Former Hillary Clinton Employee Arrested On Treason Charges

Candace Marie Claiborne has become the first Clinton-era State Department employee indicted on treason charges, after a federal grand jury indicted her on numerous felony charges.

Candace Marie Claiborne has become the first Clinton-era State Department employee indicted on treason charges, after a federal grand jury indicted her for conspiring to defraud the U.S. government, concealing contact with foreign spies, obstructing an official proceeding, and making false statements to the FBI.

Claiborne, a veteran State Department employee who possessed a Top Secret security clearance, concealed her extensive contacts with Chinese intelligence agents, who for years lavished her with thousands of dollars in gifts as part of a pay-for-play scheme, according to a Department of Justice press release.

In addition to cash payments, Chinese spies provided Claiborne with vacations, an apartment, Apple electronics, and tuition to a Chinese fashion school, according to the indictment. Suggesting she learned tricks from Hillary Clinton, her former boss, Claiborne allegedly told co-conspirators to delete all emails and evidence after getting caught.

The bill of charges contains numerous felonies and Claiborne, 60, is facing spending the rest of her life behind bars, as prosecutors warn she is “the first of many” corrupt Clinton-era State Department employees that will be bought to justice by a reinvigorated DOJ.

Candace Marie Claiborne is a U.S. State Department employee who possesses a Top Secret security clearance and allegedly failed to report her contacts with Chinese foreign intelligence agents who provided her with thousands of dollars of gifts and benefits,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General McCord.

Claiborne used her position and her access to sensitive diplomatic data for personal profit. Pursuing those who imperil our national security for personal gain will remain a key priority of the National Security Division.”

He added: “This case demonstrates that U.S. government employees will be held accountable for failing to honor the trust placed in them when they take on such sensitive assignments.

Candace Claiborne is accused of violating her oath of office as a State Department employee, who was entrusted with Top Secret information when she purposefully mislead federal investigators about her significant and repeated interactions with foreign contacts,” said Assistant Director in Charge Vale.

The FBI will continue to investigate individuals who, though required by law, fail to report foreign contacts, which is a key indicator of potential insider threats posed by those in positions of public trust.

The grand jury found Claiborne’s Washington, D.C. home and her savings account are subject to forfeiture, if she’s convicted.

She wrote in a journal that she could “generate 20k in 1 year” through one of her Chinese agents, according to an affidavit. She was allegedly wired nearly $2,500 shortly after and was asked to provide the U.S. government’s analyses of its 2011 economic talks with China.

According to the Department of Justice’s press release, Claiborne is facing decades behind bars for her crimes:

The maximum penalty for a person convicted of obstructing an official proceeding is 20 years in prison. The maximum penalty for making false statements to the FBI is five years in prison. The maximum statutory sentence is prescribed by Congress and is provided here for informational purposes. If convicted of any offense, the sentencing of the defendant will be determined by the court based on the advisory Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Jacques Devin

    Why aren’t the Clintons, Comey, Odumba and all the cronies in jail along with Claiborne they did the same thing and worse.

    • sejmon

      it may is preview what is next for them…..

      • Jesse Carpenter II

        I hope so. We desperately need justice. You get enough of the vermin. Then the rest scatter like the cockroaches they are.

        • Dansin Bear

          Sorry about your brain Jesse.

    • RayNAiken

      Because they are all corrupt…Hillary didn’t have all those FBI files on everyone in the beltway because she was bored reading romance novels. She was getting the goods on people she could leverage for personal gain.

      • kev

        Old school Hillary

        • barney rubble

          Herbert Hoover was a closet queer that had every dirty secret on everybody in Washington. He is the example all these dirt-bags use on how to manipulate those around them.

          • Advent2016

            As was J. Edgar Hoover.

          • barney rubble

            I stand corrected. You are correct. I got my Hoover’s confused.

          • Leo P Helmar

            should replace that vacuum cleaner try a DYSON

          • Tobey Llop

            I threw away my portable Dyson because the battery didn’t last more than a couple minutes, not long enough to dust the stairs. I called Dyson and they told me the six minutes it lasted when it was new was up to spec. I’ve had a Black and Decker now for several years and it still works on a charge as long as needed and cost about a sixth of what the Dyson cost. We still use the heavy duty push Dyson, though, for pet hair. It works better than the Electrolux it replaced. But the portable Dyson is pure junk. Spread the word!

