Wikileaks Email Dump Reveals Clinton Ties To Occultist Group

Bizarre State Department emails released by Wikileaks reveal a disturbing homage to occultist God of human sacrifice - 'Moloch'.

Wikileaks classified email dump has exposed Hillary Clinton for what she really is – a member of the establishment with occultist beliefs, worshiping the human sacrificing God Moloch

The latest Wikileaks classified email dump has exposed Hillary Clinton for what she really is – a member of the establishment with occultist beliefs.

Hillary Clinton is so deeply entrenched in the elite New World Order establishment that she even bows down to Moloch, the same occultist god they perform human sacrifice rituals for at the annual Bohemian Grove meetings.

In an email from August 29 2008 that has just been made available to search by Wikileaks, a senior government staffer writes to Hillary Clinton, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .

Thanks to the Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Email Archive (containing 30,022 emails, free to search), we now have more concrete proof that Hillary Clinton and other globalist elites are into the occult. Nobody randomly uses Moloch in a conversation. Most people don’t even know what Moloch is.

With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the

But Bohemian Grove, the playground of the world’s most wealthy and powerful men, has been performing sacrifice rituals to Moloch since the 1800s, offering burnt human flesh according to some reports.

Given the reputation Bohemian Grove has for deciding the next President of the United States in the year before the election (see former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan, the Bush dynasty, as well as Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton), it should come as no surprise that Hillary is wriggling her way into their dark, secretive world.

Former President George W. Bush and his father attending Bohemian Grove
Former President George W. Bush and his father attending Bohemian Grove

The Bohemian Grove club might be infamously male only, but temporary exceptions have been made for women before, and if the Grovers decide it is in their interest to ordain Hillary as the next President then they will bend their rules to let her in.

Moloch - the ancient God of child sacrifice
Moloch – the ancient God of human sacrifice

When this happens, expect to see the mainstream press turn against Hillary’s political rivals even more viciously.  The elites will have spoken and the mainstream media will begin marching to the beat of the global elite, maintaining their interests, and destroying the chances of anyone or anything they see as a threat to their corrupt, elite club.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Stephen Green

    Links to original source please.

    • T.P.

      The links are in the article. You can see the email yourself in the wiki leaks dump.

    • docdave1

      WikiLeaks – Hillary Clinton Email Archive… to the bottom sacrificing to moloch‏

      Lewis Amselem

    • Brandon M Sanders

      Not that Hillary isnt sacrificing chickens to Moloch, but the email was not written to Hillary or by Hillary.

      • Brandi Jasmine

        Not that Hillary isn’t sacrificing chickens to Moloch, but an beginner in conspiracy theory circles knows who Moloch is. This letter is evidence of nothing but sarcasm.

        • arielmonserrat

          Also, Moloch was represented by a bull, while the infamous statue at Boho Grove is an owl. It is not Moloch – but I have no trouble believing Hillary is evil.

      • Fiona

        Yes it was actually.

      • AL

        Correction: It wasn’t written BY hillary, but it was TO hillary:

    • Brandon M Sanders

      Although, I am sure the two are likely crossing paths at the least and it could be they worked together to create the Honduran Coup in 2008

  • Anti

    You cannot be that EVIL and NOT be in some perverted Occult club..May Bilderbergers perish..

  • John Klett

    They must all bathe in the blood of infants and the relish in the murders of innocent souls. Over the last 2 centuries this crowd has killed over 200 million. Can’t wait for the pit to open and swallow these scum. You will know them by their deeds!

  • Don Morris

    I say the hell with all of them lets just kick the shit out of each and everyone of them and take this country back and leave them laying in the ditch.

  • Renee LaChapelle

    Donald J Trump is a very brave man.

    • Sams_1

      Trump is very American and very Patriotic. Ego is NOT responsible for him to fairly forfeit his personal kingdom for this possible Finish . Finish of all for him…NOW why would a person soldier on ? For far more than personal aggrandizement. We owe it to him to pray REAL REAL HARD for him and his family ,ourselves to demonstrate to the Creator who does not like these false GODs trying to be him who wish to control the EARTH in every way….we owe it to JFK who took that huge chance and was killed. TRUMP AN IMPERFECT MAN..JUST LIKE GOD ALWAYS CHOOSES FOR HIS WORK…. SIMON ..WHO BECAME THE ROCK….whom Jesus rebuked as speaking for SATAN , saw him turn (repent) and gave the KEYS TO HIM. IMPERFECT GENERAL …TRUMP

  • stevor

    since wikileaks is CIA, I have to wonder what the AGENDA is behind this “leak”

    • bodica

      A ‘Third Term’ as the Dem front runner is arrested (H) or dies suddenly (B) and a Constitutional Crisis is declared.

      • stevor

        yes, two very good possibilities. But with an “open” GOP convention, the puppeteers could put in any puppet they want (but maybe not as good a puppet as o’bama has been so, you’re right that they’ll keep the POS-in-chief)

    • Annette Perry

      It’s not CIA. However, the hackers are.

  • Alejandro Jodorowsky

    The guy who actually said this is a Trump supporter and a self described libertarian conservative. Here is his blog

    • Anthony N Di Wood

      Does that make him wrong?

  • Don Daniels

    Not sure I would go quite so far as to attribute this to Hillary. It is a cable between staffers, and the initials below the sentence, which is a postscript, are not Hillary’s.
    It is unfortunate this seems to be taken out of context. Not that I like Hillary, I don’t, but lets not attribute the words in the email to her unless we can show that she is the one who wrote them. I does say something about her staffers, and the company she keeps, but I don’t see the direct attribution to Hillary. Let’s keep it honest, there is plenty of material there.

    • Mauricio Massa

      The Clinton Foundation is an embarrassment of conflict of interests by itself. These emails pale in comparison with what the Clinton Foundation means to the US…. all it needs is an audit….

  • Anthony N Di Wood

    Moloch is the one that the Moabites etc used to sacrifice the infants and children to.

  • Guy Rocky

    Why do we have to have these disgusting nail fungal adverts?!?! Are you people mad?!?!?!

  • lindacarlson

    I could sense that Hilliary and Obama besides many more were in some kind of cultish group when they turned and showed their true collors in communism fascism etal! when most of you could also!

  • Duncan Wilde

    Moloch is specifically the god of CHILD sacrifice not human sacrifice.

    ‘Chicken’ is pseudonym for ‘Child’.

    I think there’s enough there to warrant suspicion & the FBI should start digging up the Clinton’s back yard right now.