We Should Think Twice Before Responding To Aliens Warns Scientist


The Australian scientist who has been handed the task of finding signs of life on other planets has warned that humans should probably think twice before making contact with aliens.

Professor Matthew Bailes warns if aliens contact us we should think twice before replying, saying any creature from outer space capable of sending out a signal would most likely be more intelligent than us — and possibly dangerous.

Bailes will be leading the Australian team as part of the world’s biggest search for extraterrestrial life. The Breakthrough Prize Foundation project is being funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking to the tune of $100 million and will involve some of the greatest minds devising a supercomputer capable of detecting signs of life in deep space.

The Independent reports: The team working on the project will use the Parkes radio telescope – one of the largest in the world – to scan the universe in what has been described as bringing a “Silicon Valley approach to the search for intelligent life”.

The initiative will cover 10 times more area of sky than previous programmes, according to News24.

Prof Bailes told the news outlet that sophisticated computers would have to be installed at Parkes – which was the first telescope to receive transmissions showing Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon in 1969 – to sort through as many as a billion samples a second to try to detect patterns or likely signals.

“The difficulty is to know what sort of signal we are looking for,” Prof Bailes said. “There is no manual on how to find aliens. We’ll have to imagine the sort of transmissions an alien race might send.”

The computers, he warned, would take a year to build, and the project has five years to run. But he said that the signal – if and when it arrives – would likely be quite feeble after travelling across such vast distances.

He said that scientists hope that aliens will send a pattern human beings would be able to recognise – such as prime numbers.

But he warned that we may all be “long dead and buried” before we worked out how to reply – and the aliens got an answer.

  • Rick Smith

    Of course. They could be Klingons or Romulans!
    Or worse, the Borg! What are they thinking?

  • Andrew

    How is it even conceivable that a race that much more intelligent than us and that further ahead of us technologically could be dangerous? Mankind has such a hardon for applying OUR emotions/IQ/motivations onto other races that we know nothing about. Professor Bailes, get over yourself.

    • Hakim

      Native Americans might’ve asked the same question when The first Europeans arrived. So how’d that work out for them?

      • Andrew

        Good point, depressingly

    • Alexander D. Montblanc

      What we should fear is not the intelligence of a different species but rather their psychology as we can observe on ourselves, the danger lies on the type of emotions or lack of them that an individual or group of individuals possess. For example it could be a hive like species that it’s all about the collective, those are rather dangerous and aggressive types like ants, bees or wasps. If it’s something more akin to humans it’s a safer bet to establish diplomatic relations for although we are warlike and greedy, there’s diversity of thought and the mindset of an individual may represent that of a group either smal or large but never that of the whole species. Bottomline is, if there’s potential for coexistence, then it should be fostered since the benefits are similar to what the different human nations have had with diplomacy throughout our history.

  • SortingHat

    This is there way of *hinting* that we are being controlled in their ultimate utopia socialism machine.

    They used Hurricane Sandy to make sure they got their man in who pretended to be Liberal in order to enforce communism lite to America. That is why our President is NOT interested in the truth of 9/11 unless they feel it will be used to bring in the UN to *save* America.

    When that happens get your BOB and go into hiding. Once you go into the reeducation centres you won’t be coming back out at least not with your soul intact.

  • El

    Maybe we are the dangerous ones to be avoided.

  • Go Kart Mozart

    We broadcast our presence to the universe for any entity to receive. An alien life more advanced than us probably already knows we exist and is controlling contact with us. If there’s an advanced life out there, maybe we’ll have a better chance finding remnants of its earlier stages of existence – like organized waveform use similar to our current level.

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