Police: Charlottesville Was ‘Inside Job’ To Ignite Race War

A Charlottesville police officer claims the riots, which pitched white supremacists against Antifa, were set up to further the agenda of the elites.

A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protestors. He also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to further the agenda of the elites.

We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away.

The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”

Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, ordered police to stand down during the most chaotic and destructive period of the protests – despite police protests against the orders.

We wanted to do our job and keep the peace. But these mother******s in charge really want to destroy America.”

Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was on the scene in Charlottesville and he backs up the police officer’s claims.

I can say, havig been in Emancipation Park from early on that morning, that what I saw with my own two eyes confirms what this law enforcement source told us. At least from all visible apearances. We saw people coming out of that park who had headwounds, who were bleeding from the head, people walking into that park with bats, with sticks — you saw what they were wearing — helmets, body armor, they had come — and this pertains to both sides — they had come to do damage.. you cannot help but notice from that video that police had been more pro-active, they could have potentially calmed this thing down to some degree.”

Michael Signer is a Virginia Democratic activist with close ties to Barack Obama and John Podesta. Before landing the Charlottesville mayor job he previously worked closely with Podesta at the Center of American Progress and worked with him again on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team.

The New World Order, led in the United States by elite operatives Obama, Podesta, Soros, Clinton and company, are pulling out all the stops to create division through chaos and destruction. Crowds of paid protestors and useful psychopaths are being sent into pitched battle against one another to sour the mood of the nation and further divide us all.

They are manipulating and controlling newsworthy events in order to maintain power and control over the public, and to swing public opinion.

Deep state operatives

The man accused of being a neo-Nazi and murdering a woman by deliberately driving into her during protests in Charlottesville is in reality a supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of Antifa in receipt of funding by George Soros.

White supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, has been exposed as a supporter of former President Obama and the a hardline member of far-left Occupy movement.

When did he change his political leaning? According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (an organization that is certainly no friend to Conservatives), Kessler revealed his political transformation around November 2016, the same month Donald Trump won the presidential election.

If you think that is suspicious, wait until you learn about the other actors in this enormous set-up event.

First man on the scene

Brennan Gilmore was “on the scene” and was the author of the first viral tweet about Charlottesville. He was later interviewed by MSNBC. He was presented as an accidental witness. But who is he really?

Gilmore worked in Africa as a State Department foreign officer under Hillary Clinton. The New York Times mentioned this “coincidence” – and then later deleted it. Brennan Gilmore was also involved with the Kony hoax in 2012, and he is currently Chief of Staff for Tom Perrielo, who is running for Governor of Virginia and received $380k from George Soros.

So the first man on the scene, whose tweet went viral, and who was later interviewed on mainstream news as a witness, just happened to be a State Department insider with a long history of involvement in psy-ops? If you think this isn’t fishy, how about this – since the Charlottesville protests and his appearance in the media, his information was suddenly removed from State Department websites.

The elites know we are onto them, and they are trying to cover their tracks. They can censor Google and social media and close down accounts, but they will never be able to stop us sharing information and speaking to each other.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • javier

    if this is true, and i’m sure it is, why doesn’t trump point this out? Is he in on it? he’s in on everything else so this probably no different

    • Eileen

      Trump can accomplish more by doing nothing. The people can see what’s going on without MSM misquoting Trump.

    • Teri

      I believe Trump is on it. The FBI is trying to get info from a Rally Website. MSM is reporting about it, but twisting the truth about it .. as usual.

    • joe

      You are SURE this is true based on this completely fact and source-free ‘article’? You need a course in media literacy.

  • mjs

    Next Article on YourNewsWire >> Alien babies of George Soros are being implanted in the wombs of willing feminist libtards.

    • b.macintosh

      Regardless of your opinion of any website, here’s how you read the news:
      a). Unnamed source in police officer, so maybe, maybe not.
      b) Jason Kessler is easy to research and all accounts of him here seem to be true and accurate.
      C). Brian Gilmore is easy to research and all accounts of him here seem to be true and accurate.
      d) google is corrupt and racist, so use other search engines.
      There, now you know how to read the news. Your mama really should have taught you.

    • Darren Carpenter

      that would explain alot

  • dfw63

    Watch your back Baxter, you can’t point out truth like this without becoming a target.

    • …backbacksterbackbackster

      watch your backbacksterbackbacksterbackbackster…lolol backbackster.. hehe funny huh.. backbackster.. I cant stop writing it…backbacksterbackbackster.. lol

    • Brenda Turner

      Don’t feed the trolls.

  • http://gravatar.com/fauxscienceslayer FauxScienceSlayer

    Vegas odds on McCabe/Rosenstein being able to connect any of these provocateur dots….zero….

  • Brian
  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Absolute treason….A.G. Sessions! ARREST this MRFR for T R E A S O N!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • USA

    Based on some of the moles playing both sides, it sounds like an organized Hunger Games Idiocracy.

  • Rick

    This is something the people are going to have to sort out on a, “There are consequences for that, mister,” basis. Good job Obama failed to disarm the people. You have the right to drain the swamp.

  • harrydweeks

    Okay Sessions so why aren’t the Mayor, Vice Mayor and Police Chief in FBI custody tonight ? Disgraceful. President Trump right again.

    • Sandradengel

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      • harrydweeks

        Troll Alert.

      • hunkahunka

        It should be against the law to advertise for prostitutes on these forums.

        • Nortonchopper

          Now, wait a minute. How about Russian prostitutes?

          • Henna Orno

            Come on man – no discrimination!!!

          • Nortonchopper

            Oh, sorry. My bad.

      • CharlieSeattle

        Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert! Fraud Alert!

    • CharlieSeattle

      Good question for the very quiet and recused dwarf.

    • Disillusioned

      I would think they would have to do an investigation into it before they start arresting people.
      Unless you think it’s ok to just arrest people at will and work out the details out later.

      • harrydweeks

        FBI custody, meaning , beginning brought in for questioning. Charlottesville police already came out today to say Gov. and Mayor lied. They were told to stand down. We’ve had 8 years of lawlessness and a corrupt FBI director. Wake up the judicial system in this country has been subverted by the Left.

