Chris Cornell Was Murdered, Says Close Friend

Close friend says Chris Cornell was murdered

A close friend of Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell claims the late singer may have been murdered, in what appears to be a cover-up by those closest to him.

According to the friend, who posted his revelations anonymously online, he was the first person to see Chris dead in his MGM hotel room. The scene of Chris’ death resembled a murder scene, not a suicide.

Posting on GLP, the anonymous friend says:

Chris’s own personal security guards deeply sensed that something was wrong in his hotel room, and were doing everything they could to gain access to the room. The door to his room was locked, and only he(Chris) had a key. His security personnel, one in particular called MGM security to the room, told them he knew Chris was inside and that something was wrong, they begged MGM security to open the room and allow them in. MGM security called the commanding officer of that shift, and apparently that person vehemently denied them access.

At that point Chris’s personal security took matters into their own hands, and the one I spoke of earlier actually busted in the door himself. Upon entering it was obvious Chris was not in the main room, and the bathroom door was closed and locked. It was at this point that my source, who is obviously MGM security, decided to step in so no more damage would be done to the room. He/she unlocked the bathroom door and was the first to see Chris’s body.

The conversation with this person was quick and I wasn’t able to ask all the questions I wanted to, YET. So far all I’ve been told is that he was indeed on the floor deceased, and the obvious cause was strangulation. The device used in the strangulation was also present, it was not a rope or bed sheet, it was a black exercise resistance cord with handles at each end.

This is all I have at the moment due to the timing of the conversation. My source has been put on sick leave for mental stress, and was given an all expenses paid trip out of the country for the next week. I have a lot of questions for this person that I will be able to get answers to when he/she comes home.

1. Where was his body, how was he laying?
2. Was he naked, clothed, or partially clothed?
3. Where was the exercise cord in proportion to Chris’s body, was it around his neck, lying on the floor, or hanging from the shower head? (I’ve been in those suites many many times, my fiance and I frequent MGM and are known by staff. There are no shower curtain rods, the showers have glass doors so the only apparatus that could have been used for self-inflicted asphyxiation is the shower head).
4. Did it seem to be odd in any way, was it obvious that it was self-inflicted, or did things look and feel out of place?

These are the questions I have so far, and I will be back in touch with my source to ask them as soon as possible.

If there are any questions that my GLP Brothers and Sisters have, please add them here over the next cpl days, and I will compile a list of all of them. I will get as much intel as possible as soon as I can.

  • HT

    I know no one wants to except that he’s gone and went the way he did.. And sometimes look for other reasons or others, anyone else to blame, Cause it Is hard to except.. But I kinda agree with you on this dude.. Just a gut feeling since first heard, that Something is off and odd for sure. I don’t know, just a feeling js.. Never Really know how or what someone is feeling Really. His wife feels the same as well. Just deff worth investigating full throttle, don’t see him purposely hurting his kids like this at all. Think the questions you already wrote down above here are good, an basic tell of the truth. And if Not this horrendous thing, then should Easily be answered an proved No f Problem. My condolences. Ml&r

  • JillyBean

    I’ve studied homicide scenes & you have many good questions about this.. I don’t see it possible to do this the way they are saying he did..
    Also questioning the blood coming from mouth..
    I truly hope you can get the answers you want. Well, we all want.. Good luck to you.

  • MS

    The official “story” that,was reported said that Chris Connelly’s bodyguard had to break down the door to enter the bathroom, and there was some sort of hook or metal loop attached to the top of the door, which also damaged it. It was reported that the elastic exercise band was still around his neck when his body was discovered.
    I’d be very interested in what your source has to say about this, as well as the excellent questions you’ve brought up!
    Something about this whole thing just doesn’t add up.

    • TD

      Who is Chris Connelly?

  • Marietta Mitchell Moonshine

    This story is complete crap .. how is anyone going to murder someone in a bathroom and then leave it locked from the inside, without being inside the bathroom?
    Whoever walked in and out of Chris Cornell’s room would have been caught by the million cameras on every corner of the hotel..
    Stop spreading garbage news..

    • Clayton

      Lock on door handle is separate from door latch. This is basic knowledge.

    • Le Cochon Bleu

      If you read the article, you will see that actual entry to the bathroom was gained from using a key, by security.
      So if the door was opened in this way, it can also have been closed in this way, from the outside.
      That is the proposition.
      In any case, in an modern tourist, business, executive or high end class hotel, the hotel staff have access to open the bathroom door from the outside.
      So, for a group or organization which haven’t already gotten that access to that particular hotel, what they have to do is take the means of access from staff. If they are not using a staff member or members to do this.

      There is your potential conspiracy theory for today. It’s something the police will always have to look at.

