have evidence that Donald Trump may be about to be assassinated

A Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report indicates that Presidential candidate Donald Trump may be in “grave danger” after the CIA discovered that his personal travel itinerary was hacked from his laptop by ISIS. reports:

According to this report, and as we had previously reported on in our 26 October report Terror Attack On French Bus That Killed 43 Linked To Islamic State, found in the possession of the 5 Saudi Arabian nationals detained by Lebanon’s intelligence services this past Monday after their private jet was forced to land by Federation Aerospace Forces was a “heavily encrypted” laptop computer device.

Upon Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) seizing of this laptop device, this report continues, they requested assistance from the SVR in “defeating” its encryption, which was immediately granted.

Once this laptop was in the possession of the SVR, this report notes, it was flown to Moscow where computer security analysts were able to unlock its “secret information”, of which the most “startling/confusing” was a document listing the entire travel itinerary and private security plans of Donald Trump for the month of October.

Contained “within/on” this Donald Trump itinerary document too, this report further notes, was a “routing/computing number” the SVR had previously ascertained was used by the CIA in their communications with Islamic terrorist forces they are supporting and arming in Iraq and Syria operating in the Levant War Zone.

As to why these Islamic terrorists had in their possession a CIA-provided itinerary of Donald Trump this report doesn’t state due to there being no other documents on the seized laptop associated with it.

With Donald Trump’s policy positions on the Middle East mirroring Russia’s however, this report says, he has been reviled by the warmongers in the United States (of both parties) since July, 2000, when he released his book titled “The America We Deserve” which a full 14 months prior to the 11 September 2001 (9/11) attacks predicted not only this horrific crime would happen, but actually stated that Osama bin Laden would be blamed.

In fact, this report warns, so feared is Donald Trump by his nations warmongers should he take power and uncover all of their secrets, top establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes last week actually called for his assassination, and as, in part, one can read from the transcript:

“Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”

“They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

Following established SVR procedures when threats are detected against any foreign national, this report says, the Foreign Ministry was directed to convey this information to the US Secret Service who has the responsibility of protecting that nations leaders and presidential candidates.

Upon contacting the US Secret Service though, this report concludes, they informed the Foreign Ministry that Donald Trump was not under their protection and refused to take the information referring it instead to Mr. Trump’s private security company—but which they stated they didn’t know who they were or have any contact information for.

Though not contained in this SVR report, it is important to note the fact that Donald Trump has requested Secret Service protection, but has so far been denied.

  • Rodney McCarthy

    Russia Warns Of Donald Trump Assassination Plot! And who supports Isis…1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


    I was wondering why Bush keeps saying he isn’t out of the race, even with his low poll numbers. This could possibly be why, he thinks (knows) Trump will be killed? I’m very suspicious of what’s going on. Does he think if Trump is out of the way, it clears the way for him? I don’t think so, people don’t want another Bush, Clinton or any typical politician in the W.H..

  • Peekie

    I’m curious as to the algorithm Google is using to put this story near the top of a search result. According to Alexa (owned by Amazon – do not care for their treatment of their staff) this website has a very low ranking. I question the validity of their “news article”. Maybe Toupee Le Pew is whining about Secret Service protection again.

    Boycott SNL, Boycott NBC, Boycott all DJT events and businesses.

    • BRYinTX
      • Peekie

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I will not be looking at anything from Breitbart or other Fox type “news” organizations. I will be adding yournewswire to my not-worth-reading list.

        • Cheryl

          My understanding of the article is that Donald is trying to get it and hasn’t yet and that Carson even with threats is hesitant about having SS.

          • Peekie

            Thank you for the information. I do appreciate it. 🙂

        • BRYinTX

          well aren’t you some kinda special pudfucker. go overdose on something idiot.

          • Peekie

            Don’t have to have my nose high in the area to smell the effluent from certain campaigns and their supporters.

          • BRYinTX

            i know what you mean. there is only one real candidate as far as i’m concerned. the rest have a stench about them.

      • Cheryl

        I think the headline is misleading. Trump wants SS protection but hasn’t gotten it yet is how I read the article. Did you read something different in it?

  • rabbit holes

    media false flag and spin. a set-up or a rabbit hole. why does russia care about trump? they have their own business to take care of. how would isis get a hold of trump’s laptop, how would “isis” know who trump is?

  • rabbit holes

    by the way, how would “isis” have the capability to hack a laptop (according to the manufactured story, they are poor “terrorist” people ….
    of course, isis IS the CIA. they hacked trump’s laptop, punchline!).