President Duterte Kicks Rothschilds Out Of Philippines

President Duterte has vowed to kick Rothschild banks out of the Philippines as he targets financial corruption.

President Duterte has vowed to “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality” from the Philippines, announcing that he will no longer respond to pressure or financial blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-controlled global banking institutions.

The president, who claims to have killed cartel bosses with his own hands, is not one to be bullied, and he has now set his sights on cleaning up the financial corruption in his country, promising to “drive them out like the scavengers they are.

Before Rodrigo Duterte assumed the office of president, the Philippines was suffering from the effects of IMF/World Bank-imposed austerity and privatization that exploited its people and resources. It was also one of Asia’s most corrupt and troubled nations.

Though the Filipino people, through strong showings of popular resistance over a period of years, were able to curb some of the most rampant crony corruption, many of the shackles imposed by these Rothschild-controlled institutions remained.


President Duterte rode into power campaigning on a ticket of major change, but unlike Western politicians who pay lip service to change before letting down their supporters, the Philippines president has delivered on his promises – in spades.

During the election campaign Duterte urged the people to kill him if he failed to resolve crime and corruption in the country during the first six months of his term.

Over one year into his term and he has delivered on his promises. He’s now famous for more than calling President Obama a “son of a whore” at a regional summit in Laos last year. Much to the Rothschild-controlled international community’s outrage, Duterte is shooting from the hip, and cleaning up his country.

In 2016, after warning those involved in the narcotics trade that “it’s either you kill me or I kill you“, an astonishing 1,007,153 narcotics criminals surrended to government, and 73 government officials were arrested for involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Billions of dollars worth of narcotics were seized, showing what can be done in a short timeframe if the problem is tackled seriously.

Now the president is going after tax-dodging oligarchs and multination corporations who haven’t paid a cent for decades. The elites and their media empires held former regimes to ransom. But they have no power over Duterte. And they are actually paying up.

How does Duterte get away with taking on the rich and powerful? It’s simple. He boasts a massive 83% popular approval rating across the country. The oligarchs cannot use the mainstream media to destroy him because the people don’t trust what the media says anymore.

The people trust Duterte because unlike generations of politicians who came before him, he actually does what he says. His plain speaking enrages the powers that be in the West, who have waged war against him through their propaganda channels in the media.

But whose judgement should we trust – the global cabal, or his own people?

Duterte delivers

When he says he will “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality” from his country, there is no question he will follow through, despite the inherent risks.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and US-dominated World Bank have been major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 1944.

These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies.

Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment.

The Philippines have become the first Asian country to grow wise to the ruse. They have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country.

The Philippines transformation under Duterte proves that any nation, no matter how impoverished and troubled, can throw off the shackles imposed by international bankers and return the power to the people.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • ReggyTrades

    In the USA, according to a recent fare I picked up & delivered to a NYC Village Jazz spot… when I was driving a cab… most every Police Dept in the country has a crew who handles Narco traffic for the Feds. He was a retired Police Officer from Buffalo, NY. I recounted my story of the clubhouse off Broadway on Highland Ave in Yonkers, run by a Police Sgt, how massive narco traffic occurs there nearly every day, and how a young recruit to that police dept, who refused to go along with the narco dealing, had to abruptly quit in fear for his life after threats from the ‘mafia cops’.

  • HWR

    Invasion of Philippines in 3, 2, 1…

    Love this guy though.

  • Djago

    Trump could learn something from this guy

  • Jacques Devin

    Duterte is a real leader, a man who followed thru on his campaign promises unlike Trump who sold out to the zionist neocon fascist cabal within 30 days of being in office, if not sooner. Trump could learn a lot from this guy regarding the zionist banking cartel on how to get rid of it… but don’t hold your breath!

    • Joyell Ellow

      45 would have to learn how to read first.

  • monica

    Smart leader – kick them all out

    • logika11

      How can anyone/leader fight an entity with unlimited resources???

      • Jose Agnir

        Vox populi vox dei.

      • John Charville

        Who told you that they cannot
        Those who want to control you, that’s who

        • posercom

          Like the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz, they make you believe that you are lacking the things that God already gave you and they make you fear them when it is they who had better fear God.

      • panzerwagen

        At least he has made a good beginning. God Willing, he will see it through.

      • Antonio Pasia GAMBOA

        wrong question. you know the time america war with Vietnam, they quoted ” AS LONG AS WE EAT RICE FUCK AMERICA” ( but mean not only america in case) they are not really even bothered, but as I have understood from you, you are much worried even nothing is happening yet. The reason also why other country are laughing on us is the mentality and lack of love to our own self and country. Please have faith and support the Philippines.

        • Surfer

          Dude I got a headache just reading your post. Go back to grammar school.

          • Danny Ocampo

            we don’t need a perfect grammar here. most important we understand the good point of the message he delivered/means. Alike of Japan, Singapore, Korea, Middle East and others non-English speaking country. why they are progressive. Making a good English just to fool people will not guaranty a good future.

          • Gen Eral Richh

            Perfect grammar are for perfect idiots, such as those from Malaysia.

          • Msian

            What does Malaysia have to do with any of these? Just when i’m about to root for you guys because of the balls of steel your President has….you have to ruin it. Idiot !

          • Arman C. Gavino

            English is just a language not a measurement of intelligence.

          • Romie Pilipino

            Next time don’t look at the grammar but whether others understand the message the writer wanted to relay

          • Rob

            Still understandable though. Can you try speaking in Tagalog?

            Don’t be a fool.

            “Fools can only look at the dirt on your face when there is no more substance left in their mouth!”

          • David Christie

            Actually, it doesn’t look like he made it to grammar school.

      • ftsmd

        Determination with the help of the people.

      • Julio Cezar

        With support of his people. No resources are stronger than a nation determination.

        • posercom

          The problem in the U.S. is that we had too many traitors to the British banking establishment from the time of the birth of our nation. Alexander Hamilton was a traitor and an agent of The Rothschilds. He was responsible for getting the First Bank of the U.S. (not really of the U.S. though) in Philadelphia in1791. Notice the propaganda in trying to make Hamilton some kind of rock star while deleting a true patriot, Andrew Jackson from our history by replacing his image on the 20 dollar bill.

          • Paul Arnold

            True. Jackson took on the rothchilds who tried to assassinate him but failed. He kept the jew out.m

          • RBlakeH

            Jackson screwed over the Indians and that is why we hate him to this day. Lying pile of crap that he was.

