Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami

He was due to appear before the Haitian Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti.

Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week, has been found dead in Miami. He was 50.

Eberwein was due to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.

According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head“. Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide.”

Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8%  – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.

The former director general of Haiti, who also served as an advisor to Haitian President Michel Martelly, was also a partner in a popular pizza restaurant in Haiti, Muncheez, and even has a pizza — the Klaus Special — named after him.

According to the Haiti Libre newspaper, Eberwein was said to be in “good spirits“, with plans for the future. His close friends and business partners are shocked by the idea he may have committed suicide.

It’s really shocking,” said Muncheez’s owner Gilbert Bailly. “We grew up together; he was like family.”

Bailly said he last spoke to Eberwein two weeks ago and he was in good spirits. They were excited about future business plans and were working on opening a Muncheez restaurant in Sunrise, he said.

The Haitian government issued an official notice thanking Eberwein for his service and mourning his untimely death.

The Directorate General of FAES presents its sympathies to the bereaved families, friends and collaborator that this mourning afflicts. The FAES flag will be flown at half-mast from Wednesday 12th to Tuesday 18th July 2017. May his soul rest in peace,” Charles Ernest Chatelier, director general.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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    Uh huh. Suicide. Arkancide, you mean…

    • scottmc

      She wasnt in Miami….

      Anyway, doubt she directly involved, its more like the cleaning staff automatically wash the toilet without her telling them to…
      Although when she heard she may have said, “Good work boys, take monday off”

    • https://instasafari.com/user/therock Dwayne Johnson Instagram

      yes it is

  • monica

    it’s high time for the arrest of the Clintons

    • Pat Glass

      yes it is

    • Pamela Hunter

      Some should be shot on sight.

    • Alan Rhoads

      AG Jeff Sessions
      U.S. Department of Justice
      950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20530-0001

      June 11, 2017

      Dear Atty. Gen. Jeffrey Sessions:

      I am writing this letter to you regarding former Director FBI James Brien Comey. There are many reasons that I question why he continues to say that the Hillary Rodham Clinton email case is “Closed”. Suffice it to say, my feeling is that he wants to implant that thought in everyone’s mind to make it so. There are many reasons that I feel that something is wrong and the case must continue under more ethical leadership.

      When the Clinton email case was opened, Mr. Comey could have chosen any one of 1000 FBI agents to oversee the case. Yet, he personally decided to oversee the case himself; for some reason. Could it be that he chose to assume total leadership over the case so he could continue to be the protector of Hillary Clinton from a real investigation? What better control is there when the investigator is already owned by the subject? I suggest that that is true. He has performed numerous things to sabotage the Hillary Clinton email case.

      1. He provided immunity to the only witnesses who could successfully lead to substantiate criminal activities.
      2. He interviewed Hillary Clinton but for only four hours on a Saturday. That was the extent of his determination of no guilt and he didn’t take notes.
      3. Mr. Comey’s role was as an investigator. Yet Mr. Comey chose to usurp the role of prosecutor away from his supervisor Ms. Loretta Lynch. Comey as Investigator, had no authority to determine innocence or guilt, yet he exonerated Hillary Clinton and arrived at a “not guilty” verdict by declaring that there was a lack of “intent”; that is not required by the Rule of Law.
      4. Former Atty. Gen. Ms. Loretta Lynch met with the subject’s spouse, Bill Clinton, in an airplane in Phoenix Arizona. Upon concluding that meeting, Atty. Gen. Lynch apparently decided not to investigate or prosecute Hillary Clinton after that meeting. Something said or done by Bill Clinton in that plane determined the outcome of the Clinton email case.
      5. He did not use subpoenas or warrants.
      6. He allowed the destruction of evidence and even lost some evidence.
      7. As I understand, Comey did not have witnesses give testimony under oath.
      8. He did not use a grand jury.
      9. He ensured that justice was obstructed in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
      10. And he did many other irregularities to corrupt the entire case against Hillary Clinton.

      And above else, James Comey interjected himself as the sole investigator. I ponder how the DOJ would allow James Comey to be the investigator of the case, when he, himself, has direct relationships with the subject; there is bias and there are self-serving decisions. He should have recused himself.

      James Comey’s brother is the tax preparer for the Clintons.

      James Comey is a director of the bank HSBC Holdings. This bank has donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

      I submit this letter to you, our new Attorney General for your consideration. I welcome you to your new position, Mr. Sessions.


      Cc: FBI Dir. Christopher A. Wray
      FBI Headquarters
      935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

      • Summer

        Excellent Letter

        • Alan Rhoads

          Thank you. I said what I meant, and I meant what I said.

          • Christie Lee Cave-Faulk

            You are on it! Excellent letter! One news station reported that Clinton was there to golf and “just happened to run into Lynch” on the tarmac and they visited. Fox news reported that they investigated all golf courses and country clubs in a large perimeter around the area and Clinton had not golfed at any of them. But, we already knew that!

          • Alan Rhoads

            Grandchildren was the focus of their airplane meeting, according to Lynch. But I hope that it wasn’t in a threatening way.

          • Joyce Metheny

            Except Lynch does’nt have any grandchildren.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Woo! Perhaps Slick Willy’s? Anyway, yes, it was a strange meeting for sure.

          • Skyhawk

            Not strange, just not as well arranged as they thought it was. Two criminals conspiring.

          • Burnt Orange

            At some point he or someone else called her to arrange this meeting. No phones ALLOWED in person only at a spot where no one could overhear of see them meeting. It was a total fluke that he was observed entering her plane. This meeting should have NEVER been exposed. Someone screwed-up BIG time. Wonder if any of Bill’s protective detail could shed any light on when they were informed they were going to Az and why. Lynch should have staff individuals traveling with her. Were they told to “give them the room?” This meeting smells of the D.C. Swamp in all its’ corrupt glory.

            The entire D.C. Swamp is one big incestuous family of game playing power obsessed political hacks. All with OUR money!

          • Donna Wahlers

            I heard the pilot on the Tarmac meeting between Lynch and Clinton is also recently deceased.

          • Bill Gammage

            since this is an old article and a lot has been discovered since, one thing I see everyone tip toe around is the fact that in 30 mins clinton could have given lynch a copy of the famous dossier, and discussed how they would use it or it could have been the other way around lynch giving it to clinton. it would take them 30 mins or so to go over it and discuss a plan of action using it.

          • msmonk

            Bill offered her a seat on the Supreme Court if she could keep Hillary free from legal problems…….and then he offered her….well….

          • dennis

            It would be difficult to play with any future ones after committing suicide

          • CaptGene

            Picky, picky, picky. I’m sure if she DID have any grandchildren, then surely they WOULD have talked about them!

          • elmcqueen3

            Are you $hitting me…when my wife and I get together with friends our grandchildren are the last thing we talk about especially if the other persons don’t have any…If we do it is not in any large context…not saying other people don’t but a meeting like this seems highly unlikely surrounding conversations involving Clinton’s grandchildren…Lynch not having any of her own would have been extremely bored…she would have been more comfortable talking about her job as DOJ.

          • CaptGene

            That is my point exactly. My humor tends to be just a “tad” sarcastic. My guess is, judging by the trail of bodies dating back decades, the former philanderer ‘n cheat more likely made her “an offer she couldn’t refuse”.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12d3dbac5adadbc40ed0d316fbb641c672c432388da83552eec578639b262a28.jpg

          • J Scott

            This is crazy the AG could have gone to the Motel 6 with Bill. The story only make sense if you Russian and spying in my country, I tell you sonething; try that in Russia and see what would happen to you..

          • elmcqueen3

            Wow…that sort of blows the grandchildren narrative all to hell.

          • J Scott

            Why wass they following her and Bill?

          • Burnt Orange

            No one was following anyone. Some local reporter happened to notice Bill at the local airport and inquired around as to who was in the other plane he had entered.

          • Jeannie

            I read where the pilot of her plane overheard everything….http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=77901

          • Marni Henderson

            Its gone.it won’t even let me read it lol

          • Jeannie

            That happens to most of the negative things about clintons or b HUSSEIN o’s….That is why they get by with so much crap…Disgusting and appalling

          • Diana Hinton

            Because none of its true. Duh.

          • Jeannie

            Open your eyes sweetie…you people blindly follow the lame stream media who report the so called news the way they want it to be….and that is the truth

          • Heather Soper

            LOL Trump is fake news, each time he opens his mouth he lies and it’s proven, want a list?

          • overloard

            Face it Diana…….it’s ALL TRUE………….get your head out of the sand……………….and guess what Diana………..WE WON AND YOU LOST SO GET OVER IT CUPCAKE……….

          • Heather Soper


          • overloard

            Get a colonoscopy and have your brains checked

          • Heather Soper

            How true to form you republicans are, when you see the truth you insult. Wonderful!

          • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            No, that sounds more like the Democrats’ tactics.

          • Heather Soper

            “The time has come for all Americans to decide if they are going to support America or Donald Trump because we can no longer do both. As Americans we can no longer support a president who ridicules disabled people, insults P.O.W’s, veterans and Gold Star families, or brags about sexually assaulting the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of this country. As Americans we can no longer support a president who continues to divide our country with hate, anger and fear who only appeals to his base instead of trying to unite America. As Americans we can no longer support a president who lies by changing his story every time he speaks, violates human rights and would destroy our health care system just to give tax breaks to the wealthy. As Americans we can no longer support a president who attacks the free press declaring that freedom of speech is the enemy of the people and who denigrates, insults and undermines our intelligence agencies. As Americans we can no longer support a president who will criticize our allies yet will not denounce our enemies. If you still support this president, you also support all the deviate behavior listed above including the abandonment of human values, a corruption of our Constitution, and a betrayal of the America we hope to be. As Americans we pledge our allegiance to America not to Donald Trump. #ChooseTruthOverTrump”

          • captainwiggins

            You’re delusional. Get help!

          • Heather Soper

            LOL! Mueller is on his way! Get ready for Trump’s Lies under Oath.

          • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            Well, We had to Tolerate Obomination for 8 Years. You can tolerate Our Choice for the next 8 Years. Fair Is Fair.

          • Heather Soper

            LOL Ya think Trump is going to last 8 years?! With Mueller’s investigation you are in for a shock.
            Thanks for the laugh!

          • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            He who laughs last laughs best.

          • Heather Soper

            ”You grow numb. You grow weary. I recall discovering a few weeks back that President Trump had lied about two phone calls, one from the president of Mexico and one from the head of the Boy Scouts. The calls, supposedly to congratulate him, did not exist. They never happened. They were pure inventions. Asked if Trump had lied, the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said, “I wouldn’t say it was a lie.”

            She wouldn’t? What Else would You call it?
            Trump DID lie about this, he lies so often but you and the rest of his numbskull followers think it’s the truth, you poor things! Wondering if Trump actually believes his lies, he’s that deranged.

          • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            Most of the people in our Government have been guilty of lying from time to time. You have probably been guilty of lying. I have been guilty of lying. I’m more concerned with results. I’ve given up on finding an effective, non-lying person to be our President.

          • Heather Soper

            This is getting to be an old excuse, it doesn’t wash, though. Trump has lied every time he opens his mouth, the whole of America is talking about it, it’s common knowlege, has been since he took office, I don’t recall this with any other president – Ever. Was this the talk of America Every Single Day Obama was in office? NO. Were psychiatrists all sayinging he had mental health issues? NO. Was there talk of impeachment? NO. What they Did do was pick on him and his family, why? Because they were Black. Oh and then there was his birth certificate, why? Because he was Black and because they were racist. You obviously need to learn about Trump and his history, it isn’t pretty.
            And sure, there isn’t anyone who hasn’t told a lie in their life, even a white lie, none of us are perfect, but Trump lies every day, thing is with him he makes his lying sound so plausible that some people believe it. it’s what Narcissists do, he has NO Empathy, wanted to take healthcare away from the American people, and look at all the other Orders he’s signed, Trump is about as rotten and nasty as it gets. He’s shafted the people who worked for him, he’s done some dreadful things, things No other President has done, he’s the worst president in US History and people want him OUT. He is out to destroy Everything good about America, Trump only thinks of Trump. Even his party are turning against him, because it is not to do with Republicans or Democrats, it’s HIM.

          • Heather Soper

            Well, there is lying from time to time, then there’s lying ALL the time .
            The ONLY result you will have is Trump pulled kicking and screaming.. from the White House, and What a Result!

          • Heather Soper

            LOL From time to time? How about every day? 6 times approx. Over 2000 since he began his Fake Presidency. Now Bernie does not lie to you, you want the truth? Listen to him.

          • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            I tried listening to Bernie, but realized that what he was proposing was fiscally very impractical. I don’t believe that Bernie doesn’t lie, either.

          • Heather Soper

            Tell me what was impractical

          • tamajam10

            Heather, the fact that you have Bernie Sanders for your profile picture says it all. I suggest you look further into exactly what he is all about. The biggeset mistake liberals make is listening and believing (hook, line & sinker) all the marxist rhetoric you are being ‘told’ by a lying MSM controlled by the globalists in charge who don’t give a crap about you or anyone elst.

          • Heather Soper

            Not ”being told”… I saw and heard it, I saw the Nazi Fascists, are you telling me it isn’t true, that Heather Heyer’s murder was all a mirage, all lies was it?! And of course you wouldn’t like Bernie, you don’t support fairness, you support corruption. I’m British, makes one hell of a difference, we see Trump as he IS. Of course it’s all fake news to you, LOL!

          • tamajam10

            Heather, you just proved my point when you said, “we see Trump as he IS”, “Trump is a Joke to us and a dangerous one at that, he has a personality disorder, I would say NPD. He lies, he has NO Empathy, he’s ignorant, he’s a violent and angry thug and racist.” Tell me, unless you can tell me you know our President personally, just how did you form such a one-sided opinion? Never mind, I already know the answer….you were ‘told’ what to think whether you are willing to admit it or not.

          • Heather Soper

            LOL Hahahahaa!!!! Know him personally? You think I don’t know what’s going on? You don’t for sure! I have ears just like you have, I have eyes too. You don’t use yours.

          • tamajam10

            Oh Heather, dear Heather, you are too funny….in a deranged sort of way.

          • Heather Soper

            You support a mentally unfit man that 3/4 of the US can’t stand, that says a lot about your own mental health.

          • Heather Soper

            Do you remmber where you lost your brain, dear?

          • Heather Soper

            I have a Brain.. will that suffice ?

            You should try cultivating one instead of being led by the nose!

          • Heather Soper

            LOL !!!
            I am Right, so are 3/4 of America. Oh and lt me let you in on something.. most of his so called followers are FAKE. Got an email from him tonight asking me to send a dollar to re-new my membership!!!! I mailed back telling him to Go To Hell!

          • tamajam10

            The fact that your only posts are about bashing President Trump with unsupported propaganda that you have been fed by the Fake News says enough for me. Your loony left hatred is sadly evident – as is your inability to substantiate any of your falsities with any references to support your position. As Hitler once said, ‘If you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe it.’ You have been very good at proving his point.

