Celebrities Told If They Support Trump Hollywood Will Blacklist Them Forever

"When someone like myself cannot even publicly support the President of his own country, you know things are bad."

A Hollywood star has penned an open letter that reveals senior Hollywood executives have ordered Trump supporting stars not to show support for President Trump.

A Hollywood star has penned an open letter that reveals senior Hollywood executives have ordered Trump supporting stars not to show support for President Trump – otherwise their careers in the industry will be over.

The extraordinary letter details the inner workings of Hollywood, and claims there is a Marxist cultural agenda being rolled out by the elites who are working to a multi-year plan.

The star, an actor, explains that he is “fighting from the inside” but claims that he and “hundreds of other Trump supporters in Hollywood” cannot openly declare their support for their President because it will “breach our contracts… at the very minimum we will be forever blacklisted.

Fortunately, my agent that represents me is very open about everything and is totally cool with me being a Trump supporter but that’s not enough. I contacted my lawyer who basically gave me the same advice: “If you prefer not to have a potential lawsuit against you, better not wear your MAGA hat to a public event.

“Hollywood is not fond of free speech”

If I could only describe the contempt the elite hold, it’s astounding. These are NOT Americans, although they pretend to be. Their goal is to shape the public’s opinion of anyone who is even remotely conservative as a Nazi loving, racist bigot. The irony of course, on display for everyone to see is that Hollywood is the biggest bunch of bigots I have ever come upon.

“This has become a culture war and I think ultimately we lose because politics is downstream from culture and Hollywood has a grasp on that, whether or not you like it. So does it all lead to a civil war?”

The A-lister also detailed the plans Hollywood has in place to push ahead with their agenda and indoctrinate Americans via the platform of popular culture.

Hollywood is also evolving. Everything is moving to “new media” as in streaming and YouTube movies etc. By the end of next year, YouTube will have their first streaming series, supposedly filled with lots of anti-nationalist propaganda.

“The shit is getting ridiculous, as I heard Steven Spielberg has gotten the green light to go full retard in Indiana Jones. Personally if this rumor is true then I think they are playing a dangerous game. The war is on and it is not going to stop.”

In the end it’s about the fight for the survival of our Republic and it’s raging like never before.”

“When someone like myself cannot even publicly support the President of his own country, you know things are bad. When enforcing laws is branded as “hate” you know that the commies have infiltrated our great nation.

“What will it mean in a few years? Can President Trump turn this country around or are we too far gone? Will the hundreds of secret Trump supporters like myself be able to have any influence IF we come out and publicly support him? I don’t know and honestly, although things on the surface seem all cheery and bright, I think the cancer of libtardism is metastasizing.

I want you all to know that there are many of us in the entertainment business, united in this fight for our Republic. Although still silent, we will fight from the inside!”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • goodoleMelsonofHutton

    It is Mel Gibson

  • Black Swan

    A badge of honor few will accept.

  • NotHereSurely!

    This blank has been going on for years in Hollywood, the celebs with brains that reflect in their work, like Ben Affleck, Whatshisname, the guy who plays Jason Bourne or is it Boring, are true blue conservatives but pretend they’re ‘concerned’ liberals. Fatsos like Roseanne Barr and miserly hags like whatshername, the woman who plays a pretty prostitute…oh, yeah, the Juliet, or is it Julia–her brother is far superior an actor but oh, Julia Roberts, is extremely conservative as is Richard Gere and that tall guy, Vince Vaughn.
    Marlon Brando was correct when he stated in an interview before he gorged himself to death that America has no culture.
    Because ‘culture’ hails from a large drunk tank called Hollywood which nowadays is run by the Jew Gay Mafia, previously it was the Jews and the Mafia–gays were still hiding in the closet. Who can take seriously any ‘industry’ that is run by overt PERVERTS and criminals like Mafia Mickey Cohen?
    The propaganda worked, and now it’s headline news that not all celebs are Satanists, pedophiles and Bolsheviks. When the Chinese finish digging their hole all the way to Sunset Blvd, many ‘stars’ conservative and liberal and Commie, will fold their tents and disappear….or show up in dingy dinner theaters in filthy restaurants.

  • Frank C

    Unamerican to the point of being CRIMINAL. I amost wish they WOULD separate, but for Trump would need to build a MUCH LONGER WALL!

  • Kaos

    See? If this isn’t evidence of total propaganda control by the elite 1% then idk what is. They won’t televise anything without making sure it fits their narrative first. No one cares that this entire media attack on Trump has been misguided, manipulated and misinformed from day one, they just keep piling on without ever thinking twice. Because let’s face it, thinking twice is exactly what they don’t want us to do.

  • Patsy

    I think we already figured this out a long time ago! We don’t go to movies at all, or watch any of those nightly entertainment shows on TV. Don’t click on anything related to celebrities. Hollywood is totally irrelevant, don’t need them at all.

  • whereugoingwhenudie

    Soon all will know, that don’t, just how great our prayers to God work. Glorify the Father in all his great works, thank you Jesus!