Body Of CDC Doctor Who Exposed Flu Shot Found Floating In River

The body of the missing CDC doctor who warned this year’s flu shot was responsible for the deadly flu epidemic, was found in a river on Tuesday.

The body of the missing CDC doctor who controversially warned that this year’s “disastrous” flu shot was responsible for the deadly flu epidemic, was found in an Atlanta river on Tuesday evening.

Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham, 35, a team lead with CDC’s Division of Population Health, went missing on February 12th, according to Atlanta police, with family and police desperate for answers regarding his sudden disappearance.

Today police confirmed that his remains were pulled from the Chattahoochee River on April 3rd after being found by fishermen. He was found face up and covered in mud.

An autopsy has confirmed that the body belonged to the missing doctor.

In January, Dr. Cunningham shared his opinion that this year’s flu shot was behind the deadly outbreak of the flu, while warning that if his name was attached to the widely-circulated quotes, he would lose his job – or suffer an even worse fate.

Fulton County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Gorniak said on Thursday that they have not yet ruled out the possibility that Dr. Cunningham was murdered, and are waiting for more witnesses to come forward before they conclude their investigation.

It is also not yet known how Cunningham’s body ended up in its final location. 

“We may never be able to tell you how he got into the river,” Major Michael O’Connor told reporters during a press conference.

“We’re open to the idea that somebody could come forth with information that we have not previously been privy to.”

AOL reports:  Cunningham, a highly regarded epidemiologist at the CDC, disappeared without a trace after he left work mid-day in February, complaining of feeling ill.

After Cunningham failed to report to work or contact his family for two days following his disappearance, his parents, Terrell and Tia-Juana Cunningham, drove down to Georgia from their house in Maryland to check on their son.

When they arrived at his Atlanta home on Feb. 14, the couple found their son’s phone, keys, wallet, car and dog, with no trace of him in sight.

The unusual circumstances surrounding Cunningham’s disappearance baffled authorities for weeks until his remains were discovered on Tuesday.

  • Kane

    This is how they control their team .Its their morality. Its how they rule the world By Terror .

    • cb

      Pretty much.

  • TR3B

    Big Pharmacitical generated the Hit.

  • BJR1961

    Actually, the flu shot did not “CAUSE” the terrible outbreak of flu — this flu started early in Australia’s winter (our summer) AFTER we had developed the vaccine (which is just a guessing game of which influenza strains will be most dominant). Human error is never good, but the flu shot is the best we’ve got, and we guessed wrong this year… P.S. It was never a secret.

    • William Roach

      Your full of shit. This was a good man

    • Hank Jordan

      The Flu Shots are the cause of many issues, and the Democratic Foundation of CDC needs to be seen. Yes, the founders for CDC was the Democratic Party.
      Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham murder will cause trouble because Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham wrote a brief on how shots were used against blacks, and he exposed their lies.

      • BJR1961

        Well the CDC is a vital organization, so I am quite glad a Democrat started it. Someone had to. As an RN, I know full well the benefits of the CDC. I can’t find any of the conspiratorial things you mentioned about his mysterious death, but that is OK… and William, you sound full of shit too, since I never said anything about the good doctor one way or the other.

        • Ken Russell

          I too am a nurse, and long before this, or chemtrails became popular conversation, I THEORIZED that the CDC was a tool the government uses to test the effectiveness of biological warfare techniques. People get sick, go to the doctor, doctor reports to the CDC, military taps CDC for info, and voila, complete demographics at their fingertips.

          • Adam Mygrants

            Don’t be a fucking idiot.

          • AmyRR

            Why is that? You tell someone not to be an idiot, but you don’t say why you feel that way.

          • Adam Mygrants

            Fair enough.
            1: Contrails are pretty simple science.
            2: “personal knowledge” is …”someone I used to be married to, had a sibling, who was married to someone, who’s sister’s husband, had a job, that they didn’t say much to their own wife about” …well fuck, that makes this guy a god damn expert in the subject, right?
            3: The air force wants an expert in meteorology… and the ONLY thing this guy can think of as a use for that is poisoning the population in a conspiracy?

            This dude is off his medication.

          • Sarah Longlands

            Don’t you know that contrails are different to chemtrails?

          • Adam Mygrants

            Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory that contrails are really not contrails, but evil government spraying poison everywhere. …because these theory nut jobs don’t understand contrails and have not taken their meds.

