World Gets Behind Putin’s Vow To Destroy New World Order

Putin has got the Illuminati running scared, which is why they are in propaganda overdrive, pumping the mainstream Western media full of scare stories and untruths in an attempt to blind the masses to what is really happening before their very eyes.

Vladimir Putin has rocketed up the popularity charts of world figures according to a poll, proving that his determination to destroy the New World Order is resonating with people all over the world.

Brave Vladimir Putin has rocketed up the popularity charts of world figures according to a British poll, proving that his determination to destroy the New World Order has started to resonate with people all over the world.

YouGov surveyed people across 30 different countries and President Putin was the fastest riser on the list of 3000 world figures, being voted the six most admired man in the world.

It’s a unique window onto the shared values of humanity in 2016,’ said Freddie Sayers of YouGov.

Putin, a judo enthusiast who can bench 230, has been hitting the New World Order where it hurts, outgunning, outflanking and all-round out-manoeuvring the Illuminati.  He’s got them running scared, which is why they are in propaganda overdrive, pumping the mainstream Western media full of scare stories and untruths in an attempt to blind the masses to what is really happening before their very eyes.

This international poll shows that people all over the world have started to wake up and notice, and they are now backing Putin in their droves.

Do not be surprised if the mainstream media attempt to convince you of something deeply disturbing in the near future.  We’ve had the Panama Papers leak and the mainstream media’s attempt to smear Putin.  Never in history has the New World Order had such a firm grip on Western media operations.  At the same time the New World Order has never had such a committed and formidable enemy as they have in Vladimir Putin.

This situation cannot continue.  Something has to give.

He ignored their siren calls and decided to follow his conscience.  They promised him a prominent role at their high table, but he recognised their game and vowed to destroy them.  Putin’s whole life, from his childhood in a rat-infested tenement building, to his calm and determined presidency, has been a demonstration of his pitiless resolve and determination to do what he knows he must for the sake of his people.

The way the cards are being dealt, his people are now the world.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Magog


  • Xavier SD

    Good to know not all the political lieders are scum!!!

  • commonlaw

    Go get them!! Thankyou Mr Putin. Check-Asia..

  • NDMA

    He can take all the credit : but one way or another … pirates will stop killing my peoples on lies 😉 *solemn bow to the Putinator* (rofl, that’s actually an auto-correct term, haha)

  • Jeffery Hays Black

    Don’t be fooled by this article. Albert Pike..A grand worshipful freak of Free Masonry wrote a book in 1889 including an overview to bring in a global order. He outlined three world wars, the third of which would pit Islam against Political Zionism and Atheistic Communism against the West. After the nations have exhausted themselves, and the three major religions destroyed, the masses having nowhere to put their trust will accept Lucifer. :For Lucifer is god. The book..”Morals and Dogma” 1889. Albert Pike. Who influenced Manly P, Hall and Karl Marx.

    • LexRex Mann

      One problem– Putin and Russia are not Communists.
      Just because someone predicted things a long time ago and it seems a parallel is run doesn’t mean everything will come to prophecy. You’re giving up, sitting back snd doing nothing because someone said something a long time ago.
      Do you want it to come true?

      • Jeffery Hays Black

        No of course I do not want it to come true. My point is it is not a prophecy but the road map, the Masonic plan to have a NWO. In the book written by Pike is stated the necessity of 3 world wars. After the 3rd war the inhabitants will be initiated into the new order, headed of course by their god Lucifer. When looking back over the 20th century it becomes apparent that their is indeed someone or something working behind the scenes molding events toward a goal. I am a Christian, and note the prophecies in the bible which also predict certain events that will happen at the time of the end. Russia and China figure prominently as does Israel of course. Many things that are happening globally now, including the rush toward the unification of religions, Islamic infiltration of the west etc. is just this…The Problematic. To shape the desired future one must control the present. So then we have this…Create a problem, react to the problem, then offer your solution. Step by step the world is herded like blind sheep toward the ultimate objective. Over the course of a few generations the objective is achieved. This dove tails perfectly with the bible prophesied conditions which will prevail during the last generation before the return of Christ who will end the evil and begin His kingdom on earth. I find it interesting to see the mechanics behind the scenes, the politics and banking families who rule from the shadows and their objective will ultimately fail. God will not permit evil to go on forever but has already a day appointed to stop it in its tracks. That is what I want to happen. But because of free will and the evil in men’s hearts, things must unfold in the manner which it is. I am not just sitting back and waiting…I have dedicated my life to overseas missions namely the Republic of the Philippines where I have lived for 5 years but am currently back in the United States. You may or may not’s ok. Point is I am doing something about it that I feel I should be doing. Not just sitting around thinking paranoid stuff. I research and inform as best I can, with the added message that the only way out of this mess is a spiritual one with Jesus Christ as personal Lord and savior. Thanks.

    • Aj Hollis

      Communists was invented by the same Banking Mafia that invented Zionism, both of which were to lead the world into contrive conflict with the wrong enemy. Jacob Schiff (Freemasonary/Zionist Bankster was the Rothschild’s frontman sponsoring the Ashkenazi Bolshevik’s terror war and bloody subjugation of Russia. These false Jews murders tens of millions Russia’s Ukraine for their NWO Banksters masters.

  • Diane Stanley

    It makes me sad to think that people actually believe this drivel. 🙁

    • B.k. Johnson


    • noelbuckley1

      And precisely what in this article do you think is drivel?????????

    • LexRex Mann

      What’s “drivel” about it? You must be a paid establishment troll

  • B.k. Johnson


    • PT10

      Since all of our political leaders in the US lie to us and push vile propaganda down our throats, I think Mr. Putin is a fresh of breath air…he stands for good instead of evil and I find that empowering.

      • RobertDeLuce

        The US is Satans domain, npt Hod’s Country, full of vile vulture type people, willing to mmurder anyone for money. Europe is disgusted with the US, which has been found out and is on its way out.

    • Monkeywrench542 .

      I agree with you. My oath while a soldier still holds water to this day.

