UN’s Top Children’s Rights Officer Convicted Of Raping Children

Peter Newell, the UN's top children's rights official, has been convicted of the rape and indecent assault of a child.

Peter Newell, the United Nations’ top children’s rights official, has been jailed after pleading guilty to five charges relating to the rape and indecent assault of a child.

Newell, 77, whose charity received hundreds of thousands of dollars in UN funding every year, has been imprisoned for six years and eight months after being convicted at London’s Blackfriars crown court for molesting a boy who was 12 years old when the abuse began.

The high-profile convicted pedophile resigned from his position as co-ordinator of the children’s charity Approach, active across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, after he was arrested on the child sex charges.

Approach supposedly “lobbies for the protection of children around the world” and receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from the UN and private donors every year, according to the Daily Telegraph.

While managing Approach, Newell used the charity to advocate for the “protection of children from violence, including smacking by parents”, and sections of a manual he wrote for UNICEF included a advice for adults on gaining “consent” from children.

Sections from the manual authored by Newell prove he understood the consequences of his actions on the life of children he raped. One sentence from the manual reads: “Research now testifies to the potentially serious short- and long-term effects on development of all forms of violence, including sexual abuse and exploitation.”

In 2015, the charity brought a complaint to the Council of Europe, the EU’s leading human rights organisation, against France and six other EU countries over their failure to explicitly ban smacking children.

While attempting to gain a Europe-wide ban on parents smacking their children, septuagenarian Newell was raping other people’s children.

London’s Metropolitan Police said Peter Newell’s offences were first reported in March 2016 by his victim, who was just 12 when the offences began.

They took at a number of addresses and locations in south and east England, including London.

The UK’s Charity Commission said it was informed by Approach about the allegation against Newell in 2016 and had been in touch with the organisation over implementing new safeguarding procedures to protect children from pedophiles within the ranks of the children’s charity.

The charity has confirmed that it has safeguarding policies and procedures in place which are being kept under review and that the charity and the trustees have very limited contact with children and that there is no suggestion that the charity’s beneficiaries were or are at risk,” it said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • anonymous4u4me

    Proving once again noting good has ever come from the establishment of the United Nations, and nothing good will ever come out of it. Abolish it yesterday and remove the building from the ground it stands on, and give it back to the scumbag Rockafellas

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    • canucanoe2

      You’re not too bright, are you? This was a private charity that the UN donated to. What’s the matter, reading comprehension problems? Jeez…

      • LEE Abend

        Ok Numskull, These are the kind of organizations that the UN money goes to and reflects on them amidst all the other terrible things they do. Sound better?

  • El M Lattz

    And this type of thing is exactly why Our foster Care system is part of the sexual exploitation of our children.. It only takes a few well placed bad individuals to determine the unhealthy evil outcomes for so many children.

    • Mark Sangerloo


  • Lillie Langtry

    Time for a purge of all paedo scum. Sooner or later the people will take control.

    And they will come for you vermin.

    • Edwin Sandy Hardy

      You might have to start but killing all white men in England. They’re all homosexual at best they are bisexual. It’s just part of what Great Britain is now and part of what it means to be British. I mean look at that Prince Charles what a homo

      • Lizzie the Lezzie

        what the seven shades of shit does being gay have to do with abusing children im a lesbian dont see me trying to hit on kids. stfu with your closed minded bs preacher crap. i hope your child grows up gay

  • Hollywood Producer

    United Nations just like the Democrats in the USA are known to be pedophiles

    • canucanoe2

      Apparently, Republicans like you and anonymous4u4me have a problem understanding what you have just read. He does not work for the UN. He works for a private charity that gets donations from the UN.

      • LEE Abend

        Ok Leftist progressive Tunnel vision for brains. (If that’s what you call brains) It shows where the money of the anti American UN goes and is reflective of this body among all the other terrible things they do. The head of human rights are countries like Saudi,China,,Russia and Venezuela for one of many instances. I wouldn’t expect you to understand common sense as a liberal.

      • jj333

        Me thinks thou dost protest too much. You’re either a pedophile yourself or you’re just too ignorant to do a little research on all the rape allegations against UN ‘peacekeepers’…it’s an epidemic! And you know why? Because the UN is powerless to do anything about it. Any criminal liability must be undertaken by the UN worker/peacekeeper’s home country and they seldom pursue it. So, until you educate yourself, shut the hell up.

  • Edwin Sandy Hardy

    As soon as I heard he was from Great Britain I knew that it was homosexual abuse. And guess what? I was right. I never fail to get it right. I mean is the UK just run over with homosexuals. Is there anybody straight left in England?

    • Joy Johnson

      It is not being homosexual that makes someone a abuser. A pedo is sick and needs punishment a homosexual is someone who is in love and they only sleep with consenting adult.

    • Lizzie the Lezzie

      worrying about what gay people are doing with each other is the gayest thing ive ever heard. For someone thats so against being homosexual you spend a lot of time thinking about it….. I think the lady doth protest too much. poor guy stop hating yourself and come out of the closet we will accept you :’)

  • Christopher Simpson

    It is known that most paedophilia takes place and is hidden in the family. It’s seems to be an instinct which has learnt to hide itself. Such secrecy has been refined over the centuries – power is very often connected with secrecy.

  • Seán McGouran

    Throw the US out of the UN and move the HQ buidig to Switzerland, where the League of Nations buildings have been unused for sixty nine years.

    • noncomposmentis

      YES!!!! PLEASE!!!

      I’ve been begging to get out of NATO and let those Socialists pay their own way. Imagine them having to keep paying for their failed and broken health care systems ….

      I want USA to go home and take their ball with them, they can then help US Citizens FIRST with their taxes dollars better spent.

      Monies are in MILLIONS (so 670,344 would be 670,344,000,000)
      Country … %GDP … GDP ……… $ to NATO …… % of NATO Total
      USA 3.61 18,569,100 670,344 76.11
      Greece 2.36 235,574 5,559 0.63
      Estonia 2.18 26,485 577 0.07
      U.K. 2.17 2,855,003 62,018 7.04
      Poland 2.01 544,595 10,953 1.28
      France 1.79 2,418,945 43,299 4.92
      Turkey 1.69 717,877 12,132 1.32
      Germany 1.20 3,363,600 40,363 4.58
      Italy 1.11 1,821,580 20,219 2.30
      Canada 1.02 1,552,807 15,858 1.80

      Suck it up buttercup.

      • Seán McGouran

        ”failed and broken health care systems” – the UK’s NHS just keeps getting better and better. You hould gt out of your padded cell more often, mate.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ModernMedicalQuackery WatchmanForTruth

    UN is sadly infiltrated with Zionist psychopaths and UN pedophiles, nothing new here just move along…