Girl Taken From Parents By CPS, Murdered By Pedophile Foster Parents

CPS snatch girl from loving parents and hand her over to murdering pedophile foster parents who rape and burn her alive

Child Protection Services in Arizona have come under fire after they snatched a girl away from her loving parents, leaving her to die at the hands of pedophile foster parents.

In one of the most horrific examples of state-sponsored child abuse in recent history, a lawsuit alleges that Arizona’s Department of Child Safety placed a toddler with a man who ran a “pornographic pedophile ring” out of his home. According to the lawsuit, the foster mother burned her with scalding water over 80 percent of her body, which eventually led to her death. reports: Fleming and Curti PLC, court-appointed guardian of Jane Doe, sued Arizona, its Department of Child Safety, other state agencies, the Christian Family Care Agency and a host of other institutions and people, in Pima County Court.

The Department of Child Safety, formerly Child Protective Services, removed Jane Doe from her biological mother’s home in 2013, when she was 2, and placed her with David and Barbara Frodsham, a state-licensed foster home, according to the June 16 lawsuit.

The state allowed Jane to stay with the Frodshams for 18 months, despite her biological mother’s complaints of “Jane Doe’s repeated documented urinary tract infections,” the complaint states.

“Instead of investigating Jane Doe’s biological mother’s concerns of abuse, [DCS] and the defendant caseworkers accused her of making false and exaggerated reports to DCS,” according to the complaint.

The state did not act until David Frodsham, driving drunk, left 3-year-old Jane and another child in his parked car while he was collecting his foster parent check in a state office, while “visibly drunk and acting belligerent.” Police were called and found Frodsham had a .28 blood alcohol concentration. They removed Jane from his care but did not investigate his home, the complaint states.

It continues: “Later, David Frodsham was arrested and accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, procuring minors for sex, and possessing and/or manufacturing child pornography. Law enforcement’s investigation revealed a video made by David Frodsham of a 3- or 4-year-old girl being penetrated by an adult male and screaming for her mommy. David Frodsham pled guilty rather than face a trial and has been sentenced to 17 years in the Arizona Department of Corrections. David Frodsham was part of a pornography ring involving numerous children in his pornography and the procurement of sex for the ring.” (Citation to sentencing document omitted.)

Four more state and federal cases involving a child placed in Frodsham’s home are pending against him, and more are expected to be filed, according to the complaint.

Unfortunately, things did not improve much when the state moved Jane into the care of Justin and Samantha Osteraas, her guardian says. According to the complaint, “Defendant Samantha Osteraas submerged and held down Jane Doe, a 5-year-old, in a bath of scalding hot water. Jane Doe suffered severe burns over 80 percent of her body. When police arrived, there was blood on the floor and piece of Jane Doe’s skin were falling off her body. There were bruises to her neck and arms along with other signs of trauma.”

Jane had to be placed in a medically induced coma, suffering from organ failure. She lost her toes to amputation “and will undergo lifelong operations to replace 80 percent of the skin on her body and will need incredible amounts of care for the duration of her life as a result of the abuse she suffered in the Osteraases’ home.”

Samantha Osteraas, 28, was arrested in January this year and charged with child abuse. The state then removed her three biological children from her home, according to the Arizona Daily Star. She is awaiting trial.

Jane’s guardian seeks punitive damages for negligence, respondeat superior, breach of duty, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery, and constitutional violations.

Here are the defendants: State of Arizona; Arizona Department of Child Safety; Arizona Department of Economic Security; Child Protective Services; Division of Children, Youth and Families; Christian Family Care; Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona Inc.; St. Nicholas of Myra; Mark Brnovich; Gregory McKay; Charles Flanagan; Clarence Carter; Jeannette Sheldon; Eva Pena; Katherine Mayer; Cassie Dixon; Monica Reyes; Norel Alviti; Rosette Codner; Jack Roddy; David Frodsham; Barbara Frodsham; Samantha Osteraas; and Justin Osteraas.

Jane is represented by the Cadigan Law Firm and Carillo Law Firms of Tucson, and by Manly, Stewart & Finaldi in Irvine, Calif.

A DCS spokesperson said the agency does not comment on pending litigation.