      • LexRex Mann

        I think that is awesome– you took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and it says you must defend it up to and including killing a superior that gives you an unconstitutional order!
        The invasion and occupation of Iraq was done solely for Israel, and the USA should be deeply ashamed that it took such an action, which resulted in the deaths of almost a million innocent Iraqis– solely for Israel’s interests.
        We should defend Palestine which has been under a brutal military occupation for 70 years.

        • jaw2785

          The invasion of Iraq and syria and Libya was for the Rothschilds international bank.

          • LexRex Mann

            Same thing

        • flyguy

          You obviously never served or took the oath. If you had, you would know exactly what it is, not your made up bullshit.

          • LexRex Mann

            It’s based on the Constitution, idiot

        • Richie Rich

          If what you say is true, then the Rothschilds or Israel or whoever told us to go to war in the Middle East would have instructed us to take out Iran first. Think about it.

        • Monkeywrench542 .

          really? is there a country called palestine? i thought not. also look at the area, more religious events and more happening with God than anywhere else on the planet.
          God gave the area that Israel lives in to the Jews, and no other reason is needed.
          if any help should be given, then more help to Israel should be given.

        • Monkeywrench542 .

          unconstitutional yes, but since congress voted on the war including hilary, that made it legal. also remember that refusing to follow an order does not mean i have to kill my superior for ordering it, it just means I do not have to follow the order.
          that statement right there tells me that you have never seen the inside of the military at all.

    • Barb2274


      • Leigh Reed II

        I can tell you’re close to my age but the really sad thing is you still believe all the bullshit lies you were fed as a child about Russia.
        And you think Trump is going to stand up for you? File bankruptcy four times didn’t care about his employees now all the sudden he’s going to care about you you’re out of your fucking mind and you think truck is going to stand up for you? File bankruptcy 4 times didn’t care about is employees now all the sudden he’s in a care about you you’re out of your fucking mind. He has been bought and paid for by Wall Street and big Bankers a long time ago yeah but you probably thought the towers came down all on their own probably support Bush and Cheney if so you’re really pathetic

        • Valmorgan

          You missed his speech where Trump directly called out the globalists? You missed the part about trump revealing 911 truth 28 pages? You missed the part about directly calling out the Bushes? Is your head so far up your ass you can’t see your nose?

          • Obsessive Cat Disorder

            I really would like to hear the speech myself, not someone’s commentary of it.

          • Roseanne Largent
          • larm007

            about this video…Trump is 100% correct and we wouldn’t need this confound ‘security’ state in the first place had Bush not started the wars. We, terrorists in our own right, have created the the terrorists in the Middle East.

          • Jerry Adkins

            Really, you’re listening to Trump? Next thing you’ll be listening to Hillary SMH

          • Earl Harper

            Killery? She’s out of the question. She need to be locked up, her and her husband…

          • Lisa


        • Valmorgan

          Here you go idiot:

          • usc440

            val you are a pig

          • Earl Harper

            Thank you Valmorgan

        • Robbin

          Do you have specific information that The Donald does not care about his employees. Obviously after filing corporate bankruptcy in Atlantic City, NJ when the whole casino business became the thread slipping out of the head of the needle, you have failed to realize he continued in business, and that requires employees. How do you know that his employees were not given the offer to be redistributed among his other business interest, you know reassigned somewhere else. I do not think he bought those casino/hotels because he wanted them to fail. He is into making money, not loosing money. Really???? Do you fucking realize he did provide a paycheck for those employees before those businesses went bankrupt. People who would of very well may not of had a job during the time he had the Hotels and tried to make them profitable. And by the way, Wall Street and Big Bankers did not buy and pay for him. You may want to look at your political leaders for that one. At least he had the guts to tell the country how to get things done in this country. Support a politician, give their campaigns money (lots of money), they will pay the favor back, both Democrats and Republicans. Money talks bullshit walks. It always has. I am 55 years old and no way am I going to vote for a liar just because she is a woman. And as far as the POS of a man this country calls President, he lied too and has created a world of hostility and chaos in our own country. He is nothing short of a fucking Dictator with his executive pen! This country will be very lucky if war does not break out somewhere behind what he is doing in this country, and what his puppet Kerry is doing in foreign policy. The Muslim world may be loving it, but they are not the only part of the world who is taking notice and thinking about how all of this is going to effect them. Lets face it, Russia, China, N Korea, Iran, Syria, and Many in the Africa’s operate from a Communist mentality. That’s a very large group of political identities that does not give a shit about the Democratic Party of the US progressive agenda. Unless there is significant change, and soon, things are not looking so good. Do not be so fucking stupid not to think so. America first!

          • Faucon Noir

            Well said Robbin! I personally know that Mr. Trump is a very caring individual but he does not suffer meanness or PC stupidity. The Media (both sides) are the puppet voices of the Globalists and they are scared for their master’s longevity in view of recent events contradicting their Agenda. They attack Mr. Trump by exposing a superficial “story” with a negative twist conclusion and then go down the cascading parade! The Virginia/Charlottesville winery story is an example, the way the popular perception is that he “stole” the property from an heiress for a song! But when one digs a little, one finds totally different story where Mr. Trump is a hero who saved an internationally respected vineyard from behind sold on the auction block, parceled and destroyed and replace with real estate developments. Both the Trump and the Kluge families have been friends for many years. Mr. Trump will make a formidable team with Mr. Putin and the Globalist Agenda will finally be put where it belong: In hell!

          • Roseanne Largent


          • Earl Harper

            Amen !!!

          • Stuart weir

            Is this the same Mr Trump that said on national tv that he would keep workers wages at the minimum wage when people were saying they needed $15 a hour.Im not saying to give them the full lot but an increase to somewhere in that region would keep the workers happy and everyone knows you get the best out of your workers when they are happy and when they feel they are being used affects their work aswell but Trump doesn’t care and that’s before he becomes president.He is hitting you all with utter bull##it to get you to vote for him but you wait and see the Donald Trump if he wins.America would be run better with Donald Duck in charge.The man’s a compulsive liar and that’s how he has got to where he is today.All you ever hear from him is “I’ll Sue their asses off” yet Mr Trump has never sued or won a case as far as I’m aware.I fear for all my USA friends if he gets the keys to the whitehouse cos I’m sure he will have his builders in as we all know he builds the best walls in the world,and he might even make it 10 feet taller lol

          • hunta5

            There should not be a minimum wage period!!

