Hedge Betting Guide

Check out our comprehensive guide to hedge betting below. You can use hedge betting to play for real money at our top offshore sportsbooks.

Willing to make a bold sports bet? Skeptical about hedging your bet for grabbing a big chunk of winnings? Being impulsive with your bets could lead to drained bankrolls and that’s not what you want. So let’s unleash the tactical wagering strategy to hedge bets in your favor while gambling on your favorite sports online.

Hedge Betting: How it Works?

Hedge betting is an art that many professional players adopt on all live betting platforms. It allows them to identify opportunities and mitigate the original risk by maximizing the probability of their returns. Placing a hedge bet could lure many live sports betting fanatics as it allows you room to win cash on both outcomes and churn out the odds in your favor.

Are you a die-heart sports bettor? Bookmakers who have years of experience in real gambling games can be overwhelming and the right strategy could help in reducing the scope of losses. But, on the other hand, a diligent gambler constantly assesses the risks, tries to manage them, and hits the point straight away.

Hedge Betting Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Serves as an indirect bet insurance
  • Promotes intelligent betting strategy
  • Perfect for bankroll-cautious gamblers
  • Craves dedication

Is hedging just another type of staking? No, it is a profitable risk management strategy wherein you win even after losing the original bet. There are many additional elements of wagering. It’s about putting a counter bet on the original one to cash in despite being either side of the wagering option. Are you still puzzled about how it works? Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose you are betting on a cricket team that’s about to play a final match and has decent winning odds, you can place a bet on them. Then there’s a rival team who holds a lesser potential to win the match, but you still allocate a small bet on them as well. Now, irrespective of any team winning the trophy, you are bound to receive a guaranteed payout, although smaller.

The payouts you receive in hedge bets are relatively smaller as the wagered amount gets split into two. Still, it assures you are not draining out on the entire amount. Isn’t that a breakthrough for regular gamblers?

What Does Hedging Mean?

Hedge betting is an effective way to cut down the risks in a specific scenario. This helps when you have:

  • Shortened post the initial bet.
  • Drifted post the actual bet.

Hedge betting is a fantastic strategy that allows bettors to reduce staking the bets and enhances the possibility of making more money. In the process, it’s advisable to keep a note of odds to determine the exact payouts.

Can You Hedge Bets for Profits?

The fundamental of hedging bets is to sustain some financial gains despite a bettor’s outcomes on wins or losses. But, of course, hedging is subjective. Every punter can modify their wagering strategy as per the nature of the sports, the competing teams, players, and their records.

Is hedging profitable? It’s a way to alleviate the considerable betting difference between the closing and opening odds. Hedging bets teaches you to analyze the potential loss and balance it with a guaranteed win. However, it does not eliminate the risk of losing stakes taken over by the other bettors participating in the event.

How Do I Place & Win a Hedge Bet? 

If you have already made your first bet and assume it needs some revision, investing time to hedge your bet is right. Here is how it works.

  • Find out the bet you wish to protect – It is not at all necessary to hedge every bet as you are pretty confident about some sports bets, and it pays off quite well. The better way is to trust your instincts about which could be the most profitable bet for you.
  • Try to find all potential outcomes – Another way of hedging a bet is to set realistic expectations and be prepared for every situation. For example, in obvious sports matches, doubling your bets could even lead to a jackpot win that you might have ever dreamt of.
  • Select a Sportsbook – Choose a good real money sportsbook that lures generous odds over the hedge bets.
  • Located the desired bets – If you want to start with hedging a bet, navigate to the event and market you are willing to protect. Now click on the odds and place a bet to avail your slip back.
  • Bet submission – Be careful about picking your stakes for the hedge bet, as it must be in sync with the actual bets. Double-check all details before you hit the bet button as the funds are then wagered and all you can wait for is collecting your profits.

Which Sports Provide Hedge Betting?

Hedging bets is a familiar scene for all types of sports and you can infuse the right strategies to make most of it. Here are a few sports where hedge betting is highly used.


Gamblers also recognize it as a money-making sport owing to the massive chunk of bettors involved in the live betting game. You can hedge a bet against the winner, on goals, or even over the winning total. In each bet, there are two possible outcomes that one could answer with a yes or a no. Hedging strategies do not always occupy the possibility of a draw and that’s why it’s trivial to decide your exact winning probability here. It is a particularly popular way of betting on the NFL.


Hedge betting works marvels in the realm of online or offline cricket as you can bet on the players or totals after a detailed study on their records. As it’s a long-length sport, punters have a higher chance of protecting their initial wagers after analyzing the match and indulging in live betting. This could end up giving them surplus profits.


With a couple of tennis players who rule the court and make it to the finals of tournaments, your winning probability with hedge betting is pretty high here. Staking your cash funds of pro tennis players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, or Rafael Nadal at the start of the tournament would be a profitable idea. Then, you can protect your stakes with counter bets in the later stages through hedging.