  • mary

    I am sick to my stomach reading this are you American parents on so much Prozac you cant see what is happening to your children and continue to allow these monsters to abuse your children you all make me want to vomit

    • larueb

      She was removed from her parents and was in state care. Do you honestly thing we all just allow this? Get a brain.

    • SinDelle Morte

      In this country (USA), there is nothing that can be done if the state takes your children. If you fight legally, you will lose. If you fight physically, you will be arrested or killed. The police and government here are no less jackbooted thugs than they are anywhere else. If they intend to take your children, they will.

    • ffsnukem

      America is totally fucked up… ohh my goodness ffs somebody nuke America fassttt

  • Vox Populi

    We must exterminate with extreme prejudice all pedophile demons in our mist.

  • Zoe

    Sue CPS into oblivion and get people who don’t know what they are doing out of there. Also the article didn’t say why they removed the child from loving parents custody.

    • Duke LaCrosse

      They know exactly what they are doing. CPS are and work for the pedophiles.

  • larueb

    The title says that she was murdered by her pedophile foster parents. Yet the article says that she was removed from them then sent to another foster care where she was burned over 80% of her body and the new guardians are suing the state. Which is is?

    • Cynara2

      They are both evil, but only a sleeze would ask the question you dd.

      • Gina C

        Not an sleeze, the article is titled “murdered” and then went on to say that Jane Doe will have to be cared for for the rest of her life. larueb has reading comprehension.

        • larueb

          Thank you!

      • larueb

        You are a sad little person. Had you actually read the entire article you would have understood my question. Maybe you should take a moment and reflect before you call people names.

  • Tom Bray

    This is typical ignorant government invasion of private lives. To much unknown info to make a solid and proper judgement on the mother of the child…not a question concerning the ped or woman who burned her. Why are we even letting them live? Crimes against against children cannot be tolerated in any manner. My taxes will not support the lives of these people for 15 years…how stupid. . . judges with no backbone.

    • WonderBoy

      Government schools are a crime against children.

      • DontbeaD!ck

        Fucking idiot

      • ffsnukeamerica

        Yes Government schools ARE A CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN….. have a look at the fucking idiots they call teachers these days… look at their hair,,,their dress code… their tattoos…their brainwashed minds.. their drug and alcohol addictions.. homsoexuals..lesbians… paranoid schizos…bi polar…..and so on and so on and so on
        MESS MESS MESS …. America is totally fucked up… ohh my goodness ffs somebody nuke America fassttt

        • WonderBoy

          Don’t forget all the pedos.

    • Equineluvr

      “Why are we even letting them live? Crimes against against children
      cannot be tolerated in any manner. My taxes will not support the lives
      of these people for 15 years…how stupid. . . judges with no backbone.”

      SCOTUS has ruled that in the U.S. we only execute people for murder — not for rape, even rape of a child.

      So, it’s not the judges’ fault. Judges sentence in accordance with state law and sentencing guidelines.

      In order to change the law an appeal must be made to Congress, and we need new SCOTUS justices.

    • Beth Young Breen

      This mother has been fighting for 4 years to get her child back. Continues to drug test negative. Please do not judge this mother. I have been involved with this case since 2013 and I know the truth and I know how CPS has destroyed families. The juvenile courts make it impossible to win anything.

  • Plumbus

    Why does the article headline not match the content? You have incorrectly stated the child was murdered.

  • John Mccord

    Every one knows the people at the CPS know what’s better for your child than they do.Most of them don’t have kids.They should all be charged as accomplices.

    • FuriousYT

      Perhaps CPS is infiltrated with pedophiles? If you are a psychopath pedophile, it would seem to be a logical career move.

      • Bernadette Harrison

        For goodness sake!!. John McCord was being sarcastic!! Or didn’t you read the comment thoroughly?.

        • FuriousYT

          I got the sarcasm and offered a possible explanation for the corruption in CPS.

          Try harder to comprehend before you post.

  • John Mccord

    If the foster parents was so great according to CPS ,imagine what the real parents were like.If this had been my child,CPS would never have to worry about going to court.

    • 45 47 62

      don’t you believe it – if CPS comes a knockin – you might think you are all set to face them – guess what – they want your kids? They are getting your kids sadly

  • Whitey Ward

    In oregon they take the child if the parents can’t pass the drug test, but no one can drug test CPS!