          • Den

            I believe you have hit the nail on the head – the fact Trump
            is getting bombarded by the Corporate Media Propagandists (CMP) is because he
            is NOT a member of the Group
            whose agenda is the New World Order – One Government World. Further none of his
            Cabinet appointees are members of any of the Hierarchy. To assume the
            negativity the CMP is putting on Trump and not know they could have done the
            same to Bush, Obama, Clinton is being rather brain dead. They, of course were
            taking orders from the group. Reagan needed a “wake up call”.

            The leaders of the U.S. remember JFK. He first banned Kissinger from the White House, then
            announced there was a group whose agenda was to take over the United States and
            he was going to expose them. JFK was murdered 7 days after making that

          • Lance Elago

            Nice one Robbin

          • Earl Harper

            Right on !

          • RobertDeLuce

            Oh merde, there it is, one more hare brianed idiot comes out wiith the word Communist, without a shred of an idea of what it actually is.

          • saracen

            You should watch the British documentary ‘trumps dirty secrets’.

          • John Alasdair Webster

            They were chapter 11 restructures and he managed to keep many of his employees while restructuring under that protection.

          • Lance Elago

            Awesome robbin

        • bartleyc

          Another Obama supporter, you can tell as soon as they open their pie hole.

        • Roseanne Largent

          Trump is a business man and he is a TRUE american! He used his rights to file bankruptcy, just like anyone else in our country has the right to do if they need help. Now, filing bankruptcy doesn’t make him a bad business man, only a smart one and that is exactly what this country needs to get us out of our debts!
          As for being bougth and paid for by big bankers and Wall Street, I believe that would be other way around. HE bought and paid Wall Street and the big bankers. Wothout him, the banks and Wall Street would have less fortunes due to Trump’s other investment and worth as a whole. As for you calling Barb pathetic because she believes in lies about what she heard growing up in regards to Russia, She NEVER once mentioned anything agaisnt Russia and gave no interpretation of any kind that would indicate that she was for or against Russia’s ideologies. So to you, I say STFU if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Vote Hillary and have more debt, sex scandals, child slavery, and illegal immigrants flood our country. You, are a true “Pathetic” person.

          • mrankitanks .

            Why don’t you just make a better businessman the President of US then? There are tons of businessmen out there who were poorer than him once and are now richer than him, while having a better character at the same time.

        • karmakat357

          Actually, his bankruptcies (4 out of 150 successful companies) where a strategic move to save 50,000 jobs. They were ‘restructuring’ bankruptcies. I see you love to swallow mainstream media hook, line, and sinker.

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            That might not be alllllllllllll he loves to swallow…..

          • Hans

            Donald Trump owns over 500 companies, including 144 in 25 foreign countries.

        • Jody Crystal Neufeld Brown

          you’re pathetic to think that Trump has been bought off and are basing your opinion on what?? because they( the media ) said so, and i bet you lidten to cnn, if so your just another brain washed zombie part of the obama/hilley/soros agenda, you’d beileve that hillary is an honest woman that burney burnie old and withered freebie handouts, lies and scandals are what America needs, well you my friend will have a wake up call come november when Trump is elected and if not the end of America as you all know it, revolution is coming no matter how you spin it whether its in a Trump presidency or the American people saying they are done with foreign influenced agitators sticking their noses in where it don’t belong along with a sick and corrupt government that only looks down the bridge of their noses when something tragic happens, then scream take away every Americans god given right to protect themselves from oppression and murders and rapists being allowed to enter the country unfettered and unvetted, these corrupt governments with their false flag events to divert the Americans public interest and eyes from the truth that will still be on the Americans minds after the horrible events in Dallas won’t go unchecked, Trump like him or hate him is the only viable candidate that will help the American people rise outta political corruption and decadence like a phoenix rising outta the ashes of a civilization that just might need to be purged of all the idiots that would promote hate and try shackling people that want to be heard not crushed under a mountain of lies people like yourself that would say what you want to to just be heard and nothing more than the garbage that spews from your cocksucker like a geyser spews hot water!! Trump has at least employed people 10s of thousands if not more what has the sitting government done for the American people hmm???? enjoy your delusions because political change is coming along with economic growth and prosperity and a period of happiness like no other has seen in generations!!!!

          • Ian Thomson


        • mmazzi

          Must be frustrating to be filled with so much negativity. LOLOLOL

      • Jerry Adkins

        Barb, did you really read what you said before you clicked post? Assuming for a moment that you did then. I’m sure that you can explain how the president is anti-American, what you know about communism and the way you throughout the word progressive with your little amen. I’m assuming you identify as a Christian, so you won’t mind explaining to me the meaning of Proverbs 11:25 “a liberal man will be in rich, and one who waters will himself be watered. I mean, do you understand what the word progressive means? To progress, improve, grow, get better.

        Now I’m sure you want mind explaining to me what you met by progressive Muslim? Let’s just consider the word Muslim for a moment. Have you ever read the Constitution, the United States of America? Are you familiar with the First Amendment? “Congress shall make no laws respecting (favoring) an establishment of religion (any religion), or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; etc. etc.

        Okay, assuming you can answer that. Then tell me what you know about article 6 section 3, which prohibits any religious test, i.e. a person’s religious faith will not be considered in their achieving any public office in these United States.

        Now Barb, I would suggest that you and B.K. Take your self-righteous bigotry and go someplace that does not believe in tolerance and excepting others as equals, something I’m sure your religious fundamentalism simply cannot understand.

        Oh yes God bless you, go with God 😉

        • Richie Rich

          Dum Dum. Islam is not a religion. It is a political tool used by 5th Century power hungry monarchs to control millions of equally dimwitted 5th century backwards weak-minded lemmings like yourself. The fact they have been successful in crafting their ideology to identify as “religion” shows you just how clever our enemy is. Now they can maneuver in and around our system at will because we are so politically correct we would never want to offend their sacred religion. Pathetic, and will ultimately cause societies that used to be free and stable to become oppressed and unstable (witness the Middle East devolving ever more rapidly towards chaos). But you do not want to accept anything other than what your “progressive” liberal humanist hogwash instructs you to think and say, you wander around with your blinders on and then have the audacity to quote scripture that you have clearly taken out of context and used to satisfy a weak point. It’s just laughable. I am sure you’ll come back to attack me for my conservative “Christian” rhetoric and how it is so oppressive, so bigoted, you know, so backward to be anti-Islam (but surprisingly acceptable to be Anti-Christ). Have fun with that.