        • J D

          Where was the fire hose. Also where were the tire spikes and lastly where was the tear gas.

        • Michael Bjerkness

          This is huge news to me. If this is true it could change the direction of an investigation…and who will be doing the investigation..we need the truth here

          • Louise Harrell

            Check the many videos on YouTube, the proof there can not be denied.

          • Deborah Aichele


        • http://www.jimsforum.com Whose Law

          It’s time “We The People” Take back the “County Grand Jury” from the County Attorney’s and BAN The B.A.R.! B.A.R. members are unregistered foreign agents as they are also members of the middle temple crown!
          The B.A.R. county attorney brings charges against you in violation of the 11th Amendment! The B.A.R. county attorney is just the county attorney!
          There has to be a complaint “from a human” to give probable cause to bring someone before the Grand Jury! Do you see how far we have been infiltrated and taken over?
          More information at http://www.jimsforum.com see “What is the BAR”? and ” Prisoners Fund Prisons”!

        • TexTopCat

          No matter how good Sessions does, he has a lot of people in his organization that will be “dragging their feet”, so to change the direction of this DOJ/FBI/ATF is a really big job that will not be done in a few months.

      • OneOfUs

        Knee-jerk reactions aren’t the right way to go. With that said, I do think they have enough evidence to at least start an investigation.

        • KathiB.

          “KNEE JERK”????


          How many people have to be injured or killed by these ANARCHISTS before anything is done about them.

          I love the irony….Antifa….anti FASCISTS who are ACTUALLY Fascists themselves….How many “CHANCES” do you think they should get before the law is ENFORCED?!?!?!?

          • Louise Harrell

            If you want them to be arrested and for it to stick, they have to do it right, no shortcuts. This is just too important.

          • ipsd48

            Yup. We don’t want a repeat of the courts throwing out the case against the Weather Underground. Or in this case, antifa and BLM

        • Louise Harrell

          I totally agree, they got to do it right for it to stick.

      • Laura

        who is going to do the investigation? The governor of VA, lmao….. Do you really think Sessions will get the info he needs from these Democrats? Please……………. All you have to do is open your eyes, look at the names involved, and piece it together. Democrats are so transparent it is sick. After years of pulling the race card their game has become completely exposed and now it is deadly. Trump supporters stay away and use your voice at the voting booth to stop these Plantation Politics and their communist socialist agenda. The more we let them kill off themselves the better we are.

        • KathiB.

          This was an act of Domestic Terrorism…………Homeland Security and the FBI need to round these TERRORISTS up for extended “QUESTIONING”…….

          • J D

            How about those who were the participants. Lets round them up. In WW2 their was supposed to be a mass conspiracy trial but the judge died.

          • ipsd48

            Don’t forget that it took a 5 yr long investigation to finally bring down the KKK

          • Smilin’ Jack

            The definition of terrorism is using violence and/or the threat of violence to achieve a political goal. And that is what Antifa/BLM do all the time. THEY are terrorists!

        • Louise Harrell

          Lucky there are many videos
          that will assist in the FBI investigation. I have confidence in Jeff Sessions on this one. He better or he will be gone too.

          • http://www.jimsforum.com Whose Law

            Session should be fired and President Trump was going to fire him but congress told President Trump that if he did they would not approve of anyone els. Everyone has been against this President from the beginning. The swamp is big!

          • Louise Harrell

            Sorry, not sorry, I still like Jeff Sessions. Besides that, he is a Trump supporter, if you remember.

          • Deborah Aichele


      • Michael Schettl

        When it comes to this bunch! Ya its ok.

      • William

        Why do an investigation when you see the people right there doing crime. YOu arrest them to obtain order. And if they resist – do whatever. It is time this crap stops.

        • TexTopCat

          For one, I want the driver kept alive so that we can find out if he is just this crazy or if he is being paid and part of a false flag operation.

      • Deborah Aichele


      • Thomas Roberts

        When you catch a thief stealing do you arrest or investigate?

    • James W.

      Because this did not happen. YourNewsWire is fake news.


      • PastProdigal

        Baloney. This is the truth finally coming out. If you can’t handle it, that’s your problem.

      • andyz7

        Disinfo, much?

      • zvkk2p

        Or maybe it’s you who’s lying…

      • michael

        Chew on one Demo-Krat..

        • Deborah Aichele


      • vladdy

        Many other sites have this information about the officer’s letter, the order to stand down, the connection to globalist politics. Anyone who has been researching has seen the details slowly coming out. It was to get anti-fa recognized and provide a norm of giving them “space to protest” (riot), continuing what Ferguson, Baltimore, and Berkely allowed… in contrast to conservatives for whom the idea of space being permitted for one speaker at a university (coulter, milos, horowitz) causes “too much of a chance that violence will occur.”

        Note: That particular reason is not a problem for some groups, and the pattern is for that to be expected by the public and accepted. It is already happening, and when some try to change the pattern (many were in Charlottsville to protest the removal of the monument). they are labelled “fascists” and “neo-nazi’s” whether they are (many were there to make trouble, on both side as DT said) or not.

      • Louise Harrell

        You are delusional if you don’t think all media receive money from advertisers. Good thing there are many many videos to prove this was a complete set up by the mayor, Podesta and others, even the MSM media. Do you really think it was a coincidence that Antifa & BLM showed up. It takes a whole lot of organization for that to happen. WAKE UP!

    • Alex Delarge

      When is Trump going to declare martial law and drain the friggin’ cesspool?

    • Don Gates

      A great point. Civil Rights laws make it a crime to conspire to violate civil rights of a group in the manner that was done here. If these government officials were conspiring to violate the 1st Amendment rights of the NAACP they would be looking at criminal prosecution and prison for this.

      • Tony Cuomo

        You mean the same way the mayor of Berkley CA ordered the Berkley police to stand down and absolutely nothing happened to her? That was on the news for weeks

        • Deborah Aichele


        • zvkk2p

          As well as Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby who tried to prosecute the six officers accused in the death of Freddy Gray.