          • Sharon Harrah-Hale


          • David F. Podesta

            I had that problem and called them. I was told how to sis-assemble the brush head and to clean out the dust cup and the filter thoroughly. It works now. I clean it out every time there is an accumulation. It takes 5 minutes.

          • Cathy Dee

            Hmm… is that a code to someone in a trench coat and dark glasses to meet you with the secret “papers” at the vacuum cleaner shop??

          • Charlotte Scot

            You certainly did.

          • butownboy

            barney rubble wasn’t around for the Queen of the FBI.

          • Sylvia Avila

            Right!! Hillary and Bill most corrupt couple!! Need to be in Jail!!

          • Dansin Bear

            so do you!

          • joan

            You sound like such a child. Saying so do you Sylvia. You know Nothing about Sylvia,but because she and everyone else says the truth.That’s your response? Seems like that’s what democrats and Liberal’s do is attack anyone who tells the TRUTH with Hillary, Yet all you crybabies can say anything against our Life saving President who is going to Save this country from trashy criminals.They are not above the law.

          • Mary Mennona Ventresca

            Not President HERBERT Hoover, who was an honorable man. Longtime FBI Director J. EDGAR Hoover was the closet queer with dirt on everyone in Washington.

          • Dansin Bear

            This was determined a couple days ago.

          • David F. Podesta

            That would be J.Edgar Hoover.

          • Jimmy Gee

            Uhhh, you mean J. Edgar Hoover, don’t you?

        • Sylvia Avila

          You mean old evil Hillary!!! Her time is short!!

      • Sylvia Avila

        Right you are!!

      • RayNAiken

        J. Edgar did it? Really? Well hell you all……that is excuse enough for anybody to do it………Right???? I’m sorry Hillary……J.Edgar did it so you are excused. NOT!!!!!!

    • Jess

      Gophers serve their bosses so whatever steps Clairborne took were at the instruction of her superiors. The head honchos aught to be ultimately the people they’re after, or should be.

      They could eliminate a great of time and save a great deal of money if the DOJ just went back of Clinton’s long reining criminal activities. As a matter of fact, they could easily refer to Julian Assange’s vault (wealth) of information. It’s all there…and the rest the cons can fill in.

      As I always say, “follow the paper trail.”

      YAY! I’m not American, but I’m so glad to see consequences will be (hopefully) for their disgusting actions.

      Most of all, I’d love to see the Clintons pay dearly for all the shit they pulled. If anyone has it coming, it’s them. They are the epitome of pond scum.

      • James Waller

        Jess, Jacques Devin, Well said Jess and a damn good question Jacques. With a little luck, all of their dirty laundry will come out in the wash and we will then see how much shit they were really full of and how much they rolled in.

      • Jesse Carpenter II

        And the money too.

      • DeAnn Smith Caylor

        Thank you and welcome to the American forum.

      • SAM

        Comey’s reputation is besmirched with the Hillary non-prosecution. He/they are probably trying to put fear into government employees who think they can do Hillary type espionage tricks and get away with it.

        Or, perhaps this is the first and the road will lead to indictments of Hillary and all of her minions. Common Comey get the big fish or get out.

        • Dansin Bear

          Comey needs to go he lied, cheated and stole from from election! His jack-assery with all the fake news he produced against Hillary is enough for him to go to prison for some time too! There should be an independent investigation into all the so called intelligence agencies that interfered with our election process results! I feel sorry for people that do not have the ability to think (faux noise and all the other fat ass racist noise), their brains have all turned to mush-too bad!

          • Tobey Llop

            It seems to me that Comey took heat to give Clinton a reprieve in the final weeks of the campaign by diverting attention from her very serious crimes exposed by Wikileaks. Clinton had already stolen the nomination from Sanders by seriously crooked means and, but for a foul-up in rigging the voting machines, would have succeeded in stealing the election as well. I don’t think Trump will last long as President, he’s too crazy, but it would be a fine thing if he takes down a lot of corruption types in both major parties before he’s booted out by impeachment or decides to resign. The irony is that the people who would impeach him are themselves mostly corrupt.