          • Cindy Stam


      • Paul Arnold

        You’d be amazed, the jew is afraid of humans.

      • sean m

        Funny. The exact same thing was said when someone in America suggested, “Why don’t we just throw the British soldiers out and form our own country?” Too bad it was the Democrats that let them back in when they allowed the formation of the Federal Reserve to print our money.

        • Cindy Stam


    • Dominic Blais

      how does driving up meth prices for the rothschilds hurt them

      • Mikey Henstra

        Um, the meth they get comes from China.

    • Mikey Henstra

      Yeah, until he has burned soooo many bridges with his big mouth he makes a very poor people much poorer. You wait and see if they dont eat that fucker for breakfast. He has comp[letely alienated the US who was their largest contributor and called Americans very, very vile things. I dont give a shit who you are but you dont attack people like that. If he, or any Philippinos claim that he was only fighting back from being called names they are full of bullshit. I was there at the time and the people, it seems as if they were energized by this commentary. Not because of known deviances from Americans but just because it seemed as if it gave them self pride. Almost as if out of jealousy. I might be wrong but that was the vibe of two years was like for me. The people are very friendly, very friendly indeed however, at the same token they are by far the most judgemental people I have ever met and at the same time claim to practice complete humbleness. The fact that they think they are fooling anyone is crazy to me. They will be quick to accuse you of bragging merely for saying an everyday fact. For example, some people were talking to me at an open air restaurant and someone asked me if I had a car back in the US. I said yes I do. I didnt mention I had four at the time I just bsaid I have a car. I had no idea whatsoever those people would be soooo offended over that statement. You are braggert!! Jeez. Then Duterte gets on TV and tells everyone that the US has killed like 150 million of their people. 150 million!!! I couldnt believe it, I was utterly speechless, But that feeling was very short lived as I saw that all the people actually believed him. Unbelievable! They started to attack our Embassy because of that. The police gaurding it naturally stopped the most violent offenders but was very careful not to harm anyone but if you are going to run full blast at someone in the street and you fall down you are apt to get smalllittle strawberries. So the peopleon tv were screaming that the pol,ice attacked them and beat them when it was very clear to me that it was in fact the filipinos who were solely to blame for the aggression. Dont get me started about the Marine that was arrested for murder there. If anyone calls me on that one you better watch out thats all I gotta say.

      • mal

        brainwashed, WAKEUP!!!

        • Troy Kristofferson

          when you see, a long dragging on, its probably a Jew troll, they love to do that!

      • raysusan49

        I would imagine they have grown tired of all the democracy we have brought to their shores and there were many of them brutally killed not that long ago bringing that freedom and democracy they never asked for or wanted. Maybe you should look into what the IMF, the World Bank, the IBS, and the entire Rothschild Zionist Banking system has done around the world and the misery and slavery it has caused. You might be surprised to find out it’s also THE major problem in our country today altho no one talks about it. It’s called The Federal Reserve and there’s nothing Federal about it. And the really big kicker here is that our Nation is completely owned by these Zionist Banksters, but most ppl are blindly unaware about that. The last man in this country that stood up to this evil cabal was John F. Kennedy and he was assassinated.

  • Eileen

    This brings up an interesting point. What if all of Washington’s vassal states like The Phillipines or South Korea (or even Europe) were to do this very thing? It would make it far easier for Trump to do the same thing. Pulling the plug, like Duarte did in the Phillipines is a lot easier than doing so in the US, precisely because of the number of vassal states. It is also interesting that Trump is improving relations with the Phillipines. If LePen wins in France and really does do the same thing (AFTER she switches to the franc), I expect the President to do the same thing to France. If all Washington has are vassal states that have done the same thing as Duarte did, it would be MUCH easier to pull the plug on the Federal Reserve as the countries that matter won’t be affected by it. Trump, by improving relations with those states that have pulled out of the dollar cartel, may be aiming for this. Right now, pulling the plug will plunge the world into financial chaos; so doing a controlled demolition may be a better strategy.

    • Anonymous

      Philippines is not a vassal state.

    • Paul Garten

      Indeed Eileen is what trump is doing for the betterment of all that walk this earth

    • krisaquinomalandimarquez

      Its Duterte not Duarte

  • Anonymous

    He had better watch his back, hope he has plenty of body guards. The Rothschild’s are ruthless and godless.

    • Buzz Waldron

      Rothchilds are Jews with the same imaginary evil God(s) as Christians and Muslims…

    • Paul Arnold


  • DavePrice

    Drug cartel leaders are not the same as the Godfather of the worlds banking cartel. they kill country leaders for breakfast then plan world wars. I support his effort though. Assad is still alive? Assad does not come out and publicly attack Rothschild. Rothschild has called for all of thier puppet countries to attack Assad / Syria though.

  • rick lonzy

    Uh oh…I wonder if deep state zionist controlled US will make a move on the Philippines? You know the routine, find WMD or some BS and invade and install a regime change for the better of humanity. Duterte the first leader to directly call out the Rothschilds, what a man.

    • Mike

      He’s not the first. Kadafi had no central bank either.

      • Doctor Evil

        Now that you mention it, Syria isn’t pegged to the dollar, either.

        • katherine cassell harvey

          Eeither does Russia or North Korea or Iran. Have you noticed a pattern here of who the warmongers want to take down

          • nick quinlan

            It was a sad day for me to realize, that our military has been used by the Rothschild family for decades, as their hammer to beat countries into submitting to being controlled economically. They are the ultimate global terrorists and predators. They also played a large part in the establishment of the criminal state of Israel.

          • raysusan49

            Israel IS the fiefdom of the Rothschild’s.

          • eonic

            Others have realised it, too : The Dumb American Poem

        • Doctor smith

          Guess who’s fighting in Syria, Blackwater

          • panzerwagen

            Probably under another name. I have heard they have “changed” or have been “taken over” by some other company, so they are not using the name Blackwater anymore.

          • Peter G.N. GRIFFIN

            TO: Panzerwagen / Rolo10

            1. Erik PRINCE operates and owns an 80% share in FSG (Frontier Services Group) based in CHINA and outright owns 100% of FRG (Frontier Resources Group) based in the Cayman Islands.

            2. The FSG operates to facilitate CHINESE interests (see link below) :



            3. The FRG operates directly alongside “VETERANS FOR CHILD RESCUE” as we hunt sex traffickers under a now GREEN LIGHT by US Attorney General Jeff SESSIONS with a Kill Capture Order NO RELEASE of those raping and torturing these children.