      • Louise Harrell

        They will make sure they have ALL their ducks in a row before they arrest anyone. It may take time, but Sessions will be on this one for sure making sure it sticks.

        • http://www.jimsforum.com Whose Law

          I think Sessions is one of them! He has not proven himself yet and I don’t think he has the back bone!

          • Louise Harrell

            And I think you are dead wrong on that.

          • MikeR

            Jeff Sessions is not a man to shoot off his mouth. After the evidence is collected, and witnesses have been interviewed, and depositions have been taken, Someone will talk. Someone will want a deal. Then you will see indictments.

        • RapidRay01 .

          Nope ! Sessions is tooo busy arresting people smoking Pot !

    • LastMomStanding

      Agree. Where is the investigation being opened on state/local leaders?

    • gerry d welder

      Not a game; planning, training, weapons roll out for civil war:

      “…prior to their returning to the United States.”

      “According to this bulletin, on 1 August, Colombia’s National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) sent out a “critical crisis advisory” to all of the world’s top intelligence agencies (including the SVR) detailing a “strategic network” their counter intelligence operatives had discovered that was funneling hundreds of American ANTIFA terrorists into Venezuela—and whom once they reached this South American nation, were then, in turn, “assigned” to various paramilitary Colectivo’s where they received political, weapons, bomb-making and counter insurgency training prior to their returning to the United States.”

      “As the leftist forces in America continue to cheer to apparent successes of these ANTIFA communists against President Trump, though, this bulletin says, emboldened Democratic Party leaders have escalated their battles too—and as exampled by Democratic Party Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle proclaiming to her leftist supporters yesterday “I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!” and Democratic Party US Congressman Steve Cohen, also yesterday, saying that he will introduce articles of impeachment against Trump based on this presidents defense of “white supremacists”.

      This bulletin further notes that even from the globalist wing of his own Republican Party is President Trump taking fire too—…”

      Venezuela trained ANTIFA “terror captain” (center right) wearing “Milicias Antifascistas” identifying t-shirt in Charlottesville, Virginia on 12 August 2017.

      ‘Trump Convenes Emergency Meeting, Mobilizes NATO, After ANTIFA Leftists Confirmed Training In Venezuela’

    • Siggi Ola

      because they are above the system. If we steal a bar of snickers, we are in trouble. They do what ever, nothing happens.

    • Ifreeman2u

      Hardly. All Trump has done is keep the focus on the idiots of the left and right in the fight. He should be saying, “Why were the police told to “stand down”? Can’t 1000 officers protect 500 in a rally and keep the two sides apart? What’s up with the governor and the mayor?”

    • Corey Gray

      I’m going to make a suggestion here, then explain the reasoning…but I believe it’s deliberate.

      I think he’s setting them up to be swept up in a single net.

      Don’s a gamesman and strategist…the “can’t stop them” routine, and seeming incompetence is part of the same public persona (a completely false one, according to those who know him, including ENEMIES) that he used to create advantages in business deals.

      One of his main promises was to “drain the swamp”, and he was one of the first to assert there was an underground movement against him that was wide spread and organized.

      Things we know about him…

      40 years of successful business, at an EXTREME level…and people who deny this by pointing to bankruptcies don’t understand corporate business…BK is a TOOL for corporations, to cut through bullshit that the board would otherwise, by the nature of its structure, slow to the point of stopping any fiscal changes to the company…something as simple as taking two call centers that both handle business AND private clients, and making each dedicated to ONE type of customer requires a plan that accounts to the last paperclip, and there has to be agreement across the board…or you go to court, and have a judge DICTATE it, through a BK filing, and simply do THAT, under court order, as quickly as possible…poof, done, less time and less money spent…business keeps functioning, and was never in financial straits, simply was being reorganized in a way the board had financial details to deal with.

      Great chess player (on team in school, still plays)

      Military type tactical school, while a cadet.

      Fan of some of the world’s best known strategists (including Sun Tsu)…to the point he referenced Sun Tsu’s most famous work when titling his own first book (The Art of War/The Art of the Deal)…and has been known to quote several who have also all said something publicly to the effect of creating a situation in which your opponent consistently underestimates you the same way until it becomes a fatal mistake.

      The egotistical blowhard persona we see…would not be capable of making the ego-suppressing decisions a successful businessman at that level HAS to make…I know enough of you have run businesses of decent size…could you keep it afloat without making decisions that put your ego in the back seat? Neither can he.

      Opponents in business who have dealt with him well openly ADMIT that this is how they managed it…”the personality shown was incompatible with the established facts of his success, and so I dealt with the person who accomplished those things, not the persona sitting on the other side of the table”, according to one case.

      All of that pointed out…and knowing his orientation is BUSINESS, not government, where cost and efficiency COUNTS…here are his choices…act like he’s incompetent, which they believe anyhow, when believing that goes counter all possible evidence, let more and more of them publicly disclose themselves, and openly commit, then admit to committing, criminal acts, violating oaths of office, etc…then swinging a great big “ban hammer” just ONCE to knock all these people out of power, out of office, out of work, out of their careers, out of politics completely, and possibly right INTO genpop….

      Or he could start expensive and slow investigations towards impeachments and criminal prosecutions…which mens he needs case by case, individual by individual evidence to START the investigation into any particular person, which takes time, costs money, and will only remove a SINGLE person, after completed…IF it gathered enough legitimate evidence to manage it….ensuring he misses a bunch who just retreat a bit into shadows and continue agitating more quietly and carefully (which is often more effective, too), and fails to convict a bunch he DOES find, leaving them in position, strengthened.

      As a lifelong businessman, used to finding the easiest, least expensive, having the fastest effects in application solution to ANY problem…do you think it more likely that he’d go “slow, expensive, and not as effective or certain”, or “cheap, quick, and effective…and really takes the least work on my part”?

