Video of A “Humanoid” UFO/Alien Flying Above L.A. Goes Viral


A video shot in early August of 2015 which appears to show a human-like figure (or humanoid) flying in the skies above Los Angeles has gone viral.

The sight was captured by not one, but three different cameras as a part of a UFO research group’s meet-up.

While cannot verify the authenticity of the video, the fact that it was shot by multiple people, from different angles, and on different cameras certainly makes it worth watching.

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  • Julie Patchouli


  • Mohammed Lee

    Balloon. An actual investigator would have talked to all 3 video shooters to determine direction (azimuth) and altitude, via angles of elevation.

    • carlos

      Good call.
      Amyone out there with a good computer and proper program to reconcile these images?

    • DME

      a balloon would tumble, no?

  • Mike

    Project bluebeam.

  • Warriah

    Looks like the micheline dude

    • carlos

      Stay-Puf. Call Ghost Busters!

      • Warriah


  • Betshy Paola Marrugo