            A Veteran / Insider

          • Rollo10

            Blackwater aka Academi, Dyncorp and G4S are all fighting in Syria, as are US Special Forces.

          • Mikey Henstra

            Well I have read from a few sources Russia has hired private contractors as they are short on troops.

        • El Cid Granada

          i bet CIA is behind abu-sayaf as well as NPA right now.

          • VIPER

            TO: El Cid Granada

            1. In answering your above comment / post here – YOU are 100% correct !

            2. I exposed this in 2004 with my submitted history thesis and the help of John MARTINKUS. This caused much trouble and controversy in revealing those directly and indirectly responsible for the evil being spread across the Philippines ; in particular the Muslim Separatist Movements of Mindanao.

            3. The Muslim Separatists (ASG / Al-Queda) ARE in fact and were / have been put there by the OSS / CIA to rape the country of its natural wealth and resources (i.e. Gold, and Human Child Sex Trafficking).


            A Veteran / Insider

          • El Cid Granada

            thanks for the info sir

          • Mikey Henstra

            Really? Wow man, you uncovered quite a treasure. Since the Muslims were there over 500 years ago before the Spanish came they were taking slaves and pillaging all of the islands in the Philippines. It is very well documented. I didn’t know that the OSS/CIA was responsible. But now I know. Thank you very much sir for your brilliant enlightenment. They are time travelers, how extraordinary indeed!

          • Mikey Henstra

            I believe the only insider work you do is in your ass

          • Mikey Henstra


      • Rollo10

        There are just four nations who don’t have a Rothschild central bank. Syria, Cuba, N Korea & Iran. Libya’s was created while war raged and Iraq had been using Euros’ to sell their oil.
        Every nation US are in conflict with have stopped using the dollar. Just this last month Iran, Russia & China all stopped fully using the dollar and they now have their own SWIFT inter-banking system.

        • Nuthinbutnet

          And we flat-busted.

          • Mikey Henstra

            Yup, the number one economy in the world but we have no money. Anything else you want to mention? Like we are a failed nation? We still the most powerful nation in the world by almost any metric, that’s not bragging that is just a reality. The world is glued to our actions. Tell me of another country that is even close to that level. Its just more unsubstatiated drivel from some asshole who dont know shit. You poor bastard talking on his computer on the internet who even though he is stupid he is somewhat educated as that was provided him by our fucked up country. You have no idea what poor is my friend and never will but you keep whining. Its what you do best I am sure.In fact6 I am almost positive that is all you do. I would sure like to hear what you do that is constructive. Impress me since you are on your soap box and I will humbly digress sir.

          • raysusan49

            I wonder when China will become the next world exchange currency? Has anybody heard the latest projections?

          • Achiron

            The Jew has gutted the west

    • Buzz Waldron

      Christianity is pure evil !!! . Like ALL religions…

      • John Charville

        I beg to differ.
        Christianity is not the problem.
        The Philippines is a predominantly Christian country.
        Find out what the Rothschild’s are and try tagging that for the source of all evil.

        • serglv

          The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country.

        • B_felony

          Christianity is the biggest problem of all in PI. They are the only majority Christian country in Asia, anx as a result of the Catholic church, abortion and divorce is illegal. This causes them to be extremely overpopulated. Manila alone has millions of homeless kids and it will only get worse as those kids have kids. There are no student loans, you either can pay for college or cant, and they are so overpopulated u need a degree to even work fast food. That’s why they have more expat than any other country that work abroad as nannies and such

          • panzerwagen

            Speaking about abortion and divorce being illegal, then what about having sex out of wedlock? Now you cannot stop that. The Catholic Church should step in and try to remove the burgeoning poverty which has been afflicting the masses over ages. They have the money and the God given Authority to do it. Hope the Holy See will come to the succour of his flock in this far flung Christian majority country.

          • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA

            God did not give the authority to do anything in his name to the catholic Church, they just tell you that. The church is about power and wealth building not spirituality. The church should give back all the money that they took from the poor. It bullies people into giving up their wealth with the fear of hell and/or
            excommunication. Excommunication would be a blessing. After kicking out the oligarchs, kick out the church.

          • Mikey Henstra

            You mean like the Billions that Churches gave just forn Yolanda that was immediately squandered away? You mean help like that? Or US AID, that is given to the people for free but like Africa they end up for sale in shops when they are clearly marked US AID and if nobody is aware of US AID it is given completely free. It even says on it, this is not for resale. I know that English is their national language but maybe they didn’t understand. Perhaps its also the Churches fault that when you go to the Post Office because if you wait for your mail it will never come and then when you actually go there in person they wont help you or wont even look for it unless you pay them 1 or 200 pesos. That is a full days wages for many of them and how they can demand that much for a simple luxury like mail demonstrates how bad the country really is. The Church my friend has nothing to do with and helps as much as anyone can ask it to. Duterte said if he has not com[pletely irradicated drugs in six months he wants the people to kill him. Oh shit, a year later. Is it irradicated? Hell no. It will never be irradicated. Ever as the US can attest to. It doesnt matter how much money you put against fighting it because its in the human nature to do drugs and when there is a will there is a way. Just like fucking, no one can stop that either. Dude, as far as what I saw, the Church keeps your gir;ls preety innocent until they are 18 or so which is more than you can ask in Western countries.I can tell you that much. You should be very proud of that fact bro. The divorce rate in the US is disastrous because we made it very easy top do. You should be very careful what ypou ask fpor and tru;ly weigh all the pros and cons. As for all the bad things I said about your country I havent had the chance to say the good things. There are truly a great deal of things I love about your country and when I have more time as I have invested way too much time on here refuting things I would love to share them with you. Salamat