          • Rebecca M. Hollon-Paxton

            I don’t think Trump will leave, he is a man of determination and is a strategist. The worst thing that could happen is to let these dirty corrupt congresspeople in charge again..2018 reelections are coming out the old and bring in some new voices to represent us and our values..get rid of the good old boys!!

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        They have to much shit on people and have got away with murder.

        • Charlie

          Too many murders !!

          • Dansin Bear

            How many people has Drumpf had murdered?

          • Iceman1956

            Nobody that I know of. Even the Trump-hating MSM hasn’t been able to pin murders on Donald Trump. But Hillary and Obama are a different story. There are dead bodies spread out all over, and their deaths all point to Hillary and Obama. There is no question.

      • Barry Kaplan

        As much as I despise the Clintons, the basis for this article is bullshit. It’s fake news. First, she’s clearly NOT charged with treason; that’s just a lie in the headline to get people to read it. Secondly, she got into that job in 1999, so to refer to her as a “Hillary employee” is bs too. So they lied twice in the headline to attract readers, who will hopefully then click on the ads in the “article”. It’s nothing but copy and paste, lying click bait, which makes all conservatives look like bad.

    • Jesse Carpenter II

      Exactly. Kinda makes you wonder doesn`t it?

    • robert white

      I qwestion the validity, of this article. and, so many more, these days, on fb. like the media, they are purposely thowing lies, in order to throw a smoke screen, on the ones that are true.

      • Dansin Bear

        FB is not a player it is all the mounds of external crap that the thousands of fake websites out there that neocons use to produce yuge amounts of lies!!!

    • Phydeux

      Give them time… They need to convict Claiborne and then get her to roll over on Clinton and cronies in return for a lighter sentence. That’s how this works. Find a chink in the armor, then work your way up the organization.

      • Charlie

        Do you think Claiborne will be alive to testify?

        • Phydeux

          Good point. I’d forgotten about the accidental deaths surrounding the Clintons.

          • Dansin Bear

            Drumpf has murdered so many more!

          • Norm

            evidence? names?

      • Dansin Bear

        Dumbest is really dumb!


      Just wait, the common practice is to indict “low level” people and “flip” them into cooperating witnesses. Clinton and Obama no longer have the Black Mafia to shield them (Holder & Lynch).

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        They have Their long time friend, (at least Hillary and Billary) Donald Trump that has already flip flopped on so many things. that will pardon them.

    • GaylePutt

      Their turn is coming.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right! They need to go the process first! It takes to long!

      • Dansin Bear


    • Gadsden 57

      Give them time, Prosecutors want to make absolutely sure they have enough evidence to make the conviction stick, because they can’t be tried a second time.

      • Dansin Bear

        You are going to be waiting all your life. Drumpf and Fiends are on their way out to find unemployed felon positions elsewhere or porn production.

        Where do you get OANGE hair dye anyway? Have you noticed how orange Ryan’s head has been lately.

    • Sab

      Because Cia and fbi and most of the left overs are stopping this from happening. Plus hillary keeps killing people that are going to testify. 6 in five weeks now plus burned Vince fosters body..crazy. she is the devil

    • O’Bummer

      I hope Trump truly can drain this cesspool that has been created within our government for who knows how long.

      • Eileen Ross

        In order to drain the cesspool, he will have to drain his son-in-law and daughter Ivanka, the advisors who are really running things. Keep your eyes on them, read up on Jared, and you’ll put it together.

        • Stella

          You know Eileen, there is such a mess in Washington DC it self I wonder really what can be done. No human can do it on their own even with trusted ones around. Prayer is the only answer. I read where one Republican is a millionaire from blocking O-Care. Out of Virginia. And Hillary can not see she blew her own self out of the water. still blaming others. Wow!! How sick is that.Habitual liar. Makes one stomach turn.