          • GrumpyGuy

            Tamajam10, I have been reading your comments after I looked you up from an anti-vaxx debate a year ago on LB Post. It’s so amazing to me that you and I are so together in our anti-vaxx positions while apparently so apart politically and maybe religiously. I am anti-Trump and anti-religion… as well as anti-vaccine. I’m not trying to pick a fight on politics and religion, just happy that we are both strong against vaccines. We will likely soon have to sell our home, quit our jobs and move from our home state of CA to get our kid educated since they passed SB-277, the law dis-allowing philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions to attend public and private K-8 schools here! This is true fascism and they are trying to get it passed in every state! We will start over in Timbuktu if that’s what it takes to protect our child. Keep speaking out, we must fight this true tyranny!

          • tamajam10

            Thank you for your reply ‘Grumpy Guy’…I am SO happy to hear from you! I recall some of your posts without having to go back and review.

            First, I am thankful to hear from another ‘wisened soul’ who understands the known dangers of vaccine INGREDIENTS ….something the pharmaceutical companies like to keep hidden while promoting the so-called ‘health benefits’ of vaccines (while totally ignoring the dangerous ingredients! – though hundreds of Billions of dollars a year in profit likely motivates them to discount human lives for the sake of ‘the almighty dollar’). I’ve heard it said (and I believe) that the Nazi’s didn’t ‘lose’ WWII, they were invited to the U.S. to open their ‘mad science’ labs here in the U.S……with government grants no less! We’ve all been human guinea pigs ever since – especially our military (because they have no say once they sign up).

            Second, I am truly saddened that we do not meet eye-to-eye on religion and politics; but, thankfully, we have the Freedom to disagree in that regard. I will offer my perspective on both…for whatever they are worth.

            Religion: I have wrestled with the concept of ‘religion’ for decades. In my search I ultimately fell into the ‘New Age’ way of thought that we are ‘gods’ insofar as we much manifest this god-like essence that is suppose to exist within each of us. Ultimately, it still left a void….something wasn’t adding up. Prior to that I spent many years trying to understand the Bible; but, because it did not make sense to me at the time, I presumed it was meaningless. There was my error. I have consistently gone back to the Bible many times over the (hate to say it) decades…..and it has consistently provided me with the answers I seek….and I am a seeker.

            That being said, not all Bibles are helpful. I ultimately found a ‘teaching Bible’ (Barnes & Noble….but after I bought it, I found it online for half the price…..regardless, it was worth every penny) that offered more historical insight that I found helpful.

            I also found the ‘Books of Enoch, that I found extraordinarily helpful – though some discount this as ‘heretical’, I personally disagree. I began to understand just what Jesus was trying to tell us…..which includes the fact that we live in the devil’s world…for now. Regardless, I have spent thousands of hours trying to ‘figure it all out.’ I can’t. I have to surrender myself to God – otherwise I’d surely go mad in this dark world!

            Politics: Well, that is always an explosive topic! First, I never base my opinion on what I am ‘told’ by the main stream medai (MSM). I have watched enough clips to know that most are scripted and, therefore, cannot be trusted with telling US the Truth. Truth be told, I began to research Trump when he announced he was running for president. Everything he said solidified the fact that he would only run on two conditions: (1) His country needed him; and, (2) He would win. Of course, his ego played a big role in that – whose wouldn’t?! However, if you go back, everything this man has said, he has lived up to.

            Personally, I do not believe anything the MSM is ‘telling’ us about him. In point of fact, if ‘they’ had even a hint of evidence, we’d all be hearing about it over, and over, and over again. There has been nothing but inuendo and speculation I cannot rest my opinion on that.

            None of this is to say President Trump is a great guy. Outside of Jesus, I doubt there are many ‘great guys’ out there. However, I do feel that he loves his country, which is something I haven’t seen in a president since Reagan. I happen to thing that means something – especially when you factor in everything that has taken place.

            So, there you have it…..my (short version) two-cents on religion and politics…..and vaccines. I could go off on all three – and then some!

          • Heather Soper

            Trump is one big VIRAL INFECTION, it’s caught when people aren’t educated enough to see him as he really is – VILE.

          • LindaFromNewYork

            Haaaaaaaaa. I see you are still spreading your nasty VILE self all over the place. Some things never change. (Still crying yourself to sleep over Jodi? LOL)

          • Heather Soper

            I knew you were a Trump supporter, you really didn’t need to tell me, Linda!
            (Oh and Martinez’ chickens are coming home to roost..)

          • LindaFromNewYork

            I didn’t read the article and was just checking Disquis to see if you were still a nasty, vile hater, spreading your hate everywhere. And YOU ARE! LOL! You’re still the nasty old hag you always were. Carry on…

          • tamajam10

            GrumpyGuy, I appreciate your post. I have spent years…..decades actually….studying, exploring, investigating, understanding this thing called Life, that I have (finally) become cemented (sortta) in my political and ‘religious’ (don’t like the word ‘religion’) perspectives.

            That being said, I am ‘pro-Trump’ to the extent that he is our best hope for this country. I believe we’d be in so much worse shape right now if murderous Hillary were elected, and I just didn’t see that any of the other candidates were capable of standing up against the globalists. So, yeah, unless or until I’m proven wrong, I still believe I voted right. The man has stood by his campaign promises, and I cannot recall a president since, perhaps, Reagan who has. The Trump bashing troubles me, obviously. It seems to me that the Sorros (and friends) controlled MSM is fueling this hatred, and I simply don’t believe anything I am ‘told’ by the media.

            ‘Religion’. For many years I considered myself ‘spiritual not religious’. I was never one for man-made religions for many reasons – especially the Catholic religion I was born into. For the past year or so, however, I have found profound meaning in the Bible. I bought a NKJV Study Bible, and, well, I have say that I have become completely devoted to the teachings of Christ. I also found ‘The Books of Enoch’, which I found completely enlightening – though I have heard from others who consider these ‘lost books of the Bible’ to be false teachings. For me, it doesn’t feel that way. I used to think the Bible was nonsense – a history book at best; but, once I truly devoted myself to studying it, that all changed. I believe Jesus sacrificed his Life to save ours because we live in the devil’s world, and God doesn’t want our souls lost to the devil for all eternity. I’m also a huge fan of youtube videos of Christian singers/bands….they warm my heart. I especially like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTByzluCtMo.
            This isn’t something I go out of my way to discuss with anyone, and I am still the same person; it’s just that my outlook has changed.

            We sure do agree that vaccines are pure evil – again, we live in the devil’s world. The Nazis scientists were brought to the US after the end of WWII, and they have continued their evil agenda here under the sponsorship of greedy pharmaceutical corporations, corrupt politicians, and demented ‘philanthropists’ pursuing eugenics (read: Bill Gates). (As an aside, if you haven’t already, research how Lyme disease actually originated.)

            All of those who support vaccines, in my opinion, fall prey to the pharmaceutical propaganda that promotes fear of sickness (yet we remain one of the ‘sickest’ nations with all of our ‘health advances’….ha….go figure). However, I have found that there is a cognitive dissonance going on to the extent that these people cannot grasp that they are, more often than not, actually harming their own children by allowing them to be jabbed with these toxic cocktails of filth. What are they up to now…..50 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of 6??

            I also cannot for the life of me understand how anyone who believes in God and has read Genesis 1:27 could support vaccines – especially anyone who opposes abortion. Have they even read the ingredients?! How can they say they support vaccines containing the cells (DNA) of aborted fetuses being injected into the muscle tissue of children? What about the cells (DNA) of all the other species in these vaccine – cows, pigs, dogs, monkeys, chickens, guinea pigs, insects….and more. Do they even consider how injecting the DNA of humans and other living creatures into our bodies is corrupting the ‘host’ body? That is mad science….pure evil. I know I don’t have to go into the other horrific ingredients in vaccines with you.

            Anyway, keep up the good fight. Not sure why I went into all the detail about my outlooks with you, but it seemed I owed you an explanation since you took the time to look me up and respond. 🙂 God Bless you and your family. I would go off grid in a heartbeat if it were an option I had right now….just don’t like the way things are going.

          • GrumpyGuy

            Come on now, we are doing so good agreeing on the vaccine issue, why pick a fight with me on Trump and Religion? I have a lot of negative things to say about both but I don’t want to go there. People of all persuasions need to fight this attack upon our bodies by big pharma, their government stooges and the eugenicists like Gates. There is so much information out there exposing what a dangerous crock vaccination really is but it is blacked out by the corporate media. We have to tell our friends and family what we know and give them the links to read up. We have to adamantly counter their “faith” in the vaccination propaganda myth and their cognitive dissonance at exposing their children to harm. Grass roots is the only chance we have to save our children, grandchildren and ourselves from this fascist blitzkrieg. I usually tell people that http://www.NVIC.org is a good starting place. In my state we have to overturn SB-277 but in all other states people need to fight against the forced vaccination laws that are being repeatedly launched in every state house right now. Stay vigilant and stay active!!!

          • tamajam10

            I’m happy with one for three! I have been able to sway a number of people to ‘wake up’. I also have a sister who is a nurse who is SO anti-vacciine. Her experience is that just about every patient who was hospitalized with the flu just so happened to have the flu vaccine! Guess what made the ‘flu symptoms’ deadly for so many of these ‘victims’ we are hearing about? Tamiflu. Yet another pharmaceutical ‘toxic cocktail’ used to ‘treat’ the symptoms of the flu. In short, it’s deadly. And, I’d be willing to bet that everyone who has died ‘from the flu’ was either injected with the flu vaccine and/or was given the Tamiflu after exhibiting ‘symptoms’ of the flu (often after being given the flu vaccine – and many of them contain live viruses….meaning those getting vaccinated will shed the live virus). It’s bizzaro world. How can so many millions of people be so willing to be ‘sacrificed’ at the alter of this evil.

            Something else I found disturbingly interesting was Bill Gates ‘offering’ to pay off the Nigerian debt. You know what this means to me? This means Bill Gates is basically buying a country to use its helpless inhabitants as unwilling guinea pigs in his eugenics agenda.

            Meanwhile, they are spraying the heck out the skies every day now. I’m guessing their ‘agenda’ isn’t happening fast enough – or it’s being thwarted by a higher agenda. 🙂

          • GrumpyGuy

            If you have a lot of spare time read “The River, a journey to the source of AIDS” by Edward Hooper. Its an 1100 page (60+ are the end notes) story that details his 10-year forensic research into how AIDS came to be. The horrible truth he proves is that it was unleashed by Dr. Hilary Koprowski when he used chimpanzee kidneys to grow polio virus, then injected the goop into thousands of Africans. SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) contaminated the vaccine so humans are now infected with a primate virus we call HIV!.

          • tamajam10

            I haven’t ordered the book yet, but I have looked into it further online. I found this quote from one reader: “From my high school biology I had learned that vaccines were cultured in eggs. What a shock to learn that live polio vaccines were cultured from the cuisinarted kidneys of wild primates.”

            Here’s the kicker though (as you already know): ‘They’ cultivate ALL vaccines in various “cuisinarted” body parts / cells/ DNA of other ‘beings’ (i.e. aborted human fetuses, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, guiea pigs, etc…..). The heavy metals, et als, notwithstanding, this is what makes vaccines so horrid and evil. Can anyone refer me to a study that even remotely discusses whether our own human DNA is not being irreversibly altered by this mad science? I have yet to find any.

            This is why I refuse to be drawn into an argument regarding the alleged ‘efficacy’ of vaccines. The focus is all wrong. The argument MUST be about the SAFETY of vaccines because if they cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe, they should not be used – let alone mandated. It’s about fully informed consent and the basic human right to decide what gets injected into our bodies by those whose sole objectives are (a) profit; and, (b) eugenics.

          • Samoosa

            As someone from South Africa, holy crap. Trump is mimicking our corrupt president to a T. It’s absolutely disgusting and sad how people could vote for such an obvious narcissistic buffoon. Unsurprisingly, the right leaning, 100% racist and conservatives down here also support trump, but criticize Zuma, even when they literally do the same kinds of things(like calling investigations into them fake, appointing people who won’t prosecute them, just lie after lie after lie etc) What’s worse is how we have 50 odd years of Trump in books, interviews and numerous articles. Are these people telling me the last 50 years were all made up? That his crazy video blogs on youtube is fake? (They’re private now, sadly) It’s depressing that these “fake news” babies read so much, you know, actual fake news. So gullible! Just like their president.

            Hmm, I think I see the connection now, like attracts like

          • Heather Soper

            Can you by any chance get any more stupid?

          • Brian Craig

            Wake up and research this. Our politicians are the biggest crappy liars. They don’t care about anyone. the main stream media is in bed with the Democraps. They only care about their pocket books and remaining in power. The Democraps especially. Stop thinking their innocent and the goodship lollypop. That is plain ignorance. That is why Trump won and they hate him. He is not a politician. He is a business man. He is not part of the good old boys club both Democraps and Repukes. These politicians are taking our country down.. Repukes are whimps and Democraps are corrupt.

          • Heather Soper

            “The time has come for all Americans to decide if they are going to support America or Donald Trump because we can no longer do both. As Americans we can no longer support a president who ridicules disabled people, insults P.O.W’s, veterans and Gold Star families, or brags about sexually assaulting the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of this country. As Americans we can no longer support a president who continues to divide our country with hate, anger and fear who only appeals to his base instead of trying to unite America. As Americans we can no longer support a president who lies by changing his story every time he speaks, violates human rights and would destroy our health care system just to give tax breaks to the wealthy. As Americans we can no longer support a president who attacks the free press declaring that freedom of speech is the enemy of the people and who denigrates, insults and undermines our intelligence agencies. As Americans we can no longer support a president who will criticize our allies yet will not denounce our enemies. If you still support this president, you also support all the deviate behavior listed above including the abandonment of human values, a corruption of our Constitution, and a betrayal of the America we hope to be. As Americans we pledge our allegiance to America not to Donald Trump. #ChooseTruthOverTrump”

          • ChiefThundermoon

            Damn where’s Jim Jones when ya need him!!

          • henry

            I choose Trump over idiots like you!

          • Heather Soper

            Stupid Trump supporter, thanks for the laugh! Lol

          • Heather Soper

            Fancy having your stupidity showing like that… SUCH an embarassment! lol

          • ChiefThundermoon

            I can do bothe if I want to,not a damn thing you can do about it BWAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA

          • Heather Soper

            We in the UK know Trump’s a Joke. Get educated. You should be embarrassed.

          • ChiefThundermoon

            You killed Diane!

          • Heather Soper

            Please get help, you’re not well.

          • Heather Soper

            Oh yeah, such a business man he’s lost millions. Ever wondered why he won’t show his taxes?

          • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt

            It’s really important to cache pages. The really damaging things disappear fast.

          • Alan Rhoads

            What’s gone?

          • Heather Soper

            Your brain.

          • Michael Fiorello

            If that’s true, we will be reading about his “suicide” soon. Unfortunately.

          • overloard

            I read the pilot had committed suicide, strange how that happened……………….???

          • Diana Hinton

            You did? Lolol! You people are what’s wrong with with this country.