      The thing is that the problem is not that it is difficult to get access to a hotel bathroom, but that it is actually usually too easy and makes things much harder to discern for potential suspects.
      It’s wide open.
      There are simply too many staff members, old and new, or former workers, and potentially rooms where keys can be gained from, this possibility is left alone because it will usually seem too hard to find anyone who may have had organised access.

      • Oops

        Also, being he pissed off the prez by insulting his daughter and also pissed off Adolph Erdogan of Turkey with The Promise, there are state actor suspects likely involved.

        • TD

          OMG, Really?

      • Andytom

        youll find out that very few people acftually get access to be able to make keys to any room especially for high roller suites, I know because I called the hotel where he passed away.

    • Le Cochon Bleu

      “Whoever walked in and out of Chris Cornell’s room would have been caught by the million cameras on every corner of the hotel..”

      The star from Soundgarden was hardly high profile anymore.
      Look at Whitney Houston’s death – the terrible (time lapse photo) CCTVs in the Beverly Hills hotel did indeed show someone in the corridor, the same person obscured in the lift, in the lobby floor and who had been waiting outside the front entrance earlier.
      Maybe a drug dealer, maybe just a bit and maybe an agent of some description.

      The man had no room, wasn’t staying there wasn’t found dining or drinking in the bar in CCTV, wasn’t at a meeting or conference, seemed to have wandered in – could have been visiting someone but it was never identified.
      It was Houston’s floor. What a co-incidence.
      Still someone decides what the media and coroner story will be, and the rest is hidden, in that case for around a year until a journalist uncovered this evidence and made it public.
      … To the cries of “silly conspiracy theorist” of course!

      There you are, that’s how it can go and often will.


        Suicide is a lie!

    • cat butt

      they had a key as well you dumb cock. Jeez, did you vote for trump as well?

      • Shooter Mcgavin

        You’re an idiot

      • suz

        one thing is for sure, a leftist is not going to solve this.

  • hummingbirdmad

    the news stories state he used a carabiner jammed into the door frame to attach to the exercise band. i don’t doubt Vicy and her mom are covering a lot up, especially the rumors he wanted to leave Vicky and was done with their marriage, but i don’t think he was murdered. I also don’t doubt they’re going to try to milk this for every cent they can (hence the twitter meltdown yesterday about vedder not attending the funeral, or the cremation ceremony attendees magically making it on TMZ) but I don’t think he was murdered, I think he was driven to the edge.

  • Clayton

    I know some of these hotels have secret entrances. Once in the hotel, I’m not sure how an assassin would be able to get into the room though without being seen by in internal hotel camera. Perhaps they came through the fire exit door into Cornell’s room from another room. Assassin may have been rented a room beside Cornells… MGM is a huge entertainment company and would have ties to the illuminatti controlled entertainment industry, perhaps owner or manager of hotel was in on murder

  • clarioncaller

    Maybe we can get a ‘two for the price of one’ investigation and add Robin Williams.

    • Reese Daniel

      And Mick Jagger’s girlfriend died the same way, neck tied to a door knob.

  • Rex Peek

    Net worth @ 60 million dollars and double that after his death. No signs of depression, Chris was murdered!

    • sophie wilde

      600.000 US citizens committed suicide from 2016-2017…highest figure was men from aged 19-55..50%od ALL SUICIDES globally are within 1hr of the person having the ‘urge’ and again the vast majority unlike what is portrayed in the movies leave no suicide not at all…By profession I was a mental health worker here in the UK for 20 yrs and I also speak from the experience of having bipolar and having survived a suicide attempt in 99 myself…A man of 52 with a 40yr old history of depression probably should have been chilling out and enjoying his life without the continual treadmill of touring…sad fact we reach our 50’s and nomatter what anyone tells you we ALL slow Chris love you m’friend x

      • sharktank

        if you see read the circumstances of this and his best friends deaths then read that they were both about to do an expose on Pizzagate which involves elitist Podesta who according to the emails we all saw is involved in kiddy sex trade No this needs to be studied the men were dead before their bodies were hung so say the medical experts so who hangs themselves after they have died
        MURDER BY PODESTA the video of Podesta torturning the little boy he screams at the boy call me dad I am your father!!! was this boy Chester he had affair with chesters mom and they look exactly alike like twins cept podesta is a bit older than chester

      • DME

        your generalities have NOTHING to do with the specific facts of this particular case.

  • SoundgardenFan

    The GLP link is good but the mods there are banning posters just for commenting on Chris’s murder.

    Someone should sue that alleged conspiracy site for 1st Ammendment infringement.

    And in the mean time post there with all the proxies you can find to undermine these speech infringing morons.