          • Eileen Ross

            You are right Stella. Concerning Hitlery, I saw her on a news clip last night speaking to a “crowd” of progressives, and she said “We shouldn’t be building walls, we should be building bridges!”
            What a blatant anti-American! The reason she is not in jail is because of her power, money and murderous thugs. And now Jason Chaffetz is stepping down. Gee, I wonder why!!!
            I know you are a thinking woman, one who collects the information, and then puts it together. So I am sending you a link pertaining to President Trump’s son-in-law. Disturbing information, and it also contains other links to read, which will tie everything together. Please let me know what you think.

          • Stella

            Okay I have it. thanks. Mine in not intelligent thinking my dear. Just common

            sense and guts. LOL

          • Stella

            Eileen, there are so many sites I have no idea which one to check into. Is there a

            head line direct to read?? Mind Boggles.

          • Eileen Ross

            Yes, the ones which are underlined are the titles to the articles. When you click on them, the info will come up.

          • Stella

            Went 23 pages and only one was underlined but it did not give information, only a book title. I will put his name in search and see what comes up. Oh yes, Mariah Stewart books are mystery and then also many in a town called St. Dennis but it takes place around Maryland around a cape to the Chesapeake. but still so good.

          • Eileen Ross

            Good morning Stella
            The links to click on are the ones in between the paragraphs of the original link I sent you. Some of them are: Steve Bannon exposes Jared Kushner
            Jared Kushner, Boy with a mission
            Trump’s Son-in-Law Bankrolls Extremist Zionists
            Sorry if I was not clear before. Please try these and let me know.

    • Whiskey7Actual

      Patience their time under the hammer of justice will come! Notice Obama is in Tahiti no extradition!

  • Eye4one2

    Let’s hope this is in fact only one of many more cases to come. It’s clear from Hillary and other Demoncrats they are only in it for the money and sell us out at every opportunity!

  • John C Carleton

    Selective prosecution of low level fruit on the evil corrupt baby raping Washington DC Tree of Slavery for Americans.

    The present administration is committing war crimes, treason left and right, by putting Israhell before America and Americans.
    I think, the rabid animal has no moral compass, and WILL NOT police it’s self.

  • Don Askew

    Boil her alive in hot oil, wretched filth of humanity. And get the high level bastards obama & hitliary, I don’t care much for torture unless it’s for corrupt US Politicians, then I say Let’s Get Medieval!! I long for the carnage of corrupt politicians and their treasonous minions., death to them all…
    And PIZZAGATE is F*ing real too, and all those fucks need to die slowly watching the others die while waiting their turn.
    And that goes for trump if he murders anyone else in the middle east, treasonaous war mongering shithead.

  • Raincroft

    Can’t wait for this scenario with Clintons…They had better keep her securely guarded…because Hitlary is a master as arranging suicides…

    • Dansin Bear

      Dumb and dumber showing it up to share their bag of dicks.

      • ladybug

        Would you shut the hell up?

  • Raincroft

    They need to get the Clintons first…so they cannot arrange any more murders…

    • keycat

      you mean Arkacides? 😉

      • Blue Eyed Infidel


        • Dansin Bear

          Sounds like it must have been a Huge bag of dicks or should I say Nixon’s?

  • Willy Wonka

    Ummm… folks, this woman has a life expectancy shortened by some ninety percent. Who the hell thinks she will ever get to court to spill the beans against the skank?????????? She is a dead man walking, and I will take bets on this one.

    • David Mulloy

      Wonder if they will give her a Choice between getting “Heart Attacked” like Justice Scalia or shooting herself in the back of the head, Twice, Like Vince Foster??

      • James Waller

        Good question David. I guess only time will tell.

      • Copperhead1951

        With a revolver.

        • Michael Lloyd

          Revolver? Wasn’t it a crossbow?

          • Copperhead1951

            Same effect! 😉

      • DeAnn Smith Caylor

        Antonin Scalia just died. He wasn’t murdered, he wasn’t poisoned, he simply died. It happens. He was in poor health and indulged his own pleasures. Sometimes.People.Just.Die. He was at a private ranch among dear friends. Not everything that happens is the result of a black helicopter conspiracy. Lord. Vince Foster, on the other hand…

        • Mary Mennona Ventresca

          Then why was there no autopsy?