          • Faucon Noir

            Outstanding rebuttal Richie Rich!

        • bartleyc

          Yeah, liberals will make it better alright. They will take any City, state, and bankrupt it. turn it into a rust belt where people can’t even give their houses away. People start moving away to get away from high Tax. Bill Clinton decided that all poor people needed a house that they couldn’t afford, and the chickens came home to roost when defaulted on their payments, and the reason for the housing bubble that the banks had to bail out. Frank, and Dodd left town in a hurry. Two Democrats that lied to Bush saying everything was fine even after Bush saying he was concerned about 3 different times.

      • RobertDeLuce

        You morons always needed a supposed enemy, a paronaid bunch of weirdos.

      • RobertDeLuce

        Mrs idiot moron.

      • saracen

        You need to go back to junior school and learn correct English grammar. That aside, why are you so blindly proud of the united states of satan?. Your country is the most evil, satanic, racist country in the world (second only to satan israel). All of your ‘founding fathers’ were freemasons (ie – satanists). The freemasonry devilry is emblazoned in every aspect of your country. The satanic freemason symbols are on your dollar bill, on most company logos and on your street designs. Heck, Washington DC street layout is fashioned in the shape of a pentagram and other masonic/satanic symbols. Don’t forget that your white European ancestors were illegal immigrants who brutally oppressed and murdered the indigenous North American Indians and drove them (and their bison) almost to the point of extinction. You stole the land of the rightful heirs (North American Indians) and claimed it as your own land. You are evil, racist, disgusting, uneducated, uncivilised, war mongering people. No wonder usa loves israel so much because you are both evil twins from the same evil pod (the khazar-zionists have brutally oppressed, terrorised and murdered the Palestinians and continue to steal more and more of Palestinian land).

    • jhnnybgd7


    • Fred JARROLD

      I agree B.K….100% behind you,fuck these whimp assed world leaders who assume the asskissing position every time that criminally run UN sneezes..Stand up like the men you were supposed to be,not little suckling punks.My oath as a soldier still stands after all those years..

      • LexRex Mann

        You mean “every time Netanyahoo sneezes”. Congress bends over and gladly takes it up the ass from the guy when he comes here. He owns Congress, which is mostly dual-citizen Israelis anyway

        • Richie Rich

          There’s always some loser who’s gotta spew his anti-Semitic diarrhea. This time it’s “lexRex Mann” (the made up name behind the troll). Congratulations! Here’s what you have won: A one way ticket to the Middle Eastern shithole country of your choice – so you can see how much of a difference there is between a free, Democratic and peace loving nation like Israel and a rat infested, demonically controlled hell hole like _____(and Islamic Middle Eastern country just fill in the blank).

          • Jay Lee

            Peace Loving? I’m sure the Palestinians would disagree! Im not anti-semitic.. I am Anti-ISRAEL! How about I come and take your house.. land and kill your family.. all just because my family once lived there a long time ago? Pretty much whats going on over there bud!

          • Richie Rich

            Right. Good idea. Let’s give more land to a bunch of lunatics living in the 5th century, when they already control 98% of the entire Middle East…and look what they are doing with it. Such a peaceful, tolerant, good natured and fun loving bunch of people. But I do not even have to say it – the entire world knows the truth but just a small and very vocal group of madmen would like to twist and lie and deceive the world into believing it is the poor downtrodden Palestinian, the people who have clearly demonstrated they are simply pawns and an extension of Iran’s proxy war against Jews. It’s fine if you hate Jews dude, you have a right to love or hate whoever you choose, but stop trying to convince us there is some giant conspiracy against Muslims being perpetrated by Israel. Quite the opposite really. Just read Palestine’s charter, or Iran’s charter. Personally I can’t wait for the day you and your lovely bunch of lunatics are removed from this Earth. You’ve tried so hard to remove the Jews, and Israel, from the map (throughout history) but you can’t do it because a) you are all weaker than the Jew b) God’s blessing is on Israel, and Ishmael (you) born from the handmaid (and out of faith) got only this: “And he shall be a wild ass among men”. Yup. You are all just a bunch of wild asses so enjoy that. Embrace it.

          • LexRex Mann

            I’d take Palestine’s charter over you racist, anti-life, child-killing, genocidal regime, that commits war crime after war crime (prove me wrong). Israel has attained that so-coverted title of “most hated nation in the world”.
            The world is on Palestine’s side– not yours, troll

          • Obsessive Cat Disorder

            And frankly, I believe that the US holds the most hated nation in the world title.

          • Richie Rich

            At least you are honest about. Now it is in writing for all to behold – you pledge your allegiance to Anti-Christ. Good for you! Bravo.

          • Aj Hollis

            Mate you are pushing propaganda that is now transparent in it’s reversal of the truth. The true Semite Jews live in peace with there Muslim cousins in the very states that you refer to as primative. Their level of social and technical developement has more than a little to do with the murderous interfeerence of Criminal war mongering regimes of Britain and the USA, both of which are puppets of the afore mentioned false Jew Money Lenders.

          • LexRex Mann

            Well, being anti-Israel will get you labeled as “anti-semitic” anyway, as they all try to play the victim, all over again. Don’t you just feel SO guilty?

          • Obsessive Cat Disorder

            Ok. I DO agree that Israel had no right to invade Gaza in the first place. And they were told over and over by the rest of the world to vacate and never did. I will give you that. Just like we should never have gotten into Vietnam or Iraq. But Palestine is guilty of war crimes as well. They are by no means lily pure and they are part of the most evil religious and political organization in the world Islam. They are not, in my opinion, victims because 2 wrongs don’t make a right. So if you are going to throw stones at Israel, be sure to leave a whole pile of rocks for the Palestinians.

