Wife Puts Husband’s Penis In Garbage Disposal After Catching Him Rape Child

The woman who cut off her husband's penis and put it in her garbage disposal unit after she caught him raping her 7-year-old child has been released by police without charge.

The woman who cut off her husband’s penis and put it in her garbage disposal unit after she caught him raping her 7-year-old child has been released by police without charge as “no complaints have been made against her,” according to reports.

The mother-of-two, from Lafayette, Indiana, told state police that she came home to find her husband, the stepfather of her two children, molesting her youngest while the older child was sleeping.

Telling officers that her husband was so drunk he fell asleep on the sofa “with a smirk on his face” while she was “raging at him with all I had inside me“, she then explained to officers why she decided to take matters into her own hands.

At first I was going to get my brother to come around and kill him, but that would be letting him off lightly… Now I know he’ll never do it again.

Police were called to the house in a Lafayette neighborhood after a neighbor reported hearing “bloodcurdling screams” coming from the “usually quiet” family house.

The woman who raised the alarm said, “It sounded like a scene from a slasher film except the screaming didn’t stop.

Neighbors said the usually calm and peaceful mother, who is known in the neighborhood for practicing yoga in the local park at sunrise, was still screaming at her husband as he was being stretchered into the back of an ambulance.

One of his testicles was also severed during the attack, and although doctors said the injuries are not life-threatening, they described them as “life-changing”.

Indiana State Police spokesperson Sgt. Kim Riley said Tuesday that police do not have plans to charge the woman for the attack, stating that she was free to go after giving a statement as “no complaints have been made against her“.

Sgt. Riley confirmed that authorities are in receipt of a sexual assault complaint against the husband and they are currently investigating.


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