Hedging bets could reap guaranteed profits and offer complete protection to your stakes. When you decide to bet on a specific match, calculate the possible odds and results to give you a brief idea of how the match would turn around. For example, suppose there’s an IPL match between the Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. In that case, you need to identify their winning odds to determine the possible defeats.

Once you have placed a bet and are unsure about it, protect the actual wager with the hedge bet on the other team. Here, even if the Mumbai Indians lose the match on whom you have placed an original wager, the hedge wager on Royal Challenger Bangalore could help you get some decent returns.

Is Hedging Your Bet a Good Idea?

A thorough grasp on sports events, player history, track records and live betting mechanisms are all necessary before you bet on any team or players with an original or a hedge bet. Live betting has its benefits and repercussions and those with some wagering experience gradually learn to manage it well. Have a look at our top five tips that could help you win the hedging bets. 

Top Tips to Win With a Hedge Bet

Look At Both Sides Of The Coin

Wagering a double on any participant increases your risk quotient on the game. The better way out is to hedge on the two-way events, which indicates that there could be two outcomes towards the end of any game. Hedge bets are most prevalent in popular sports like cricket, tennis, or basketball.

Ponder Overall Possibilities

If you wish to protect the initial wager, you should look over the potential outcomes of every hedge bet. For instance, if you are hedging over a football bet and picked up several wins in a single go, opt for a double bet and then protect it using a hedge wager.

Gauge Over The Hedge Bet Wagers

Hedging bets is not just about placing a counter bet against the opposite. In the process of securing your wagers, using basic math and computing can also prove helpful. Evaluate all the stake sizes to determine a tentative profit on your hedge bet. What could be the maximum loss you need to bear in the worst scenario.

Capitalizing The Hedging Futures

If it’s trivial for you to determine the winner for any content, it replicates that the futures odds could be pretty high. However, an ideal way out on this is to split your wagers into several future bets to cover several options. Even then, you might end up getting profits owing to the generous odds.

Seek Benefits Of In-Play Bets

If you are pretty sure about the success of your initial bet, there’s no need to hush towards hedging the stakes. Live betting is a fantastic option that allows you to make stakes after the tournament or match is already started. Then, once you have fixed a bet on a specific point, act spontaneously to trace the event and, if required, protect the initial stakes with a hedge bet.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hedge Betting

Identifying the pros and cons of hedge betting is pretty simple. This sort of betting helps frame a proper strategy that could impart better flexibility to mitigate the risks on cash at stake. Hedge bets are devices that seek to ensure that you receive some amount of payout at the end of each session. It does not disperse your losses but can minimize the size of your losses.

Hedging double bets can sometimes take a toll on your bankroll management. Suppose you are pretty confident about a wager and double it but end up losing the bets; that could burn a hole in your pockets. Managing risk with hedging is a way that takes a toll on sacrificing total profits that you might otherwise avail over any wager. 

Hedging bets can be much more effective after studying the field play thoroughly before making your bet strokes!

Can Sportsbooks Hedge Bets?

If you intend to win with your sports betting while limiting your losses and risks, a sportsbook is a good move that punters could make. Gamblers can shift their liabilities of calculating odds, staking funds, and managing payout winnings to the bookmakers.

They are the best managers who would ensure that your bankrolls rise at a better positioning against a nominal commission or fee that you might have to pay. Bookmakers can tactfully handle the number of their bets to hedge and overcome the possible losses.

What Are the Various Types Of Hedge Betting?

Hedging bets are a popular way for live sports betting, and experts use various methods to manage these types of wagers. They are as follows:

Parlay Hedging

Hedge betting effectively reduces the losses when you plan to wager on several games. It means dividing your wagering amount into multiple parts. If you win over multiple stakes, the payouts are much higher than what you received with a single stake.

Hedge Outright Bets

You can reduce the substantial risk over a future bet with this type of hedge bet. It’s a single bet placed that, if posed correctly, can cover your multiple losses, and it could be a big payday for you.

Hedging With Changing Opinions

If you had an intuition that an underdog team might win today and somehow it went wrong as the tournament proceeded, there’s an option to hedge original bets. This way, you could balance the losses, but more money is gambled as a result.

In-Play Hedge Bets

It’s the most trending hedge bet that helps players minimize the losses by wagering as per the nature of the game. Punters need to be very responsive in computing the live odds and putting them to your benefit.

Final Take

Hedge betting is a powerful tool to minimize your losses and reduce the risks by wagering to protect your original stakes. With this sort of betting, you rest assured that at least a specific amount of outcome would surely come to you. Cutting down the risks with hedging bets is an exciting way to increase potential winnings by weighing the odd probabilities and making the right decision. 

Making the right decisions with hedge bets could assure guaranteed payouts. In addition, you can evolve more with your sports betting skills to manage the wagers. So head on for an enthralling sports betting session and be ready with a hedge bet.