          • Mikey Henstra

            Its the Churches fault they are poor? Really? All the people that work in fast food have degrees?First of all even if you have a degree its much easier and takes far less time to acquire said degree. Your Highschoolers graduate at sixteen and I believe your children start a year later than ours not accounting for I believe half the kids that go to preschool in the US. I was only on about 7 different islands so I cant say for sure about all of them but damned if those 7 islands had people I knew with even very limited education working at the malls and in the fast food industry wherein the only prerequisite desired seemed to be that they were young and attractive. Its true you have many expats who leave the country as domestic workers. A very lowly profession and the fact that its a definate step up seems to be a bigger reflection on you administration than what the Church seems to actually preside over. I am most definately not a Catholic but I have seen how they bring communities together and seem to actually help the people forget about their terrible plight if not for just an afternoon at least. If it was a case of the Church then you would have seen a precedence in all of the other Catholic countries but that particular church right now seems to be religiously in the top standing. The Church cant force anyone to do anything. Its not a totalitarian state. There ARE divorces in the Philippines, it is NOT illegal as the Church doesn’t dictate law. I have yet to see a single Christian church whos mandate is to cause destruction. It is to be used as a moral compass and frankly without it my friend I believe your country would be in a lot more trouble than it is now. I can safely say and this is very well known even in your country, especially in your country CORRUPTION is the word you are looking for. Does the Church advocate the people for greed? I don’t think so. If your people were so educated especially on the very lowest of levels don’t you think they would have figured out already their own leaders were stealing you blind. I was told by many Baraungy Captians they get their posts from purchasing them rather than election. They openly bragged about it and told me how they make their money back tenfold on illegal activity. Is that the Churches doctrine? Or because the Church forbade them to have an abortion? Personally, I am not presently aware of a single religion in this world that would champion bad traits but if you want to single out the Catholics go ahead. I believe you will ignorantly trudge on blindly anyways. I am sure there are a few conspiracies in there as well.

      • serglv

        Christianity in the “biblical definition” is “a relationship” between man and his savior Jesus Christ the son of God. Whereas, Christianity, as defined by Webster and other dictionaries is a “religion” based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The key differences between the “biblical definition” and “Webster or dictionary definition” is the word “relationship.”

        • Buzz Waldron

          Imaginary evil Jesus never existed, so there can be NO relationship… just a scam…

          • Juan de Sarangani

            Your imaginary Jesus was just a scam that never existed. You’re obviously not referring to Jesus of Nazareth who was born in a manger in Bethlehem some 2k years ago and his coming was the central point of history. Believers mark his advent with AD, and the Atheists who pretend not to acknowledge his coming refer to the period since he was born up to the present as CE lol!

          • Buzz Waldron

            Your imaginary evil Jesus and the N.T. weren’t even invented until what became the year 150 b.c.e…

          • Juan de Sarangani

            If not for the advent of Christ who walked down in history, what then was anticipated by the Atheists 150 years before he was born, what’s the point of marking your calendar with BCE and CE?

          • Buzz Waldron

            c.e. = current era… a dating system invented by evil religics in 600 c.e.

          • Oyster Guy

            So what you are saying is that you believe that a Jewish zombie existed? I mean, you have read that bullshit book called the bible (buy bull), haven’t you? Talking snakes, virgin births…….seriously? and where has this supposed “god” been for the last 2000 years?

          • enlightened soul

            from the tone of your assertion you are an atheist. this is where the problem is, people like you think they are smart enough to assert that “Jesus” did not exist. why cant you be more like a respectful atheist instead rather than ranting on others belief? tolerance can equate to a healthy discussion; did you know that? regarding your question…where god has been for the last 200 years? its inside your DNA, moron, tell me more about primordial soup theory and monkey heritage. i bet your science will show off its flaws. try me.

          • Nuthinbutnet

            I just love seeing people ‘triggered’ in the good way. I liked it.

          • Rob

            I would love to see their reactions too.

            I love arguments and debates (healthy ones). We have people here in our park debating mostly religion on Sundays. If you listen and look at them, its as if each one is ready to pinch one another but some are really good at being civil despite the bully, looks just as smart as they are.

          • Juan de Sarangani

            Giving a reply to your query is throwing my pearls further to the swine.

          • Buzz Waldron

            c.e. = current era… invented about 600 c.e. to coincide with the fake A.D.

          • Juan de Sarangani

            So you admit that your c.e. was invented. Only fakes are invented, cheap imitation to coincide with what is real.

          • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA

            The Bible was compiled by order of Constantine in 325 AD. He was tired of the constant irritation of the Pharisees who wanted power. He was trying to save the Empire and declared Christianity as the state religion to thwart the Pharisees.. There were many Gods in the Roman pantheon and he was content with it for himself. As it turns out, the Empire declined anyway because of infiltration and treachery. Every empire declines the same way. Esu Immanuel(Jesus) encouraged living according to ‘The Way’, he didn’t create Christianity. Saul of Tarsus, a murderer and opportunist, created the religion. He changed his name to Paul and travelled around promoting it and himself. The paper trail is there for anyone who wants to know.

          • Mikey Henstra

            He was a Christian and it is well known that he adamantly called for absolution as he was dying. There is definitely a paper trail on that as well. Although I did think Constantine came a little before that but hey I will take you at your word as you seem talented. The was to big to administer with far too many enemies as well as rivalries I should add along with this: I believe that the single greatest threat to any dynasty or Empire is when the people of said Empire actually starts believing he is owed everything he wants and decides not to work for it anymore. I can see that shit in my backyard. Apparently, unbenownst to me, I am a slaveholder of the most evil persuasion as is the color of my evil skin. I was told that by the very same people who claim that they cant get a job in my country and don’t receive nearly enough money from the government despite government policy in place actually giving them the advantage in the work place. At my particular skill set, we were told to immediately to hire Black people irregardless of their credentials immediately and told to never fire them either despite if they even just sat there on the job. Why, because of all the race baiting in this country. The whole world has the idea that we treat black people in America terribly and it is bullshit. They get extra grants for college freely given for the color of their skin. A university will take them in lieu of another race out of fear of being sued. I am most assuredly not talking about all black people. I have been all over Africa and love the people there and know for a fact they would give their right nut to have the same opportunties as they do in the US. If it were truly a racist society every single color would be protesting with equal vigor but the two largest just happens to be the most criminal. Imagine that, why are the Asians living there peacefully? Shit..People arent blind. They can see what your actions are. If you are violent for the most part, they begin to fear you. Dont claim that whites are the violent ones when you account for 80 percent of crime despite having only 13 percent of the population? That isnt just speculation, its documented and observed everyday. It is rare when you see to men walking on the street towards each other when one of them is black without somekind of provication. That is most definately my experience and everyone else will concur whether you choose to believe that or not the same amount of murders still happen at your hands. Man up. I know my peoples faults. We all have our faults but when you deny the shit over and over even if you are seen doing the action by still lying right through your teeth takes your credibility and throws it in the trash. Everyone is welcome to equality as long as you try to earn it. There are too many falsehoods so easily flung around these days I am at my limit.

