• NotThatGreg

    Perfect. This is the kind of buffoon who still believes this garbage, he’s made it very clear how flimsy and absurd his beliefs are (all based on what he’s ‘heard’) and we are also finding out how much of a buffoon he is on so many other fronts. And also this http://news.unchealthcare.org/news/2015/august-1/unc-scientists-pinpoint-how-a-single-genetic-mutation-increases-autism-risk

  • LauraCondon

    Autism is epidemic and a national crisis, not only in humanitarian terms of suffering and lives lost but in economic terms. We cannot be a 1st rate nation when our children suffer from autism at a rate of 1 in 68…and increasing. The economic cost of caring for millions of growing children with autism and the loss of their economic contributions to society will cripple our country. Trump is smart to raise the issue. He speaks for millions of families all across the nation.

  • Jeanne Price

    Those of us who have vaccine injured children or have had one die know this is true! The CDC is the incestuous whore of the Pharmaceutical Companies!

  • Jeanne Price


  • Neill “Dire” Mitchell

    If any of the anti-vaxers who comment here *ever*, even once, let their children travel in any kind of motor vehicle, there is all the proof you need they understand nothing about risk.

  • Brian

    Those quickest to criticize vaccination are quickest to prove their ignorance of it.

  • Ussula Lutrova

    when my son was born hbe was colicy but that was it, otherwise appeared to be healthy. he played as he grew older etc, like normal. then at age 3 he got a scheduled dose of vaccines and suddenly within weeks had stopped palying altogether. it was heartbreaking to watch and i was confused why he wouldnt play like normal but in all other ways he astill appeared healthy. it wasnt until he turned 5 that he began developing more serious symptoms of asperger’s, adhd, ocd, and tourrettes. due to not being fully aware of the vaccine debate at that time i cannot recall when his other vaccinations occured in relation to when he was diagnosed with the aspergers, adhd, ocd, and tourrettes, but i do recall the not playing at age 3 being the first sign in relation to vaccines because it was the first thing that happened and was so out of character it just stuck in my memory more even though i didnt realize it was likely vaccine related till many years later. but my son isnt the only one in th efamily effected. my nephew is austistic, more so than my son was, and if he was not as lucky as he was to get proper early diagnosis and treatment rehabilitation he likely would be unable to speak at this time. he is now 5 years old. when i was about 4 years old, i remember for a time span of about a month i would sit and rock for no apparewnt reason for hours but i didnt know why i was driven to do that. i did snap out of it after that month. my mom had told me that episode happened shortly after a vaccine dose but they didnt realize the possible connection at the time. its possible it could have effected me in other undiagnosed ways as well. of course doctors still deny vaccines are dangerous and this enrages me.

  • Ryan Ong

    See, this is the problem with democracy: you could be a medical professional with 20 years of experience, who has saved hundreds of lives. But when it comes to making a decision on vaccines, your vote will only weigh as much as any of these untutored, anti-vaccination morons. (The same applies to other things, like economic decisions).

  • xdrfox
  • Tracy Spencer Walker

    He is SO correct, it happened with my son.

  • OneMansView

    One of the basic tenets of the medical profession is: First Do No Harm.

    Yet the pharmaceutical companies have been granted immunity from prosecution and the US government has formed a special, separate court system that has handed out almost 3 BILLION dollars for damage caused by vaccines.


    I ask you how hard is it to just point to this and say that vaccines can cause damage and the government agrees to the tune of 3 BILLION dollars!

    Can you point out any other product that has been given this kind of government protection?

    I’m sure the car companies would love to have this level of immunity and a special court that doesn’t cost them anything for the damages they have caused.

    The only thing settled about science is that there is no such thing as settled science.

    Just google “Vaccine Court Awards Millions Fox News” and you can find the Fox News stories about the government awarding millions due to damage caused by vaccine.

    Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=132BRCV2Mc8

    Or the Charlotte Observer’s story about Angelica Black that was awarded 2 million dollars and 250k per year for life due to damages caused by vaccines.


