Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shuts Down Seth Rich Murder Case

Debbie Wasserman Schulz's brother kills Seth Rich investigation

Former Head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has used her influence to shut down the investigation into murdered DNC whistleblower Seth Rich.

Shultz asked her brother, an Assistant US Attorney, to stop investigators from digging around the DNC’s potential involvement in Seth’s death. reports: Now Wasserman Schultz is back in the news.  This time it is because of her close ties with the Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.

Wasserman Schultz’s brother, Steven Wasserman, is the Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.

Questions are arising whether Steven has played a part in burying the Seth Rich case in DC.

No one has yet been charged in spite of the many unanswered questions related to the murder case.

Because Rich reportedly provided emails to WikiLeaks there are many who believe Rich was murdered as a result.

There are too many questions and coincidences for the Seth Rich case not to be investigated at the highest levels of the government.

  • Anne Felippe

    Forget Trump/comey, Isnt this using influence to stop an investigation? They should both be thrown in jail

  • Anne Felippe

    She is so disgusting, true definition of a witch, just look at her!!!

  • Black Swan

    ” You will wage war with lies and deception!”

  • monica

    she should be ashamed of being Jewish, what a peace of shit.

    • Adam Danischewski

      Lol, too obvious?

  • Based American1


  • Danni Smith

    who killed Seth Rich is trumped by why doesn’t dws care about a campaign worker’s murder?

  • Davywidetie

    Seems to me she is covering her own ass and that of Podesta and Clinton. This is wrong. Here we have a willing citizen with specific details he is willing to open up to investigators while putting his own life at risk, LITERALLY and he gets shut down? The only other way, since this stuff seems to be the TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, is to go on FOX NEWS NETWORK to tell all. For heavens sake do not go to MSM or he’ll be buggered up by them. They will cut out most of what he has to say.

  • Scott Collom

    Thats because she had him killed