          • Jeannie

            You think so????? it is just the opposite!!! The DEMONcraps are the ones who have flushed our country down the toilet….Wake up sweetie

          • Tony Lujan

            you seem to have a stuttering issue

          • discussindepth

            This is what opened up when I tried that link. Huh!!! ~~ Hillary Clinton requested FBI Dir. Mueller deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009 in secret ‘plane-side tarmac meeting’

            Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off

          • Diana Hinton

            Omg! That’s the funniest yet. Lololololol!

          • Tony Lujan

            I read a bunch of crap you posted elsewhere, you’ll post one word and use a period instead of using one to form a complete sentence.you really are uneducated and that english teacher you had back in school is turning in her grave as we speak.

          • Heather Soper

            Don’t worry about periods, it’s the next thing Trump will try to prevent – you know how he treats women!

          • Tony Lujan

            don’t take up comedy. As you likely will starve

          • Heather Soper

            Proof you haven’t been following the News. It’s all about to happen and you don’t know this? No, you don’t!
            But I assure you it is.

          • Jeannie

            Apparently the article was removed. Some one else said the same thing..I just tried to pull it up and it said page not found. Censorship is alive and well. Try searching google

          • steve nolan

            Read Snopes. It was a 10 gram sample, delivered to Russian officials to investigate a criminal smuggling case. There was nothing dark or secret about it. Incidentally… 10 grams of enriched uranium would cover the top of a penny. It is a very small sample.

          • discussindepth

            Except you have to remember Snopes is not always accurate, and they are left wing and thus they always deflect a lot of details that direction. And, I do remember reading about the deal she made in which she sold quite a lot of uranium to Russia. From a mine in Oregon, which is on BLM property. Now why would the US sell uranium to anyone, let alone Russia? Report is that Russia has been selling that to Iran, I believe. I don’t remember all of the details, just too many things to keep track of. Actually this little blurb I ran into from the link above, is the first time I had read that of her “plane on the tarmac”. Perhaps that was one of the initial meetings for the larger sale that was to take place a few years later.

          • Heather Soper

            Sorry but Hearsay does’t cut it! It’s lies. It would be helpful if you would distinguish lies from Truth..

          • Diana Hinton

            You heard?? Lololol!

          • DaisyToo

            Plus, Lynch isn’t a grandmother. And, if we’re expected to believe for a NY minute that Bill Clinton said a single word about his grandchild (one then), well, there’s a big bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

          • Diana Hinton


          • John A. Wilson

            That’s my theory, Clinton and Lynch talked about grandchildren and what might happen to hers if she prosecuted Hitlery.

          • Linda
          • Diana Hinton

            Duh. She has none. He was talking about his.

          • Conservatarian

            He must have done all the talking, because she doesn’t have children or grandchildren.

          • Linda

            Reportedly, but I haven’t verified it, Lynch doesn’t have any grandchildren. = Several have pointed that out = https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=loretta+lynch+doesn't+have+any+grandchildren&spf=1500196809918

          • ginamero

            Grandchildren and yoga.

          • miss911ninja

            Guess what? Loretta Lynch doesn’t even HAVE grandchildren! She only has two stepchildren (courtesy of her husband, Stephen Hargrove) and even THEY are both childless. Nevertheless, the public has been allowed and encouraged by the fake news media to believe that the conversation on the tarmac was nothing more than a couple of grandparents talking about the offspring of their offspring. What a crock!

          • Burnt Orange

            Since this was public knowledge I wonder why the great Trump exposing media did not challenge Bill’s explanation as loudly and as much gusto as they attacked Trump over his two scoops of ice cream at a dinner party. Guess they are in too deep in covering for the Clintons everyday in every way.

          • miss911ninja

            I can’t remember who came up with the “talking about the grandchildren” story in the first place–whether it was Loretta or Bill–but even though I didn’t believe for one second that they talked only about golf and the grandchildren, I DID believe that Loretta must have a couple of her own. Then I decided to check. Good ole’ google! It’s amazing that the media is still acting as if that story holds water; while concurrently hyping “collusion” and focusing on Trump’s trivial “transgressions,” like a too-vigorous handshake, or too much ice cream.

          • What4now

            This reminds me of the story of how Obama and Bill Ayers came to know each other. The first story Obama told was that their children went to school together. The problem with that story was that Bill Ayers’ children were grown and Obama’s were very young when they lived in Chicago.

          • miss911ninja

            Interesting! I hadn’t heard about that particular lie.

          • tamajam10

            The fact that Clinton can actually make such and assertion merely attests to his audacity and apparent awareness that both of those evil creatures feel quite comfortable doing and saying what they please with impunity. It’s appalling.

          • Don Hue

            “Grandchildrens and golf”. She has no grandchildren. Neither of them golf.

          • BuffaloBillie

            Ms. Lynch was SUPPOSED to be on her way to Aspen, Colorado for one of their liberal get-togethers. Why would she stop in Phoenix? Not for fuel because she was in a government supplied plane and, actually, Phoenix would have been out of the way to go to Aspen. It was all a put-up deal for them to meet and him to offer her something….

          • Diana Hinton

            Stupid. You I mean.

          • BuffaloBillie

            Well, Ms. Diana, Ms. Lynch was supposed to be on her way to Aspen for a meeting. Phoenix is definitely out of the way from D.C. to Aspen, which has it’s own airport. It was a plan between Her and Bill Clinton!

          • Burnt Orange

            Pilot had to file a flight plan from where he/she started to where they landed. Was it direct to Denver or a preplanned out of the way flight plan. Did she disembark from the plane and /or leave the airport? If so what actual government business did she conduct in Az. If none or personal she should PAY for the non-direct flight.

          • BuffaloBillie

            The airport at Aspen has been greatly expanded and can handle some pretty good sized jets, they didn’t need to stop in Denver! Eagle is west and has full sized jets flying in and out of it. It was all planned because Billy wanted to let Loretta know what she had to do – or ELSE!

          • KSEMBB1

            Besides that, it was revealed in the initial reports that Bill Clinton had waited for the better part of an hour for Lynch’s plane to arrive. That doesn’t sound like he “just happened to run into Lynch”.

          • Burnt Orange

            It would be instructive if the flight plans that were filed by the two airplane companies could be compared and the times they were filed. Just who was Bill going to play golf with? Where was he before he went to where he and Lynch met. Does he usually fly that far to play golf by himself? Did he EVER leave the airport? The guy/gal who flew the plane could give you a time line of his actions and time away from the plane.
            Could go on but why bother. Evil seems to be winning this round.

          • Evelyn Adams

            Fox News are PATHOLOGICAL LIAR as the “ORANGE BABOON” in the White House is!!!!

          • rick dalton

            What that comrade

          • OpusX

            fŭck your mơther!!!!!!

          • Max Miller

            Guard your safety…you never know how the hateful SOBs will react…

          • discussindepth

            Basically, I have read that all of us, that have negative statements regarding the Clinton’s, Obama’s, certain others of their ilk, need to be careful. What is said here and on other sites, is all stored, and could eventually come back to haunt people as things get worse.

          • Heather Soper

            I’m afraid America is spiraling down fast and things will get much worse as Trump goes further against the American people and the rest of the world. He has achieved one thing since he was put into Office, the title, Most Hated president of America. Sure is going to come back to haunt some people.

          • discussindepth

            You’re right, America is spiraling down fast and things will get much worse before it is over. And it is not all about Trumps administration, but many, many corrupt politicians who have been in office for far too long.

          • Sasha Petkoski

            Good on you mate,keep up the good work .

          • Heather Soper

            You…………. welcome that evil man, Sessions? Wow.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Why do you feel that Sessions is evil?

          • Heather Soper

            Well, if this sick administration isn’t thrown out by Mueller, you see how many more people go to prison, innocent people, Sessions wants them locked up probably for life for a small offence, he wants more privatised prisons. If he can’t kill ’em with Deathcare he’ll kill ’em in prison, only someone Evil wants this..
            And if you suffer from arthritis or any pain, you won’t get any medicinal marijuana, if you do you’ll go to prison. Nice.
            Oh and of course the US will still have the DP. The Republicans in power enjoy making people suffer every which way they can.
            Oh, did you know, Trump’s administration are exempt from his Deathcare Bill.

          • Alan Rhoads

            I assure you that you and I do not think alike in politics.

          • Heather Soper

            It’s quite obvious to me that you have to be Mega rich or you’d be worried about the Deathcare Bill. Has it occurred to you how many people Trump will hurt?
            I don’t particularly care for the Clintons either, another ‘mysterious’ death.
            I think a President should be for the people, hear what They want. Trump doesn’t, all he cares about are $$$$
            Perhaps you’ll help me understand this: Republicans say they are pro life, so why do they want to keep the death penalty?

          • Alan Rhoads

            Pro-life pertains to innocent unborn babies and their protection from abortion. Pro-life is against abortion. The death penalty is reserved for criminals so evil that they must no longer be with the living. These would be rapists, murderers, and, during wartime, traitors. Does this help clear up the puzzle? I am for the death penalty.

          • Heather Soper

            And what about the innocent who have been murdered by the Corrupt State, don’t you care about them? What about the innocent who have been in prison 20 and 30 years, their lives stolen, imprisoned for $$$?
            You think they only execute and imprison the guilty?

          • What4now

            I find Democrats confusing. They are all for killing innocent unborn babies in any way possible and selling their body parts, but they don’t want the death penalty for murderers, rapists, traitors, etc. Go figure.

          • Heather Soper

            What you say is untrue and absurd, ”killing unborn babies in any way possible” ? There are reasons why the mother would want to abort, you should know that – rape, medical, such as cancer, etc. ”Selling their body parts” ? I guess you have to be over-dramatic for it to fit your agenda.
            No one should want an innocent person to be executed, hard to believe you don’t know this happens, like you were born yesterday. I guess you also don’t know that If a person is black they can’t wait to get them on the gurney.
            You don’t know that execution is barbaric, wrong and archaic, same with racism, the US is so behind the times, such a backward country in that respect.

          • Alan Rhoads

            You seem to spiral from one point to another. I’ll not waste breath or typing to make you feel that you’re in control. Better take your meds.

          • Heather Soper

            Typical dumb Trump supporter lol!

          • Heather Soper

            In the Era of Trump, Americans have been been subjected to wild diversions from reality. Donald Trump and company have unleashed baseless accusations of “fake news,” and the ceaseless dissemination of “alternative facts.” They have violated constitutional protections of free speech and abused the media in an unprecedented manner. Trump called the media “the enemy of the American people.” And his White House Press Office has discontinued on-camera briefings.

            This overt hostility and flagrant assault on transparency has had an impact on a certain sector of the electorate. Trump voters have evolved into a breed of ill-informed, willfully ignorant yokels whose devotion to their Orange Julius Caesar borders on cult worship. This alarming descent into madness is frightfully illustrated in the results of a new survey by Public Policy Polling (PPP). The depth of the delirium of these lost souls is unimaginable. And yet, the data from the PPP pollsters is clear.

            Despite Trump’s relentless efforts to negatively brand his media adversaries, he has had no success in doing so. And his continued whining in the face of that rejection is pathetic.

            However, his glassy-eyed followers will undoubtedly fall in line no matter what atrocities he commits. That’s a sad commentary on the state of the nation. It remains to be seen how they will eventually react when the hammer comes down on his criminality. They may just pretend not to have supported him in the first place. After all, the one thing we’ve learned about them is that they have an unlimited capacity for self-delusion.

          • discussindepth

            Obamacare is still in effect and Dr’s are jumping ship like crazy! Our premiums went sky high and the co-pays doubled for some things and tripled for others. Obamacare was set to self-destruct. It could not continue to sustain itself, but it is still the operating system and the Republicans have not yet replaced it. So there IS NO Deathcare other than what is already in Obama’s ACA. Stop believing all the lies being told on ALL news stations and do the research.

          • Heather Soper

            Sorry but I’m, not partial to alternative facts that repreatedly come out of Trump and his sidekicks, I am also not amused by his proven pathological lying! You don’t call huge cuts a death warrant for some? What about those with pre-existing conditions, they won’t have a chance.
            Do research, you mean the lies that daily come from Trump’s mouth? No better ”research” is there!

          • Heather Soper

            Sorry, Obamacare did Not throw 22 MILLION off of healthcare, I think you should do your research!

          • discussindepth

            I did not say anything about 22 mil being thrown off of healthcare. I did say….premiums went up and co-pays have doubled and tripled. Another thing that went up are pharmaceuticals. They have doubled for some, others have gone up by 10 x’s the amount from last year. Those prices all went up Jan 1 2017….before. .. Trump took office, and under … Obamacare which is STILL in effect. Nothing Trump or the Senate has done to date has changed one thing about the existing Obamacare. It has all been in the talking stages.

          • Heather Soper

            You DO mean the lies from Trump, don’t you, (as in your first comments to me.) Only a fool believes His lies, he was actually angry his Deathcare Plan didn’t pass, imagine this – he blamed the Dems, as IF THEY wanted 22 Million to lose Healthcare! And yes you’re right, you DIDN’T say anything about 22 Million being thrown off Healthcare….( I wonder why) Perhaps you agreed with Trump?
            Thank goodness Trump’s Deathcare Plan got thrown out again.. better to keep Obamacare, for even though prices have risen (and not just for Obamacare) at least 22 Million people are covered and those with pre-existing conditions won’t die.
            Nothing the Republicans do to repeal it would be any good, it’s the very nature of the beast. Only the Dems could make Obamacare better.

          • Diana Hinton


          • Diana Hinton

            You people have let the Russians elect our president but you believe this crap. Just stupid much?

          • Bill Gone

            Diana, Your every comment exposes your blind ignorance. The Russians had no possible way to affect our presidential election process in any way and furthermore there’s absolutely zero evidence that anything of the sort ever happened. It’s merely another fiction thrown out by your leftmedia hacks who will make any statement imaginable in an effort to attempt to make something stick to Donald Trump. He was elected in a free and fair election, period. Get over it. You people ae the epitome of ignorance and a case study in cognitive dissonance.

          • What4now

            Yes, after all didn’t Obama tell Trump that our elections were safe and there was no way they could be hacked. Then he told Trump to just campaign harder. What a different story they are peddling today.

          • Heather Soper

            Omg such bullcrap! LOL Trump’s son dropped the proverbial truth.. bet the Donald is not happy!! A free and fair election my foot!! You are the ignoramus. You like to think it’s because the Dems lost.. soooo funny and absolute rubbish! It’s your only recourse 🙂

          • Heather Soper

            Russia did, there is more than enough pointing to it, What you are denying will come back to haunt you. Donald Trump doesn’t need anything Made to stick to him; his lies have stuck solid without any help, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, and he is angry his Deathcare plan that he knows would hurt millions of americans, has failed? That Should say it ALL but alas, to you it doesn’t and all you can do is throw insults and abject lies.