    Or from CBS News – Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award. This case was originally sealed, so I ask you how many similar cases have been adjudicated that we don’t know about because they have been sealed?


    Now the court case points out that the child had a mitochondrial defect and that the vaccine didn’t “cause” but “resulted” in her autism.

    The latest research is showing that 1 in 50 children have a “mitochondrial defect”, compare that to the latest autism rate of 1 in 68.

    Let me ask you, how much do you really trust the medical profession?

    The third leading cause of death in the US is preventable medical errors. Here is a paper published in JAMA that outlines at the low end 210,000 deaths and at the high end 400,000.



    Just as a comparison, deaths cause as a result of automobile accidents were 33,804, compare that to the deaths cause by preventable medical errors. Are you safer riding in your car or visiting your doctor?


    For what its worth.

  • implicaverse .

    First of all, nobody gets anywhere in American politics unless they are in sync with the Powers That Be. Trump may be a billionaire but even he can’t go against the will of the ruling elite. But maybe it’s the ruling elite that’s had a change of heart. They’re sitting up there on top and it’s finally getting through to them that their corrupt minions in government and corporations are wrecking the country with greed in terms of illegal immigration, mandatory vaccinations, and GMOs. How to radically change course without losing face? Have one of their own Billionaire Boys run as a ‘maverick.’ Just don’t expect Trump to do any favors for you that don’t benefit the people at the top.

  • Anti-flood

    When one sees a pattern, they recognize it. This is pattern recognition.

    Even pro vaccine individuals can’t deny this. it’s really simple.

    Now, when something seems to happen in relation to an event ONCE, it is impermissible. it isn’t really a fact at that point.

    However, when thousands of identical cases appear, and evidence is shown to prove the link between two events… Then the denial of such a thing is exemplary of hubris ignorance.

    So, with BOTH of my children, and EVERY parent I have talked to, vaccines only cased damage, and now mine can’t even talk anymore, and others suffered similar injuries. One girl couldn’t use her left hand after her injections: she was left handed before this. Another boy was unable to balance while running after a series of shots.

    It has been at least 1 year since these shots where administered. one child got the diseases anyway, and none of the adverse effects have subsided. now, I understand that I was lied to and tricked before and taken for money I spent hours of my life to obtain through gainful employment.

    Having tunnel vision and ignoring the hard facts and evidence, is NOT intellectual; rather it’s the mindset of a loser. the mindset of one who has been perfectly lead to beLIEve that they can know nothing at all so long as they read small bits of articles and journals from sources they beLIEve they can trust.

    The truth here is this:

    those against vaccines are clearly victims of heinous crimes; crimes of a particular type that shouldn’t even exist.

    Those FOR vaccines are a victim of identical crimes, with just one additional malady: Stockholm’s Syndrome. Where they not only suffer all that the rest of us suffer: They also have been duped into beLIEving that their suffering is either negligible, worth the risk in favor of avoiding a disease few of them have ever come across in reality outside of books and Internet articles, or non-existent due to their severe lack of true understanding of human purpose and functionality. Sure, they might know a few words and have memorized some or even all of the terms and agreed-upon functions… but little to none of it is actually real or true.

    I don’t care if you (the current reader) are for against disease injections, or even for or against me. Both are sets of emotional standpoints, and neither matter at all. Not even a little bit.

    Just ask yourself a few simple questions:

    “Did I learn what I think I know on my own; or through reading or talking to someone who is in the current alopathic field?”

    “Does an alleged slight increase of imperceptible knowledge account for the dramatic increase of cases of diseases known to this earth? if so, what knowledge and how?”

    “Am I helping or hurting others and myself by beLIEving what I think is true; could I prove it to anyone with a functional mind?”

    “Did the origins of humanity call for diseases to be put into a tube with other chemicals and syringed into myself or my child?”

    “Have I watched a vaccine being produced? Can I prove what is in them?”