          • eonic

            Do you ever visit American Renaissance or Stuff Black People Don’t Like ? You may find kindred spirits there.

          • panzerwagen

            How can one be so certain that such a historical figure never existed? Then you will not believe any historical figure existing; e.g. Alexander the Great, the Roman Emperors, the Egyptian Pharaohs, Emperors Darius and Xerxes of the Persian Empire, Buddha, and Zoroaster who came before Christ; the Prophets Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph, Lot, Zacharia, etc., who all came before Christ??? Have a rational view man.

          • Buzz Waldron

            Jesus is NOT a historical figure… he was invented 100 years AFTER he was supposed to have died… there is no evidence of him like there is of other people…

          • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA

            Saul named him Jesus. His parents named him Esu Immanuel. Can’t find someone in history unless one looks for the correct name.

          • Juan de Sarangani

            Kindly give proof for your assertions. Citations please.

          • emy

            you will call upon His Name soon 🙂

          • Buzz Waldron

            I will always know that imaginary evil Jesus never existed… He’s just an excuse for religics to murder people…

          • Nuthinbutnet

            So, who kills more people? The Christians, or Islam?
            Buzz, you been lied to, all your life.

        • panzerwagen

          Whatever definition one may follow, but the important thing is one should always have the belief that God is always present and knows whatever you do or intend to do. Once you believe this, then you can be a good Muslim, a good Christian, or a good follower of any religion

          • Buzz Waldron

            NO imaginary evil God(s) ever existed… just an excuse for religics to murder people…

      • LifeCoach Cher-ie

        Vatican 666 santan devil…burn down buildings

        • panzerwagen

          The Vatican can prove the critics wrong, all they have to do is take the necessary steps to do some spring cleaning, and start tending to their flocks’ needs in earnest for the sake of Jesus Christ, so that they do not become victims of the unscrupulous, and become a pawn in their evil designs.

      • panzerwagen

        Please don’t say anything bad about any religion. There are bad apples in every barrel, even among the Atheists

        • Buzz Waldron

          ALL religions are evil mental illness…

          • Juan de Sarangani

            So what mental illness are you afflicted of Buzz Waldron? The fact that you acknowledge that there is evil in the world, you can’t argue with the fact that the opposite of evil is good. You either serve God who is the author of the good, or the Devil if you are on the side of evil.

          • Buzz Waldron

            I’m a normal person with NO addictions or other mental illness… NO God(s) or Devils(s) ever existed… Normal People are ‘good’, religions are all EVIL…

            ALL RELIGIONS = ADDICTION to being LIED TO, an ENFORCED PSYCHOSIS, and WRITTEN ORDERS to HATE, HURT, and MURDER EVERYONE on the planet! .. i.e. Armageddon, Left Behind movies, Story of Noah’s Ark, Holocaust, etc…

            Religic/Theist = person with religion addiction, religion psychosis, and written orders to hate and murder everyone

            Atheist = Person with NO religion addiction/religion psychosis/religious murderous desires, but may have other addictions and other mental illnesses

            Normal Person = NO addictions and NO mental illnesses

            All religions require their customers to blindly psychotically believe imaginary supernatural being(s) are REAL…

            ADDICTIONS are the biggest threat to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, China and all the world !!!

            ++++ The Six Big ADDICTIONS to AVOID like the PLAGUE !!! ++++

            1. DRUG ADDICTION including alcohol addiction/alcoholics and nicotine addiction/smokers

            2. RELIGION ADDICTION/PSYCHOSIS religics, theists, religious terrorists, clergy

            3. HOMOSEXUALITY ADDICTION (most homosexics admit they have an addiction)

            4. OBESITY ADDICTION (fat)

            5. COUCH POTATO/SLOTH ADDICTION (lazy)

            6. GREED ADDICTION

          • Juan de Sarangani

            But of course you are an addict. You are addicted to making a baseless sweeping statement that all the religious are evil and have lumped all as terrorists. You are actually a god unto yourself.

      • Nuthinbutnet

        Since the constitution is based on Christianity, I beg to differ with you…
        Christianity was hi-jacked, long ago. The Crusades happened to save Christianity from Islam. Proven.
        Funny how you use Christianity over such other hideous religions that show their face everyday.

    • B_felony

      PI was a colony of ours from the end of the Spanish war to the end of ww2. We have no need to invade, we already did and gave it back. Their president is a mass murderer. Google about the death SQUAD he ran before he became president

      • k19

        your country killed more than duterte, after the spanish war your country colonized Philippines and killed a lot of Filipinos, you guys started to invade countries with rich oil reserves killed their citizens indirectly by ruining the government they have, you guys created osama bin laden, janjalani the mujahiden that made abusayaf in PH. Your country masquerades as the hero but is really the villian. Your country creates terrorist .

        • panzerwagen

          Not to mention the massacre and uprooting of millions of Red Indians by the settlers and the US Government. Then the CIA sponsoring coups in countries like Chile, Argentina, Iran, installing a despotic megalomaniac like Saddam in Iraq, and then bringing him down after he had served their purpose…. the list goes on.

      • CIC

        Mass murderer is a sweeping generality. He runs after criminals and corrupt government officers.

      • Rollo10

        “Their president is a mass murderer.”

        and Bush, Clinton, Obama weren’t? G H Bush was involved in the assassination of Kennedy and bombed Iraq? G W Bush used a nuke on his own people, besides bombing Iraq? Clinton had ‘rivals’ or enemies killed to keep them quiet. Obama illegally bombed Libya and droned innocent people without Habeas Corpus.

      • evilroman

        The world is in desperate need of right wing death squads.

    • panzerwagen

      Oh well, he is no novice, and he knows what are the risks, but he is game. If he has the backing of his people, then the US or the Zionists, or the Rothschilds will not be able to dislodge him easily.

      • Jim Wallace

        the sad part is the biggies like the Rothschild and those with their bucks in place will do anything to get things back to their own interests and killing him would be their easiest way back and their money can buy anything and anyone .