    • Jaimes Roe

      The First Amendment doesn’t work like that. It only prohibits the government from preventing free speech, which does not include all speech, and it allows the government to limit certain things about when/where/how that speech is exercised. Since businesses and private persons are not the government, they are perfectly within the law to disallow it all they like. Being on someone else’s website is like being inside a business’s building or someone else’s living room. You don’t play by their rules, they get to tell you to leave. It sucks sometimes, but that’s the way things are.

      • Justice for Chris Cornell

        Ownership of property does NOT give anyone the “right” to curtail freedom of speech as that would negate the general right of freedom of speech in every single one of the 50 states and ALL of it’s territories….

        Nobody has the right to post signs anywhere within the United States or territories in which the government of the US has authority stating “The Constitution of the United States is null and void beyond this point”

        I’ll speak my mind wherever I happen to be at any particular moment “Free Speech Zones” notwithstanding.

        • Jaimes Roe
        • Elle Dee

          I hate that this is not so, but it is. Ownership of property allows individual owners of even property open to the public from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, even if the state they’re in allows concealed or open carry.. People can choose to not frequent, even protest their disgust with a private individual or collective group’s decision to curtail one’s rights, despite what the law says to the contrary, but that’s why you don’t have to, and I limit my time spent on high alert soft targets. Any place limiting an individual’s freedom is a dangerous place. Free Speech is a bit different, however if someone is using foul language or racist hate speech, etc., they are certainly subject to being asked, then if ignored when they’re told and forced to leave. True. And they are totally considered trespassing if they return or don’t leave. If the police are called, they place the criminal trespass charge. I found that out when I was concerned about a visitor to my property and his escalating menacing dialogue, it was disturbing and someone called the police who then charged him with criminal trespassing because I told him to leave and he didn’t.

      • Jaimes Roe

        People don’t need a reason to prohibit others from entering/remaining on their property. They can tell anyone to leave whenever they like. I can’t just go into someone else’s property without permission. If you never had permission to be there, or you are asked to leave, you are then trespassing.

        Feel free to speak your mind, I never said not to. But it is not your right to say whatever you want on/in someone else’s property without consequences. Look up “Freedom of speech in the United States” and specifically the restrictions section. A lot of people don’t understand the distinction, so I was simply trying to alleviate the misunderstanding. Peace.

    • DME


  • SGFan

    Chris Cornells unfortunate passing is being investigated as a homicide.

    I never believed it was suicide and never will.

  • jeangenie

    The person who made that post was not a friend of Chris’s…they were claiming to be friends with the hotel security guard.

  • SGFan

    Yes. Many are looking for the truth and will fight for Chris Cornell!!!

    CHRIS CORNELL: Anatomy Of A Rock Star’s Assassination!

    CHRIS CORNELL – Death By Murder In The First Degree?

  • Sleeveheart

    Ala Robin Williams style? Hmm

  • CC FAN

    I am so glad that this is being looked into, it does not add up. The fact that it was ruled as a suicide so quickly is very suspicious. I had read somewhere that Chris had a torn short on. Was the shirt torn in a scuffle? Was the surveillance camera looked at from the time that Chris “checked in” or just during the supposed time frame of his death. If the door locked shut from the inside out, could the killer have been in the room and walked out of the room with the door locking behind him? The room adjacent, did it have a room to his room? Was time verified with the supposed phone calls? So many unanswered questions. Please, do not give up on this!

  • CC Fan

    I never heard the exact time of death based on the autopsy. I’ve only heard the pronounced time of death by the EMT. Is there an exact?

  • bissetto

    I was at the Detroit show. Reports say he died “hours” after the show. Try less than ONE hour after he was last seen alive. He played until 11:15pm. Got into the transport van at 11:25 to MGM hotel which would take at least 5-10 min. He had to get up to his room and supposedly speak to his wife on the phone. He called for help for his Apple TV system. His security guy came up, fixed it, gave him 2 Ativan and left. Supposedly he was found around 12:45am and pronounced at 1:30am. Who gets there tv fixed if they want to off themselves? He also had 7 (seven) broken ribs when u read the official autopsy report. Yes, CPR can break ribs. But seven? Chris was a healthy individual (according to the autopsy) and to fans who heard him sing his 4 octave range. And for those who believe AE asphyxiation; a guy who makes his living singing wouldn’t risk a neck/larynx injury. M-U-R-D-E-R.

    • asylum23

      If you listen to the transcripts of the EMT at the room, it does not sound like they did much, if any, chest compressions. Mostly a tube of some kind. 7 broken ribs? That makes no sense at all. And says back of his head was essentially smashed in, even falling from a few feet up would not have caused that, or the broken ribs. Very sad.

  • J Thomas

    The most damning info (IMO) is there are no noted calls to 9-1-1 by Vicki. She called Kirsten, but after not hearing back wouldn’t you call 9-1-1? His music brothers – those he grew up with – know something. They know what the rest of us don’t. I think that’s why the distance – they want no part in the charade.