          • Richie Rich

            When Jews rise up and begin mass executions, beheadings, child-murder, rape, forced conversions, etc. etc. ad nauseum, then I will probably begin to reverse my opinion. Until then, it remains clear the scourge of the planet is in the form of a massive deception called Islam. A political ideology dressed up as a quasi-religion that seeks to control and enslave everyone, and eliminate by any means necessary anyone who disagrees with it. Have fun with that.

          • Nick Telfer

            Looks like a rather hysterical and gross overstatement to me. Richie Rich. At least half of what you claim if not more could equally apply to the Zionists who falsely lay claim to Palestine and enjoy watching from the sfety of a high vantage point their forces rain down phosphorous bombs on women and chidren

          • LexRex Mann

            “Democratic and peace loving nation like Israel”– haha!! You mean genocidal and land-grabbing! Holy shit. I wonder what newly-born would swallow your lies. What, dragging familes out of their homes in the middle of the night, then demolishing the home, leaving the family on the street– then when they try, as the UN says they should because they’re under an ILLEGAL military occupation, and a brutal one at that– when they try to defend their families “by any means necessary”- as international law says they should– you label them “terrorists”.
            It’s none of your fucking business if any country in the ME is a “shithole”, if it’s a sovereign nation you stay the fuck out, and stop stealing all their land. THEIR land.
            I don’t care what you think of their way of life– that’s their business.

            Peace-loving! haha!! You hate everyone but Isarel– that’s the mentality rampant in Israel now. As an Israeli demonstrator in Hebron– in Palestine– holds up a sign, “KILLTHEM ALL” I bet you heartly agree, don’t you?

            Idiot troll.

          • Katherine Appello

            By right of history and covenant the land is Israel, and there never was a palestine nation or people. If anyone were throwing missiles etc.. at me, I’d be hitting back and hard every day. It is the Arabs that kill their own and create the situations that put their people in danger. Israel has the historical and covenant right. NO such nation or people as Palestine in history, none.

          • RobertDeLuce

            Bollocks, you hare brained dim wit

          • Aj Hollis

            Richie Rich Israel was not set up by The Rothschilds for the Semite Jews, it was set up to re-establish the Khazarian Crime State that terrorized the Near East a millenian ago. This Psychopatic Horde took on the mantle of False Jew 1200 years ago and has been giving the true Jews a bad name ever since.
            Did you ever wonder about their assumed tittle AshkenNazis Jews. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Schiff etc all false Jews that have caried humanity in one contrived war after another, using their favourite subversion, “False Flag Terrorism”. They belong in secure mental institutions for the criminally insane. True Semite Jews are just as much the targets of this Zionist Supremacist terror state as their Muslim brothers snd Sisters

          • Ann Magoon

            no one here is being anti-semitic, there are no pure blood hebrews involved. Khazarians and Zionists are not Hebrews.

          • Jerry Adkins

            No no Richie, that anti-Semitic bullshit doesn’t fly here when someone is talking about the crimes of Yahoo. Oh, and unlike your assessment of LexRex, the made up name, mine is Jerry D Adkins, Alvaton, KentuckyI’m in the book.

            You should refer to my post above.

          • RobertDeLuce

            I am a Jew, he was not being anti anything, but speaking the truth, Israel does own America, and in Israel thay laugh at America for being the fools that they are.

      • Jerry Adkins

        Okay Fred, I would be interested in knowing all about your combat experience. I mean, I’m sure you’re not like most of the hawks who have never experienced combat, I’m sure right?

    • Patricia

      So what are you all going to do? Vote for Trump or Hillary or Bernie like you are being led to do, or are you going to do what I am doing and vote Libertarian? If you vote for any of those three, you are voting for the Democrats and the NWO. No matter what Trump says, he’s only in the race so Hillary can win. He is beginning to show his hand now and will continue to do so more and more after the Republican convention. Lincoln was a third party candidate during a time in our history that was quite similar to what we are experiencing now. The two party system had melded into one and there was racial unrest. Certainly not the kind of racial unrest we have today but racial none the less. Be bold and cast your vote for Gray Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. He is polling at 11% and has a good solid base. Any other third party does not have the base to pull this off.

      • Joan Aries Robinson

        You’re full of SHITE. Trump is fighting the NWO DAILY and if you can’t see that then you are the brainwashed zombie you accuse others of being. GET A GRIP, learn some TRUTH in history before you go mouthing off and embarassing yourself. Libertarians are nice enough people but there’s good reasons why none ever really made any marks in politics, they have NO BALLS. Polling at 11%….wowie…..he’s gonna win by a landslide!!!! NOT……just another handoff to Shrillary if voting for them.
        You’re DREAMING dahling…..WAKE THE F UP!

        • Aj Hollis

          Trump supports the NWO’s most vile weapons, the False Jews Zionists and Rothschild’s Terror State Israel.

          • Joan Aries Robinson

            Blah blah blah, another misguided poorly educated fool reveals his ignorance.

      • Aj Hollis

        Johnson supports private prisons, so what makes you believe he like Trump is anything other than more controlled opposition.

      • Sherry Hoggle

        Problem is that if you vote for a non-viable candidate then you are helping to get Hillary or Bernie elected. Trump was not my first (or even second and third choice) but.. of the 3 that one of will definitely BE the president then Trump is the better choice..

        • Michael Martinez

          Just stop. If you knew how destructive this line of thought was, you would be ashamed of yourself.

      • Richie Rich

        If he was pro NWO he would not be so hated by the establishment. Make America Great Again is not a pro NWO statement.

    • Warrior
    • Leigh Reed II

      No I disagree I’m a white male 49 year old vet with 4 kids and 4 grandkids and I want something different to leave my kids and grandkids not the sorry-ass state or country is in right now being run by corrupt politicians listening to crooked corporations and doing their bidding we didn’t fight a war with Iraq we went in and murdered them there is no terrorists no weapons of mass destruction no Al-Qaeda ties but there was lots of oil before the war 95% owned by the Iraqi people after the war 99% owned by foreign petroleum companies imagine that Afghanistan before the war had opium almost wiped out after the war this year the highest production of opium in history in Afghanistan that is not what I want to leave my children and you shouldn’t either

    • Ruud Hagedoorn

      And what have US done for the world or you keep hanging in time 1945?