    “Does my child laugh, or scream when injected?”

    “does my child seem happier after a hug? or after being injured?”

    “could the native americans have died from things other than the alleged diseases and then the death situation hijacked; could someone have lied about how they died?”

    Did I spend equal amounts of unbiased time learning about allopathy, homeopathy, and naturopathy from artisans in the respective fields and their personal work for guidance? or did I learn less than 50% of one or two, and then hold prejudice against what I didn’t understand?

    “What am I doing by pushing my beLIEf on others?”

    “Who am I?”

    If you cannot answer every question, you have no business whining about how you are for or against anything for any reason.

    If you don’t have time to do this; you also have no business in this discussion.

    I make no claims in this post.

    I pose no challenge in this post.

    I have one challenge to pose to anyone who is pro vaccination upon request only.

    I apologize for any grammatical errors that render potential readers so crippled as to eliminate their ability to read and infer. you have my deepest condolences for your suffering and damage.

  • sharkonwhisky

    I wish there was a vaccination for ignorance and bigotry…and then I wish Donald Trump could get a MASSIVE shot of this.

    Please don’t vote Trump America, you will forever obliterate my already crumbling faith in the human species…

  • Marion Ilion

    And here we go again.

  • Jennifer Litton Tidd

    What a moron. The doctor who did this study linking autism to the MMR vaccine was arrested in the UK for fraud over a decade ago and can no longer practice. The science is in on this issue and it’s overwhelmingly, by a 99.9% margin, against this link. Even so, if he really knew anything about the subject, he’d also know that the vaccine in question was BANNED in the United States in 2004. I have two children of my 4 kids on the autism spectrum and I resent like HELL when FOOLS like this continue perpetuating this myth. It takes attention off the REAL causes and away from possible cures. This man proves over and over and over every single day he is just way too ignorant to be a presidential contender.

  • Sandi Hornsby White

    Baby Killers! The Who .org Sales Promotion PDF from 2015-2025 is to focus on middle income families and initiating Congressional, State, and Heads of Countries legislation to force vaccines. Sales Pitch, “Come buy or sponsor our vaccines for trillions in shared profits with us.” Soon Russia and Cuba will be sourcing and making our vaccines and shipping them into the USA through the TTP. Donald made it an issue or the GOP would be railroading Americans into another dooms day. Who’s minding the show. Should we ask about quality controls and shipping and storage conditions? Forcing vaccines in the school system guarantees residual income. The more vaccines imposed….the more money. The CDC, FDA, AMA, and Big Pharma are the medical mafia. Do You suppose that Nazi Merck really cares about our high infant mortality rate and first day infant mortality rate in America. It’s about the money and using our children as guinea pigs. Italy, France, and Spain are cleaning up in personal lawsuits for Autism and deaths and physical permanent impairment. But, not American parents, they must foot the bill for their damaged children, and the Vaccine Court that gives very few settlements.

  • Helen

    It is so important to talk about this subject and what mainstream media and medicine industry are trying to cover up. So much proof has surfaced about the dangers of vaccination, I’m glad to see that at least one of the candidates in the presidential race has stepped up and is bringing more awareness into the subject. Go Trump! Everyone, get your gear at trumptshirt.com!

  • Sandi Hornsby White
  • Kibachiyo

    He is not a doctor or pharmacist. He should stick to policy ideas he has some actual knowledge of rather than going out on limbs such as this one.

  • Dr.Goodnight

    Thank you Mr.Donald Trump

    There is no way that I can vote for anyone else now.At first I was skeptical about you Mr.Trump.Because of how you backed out after Slapping obama around durring the last election.But now while my wife sets in another country waiting for a visa and our government plays games with us while at the same time several people in our government are fighting tooth and nail for those who came to the US illegally. No one in our government is fighting for me even though I’ve paid taxes ever since I was 17 years old the year I had to drop out of school to get a job.And I have been screaming for years on deaf ears about how I took my son to get his childhood vaccines and how his life has never been the same since that day. I have been his only voice since he cannot speak because of this dreadful brain disorder called autism .Till now that is.WOW Thank you Mr.Trump.And after seeing what has happened to our country and to my family over the last several years I have often question if there is even a God anymore.But if there is I pray to him that he makes you the next president of the United States.Because WE deserve it.God bless you and your family Mr.Trump.And thank you for being our voice.

