Cheney, Lindsay Graham & George W Slam Trump Over 9/11 Comments

Cheney, Lindsay Graham & George W Slam Trump Over 9/11 Comments

Dick Cheney, Lindsey Graham and even George W Bush crawled out from under their stones to have a go at Donald Trump following his comments about 9/11

The GOP presidential front-runner accused former President George W. Bush of lying about the terror attacks in order to force the US into war in Iraq.

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“He sounds like a liberal Democrat to me,” Cheney told Fox News “He’s wrong, and I think he’s deliberately promoting those views in order to advance his own political interests.”

Daily Kos reports:

Lindsay Graham said that Trump sounded like Michael Moore. Just throwing that in there.

“What he said about President George W. Bush being a liar and that the Bush administration is the cause of 9/11 is Michael Moore stuff,” Graham told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Trump said Saturday during the Republican presidential debate that President Bush “lied” to the American people by suggesting there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, even though “they knew there were none.”

The billionaire’s allegations angered fellow Republicans who have stood by the Bush administration

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Next up was George W. Bush, who managed to take his shot at Trump without even saying his name

Oh, wow. The smirking Chimp himself chimes in:

George W. Bush never mentioned Donald Trump. But with his folky touch, the former president unleashed a tough takedown Monday of the billionaire businessman who has upended a Republican Party his family has long led.

“I understand Americans are angry and frustrated,” Bush said during his first campaign rally for his brother, Jeb Bush. “But we do not need somebody in the Oval Office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration.”

– — — — —

He urged voters to back a candidate who will be “measured and thoughtful” on the world stage. A candidate whose “humility” helps him understand what he doesn’t know. A candidate who can win in November’s general election.

“All the sloganeering and all the talk doesn’t matter if we don’t win,” Bush said. “We need somebody who can take a positive message across the country.”



  • Dio Jones

    I would not elect Jeb as a dog catcher… Florida is still paying for what he did…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Their ENDORSEMENT of Trump is almost as good as Obama’s
    The more these SCUM BAGS hate Trump, the more I LIKE him.
    Dick “FIVE DEFERMENTS” Cheney. MISS Lindsey Graham. and
    W-rong Bush calls HILLARY his SISTER IN LAW:

    Barbara Bush says her sons call Mr. Clinton “my brother by another mother.”

  • Hank

    Any Americans who take exception to what Trump says here is hopelessly uninformed(stupid) or just in plain denial! It’s going on FIFTEEN years since 911 and a great part of the population STILL doesn’t have a clue about 911, even though there are tons of REAL material about it all over the internet. Is it patriotic to back your government claims or to do the research yourself to confirm, what the government claims? I’ll take the latter any day!

  • bosunj

    The war criminals doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Lex Gnosticos

    The Donald is right. Every one of these azzholes know it, no matter how much they screech to the contrary. What is more important, we the people know they are once again lying through their teeth. So please continue on butt heads, you are only digging your own hole deeper. We will be there to push you into that hole, so by all means please continue digging.