    • Jerry Adkins

      B. K. ILK? What don’t you like one bit? What will you not stand for or obey? Apparently you believe in American exceptionalism something every great empire, has believed before their fall now as for our accomplishments what, pray tell, are you talking about? Yes, the American people have done some good things but in no way can we let that whitewash our endless wars of aggression and regime change, drone assassinations of world leaders and whoever else may be standing around looking suspicious. No scumbag will take that away from you? Damn, somewhat paranoid, aren’t you.

      Oh yes you want to wave credentials, okay. Disabled decorated Vietnam combat veteran, tour of duty in Vietnam 68-69 then went on to Europe. So no, I cannot say I agree with you. Well, at least not until you answer the above questions so I can know for sure exactly what you’re trying to say. But if you are simply championing this erroneous notion of American exceptionalism. Then my friend not only are we not on the same page. We are not even in the same book.

    • Jerry Adkins

      Just curious as to why you felt it necessary to identify your ethnicity? Would a black man or a Muslims opinion be less valid than yours?

    • Master Chief

      Agree 100%.What we have are leaders who are gutless,and soulless.Long time overdue to taking this Country back from these Heathens.

    • RobertDeLuce

      Other than war and genocide, 20 million foreign National murdered since 1945, the continued arming of Israel, a nasty Nazi, Zionist, racist child murdering place, what exactly has America done. ,

    • Mark Paver

      If it wasn’t for America invading any country you can steal oil from, there would not be the unrest in the world that you cowards hide from. Just vote for Trump and reap what you sow.

    • Delvin Edwards

      Without a doubt if Hillary wins our borders will be opened and they will try what is happening in Germany and France which is a mess. They want to bring us to our knees like a 3rd world country and establish their control over us. I’m not going out like that. Black people see what’s happening and my ancestors were here before Columbus’ name was mentioned.

    • Lisa

      I agree

    • RobertDeLuce

      Deluded idiot.

    • Blart

      The US is a bunch of materialistic, sociopathic, narcissistic, drug addicts. I am a teacher and see it everyday. Parents put themselves first, and drugs!! We are pathetic, we have the highest prison rate in the world, Kids for Cash scandles throughout our courts, consume 80% of the worlds opioids. You need to pull your head out of the sand. You are brainwashed if you think we are exceptional at anything but propaganda..

    • Eric Wright

      unfortunately you are brainwashed BK and you are spreaded propaganda! Being grown man you should know dam well by now that the US Government are world terrorists!

    • saracen

      Why are you so blindly proud of the united states of satan?. Your country is the most evil, satanic, racist country in the world (second only to satan israel). All of your ‘founding fathers’ were freemasons (ie – satanists). The freemasonry devilry is emblazoned in every aspect of your country. The satanic freemason symbols are on your dollar bill, on most company logos and on your street designs. Heck, Washington DC street layout is fashioned in the shape of a pentagram and other masonic/satanic symbols. Don’t forget that your white European ancestors were illegal immigrants who brutally oppressed and murdered the indigenous North American Indians and drove them (and their bison) almost to the point of extinction. You stole the land of the rightful heirs (North American Indians) and claimed it as your own land. You are evil, racist, disgusting, uneducated, uncivilised, war mongering people. No wonder usa loves israel so much because you are both evil twins from the same evil pod (the khazar-zionists have brutally oppressed, terrorised and murdered the Palestinians and continue to steal more and more of Palestinian land).

    • Jacqui Butterworth

      America presidents have ruined the world along with UK in interfering and bombing other countries -I am English and not proud of it!

    • Mollie Norris

      John Kerry, whose family name was originally Kohn, a Moldavian Jew who was supported by Boston Catholics as an Irish Catholic, married to Theresa Heinz, whose great-grandfather was kabalist Rabbi Jonah Loeb, the creator of the golem story.
      some info here:

      • Poupon Marx

        Small wonder he was a complete traitor, subversive, and self-promoting narcissistic sociopath.

  • Debra Brooks

    Maybe his humble beginning made PUTIN who he is today and the GOOD he is displaying! I think so highly of him! Thank U PUTIN

    • Lisa


  • Joseph Julius Lynch

    Unless he actually is Vril hosted then you have a problem…

    • LexRex Mann

      Why need he be hosted by a Vril? Will they overpower him, is that what you’re saying?

      • Joseph Julius Lynch

        No what I’m saying is if he’s Vril hosted he’s part of the big picture as in controlled opposition for them. Now this is pure speculation and probably more believable he is a clone but I’ve heard a few times that he may be hosted instead. There is a great interview with Donald Marshall that talks about Putin on Only the plus version of the interview contains that second hour that talks more of the world leaders but it’s very interesting. I can’t say any of it is true first hand but it would make a lot of sense if it was. This is the hour portion of the interview…

  • Deb

    Thank you, Mr. Putin and the sooner the better. 🙂

  • beetsville

    I challenge anyone to give me good reason why Vladimir Putin should not be considered a more honorable person than Barack Obama.

    • LexRex Mann

      Western mainstream media say he’s evil, used chemical weapons on his own people, killing tens of thousands, and quashes any uprising with mass murder.
      So I believe every word they say, because they never lie, and they’re always right

  • Big “G”

    You got my support, Putin give them hell:)


  • Kchuck

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the Russian president acts more American than the American president.

    • LexRex Mann

      He’s not owned by Israelis

      • Kchuck

        That is a comment by someone infected by the bacterium “imbecillium”.
        Obama is anti-Israel to the core.

        Israel is the only true friend the U.S. has. Not just in the Middle East but anywhere.

        • Michael Martinez

          Israel is to America as North Korea is to China.

        • Aj Hollis

          He does their bidding, whether he likes it or not

  • Fred JARROLD

    The new world order,an idea of the 3rd world criminally run organization,backed by the Saudi Arabins,world’s worst human rights abusers.Just voted into the UN’s Human Rights Committee.Let’s disband this outlaw organization permanently…Destroy it If need be.