      • harrydweeks

        Everything you outline is true . However, AG Sessions has a ,” BOOM ” factor available to him that I believe he’s not using. Imagine if the FBI picks up the Mayor , Vice Mayor and Police Chief and brings them to the nearest FBI regional office for questioning with the real threat of indictment for dereliction of duty. That would be all over the media. I feel other mayors would act differently in the future if they knew their actions were being monitored by a serious DOJ.

        • Corey Gray

          Exactly why I believe it ISN’T being done.
          Again…do it too early, you fail to flush a lot of supporters…they go back underground, but keep working against you.

          So IF this is a deliberate act, in order to flush as many subversives from positions of power as possible, as I suspect it is, they’re not going to loose any “BOOM factor” until it’s time to sweep ’em ALL up.

          While what you suggest means that everyone NOT arrested in that first “example” is going to retreat rapidly, if they haven’t already fucked themselves.

          Again…you have a master tactician running things, whose habitual perspective is that of someone who had to find ways to accomplish his goals while constrained by business laws of MULTIPLE national and international jurisdictions in the most effective, efficient, cost-friendly, and rapidly accomplished manner possible…in business, time is money, you CAN’T pussy-foot around, like a government does.

          Bringing that perspective to the Office of President…always expect the impacts that come with that VERY different perspective.

          What people don’t seem to get is ONLY a governor or the president have EXECUTIVE experience, politically. It IS the same job, political OR business, only difference, in all reality, being one of goals.

          We elected a guy with 40 damned years of experience doing the job…but doing it efficiently, quickly, and with a definitive goal in mind. This SHOULD be a good thing…but also has the potential to be INCREDIBLY dangerous.

  • aname123

    Why didn’t the cars airbag deploy? This is something that can be investigated forensically. If it was deactivated that shows premeditation and suggests the patsy had serious technical support.

    • zzzak666

      Apparently that model had an airbag recall that wasn’t done on that car, this may or may not be true.

    • Mike Mike

      Good question.

    • CharlieSeattle

      Snowflakes do not set off air bags.

    • Justin

      Airbags deploy based on changes in momentum and he went from stopped to gas pedal pushed which would have told the computer to not activate it since he was making it accelerate so if he didn’t hit something big enough to slow him down enough it wouldn’t have deployed.

      • aname123

        Hmmm… Good answer thanks. Apparently they are designed to deploy if hitting a parked car at over 16mph minimum. Too close to tell but it’s still weird.

    • Disillusioned

      How do you know it didn’t deploy? I haven’t seen any pictures of the inside of the car.

      • DawnfromO

        I do …and the driver does not look like the guy arrested

  • https://gab.ai/HWR HWR
    • fuzzi

      Go away anti-Semite.

      • https://gab.ai/HWR HWR

        I’m anti Jew World Order.

        So called “Jews” aren’t Semitic. They’re eastern European Khazars.

    • Michael >O’Reilly

      another lib ass hole…

  • Jim Williams

    Put Soros in PRISON! Im tired of reading about this Slim Ball..

    • Royce Hanson

      Prison my ass! Put him in the ground!!!

      • Remon

        Ground polution!! I say, hang him, hang him high and in public!!!

    • Robert Leffler

      Toss him into the same ovens he sent other Jews too.

  • Zionism Is Cancer

    “SIGNER” …. I rest my case.

  • mrtrumpbuildthisfuckingwall

    my neighbours middle name is adolf…… he is 85 and has a photo of him in the hitler youth…. when the war stopped he joined the amewhorican army and took advantage of gainful employment in the rebuilding exercise…. he looks very smart in his hitler youth uniform..now get this.. I do all his mail for him and pay his bills with his credit card for him…he has a trust account with hundreds of thousands of dollars in it..and every month deposits are made into it.. …so my point is……..NOT EVERY BODY LOSES OUT IN A WAR……when the fuck is the war going to fucking start ffs……grrrrrrrrr… ffs amewhorica…START THIS FUCKIN WAR….. AND BUILD THE FUCKING WALL…….. IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO GET A REAGAN LOOKALIKE SOUNDALIKE SAY……. MR TRUMP…BUILD THIS FUCKING WALL…lololol… sooo farneeeeee… oh by the way..is fancy nancy still alive???

  • mary

    The fact that this mayor is a friend of detesta Podesta tells you exactly what is agenda is ,he is a peodo and he is covering his very large bottom

    • Disillusioned

      He also said the Charlottesville is the capital of the resistance

  • Mike Mike

    Sadly, everyone involved in that day became TOOLS. One woman lost her life, many other tools were broken, discarded like the marginalized casualties described in Alinsky’s book.

  • Red Tick Alert

    This may sound arrogant, but after 15 minutes thinking and a little digging, you know it is another false flag.

    Here is the video on UK MSM – look at -41 secs. or 3 secs into it. The car gets whacked with a baseball bat, which when inside the car must have scared the hell out of him. When his car stops, he amazingly reverses perfectly and at speed, when the women was ALLEGIDLY killed, Good driving hey ?.


    Here are some opposing videos:




    Bit long winded, but OK


  • Fred

    Willing to bet the “alt-right” organizer was on a Soros payroll

  • Cindy Ward

    Obama is the facilitator of this event. I warned Darrel Issa a year and a half ago he was a real danger to this country.

  • Alex Hernandez

    It’s not really “coming forward” if the officer doesn’t want his name out there. Unfortunately it undermines the credibility of the entire story since he can’t be further questioned.

    If these quotes are true, this officer needs to go to the DOJ.

    • Michael Thomas

      when criminals control a city mayor only a really dumb ass cop would volunteer his name so he and his family can be harassed and the cop fired since he obviously does not believe he should have been told to stand
      down when innocent citizens were being injured and killed.

    • Disillusioned

      I read this on another article that was talking about the same subject. This was in that article.
      Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was on the scene in Charlottesville and he backs up the police officer’s claims.

      “I can say, having been in Emancipation Park from early on that morning, that what I saw with my own two eyes confirms what this law enforcement source told us. At least from all visible appearances. We saw people coming out of that park who had head wounds, who were bleeding from the head, people walking into that park with bats, with sticks — you saw what they were wearing — helmets, body armor, they had come — and this pertains to both sides — they had come to do damage.. you cannot help but notice from that video that police had been more pro-active, they could have potentially calmed this thing down to some degree.”

