Bolivia Becomes First South American Country To Ban Rothschild Banks

Bolivia has kicked the Rothschild banks out of their country as President Eva Morales begins the process of gaining financial independence.

Bolivia has become the latest country to kick the Rothschild banks out of their country, with President Evo Morales announcing that Bolivia will no longer respond to pressure or financial blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-controlled international banking institutions.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and US-dominated World Bank have been major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 1944. These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies.

Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment.

Bolivia have become the first South American country to grow wise to the ruse. They have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country.

True Activist reports:

Before Evo Morales assumed the office of president, Bolivia was suffering from the effects of IMF/World Bank-imposed austerity and privatization that exploited its people and resources. It was also South America’s poorest nation. Though the Bolivian people, through strong showings of popular resistance over a period of years, were able to stop some of the worst privatization efforts – particularly the privatization of the nation’s water supply, many of the shackles imposed by these Rothschild-controlled institutions remained.

Rothschild banks Bolivia
Bolivian president Evo Morales (right)

Morales, who became Bolivia’s 80th president in 2006, was the first president to come from Bolivia’s majority indigenous Aymara population and has since focused on poverty reduction and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in Bolivia. Ten years later, Morales, a Democratic socialist, has managed to transform Bolivia into the fastest growing South American economy all while maintaining a balanced budget and slashing its once-crippling government debt.

Bolivia’s newfound economic independence has now empowered Morales to reject the very same institutions that once preyed upon his country. Just a few weeks ago, Morales announced that Bolivia will no longer respond to the demands or blackmail of the United States, the World Bank, or the IMF.

During a visit to Tarija in Southern Bolivia, Morales said “Before, in order to obtain credit from the IMF, we were forced to give up a part of our country, but we have liberated ourselves economically and politically and we are no longer dependent on other countries or institutions.” Morales praised social movements and the people’s unity for the country’s ability to resist and reject privatization and foreign influence.

However, Bolivia has done much more under Morales’ leadership than ban international banking cartels from operating within it borders. Bolivia has kicked out numerous multi-corporations since Morales took office, including McDonalds and Coca Cola, while also refusing to cooperate with the US’ disastrous War on Drugs.

It is also devotes 14% of its national budget to education, the second most of any country in South America. In contrast, only 1.7% of the national budget goes to education in the US. Morales also forced foreign oil and gas companies to pay an astounding 82% of its profits to the Bolivian government, which is used to fund a variety of popular social programs benefiting the poor. Poverty in Bolivia has dropped significantly as a result. Bolivia’s transformation under Morales proves that any nation, no matter how impoverished, can throw off the shackles imposed by international bankers and return the power to the people.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • mike

    Smart people – my hat off to them

  • Amaris

    Rothschild banks should be be banned from every single country they cause nothing but debt and misery.

  • Ralf Yuri

    Brazil is surely the most robed nation by this mafia.
    Brazilian people is the most blinded by TV.
    The god of my people is the TV, that’s why we are in the dark of lies.

    • Jim Allen

      Brazil must be doing something right. The economy appears to have been destabilized. Along with Columbia.
      Chavez was wise to this, quite loud, and annoying to the Rothschilds, US, others.
      Bolivia, will likely be done the same way the ME countries have been by US/NATO, if not Ukraine.
      Secretary Clinton spent considerable time in South America, destabilizing Gov’ts..

      • Ralf Yuri

        Our later LEFTIST government stole our country as never before to finance communism along the whole Latin America.

        After the fall of the leftists our ingenuity caused to us to be taken by the fake RIGHTISTS which in fact is complicit with left.

        Our 35 political parties are 35 gangs and we are determined to extinguish them and send 95% of our congressmen to jail.
        It’s a huge job, but the people are waking up and assuming the Country.
        The greatest fear of governments is that the people find out that they do not need governments.

        • Shammua Mekonnen

          Salute Ralf, Salute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • David Hewitt

            Heil Hitler much?

        • David Hewitt

          ‘Leftists’ are about as real as the fucking Yeti.

  • American Gentleman

    Socialism is a long term path to failure, but at least they caught on to the game and had the guts to say no. Keep an eye on what actions will be taken against Bolivia. Don’t forget this. Keep your eye on media and politicians.

    • John

      As opposed to capitalism, or what? Socialism in terms of economic equality and stability is, at least in theory, the only logical economical system. Capitalism on the other hand is fundamentally flawed: infinite economical growth is simply impossible on a finite planet. And [economical] inequality is proven harmful not only for the poor, but for everybody in a community.

    • Shammua Mekonnen

      Sir, take your head out of your ASS. You apparently don’t know Bolivia had to fight very hard to KICK out the Water Magnets. If you knew the etymological definition of both ‘isms’, you would hope for the best for the men, women & children of BOLIVIA. Not raining on their parade talking about a “Long Term Path To Failure”. You can afford to talk, you benefit greatly from the exploitation of these Countries, you are a Citizen of one of those Nations, who would back an impending ouster of President Evo Morales.

    • David Hewitt

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Tim

    What is the reference for this news please?

    • Arrow Durfee

      Do a search… whats the matter? don’t believe anything unless it comes from lame stream media? Don’t you think Jew controlled lame stream media might have a reason for not wanting to report? Brazil, now faced with austerity like Greece, it is the sane pathway. I’m hoping it’s true..

  • Silence Calmed

    Ojala y sea sierto! esto convertiria a Bolivia en el #111 pais en la historia que al fin se desasen de el control judio! El resto del continente americano tienen que seguir este ejemplo, despues el resto del mudo. Si se puedo, los judios solo son una insignificante parte del genero humano, Y no se les puede destruir con amor, como muchos de ustedes piensan

  • Sand

    Good direction Bolivia, will not be easy, the oppressor will fight tooth an nail to regain control but keep fighting

  • Alex Daniel

    The world’s changing slowly slowly, people are waking up

  • Slamat Eks Gamat

    Bolivia’s decision to get rid of the most evil rothchild banking cartels is commendable. The jewish rothchilds are financial parasites. The IMF & WB with their security company, the USA, are evil gangsters with one purpose in mind to fully control the economy of the world. Other countries must emulate what Bolivia has done.

  • Shammua Mekonnen

    Great move, Nationalistic wise. I am with any Nation who does that. However, look for the economic assassins to roll in. The rest of the world need to do the right thing, kick them out. People are waking up, a GLOBAL REVOLUTION is on the way against the Banks, you wait and see.

  • David

    I looked hard, but couldn’t find a verified fact in this article. Given that socialism (i.e., government intervention in the economy) NECESSARILY leads to poverty, I’m gonna guess that either a) Bolivia has become less socialist on an overall basis, or b) will soon turn into Venezuela.

  • jorge massoud

    Bolivia se ha
    convertido en el último país en expulsar a los bancos Rothschild de su
    país, con el presidente Evo Morales anunciando que Bolivia ya no
    responderá a la presión o al chantaje financiero del gobierno de Estados
    Unidos ni de las instituciones bancarias internacionales controladas
    por Rothschild