  • faxxmaxx

    This is a really empty article. What has Putin done to fight the Illuminati? Where’s the information? Aside from repeating the headline and first paragraph no less than three times, I’ve learned exactly nothing.

    • LexRex Mann

      It’s about the poll, which the headline clearly shows.

      • faxxmaxx

        The headline says The world gets behind Putin’s vow to destroy the Illuminati, but it doesn’t say how. If the headline said New poll puts Putin on Top, then it’s about the poll. See how that works?

        • Aj Hollis

          GIVING the world an alternative to the fraudulent Petro Dollar, bombing the scrap out of ISIS the terror weapon of triad of terror regimes, Britain, US and Israel. Protection the Syrian people from the murderous bombing of the NATO criminak terror regimes. How many examples do you need before you stop playing the pipers tune?

  • Robin Patti-Bellocchio

    The us government Establishment is corrupt and hates it’s own people! They plot with bankers to take down our country, go Putin

  • chuck morrow


  • caligirl1960

    You mean it resonates with the governments around the world! the people don’t want it!

  • Lorraine Boyer

    Just hope Vlad ships over some AK rounds, for those who are going to resist, when the civil war starts.

  • Ed McGaa

    110 Combat Missions Marine F4 Pilot out of Chu Lai, Volunteered for my combat Tour- Likewise earlier as enlisted back then- Korea. We need a Dictator to get things very necessarily DONE. DT or Bernie if Winner need to declare Martial Law the 2nd Day after the Parade if the Iluminati have not Dallas/LBJ’d them by then. We don’t need Congress to be hamstringing and Diluting the POS. Hillary? She’d never do it.

  • Ed McGaa

    Love it! Putin will back the Kurds. Their women don’t wear any GD female lowering Head Scarves in their All Women combat units. These gals take no ISIS prisoners. Congrats Gals from a combat Marine. How did I go from a Corporal packing an M-1 to Driving an F4 in Nam. I went to college to any skeptical stupid shits. I didn’t come back from Korea with a Hard on and Marry Mabel, Hazel, Wanda etc- no April or Megans back then. Marine recruiter came to my college. Gave a physical and said I was qualified to fly.


    Americans are unique and special………. and we’ll tell you that, any time. We are just like other nations. Russia is unique. England is unique. China is unique. Etc. Our methods of governing are different and our social standards vary, but we all seem to have one thing in common: WE LIKE OUR UNIQUENESS!!

    The PEOPLE of Planet Earth do not want to be grouped together as one people. We don’t want to give up our individuality. We don’t want to have one world govt, and one group of all-powerful “puppet masters” that we have to obey. But I don’t believe that those who are behind the push toward a NWO are from one specific group, like the Illuminati, or the Freemasons, or any of those secret societies that many wealthy people belong to. I don’t think they have clandestine meetings to plan the overthrow of the PEOPLE. I don’t believe that their plans are that well organized…… YET! But they are working on it.

    The dangerous group that we need to be aware of are those we call “Millennials.” No, they aren’t the evil planners. They are the innocent ones who just happen to be the first group of adults who have been indoctrinated all through school. They were easy targets because many of them had parents who were too busy to be parents, who allowed their kids to be “taught” and conditioned by “the system.” Their views were formed by public school systems, and the public schools are governed by …….. governments!! They are the blind followers who accept their teachers’ values and opinions, and oppose their parents’ morals. They are the new “Manson family” who will do as their leaders have brain-washed them to do, and never see the harm in it. And they will raise the next generation to do the same. These are the people we have to watch, because once they are fully indoctrinated, there is no bringing them back.

    Look around. There is this sudden push for “equality”, but it isn’t intended for the good of PEOPLE. It’s to create one type of person, with billions of copies. It’s so much easier to deal with a crowd, whenever they all think and act alike. When they have different views and insist on being individual, they are all over the map, and too hard to control. So, we must accept the same lifestyles, remove anything that identifies us as something different than anyone else. (Think… banning of gender-based restrooms. Is it for the LGBTs, or is it to force everyone to accept that they are all the same?)

    Putin is on the right track. To stop the NWO from happening, a lot more people need to accept it as a real threat, and they need to fight against everyone who wants to herd us into one big pen. Now would be a great time for an individuality campaign to begin…… so we all acknowledge our differences and embrace them. I’ll be interested to see what Putin has in mind to combat the NWO.

    • milenica

      Great comment! I very much appreciated the “equality” part, as it is totally up to the point, and many fail to get it….a human person can not be classified and should resist the media created “need to belong and identify”… thanks!

  • usaok59

    No sarcasm here, but it’s a sad day when I put more faith in the Russian leader than I do our American “leader,” and I use the term loosely.

  • Apple Plexi

    Maybe Putin doesn’t want NWO because they won’t let him in? It makes no difference to me. If he and Trump are allied, they can stop this global tyranny.

  • bkungl

    Someone needs to step up to the plate…it’s quite obvious that our idiotic governments are going to do anything.

  • Senorcitizen

    There is no need of the USA becoming Socialists or Communists, but there is a need to remain friends with our WW2 allies. After viewing the direction of the USA government in their leadership, we do not want a dictatorship whatsoever. We must
    consider suggestions that our allied world leaders have to offer. We must first focus on the entire middle eastern disruption causing serious problems throughout the world. First, the world must get all these trouble making muslims back to the middle east and let them live and let live. Stop importing their oil to your countries, as we all move on to another form of energy.

  • Derian Jones

    i hope its true but seems like nato and un are trying to start war with russia, cuz the obamanation threatens them, how u may ask, well look at what he has done, taken democratic states and made them into dictatorships, like turkey is now, so he can go along the border of russia to start war so he can get new world order, that means 1 world governmaent, 1 world religion, no more choices for any one, we just be slaves to the idiots, sad thing is in united states so many so stupid cuz the schools suck they cant even read what i am typing, so ill informed they just believe what the ass liar obamanation says, seems also like they dummied down the un and nato also

  • Aric Mack

    you ever think they are tracking every thing we do and say on these types of web sites so we can be put on there secret list?