      • Alex Hernandez

        I don’t doubt the violence (I saw a lot of it on video), but the article makes some pretty big claims about the mayor and police chief. I know the cop can’t go public (duh), but the way the article was written didn’t fill me with confidence that such a cop truly exists. There are certainly some additional steps that could have been taken to establish credibility other than to simply print what may or may not be a real statement.

        The DOJ should be investigating this, the local and state police can handle the driver just fine.

  • David Riker

    Baxter Dmitry is a paid propagandist for Nazis and white supremacists. Hey Baxter, go to hell and shake hands with Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

  • Don Liv

    Special investigator/prosecutor! Let’s get to the bottom of this event.

  • bornredi

    this is the new narrative
    every trump supporter is now a racist bigoted nazie white supremacist
    and if we do not behave the left will use there violent fascist mobs to make sure we get our minds straight


    So let the race war begin. It’s been brewing for years….. let’s get on with it. I know who’ll be standing at the conclusion.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Make no mistake about this. White genocide is the Antifa goal.

    Antifa left-wing militants are the American version of ISIL!


    • Nortonchopper

      White genocide will be difficult to obtain. Most of us carry.

      • vermilion J

        White genocide is being done mainly by mass immigration of non-whites into white countries.

        • Robert Leffler

          and in most of those countries… their Citizens have no right to self defense.

          Here is America we do and we (Caucasians) are by far the best trained of ALL ethnicities in America… and we also have the most arms, bullets and military abilities to defend against and defeat all those who may try.

          • bradley

            this is just so paranoid, i had to make an account to comment. lets be clear: nobody whatsoever is calling for white genocide. nobody is going to force white people to sex it up with people of color and rid our lands of whiteness. america is made of immigrants and there are millions of different shades who will mix colors as they see fit. if you have a fondness towards white skin and want to keep that going in your bloodline, everyone is okay with that. we accept that mexicans bone other mexicans and probably will for all eternity, but mexicans are not raising their torches and trying to claim dominance as the REAL owners of the american dream. neither are native americans. i am white by the way and just popped over here to see this outrageously sketchy news story, wanted to chime in. i really don’t see the connection between being (unreasonably) paranoid about the color of your skin being eradicated, and suddenly we’re over here talking about who’s got the most bullets. i don’t think that’s necessary. bless

      • CharlieSeattle

        Irrelevant, if not used to defend. You are not keeping score.

        You would be surprised who is killing more and with fewer numbers.

    • vladdy

      The “useful idiots” comes in with the fact that they believe the crocodile will eat them last…if at all.

  • CharlieSeattle

    …Why Were The Police Held Back In Charlottesville?

    Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Democratic Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer. Arrest them both!

  • Anti

    ALWAYS George SOROS, behind these outrages..
    When are americans going to do something about this top lot of insaneZionists who own them?? When is enough enough…

    • Dogmom

      Soros is anything but a Zionist. Please check your bigotry at the door.

  • Jacotime

    Watching it on Saturday was obvious, something was wrong, the Police are doing nothing, everything looks to well planned. I would love to see an FBI investigation and root out the real criminals, aka Democrats.

    • Jay Capley

      Why would the F.b.i investigate it? They are owned and operated by the same people fomenting all this division…..

      • Disillusioned

        “owned and operated”? Can you be any more ignorant

    • Ulanda

      Just another elaborate theatrical hoax to fool the masses and to get Martial Law. This agenda will keep marching on until they wake up and realize what is being done to them.

    • Achmed

      Hi, Jacotime. You actually expect an honest investigation from the FBI?

  • Louise Mitchell

    Trump was right again!!

    • vladdy

      Pattern: Trump makes a statement or Tweets it. Press ridicules it and calls it false. The public believes PDT for the most part. PDT turns out to be right. The press are on a new story and never get around to admitting what they printed was incorrect.

  • MarinHawk

    there’s no doubt in my mind that this entire race baiting and all this hatred and divisiveness has been socially engineered by the deep state! Even the fact that we had Trump and Clinton, the most divisive candidates both parties could find, was not my accident (think Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul as real candidates) – nothing is as is appears my friends, don’t believe anything you hear or see on MSM or from our Zionist Occupied Government

  • Paul Kalmakoff

    Wow…I knew it was all bad.
    But, why would any AMERICAN incite this bullshit! Unless you wish to destroy the Country!!! 🙁

    • vermilion J

      Soros is not American.

      • Paul Kalmakoff

        I believe the Mayor is American? Is he not?
        Why were the Police told to “stand down”?

        • Disillusioned

          Because he wants to have a race war and then blame it on President Trump

      • darthvito

        Maybe Soros should get a visit by some CIA hitmen……js

  • John Compatore

    Baxter – you hit the nail smack on the head. I’m a retired Oakland cop and I’ve seen bad, but CPD cops could have been sacrified in this melee. All done so “some” may seize power.

  • Thadeus P. Thudpucker

    Fake news from the Trump supports.

    • Michael >O’Reilly

      You would know you dumb ASS..

  • AL Tru


  • Michael >O’Reilly

    Yes this was an inside job… Leave it to the lib Dems to fuck up the works and then blame Trump….

  • Frak Please


  • pattymoo

    Their is a video showing cops pushing them into Antifa crowd

  • Candicebeth


    I have this reporters video from that day!!! He said it was orchestrated and someone paid to transport them in.

  • Deck Hughes

    I sure hope this will be investigated and I want to know if this assertion is true.

  • CharlieSeattle

    NAACP Leader: I Disapprove Of Pulling Down Confederate Statues

    “You can’t eliminate what history is. So I disapprove with young people pulling down those statues.”


    AUGUST 16, 2017 – By The Federalist Staff

    A top NAACP leader on Tuesday publicly spoke out against the move to tear down memorials to Confederate soldiers in the wake of racial violence in Charlottesville, saying that destroying a statue won’t change our nation’s history. Esther M. Lee, the president of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, chapter of the NAACP, told a local news station that violence around the issue was simply not worth it.

