David Rockefeller Predicted To Die In 2017

David Rockefeller predicted to die in 2017

American billionaire David Rockefeller is expected to die this year, according to a website which correctly predicted the deaths of 16 celebrities in 2016. 

According to the owners of, Queen Elizabeth II, former US Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, and New World Order henchman David Rockefeller are about to shuffle off the mortal coil in 2017. reports:

Last year, the website correctly predicted the death of American Boxing champion Muhammad Ali and Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

This year, the expert committee believes that the Queen, 90, and her husband Prince Philip, 95, will likely die.

The queen was suffering from “heavy colds” late last month, according to Buckingham Palace. The monarch fell ill before Christmas and missed Christmas and New Year church services.

Her husband, who has heart disease and other health problems, was also suffering cold during Christmas. He is included high on the website’s list.

The list also included two former US Presidents Bush and Carter along with 93-year old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. He has ruled the African country for more than 36 years. Former Pope Benedict XVI is also on the list.

Last year, twelve of the people on the website’s shortlist passed away, including former US First Lady Nancy Reagan. Some other death candidates on the list, including Stephen Hawking and Prince Philip, however, missed the prediction.

  • Hallett Newman

    Is this where we are suppose to care?

  • Peter Toth

    So few of Obama’s staff were qualified, that this was inevitable. Trump is hiring skilled and qualified people, and the Democrats are angry that these successful people are being hired. They think that Trump should hire based on skin color or race, which is how Obama did it. Well, now they see what that resulted in. A large group of unqualified activists, who’s only qualifications were what race, gender, or sexual orientation they were, and that they were socialists. Neither one is going to land them a job in the real world, as they are now finding out. Stripping your resume of all references to Hillary, is fraud, and I hope they are caught doing this and fired with cause!

  • James

    If only this were true, and not satire. Many aspiring actors would be only too happy to step in and fil the void.

  • The Phantom

    There is no loss the world will be better off without him, just to bad he can’t take Soro’s with him. May G_D Have mercy, because he never had any for anyone else. May he roast in Hell.

  • Dave

    Moron that might be in charge of something important one day, let hope NOT. It’s these millennial retards that have me scared that world only gonna get worse before it get better. God help us all!