          • Heather Soper

            I can’t wait for you to eat your words! 🙂

          • discussindepth

            Sorry girl, but it was not the Russians who elected Trump, it was the common ordinary middle class America who was tired of all the dirty politics. The Russian connection if you will just read with an open mind, not a closed one sided brain, was established in the Obama White House. Please remember his open mic when meeting with Putin, and remember the uranium that Hillary sold to Russia, as well as the Obama Admin knew about Russia having information on emails, wiretapping, meetings etc., going on clear back in April 2016, and they kept saying there was nothing to it. Obama is recorded on several occasions saying there was nothing. Get your news from more than CNN, MSNBC, etc., more than the alphabet stations. Chase news articles online as well as TV, and really Listen, to innuendos, tone of voice, the words that are buzz words, etc. You’ll be surprised in what you learn. Even FOX news that people largely recognize as a conservative station has many people working for it, that are left wing. In short, don’t be gullible….and it would be nice to have an intelligent conversation with someone without the name calling that you are doing. That’s my problem with the left these days (of which I was formerly one), is all the name calling, the anger and hatred that is very juvenile and bullying. I’m not saying you have been bullying at least I have not seen that, but the name calling I have seen, and it simply serves no adult or reasonable purpose.

          • Heather Soper

            You are accusing Diana of name calling? Oh you mean laughing (Lolololol).
            Try looking at others, then you will see name calling, maybe put your glasses on?

          • discussindepth

            Lol is one thing. People can be amused by many things. Calling people stupid is a slur, and/or name calling. We should be able to have intelligent convo’s with out name calling which is rude and unkind. Kindness matters.

          • Heather Soper

            Couldn’t help but notice you weren’t very kind to Diana.. re-read your comments to her.

          • Heather Soper

            LOL Quite pathetic aren’t they!

          • furtive

            You think Sessions doesnt know this? Rosenstein wrote a similar letter. What Rosenstein didnt say was that SWAMP POLLUTER IN CHIEF COMEY WEAPONIZED THE INDEPENDENT COUNSEL BY ILLEGALLY PUBLISHING via a 3rd party, PRIVILEGED INFORMATION BETWEEN HIMSELF & POTUS.

            In addition, it is far too coincidental, that mueller was selected as independent counsell by Rosenstein because he & Comey worked for mueller; & comey & rosenstein also worked for ken starr on whitewater & exonerated the Clintons,

            And this:


          • Mike Nielsen

            Great letter, I am asking If I could copy and paste it to my page?? With your permission of course. Please Advise.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Mr. Nielsen. Yes, of course you can. Thank you.

          • ChiefThundermoon

            Look forward to the reply..

          • Alan Rhoads

            Lol. I am too. But none expected. The government seems to be on automatic with no human intervention.

          • ChiefThundermoon

            They just took the senator down in Missouri asked her to resign or they would remove her themselves for saying that POTUS be assassinated…Four people arrested for tearing down Lee are part of the communist party..go figure!

          • ChiefThundermoon

            Don’t planes have black boxes,was the on in that plane turned on,or has it disappeared,seems they would be active at all times recording??

          • Evelyn Adams

            You are an idiot and your letter is BULLSHIT, but then an IDIOT pile of shit wrote it!! That wo ‘t stop the investigation of the REAL CRIMINAL sitting in our White House. Hillary has been investigated for the last 25 years of every lie a Republican could think and there has never been any evidence of her doing anything criminal in any shape, form or fashion. The SAD thing is you can’t, don’t and won’t accept it, simply because you supported and voted for a CRIMINAL. You believe that if you keep lying about Hillary, Bill and other Democrats, it sill take the focus off the Republicans snd the IDIOTS that voted for him!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!!

          • Alan Rhoads

            Thank you for your remarks. Now go slither back under your rock. The Clintons will be prosecuted either in this life or in the next life. It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the Judgment. Selah.

          • Heather Soper


        • Diogenes of Sinope

          How many people do you know personally who were murdered or died under mysterious circumstances?

          The Clintons know hundreds. All of them had dirt on the Clintons.

          • Diana Hinton


        • Bette

          Thank GOD for Judicial Watch. They just obtained 400 plus more of Hill’s e-mails.

          • Diana Hinton

            Bull. None are bad. You people are so dumb.

          • Tony Lujan

            periods go at the end of a sentence.

          • Sonya Wood

            Yeah and I just bet you are a brain surgeon…

          • Heather Soper

            Ohh aren’t they just, funny if it wasn’t so serious. We have to laugh at them 🙂

        • Scott Birk

          I hope he has good life insurance.

        • Beachnative

          What a load of shit you fucking moron!!

          • Doc_Glock

            Go back and stick your head in the sand, nothing here that your level of intelligence can comprehend…

        • Moon3

          How is that Seth Rich investigation going?

        • Harold Blair

          Comey should have leaked critical info to the NY Times-and allow our foreign owned newsmedia to tell America what they should believe-

      • Deborah

        Question: Is it true that tons of e-mails were left in her position but she was told NOT to touch them? Ergo,out comes the bleach and hammers and all evidence was destroyed.Would you not consider that Obstruction of Justice from Clinton and Comey.knowing he knew she would do exactly what she did?

        • Tim

          Yep. She destroyed those e-mails AFTER they were subpoenaed.

          • Jeannie

            And got off scott free because the republicans did not have the gonads to pursue. They are spineless.

          • MilitaryVeteran

            Unfortunately, the Congressional Republicans can only see the piles of bodies left by the Clintons’ slithering climb to power. There is no courage in the halls of Congress. We must demand the President and Attorney General exact justice for the Constitution and the People.

          • Jeannie

            First THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! You are so right there is zero courage in the halls of Congress, on the Republican side. Tons of persistent, challenging courage on the other side. They don’t give up…It is a crying shame that the democrats are so powerful…..They persist and get what they want.

          • Gravity

            Well, some of them are starting to lose their minds and anyone with a mind in tact, even some liberal Dems, can see their grip on reality, decency, honesty, justice etc. has taken the final flush down the toilet.

          • Jeannie

            True!!!! And they are over paid for doing what little they do!!!!

          • Heather Soper

            You another one that thinks Deathcare is decent, honest and just?


          • Heather Soper

            Yes, a healthcare that doesn’t make your blood boil, as opposed to Deathcare to make Trump and his minions richer… or is Trump afraid? Maybe. After all, look how many Putin killed.. will it be poison again or a gun? Who knows? And will I care?

          • Jeannie

            soaper, soaper, soaper!!! What a shame that you fall for the fake news of the lame stream media and beanie sanders….b HUSSEIN o’s healthcare failed….it was leaving millions of people with sky high premiums….they could not afford to pay them and then paid a fine for not having insurance. Wake up sweetie…..

          • Heather Soper

            You have shown me you’re a typical republican, you mock me by deliberately spelling my name wrong, and that of Bernie Sanders, you’re racist and you believe a lying Oaf… not a good resume so far, is it.
            You would applaud that Trump wants to leave everyone without any healthcare at all, no doubt. He couldn’t care less, think he and his partners in crime cares about anyone else? He has failed at everything, he’s a dangerous Joke! And as for opting out of Climate Change, talk about an Idiot.
            Obamacare wasn’t perfect but it saved some people’s lives (you forgot that), now you have a dictator, a liar and an idiot who couldn’t give a stuff, even some of his own Party have gone against his Deathcare Plan, and this is Not fake news!.

          • Beachnative

            It’s from yournewswire.com so is therefore a load of cack.

            But in order to prove this isn’t a knee-jerk reaction, I did some basic checks on the story (seriously, anyone could do it).

            The source claimed by YNW is the Miami Herald. The Herald’s story doesn’t mention the Clintons at all. The quote ascribed to the deceased appears to be a fabrication, or at least I can’t find any recorded source for it.

            (On the other hand, those of a suspicious outlook might be intrigued that the dead man was involved in a pizza chain!)

            While looking for that apparently-fabricated quote, I found this story in which he certainly slagged off Bill Clinton in no uncertain terms – but that was due to political back-scratching during the Clinton presidency and nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation (which he does not mention at all).

            Verdict: Another load of old crap from yournewswire.com, designed to attract traffic from the credulous, which falls apart the moment you question it.

          • Gravity

            Come on. Plenty of times liberal, socialist newspapers don’t mention things like “the shooter yelled ‘Ala Akbar’, even after it’s been proven and reported by the FBI! They have an agenda, So, I’d need to see more evidence to say this isn’t true. The Clinton’s did mismanage (f over) the Haiti earthquake fund. I think that is common knowledge, although never talked about in ‘lamestream media’. But I do agree “yournewswire.com” does put out fake news sometimes (just a balance to the constant fake news from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.)

          • Beachnative

            This guy was successful in Haiti but if you read in the Miami Herald you would read ” it appears that Eberwein had fallen on hard times. An Uber spokesperson confirmed that he worked as a driver .”

          • Diane R.

            Several months ago I saw an interview with him where he was saying that the Clintons were crooks. How they told everyone that their foundation donated a lot of money (he gave exact amount but I can’t remember it), but in reality the people of Haiti received no money and no aid from the Clinton foundation. I saw him saying this and other things with my own eyes.

          • Heather Soper


          • Gravity

            I heard it was just before. But that was from one news source – FOX? I can’t remember. Where did you get the info. that it was after? I’d like the link. Like I said, I always say it was when they were subpoenaed because they clearly knew the investigation was happening and they clearly were trying to hide evidence.

          • Tim
        • Alan Rhoads

          Sure. I’m sure the lady with the blindfold over her eyes is aware of that as well.

          • overloard

            You had better watch your back……………

        • Alan Rhoads

          I sent this letter to former AG Loretta Lynch in October 2016; of course there was no reply:
          An Open Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch

          Dear Madam Attorney General:
          Just as Zika Virus has entered the Continental USA, so has corruption seeped into, what used to be, an above reproach Federal Agency, the Department of Justice. AG Lynch. You and FBI Dir. Comey, both Appointees of President Obama, have apparently become the President’s pawns to protect a guilty felon, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s time to take remedial action, admit that you are under President Obama’s thumb, and indict Ms. Clinton on all charges.

          Neither Dir. Comey, nor yourself, are willing to indict Ms. Clinton, and yet Dir. Comey admits to The House of Representatives that Ms. Clinton is guilty of theft, perjury, treason, and other felony charges. The Statutes do not rely on “intent” for authority to prosecute.

          You have chosen to allow corruption of the Rule of Law, by allowing Ms. Clinton to be above the Rule of Law; a two-tier system, if you will. Dir. Comey even stated that if anyone did the same crimes, they would be sent to prison (my paraphrasing). This is tantamount to Obstruction of Justice. You, Madam AG, did not recuse yourself so that you could remain in total control. Had you recused yourself, the Asst. Attorney General would be in control, and the outcome might have been different.

          Is it possible that “Pay to Play” is happening in your own House? I’m not speaking of a monetary exchange (although that’s still to be determined), but rather, a new career advancement. From my perspective, that appears plausible. If Ms. Clinton is not indicted, she remains a possible candidate for POTUS. If she becomes the POTUS, there is a distinct possibility that you, Loretta Lynch, would be appointed by Ms. Clinton, to a Seat on the Supreme Court. If Ms. Clinton is indicted, the Supreme Court offering goes away.

          Now. What about James Comey, your Subordinate? How does he benefit? For starters, he gets to keep his career, under Ms. Clinton’s POTUS watch if she’s elected. Beyond that benefit, your guess is as good as mine. But we do know that Dir. Comey is a Director of a large bank, HSBC Holdings, that has donated to the Clinton Foundation. Hmmmm. And then???? We learn that Bleachbit was used to wipe clean Hillary’s private servers. Isn’t that the “Intent” that you, for some reason, couldn’t find to indict her? You now need to indict her, or you and James B. Comey, are as corrupt as she is, and must resign or be impeached.


          AG Loretta Lynch
          U.S. Department of Justice
          950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
          Washington, DC 20530-0001

          FBI Dir. James B. Comey
          FBI Headquarters
          935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
          Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

        • Gravity

          Actually, I think technically the emails/server, etc. were not subpoenaed until 36 hours after the Bleachbit and hammers. I remember thinking “Lucky dogs” and now knowing that Comey was in charge of the investigation, I’d say they were tipped off. Due to the closeness to the actually subpoena I always just say they Bleachbitted and hammered WHEN it was subpoenaed, because the timing is too suspicious and they knew they were being investigated.

          • Deborah

            I say Comey was in on this.As for the emails not being subpoenaed till later,he was aware of them.To recklessly leave them in her presence was ignorant and an Obstruction of Justice.I am not near as educated on this.Also,all this stuff going around as to President Trump commiting treason,do you not have to be active in War to be addressed as Treasonous?Thank you,Sir for your responses.

        • Diana Hinton

          No. Nothing you idiots are saying is true

      • Bob Fry

        I believe James Comey is on one of the board of Directors for one of the Clinton Foundation.?

        • CumExApostolatus

          Yes, and Comey’s wife has been involved, for years, with foster children (wink, wink). I’m sure it’s all ‘above board’, as is the fact that Podesta’s cousin runs an adoption agency. If you search engine the words, “podesta” “cousin” “adoption” “agency” you’ll get this: https :// voat.co/v/ pizzagate/ 1516773

      • Michael Lloyd

        This letter should be copied and sent via e-mail, Fax, US Mail, or however by as many people as possible. Especially good time for the constant do-nothing whiners. Time for the AG, FBI< DOJ to close down the side show and start to work on REAL business.

        • Angee

          And post it on FB for all your friends to read it. I just did.

          • pinnie

            so did I and sent it along via Twitter to @AGJeffSessions

        • William Trefethen

          Wake up! These people all collude together! There is no getting anyone, else the get themselves or seal their own fate. They are all deep in it and all the pleas and evidence won’t fix a damn thing. We must adhere to the Declaration’s proclamation and restore our Constitution and rule of law. NOBODY from either party or any of these agencies have the cajones to do it.

          • bsroon

            At this time, the point is to make such issues public. When enough people distrust the farcical “govt” and the ruling, self-annointed “elite” morons that are factually parasites – then they will not have support. When there is doubt, their agenda, intentions, actions, and all else will be questioned. There will be less of the “jump on the bandwagon” because someone famous stated BLAH blah bleh BLAH blah.
            Ultimately it will result in their loss of power and destruction – IF we keep the race running as well as we can. The race?

            The parasite’s race to shut down communication and organization capabilities vs our ability to disseminate truth and reality instead of just pumping up the flawed societal paradigms that they’ve imposed on society.

          • Alan Rhoads

            When it became unpopular to be found out as a member of the Communist Party of America, members joined the rank and file of the Democrat Party. There lies the reason for thuggery, lies, and violence coming from the Democrat Party liberals. And most of the MSM is an arm of the Democrat Party. Communists love to control the media and spew their propaganda. This is my personal opinion.

          • Bill Rood

            Bull ticky, Alan. Republicans are every bit as corrupt as the Democrats. For 6 months I’ve been hearing how there will be many indictments “next week,” but nothing happens. The only one to take any action whatsoever was Nunes, and he was quickly silenced. It turns out that the House got wind of illegal, politically motivated surveillance years ago but took no action because they were all covered with sh*t.

