Clinton Campaign Anticipates ‘Smoking Gun’ WikiLeaks Release

Clinton campaign warn media to ignore 'smoking gun' WikiLeaks release this week

Clinton Campaign officials have acknowledged that WikiLeaks are going to release a bombshell ‘smoking gun’ release before the election. 

Communications director for the Clinton campaign, Jennifer Palmieri, says that if WikiLeaks should publish this bombshell email in the next 48 hours, the public should ignore it.

Friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a Wikileaks in next two days – it’s probably a fake,” tweeted Jennifer Palmieri. reports:

For the past several weeks, WikiLeaks has published emails obtained from a hack on campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal account.

Many messages published have included exchanges that have caused headaches for the Clinton campaign.

The Clinton campaign has repeatedly declined to say whether any of the emails are authentic, but most reporters and political analysts have reported on them as such.

Representatives for the Clinton campaign have, instead, only said the emails were likely the result of Russia trying to use hackers to interfere with the election.

The US intelligence community has publicly accused Russia of hacks on Democratic Party organizations.

  • Dave

    Russian email hacks. Geeze can’t you come up with something more believable. hilary is so corupt that criminals think she is dirty.

    • Robby

      It very said when even the Hispanic people look at hilary as dirty…several mexicans told me thats how mexico government works…payoff… when criminals can see it and people who come from corrupt countries even see it…its bad…so said the general american public dose not see how bad hilary is…

  • Jim

    The key word here is “Probably” They are saying its a possibility that what you read might be true but to you brain washed dummies there is nothing to see here.