Bill Gates Admits “Vaccines Are Best Way To Depopulate”

Bill Gates says that vaccinations are the best way to depopulate humanity

Bill Gates has openly admitted that vaccinations are designed so that governments can depopulate the world.

Gates says that in order to successfully depopulate an “overcrowded world” at least 350,000 must be killed each day, and he says this can be done via vaccine programs.


Vaccines are one of the biggest public health victories in human history. People are exceedingly reliable to it for eradicating illness and reducing the incidence of new infections of diseases such as polio, diphtheria, measles, rubella, rotavirus and many others.

However, despite this public health success, irrational anti-vaccine sentiments based on ignorance and fear mongering continues to exist. They do more harm than good. Vaccines and general improvements in health care availability increase the living standards of individuals.

Vaccination – to reduce population! (Bill Gates… by wslnow

Bill Gates expound on how we must all consent to a ‘kill the humans’ strategy, to ‘save the planet’ from the carbon dioxide we make. See his lips move. I’m not kidding.

It is not a new thing that some parents wouldn’t want their children to be vaccinated. They say that it is just wrong to inject their kids with a VIRUS—no matter what state it may be. They perceive it as making their children SICK. Physicians say otherwise as they believe that getting vaccinated will make one’s immune system ‘aware’ of viruses so that when it comes into contact with the body, our white blood cell ‘soldiers’ would know how to defend them. And for years, the doctors have been quite successful in convincing many people of this premise.

But now, a recent study puts to light a not-so-new problem with vaccines. And it is mainly because its adjuvant ‘Aluminum’ may be doing more harm than good.

Chemicals that are commonly used in the production of vaccines, according to the CDC, are done so to improve the effectiveness of the vaccine. Adjuvants like aluminum (one of the most common) are a component of vaccines that potentates the immune response to an antigen. The adjuvant is basically used to invoke the desired immune response.

Aluminum has been added to vaccines for approximately 90 years, and since then, a lot of controversy, especially in recent years, has emerged regarding their safety and effectiveness.

This controversy comes as a result of a number of recent studies (some of which are presented in this article) outlining clear concerns over the use of aluminum in this manner, as well as the fact that over the past few years, billions of dollars have been paid to families with vaccine injured children.

There are a number of reasons why more parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

This is quite concerning, given the fact that recommended immunization rates have more than doubled in the past few decades. In some developed countries, by the time a child is 4 to 6 years old, they will have received a total of 126 antigenic compounds, along with high amounts of aluminum adjuvants through routine vaccinations.

Here are some eye-opening reasons why so many people are starting to question the safety of administering vaccines that contain aluminum.

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  • commonlaw

    I would not want to be in your shoes when I meet my maker. As far as I’m concerned they can bury you with your money. Evil piece of work.

  • Olatunji Mwamba

    Bill Gates is a Demon.

  • GuruGurian

    since when is Bill Gates a doctor and why the fuck is Sanjay who is a doctor interviewing him as if he is?

    • Darwin K. Hoop

      Well, because the Gates Foundation essentially bought NPR, PBS Newshour, and the mainstream media through “grants” with stipulations. True story.

      • Pat Wisniewski

        more ppl need to know this. can you post more maybe sources

    • Pat Wisniewski

      they’re paid well that’s why

  • faustinaagatha

    While I agree that there are folks in high places who would use nefarious means to reduce world population, I don’t think that is what Gates means here. Rather the idea is if you reduce child mortality, such as that which is caused by viruses, people are more apt to voluntarily limit family size because they gave more confidence that the children that they do have will survive.

    • kamunrah

      You’re stupid.

      • Kyle Evan Madsen

        What are you, 5? Calling somebody stupid only because they have an opinion different than yours? And then you don’t have the balls to come up with a counterargument? SMH.

      • Pat Wisniewski

        I second that

  • Kathy Mack

    This is ridiculous. What Mr Gates means by “reducing population growth” is that poor, rural families will have less children. These families often have a lot of children due to high infant and childhood mortality rates – they die from often preventable diseases.

    Because of vaccines, polio is almost completely eradicated, small pox is gone. The rate of measles infection was also way down until paranoid people stopped vaccinating their children.

    • Dmax Lomax

      See that’s just the sadistic actions we are talking about with these big corporations that Gates and others own. They are part of the reason why we have so many poor in this land of the wealthy. Sure these corps will donatecharity, but their greed is what has this nation in the state it’s in today. There is no reason why we have the poverty that exists in this very wealthy nation. GREED is what’s killing this country from the inside out, not the poor rural or urban families.

    • Hameed

      Well said

    • Darwin K. Hoop

      This is all Planned Parenthood propaganda and should it surprise anyone that Gates would hew closely to it since he was raised in a PP home? There is no statistical difference between those who received otherwise toxic measles jabs and those who didn’t when analyses are actually undertaken of populations of those afflicted with measles. Those who have recently received measles jabs are widely suspected to be the number one source of infection via viral shedding. You have much to learn Ms. Mack. It is bad enough you vaccinated your children. Coping with that cognitive dissonance by encouraging others to make the same mistake is sin.

      • Pat Wisniewski

        well said

    • Pat Wisniewski

      proof has been posted that proves those dz were eradicated before immunizations and it takes intelligence to understand the truth. you’re just paraphrasing what someone else has said

  • Carla Graham

    There are additives in the vaccines sent to third world countries that cause sterility. That is what Bill Gates is talking about.