    Stacy Lane Goodson

  • First Officer

    I will relent, that, in Trump’s case, brain damage may have occurred. He’s the 1 in a million.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/TrionfiTarot Jim Wickson

    What’s the difference between Austrian Tarock and the GOP primary?

    In Austrian Tarock, the Fool is the highest trump.
    In the GOP primary, the Trump is the lowest fool!

  • Ann

    School children in Mexico injured by Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines.
    This happened 8/31/15.

    These are severe neurological injuries which, without appropriate
    treatment to reverse aluminum poisoning and viral reactivation, may last
    for the duration of the children’s lives.
    Japan has halted the use of Gardasil and is suing Merck for lying about its safety and efficacy studies.
    The U.S. Government is moving in the opposite direction; moving toward mandating the vaccine for school attendance.

    What’s the difference? Japan cares about children. The United States’
    politicians care about the money they receive from pharmaceutical

  • smeenge

    The media paraphrasing again. Listen to the interview and read the entire quote.

  • AutismDad

    Even Trump knows more than aul PrOffit. At least he has common sense and suggests the way we currently vaccinate should be examined. Vac Pushers and Vac Pimps want to go headlong and babies be dammed with more and more , while denying the carnage.


    & Smallpox

    By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO


    19th century Smallpox Vaccination Efficacy

    1871 Bavaria – out of 39,742 cases 29,429 were in vaccinated

    persons (95.7 percent)

    1871 Prussia – highest revaccinated country in Europe –

    Highest death rate from smallpox of any northern European country (69,839)

    German Army all

    recruits revaccinated death rate from smallpox was 60 percent higher than among

    the civil population of the same age, for whom revaccination is not mandatory.

    Since the passing of the UK Compulsory vaccination Act of

    1853 there were no less than 3 distinct epidemics. In 1857-9 there were more

    than 14,000 deaths from smallpox; in the 1863-5 epidemic the deaths increased

    to 20,000 and in 1871-2 44,800 deaths.

    :-Walter R Hadwed MD (1896)

    Stricter enforcement led to the highest vaccination rate

    ever achieved in England in 1871 – 97.5% this rate coincided with England’s

    worst smallpox epidemic.

    1907 – Vaccination Act of England repealed

    1919 – England and Wales, population of 37.8 million people.

    One of the least vaccinated counties. Registers

    that year only 28 deaths from smallpox.

    1919 – Philippines,

    population 10 million. All Triple vaccinated over the prior 6 years registers

    that year 47.368 deaths from smallpox.

    Smallpox was eradicated by 3 synergistic mechanisms 1/

    Isolation 2/ Attenuation 3/ improved social Determinants, particularly

    nutrition and sanitation.


    Decline of Smallpox in Great Britain – Vaccination in Doubt. It includes a
    critique of Edward Jenner’s book and theories.


    Smallpox Vaccine: Origins of Vaccine Madness


    A Mythical History ~ by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries MD


    Index for Graphs – A quick way to see Historical Trends


    Vaccination Killed More Than Smallpox


    A short history of Smallpox Vaccine

    V. Thirty Years of Rapidly Decreasing Vaccination in Leicester, and its


    (1) The great manufacturing town of Leicester, with nearly
    200,000 inhabitants, affords the most conclusive proof of the uselessness of
    vaccination that it is possible to have; and the doctors and government
    officials carefully avoid dealing with it except to prophecy evils which have
    never come to pass.