          • Alan Rhoads

            No bull ticks, Mr. Rood. Please find one Republican murderer. What Party was that dude affiliated with who shot Scalise? Oh, yes. A gunman believed to be a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sprayed a hail of bullets at a GOP baseball practice. And here are a couple more:
            In 1865 a Democrat killed Abraham Lincoln.
            In 1881 a Democrat killed James Garfield.
            In 1963 a Socialist killed John F. Kennedy
            In 1975 a Democrat shot Gerald Ford
            In 1983 a Democrat shot Ronald Reagan
            In 1984 a Democrat killed 22 people in McDonalds
            In 1986 a Democrat killed 15 people in an Oklahoma Post Office
            In 1990 a Democrat killed 10 people at a GMAC office
            In 1991 a Democrat killed 23 people in a Luby’s Cafeteria.
            In 1995 a Democrat killed 5 co-workers in a Texas laboratory
            In 1999 a Democrat killed 8 people in a church service
            In 2001 a Democrat shot at the WH aiming toward George Bush.
            In 2003 a Democrat killed 7 people at Lockheed Martin plant.
            In 2007 a Democrat killed 32 people at Virginia Tech.
            In 2010 a Democrat shot Gabrielle Giffords and killed six others.
            In 2011 a Democrat killed 12 people in a movie theatre.
            In 2012 a Democrat killed 7 people in Minneapolis, MN.
            In 2013 a Democrat killed 26 people in Newtown, CT.
            In 2013 a Democrat killed 12 at a Navy Shipyard

          • Alexthekay

            And now THIS BS list. Half of those people were only identified as Democrats through fantasy. Some were in states that don’t even register by Party. You guys live in a paranoid fantasy world. No wonder you think Alex Jones is a news source.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Your comment is true “Democrat” Propaganda. Nice try.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Your comment makes me laugh. You cannot deny the truth, even if half the list is untrue (but it isn’t). Typical Communist/Socialist take of the truth. You’ve been identified, you rascal.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Substantiate your subjective claims.
            1.) ” Half of those people were only identified as Democrats through fantasy”
            2.) “Some were in states that don’t even register by Party”
            3.) “You guys live in a paranoid fantasy world”

          • Alexthekay
          • Alan Rhoads

            Your proof has lots of statements such as “Unproven”. The Site is a Democrat-run group. What would one expect? I won’t buy the response.

          • Alexthekay

            I’m not surprised. Being a Trump supporter, and thus dedicated to believing what you like rather than what is real, you post something COMPLETELY unsubstantiated, but reject a well-sourced and backgrounded piece that doesn’t match your hatreds.

          • David Steele

            Okay, I have 5 minutes to waste on one-upping your un-sourced propaganda:

            Tim McVeigh killed 168 people and injured over 600.
            ‘According to CNN, his only known associations were as a registered Republican while in Buffalo, New York in the 1980s, and a membership in the National Rifle Association while in the Army, and there is no evidence that he ever belonged to any extremist groups.’

            ‘On May 20, Richard Collins III, a black, 23-year-old U.S. Army second lieutenant, was murdered while visiting the University of Maryland by a member of a Facebook group called “Alt-Reich: Nation.” According to University of Maryland police chief David Mitchell, the group promotes “despicable” prejudice against minorities “and especially African-Americans.”’

            ‘On May 26, 53-year-old U.S. Army veteran Rick Best and 23-year-old recent university graduate Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche were murdered, while 21-year-old poet Micah David-Cole Fletcher was severely injured, by a knife-wielding white supremacist when the three of them tried to prevent him from harassing a Muslim woman in a headscarf on their commuter train in Portland, Oregon.’

          • Alan Rhoads

            Your very first sentence tells me alot about where this comment is going, “……your un-sourced propaganda”. I provided year dates which should lead you to subject matter and political affiliation.
            McVeigh had Republican “associations” so he may have had Republican tendencies.
            Your second example doesn’t have a name of the murderer. KKK people were typically Democrats.
            Your third person doesn’t have a name of the murderer. White supremacist are usually KKKtypes; again, likely a Democrat.

            My list is a sad declaration and you need not feel that you need to one-up it. Facts are facts.

          • George Kovacs

            Alan Rhoads, the KKK is “typically” republicans or at least trumpanzees. The names that Steele left out are known by the police reports and the news reports. Your “facts” are not at all accurate. You continue to assume that the parties are still as they were at the time of the Civil War! Like all those ignorant of American History, you don’t seem to grasp the fact that the Democrats changed their ideology from base conservative to openly progressive under FDR, and that the Republicans left the ideology of Lincoln and the “Radical Republicans” as soon as the started making money off of the backs of the poor through the Railroad and steel Trusts. The ideologies that you place on these parties is outdated! Do you re3ally live in the past that deeply?

          • Alan Rhoads

            Mr. Kovacs. I seriously doubt that the KKK changed to a Republican group from a Democrat group. Nice attempt at misleading comments. As Dr. Foner wrote:

            In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the
            Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired the
            restoration of white supremacy. It aimed to destroy the Republican
            party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish
            control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in
            every aspect of Southern life.

            Read more: http://newstalk1130.iheart.com/onair/dan-odonnell-37717/the-democratic-party-and-the-kkk-11769046/#ixzz4n0qQDilL

          • Heather Soper

            Ah but your so-called ”facts” are alternative facts. How ’bout acknowledging the truth?

            You want to know a Fact? Republicans Lie and that’s a True Fact, what, you think Trump hasn’t been proved not just a liar but a pathological Liar, he cannot speak the truth.

          • Patricia Masterson

            And the Republicans started the wars in the Middle east and are responsible for millions of people deaths. And it still goes on.. Now we are in bed with the Russians. Damn Republicans. Damn Democrats. Let’s take a look at the Independent Party, Maybe we can ask Bernie to get in the game….He loves real people.

          • Cat

            BERNIE!!! He would have rocked this decade.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Republicans did not start the wars in the Middle East. Muslims started them (Iraq, Afghanistan, Israeli Wars).
            Republican George W. Bush was President when we defeated the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.
            Democrat President Obama removed our last few peacekeeping troops from Iraq and ISIS began. Democrat and Muslim Obama would not defeat ISIS which, by the way was funded by Obama.

          • Patricia Masterson

            Alan Rhoads, Maybe you should rethink what happened when President Bush declared Weapons of Mass Destruction when there were none. I am no kid, at age 75 I have been watching what has been going on for decades…And butting in when we do not have to is against my moral principles. As were most Americans.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Maybe you forgot that Sadam Hussein went into Kuwait to conquer and annex the nation into Iraq. I do. Kuwait is our friend. Our troops came and quickly sent the enemy troops back across the boundary. Operation Desert Storm was its name. Hussein was using the WMD gas on many people; his own people. The USA Army did find canisters in Iraq. Hussein started the Iraq war plain and simple.

          • Heather Soper

            NO. Bush and Blair did, NOT Hussein. There were NO weapons of mass destruction, it was all for Greed started by Bush and Blair – For OIL.
            Hussein kept the lid on the fighting with Sunni’s and Shia’s, when Bush and Blair killed Hussein the lid blew off.

          • Alan Rhoads

            No, Ms. Soper. Herein are the true facts: “The invasion started on 2 August 1990,
            and within two days most of the Kuwait Armed Forces were either overrun
            by the Iraqi Republican Guard or fell back to neighboring Saudi Arabia
            and Bahrain. The State of Kuwait was annexed, and Saddam Hussein
            announced a few days later that it was the 19th province of Iraq.”
            As for WMD, Here is one reference: “The Halabja attack has been recognized as a distinct event of the Anfal Genocide conducted against the Kurdish people by the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi High Criminal Court recognized the Halabja massacre as an act of genocide on March 1, 2010, a decision welcomed by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The attack was also condemned as a crime against humanity by the Parliament of Canada.[6]”
            Saddam kept the lid on the fighting by mass killing using mustard gas (chlorine gas)

          • Heather Soper

            However Saddam kept the lid on, he kept it on. Once he was killed the lid came off, as I told you. Fighting began between the Shia’s and the Sunni’s, the others formed ISIS, the Taliban, etc. etc. Bush and Blair killed Hussein and for the OIL, lied about weapons of mass destruction. Bush and Blair are GUILTY of killing Millions.

          • Heather Soper

            A Republican telling me a ”true fact”.. ? Hahaha!!!

          • tamajam10

            Another tidbit of information regarding Democrat Obama: He was the only president to be engaged in wars every day throughout his two-term presidency…..that’s eight years of death and destruction during his ‘reign’.

          • Tansy

            Ironically he was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize .

          • ThomasJefferson

            When I read things like this, It reinforces my belief that we are so F’d unless enough intelligent people can be found to escape this Demonrat/Repugnentcan mindset, as well as are capable of remembering what actially DID happen longer than a week ago. No Alan Muslims dd NOT start the BS that is going on in Iraq today. George F-ing Bush is the cause of that and most of his party aren’t stupid enough to deny it, We have NOT defeated the Muslims of Iraq,nor of anywhere else and fortunately no one has ever intended to, or at least they’ve had sense enough (surprisingly)to not make it apparent to anyone if indeed that was their goal. In fact MSM (includeng FAUX NEWS) has never reported, (other than a comment by Bush once) and in fact the overwhelming evidence bears witness to the fact, THAT WE HAVEN”T DEFEATED ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THAT PART OF THE WORLD. Here’s a few facts that no one but the brainwashed (unfortunately no less than 70%) of the American fail to realize. There’s no money to be made, by defeating anyone. Those that profit from these conflicts, (which you will discover if you get some intelligent person to assist you in researching this fact) come from both sides of the mainstream political street.I’m going to leave this right here, and hope that at least YOU will enlighten yourself and will not be posting anything as absurd as the BS you have posted here in the future. Don’t let that one up vote you have thus far received reinforce your belief in any of the feces that you regurgitated. There are those (fortunately) on both sides of the political equation, that victims of the BS they have been fed all their lives not withstanding, and blind though they may be to the fact that NEITHER of their parties are in tune with the ideas of the founders,and equally guilty of destroying, liberty, and justice for all, THEY ARE STILL NOT SO FAR REMOVED FROM REALITY (by however narrow the margine) to buy in to the crap you posted.

          • Alan Rhoads

            Your long and windy dissertation is very laughable, as you attempt to rewrite history. Saddam Hussein illegally crossed into Kuwait to take a spoil. Saddam is a Muslim. Get it? The USA is a friend to Kuwait. We arrived to kick Saddam’s butt and as he fled back to Iraq, he started the Kuwait oil field on fire.
            You fit the liberal profile very well; an excellent classic example. Instead of saying positive suggestions, you call people names (“…Don’t let that one up vote you have thus far received reinforce your belief in any of the feces that you regurgitated..”), and attack their character. Psych Class. This example (Mr. so-called “ThomasJefferson”), may be on the Final Exam. Class. Did a Muslim start the Iraq War by entering Kuwait? Or was that just my horrible nightmare? Please comment. Thank you.

          • ThomasJefferson

            Alan while you were asleep, two decades have passed and a third is now almost 3/4 of the way to being history. The mess in Iraq today, as well the formation and subsequent misery by a group of demented evil b#st#rds known as ISIS began if memory serves in 2003. I’m a little cloudy on the exact date but am not in the least cloudy on who was presdent (George jr.) and the event of the second excursion into Iraq, supposedly to find weapons of mass destruction and the battle(s) to subdue the Iraqi army and the search for and eventuial capture and execution of Saddam. This eventually led to the formation of ISIS as well as the horrible mess that is being endured by more people today, immensely more, than suffered under Saddam Insane. I imagine there are many Muslims.whether you care to believe it or not, that would hotly debate whether or not Saddam was a Muslim, as the only time he really acted the part was when it suited his agenda.It’s kind of like our ruler pretending to be a Christian when it furthers his agenda or increased his following during his campaign. But, I digress. Whether or not Saddam was or wasn’t a Muslim is completely immaterial to the begining of Iraq-Kiwait war, and it sure as sh*t has absolutely nothing to do with what is going on in the region today. As far as my attack on your character, it was no worse than your implied attack on the millions of Muslims that want nothing more than any decent people which is to live in peace, without fear of being bombed and/or forced to flee their homes and countries because of some other country trying to impose their ideaology on them through violence. Unfortunately, there are to many having nightmares induced by the BS spread via the media by our rulers, instead of those that might be brought on by their conscience (if they like their rulers even had one) because of the misery that our country has caused so much of the world, simply because our rulers feel the need to meddle in affairs that do not concern us or at least none but those who profit from it. That is the sequence of events known to the rest of the world Alan,, As always there are those who will argue the causes and subsequent effects of some things, but even those that would deny any responsibility for certain things , but even they wouldn’t denythe order in which this all happened.

          • Alan Rhoads

            You obviously have much time on your hands. I’ll leave you to your love of self. I also encourage others to help you find your way to understand who started the Iraqi Wars.

          • Alexthekay

            Looks to me like you’re the one attacking people’s character.

          • linked1

            Idiotic nonsense. Take James Huberty for example. They guy was a gun loving survivalist and was paranoid about the Soviets. I’m not defending the democrats, I think they’re almost as despicable as the republicans, but although this guy doesn’t seem to have an official political affiliation, his beliefs align with those of republicans, not democrats. And take the recent mass killings – these were done in the name of racial hatred, anti abortion, anti progressive politics. These killers were espousing republican ideologies. You Rhoads (definitely not of scholar fame) are a tool.

          • Alan Rhoads

            James Huberty likely is a Democrat and fits the profile well. Violence is a major highlight.
            You fit the liberal profile very well; an excellent classic example. Instead of saying positive suggestions, you call people names and attack their character. Psych Class. This example (Mr. “linked1”), may be on the Final Exam.
            A User dexter49 wrote, “Today’s pathetic, Un-American Democratic Party has become the most hateful, violent, bigoted, untrustworthy, lying, bigoted, hypocritical and racist group of people in our Nation’s history. Far worse now then at the end of the Civil War when they founded the “Clan” that taunted and lynched Black Americans. That being said, please do not stop because real Americans know exactly who you are and what you are doing to this country.”

          • linked1

            I’m not a ‘librul’, but if I had to take a label it would be far-left, anti authoritarian progressive. Who cares what Dexter49 says. He, or you can say anything. It doesn’t mean anything. Pretty much nothing you say is of any value, except insofar as it’s a gauge showing how far off the rails crazy many Americans have become. But again, far be it from me to defend the democrats – they’re hypocrites. But their major failing isn’t as you suggest, if anything, it’s that they’ve become too much like the republicans, who fit Dexter49’s description of dems rather well.

          • linked1

            The progressive left brought us the 8 hr workday, weekends, and vacations, the right brought us the KKK and the proliferation of guns.

          • Diana Hinton

            What about the 105 republicans who have killed people?

          • Alan Rhoads

            I’m willing to see your list of Republicans who shot and murdered. Please give dates, number killed or shot, and locations. Thanks.

