German Lawyers File Constitutional Lawsuit Against Merkel

Lawyers take Merkel to constitutional court

A group of German lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Chancellor Angela Merkel, for what they say are her illegal immigration policies. 

The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe will look into claims that Angela Merkel has repeatedly defied the German constitution by opening Germany’s borders to refugees. reports:

“The German Chancellor has no right to overstep the boundaries of the law in the framework of her policy and exceed the powers that she has received from the voters through parliament,” author of the lawsuit and Dusseldorf’s attorney Clemens Antweiler said, cited by the magazine.

The lawyers demand that the court should recognize Angela Merkel’s decision of September 4, 2015 as contrary to the country’s constitution. The decision provided for an open-door policy for refugees and, according to Antweiler, prevented the application of the provisions of the Dublin agreement.

Merkel’s refugee policy has lately been causing criticism among the German population and across the EU. According to Frontex data, more than 1.2 million migrants entered the EU in 2015, with the European Commission saying that the current immigration crisis is the biggest since the Second World War.

In Antweiler’s opinion, the opening of borders is not the first of Merkel’s decisions which go contrary to German and EU legislation. The lawyer also called into question the measures taken by the Chancellor while overcoming the euro crisis as well as her decision to abandon nuclear energy.

  • Judy

    maybe we can get a brave law firm in Canada to help taxpayers bring the same kind of sanity to PM Trudeau. Canada did not vote for this, Canada does not want this!

    • zordana9

      None of us did Judy…we are all sick of the destruction brought about by all of our NWO leaders.

  • zordana9

    We in the UK need someone like this.

    Does she realise that she is committing treason against her own people – just as the others are doing?

    “To change the face of a country beyond recognition, with unwanted immigration and without the consent of the people – is treason!”

    When are we all going to hole them accountable?

    Well done Germany, let’s hope other countries follow suit to remind theses treacherous leaders that they work for us – not against us.

    • Mike Swan

      There doing the same here in the US, bringing them in by night and bussing them all over in unmarked busses. Its treason! Or worse and everybody snoores!

      • zordana9

        Why are the sheeple still asleep? Their demise is imminent yet they look the other way…behaving like a bunch of lemmings – i despair, i really do.

  • ColoursFed

    That’s what we need in GB, against Cameron, Blair, Kinnock, Corbyn, and Benn for treason, and hung!