          • ClydeMcWhorter

            because of the young girls that were there.

          • Barry Kaplan

            Because his wife didn’t want one done, which was widely reported. He had a lot of health history – heart problems, diabetes etc.

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        give her a young one like they did Scablia ?

      • Eleanor LeTourneau

        Or Seth Rich.

    • PaulfromTexas

      Thank you…..someone needed to state the danger

    • Barry Kaplan

      The mistake you’re making is believing that she was a “Hillary employee” in the first place. There’s no evidence for that, as she’d been in that job since 1999. Also, she wasn’t charged with treason, that’s simply a lie in the headline to get you to read the article. I’m not defending Hillary in any way shape or form, I’m just sick of the bs from so called conservatives who create lies and nonsense to get people to read their click bait.

  • Jay Wood

    hopefully she will squeal on killary for a better sentence

    • Dansin Bear

      Now drink down your Cool-aid.

  • lloyd

    WTF, are you a dimwit or just a plain moron? Go back to your closet!

  • Anyone but Obama

    Get enough of them and someone will talk.

  • mizar5

    “…Claiborne’s Washington, D.C. home and her savings account are subject to forfeiture, if she’s convicted.”

    If she had been one of your garden variety sub-citizens, her home and savings would have already been confiscated.

  • Blessed

    it is what they do they build the case from the bottom up,Many of the low lying fruit will plea bargain to make the case stronger for the kinkpin like crooked an huma

  • Jodie Consoles

    hopefully in time the law will be applied to the Clinton’s and those around who participated with them.

  • Sandy devine

    Clinton of all people deserve to be in this woman’s exact shoes! Comey literally let her walk but O gave her no pardon whatsoever, so I ask our DOJ, get your selves motivated and start investigating Now!

  • Ivor O’Connor

    Don’t all government employees do the same? Let’s eliminate our top heavy government instead of the humans that fill these unneeded positions.

    • Copperhead1951

      So just because “all government employees do the same” is not reason to NOT go after the rank and file corrupt bureaucrat. That is part of the “Drain the swamp” plank in DJT’s plank.

      • Ivor O’Connor

        Depends on whether you like to go after the symptoms rather than the cause.

        • Copperhead1951

          I prefer to go after them both. Take care of the cause and the symptoms will disappear.

      • ClydeMcWhorter

        Trump has already flip flopped on his campaign promises. Hillary will walk.

        • Eleanor LeTourneau

          I agree she has a lot of power behind her and somehow will get away with it.

        • Copperhead1951

          Clyde, I don’t think that he has flip-flopped as much as his objectives has evolved since getting into the WH. Have their been some changes in mythology? Probably some, but … I do believe that the objective is still the same. Do you want to win the war or do you want to win the battle? I think his objective is to win the war, i.e. get his agenda through. Sometimes there is a need for strategic retreat before you can advance. The “lock her up” rhetoric was just that. Even if she confessed to all that she and Bill have done and there was a massive data dump confirming it she will never spend a day behind bars, and those of us that really know what she has done realize that fact. JMHO

  • Michael Lloyd

    Speaking of corruption in the Clinton State Department, has that missing $6,000,000,000 (6 billion) ever been found? It has been over 4 years now. Is or did anybody ever bother looking?

  • Jackie Dobbs

    Think she will turn state;s evidence?

  • DeAnn Smith Caylor

    Tuition to a Chinese fashion school? Well, that’s probably what tripped her up.

  • Sandra J. Smith

    So why aren’t #45 & his whole cabinet in jail for treason….they’re doing so much more

    • Richard Head

      Your delusion is noted.

      • Sandra J. Smith

        But you’re more delusional to the 10th power….Bye boy

  • sanssheriff

    She apparently learned from the best!

  • minute-man

    Wait just a dam minute here….
    as I understand it the constitution declares TREASON as punishable by ‘death by hanging’ Why wasn’t that mentioned???

    • Barry Kaplan

      Because the headline is bullshit, that’s why. Is clearly a lie. The liar who wrote this also linked the press release, and as you can see, she was charged with obstruction and making false statements, NOT treason. They LIED to get you to read the article, then hopefully click on their ads. That’s ALL they really care about. It’s nothing but click bait.