          • Heather Soper

            You forgot to mention corrupt Republican Prosecutors in corrupt Republican States have got the innocent executed or wrongly convicted and stolen their lives., but then that Truth doesn’t fit your agenda, does it, Alan Rhoads.

          • Jeannie

            ..when there was REAL CORRUPTION and there SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN INDICTMENT the dnc turned a blind eye. Now they are witch hunting relentlessly, searching for something to indict about.

          • Bill Rood

            I agree 100%. I wasn’t defending Democrats, just pointing out that both parties are corrupt. Not only is the Commie bit obsolete, but there are lots of former Trotsky fans who are now Republicans — many of the neocons, for example.

          • Jeannie

            Sorry Bill I was not saying you are wrong. I knew what your were pointing out. And I was making the statement that they are relentlessly digging to find anything they can against President Trump.The Republicans were spineless when it came to b HUSSEIN o and his administration….Yes fault on both sides….

          • Alan Rhoads

            “Yes fault on both sides….” And this is the reason that America needs President Trump. He is a breath of fresh air in a room filled with people farting.

          • Jeannie

            Amen!!! Indeed he is!!!

          • Heather Soper

            He’s nothing but a thug, you identify with that, obviously. You have allowed him to brainwash you. Americans need Trump like they need a hole in the head. He lies so much.. ‘Healthcare will be cheaper and better’…… so he slashes Medicaid and Medicare……. and you can’t see the lies because you’re blindsided. Pitiful really.

          • Alan Rhoads

            I can think of a lot of people who have a better judge of character than you have, Ms. Soper. Being filled with hate can actually take its toll on health and vigor.
            I’ve been pondering a thought regarding Election 2016. Is it possible that there is far more significant involvement herein than meets the eye? I’m talking about God against the invisible Forces of Darkness (fallen angels); literally. Satan would love to keep Pres. elect Donald Trump from beginning office. When you consider that Donald Trump’s nomination came as one of 19 others. And then you consider the electoral college battle. And now even to the last breath of the DNC, they are protesting into Inauguration Day, and even six months later at Independence Day. But God will prevail against the forces of darkness (the Demons). I praise God for that. Yes. We need to keep the President and Vice President and their families in our prayers. We must diligently seek your face, oh God.

          • Heather Soper

            LOL Filled with hate?! God, Satan, WTF have they to do with anything, are you completely out of your mind?

            Yeah you want to keep the LIES, I understand that only too well lol Trump: ‘the size of the crowd for me was Yuuuge, much bigger than for Obama’.. Bullcrap!!!! If you can’t see this as a YUUGE lie I feel sorry for you!

            I can see you’re one of these ‘Christians’ who does not care a jot that under Trump’s Deathcare millions of people will lose Healthcare because, (even though Trump said it would be much cheaper, hey, another LIE) there are millions who won’t be able to afford it.

            Some Christian person you are!!! But do not worry (perish the thought), there are more of you so-called Christians, that is the problem in the US, you think God will fight a battle to put others’ lives at risk. Those people with pre-existing conditions may as well give up all hope.

          • Heather Soper

            Bloody Hilarious, thanks so much for the laugh!!!

            I don’t somehow think God is going to help Trump with his deathcare plan! 🙂 Too funny!!

          • Heather Soper

            “The time has come for all Americans to decide if they are going to support America or Donald Trump because we can no longer do both. As Americans we can no longer support a president who ridicules disabled people, insults P.O.W’s, veterans and Gold Star families, or brags about sexually assaulting the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of this country. As Americans we can no longer support a president who continues to divide our country with hate, anger and fear who only appeals to his base instead of trying to unite America. As Americans we can no longer support a president who lies by changing his story every time he speaks, violates human rights and would destroy our health care system just to give tax breaks to the wealthy. As Americans we can no longer support a president who attacks the free press declaring that freedom of speech is the enemy of the people and who denigrates, insults and undermines our intelligence agencies. As Americans we can no longer support a president who will criticize our allies yet will not denounce our enemies. If you still support this president, you also support all the deviate behavior listed above including the abandonment of human values, a corruption of our Constitution, and a betrayal of the America we hope to be. As Americans we pledge our allegiance to America not to Donald Trump. #ChooseTruthOverTrump”

          • Varaytorres

            “Varaytorres an hour ago

            What is a “Credible news source’? What is Credible? Que son lasnoticias Creibles? o verdaderas? Que significa Noticias Creibles ?

            ♪♪- Ms. Martini-♪♪

            ♪♪- Ms. Martini-♪♪ an hour ago


            1 Reply View in discussion” Just who is this woman with the Hijab?? I don’t think she is that smart.

          • Varaytorres

            Ms Martini?! is a hi up person here on DISQUS// Well bye to her too.. Off to http://www.gab.ai where it IS FREE SPEECH…unlike here where they have too many”RULES” haste luego If I don’t show up here later .. you will know why.. Battle for Amerika.

          • pragDem

            she’s a moderator for the news views group. the rules and guidelines for that group can be found on their page.

          • Heather Soper

            And Mueller will find it and indict Trump. The list is Long as you will see, that is if you take off your rose tinted glasses.

          • http://ixquick.com Mark III

            Behold the DC establishment oligarchy. The R establishment and the D establishment are working the same agenda.

            DC functions as a corporation, and routinely acts on behalf of self, fellow globalists, and international banks.

            DC is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the US congress, and is not a part of any state.

            If Trump is to have long term success against the globalist establishment,the 2 party establishment charade must be exposed and disabled.

            Read: “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” – Gary Allen, 1971 – read online

          • KSEMBB1

            Yes some Repubs are corrupt but so far, none have murdered anyone.

          • Tim Fay

            FDR was, at the Very least, a sympathizer with the communists, and socialists. He famously called Stalin, “Uncle Joe”. When informed of the presence of a communist in his cabinet, (Alger Hiss), he told the whistle blower to “Go *&@# yourself!”. Interesting that he still went on to include Hiss on his team in the planning and foundation of the U.N. Who promptly gave away the negotiating points to the Russians. (Sources: “FDR; New deal or raw deal” Burton Folsom, “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers; “The Vernona Project”.

          • http://ixquick.com Mark III

            “The goal of socialism is communism” – Vladimir Lenin

            “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” – Barack Obama

            “…They have infiltrated every conceivable sphere of activity: youth groups, radio, television, and motion picture industries, church, school, educational and cultural groups, the press, national minority groups, and civil and political units…” John Stormer- “None Dare Call it Treason” 1964

            See: “AGENDA – Grinding America Down” – vimeo

            Read: “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” – Gary Allen, 1971 – read online

          • bsroon

            The Bolsheviks of course – are run by the zionists…

          • Alan Rhoads

            I am a Zionist but I am not a Bolshevik, nor a Jew. A Zionist is Anyone (Jew or Gentile) who believes that the land between the Jordan River and the Great Sea belongs to the Jews; The State of Israel.

          • Heather Soper

            Thuggery? Yep Trump and his shithole Mouth. And YES he Did say it!

        • Alan Rhoads

          I sent it to former AG Lynch, former Dir. FBI Comey, AG Jeff Sessions, and Dir. FBI Christopher Wray.

          • Jeannie

            Watch your back

          • Heather Soper


        • Alan Rhoads

          I encourage you and anyone else to do just that. I have mailed it.

      • Dave Youngman

        YOU’RE NEXT …

        • Angee

          No doubt about it. but the truth won’t die if it’s spread out over and over!

        • Alan Rhoads

          As my Lord leads, I will follow.

          • Heather Soper

            Like a sheep being led to the slaughter!

          • Alan Rhoads

            I believe that you and I will have different outcomes on our individual and personalized Judgment Days. You say that my Lord leads His own to the slaughter. I say that He will lead me to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Never play your folly with God. It is a fearful thing to do. Never mock Him. Never laugh at Him. Only a fool would do that.

          • Heather Soper

            There IS No Judgement day… its your Fear that’s the problem, Fear lies at the root of all Republicans.. Fear is a destroyer.

            I notice you haven’t replied to my other comment today but chose this one.. !

            I am no fool.

      • neusys

        Don’t you love how everyone all of a sudden becomes a lawyer, detective, knowing everything that goes on, yet they comment on social media, when if they have all this evidence, why are you holding out. Go to the authorities. Yet, you voted for egregiously and grievously far worse, and that makes all of you hypocrites — corrupt, amoral hypocrites. You can’t separate the vote from the voter. We don’t need a justice system nor the death penalty. Now, if that anus can get rid of SCOTUS, I bet all of you would just be happier than pigs in sh*t!

        • Isa

          What in the hell are you blathering on about?

          • Randy

            That’s exactly what I thought too. What a tool.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            That he is another anti Trump, anti law, anarchist fool.

        • KEN

          why go to the authorities when all this has already been made public,by the media cnn fox congress mentioned it in the hearings etc.

          • Candace

            Sometimes it good to remind those in the swamp that we the people are aware and watching what they do.

        • Alan Rhoads

          I sent it to former AG Lynch, former Dir. FBI Comey, AG Jeff Sessions, and Dir. FBI Christopher Wray. And hand-delivered a letter to local field offic of FBI. Did I do enough? Or do you want me to do more.

        • LittleRoot_48


      • Gilbert Romo

        Alan I hope you are a well armed and has a good know how on how to use his weapons. Because you may need to watch your back. That letter is sooo full of truth that is may make you a target of this family. Be careful and keep your enemies closer than your friends.

        • Fletch

          Not true — she lost the election because she did not have a decent agenda for the American people to vote for and because of her corruption!!!

          • LittleRoot_48

            Try telling HER that.

        • Enchanted1

          This is common knowledge so I don’t think he’d be in any danger.

        • Alan Rhoads

          I really like the Sauer P229, .357mm, actually.

      • spash

        Protector? Comey lost Clinton the election by reopening the
        bogus email issue and making a big deal of it 10 or so days before the election!

        • Shosholoza

          Spash is a novice to how this game is played.

        • momsaid

          Is that why Democrats are calling for Trump to be impeached? Because he fired Comey? If the former FBI director was responsible for Hillary’s loss, why is he now a cause celeb?

          • Tim Fay

            That is the one truly comical aspect to it all! Until President Trump actually fired Comey, the dems were Screaming for his Blood!! Then, when he Was fired, they suddenly became unified in his defense! Double think at it’s finest!!

        • Alan Rhoads

          Mr. Comey has been Clinton’s Protector for over thirty years. He’s been cleaning up after them in many ways. The American people were not fooled by Hillary Clinton and came forward last November to “say so”.

        • LittleRoot_48

          She lost the election for herself. She’s the reason FOR the email issue. HER loss is on HER head alone.

        • Tim Fay

          There’s more than just a little truth to the comic meme that circulated during the email scandal wherein the “explanation” for Comey not pursuing Hillary was that he found his “suicide note” among the hidden emails…. ROFL!!

      • Karen

        DID YOU SEND IT?

        • Alan Rhoads

          Absolutely. I sent it to AG Jeff Sessions, and Dir. FBI Christopher Wray.

      • Itmatters59

        Dear Mr. Roads,
        May our heavenly Father protect and keep your family out of harms way. We definitely have a great need for more concerned and bold citizens like you. It seems like the Clinton Crime Family believes that they can continue to due whatever advances their agenda. We have so many corrupt, spineless and gutless politicians in office it sickens me. One thing I do know though, the Clinton’s can’t cheat death. Their time will come before a just God.

        • Alan Rhoads

          It is appointed unto man once to die and then the Judgment’ I am told.

          • John Wilson

            and then, on that great and terrible day we will all give an account…yes

        • Anne Zadonia

          OMG. Literally. You people are loony tunes.

          • LittleRoot_48

            If you think the Clintons aren’t capable of having their “enemies” wiped out, YOU are the looney tune.

          • Christie Lee Cave-Faulk

            You might want to go back and start studying the Clintons from the time they were in Arkansas. The people who have died due to their connections to the Clintons is no coincidence. If you can defend the Clinton’s after studying their history from then till now, I’d like to hear your defense.

          • Candace

            I lived in Mena AR during his governorship, trust me, the people of AR know very well what the Clinton’s are capable of.

          • Alan Rhoads

            The “Count” is at least 50, now.

          • Don & Cristina Smith

            “OMG. Literally. You people are loony tunes.” OMG = O my God…….. Does that make you “looney tunes?”
            If He’s your God then study His Word.

          • Alan Rhoads

            “So then, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (the Bible).

          • Don & Cristina Smith
          • Jeannie

            Still have your head up your back side I see!!!

          • hiway280z

            no believe it or not, your going to be judged the same as all of us.

        • hiway280z

          your right they will be judged after death and lies, money and power are of no use at that time. They can look at him and say how sorry they are but God reads hearts. His judgement and sentence will take place immediately, on the spot. No appeal, no parole, no probation but eternity in Hell. It is the choice they made on earth living rich meaning more to them than life for others.

          • Itmatters59

            Awesome response, thank you for the feedback.

      • Marc Mercury

        God will have say so in the end .

      • Stop the BS

        Was this letter actually written by Christopher Wray?

        • lm1951

          No, he is being sent a copy. “Cc”.

        • Alan Rhoads

          No. I sent it. Mr. Wray was copied on it.

      • Muradieu Joseph

        This letter is written by a 2nd grade dropped out. So it has no merite.

        • Tristan Chris Heiss

          *merit*….so how is it you qualify to critic another’s writing?

          • deb

            The word is “critique”

        • LittleRoot_48

          Says someone who should have written “2nd grade drop-out” and cannot spell the word “merit” correctly.

      • Richard

        This criminal witch and her pervert husband both need to be brought to justice for the good of the country and constitutional governance.

      • Scott Simpson

        Who is Brien Comey? The former FBI Director was James Comey.

        • Alan Rhoads

          James Brien Comey is the former Dir. FBI who President Trump had fired.

      • Jeannie

        Terrific letter thanks for sending it. Hopefully Sessions will see it…

      • Fuzzybat

        Clinton Email scandal: Tons of evidence, no investigation.
        Trump Russia scandal: NO evidence, investigation and constant reporting by the media, despite lack of evidence?

        Seem a little one sided.

      • chris

        Fake news all you trump lovers are dying to see innocent Hillary go down for nothing. She has never done a bad thing in her life.

        • deplorabledave


      • Len Goforth

        All this amounts to is speculation.

        • Alan Rhoads

          A Grand Jury would be the right choice to find out. Wouldn’t it?

      • flowers of fate

        i will b 2 ignorant 2 even find my way back here but if u r on twitter i wish u’d post this letter as petition of sorts. millions of people feel the same way & would sign it. i’m ready to now. really it was a good letter.

        • Alan Rhoads

          Doesn’t Twitter limit the number of characters?

      • jimtik mars

        they are all politcians they take care of their own if you think sessions is going to do something about the clintons corruptions then i have a bridge to sell to you.

        • Alan Rhoads

          If it’s one over the Hudson River, I already own it. I sense these are different times than the last eight years. And different people put in place. So I hope and pray that you’re wrong. How about sending your letter to Jeff Sessions; just cut and paste, stick it in an envelope, address it, and place a forever stamp on it; then mail it.

      • N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E.