    • Antonio Pasia GAMBOA

      well said

    • Nuthinbutnet

      Probably why the party is off the coast of Korea. Lots of navy in those parts, right now. The Philly’s just over yonder there. Is the party really in the Philly’s? Heheheheh

    • Mikey Henstra

      Dude, dont you think the liberals are talking enough shit about our country to be saying stupid shit like that? Most of what the liberals are saying is lies and the rest of the world is catching on. I mean it got more out of hand then I expected but they are starting to question everything. The conservatives dont play the games that liberals do. Of course there are some but we try to get rid of them as soon as we find out. I am coservative and I promise you, I want ALL and EVERY crooked bastard out there to be hung. There are a million bullshit conspiracy theories, dont add to them. It is because of our own media we are looked down upon around the world. The US has helped almost every single country in the world out of non profits and other venues. We have helped so much in fact that governments began to actually demand MORE then they were getting. When they dont get as much as they ask for they start to hate us. Case in point, the liberals will NEVER be satisfied how much welfare they will get. It doesn’t matter , they will always ask for more. The statement you made about the WMDs? Is ridiculous and frankly it is very old hat. How long will you people bring that up. For one thing it was based on real actionable intelligence we got from their people. Those people still to this day claim that there was indeed weapons there but were smuggled out to Syria right before invasion. There are definately advocates for the Democratic party that has commited treason for them outed from before this election and after. It is my most sincere wish they be tried and thrown into prison for said treason. They were the ones responsible for telling Bush about the weapons. Why have they never stepped forward and stated the Bush adminastration went in there knowing there wasnt any? Huh? Because it was real info. But t they will never stop rambling on and on and on. Its funny that the mistakes by the Republican party are completely looked at in a very different light. Funny that. How many ,mistakes or lies were the conservatives caught at since the turn of the century. I bet you cant name ten. I see the liberals outwardly lying almost everyday. Stupid lies that I would think anyone with common sense can see right through. But the media basically helped them to sell those lies and why did they do it and continue to do so? Its not because they are pressured, our country defends that kind of policy. Its out of greed. They have been taking money from the democrats and feeding their agenda and are caught all the time now that Trump made that claim on them, whether they like it or not they were illuminated and when people started to look and check? Holy mother of God. Our people woul;d never knowingly al;low any of the shit that has been going on. If you say otherwise3 then you dont know shit about us. Freedom of speech is very important but slander is a whole new animal. I hope those POS pay for their tampering as well. They need to, no everyone needs to know they will be accountable for there misdeeds. Duterte and Putin have strong christian values? Really? Is that why (Duterte) is at war with the church? The most benevolent of Popes? He also made the claim that no one can tell him what to do, not even GOD can tell him what to do. A real lover of Christianity. Putin is not a zealous man and regardless of where we stand in humanity he has done too many recognized atrocities. He is friends and allies with more bad guys then any other leader out there.Yup, real Gods children alright. Duterte has killed over 8000 people in the last year. How many big time bad guys? Almost none. Mostly very poor addicts who probably become addicts to forget they are sooo fuckin poor. He ran on a platform of economic policy change but from what I see he has only made it worse and the people havent felt the effects yet but they will soon. He hasnt even addressed the economy once yet since he has been in office. He is too busy killing.I saw many killed and its like wild west. He has lost more people to killings then we have in all wars and Mexicos cartels since 2006 in only one year and he is applauded. People all over with grudges against other people are murdering their neighbors and claiming they did it because they were drug dealers. Can you prove it, no need my man! Here is your reward. They get to kill two bifds with one stone. Commit murder and not only get away with it but here is your reward. He has been shown this phenomena and blatently dismisses it but when you ask the families what really happened you see the real pain and anguish in their faces. Then he claims that hey, those people would not surrender so we had to shoot them. Then when questioned by the US he says when you arrest black people in the US they shpould never be killed even when they have guns they should just tackle them and then take them to jail. He screams of the hypocrasy of our western nations and ideals. He should look closer to home and if he ever lived here he would very quickly see the vast difference. In California there are roughly a million Filpinos alone. I have asked every single one I have met, do you miss home.Every single one of them I have asked and there has been many do they miss home. They all seem to yell a resounding HELL NO! Now why do you suppose that? There is a multitude of finger pointing done especially in the internet these days its frankly quite disturbing that mankind has come to this degree of inhumanity and self rightousness. Its very disturbing to me.The fact that all this propaganda is still very effective in todays age is absolutely scary to me. People should look inward a bit more close to home. It completely amazes me that I meet a multitude of people who have never been here but can tell me more about my country than me. Its ludicrous. How can they know what everyday life is around here. Oh , they heard some dude on You tube say it so it must be genuine. You might expect that from countries with poor education but not Europe who seems to be bigger enemies of us then anyone else and they are supposed to be our allies. They hate us for so many things I have heard that are complete fabrications. I feel I am qualified to make that statement since I have travelled to 44 countries so far and will be at fifty by the end of the year. I actually can say something about most places without bias. I will happily state their accomplishments but I will also call them out on their bullshit everytime too. Thank you for your time and patience. As you can see I am sick of it, American bashing especially from our own people. Everytime I get into a plane to return home I still cant believe how fortunate we are as a people and still they will NEVER stop bitching about one thing or another.

    • Jeremy

      Hungary can be added to that list. They removed all Rothschild controlled banks.

  • Loreto Quino Jr

    Kudos Baxter. You are one of the very few respectable journalists that remain.

  • Loreto Quino Jr

    Someone has to do this. Even at the risk of losing his life. Duterte is one such man who is willing to die for his country

    • Jon T Hermosisima

      All sensible and in the know people are hoping, praying and meditating to protect, shield and guide Pres. Duterte with wisdom and positive energies to accomplish the people’s mandate and that he finishes the full term of office given him by our Constitution and the next leader to follow through the Changes/Reforms he has done and will do and implemented for All.

    • Jon T Hermosisima

      The Philippine Pres. Duterte is one in a billion, a rare breed and deserves all the support he can muster from people worldwide as his Vision-Mission is attaining the “Universal Mind” eventually.. In his country and with his people, he has proven many times over his political will and intelligent courage.. He provides the kind of Leadership the world needs at this time in history.. It’s no wonder, Time Magazine Poll voted him the most influential person on Earth this year.. Beyond that, he simply knows he’s fulfilling his life tasks.

  • Pig Farmer

    That is Why the People Love him, he is Honest & Does not hold back

  • Days_of_Noe

    Invest in personal security.

    • John Charville

      No. I think you are wrong.
      Duterte is not anti-globalist
      He is representing the best interests of the good people of the Philippines and trying to protect their welfare and best interests.