  • Natural_Texan

    None of this (tip of the iceberg) woul have ever come out if Hillary had been anointed.

    • Dansin Bear

      Too many dicks, not enough time.

  • Stephen J. Koach

    First of many. That is my favorite line. Lock them up.

    • jack

      book’em donald

  • disqus_liV0LboiNK

    3 words: ”Drain the Swamp.””

  • Richard Head

    Will this make the mainstream news? Doubt it.

  • kev

    Claiborne should plea bargain to divulge how corrupt Obama and Hillary is..I hope she sings!

  • Trump winning – Bullet2354

    Hillary COLLUDING with China! wow.

  • greatrighthope

    Maybe this woman can be flipped? Immunity?

  • Cyn Davis

    I’ll believe this when I see it happening. I think this is bullshit.

  • Apollinair

    Didn’t you fail to mention she was also a Bush employee?

    • Barry Kaplan

      It’s not sloppy, it’s a flat out lie to get people to read it and click on the ads.

  • Aaron1960

    Drain that swamp.

  • Kevin Hyde

    She was hired in 1999 and did most of this during the Bush administration!

    • jack

      bush and cheneys fault, yep, we heard that a lot.

  • Patricia

    Her life expectancy doesn’t look real good right now. Better ask for the secret service that protects Hillary be sent to her . She needs it more than Hillary.

    • Dansin Bear

      YeaYeaYea keep drinking that juice and eating from that bag of Nixon’s.

  • Jack Fecalman

    Now she will get a retirement apartment, 3 meals a day, medical care, exercise room privileges, a nearby toilet, women really like that, No utilities to pay.
    she’ll do just fine.

    • jack

      toilet for both sexes to use

  • Clark Kent

    Get those prosecutions moving.

  • John

    When is the LYING HOG, Killarious Rotten, going to get the same treatment for her Treason? I say HANG THEM ALL! Then we can see what they did! — like Nancy Pelosi passing the health abuse law!

    • Dansin Bear

      All you must be in on that Huge bag of dicks! How many did you eat?

  • Jim Beeler

    The article is desperate to make Hillary Clinton culpable by saying she was her employer. Claiborne has been at the state department since 1999. So, yeah “Clinton era” only if you mean that she started working there at the end of his Bill’s presidency.

    • Barry Kaplan

      Also, she wasn’t charged with treason, but obstruction and making false statements. While the press release is real, this “article” is nothing but click bait.

  • Michael Joseph Alexius Palaia

    “… prosecutors warn she is “the first of many” corrupt Clinton-era State Department employees that will be bought to justice by a reinvigorated DOJ.”
    ‘Bought’? #FireYourEditor #Spellcheck #CredibilityFail

  • birdman8421

    Looks like the “lady” is really a guy. That will get her/him off. Cannot be punishing a trannie these days.

  • rararoadrunner

    She will, of course, be offered immunity from prosecution in exchange
    for testimony against her former employers, who are planning similar
    moves against Trump and his Administration: shit’s about to get lethally

  • Mikeymike801302

    Keep that cell nice and warm for your girlfriend Hillary. She will be joining you shortly.

  • Concerned

    All we ever hear is how they found someone out, but nothing has happened to them. You really think she might go to prison?? Now if they would only get the rest of the crooks.. Like Killary

  • Anup K. Sen

    When others like Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Susan Rice, Comey, Huma, Bill Clinton will be charged?

  • Calvin Mitchell

    The FBI is trying to look like they are doing their job. Even though this woman is guilty of treason. She is only one of many that was following Hillaries example. This is Hypocracy at its worst. Shame on you, FBI. You turn a blind eye on the Clintons who you have proof have commited many acts of treason Far Worse than this politician. NOW you put up a front of being the real FBI. A real top law enforcement agency by arresting & bringing this Woman up on charges. While letting the Clintons go free. Shame on you. Bill Comey, you are a Hypocrite Sir. Arrest Hillary, Start at the Top. Not the bottom. This entire nation knows what you have done. Redeem yourself & the FBI. Arrest & indict the Sharks along with the goldfish.