          • Megan Brianna Diehl

            except if you look up unethical human experimentation in the United States, you will find documented instances of them actually doing that. educate yourself.

          • Adam Mygrants

            You’ll need to cite source to determine if You’re reading reality or conspiracy theory; but “someone did a thing one time” and “this is a daily occurance” are seporate statements. Obviously the military is going to research dispersal patterns with the cdc… it would be neglectful to not. …but It’s mostly defensive as we piss off 3rd world nations. I’m sure the CIA might utilize the info on occasion… but “finding out the effects of potential terrorist method effectiveness and poisoning your own people are as different as a rational theory and a mental patient’s conspiracy ramblings.

          • Leena

            Look up, I mean at our skies. See anything? There is sufficient information about chemtrails on the internet. It is not a conspiracy theory. They are spraying us to sell their drugs. Blue skies are rarely seen. There are so many pictures on the internet. Have a look, please. I follow the planes with a simple tool, my eyes. I see a plane followed by a trail of fumes go one way, come back, go the other way, come back, criss cross….Destination unknown, somewhere in the sky going nowhere. I always thought planes had a destination, somewhere else, a city, a lake retreat, some other country…Never did I think a destination was going back in forth right before me to go nowhere. And soon after this charade, skies are grey full of fumes, not looking like clouds but a spooky haze. They have been engineering weather for a long time. Without the internet I would never have thought this to be a possibility. Now I believe it is more than a possibility because I have witnessed daily. I thank the my lucky stars on a day where there is blue in the sky. Please just do a little research.

          • Adam Mygrants

            HAAAAHAHAHA. How much do you spend on tinfoil every week? Just reuse the same hat? The government is in a plot to sell drugs and control weather with air spraying huh? If only they were competent enough to pull off such a feat. What is it exactly you think they are spraying up there? You should tell a psychiatrist about your theory, now that you have “proof” of having read a thing on the internet.

          • MrsGrinnaside

            Okay speak on it!! I agree with this 100%

      • Mike Burke

        you’re a troll

    • Sean Ludford

      Actually, you are a full of shit LOSER. Crawl back in your sad little hole.

    • Shirley Childress Brown

      And you’re a liar and possibly had something to do with his murder. They think they got away with it but they will pay maybe through one of their family members.

      • Terry Simmons

        Agree they kill him

      • MrsGrinnaside

        right Karma.. that money business is dangerous, but they will have to pay one way or another.

    • MrsGrinnaside

      Whatever, that is what CDC wants you to believe. The doctor knew inside what was going on.

  • Pearl Carrington

    Dr. Cunningham was possibly poisoned at his place of employment, abducted from his residence ,murdered and his body dumped in the river! It wouldn’t be the first time a whistle blower mysteriously disappeared only to be discovered dead.

    • Shirley Childress Brown

      You’re exactly right Pearl Carrington, the CDC and Pharmaceutical Co that made the flu vaccine knew it and that’s why they killed this Dr but they’re going to sweep it under the rug and get away with murder, but I hope his parents don’t give up on it.

      • MrsGrinnaside

        right. they wanted the man dead for exposing the flu shot. When he told the neighbor to tell your wife to delete my number from her phone, that message was not to her but to someone else that he was sending that message through the neighbor. He knew it would be bizarre to the neighbor, and likely to be repeated once he went missing.

  • Lemb

    No flu shot for me

  • tc

    Without the name calling. I do find this whole situation concerning the Doctor disappearing and his being found dead to be very odd considering what unfolded before hand.

  • Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD

    I’m into my 35th year as a Family Doctor and something “WOKE ME UP” to realize that my education, training, and services are worthless to my patient’s well-being.

    How did I come to that conclusion? My patients told me so.

    People who want to return to work and play and you are there to help them will tell you their truth. If the physician cannot a person returned to full duty work and played and they trust and honor the patient’s words will realize the errors of their ways.

    I broke away from my board-certified training and ventured into the world of everything else that other physicians used since the beginning of time with the shocking discovery.
     20% of the standards of care have a logical and reasonable value.
     80% of the standard of care treatments are disgustingly worthless.

    I was trained to lie, deceive, bait and switch, tricked to treat, cheat, and betray my family practice of patients using them as cash exchange machines.