        Too bad Sessions will be in prison before he can do anything about anything except try to save his ass.

        • Alan Rhoads

          Uh? I think that you misspeak. He’ll be the AG through 2024. Now former AG Loretta Lynch will likely be loving orange jumpsuits.

      • FREEDOM



        • FREEDOM


      • overloard

        Excellent letter…………….

      • GoldenParachute

        Keep in mind that Eberwein was schedule to give testimony regarding charges surrounding his own corruption.

        But go on and enjoy your conspiracy theory while it lasts.

      • Johnny Canuck

        Nice effort and well written. However, we have reached a point in America where only guns will settle the differences between the left and right. I fear a civil war is coming because no one is listening anymore and that’s what happens.

        I blame the media as the biggest of many perpetrating the polarization we are now experiencing.. in the Western world.


        • Alan Rhoads

          I like the Sauer P229, .357mm, myself.

      • Devon_Nullman

        James Comey’s brother is the Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas at DLA Piper, the same firm that prepares taxes for the Clinton Foundation. If you are going write Jeff Sessions a letter, at least be accurate.

        • Alan Rhoads

          Thank you. However the letter was already mailed.

      • Dennis

        Well Done!!!!!!!!!

      • Christopher Riddle


      • Groucho

        That is a thing of beauty. Other Americans should take your letter and forward it to their elected representatives as well as to Sessions.

        Well done!

        • Alan Rhoads

          Thanks. I do hope that it will help put into perspective who Comey, the Leaker is, and who he was the Protector of (Clintons).

        • Heather Soper


      • Angelia Purvis

        I believe he was afraid of becoming deceased as well.

      • Varaytorres

        may I use ur words and send him same letter w my name added?

        • Alan Rhoads

          Certainly. Feel free to send it.

          • Varaytorres

            Thanks this DISQUS site is quite the liberal leftie… Socialist… ideology etc etc. etc…1234567689708-076954873

          • Varaytorres

            Thank you sir.. This site though is quite the liberal rag… just saying.

          • Varaytorres

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDr7jUv2qK4 worth watching to This guy is still alive, Clintons have not got to him yet…see what is up with USA in 5 years.. The last 5 years went by fast if you are over 30….save- share freely get on http://www.gab.ai.com asap Free Speech without the Censorship here or other Twits and Fakebooks.

      • Thomas Webb

        YEAH BUDDY!

      • Burnt Orange

        Great letter BUT most individuals in this country have lost all faith in the DOJ & FBI when it comes to both Clintons. They are IN FACT above the law and will never be charged with anything from the Foundation to their everyday violations of government protocols, rules and or Federal Laws.
        Just as third world governments don’t investigate the criminal activities of their officials our Congress chooses NOT to open a can of worms that might expose their own behinds to jeopardy.

        Or maybe it is fear with all the bodies, suicides and murders connected to these two. The stats on having so many individuals in your obit, however slightly, die under such odd circumstances is astronomical and off the charts. Many, many of he actual murders remain unsolved. Suicides by the basket full. Usually it is someone who has turned on the Clintons or is ready to testify.

        • Alan Rhoads

          I agree with you. The years before, when Loretta Lynch and James Comey prevailed. Comey, as I mentioned, shielded Hillary from justice performed. Lynch quietly refrained from doing the responsible act of prosecution. I’m hoping that with a new AG (Sessions) and new Dir. FBI (Wray), there will be Rule of Law restored and that they will properly investigate and prosecute the Clintons. Fear of reprisal ought not be a factor for someone in the FBI.

      • MattBracken
      • apeman2502

        Comey was the #1 money launderer through HBSC bank for the Bush criminal cabal moving cocaine for guns. Killary was the legal department making sure things moved smoothly.

      • rick dalton

        What ass hole you think someone made you god ? Hell Crooked trump will hit the prison system before Hilary will.By the way the bull shit Crooked Trump lawyer trying to spread around about his personal business is off limits cause of the statue on limitation here how that really works……..DEFINITION of ‘Statute Of Limitations’. A statute of limitations
        is a law which sets out the maximum time that parties have to initiate
        legal proceedings from the date of an alleged offense. The precise form
        of a statute of limitations differs from one jurisdiction to the next. Other words it don’t start till charges been filed

        • OpusX

          fŭck your mơther!!!!!!!

      • John Newman

        Not to mention that Comey as we know had made his decision about Clinton’s guilt even before the investigation, he only spoke with 3 of the 4 FBI agents that interviewed Clinton. He said he didn’t have to confer with the 4th Agent…..
        How could he make a decision based on 3/4 of the evidence or statements from the interview???
        Just another slip…..That was before we knew about his exoneration letter….

      • Heather Soper

        LOL One born every minute!!!!

    • BlackJack Charles

      It was suicide, you stupid fuck.

      • Pam Delaney

        Hillary, is that you?

      • Dianna Hughey

        Yeah.. another multiple gunshots to the back of the head

      • Bob Hampton

        Just like all the other “suicides.”

        • Vince Davis

          The Arkancides

          • http://www.google.com Just Another Guy ✓ ✓ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            arkancide.com keeps the tally.

      • Mad Dawgg
      • john

        How about the Republican operative who recently died of a “suicide” with a note written in another person’s hand saying “THIS IS A SUICIDE.” They are getting sloppy!

        • Julie Berry Clark

          I don’t think they’re trying to hide anything. I think they want people to know that if they cross them, they will die.
          They have gotten away with so much, why would they think anything will be done about it now?

          PS: I’m from arkansas.

          • Willo

            The people of Mena, AR.don’t have much love for the Clintons, right?

          • Candace

            Exactly right, I lived there in the 70s and 80s.

      • vegetarianj

        You should count how many “suicides” are connected to the Clintons At least 100 So before you call someone a “stupid fuck” do your research

      • catluvr


      • DC

        Who’s the stupid fuck?!

        • chazmo

          the ones who voted for Oduma 2x

      • OGsirWillieBoskettThe2nd


      • Kristine

        Yeah dummy, it’s always “suicide”….or a plane crash or robbery! I’m glad everyone I’m connected with doesn’t turn up dead of unnatural causes like they do for the Clintons! You must be one of those “coincidence theorists”!

    • eric

      Ssshhh…they’ll kill you!

      • john

        I suppose you think Vince Foster also committed suicide as well (with two bullet holes in his head), and Ron Brown’s death was due to a plane accident (with a bullet hole in his head), or Seth Rich was a robbery (with his wallet in his pocket and an expensive watch on his arm). You liberals are pathetic!

        • john

          Sorry eric that was meant for Black Jack Charles.

        • charlesharris

          On July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr. died when the airplane he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He was going to run for the Senate seat of NY in 2000. Guess who won the seat. HRC.

          • Kathryn J. Hernandez

            charlesharris: Most do not know this, but the Clinton machine is particularly adept at manipulation of airplanes. Always has been an issue. They specialize in it.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            Thank you Ma’am ,saved me the trouble of typing same.

          • Gilbert Romo

            Hillochio would have never won that seat from JFK jr. Only way was to have him killed.

          • LittleRoot_48

            I didn’t know at the time that he planned to run for the Senate seat in NY in 2000. All f a sudden, that plane crash makes perfect sense. The Clintons are the epitome of E V I L.

          • philip.dennany

            I always believed that the airplane went down with GW Bush’s assist.

          • Big Dave

            What would GW Bush have gained by that plane crash? Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, had a clear path to the Senate.

          • doloresd

            And she thought to the White House eventually to become the first female president. Mark my words, she is going to run again in 2020. She is that nuts.

        • Angee

          The Clintons are plain shameless, fearless and lack a conscience. They have got away with so many crimes they can’t keep count of the bodies. If they get away with so many deaths, there is still the final Judge: God.

          • http://totallyunjust.tripod.com Geeky Grandma


        • Sharon Dewey

          Please don’t attack those who defend the Clintons as “liberals” or even “progressives”. They are just sycophants who happen to be on the “liberal” side of the aisle and haven’t seen the truth yet. But you know and I know that BOTH sides of the aisle in Washington are f*cked up and corrupt to the hilt. #TheyDoNotServeUs anymore. They are all corporate shills and war mongers who serve the Corporate State, the unelected and powerful Deep State and the War Machine, no matter which front puppet is in the White House. We the PEOPLE, Right and Left, need to UNITE to take our government back. #IWantMyDemocracyBack!!

          • doloresd

            Well, that is why President Trump is having a hard time getting cooperation from his own party. Ryan and all the others are just so wrong. They should be passing his agenda. It’s what the people of America voted him in for. I am sick and tired of all of the games people are playing. The Democrats are getting paid for being Obstructionists. Vote all the mental cases out like Pelosi, Schumer and especially people like Maxine Waters. None of them are working for the people. They’re all working for themselves.

          • Heather Soper

            LOL Talk about sick in the head!!! Yep, join Trump for his wanton destruction of America, that’s the way to do it!.

        • Tristan Chris Heiss

          Seth was killed by two bullets to the back, by the way.

      • Angee

        The Clintons’ already earned hell for a permanent mansion.

        • Tristan Chris Heiss

          I wish someone would expedite their moving there..

    • Lori Balbach


    • Sc00ter5111

      They’ll never be arrested. Maybe someone with the assets and connections will find a way to get close enough to assassinate those murdering thieves! They all deserve the most horrific death imaginable!

    • Giancarlo Chicco

      you are an asshole

      • Valerie Felger Wagner


    • WandaZZ

      Who’s going to testify? Is there anyone left alive?

    • Carlo Lucia Stupar

      Observing from Australia – this is a Long Time coming, surely !!

    • MoralityandSense

      This is crazy what are we a banana Republic?

    • Julie Charles

      Seemingly, the Clintons OWN our government. except the Presidency, who state may not be a long term event.
      We are living in terrible times as Paul warns Timothy, his spiritual son through Christ Jesus, in 2 Timothy3:1-8+
      We need to ready ourselves for Jesus’ Second comong. We can do that by practicing Matthew 25 :30-46

    • Christie Lee Cave-Faulk

      WAY PAST high time, isn’t it???!!! OMG.

    • Max Glazer

      Arrest? Retirement on permanent basis with confiscation of all monetary, business and personal assets, Stalin-style, is MUCH more appropriate, considering the amount and type of crimes committed by those intimately connected to the Clinton family.

    • vincew9298

      Working in law enforcement for a quarter century I can attest that this is one of the most incompetent investigations I have ever heard about. The person in charge of the investigation should be charged with colluding with the suspect. It’s curious that a suspect in one of the most notorious criminal investigations in our countries history no one records the interview of the prime suspect but the head of the agency that just conducted this debacle they call an investigation make meticulous note when he speaks to the President of The United States. This “Matter” need to be re-investigated by real agents who know how to put their political blindfolds on and try to pick up the mess left by Comey and make a case if one can be made.
      The American people deserve truthful answers.

    • Christopher Riddle

      It’s PAST TIME!I still remember”The List”that was published by The Late,Great Bob Grant!!There were over one-hundred names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WOrkingTaxpayer

      White House contact form on line or call the White House or do both…along with Sessions whom is being overwhelmed…but TRUMP should have locked all gov doors; and fired everyone even if it meant a shutdown because the prior 8 yr ISLAMFASCISTNAZI had all pre planned…had removed…the Muslims names…just one who knows what else…along with entire so called Intelligence…vs USA Feds and Homeland Insecurity…Muslims…at the head of all these organizations appointees..who live to love to CALIFATE hate..USA

    • FollowDaMoney

      Was that multiple gun shots to the head?

    • Robert

      Try again – it’s fake news – someone else should be arrested.


    • rick dalton

      Arrest them for what idiot you being stupid enough to believe RWNJs propaganda bull shit .Crooked trump was right he could shit in your mouths and you fools would just eat it up

      • OpusX

        fŭck your mơther!!!!!!!!!

    • Alex1956

      I among many are more than disappointed by the actions and inaction taken by Attorney General Sessions…

      Why hasn’t the Clinton Foundation be thoroughly investigated for corruption, theft, tax violations, etc.?

      Why isn’t George Soros in jail awaiting trial and deportation to Hungary?

      Why does the AG continually support “civil forfeiture”. which is entirely unconstitutional?

      • monica

        100% correct

    • https://instasafari.com/user/therock Dwayne Johnson Instagram

      According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head“. Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide.”

    • Illuminati Seti I

      Arrest the scummy clintons

    • https://freshcalendars.com/march-2018-calendar march calendar

      The Haitian government issued an official notice thanking Eberwein for his service and mourning his untimely death.

  • John C Carleton

    Pedophile, war crime trials- Washington DC, 2017. Fair trials, fair hangings.


    • Gale60

      Nice parody from Dr. Hook fav

  • mary

    Mu donation to the Haitian disaster of 100dollars organized by George Clooney, went into the coffers of Killary Clinton and now yet again some poor innocent has been suicided, just how many murders is this demon going to get away with

    • Jillian

      As many as necessary to line her pockets. It’s obvious now that no one is going to investigate all the deaths piled on her doorstep.

    • leviathan

      You trusted Clooney one of their best friends.?

    • Vincent Carron

      Mary i know this is not much of an answer here however if you should read my comments i posted as a reply to keysrat on this page i am sure you will find it interesting to read ! with no more boundaries on anything or anyone anymore it is now a open playing field so to speak with no applied rule’s please read !

    • Casey Copeland

      Why would donate anything to George Clooney. He is as leftwingnut as they come. Hell he paid for an appetizer with your money. People donate to all these foreign causes while American veterans sleep on the street. I hate you people.

    • hawaiiguy32

      All of them unfortunately.

  • clarioncaller

    Just another notch in Killary’s broomstick.

    • Roy Walsh

      Does she get a new one ever so often, with all her notches there can’t be much broomstick left !!

    • Jannette Day

      Horrible but true. It’s the old, there she goes again. Just think if she had become President and somebody got in her way, or she was being exposed for something. She would just have them rubbed out. I guess it just gets easier.

  • James M Ryan


    • Carol McCormick

      They might lose it too

      • Wri8terofWrongs

        Saved me from having to say it. It really drives me nuts. Sometimes I think I am going to “loose” my mind over this now all too common mistake.

      • Amy Unruh

        Sometimes auto correct is responsible, so please be nice.

    • gale storm


    • Kristy Smelcer

      Totally agree… an outside forensic expert should be called in to examine this there is no way that there are this many suicides connected to these people the statistics alone is impossible

      • http://www.google.com Just Another Guy ✓ ✓ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Hope he or she hires some bodyguards first….

  • Anne Felippe

    This is clintons M-13 gang killing anyone who stands up against her

    • KSEMBB1

      Actually, I’ve read that 2 MS-13 gang members were hired to kill Seth Rich and they botched it. Those gang members will kill anyone just for fun, but I’m sure they were paid a pretty penny. The day after Rich’s murder, there were 2 MS-13 gang members shot to death in one of the NYC burroughs. Elimination of witnesses?

  • keysrat

    Killiary at it again!! She must have a team of hitmen!!