  • mark van steenwyk

    Spot on Baxter! As an American long-term resident in Davao City, Philippines, where President Duterte served as mayor for twenty years, I can honestly say that this man ‘walks his talk’ and is highly respected by the vast majority of the Filipino citizenry. Under his able leadership, Davao City is today one of Asia’s most livable cities in terms of cleanliness, quality of life, cost of living, local governance, peace and order, and rule of law.

    • B_felony

      This guy is a psycho that has killed thousands of suspected drug users. What kind of sane person executes people for smoking weed, and why would tourists want to go to a country that does?

      • Buzz Waldron

        Killing all druggies sounds like a good idea…

        • LifeCoach Cher-ie

          Gmo weed now cause regular stuff people cant be brainwashed…

      • jBai

        have you seen him pull the trigger himself come on show us the proof before you open your big mouth….

      • TOAXMC

        Don’t have a clue what your talking about mate he has never killed any drug user they are offered free help to kick the habit however he will openly admit he has killed drug lords and dealers

      • CIC

        Everything you say is simply not true.

      • Surfer

        Fake news, fake post, fake troll, fucking fake. You’re wasting internet space and bandwidth.

  • SmartAss

    if this is real, watch as philippines becomes the world enemy all of a sudden

    • dennis salakot

      I, don’t think this is real,like his campaign promises it’s all trash….

      • John Charville

        Well Dennis.
        You believe what you want.
        Like “Islam is a Religion of Peace”
        The real world will continue without your participation

    • Edward N. Obsiana

      World domination in secrecy and its up to the leaders to defend his country…

    • John Charville

      I agree with you.
      However, with its allegiances to Russia and China, the USA would be pushing its luck to repeat history.

      • Juan de Sarangani

        Foreign policy is fickle and is co-terminus with the leader. Russia and China are godless superpowers us Filipinos hardly know, just because Duterte is flirting with them your blanket assumption that we give allegiance to them has no basis.

  • dennis salakot

    another propaganda effort to the world. none of his campaign promises has happen..
    please dig some information about his leadership, nowadays here in the Philippines.



    • Edward N. Obsiana

      You are not thinking about the issue. Pls. Turn your brain in the proper first before making comments..

    • Darwin james

      Dennis salakot napaka hapdi ba mabasa na pati mga foreigner eh bilib kay duterte? Nakakaawa ka naman walang pumapansin sa effort mo ahahahaha

    • krisaquinomalandimarquez

      you moron doesnt even know where to place comma in a sentence lol…

      • Jonjo Bridel

        and you don’t know how to use an apostrophe properly….lol

        • krisaquinomalandimarquez

          a’hh o’k lol

  • Pete

    83% popularity. Mmmm, I hope leaders and would be leaders of the world can see globalists are a dying breed and if politicians do exactly what they say, fearlessly, like Duterte, they can overcome anything.

    Good luck man!

  • Mika Nieminen

    It can be done but the evil parasites will try everything to undermine and destroy sovereign nations. Germany suffered the fate of total destruction because of its economic policies and are still run by the invaders

  • Nick Firmalo

    May GOD bless our beloved President Duterte, the symbol of light, freedom, liberty and the bearer of the chord of hope of the nation.

    • John Charville

      May God Keep Presidente Duterte Safe

  • Linda JJ

    What is the source? Where did he say this?

  • Titus Flavius Vespasian

    Throw the Rothschild family out of a helicopter!

  • Doctor Evil

    Duterte and I go way back.

  • Guest

    “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality”
    Where’s your font? Do you have any video of that? When did he say that?

  • Viking.

    We need more leaders like Duterte.

  • SmokeyThebAndit

    Great leader.. Him and Mugabe are great great leaders

  • MrFloydnorton

    The world is waking up

  • Al Henneberry

    Guard your children. Rothschilds’ running dogs will continue to snatch them into their pedo trade.

  • Paul Arnold

    Keep up the good work.
    Get rid of the jew.the rothchilds. The parasite of humanity for 4000 years

  • M John Power

    Duterte, a true “LEADER” of his people. Donald Trump and the useless leader of my country, Trudeau, could learn a lot from this man. The Rothchilds and the private central banking cabals have held humanity in a debtor’s prison for hundreds of years–the time has come to rid the world of these parasites. I’m sure that the US Government will voice their displeasure with Duterte’s bold move and try to bring about Duterte’s downfall; so sort of a coup, no doubt; be vigilant my friends.

  • LifeCoach Cher-ie

    Smart man, leader… kick the elite oit and give power back to its people.. people all should be living in abundance everywhere, Not poverty.

  • panzerwagen

    Good on Duterte, he sure means business.

  • rostomic

    this could be a major economic step out of slavery for the Philippines … will he know wt to do? or swap the yoke of control in favor of China?

  • Zosia Samosia

    The reason also why other country are laughing on us is the mentality and lack of love to our own self and country. In Poland similarly………

  • Patton Javier

    You guys are hallucinating when you said the guy keeps his promise and has word of honor,,all I can say is he has lots of words ,thats for sure ,,but honor?? He does not give a shit about Honor,,He promised in front of National TV he eradicate drugs in 3 to 6 months or he will resigned from the Presidency if he failed to do so,,well its almost a year now and after killing 10,000 plus of his poor country men he is still Bullshitting idiots like the writer of this article about his war on drugs,,the guy is a born congenital liar and he could not care less what he says to anyone,,the delusional SOB thinks he is somebody important in the world stage,,like Putin of russia or Xi jin ping of China,,he better wake up to the reality of how small and inconsequential his country in the worldwide scheme of things,,he better focus his attention in poverty and economic improvement of his country or he might end up like Hugo Chavez of Valenzuela,,all fart no shit !

    • JTM

      Maria Ressa’s BOT 2.

  • Marco Hernandez

    fake news. fake leader. he is China’s envoy for the south china sea

    • JTM

      Maria Ressa’s BOT 1.

  • Ikea tina turner
  • GH

    There are only a few nations without a central bank. My prayers are for Duterte. I hope he is 100% successful and safe: He is a true HERO. I wish the USA and Europe would follow in his leadership.
    And I also fear for him.
    Look what happened to JFK a short while after he wanted to replace FRN’s with honest zero interest currency?
    Most US presidents who have been assassinated have been involved in trying to limit the central banks. Fact, not fiction.
    I implore President Duterte to groom a true successor. To Expand his power into multiple centers so that taking one out has no effect on the Overall Goal.