    • Barry Kaplan

      You’re missing the whole point. THE HEADLINE OF THIS ARTICLE IS A LIE. She wasn’t charged with treason, she was charged with obstruction and making false statements. And to call her a Hillary employee is also ridiculous, as she’d been there since 1999, long before Hillary ran the State Department. While the details in the press release are true, the article itself is just click bait.

  • Katherine McChesney

    It will never happen. She’ll get a pass just like Hillary.

  • Edward

    Jail time is a sentence to the American people. If convicted, hanging or firing squad solves the issue.

  • pelermon

    Nice hair Butch

  • fasthelix

    Don’t worry it’s just a matter of time before the fat cat clintons have their day too.

  • Mac Sterling

    I hate Hillary as much as anyone and think she should be arrested for treason, but, to have the headline “Former Hillary Clinton Employee Arrested On Treason Charges”. is a sham. Anyone who works for the statement (even the janitor in some outpost in the middle of Africa is an “employee” of Hillary. Thee is no mention of her in the justice department’s press release. Pay attention to stories on the internet. The headlines are often misleading and will take you off the real track. Just because we wish a story was true, doesn’t mean it is, so keep in mind who is posting it. Also, always check the date on a story. Many times a threating story comes along (that gets our hopes up that Obama and all his cronies are going down) only to find it was published in 2015, and nothing ever came of it.

    • Barry Kaplan

      EXACTLY. And almost no one else here has noticed this, which is such a shame.

  • A piano

    Death to this treasonist pos

  • Jesse

    Information is power and Bill and Hillary have more information, on compromised and corrupt DC insiders and people of power in this country and around the world, than anyone except maybe the KGB. They are probably themselves the most corrupt individuals in this country.

  • George Rooney

    Hillary, Rice with BO, sounds like a dish, but they will all be arrested for treason if the US is forced into going to war, because all of the truth of the past 8 years will be aĺl be exposed.on commissar Clinton.

  • Scott Frasier

    will she taken ‘down’ or taken ‘out’. Life would be so much better to see this lady rat out Hillary.

  • Andy Franklin

    Why in the hell has Hillary not been arrested and charged but this woman has are you kidding me Hillary has done much more why ???????????

    • Eleanor LeTourneau

      One word MONEY and with it comes power.

  • MontieR

    I actually feel sorry for her. She will undoubtably commit suicide before being able to testify as with ALL who have dirt on the Clinton crime family.

  • FearlessMo

    A bogus suggestion that Clinton is tied to anything Claiborne. Clinton was open and honest during her hearings. Many believed her including myself. It will be a further waste of taxpayer dollars attempting to tie Claiborne to Clinton. You guys have a much worse problem with truth and openness with Trump. Try getting his taxes. Try to stop his defrauding the us taxpayer. Find out his involvement with Russia. We know how Russia and wikilinks corrupted our elections which allowed Trumps win. Face it, he would not have won, otherwise. Does that not affect your sense of justice?

  • CurtFrantz

    When the prison door shuts behind her, then I will believe it. Enough talk, let’ see action.

  • Raymond M Ursillo


  • Anna Hovatter

    When is Hillary & the rest of the Clinton’s going to get their Karma???

  • Gillian Cameron

    She worked for the State Department all through the Cheney/Bush administration. Why wasn’t she called their employee?

    • Barry Kaplan

      Because the so called author is just a click bait creating liar. The treason charge is bullshit too. She was charged with obstruction and making false statements, not treason. They’ll lie any way they can to lead people to the ads on their sites.

  • chipndale
  • chipndale
  • chipndale
  • Dan Shill

    It amazes me how so many people are stupid enough to believe this RWNJ hack bullshit.

  • Rosa Lopes

    All rats will eventually get cought

  • Charlotte Scot

    If you would like to know the actual truth about this woman (not charged with treason) Apparently, she was a mid level employee at state whom I doubt Clinton or Obama of Trump ever met. Yes, when she was arrested she was working for Pres. Trump and Secy of State Tillerson.

