Donald Trump Tweets Anti-Semitic Image Then Changes His Mind

Donald Trump

The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Semitic message on Saturday depicting Hillary Clinton as a crook with a pile of cash and a superimposed image of the Star of David with the message “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

Trump later changed his mind after drawing criticism and replaced the star with a circle.Donald Trump

The original Tweet no longer exists.Donald Trump

Politico reports:

Trump tweeted “Crooked Hillary – – Makes History!” along with a photoshopped image of Clinton’s one-time avatar, which reads “History made.” Clinton’s face appears over a pile of hundred dollar bills, and a six-pointed star that reads, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” Below the image was a screenshot of a Fox News poll that asked voters how “honest/trustworthy” or “corrupt” they found the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Many critics, including political commentators and journalists, were quick to point out the shape of the Star of David, questioning Trump’s motive for tweeting such an image. Trump later tweeted a new image that featured the same text over a red circle instead of a star. The original tweet and image has since been deleted.

Republican strategist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro brought up the fact that Trump often makes appeals to the Jewish community by saying he has Jewish grandchildren. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, converted to Judaism before marrying her husband, Jared Kushner.

“‘I have Jewish grandchildren’ is the new, ‘Some of my best-friends are black’ defense to an offensive comment,” she tweeted in response to the image.

Marc Lamont Hill, host of BET News and a CNN commentator, said the image Trump shared “is textbook anti-Semitic imagery. #louderthanadogwhistle.”

Others asked aloud how Ivanka Trump would respond to her father’s tweet.

Edmondo Burr

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  • commonlaw

    No one trusts any of the main stream media- hope they all choke on their treasonous lies- turn your tv’s off watch the “Trump” channel for truth…

  • Panzerfaust

    No one is asking the question of truth behind the imagery and message.
    Ref related article featured in this very column:

  • oh_look

    Oh come on. Donny is super NON-techy, He chose a red star when he was doing the talking-cloud part of the picture instead of the rectangle or circle. It’s not a star of David, and the Jewish ran Media is going balistic on this because they want Hillary in office at any cost to the rest of the nation. Hillary has said she will “obliterate” Iran, which will start WW3. This is for her friends in Israel.
    Sadly, Trump is handing the Presidency over to a Mad woman who is psychopathic to the hilt. I tell people, prepare for the worse….
    This is where an ignorant population and one that is highly brainwashed, gets a nation…to ground zero very fast.