  • True Grit

    Man creates these earthquakes, using nuclear submarines. It is nothing magical about it. It is an evil military strike. No coincidence that the Rothchilds were just asked to leave, that likely a nuclear warhead was fired into a fault line, in the Southern Philippines, not far from Davao. I would suggest President Duterte have his intelligence people and China research if any Western submarines were in the area. I almost guarantee that was the case. His best option is to ally FULLY with China and Russia, as to have them protect his interests.

  • Jufraida

    Of all articles wriiten about PRRD bringing and doing change in the Phils for me this is the BEST and now i say my vote for Pres. DU30 is right. He is a true leader with the guts, intelligece and understanding of economy and knows whose been controlling economies of all nations and supressing our economic growth. Pres DU30 go ahead give Rotstchilde ( FEDERAL RESERVE IMF WORLD BANK) a hard kick. They deserve it. This is a big blow to their egos and power but who cares, I feel tall and so proud that a Filipino leader rejects them who had the balls to kiick them out and end them bullying and controlling all the banking institution. TRUE HONOR AND PRIDE FOR ALL FILIPINOS.

  • CheYoun Taguba Yun

    This article deserves unlimited likes! Mabuhay muli ang bansang Pilipinas!!

  • isko

    GoGoGo our beloved president Digong God bless

  • Dominic Blais

    i really am at a loss how driving up meth prices is hurting rothschilds they make the chemicals and sell the meth to the cartels that is imported to the philipines making it illegal just drives up the price making them more money and only poor filipinos suffer

  • Dominic Blais

    rothschilds only fear t hose who praise marx everyone else is their bitch

  • Mahal Ko Bayan Ko

    They may look and sound impregnable but actually can be beaten especially by a determined and fearless leader and a supportive people.

  • ICFubar

    Desperate times – desperate measures… like summary executions? This was how communist China cleaned out the western opium trade. They simply put anyone who used or sold up against a wall. Can any westerner imagine this taking place in their nation? Now bankers who engage in mass crimes against humanity or crimes of mass financial rape perhaps. I’ll say one thing about Duterte he means what he says which is quite refreshing coming from the mouth of a politician.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      The communist chinese have no respect for life. Belief in God is punished..It’s rothschild-ism in the extreme.
      Duterte does, and is willing to do what it takes to protect his citizens.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Philippines won’t be the US bitch anymore. Thank God.

  • Mark Schultz

    i hate american rothchilds controlled media. all lies. Kill the all Digong. Kill them all.

  • posercom

    Now is the greatest time in the history of the Rothschild bankster, for world leaders to dismantle their monetary Ponzi schemes and make the world populations turn on their slave masters the Rothschilds. Thanks to citizen journalists, much of the world is a wake and alert to the den of vipers and thieves that create money from nothing and make the world borrow that worthless paper at interests. They manipulate the wars and civil unrest and push the cultural Marxism that destroys self sufficient families. Duterte is a courageous and great leader. I wish Trump would have kept the Synagogue of Satan out of his administration.

  • Julian de Sota

    Hates IMF WB? Marcos was the main promotor of Philippine debacle with the IMF WB, and Digong loves the Marcoses? Hypocrazy, he should run after Marcos hidden wealth.

  • Kevin Wayne Hunt

    duterte MUST BE CASHED UP.

  • NaTosha Evans

    Power To The People! ✊

  • nick quinlan

    The Rothschild family deserves to be imprisoned for life, and all of their dirty money confiscated. They have been causing wars and misery around the world, going back to the 17th century. The entire world is aware of this, yet they walk free. They should have been hung a long time ago for crimes against humanity.
    Evil, greedy scumbags.

  • Oliver St.John-Mollusc

    boycott everything American and you’ll stay slim.

  • Josh Marc Mendoza

    When and where has Duterte vowed to “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality”? Did he actually say those words? I want to know.

  • mike

    Don’t just throw them out, find them and make living on too uncomfortable.

  • Elaine H (Mamaknock Redoubt)

    Now this week Obama “The Son-of-a-Whore” has turned loose #ISIS upon them all burning beheading after Duterte kicked out the Rothschilds in April. #DriveThemOUT God help them.

  • Jeremy

    “The oligarchs cannot use the mainstream media to destroy him because the people don’t trust what the media says anymore.”

    People worldwide are beginning to open their eyes to this fact. Media is just a tool that (((they))) use to influence people. Don’t be a sheep.

  • Achiron

    kick out the Jews
    we need to start doing that here

  • I Chop Suey


  • TroliusMaximus
  • Dominic Blais

    too bad its fake news duturd was sucking saudi cock in april

  • Paul Arnold

    There is only one problem in the world. The jew. The rothchilds. The parasite. The destroyer. The vampire of humanity for 4000 years.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Wow. This was a really good article and well-written, too, unlike many being thrown out there today.
    Duterte, The Trump of the Phillipines.

  • David Christie

    Yep. Suborning death squads that maraud around in the squalid ghettos of Manila murdering people is a great way to get rid of the Rothschilds.

  • Charles

    I like his style, kick them out. Take what is yours

  • Pablo Sanz

    people in the Philippines should be vigilant. Things may really changed from this point on. Especially the war against terrorism. the Rothschild and their banking empire know how to destabilize a country… look what happen to IRAQ, LIBYA, YEMEN and SYRIA… they planted a so called terrorist or extremist to destabilize a country that opposes them, they will control the local media and making up fake news internationally. Politics is controlled by banking assholes… I think Pres. Duterte really know what his doing and hoping that the Filipino people will back him up for his plan.

  • Noel Singletary

    This is what Trump is trying to do but the corruption runs too deep in the United States and unfortunately getting the Rothschild’s banking cartel out of the United States would take an act of God himself. The way the media keeps going on and on about the non existent Russian ties is just insanity. The left has completely lost their minds because Trump beat Hillary. If Trump actually did the same things as Duterte to clean up the criminality and corruption in the USA, there would be another civil war. It may be that is our only option at this point. We cannot allow our country to fall to the Communists and Muslims on the left. That is what Duterte is having to fight in his own country. This seems to be the game plan all over the globe, drugs, corrupt media, financial corruption, Muslim invasion, divide and conquer. Time is fast approaching to pick a side. Trump’s supporters will not throw in the towel. He was the LAST option before civil war. We tried it peacefully, but that doesn’t seem to be working. The time of words is over and the time for bloodshed is near.

  • bmiller147

    This must happen everywhere!

  • Ray Brown

    We need to do the same here, overdue.

  • Nate Blank

    One problem at a time. Smart. I can only guess his future targets for elimination.