Geologists Uncover Technology That Belonged To Advanced Ancient Civilization

Geologists discover evidence on advanced vehicles in ancient civilization

Geologists in Turkey have uncovered track marks left by vehicles they say belonged to an advanced ancient civilization from 14 million years ago.

Russian geologist Alexander Koltypin says he believes the mysterious markings that extend along the Phrygian Valley, in central Turkey, were made by a highly intelligent race between 12 to 14 million years ago. reports: “We can assume that ancient vehicles with “wheels” were driven into the soft ground, perhaps a wet surface,” said the geologist. “Because of the great weight of these vehicles, they left behind very deep grooves which eventually petrified and turned into evidence.”

Geologists are familiar with such phenomena as they have found petrified footprints of dinosaurs that were preserved in the same way.

Together with three colleagues, Dr. Koltypin, director of the Natural Science Scientific Research Centre at Moscow’s International Independent Ecological-Political University, traveled to the site in Anatolia, Turkey where these markings can be found. Upon returning from his trip, he described the observed as ‘petrified tracking ruts in rocky tuffaceous [made from compacted volcanic ash] deposits’.

Dr. Koltypin said: ‘All these rocky fields were covered with the ruts left some millions of years ago….we are not talking about human beings.’

‘We are dealing with some kind of cars or all-terrain vehicles. The pairs of ruts are crossing each other from time to time and some ruts are deeper than the others,’ he added.

According to Dr. Koltypin these mysterious ruts are between 12 to 14 million years old.

‘The methodology of specifying the age of volcanic rocks is very well-studied and worked out,’ he said.

Dr. Koltypin is one of few experts that actually believe that science needs to change their approach to different matters. He believes that there are many archaeologists who avoid touching this matter since it would ruin all classic theories.

‘As a geologist, I can certainly tell you that unknown antediluvian [pre-Biblical] all-terrain vehicles drove around Central Turkey some 12-to-14 million years ago.’ said Dr. Koltypin.

He said: ‘I think we are seeing the signs of the civilization which existed before the classic creation of this world. Maybe the creatures of that pre-civilisation were not like modern human beings. ‘

According to Dr. Koltypin and many other archaeologists and experts which have adopted new ways of thinking these ancient “car tracks” are one of the best-preserved pieces of evidence which undoubtedly prove the existence of highly advanced ancient civilizations that inhabited our planet in the distant past.

“There was no comprehensible system for the tracks but the distance between each pair of tracks ‘is always the same,” added Dr. Koltypin.

‘The maximum depth of a rut is about three feet (one meter). On the sides of ruts, there can be seen horizontal scratches, it looks like they were left by the ends of the axles used for ancient wheels.
‘We found many ruts with such scratches,’ he said.

Is it possible that Dr. Koltypin is right? And is it possible that mainstream scientists have ignored these giant pieces of evidence in hopes of preserving their classic and old thinking methods? Is it possible that mainstream experts are afraid of adopting a new approach to ancient history? There are many who believe that with a classic approach, science is becoming less objective.

  • Steve S

    Now all you have to do is prove the earth is 14 million years old. Varbon dating has been proven, repeatedly, to be highly inaccurate. The world is 6000 years old so this story is false news. Just normal, typical, wind and rain erosion would have erased any markings left presented so the fake science steps in to say the evidence was petrified…nonsense, prove it.

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