UN Chief Slams Israel, Calling Them “Gangsters and Hoodlums”

The UN Chief has criticised Israeli treatment of Palestinians, calling Israel a bunch of "hooligans"

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has criticised Israel in its occupation of Palestinian territories and treatment of Palestinian people, accusing Israeli authorities of being “gangsters and hoodlums”.

Ban Ki-moon declared:

After nearly 50 years of occupation—after decades of waiting for the fulfilment of the Oslo promises—Palestinians are losing hope. Young people especially are losing hope. They are angered by the stifling policies of the occupation.”

Veteranstoday.com reports:

Ban Ki-moon moved on to say that it is “human nature to react to occupation.”

“As oppressed peoples have demonstrated throughout the ages, it is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism. So-called facts on the ground in the occupied West Bank are steadily chipping away the viability of a Palestinian state and the ability of Palestinian people to live in dignity.”

He also added that he is against terrorism and both sides should refrain from terrorist acts. He continued:

“We issue statements. We express concern. We voice solidarity. But life hasn’t changed. And some Palestinians wonder: Is this all meant to simply run out the clock? They ask: Are we meant to watch as the world endlessly debates how to divide land while it disappears before our very eyes?”

Ban Ki-moon also said that Israel’s manipulation of the real issue is a “settlement enterprise.”

This is a fair assessment. Let us be clear that Ban Ki-moon has been on the Israeli side for years. But how did the mad man in Tel Aviv respond?

“The U.N. Secretary General’s remarks give a tailwind to terrorism. There is no justification for terrorism,” Netanyahu said. “The secretary general encourages terror instead of fighting against terror. The secretary general forgot what the U.N.’s role is. Terror must not be encouraged for any reason whatsoever.”

Preston James was right in referring to people like Netanyahu as Satan worshippers whose diabolical plan is to control much of the West and perhaps the world—if they can. But there is no way that people of reason will allow that to happen. So, they continue to propagate lies and fabrications as gospel truth. Netanyahu again said:

“The Palestinian murderers do not want to build a state. They want to destroy a state, and they say this openly. They want to murder Jews simply because they are Jews, and they say this openly. They do not murder for peace, and they do not murder for human rights.”

Last March, Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu’s speech before Congress “bullshit.”

When Netanyahu was running around like wild chickens saying crazy things like Iran was in the process of building nuclear bombs within weeks and months, Israel’s military chief and Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz came out and declared that Iran was “rational” and was not in the process of building any nuclear bomb. In fact, the Israeli military made it very clear last year that Iran was not the most dangerous threat.

The historical record tells us that this is consistent with Iran’s moral position. On the contrary, it is Israel that has been in violation of nuclear weapons policy.

So, the mad man in Tel Aviv lied again. We can predict with certainty that he will lie again in the next few days or weeks. Good luck in proving me wrong.

Do you see why this man should be in a padded cell? Do you see why he is dangerous to society and even to himself?

  • Dio Jones

    This guys needs a straight jacket… Okay for terrorists to attack Israel all day long though…

    Always be a light shininginthedark

    • Arachne646

      Israelis can never be terrorists (or occupiers) though, of course…

      Always be a light shining in the dark.

  • Larua

    put up or shut the H3ll up United Freaking useless Nations

    • Lloyd Kennedy

      Convincing argument ! The truth hurts and once the “anti-Semitism” , self hating Jew or holocaust cards have been played all you Zio shills have left is personal insults. You don’t realise how bat shit crazy you sound.

  • kbro2

    yes, nutandyahu and the rest of them are gangsters and hoodlums and worse. but it doesn’t help our cause to exaggerate and mislead as to what exactly did get said by ban ki moon.
    why mislead and undermine credibility by putting a quote–
    UN Chief Slams Israel, Calling Them “Gangsters and Hoodlums” that is nowhere to be found in the article ???

  • Robert Dunn

    Every farmer knows when it’s time to clean out the barn an interesting thing happens. All you have to do is crack open the barn door and let a little light in and there’s immediate pandemonium. All the rats, mice, and other vermin go crazy and run back and forth. The same with Israel – all one has to do is let a little light into the discussion and there is a ferocious response – immediately Hitler is mentioned, claims and cries of ‘Antisemitism’ reach the rooftops, and Hollywood releases yet another Holocaust film! You know you’re telling the truth when you get this sort of reaction.

  • Lloyd Kennedy

    A fair assessment. Netanyahu is demonstrably suffering from a personality disorder but then he and his two brothers were the victims of a tyrannical father. Add to that the collective paranoid mental illness that is Zionism and this man represents a bigger threat to global security than all of his imaginary adversaries.

  • Messianic Fuzz

    The UN is a band of anti-Semitic thugs. God will judge them accordingly. Get right with Jesus or share a place in hell with all who defy the lordship of Christ.