  • Ally Sage

    I have been reluctant to join these discussions but I have this nagging feeling that I just can’t shake. I have felt that CC has been attempting to communicate with anyone who is open or interested in this case. Not even a day after the news of CC’s passing I kept having premonition after premonition that something was off about this entire story. I can’t even begin to describe the details of what I have been feeling but I want to share one interesting moment I had the day after his passing. I had this strange thought, it kept repeating that someone had murdered him. When I thought to myself “but why?”, my bedroom door flew open. I wasn’t scared, but it did startle me. I have more details as to the group that I had a “vision’ as to who may have done this but I’d rather not discuss it here. (its not a relative btw) I don’t identify as being psychic but I have had premonitions in the past that proved to be correct. Anyone else have anything similar happen? I don’t necessarily prescribe to celebrity death conspiracies but I find this story extremely odd.

    • Joaquim Argente

      Yeah, i’ve sometimes have had those kind of premonitions, although not in such a big form, it’s more of like i think of something(dream about it normally) and it happens sometime later in my life, maybe a week, a month, and once it even happened on the same day.

      They are really vague though, and i can’t really identify them that easily as being premonitions until it actually happens

  • SGFan
  • suz

    well which is it? the close friend being the first one to see chris’ dead body, or the member of mgm security?

    this ‘close friend’ assures us by his tone here that chris’ personal security was troubled about the way he/she found chris’ body but it’s unclear whether this security man/woman rendered cpr or removed the noose or had any other concerns a person close to chris might do to aid him. my point? how assured are we in thinking that chris’ personal security had chris’ best interests in mind at that moment? i’m not assured.

    another thing: why the hell would this security source leave on an all expense-paid trip out of the country right at this moment when his/her input for a time after the death will be important. i suppose when the body was cremated so quickly, we don’t really need to ask any more questions or look any more closely, do we?


  • Justice for Chris Cornell

    BREAKING: Chris Cornell’s death ruled a homicide. He was last seen with this man, known arms dealer Antwan Kumiyya. Police are not ruling out terrorism as a motive at this time

  • Justice for Chris Cornell
  • Justice for Chris Cornell

    Find the truth of Chris Cornell’s death – was it murder? Murder for hire?

  • Justice for Chris Cornell

    The current wife and her family will not go quietly

  • Justice for Chris Cornell
  • Corey Reynolds

    Didn’t I say this from day 1? Blood smeared on the floor? Come on people!!

  • Justice for Chris Cornell
  • Nothing Odd Here

    I guess being murdered by the bodyguard and the MGM personnel is out of the question? Given the latest MGM mass shooting and the absurd story we were told, I would not rule this out. Occam’s Razor points to the only people who were recorded going in an out of the room. Follow the money. Was Chris breaking from the major music producers? Prince, MJ, WH, RW, …. all filthy rich, try to separate from their ‘owners’, and then suddenly die of something odd. All coincidence. Nothing to think about. Go back to sleep.

  • Kate Dean

    Sean, I can’t find your follow-up to this article addressing the questions you pose…

  • Tiger

    I simply adored Chris Cornell and all his music. I was shocked and deeply ,inconsolably saddened.. It all seemed wrong to me .I hope more comes out, It is so hard to believe he killed himself by strangling himself with an exercise cord!! Many other painless and effortless ways to commit suicide, the whole thing stinks, and Justice needs to be carried out for Chris!


    Ironic MGM again, joking with the audience just an hour earlier then hanged himself?? Don’t think so!

  • doug harmon

    I’m going to put this out there and I don’t care who it offends… has anyone even thought about a high powered mad husband having him offed? and don’t say it couldn’t be possible. this guy could have been with any woman he wanted. I can’t see the guy hanging himself and I can see him having sex with a lot of women other than his wife.

  • sharktank

    chris was murdered then his best buddy chester of linkin pk was killed in the same exact manor now here is where it gets amazing chester was sexually abused as a small boy . Chris and chester both dead died of alleged suicide same exact manor these 2 men were going to expose the pedophile ring called pizzagate which was run by none other than Podesta of clinton fame. Podesta was allegedly the father of chester so was Podesta the pedophile the killer of these 2 men because they were going to expose him and his pizzagate. YES . youtube vid shows and you hear Podesta torturing a small boy in the shower its on youtube and voice study proves it is Podesta abusing the kid

  • Ricky Wayne Pasket

    someone get murdered in Detroit , no never . Detroit is a magical land of happy Gentle people with gumdrop smiles they laugh and run through the flowery meadows . some get murdered in Detroit gasp i have never heard of such a thing. Chris cornell was murdered