    “You know that’s history. That was in that point in time,” Lee said, according to WFMZ. “You can’t eliminate what history is. So I disapprove with young people pulling down those statues.”

  • Jonathan Worland

    I was there. Everything about this was a set up.

  • Ron Hussey

    You know, I believe this, because all, every never Trumper, and Democrat in Washington was quick to go right after Trump, it seems it was setup as another way tobatrack Trump, making him the cause of white supremacists, and the violence somehow. None are mentioning, and in fact liberal media calls them hero’s, ANTIFA was most likely sent there, to cause violence, and if they weren’t there, three people may be alive today. But the left wing democrats when in need of firing up their clueless base always use racism to do it. Obama used it to divide us, and still is today. Trump said or did nothing to cause tgat violence, but sore sport losing morons are quick to blame him

  • pittfan

    These ANTIFA mayors are running the Berkeley plan.

  • Yana

    Part & parcel…

    The Deep State’s Options: Convince Trump to Resign or Assassinate Him https://youtu.be/HMyvusXHyRQ

  • Corey Gray

    Permit revoked mid protest, AFTER a court supported it. Police numbers reduced as the MANIPULATED TO BE UNLAWFUL protest is forced to move…

    Of course it was arranged…and no matter who you want to blame the whole movement on, we have, right here, a case where we could hold a single individual legally responsible for ALL of it, as well as financially…the man who violated a court order to issue a protest permit, then ordered reduction of police cordons that had been ordered in order to PREVENT the two groups having the ability to physically confront one another, which would have prevented it being a riot, or particularly newsworthy.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Unfortunately I dont think Trump will be able to do a damn thing against the Deep State – if Soros isnt called out and directly stopped we are doomed to have this race war turn into a real domestic terror situation. They have always wanted their martial law to open the FEMA camps and suspend the Constitution. God Bless everyone.

    • SJB

      and God help us..

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        The only certainty on Earth

  • SJB

    In the military, you have the duty to refuse to obey an illegal order, the police don’t have that option. If being told to ‘stand down’ and to not enforce the law isn’t an illegal order, I don’t know what is

  • Ulanda

    I don’t think it’s as much about starting a race war (although that will help them) as it is to get Martial Law prior to assassinating President Trump. They don’t want you to be able to protest THAT when it goes down.

  • L Garou

    We’re gonna need some rope..

  • singer23

    If the MSM won’t tell the American people the truth, how will they find it out? The entire incident was contrived and perpetrated by the left and the people of our country are falling for these lies! We are living in the 1917 Russian Revolution or the 1930’s NAZI era! The word has to get out somehow, I assume that is why President Trump is using the internet to try to inform the public!

  • honigs


    • CharlieSeattle

      But it has happened more than once.

  • David

    It really doesn’t surprise me

  • ninetogo

    If this is true, the DOJ investigation should clearly find evidence to support this faace of the Mayor setting the stage for such. He should be charged as an accessory in the death of the woman in Charlottesville.

    • Alex Delarge

      That’s what should happen, but don’t count on Sessions to do it. He’s a flake and a coward.

  • Alex Delarge

    The mayor of Charlottesville is a Marxist kike, his deputy mayor is an uppity coon, the police chief is a half-caste with a chip on his shoulder against Whitey and the governor is an ultra-liberal carpetbagger with close ties to the Clinton Mafia. So this officer’s revelation that City Hall was trying to provoke racial trouble shouldn’t surprise anyone except conservatives, who aren’t very bright.

  • gadsdengurl

    STOP posting fake news, YNW!!! James Alex Fields Jr. was a Nazi since high school and a Trump voter and registered REPUBLICAN.

    Kessler voted for Obama but a MANY of Trump’s supporters are socialists like he is (they love his single payer) so this is not surprising. If not for these Obamabots he never would have won GOP primaries.

    When Mr. Fields was a freshman, he wrote a report for another class that was “very much along the party lines of the neo-Nazi movement,” Mr. Weimer said.

    “A lot of boys get interested in the Germans and Nazis because they’re interested in World War II,” he said. “But James took it to another level.”

    Please stop defending leftists, socialists, and nazis https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f5cf6e742b2ac4676f92bbc5855b393a40aac67b15b5b1b3d53eb591df88b22.png

  • John Ramirez

    Everybody knows,you only get the truth on OCCUPY DEMOCRATS. 😛

  • Ajali Shabazz

    To hide that dead Pacific Ocean from continuous radioactive contamination from Fukushima, as confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, a nice race war is just the tonic that keeps the real genocidal maniacs going. Good article. My respect to that officer.

  • Nice_Cat

    I was curious just exactly what group was granted a permit to rally and/or march that day. If it was a group legitimately protesting the removal of the historic monument, I can see where President Trump got the idea that there were some “very good people” on the one side, even though that was the side that glorified anti-semitism and Nazism so stridently. What I can’t see is where he got the idea that there were also “very good people” on the other side, who, without a permit, came to start a fight. My daddy used to tell me, it takes two to make a fight. Maybe Trump was just trying to be fair-handed, for if the one legitimate group were joined and even overwhelmed with skinheads and the like, maybe some good but naive people were lured into the counter-protest, leftist side. The way I see it, the principal criminals are the Mayor of Charlottesville and Governor of Virginia. My home state, of which I am now greatly ashamed.

  • Wzrd

    wheres the original audio or video of the offices saying that?

  • Laura

    I have been saying this since it all went down………………..
    We Trump supporters know the left is trying to step up their game and this shall not work either!
    Do not go to any protests trump supporters! Democrats are playing both sides for political theater and they have completely opened PANDORA’S box. Use your anger at the voting booth and keep these people from getting back control. Every two and four years they ramp up their race game and now it is getting deadly! This was all a setup and it will get worse in any state that has elections in 2018, especially ones where Democrats have current control and will let this escalate and their payed media can spew it for them to try and scare voters. This is all a game for power and they do not care who they use or who dies to keep power. They are playing right out of the Hitler, Saul Alinsky, kkk, nazi, Radical jihad, playbook!