  • anonymous4u4me

    Anyone that is not guilty of alleged crimes or accusations by the govt. or any of its agencies should stand and fight as a tiger, a lion, an elephant, whales, dolphins and many other great creatures do and kill those attempting to take your children and if need be die in the process. Are we not as protective as the creatures we have dominion over? Are we so frightened of death, we cannot make a stand for God almighty and the ones we love or suppose to love? Have men turned into pussies and unable to remember what a man’s obligations are to his family first? This thing got out of hand because it was allowed to grow, and I am not just talking about over zealous ignoramuses that work in govt. agencies, and many on police forces that for a paycheck do wrong, I am talking about the entire govt. of the USA. It is corrupted from the city council meetings all the way to the top, because good men did nothing while evil prevailed. Do you not think one day it will happen to you, as you turn a blind eye and ear to the evil being subjected to others? Wake the hell up, give up t.v. football and all those other things to that which distracts you to what is really going on. If your an atheist not intended for you, as God tells me waste not your time with a fool. But to others evil is taking over and your asleep at the wheel.

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      • DontbeaD!ck

        Go to hell bitch

  • John27

    CPS in multiple states have a pattern of specifically targeting young white healthy children for the sole reason that they are young white healthy children. They aggressively go after families that aren’t wealthy enough to fight them in court, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and be drawn out over many court hearings and multiple years. CPS don’t care about teenagers and CPS doesn’t care about non-whites unless the police get involved and force CPS to take them. They lie about the parents, use those lies to justify their actions, and manipulate the court system with crooked accomplices who slander the parents. CPS makes a lot of money adopting out young white kids and they target them because they are in demand for adoption. The entire system is corrupt and evil. CPS is directly responsible for facilitating more child abuse than NAMBLA.

    • larueb

      Sources to support your accusations…

  • susan dunn cobb

    Title IVe will insure the pedophiles have a steady supply of children and the judicial “village” will have a continuous source of taxpayer income to supply their every desire. No child is safe.

  • novictim

    Summary executions do serve a valid and useful purpose.

  • Indian Tech Support

    Death Sentence for all of them, every pedo, rapist and person that commits heinous violence or torture should be hung in public

  • mjazzguitar

    Mohamed married a six year old and they think he’s some kind of prophet?

  • Cynara2

    Totally unacceptable. God bless this poor baby girl. She did absolutely nothing to deserve this.

  • Really?

    Death penalty for pedophiles and producers and consumers of child pornography. Death.

  • Really?

    FBI Anon said the CPS in California and New York were actively stealing children from parents. Pedophiles rule the world.

  • smrtrthnavrg1

    The child was not murdered and is recuperating. But the rest of this story is true.

  • 45 47 62

    I have just witnessed the kidnapping of two clean, fed well, happy, clothed nicely normal young boys – perpetrated by the almighty and all powerful AZ DCS. Why were these two boys taken from their mother, who’s husband did nothing to stop his mother from reporting “Neglect” on him and his new wife.

    Neglect. That was all the paper charged the couple with. Neglect – verb or noun? We don’t know. Neglect – it took DCS a week from the report to remove the happy children from the woman’s home. Somehow I don’t see that as being the “Immediate Need” that is required to remove the children.

    So, the mother in law reports her son and the daughter in law she hates, simply because the daughter in law could not stand the fact that the mother in law yelled and used foul language at her while the son/husband was at work each day. So she took the kids and moved back to her own mother’s house.
    The mother in law, becomes the “Safety Monitor” and gets the kids back. The husband stays with the mother in law and want’s his wife back in the house. The house the mother in law says that there will be new rules for the daughter in law. DCS slaps the wrist of the mother in law letting her know that her behavior was inappropriate – all that yelling and swearing is allowed but the undefined and unexplained neglect that no one has been told what it means exactly… well that just will not do. So what if the kids had all the damn glect that any kid could handle and more.

    This whole scene was played out before me – I am not related to the children in question – the mother is now starting to lose her mind as the mother in law and the son/husband act as if they have done the correct thing against the mother. The catchy part is the mother cannot report the son/husband or the mother in law for anything she says or does or the kids will be bused off to foster care.


    It’s time to start calling DCS on all of our legislators with children – once they all go through the investigation process and begin losing their children unfairly – well then things might change