Corey Feldman: Hollywood Execs Trying To Kill Me For Outing Famous Pedophiles

Days after Corey Feldman threatened to "name names", the former child star has been arrested, nearly killed twice, and members of his band have quit, fearing for their lives.

Three days after Corey Feldman threatened to “name names” and expose the “perverts and pedophiles” that run Hollywood, the former child star has been arrested on dubious charges and survived two attempts on his life.

In an emotional video plea released by Corey Feldman on Wednesday, the actor and musician claims powerful Hollywood forces are behind the attempts on his life.

Since publically declaring that he was “working on a plan” to expose them, the Hollywood elites have become desperate to silence Feldman before he can bring down some of the most powerful names in the entertainment industry.

Ever since I even discussed the fact that I had this plan, my life has turned into utter chaos,” Feldman said. “You can probably tell by the tone of my voice. It’s pretty ripped up due to the devastation I’ve been through the past couple of days.”

I’ve experienced things that I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been silenced my whole life but just over the last few days, since I made that announcement, I’ve been arrested, I had a near death experience last night where I felt like I was almost going to be killed, two trucks came speeding at me – at the same time – on a crosswalk.

“And then several of my band members decided to quit, because they are afraid for there lives.”

Stating that he feels alone and that he needs to protect himself and his family from being “silenced” by the powerful industry players, Feldman explained his plan t0 finally bring down “the pedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child” made up of Hollywood moguls that destroyed his life and “thousands of others.


Feldman says he has the information that will bring down a global pedophile ring and he is prepared to blow the whistle – but he needs help to do so.

Explaining that he needs to make sure his family is safe by hiring additional security, Feldman also needs a legal team to represent him when he blows the whistle as he will face a fierce legal backlash, launched by extremely rich Hollywood moguls, when he

Who could even dream of robbing an innocent child of their life experience? It’s not fair and it must end. So I am begging you to join me and let our voices be heard. I have lived in shame and fear my entire life, and so have millions of others. Now we have the ability to let our voices be heard and break the dam of silence.

I propose to do this by making a film that will be the most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed, by telling my own story in a very real way, in a very honest way, with no editing, no censorship, no studio behind it.

Once it’s done we can revolutionize the film industry and root out the evil, making it safe for our kids again. Together we can stand strong. The time is now.”

Justice will be served, under God’s name. This is about good and evil.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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  • Patricia Kimbrell

    He wants to make a film when he claims his life is under imminent threat??? Doesn’t ring true at all, sorry Corey. If you REALLY wanted to come clean, you wouldn’t have announced it ahead of time, AND, you would have taken measures to ensure your story was told, to the right people, by the right peoiple. This all comes across as a ploy for attention, imo. I WISH you HAD told your truth, but sadly, you likely never will. I’m not holding my breath on this one…

    • Game Theory (Game Theory)

      Yeah very well said.
      I had the suspicion that this was a hi-jacked outlet, controlled type “whistle-blowing” because he comes off like a prairie dog poking his head out his burrow just making loud obvious calls so that hawks can snatch him up.

      Like he is waiting on something, to expose the ‘good-stuff’ and that this all sounds like an elevator pitch versus something authentic and sincere trying to really expose this stuff.

      He is way too outwardly projecting about the whole thing. And it has all been very dragged out and delayed and over perpetuated at this point, after all this time after all these years.

      Very much intentionally, for a bigger darker reason. A False helpline.

  • clarioncaller

    Corey’s been peddling this story for a number of years. I know his BFF, Corey Haim, took his own life over similar issues. Why don’t you see if Alex Jones can help you expose Hollywood? He has all the media muscle you need, except he bailed on Pizzagate and Pedogate after being threatened by Alefantis. Or you can contact AG Jeff Sessions since he’s been busy rounding up pedophiles and sex traffickers lately. Otherwise, don’t take us ‘flyover Americans’ as a bunch of ‘Goonies’ to pick our empty pockets.

  • Jonathan Dass

    I agree that the pedophilia ring within Hollywood and the worlds elite needs to be exposed but man you need to be smart how you go about this. First of all you don’t announce it to the world what you’re intending to do. You have just woken up all of Satan’s disciples and they will hunt you don’t and kill you. You’ve gotta get the backing of trustworthy and influential people to help you make this a reality. Remember dude, you’re fighting against deep state, resident evil which is way bigger than you and me. Now that you have made your intentions public you will have to go underground. I wish you all the best, I really do!