    Down to 1872 Leicester was one of the most completely vaccinated
    towns in the kingdom, the number of vaccinations, owing to alarm after
    epidemics, several times exceeding the number of births. Yet in 1871, at the
    very height of its good vaccination record, it was attacked by the epidemic
    with extreme severity, its small-pox deaths during that year being more than
    3,500 per million of the population, or about a thousand per million more than
    the mortality in London during the same epidemic. If ever a test experiment
    existed it is this of Leicester, where an almost completely vaccinated
    community suffered more than unvaccinated and terribly insanitary London, on
    the average of the last forty years of the eighteenth century.

    But even more conclusive evidence is to come.

    (2) That fearful mortality destroyed the faith of Leicester in
    vaccination. Poor and rich alike, the workers and even the municipal
    authorities began to refuse vaccination for their children. This refusal
    continued till, in 1890, instead of 95 per cent. the vaccinations reached only
    5 per cent. of the births! [[p. 17]] As this ominous decrease of vaccination
    went on the doctors again and again prophesied against it, that once small-pox
    was introduced it would run through the town like wildfire and decimate the
    population. Yet it has been introduced again and again, but it has never
    spread; and from that day to this no town in the kingdom of approximately equal
    population has had such a very low small-pox mortality as this almost
    completely unvaccinated and–as the doctors say–unprotected population! Surely
    this completes the demonstration that vaccination, instead of preventing,
    increases the liability to small-pox, and that the only way to abolish the
    disease is to do as Leicester did, leave off vaccination altogether and devote
    our energies to sanitation, and the isolation of such rare cases as do occur.

    Germany: 1870-1871 Over 1,000,000 people had smallpox of which
    120,000 died. 96% of these had been vaccinated.

    Philippines: 1918-1919 Smallpox epidemic resulted in 60,855
    deaths. (2) with over 95% of the population vaccinated, the worst epidemic in
    the Philippine’s history occurred resulting in a case mortality of 65%. The
    highest percentage occurred in the capital Manila, the most thoroughly
    vaccinated place. The lowest percentage occurred in Mindanao, the least
    vaccinated place owing to

    religious prejudices. (2)

    Scotland: 1855-1875 over 9,000 children under 5 died of smallpox
    despite Scotland being, at that time, one of the most vaccinated countries in
    the world.

    1907-1919 with only a third of the children vaccinated, only 7
    smallpox deaths were recorded for children under 5 years of age.




    Truth is evidenced….the following posts are especially for those who WANT and seek truth…especially for “shark…toothless”…..LOOOOOOOOOL

  • http://www.vitaminlawyer.com/ Ralph Fucetola JD

    A bit over a year ago Eima Laibow MD was asked to present a paper to the All India Medical Education Congress. Here is her paper on vaccination, focusing on India and Polio: “Regulation and Results” http://tinyurl.com/DrRimaIndiaPaper

  • https://m.facebook.com/Victoriasarcia. Victoria Sarcia
  • http://perfectlycrazydragon.tumblr.com/ Poisoning the well: shill

    Who wants to tell him?

  • Erwin Alber

    As far as i am concerned, vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. Of course vaccines cause autism – go and watch the Vaxxed documentary currently playing in US cinemas for a reality adjustment if you believe vaccines don’t cause autism.


    Trump is wrong thinking that spreading vaccines would solve the problem of children suffering vaccine injuries, such as autism. Somewhat more drastic measures are in my opinion warranted, like shutting down the entire vaccine industry for good as a matter of urgency to put an end to this medical fraud, child abuse and crime against humankind.

  • Ed

    This is the only area I support Trump

  • acudoc1949

    He is bringing up all the right issues.

  • http://thelibertybluepost.com TrueBlueLiberty19

    As someone who worked for 7 years in a full lock down group home facility as a Developmental Disabilities Behaviour Worker, before Myofasical Pain Syndrome and severe Fibromyalgia forced me to resign, vaccines play no part in it. Now please, just let me explain.