  • Paul Stewart

    It’s a good story without lying to the readers by saying she’s been arrested for treason. That is completely false, no charge of treason has been filed against her, no such indictment. Is she in deep shit, absolutely, if convicted she will likely spend the rest of her life in prison.

    But this constant exaggeration puts you, Baxter Dmitry and “yournewswire,” on par with CNN/Fox/NBC/ABC/CBS and the rest of the fakenews media in the Truth and Credibility departments.

    Frankly I tire very easily of reading content I ALWAYS feel compelled to triple check due to the source’s lack of honesty.

    Your credibility is in the shitter. Grow up and be honest. Like I said, it’s a good story that you could write a good piece on without lying.

    • Barry Kaplan

      EXACTLY. But as you can see, almost no one here has picked up on the fact that the headline is a total lie. Never mind the fact that calling her a “Hillary employee” is also nonsense, as she’d been in that job since 1999, long before Hillary joined the state department. But all these fake conservatives care about is creating click bait articles. Unfortunately, many conservatives bend over and fall for it simply because it’s anti Hillary or anti Obama.

  • John Mugge
  • Psyclic

    In the interests of American Democracy, Sessions, Manafort, Pence, and Trump should be held on the same charges of consorting with Russia, lying to the FBI, and accepting money from Russia for favors granted.

  • CraxyD
  • pokey5735

    This is a good start! Why hasn’t Clinton been charged yet?

  • Jack Splat

    If Hillary had been elected president she would be a billionaire within 4 years.

  • Katrina

    She was arrested at the end of March. Why wasn’t MSM all over this? Instead they are looking for ways to demean President Trump.

  • James Edwards

    ‘ONE OF MANY’! That line itself says more than anything that the Hillary Clinton State Dept is FULL of spies and corrupt officials that will eventually be uncovered – perhaps TO THE TOP ITSELF! Of course, INTELLIGENT Americans have known that for some time – the stupid LIBERALS simply refused to acknowledge their sweetheart for the dirt-bag she really WAS!

  • Tish Morgna

    This may be the only way of taking out Obama and Hillary. Starting at the low end of the totem pole and work their way up via the singing birdies below.

  • David F. Podesta

    Give her a fair trial then put her against the nearest wall and shoot her.

  • Jimmy Gee

    They will indict the small fish but the larger ones will always get away…Clinton and Obama are simply above the law…

  • rusticman


  • Barry Kaplan

    This is a perfect example of FAKE NEWS. While the details of what she’s done are accurately described by your copy and paste, she’s was charged with OBSTRUCTION and MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS, NOT TREASON. Also, she’s been in her job since 1999, so referring to her as a “Hillary employee” is just bullshit. There’s enough REAL info out there to bash the left. All making shit up does is make conservatives look like liars, which I’m guessing you couldn’t care less about, because you’ve got your click bait. Dumbasses…

  • lin

    Keep it coming. Drain the swamp.

  • John Marks

    A good start!

  • Luke Moseley

    Bonus voyage bitch! I hope Hillary joins you soon.

  • Tom Westfield

    Treason is defined as levying war against the US, and giving “aid & comfort” to the enemy. While what she did was most probably illegal, I am hard pressed to call it Treason under 18 USC 2381 Inasmuch as China is currently NOT an enemy, and we are not at war with them, she is most probably guilty of failing to register as a foreign agent, espionage for divulging secret materials for profit but NOT Treason.

  • Shazbat

    Bye-bye, Candy

  • Kelley Wright

    Do to her what the Chinese would do. Speedy trial, and if convicted take her out immediately and have her shot. Send the bill for the bullets to her next of kin.

  • joan

    Why is it someone associated with the Clinton’s gets exposed and is Immediately facing life in prison, YET Hillary gets a free pass and nothing is ever done ?

  • Iceman1956

    Hate to say it, but this woman will probably end up dead just like all the other people capable of spilling the beans on the Hildabeast and Odumbo.

  • Robin Prestwood

    I hope they can follow the stench UPIHILL. How sweet it would be to see the “royalty” join her behind bars.

  • The Deplorable Joe H.

    I hope this is only the first of many people like this to go down.