US Trying To Save The Terrorists In Syria’s Aleppo- Analyst

US Trying To Save The Terrorists In Syria's Aleppo- Analyst

The United States is doing its level best to save the terrorist groups in Aleppo in order to maintain leverage for its ultimate goal of regime change in Syria, according to James Jatras, a former US Senate foreign policy analyst.

Jatras also pointed out that there are no moderate groups in Syria, which is the reason why the US says it can’t separate them from the terrorists. moderate rebels

Press TV reports:

What the Americans are really doing is protecting terrorists but they do not want to admit it, he added.

Jatras further stated these terrorist groups use the Syrian people as “human shields” and “propaganda tools” to hold up for atrocity claims.

“They have every incentive themselves to either put these people in the line of fire or even to launch weapons against them themselves and say look what the Syrian government is doing, look what the Russians are doing. These people do not care about the people of Syria. All they care about is their ideological goals,” he said.

The analyst further expressed hope that the Obama administration does not go too far in escalating violence in Syria.

He is also of the opinion that the United States would prefer not to have a “direct confrontation” with Russia, adding that it wants to keep things simmering until Hillary Clinton is elected president.

He further argued that if the Russians believe their forces are being targeted by American forces, they have the will to “react forcefully.”

Relations between the US and Russia have deteriorated over a number of issues, including the war in Syria.

A brief ceasefire in Syria that was brokered by Russia and the US collapsed last month.

The truce aimed to allow humanitarian access and joint attacks against militant groups, which were not covered by the agreement, including Daesh and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

Russia criticized the US for not doing enough to rein in militants in Syria to protect the truce deal.

  • lazy susan

    Hillary and Donald both had campaign events yesterday. Hillary had about 200 voters show up, Donald had about 20,000 voters show up.

    Come election day, about 200 Hillary voters are going to show up for every 20,000 Donald voters who show up.

    While I expect a huge amount of voter fraud and election rigging to go on during this election, Hillary simply can not rig the vote sufficiently enough to win the election. And they know it.

    The war on Syria is effectively over, and Assad has won. The Sunni/Wahhabi Army the ‘West’ sought to prevent the ‘Shiite-crescent’ from forming will be wiped out.