    The agency ALSO has THE LRGST CHILDREN’S AUTISM OUTREACH prgm in Ontario. It’s OVER DIAGNOSIS for #1. They wanted to Dx my son at TWO w/ autism b/c of a speech delay. He’s turning 5, still has the speech delay, and yes, des have some “Autisticy” traits, but NOT ENUF 4 a Dx. I’ve gone thru every online test possible.

    HOWEVER, I was born with SEVERE ADHD. My husband is Dyslexic with moderate ADHD. Our son has always been a VERY loving, caring child. Loves cuddles. Which is the KEY to an Autism Dx. That’s y u here of adults getting Dx in their 40’s. It’s b/c they get married, but b/c of not liking to be touched very much, they usually end in divorce. Our son could also VISUALLY recognize numbers 1-10 at 18mths and no one taught him. He could also visually recognize the entire alphabet by 2. He has an EXTMLY difficult time staying still, being patient and waiting in lines. In the ADHD tests, he scores OFF the chart!!

    I’ve also, through countless hrs of research and google searches, came across an article about something called “Hyperlexia.” It’s the Opposite of Dyslexia. My 18yr old daughter is dyslexic, so I know ALL about it. And one of the things it said is, these kids will have “Autisticy” traits, but not enuf 4 a REAL Dx. But Dr’s will make it so that the child fits an Autism Dx b/c it’s “easier.” I also saw that where we took our son for therapy. Hyperlexic children will have a “precociousness” for letters and numbers. Yep. Between ages 4-5, you will see large growth in development, and that’s when the “autisticy” traits will start to disappear. Again, Yep! I went thru the list, he had EVERY ONE except 1. But I’ve now been told by his AMAZING pre-school teacher (we held him back a yr in school) that when we see the Dr’s, to accept whatever Dx they give, or else he WILL NOT RCV HELP IN SCHOOL FROM THE GOVT!! I’m in crappy Ontario Canada. Our Leftist Premier, Kathleen Wynne, just answered the ?? parents had about making the 3-5yr waiting list, shorter. She CUT Autism trmt OFF at age 5!! I’ve been told by ppl in the field that Dr’s are going to start making “just-in-case” Dx’s b/c of this. Then we’re going to see another “spike” in Autism.

    The reason for “more autistic kids” is that the criteria is SOOO vague, and extensive, that any kid who’s a little odd fits the criteria for Dx. I was also told this at work by one of the leading researchers in Canada, that over the past 60 years, the Autism Dx criteria has BALLOONED. Check out this video with Temple Grandin – the famous autistic woman who changed the way cows are sent to slaughter: https://youtu.be/MWePrOuSeSY

    In the first 5mins she talks about Steve Jobs, and then the history of the Autism Dx. At the end, so as of now, she said:

    “And now the whole thing is muddied cuz what about the speech delay, abnormal language? Well, that’s all kind of blurred now. Then they started a NEW Diagnosis called “Social Communication Disorder,” and they’re trying to say that’s not Autism. Well what do you think the CORE problem is in Autism? They’re socially awkward. It’s kind of like you add some socially awkward circuits in the brain and you’re left with geek circuits, and do all the fun “geek stuff.””

    She has a Phd and is a leading researcher herself. But who better to hear it from than someone WHO HAS IT!! My son, LOVES ppl!! Tries so hard to play with other kids, but he quickly realizes they don’t understand him and goes off on his own. But he engages us in playtime ALL day long!! But he’s now going to be one of the statistics. It’s WORSE than the ADHD Dx’s in the ’80’s.

  • John OShock

    Mr. Trump, I thought I’d never agree with you, but my child is also a victim of this …. and it was CLEARLY noticeable that there was a connection with the vaccine…. fever immediately after and then stunted development. Now he has been diagnosed as autistic by several doctors…. before that he was extremely social, was only 2 and could name and appreciate shapes and colours and mixed with other children, after the fever he withdrew and stopped communicating as much…. I am SO ANGRY!