  • Hefailed

    “A Charlottesville police officer has come forward…”

    I guess this is what they refer to as “fake news.” I read the article a couple of times and there is no mention of the name of the officer who “has come forward.” BS.

    “The man accused of being a neo-Nazi and murdering a woman by deliberately driving into her during protests in Charlottesville is in reality a supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of Antifa in receipt of funding by George Soros.” Source?

    These things are bad enough without all this other garbage coming out.

    • Joe Tragesser

      ACLU confirmed ‘stand down’….

  • KathiB.

    The BIGGEST “Common Denominator” is ALL of this is George Soros…………….he has invested HEAVILY in all of the main stream media outlets.
    The Clintons facilitated his citizenship process………………..Send him back to Hungary, where he came from.
    As for “ANTIFA”………….TAKE their MASKS AWAY!!!!! These people are paid and bused to wherever they might have the greatest impact….If they refuse to remove the masks, arrest them, get fingerprints, DNA and photos…………………..and SHOW them ALL over the country!!!!!

  • Searcher59


  • Resist_Tyranny

    It was murder and organized crime by the mayor and his alt left horde.

  • PastProdigal

    The truth is finally filtering out. This whole thing stunk to high Heaven from the first moment. Everyone keep talking about this, keep forwarding it. Don’t let them do this to our country and our President.

  • UrbanCamper

    The DOJ is on the case. Word is the stand down order came from the governor himself.

  • andyz7

    #falseflag another bad gag.

  • zvkk2p

    George Soros needs to be pushed out of the U.S. and given to Russia or Hungary who both want him for high crimes in their country. Then let’s freeze all of his, his family’s and his companies funds and build the wall along the border, as well as a wall between California, Nevada and Idaho. He has committed high crimes against the U.S. When will anything be done about that…when it’s far too late?

  • georgeshiflett

    Charlotte police full of white supremacists and NAZI’s who gives a shit what they say and using fox news as a resource , give me a fucking break , and its a lie anyway can’t trust one word coming out of the south not one

  • roosterCrow4

    What a state of things. Just reading the comments tells you everything you need to know. No matter if this is true or not, half the population is never going to believe it and is going to call it fake news… just as if the opposite if it was reported on CNN. The truth is now left to what you want to believe and that is the most dangerous place we as Americans can be. While I tend to believe this report is accurate, I can’t help but point out that the truth no longer matters. 100 years from now, our great grandchildren will be arguing what the cause of the second civil war was, just as we do today about the first.

  • Mermadic American

    Would be so much more useful if this had a real source. Shame, really.

  • doggmaninva

    I expect federal charges for the mayor the vice mayor the police chief and the lying ass governor of Virginia…

  • Juanita Fernandez

    If this is true then those responsible should be arrested. The police work for the people, not the government. The government belongs to the people and mayors, governors, etc. are public servants. They have no special rights or privileges and can be arrested on the spot like any other criminal, especially if violence and death are involved. Taxpayers pay law enforcement, not “the government”. Time to stop the communists before they try to kill another 100 million civilians!!!

  • bill

    Plain and simple……it was a nationally organized gang fight.

  • Hyde

    San Jose all over again, the mayor and police chief need to be arrested for accessory to murder.


    Not even the same guy…. hmmmm

  • Lawrence Pearson

    I feel like the same people who removed the words Patient Protection from ACA . Are the same people who removed SCISM from Fascism . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism . Hiding the meanings in our new made up words . Anti Fascist hate fascism . Calling it ACA removes patient protection . Calling it Antifa hides the reason for the hatred . Calling some people white nationalist . Instead of racial and religious bigots , on a hateful agenda . Kind of abets in their crimes .

  • http://reasonstream.blogspot.com lordsong

    No surprise there.
    So the real question is, “What is this pig of mayor still doing in office and why are these bastards not being jailed right now?”

  • J D

    Why not identify these people and have them arrested and see who knew what and those involved are sent to Virginia to stand trial. This method of outing them is wrong and causing them to lose their jobs is very wrong. Then we will see the trial of the century of mass conspiracy.

  • Guest

    I watched it live Saturday morning. You had the police forcing the nationalists out of the park right into crowds of armed protesters. In one video you see police officers pushing a guy with their shields right into the leftists. Then stand snd watch as they assaulted him. Enough is enough it’s time for the 2nd amendment to take over.

  • Arch Stanton

    If this is all true, the family of the woman killed can sue the governments for everything. But they will say that she was protesting, too, therefore, has no standing.

  • Crystal Webb

    I want that mayor and governor stopped before they get someone else killed. I only day this because I have to, New Orleans down monuments without riots because the police arrested the Antifa cried their violence. Terry McAuliffe, Wes Bellamy and Sig all knew this and chose a different action. Decide for yourself why? I do not want these people making any more decisions for their citizens that they clearly DON’T protect. Investigation requested. Does it take a petiton?

    • Sonny Bono

      It’s pretty simple in my mind: you can’t attack someone just because of their beliefs, speech or politics. Antifa did just that. They didn’t have a permit to protest, but they went looking for a fight, and they got it. They initiated the violence. They should’ve just let the protest carry on until they left. No violence. Easy. This should hold all these anti-protesters criminally liable for the deaths that occurred.

      • Crystal Webb

        Amen, I was told from an inside source that knows that I have no use for racism (KKK was a government group), that the agency was to simply state that it was OK to be white and associate with other white people. That is exactly what a white nationalist is! It was only once 300 Antifa jumped on the first 50 white nationalist that were escorted by neo Nazis for security that the anger rose. Probably good that they had the neo Nazis to resist the Antifa crowd or those lil white nationalists would have been beaten to death. Do I know for sure that was all they would have said? We will never know because they were not allowed to speak. What if that was all they were really going to say tho? That is why freedom of speech is so important, if you limit one groups speech then who is next? I heard 2 days ago that the founding fathers built all of America on a white supremacy belief system?!?!*WWJD??? I don’t guess I’m entitled to say that you are wrong since Charlottesville, right?