    • Darwin K. Hoop

      I wouldn’t bet you a dollar that we do not get loads of the same Depo-Provera-laced vaccines here. Probably depends upon your zip code.

  • ibutcherii

    The Wealthy are circling their wagons in America and the World. To protect their insatiable appetite for the luxuries of The World, they have to thin the herd/world population: No to jobs, No to higher wages, No to welfare, No to healthcare, No to daycare, No to school lunch, No to prenatal care, Sterilization, etc…

  • Darwin K. Hoop

    Say what you want about Gates’ real meaning. But this video convinces me more than ever that his is a genocidal eugenicist. Here, he intentionally perpetuate several lies about Andrew Wakefield and knowingly lies about the mortality of measles. Measles kills *no one* in western cultures. It is no more serious than a cold. Those who receive the jab are just as likely to get measles as any one else. Those who are near someone who has received a measles jab are far, far more likely to get measles than anyone else. Moreover, the current vaccines are known to create selection for hybrids that are resistant to vaccines. The CDC’s VAERS database tells its own horror story. There was one *possible* death from measles in the US over the most recent surveillance decade. But the vaccine KILLED over 100 and injured thousands. Gates is literate and interested enough to know that Wakefield has been vindicated and that the way he is talking about measles is a pile of feces. Therefore, he’s a profiteering liar at best. Considering his family has been pro-eugenics for generations, and that his polio vaccine–an old type he was advised not to use–is now thought to be causing widespread polio outbreaks in India, I would not be too quick to assume he has anything like benevolent motives. Be very, very careful about letting the fraudulent, malevolent, money-hoarders like Gates, Soros, Kissinger, etc. be the ones to dictate the genetic future of our species. These are men who had to amass great power and wealth to gain mates in the first place and it would be foolish to think their so-called philanthropic activities to be absent the reproductive self-interests without which they would never have been conceived in the first place.

    • Pat Wisniewski

      love this … “had to amass great power and wealth to gain mates”

  • Darwin K. Hoop

    I think Mr. Gates owes it to us all to permit us to grab his vaccines off the shelf and to administer them to him and to his entire family of money hoarders. National TV. Then, he has to chipped and accompanied for 30 days so he doesn’t head off for dialysis. I’ll feel much better about this if he submits to a public vaccination with what he is dealing in India and under these circumstances. If he won’t do it, nobody should.

  • John Zolis

    Mr. Gates thinks that vaccines and better healthcare have the net effect of reducing population growth because people have fewer children when they expect them to survive. This is supported by data linking increasing health with a decrease in birth rate. The most dramatic demonstration of this is in many European countries where standard of living is high and population growth has dropped below what is necessary to maintain the population. So by increasing worldwide health using vaccination and healthcare we can in the long term decrease population growth. Increased access to reproductive health care can also facilitate this.

    • richard

      yes and no, vaccines in north America especially the states are lace with shit like mercury, aluminum, msg, formaldehyde etc. and things that increase the risk of sterility/decrease fertility!

      • John Zolis

        Formaldehyde hmm cigarettes
        Aluminium hmm deodorant!
        mercury any fish you eat!
        You’re point? Just saying and as far as a proponent of vaccines I’m not one at least not one of current vaccines but to be against first gen vaccines like polio you have to be a moron!

        • richard

          many fich usually only have really low levels of mercury and that’s pretty much only in salt water fish….cigerettes i don’t smoke never have, most don’t smoke them anyway. aluminum is in antiperspirant, i use just deodorant or baking soda mixed with a little citrus juice like lime or lemon

    • Pat Wisniewski

      why not just give them condoms then

      • John Zolis

        I’m not saying that the vaccines are a method of population control, but on the condom reference in countries that have a increase in birth rates due to religious beliefs they are opposed to forms of birth control

  • sylva portoian

    I think this is a lie on him ….I’m a pediatrician …and I know if you stop vaccines ….there will be more handicap in the world …Havi you seen polio cases …have you forgot those cases…???

    • richard

      yes and no, vaccines in north America especially the states are lace with shit like mercury, aluminum, msg, formaldehyde etc. and things that increase the risk of sterility/decrease fertility

    • Pat Wisniewski

      do you ignore all the vaccine injured children doctor. actually i’m quickly growing to very much dislike and distrust doctors and i’m not alone

  • John Hanna

    One problem with this article is it said 350,000 per day need to die, but that is the number of people that already die each day with our population heading for 7.5 billion.

  • Pat Wisniewski

    it’s my opinion that Gates is a sociopathic idiot. just watching his stupid grin makes me sick. ppl do not routinely die from measles! believe it folks. and the kids he’s talking from war torn countries are being used for experiments. where is Bill Gates medical degree

  • Lucy Mauterer

    Aluminum is not the only additive to vaccines. They add a chemical that eliminates vitamin D in the body, effectively destroying the immune system altogether. Doctors in Florida who discovered this are turning up dead all over the place.

  • Ace

    Thank you for this article. Sharing! Please keep up the great work.

  • TheCatholicGirl .

    The interesting thing is that these elites are operating under the belief system that the universe is finite. Why would an infinite God create a finite universe? He would not. Oh, that’s right the elites think they are god and they are finite, so, so must the universe. The pesky fact is God exists whether you believe in Him or not. So do the laws of the universe. The universe is infinite and this genocide will have infinite negative consequences, as it always does, for all of eternity. The arrogance of man. God will not destroy the world, man will and the elites are the destroyers. Pure evil.