Corey Feldman Arrested After Threatening To Name Hollywood Pedophiles

Days after promising to "name names" of high-powered Hollywood pedophiles, Corey Feldman has been arrested on dubious charges and locked up.

Days after promising to “name names” of high-powered Hollywood pedophiles, Corey Feldman has been arrested on dubious “unspecified drugs charges” and locked up in a cell where he cannot speak to the press.

The Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that actor/musician Corey Feldman was arrested Saturday night in Mangham, LA. Feldman and his band were scheduled to play at Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom in Monroe, but he was arrested before the show started.

Feldman, famous for his roles as a child star in The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys, has spoken out about the culture of predatory pedophilia in Hollywood, claiming that young stars are routinely abused by senior figures in the industry.

The actor, 46, took to Twitter on Thursday night to share a very lengthy message – spanning seven tweets – regarding his own experiences of abuse.


Brave Corey Feldman then claimed that the latest round of allegations involving Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults has motivated him to restart his campaign against the paedophile ring that abused him and his friends as a young child.

However Feldman’s subsequent arrest, only days after sharing his plans to “name names” of Hollywood pedophiles and “get actual justice”, has raised eyebrows due to its timing. Feldman’s friends and supporters believe the arrest is “completely ridiculous” and is actually a warning to Feldman, sent by powerful industry figures, that they still control his world, and they can destroy him at will.

There are also fears that Feldman has been sent for “re-education” – also known as mind control programming – after it emerged that he was taken to the Ronald Regan Medical Center at UCLA.

The center is a well-known MK-Ultra site, used by industry elites to re-educate wayward celebrities who have become liabilities by going “off-script”.

There are fears within Feldman’s circle that he has become the latest celebrity to be forcibly re-educted, at the same location as Kanye West last year.

After Kanye West began exposing truth about the elites who run the world, he was “forcibly hospitalized, drugged, and reprogrammed as a Monarch mind controlled slave“, according to an ER nurse who assisted with the procedure.

“Kanye is a Monarch mind controlled slave. It’s a trauma based mind control. They split his personality into fragments. He has twenty-six distinct personalities now. They have names,” said the ER nurse, who worked at the Ronald Regan Medical Center at UCLA while Kanye West was hospitalized last year.

“Kanye was officially diagnosed with ‘dissociative identity disorder’ by a psychiatrist, but in reality his personality was split deliberately and repeatedly at the Ronald Regan Medical Center using the Monarch techniques devised by Mengele.”

Mind control research began during World War II, pioneered by Dr Josef Mengele, a ruthless Nazi known for his psychological torture experiments. His life’s work involved analyzing the maximum amount of physical, psychological and spiritual pain that a human was able to bear, and the minimum amount of love required for survival.

If we hear about Corey Feldman going to a month long drug rehab clinic, or even disappearing for a week, then we’ll know he’s getting Kanye West style MKULTRA reprogramming treatment.

In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, Feldman’s accusations could bring down an entire industry. He needs to be protected before the elite reprogram him as a mind controlled slave, doing their bidding instead of exposing their evil.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • General Apathy

    What a surprise, the police protecting pedophiles. You can only keep the truth silent for so long losers.

    • Le Ruse

      Look at the Brit Police ??

  • Joni Bologna

    Lots of details in this article, but conspicuous by it’s absence is that Corey Feldman was arrested on what charges?

    • Josh Stern

      The article implies suspicion that the arrest was a witchhunt by police, who conspire to protect this same “paedophile” ring. Online souirces indicate that police decided to search Feldman’s person and lodgings because he had outstanding “traffic warrants” and claim they found illegal drugs. Those circumstances are suspicious of a setup. Your writing, in key, seems to claim that Feldman is being attacked for being an active heterosexual, which goes against the preferences of the Heine gang of violent, closeted homosexuals.

    • solejahway

      He was popped for marijuana possession in Louisiana, if I’m not mistaken. From my personal experience, they’ll let child rapists walk, as they’ll say there’s no evidence (i.e: can’t take a child’s word), then throw the book at people for marijuana possession. It’s why I’m so adamant that marijuana must be legalized, across the board (rec, med, ind), and at the federal level to protect people from chit like this.

    • Barbara Goode

      They just made up some vague thing to charge him with to stifle him for the time being. It’s just a matter of time until even bigger names will come out as pedophiles.

  • Eric Gruarin
  • Transform to Freedom

    This has been going on for so long. So many lives have been destroyed by these scumbags; self-appointed elitists, and their satanic clubs. Their time is up, and they know it.

    • Gordon Rees

      maybe answers why there are so many mass shootings

  • banshee

    I find it hard to believe that Feldman cannot tell ANYONE in law enforcement who the culprits are,assuming that there were culprits and that they’re still alive.

  • W. Roberts

    Godamnit this incident is utterly infuriating! These wealthy pedophiles, homosexuals, Lucifer Satanists, Zionist media scums who rule Hollywood pumping out factual garbage, lately in conjunction with the Dept. of Defense to covertly sell messages of military, military, OK to mass murder because of military mindset — the bankers — the Jews! They must be taken out by any means. We decent citizens have a right to be free of them through strength and knowledge and action.

  • candice baron

    Release Corey Throw away charges Unlawfull to arrest him

  • marty

    The darkness hates the light as it exposes their deeds of darkness. You will know them by their fruit!

  • Tnga Maree

    It is good that Donald Trump is the new president of America, like New Zealand our newly elected government is going to transform our own country back to it’s original state – meaning no more corruption, lies and any other government who decides to become a traitor to our country. We strive as a strong indigenous nation we are a fierce majority of people, intelligent people, people of the land, educated, academic, spiritual and we will not tolerate paedophilia if we had that in our government, or in our nation. In our country we are decent and people who expose paedophilia or any other corruption are protected we support them, it is to keep our own nation safe, clean and white collar crime free. Our nation will rise up to any filth, dirt, lies, or harm upon our people especially our children if it was continuously happening in our country. We are a close nation, including the police and the military, we have families within those systems, that too are aware to protect our nation. America has to wake up and understand if you want to live freely and in peace get rid of the murderers, the paedophiles, the previous administrators, the previous presidents, they are just people who think they have power but really thinking above this worldly way, they do not. The people are more powerful than these old white dirty filthy white collar criminal beasts. It is so easy to get rid of them, it is up to the American people. Tell your families in the military and police to stop protecting them, these white beasts will have no power, if they American military and police arrested them, stop protecting them. That’s what it comes down to, stop protecting these ugly beasts, they are not worth yours and the nations lives.

    • Barbara Goode

      You have GOT to be kidding
      Are you high?

  • Susan Firer

    Come on YNW-why do you write things that aren’t true? I still come to your website hoping that you will stop spreading lies. I know that some of your articles are truthful but the amount of false information you post is very disappointing.

  • GR Arnold

    Pathetic as it is sad and most likely true.