    Conclusion: MDs are playing the role of fools, pawns, and a puppet who job it is to victimize my patients! My job was to betray my family practice of patients using them as a cash exchange machine.

    Once you go back to ancient times, you will realize that all healers physicians nurses caretakers have only three ways and means to help assist those who have been injured, traumatized, mutilated, tormented, afflicted and diseased:
    1. The use of “hours and hours” of elbow grease, TLC and teams of “helping hands” to release natural healing of all the wounds and scars we’ve collected on that particular day.
    2. The use of chemicals, alchemy.
    3. The use of the knife to only remove corrupted, and rotten tissue.

    The 1-2-3 construct:
    Logic would indicate that TLC is a #1 most important medicine in medicine and is the 1st step to take. The 1st step is a 25-dimensional recipe that includes daily chores, restoration, and self and assisted care and services.

    The two most important gifts from God that people have are our mind which requires daily care and services. Our spirit which requires daily care and restorative services. Our muscle tissues which require daily restorative care and services.

    The one all-inclusive recipe is the only way to heal the Divine Trinitarians who we are naturally as creatures of the earth with a sense of spirituality and morality.

    The AMA has slowly deleted any reference to the human mind, muscles and spirit. So physicians treat us as things, automobiles, and vessels to be filled up with medications and to be sliced into pieces to be exchanged for money.

    Over hundred years ago I’m certain unbeknownst to physicians during that time that they were creating a mystical medical science and healthcare industry complete with fictitious diseases requiring the absolute use of medications and operations.

    Today the healthcare industrial complex is equal to the establishment of Greek Gods mythologies and using these constructs to turn people into obedient, loyal slaves who ties and sacrifice themselves to honor their gods.

    The beginning of the end of “First do no harm” was the establishment of the American Medical Associations, Societies, Academics, Internal Medical and Orthopedic and Surgical specialist over hundred years ago.

    The ultimate mission was not honor and integrity but wealth power and prestige. Please don’t be shocked because it’s obvious today that my ALL my medical doctor predecessors hundred years ago formed a de facto criminal organizations based on cutthroat capitalism.

    The goals despite their mission statements were to dominate everything healthcare, medications, home remedies, surgeries, therapies, and wellness making certain that it is under their dictatorship.

    These dictators were able to sell the idea of healthcare as a business venture inventing mythological diseases with a medication to match. Inventing mythological skeletal defects with an amputation to match. They also invented the idea that people are hypochondriacs.

    They sold the system to the government to make certain that every American would universally accept it. They made certain that the Health and Human Services would mandate, implement, protect, secure the ubiquitous use of medications and operations despite human suffering with impunity.

    1. Using painkillers to treat physical pain when the correct treatment of physical pain is physical therapy.
    2. Using radiologic evidence to discover, and justify removing stressed skeletal components when in reality it’s impossible to see the primary source and location of muscle-derived physical pain with any form of technology.
    3. Using the radiologic before and after evidence to conclude that the surgical procedure and thus the remedy was successful. When in reality the patient’s verbal testimony as to how they feel is the only valid evidence.
    4. Overlooking the muscle system, tissues, and organ functions and it’s been the health and wellness of the human being.
    5. Designing a standard of care which only includes medication and surgical procedures for the treatment of physical pain.
    6. Developing a standard of care which excludes bars and places barriers around the correct and restorative physical therapy treatment modalities all of which benefit the intramuscular pathology of physical pain.
    7. Developing a rulebook which makes doing the wrong treatment legal.
    8. Developing a rulebook which produces the correct procedure illegal and accessible.
    9. Developing a wastebasket to place all of the treatment failures called Worker’s Comp. sensation, Social Security disability, and accommodating goes disabled people by making them feel right about being disabled.
    10. Designing a marketing system which supports and promotes the wrong treatments while negating the benefits of the curative and restorative therapies.

    • CherylC

      I’ve been a Nurse for over 30 years and in healthcare for over 40 years starting out in my teenage years, and have a Master’s Degree in Business/Healthcare Administration. Very interesting writing. Your writings confirmed to me that I have been correct in my thoughts about Medical care in our world.

  • Logan

    This man never said a word about the flu shot. He was my neighbor, and yes he was found dead in the Chattahoochee, but he never said a word about the flu shot. Yournewswire is the saddest excuse for a news site I have ever seen. Stop spreading lies.

  • Logan

    He’s never said a word about the flu shot. This is a lie.