  • Charles Laurence

    Wow. There should be a lawsuit on this

  • Michael Bjerkness

    I’ve said all all along, that Hillary’s long time bagman and dirty tricks done cheap guy, Terry McCauliffe is the head puppet master here. The Chief of Police looked like a Walking Dead zombie in the interview…so so sinister

  • DawnfromO

    Jason Kessler of Unite the Right was a plant as well..he was an editor for CNN and hard core Obama supporter…one of his articles

    Both sides are being paid by infiltrators and Crowds on Demand thru Soros


  • Two Buck Chuck

    This all stinks on ice. It’s a violent take over of the country. The press is trying to give shelter to the rioters and the blame on Trump.
    Who has been right all along. Send the FBI into Charlottesville and get the truth.

  • TerrorIsEvil

    If the mayor told the police not to interfere, then there ought to be an investigation. There also needs to be an investigation of George Soros. This financier of terror and totalitarianism has brought more harm to more lives around the world than anyone alive today. I am not sure why Trump does not investigate the illegal ways he makes money from the chaos he creates and pin the deaths he has caused on the top anarchist/extremist himself. Obama’s connection to this must be exposed before more people die when November comes around and the leftist fascists will be causing death and destruction to oust Trump once again. They are dangerously sore losers and anti-democratic ignoramuses.

  • fishing florida

    fake news everywhere. from the main story to the garbage on the right and after the end of the story. this is all for $$$$$. and, some of the hateful and gullible comments below show that is works. wake up people. -jim g.

  • William

    Tell the mayor to drop dead. He is a communist that would put up this.

  • BC

    The misspelled words in this article make me question its validity.

  • Unmutual

    I would round up all the neo-Nazi skinheads and Antfa filth, and stick them an arena to fight gladiator style. The survivors win a one way ticket to North Korea

  • garry_f_owen_trooper

    When McAuliffe, of the Clinton Organized Crime Family, couldn’t get his way in the courts to block the rally, he then ordered the state police in, and declared the rally to be illegal.

  • 3indigo13

    I believe this to be true……this is all an inside job to discredit Trump, bring his administration down, and continue with their corrupt swamp activities from which they all profit greatly. Jerks, anti-Americans.

  • CBDS

    The Mayor needs to resign. The Police could have prevented some or all of this violence.

  • Ibulena

    Remember Baltimore? Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told the police to “stand down”. I never had any doubt she was given those instructions from the White House (specifically Valerie Jarrett). She also awarded the Freddy Gray family $6.4 MILLION before one police office even went on trial. The cops were are either acquitted or charges dropped.

  • Vicky Davis

    The mayor, the police chief and every other official who was responsible for the stand down should be charged with accessory to murder as well as malfeasance in office, criminal mischief, civil rights violations and whatever other charges would apply for official dereliction of duty and endangering the public.

  • ernie pforr

    Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?
    (oh you betcha!)

  • Robin

    This is freaking bullshit. Extreme right wingers adding their extreme OPINIONS to what happened and backed up by a Fox newscaster (no surprise there) Right wingers will go to any extent to rev up the hate engine.

  • William J Wyckoff

    So…the liberals who aren’t in power created and orchestrated this entire thing? Riiiiiiiigggggggghhhht.

  • sta;e[oe

    No source or name given

  • Ralloh

    The whole police force needs to come forward and tell this story.

  • Renee lee

    Both groups and police officers should be pissed not at each other but as being used by rich people of both races for their own agendas. People stand up and together against the real enemies the real problems of this country
    You are being used to do their bidding. You should all march on the mayors office and demand his resignation.

  • Disco Obama

    Anyone else notice the perfect shot of the moment of impact? The photographer would have been run over if he was in the street at that moment. This has been staged. The group with the bats shows up at the moment of impact. Actors, all, even the driver. Did anyone even die? Question everything.

  • Disco Obama

    Why isn’t this story anywhere? Why the silence from the White House on this?

  • SoulSearcher

    So as usual . No evidence anything you’re saying is true. Just take you word for it. Right! That’s how we got into this mess in the first place!

  • Amelia Vaughn

    Snopes is saying this article is false…and even has a link to this article (how I found it). But, much of what I read in this article has been seen in the news reports…the anti-protestors going in with clubs and all, and bloody heads coming out of the fray…without police intervention. I honestly am having trouble knowing what to believe. WHO CAN WE TRUST!!!??? It is a scary place out there.

    • Wrong House

      Do NOT trust the so-called mainstream media. That includes Snopes.

      Snopes’ main political fact-checker is a writer named Kim Lacapria. Before writing for Snopes, Lacapria wrote for Inquisitr, a blog that— oddly enough — is known for publishing fake quotes and even downright hoaxes as much as anything else.

      She described herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She trashed the Tea Party as “teahadists.” She called Bill Clinton “one of our greatest” presidents. She claimed that conservatives only criticized Lena Dunham’s comparison of voting to sex because they “fear female agency.”

  • Lizzi McD

    Terrible!! The Mayor was completely wrong. The whole gang-banging by BLM and Antifa (once again) could have been nipped in the bud by good police control. Whoever or whatever group was marching by permit should not have been attacked. If those gang-bangers hadn’t attacked, there would be no escalation of force and there would be no story.

  • Claire Voyance

    Just gonna leave this here. Draw your own conclusions….. https://archive.is/gV3QX

  • Obama’s son


  • t2vodka

    Even if all this was true, the fact of the matter is, both far sides hate each other and want violence. It is no ones fault but the individuals that went there to fight. It’s time people stopped joining groups, and just freaking think for yourself, and do for yourself. Group mentality is destroying this country.

  • realclearconservative

    “removed from State Department websites” linky no worky

  • Jamie
  • The Irredeemables

    Even the SPLC says the organizer was a famous Occupy Wall Street Activist and two time BO voter. Never heard the guy driving the car was a HC voter though. What is the source for that?