    • CLMAZ

      You know, Aric, I have actually thought about that. But with hundreds of millions of people on the internet, it would be impractical to go after the ones who say things like “obama is an asshat and I hope someone blows his family jewels to hell” They are concentrating on signs of coups, or plans for terrorist attacks against the govts, or recruitment efforts for such attacks. They want a “sting” that will take hundreds of people at one time, possibly with international connections. We may agree that obama is an anti-American mutant with a butt-ugly wife….. but we haven’t banded together to form a militia and rise up to overthrow the govt. From our little computers, we can’t do much harm. They want the people who not only talk the talk, but also, walk the walk. So, speak-on. In my opinion, it’s your right as a human being to voice your opposition to, or praise of, the govts of this world.

  • AJ The Hawaiian


  • Jan Ryan

    Putin Is To Be Much Admired, He Went Straight For The Gut When He Kicked The Banking NWO Rothchilds Out Of Russia. This Is One Man That Is A Big Credit To His Country And The World At Large. From His Humble Beginnings To His Present Status, He Has Tried To Make His Country Excel And Do Away With All Of The Old Ways. I Do NOT Believe Anything Our Media Puts Out About Him, Nor Anything Else They Have To Say. It’s Controlled By NWO People. I, Like Most Americans Admire Anyone Who Won’t Take Crap And Get In There And Fight For Whst You Believe In!

  • TrumpGodzillaRising

    Now they have Trump to deal with too, determined to form an alliance with Putin. Neoliberals ARE FVCKED. The New World Order is OVER. When they start to be assassinated one by one, this will be a great day.

  • Addy Jones

    I rally for that man for being strong enough to stand up to the cabal that was once our government. At least Putin doesn’t have death camps for his people like our government.

  • rinossuck

    I’m very much a Putin fan.

  • gatekeeper96740

    The mainstream media blasts Putin for his love of the traditional family.
    As if that is something Outrageous!?

  • 062014

    Illuminati???? I just can’t rally behind a former KGB agent: I believe in humanity and freedom.

  • Faucon Noir

    I think a Putin/Trump alliance will finally put the last nails in the Global Kabal’s coffin.

  • Elanie Fletcher

    I was told by so many media, people who think Russia is a communist hell hole and bigots that Putin was bad. That he was going to kill us all. That Russia and Putin wanted to launch nuclear bombs at us, that he wanted us all ‘red’ or dead. So I did my own research ( I’m like that, I like to form my own opinion by finding out the real facts) and what I have found is what I was told by the media etc. was a load of bullshit. Scare tactics, hyperbole, rumour mongering and down right lies.
    He loves his country, he cares greatly for this people, he is highly intelligent, compassionate, honest and a hard worker. He is a breath of fresh air in the stale world and on the world stage.
    Keep going Mr Putin. Don’t let the bastard win. I’m with you all the way

  • usc440

    Putin is only half bad,….he needs to get out of ukraine

  • Roseanne Largent


  • darthvadersmom

    I gave up trying to find comments about the article after 6 posts.

  • Dirk Smith

    LOL. A mongol-muscovite troll supporting the Tambov mafia currently in the Kremlin. Got it.

  • Peter Quill

    Putin is a Soviet Freemason. He became one when he was 24. We love what he does and how he does it. We are proud of his association with our Fraternity. So mote it be!

  • RobertDeLuce

    The day the US is nuked and destroyed, then the greater World will be a safer place.

  • Okunola Olatunde

    The. New world order must be destroy, even US and Israel deserve to be destroyed too.

  • TimmyT

    There is no question in my mind. The dark Government runs the US and Europe but cannot touch Russia and Putin. Who would of ever thought a Russian leader taking on the anti christ.. Get em Putin!! We are behind you 110%% Thanks for being a real man and not selling out the human race like our politicians do!!

  • newsnose

    It is my hope that Trump will join him and Syria and others to destroy the NWO and the EU which it has gained control of. Biden spoke at Devon to the World Order – one statement he made is that he and Obama would not let destruction happen. Now we all know for sure who was behind pushing O into office and the democrats who backed him must surely know and are part of it.

  • barbaragol

    I really comes down if you are with the Zionists or with Christainity. I sure hope Putin is not beholden to Israel like the US.

    • plusaf

      or if you support democracy or theocracy…
      yep, your choice.
      I know which one is MY choice…

  • Ralf Yuri

    Putin has done things right, but remember; Hero is not one who fights the enemy, but one who does not let the enemy escape.

  • Dave

    The sheeple have spoken. We want our power back and the lies and corruption to end. We want peace and freedom. We want technology released to enable our plant to thrive and not die. Pollution and destruction of wildlife to end. We want the evil on this plant gathered up and exicuted for there crimes against us and every country to control there own foreign policy.

  • HWR
  • John C Carleton

    I do not know Putin beyond what i have read, what i read between the lines, what i understand about him by his actions. No saint. A saint would have already been crucified by the zionist West USA Federal Empire. Coming up the hard way can make one the largest crook in the world, being poor, working struggling, used to justify abusing and stealing, murdering. It can also make one put their own butt on the line in the fight of evil, oppression, mass murders through Usury Bankers planned wars.

    If Putin is not an old soul, fighting evil as he has done in other lives, he has me completely fooled. Not infallible with my gut feelings, but i have learned to trust my instincts. My instincts tell me if not for Putin, the zionist banker scum would have already kicked off WW 3.

    • angrywhiteman

      100% CORRECT

  • CharlieSeattle

    Ya, ya, ya…………The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    It will not work out as planned.

  • Mike sha

    Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on or what religion you keep we are all at the mercy of the global elite that control the money. Putin’s making sense and we should stop letting the globalist mainstream media divide us.

  • saracen

    Not wonder the united states of satan is always attacking ‘vlad the impaler pukin’.

  • Geno Ferri

    What kind of bullshit is being shouted about Putin! He is and has always been the same piece of KGB crap that he is. Man so many Soviet trolls out there now.

  • Lance Elago

    Trump will go down as tge Best president ever! I love u Trump

  • Lance Elago

    Trump and Putin against the Corrupt career politicians, NWO, EU, UN, Illuminatis, George Soros, Rothschild, Muslim brotherhood etc..

  • Jacqui Butterworth

    Putin has got my vote