    • Vincent Carron

      after reading about this and other murder’s not related to this matter speaking only for myself on this matter i wonder how long it will be before big or small donors that gave money into this fund and might raise any question’s or concern’s about this subject like where did their money go ? will they be getting a visit also ? for asking to many question’s ? and how many of them will be ruled a suicide ? interesting to say the least !

      • Jerri

        Never will ask because they can not accept that they are crooks.

      • vegetarianj

        There are several videos on YouTube explains the phenomenon of deaths connected to the Clintons. What a coincidence!

  • Ann Moon

    Just another unexplained death of one who opposed Hillary. Why don’t those people have body guards at all times knowing the history of those that oppose her that show up dead?

    • Rebecca Richards

      Because people don’t have the money of the Clinton’s. Bodyguards are pretty expensive!

  • Carolingian
  • Pete Greco

    How blatant and in your face can these murders be that would have testified negatively against the Clintons? How many dozens of Clinton connected murders can be just a coincidence when they are going against the Clinton cabal? Is our DOJ that ignorant or depending on your financial status you can get away with murder any time you want? Where is the investigation?

    • Byteme: Truth Hurts

      I’m with Pete on this, I mean really they aren’t even trying to hide the killings now.

      • mdtak

        maybe just insecure and hopeless people plan to testify against Clintons? I think they have emboldened themselves to be untouchable – so hopefully now that overconfidence and brazen actions will get justice finally

    • Kristy Smelcer

      this was exactly my thoughts there should be a independent forensic examiner brought in this should not have been said automatically a suicide even in the criminal justice system when you find someone dead you do not list as a suicide until an unconnected expert has said it was a suicide and even then they could have had him hold the gun and do it .. so yes investigation needs to be done thoroughly this many homicides surrounded by two people is statistically unable!!

  • Anne Felippe

    This is another clinton murder. Is anyone going to do something about this??

    • Kathleen A Nobile


  • Anne Felippe

    Curious how anyone to testify against the clintons winds up dead. Days before their testimony

    • Matt

      It’s an unusual phenomenon

    • Sandra Martin

      What I don’t understand is why isn’t anything done??? People are dying left and right because of Killary. Instead of people asking to get their lousy $100 dollars back why not sign a petition for an investigation into all these murders. Americans have the right to know why is it EVERY TIME someone is going to talk about the Clinton Foundation they end up DEAD!!! Knowing that if I was to talk about the foundation do you think I would make it public!!!! Come on people…Something HAS to be done. Why is nothing being done???

      • Coradean Camery

        I’m like Sandra, WHY isn’t she stopped? Why hasn’t she been pulled into Prison to wait for a murder and more trial? It gets worse all the time.

        • Candace

          The swamp is deep and full of skeletons.

      • john

        I would sign that petition also!

        • lisa b

          I would sign petition and donate money!

    • Mendota2

      Global Warming, no, I mean, Climate Change.

    • Ben J Petrone

      The Clinton’s must have took lessons from the mafia .

      • NazdaPokmov

        Very sloppy lessons. I knew a hitman that did cleaner hits than this.

      • Dirty_Martini

        Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodman, was in the Chicago Mob.

    • Valerie Felger Wagner

      Happened too many times! Whose in charge, who hasn’t or that isn’t doing their job? Trump can’t do everything!

    • Big Dave

      The odds of so many people winding up dead under questionable at best circumstances that had dirt on the Clintons and they had nothing to do with those deaths is virtually nil.

  • BadMoonRising

    Shouldn’t we be putting these people into protective custody by now? How many more people have to be suicided by the Clinton Crime Cartel before proper steps are taken to?

    • Kristy Smelcer

      they most certainly should be protected of course I think they make it hard for him to do it but we should also pay for them to be protected I don’t trust the clintons at all and statistically this makes no sense whatsoever this many suicides connected to two people could not be possible

  • Jim McCormack


    • Kristy Smelcer

      the question is what are we going to do about it. these government officials have gotten so far out of control it’s off the charts statistically this many suicides surrounded by two people is impossible clearly impossible

  • http://sasrai.com/pope-francis-voice-sasrai-movement/ SM Farid Uddin Akhter

    Omnivorous Entity NGOs Promote New Version of Slavery

    The very emergence of NGO (Nurturing Grim openly) in Bangladesh aimed at robbed up the spirit of Bangladesh Freedom Fight 1971. The NGOs targeted the youth aged 15 to 35 those who stirred up the love, friendship, fellow feelings and sacrifice by the 1971[that they inherited from the Sufi, Dervish, Alem, Ulama and Sheikh since 12th century. Where it was the righteousness, spirituality, honesty, modesty, integrity, impartiality, morality, civility, sincerity, love, fellow feelings, friendship, care and service for all indiscriminately.]

    The crook tried lot against the freedom of a nation shamelessly. The complete failure of 1971 instigate them to put a vicious trap ie the NGO to mitigate their pain, sobs, sorrows etc or create a new version of slavery.

    Local and international crook jointly generate this disaster for the nation and spread it subcontinent. Yes we must say there were some good souls merged here on good faith and those also converted to the crook created main stream follow the trend of criminals’ traps. This is the time to assess and reassess the contribution NGO, INGO and UN body in the subcontinent.

    Development Deceivers’ Defined Civil Society

    Yo https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1834108870178319&set=a.1376736299248914.1073741828.100007376703347&type=3&theater
    BRA https://www.facebook.com/fgaleeb/posts/1838859509703255?notif_t=like&notif_id=1484357422823090
    I https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1838016359787570&set=a.1376736299248914.1073741828.100007376703347&type=3&theater

  • bruce soden

    I sure hope Mr. Eberwein had the foresight to leave a written, notarized copy of his planned testimony in a very safe place in the event of his untimely suicide.

    • Amy Unruh

      LOL. I do, too. Suicide, my foot. Do they really think people are that gullible?

      • Bob Smithers

        Clearly, Dimbocraps are!

        • catluvr

          They just ignore such truths. You know, inconvenient truths.

    • charlesharris

      During the DNC Convention he stood outside yelling everything he knew about the Clintons. FOX aired it.

  • gale storm

    murder by suicide seems to be the mo of the clintons….it’s just a matter of course for them now…..They are pure evil!

  • Hermen

    The Jeff Sessions Justice department will be impugned along with Trump and his administration in the eyes of the American people if these murders and ‘suicides’ haven’t resulted in charges soon!!! THIS NEEDS TO END NOW!!!!!!

    • Kristy Smelcer

      Totally agree

  • Betty4440


    • Kristy Smelcer


      • john

        94 plus!

  • Eddie Fridovich

    Like in the USSR when everyone the state did not like died from the flue ..In the USA they get depressed and commit suicide ..

  • maquignon

    Vince Foster
    Seth Rich
    Christopher Stevens
    Sean Smith
    Tyrone Woods
    Glen Doherty
    James McDougal
    Peter Smith
    Ron Brown
    Monica Petersen
    Klaus Eberwein
    Shawn Lucas
    Victor Thorn
    Joe Montano
    John Ashe
    Gareth Williams
    Charles Ruff
    Carlos Ghigliotti
    Charles Wilbourne Miller
    Daniel Dutko
    Lt. Gen. David McCloud
    Johnny Lawhorn Jr.
    Eric Butera
    Ron Miller
    Mary Caitrin Mahoney
    John Hillyer
    Barbara Wise
    Charles Meissner
    Stanley Huggins
    Bill Shelton
    Kathy Ferguson
    James Bunch
    Gandy Baugh
    Ed Willey
    Jerry Luther Parks
    Jon Parnell Walker
    Jim Wilhite
    Susan Coleman

    • Karin McMullen

      how about all the business men and the secretary of commerce that were on the plane that “crashed” into the mountains ???

    • Mike Geremia

      PUBLISH THIS LIST……………………….

    • CeceD

      That’s just the short list.

    • CeceD
      • vegetarianj

        Try 128

    • KSEMBB1

      Add Sandy Hume, Brit Hume’s son.

  • Pamela Hunter

    If you get around the Clinton’s you might just catch that Suicide Bug.

  • Peter Rabies

    When is this witch gonna pay http://megdmonton.myminicity.com/tra

  • Caroline Rose

    suicide ???

  • westriversd1

    and the FBI is doing what? Oh, they are still “investigating” Russia/Trump after more than a year. These “coincidences” of suicides are really getting a bit suspicious, are they not?

  • dizymeup

    Start a petition and demand Clooney return your money. I hear is is back in the US because he feels “safer” here than with the REFUGEES he loves so much surrounding his homes in Europe. When he calls for open immigration in the US he doesn’t mean in his OWN neighborhood.

    • john

      I’ll sign such a petition!

  • scottmc

    Its just the 30th coincidence in a row…

    Next Episode of NCIS re this case
    “Ducky, did he commit suicide”
    “Jetro, the director told me to assume he had arms 12 feet long, was double jointed and he had told everyone he was going to kill himself”
    “Ok, good work Ducky”

  • scottmc

    The pace may pick up!!!

    Maybe a new Soap Opera
    “As the swamp turns”
    “The Old and the Reckless”

  • Maggie Gisonde Faltskog

    another coincidence?? Yeah right!!! Get these pieces of shit off the streets and in jail!!!! What is it going to take to see what these corrupt people are doing????

  • Killer_Beeze

    No one in the history of American politics except the Clinton, have known so many people who have died under suspicious circumstances. This is the stuff rightout of a Tom Clancy novel.

  • penryn

    Hillary must be planning to run for president again. Why else would she have someone killed to prevent another scandal? She has more than enough money to last her the rest of her life. If she dropped off the grid I doubt anyone would try to prosecute her. The only reason for her to stop this guy from talking is that she is planning to be in spotlight again.


    we need to start leaking … that all the democrats are leaking on on eachother … and just maybe they will start thinning the matted hair

  • Patricia Bentley-Fahy

    That is the second “suicide” in as many days!

  • Bruce Simmons

    The Clinton’s must be arrested now or there is no law any of us has to follow!

  • albany le

    Another one added to the list of bodies

  • noahmeen?

    The Clintonistas have figured out what the Mafia never could, how to get the Establishment to collude with their criminal activity. Darth Soros smiles.

  • George Johnson

    Way too many people who are someway involved with the Clintons end up dead, this needs to be addressed

  • http://www.marketing-projects.biz/ Richard Rivette

    ANYONE directly involved in the Haitian reconstruction program knows what happened. A week before the DEMO city was schedule to be constructed by dozens of top firms from around the globe, who had coordinated with each other for more than eight months was summarily cancelled without warning, with no accountability. Funds all gone. Billions. And no one ever heard anything more about helping. Businesses and NGOs around the world put together one of the largest aid programs since D-Day. All gone. All those people who volunteered masses of hours and months of their lives. I lead two symposiums in Miami for the Global reconstruction effort and met with Secretary Locke at Commerce/White House during the crisis. We presented to the UN, the Clinton Foundation. All was going very well. We were looking at a quarter million homes to be built. MILLIONs housed in more comfort, safety, free from major disease, helping end endemic poverty, providing schools, clinics, homespun crafts centers, retail stores. You name it. Entire cities designed. With jobs provided on Haiti for Haitians to learn trades, crafts, skills to support a new economy. It was an amazing feat. THEN the Clintons took over and it all vanished. Anyone with half a brain would tell you they stole it. All of it.

  • Frances Evans

    why are these witness’s not put in protective custudy when they are expected to testify suicide my ass!1 add another body to the Clinton body count!

  • ookie19

    Like Eberwein, this leaves one speechless.

  • Charles Hayden

    I don’t believe for one second it was a suicide.
    Clintons, you will pay for this. God will strike you down
    for all the deceit and hate and manipulation of the American
    justice system you have been a part of. Shame on the
    democratic party for holding them up.

  • Valerie McGahey Walton

    How many more untimely deaths focused around Clinton does it take to finally investigate her? Just asking for it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put 2 + 2 together here!

  • Andrew Thomas Harrelson

    How many dead bodies does it take before Hillary Clinton is charged under the Federal Reco (spelling) laws? How much of the missing money wound up in judge and D.A.’s pockets? And of course the Clintons pay their taxes they learned from what happened to their crime hero Al Capone

  • mhtrc55

    It’s amazing how many people associated in some way, shape or form with the Clintons ends up “committing suicide”. Either they are the unluckiest people in the world or something’s fishy with the Clintons.

  • nomadxx

    The Canadian Trideau Government just gave the Clinton foundation $240 million dollars this week.

  • Amy Unruh

    Why would his family and friends even think he committed suicide. It’s clear he was murdered.

  • Summer

    When are people going to wake up and stop this woman? Circumstantial evidence in all these murders with one common bond – testifying against Hillary! More motive and a pattern in most trials. STOP the CLINTON MAFIA!

  • Afi Keita James

    The cuntons and their minions are gonna pay for what they done.

  • infidel9032

    What’s that; 53 now? How many people do you know that have been murdered? The Clinton’s know at least 53 !!!!

  • Lone Rider

    MSNBC and CNN will be covering this story in detail, shortly. I’m thinking late November or early December on some 3AM 15 viewer program for 10 seconds. No reference to any association with Clinton Foundation affiliation will be allowed. Too inflammatory. The talking head might get shot. No reason to stir up the Clinton execution squad ya know. By the way, how is the Seth Rich investigation going? What? No details yet? Why not? Same reason? Probably.

  • Garan

    Dear lord. The quote attributed to him in this piece of “journalism” was actually said by Dahoud Andre, a Haitian activist — not Eberwein. The attribution to Eberwein comes seems to come from the_Donald subreddit. If you can read French, you’ll note that there is no local journalism connecting him to the CF in any way. What you will find is that he was himself subjected to allegations of incompetence and corruption — years before any suggestion of a Clinton link. Oh, and finally, the hearings he was due to attend had nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation.

    Do any of you possess an ounce of intellectual honesty?

  • leslie green

    Disgusting, evil, murder! Someone prove it!

  • wuzup40

    Someday the Clinton hit men will be exposed and prosecuted.
    I would suggest to them, go to authority’s before your arrest and ask for immunity from prosecution for your testimony against the Clintons wanting certain people killed by you.

  • Ginny

    Pizza sounds suspicious. He must have had a lot to tell.

  • János Pataki

    Ugye senki nem hiszi el, hogy ehhez nincsen köze a Clinton Klánnak ?

  • Maja

    killed in the head

  • Linda

    So is the FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation or aren’t they? It would seem they would unless they fear they might wind up with a bullet in the head if they don’t say a list of corruption but claim there was no intent.

  • Ted Williams Ghost

    Suicide by Clinton….

  • O T

    Another one bites the dust. One more notch on the Clinton gun.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    I hope authorities have enough sense to scour the cameras for the Clinton hit men.

  • DoghouseRiley9


  • Deborah

    why.is there nothing done about this women and her thugs???I despise this woman to the core.She is all he claimed her to be and more.How do liberals condone this behavior? B/C they don’t believe her.She is as oblivious to life as she is to politics.

  • Ben

    There we have it. Another coincidental death of someone who was supposed to be testifying against the Clinton’s. Too many – too often…..

  • marcy77

    And life goes on..wow..

  • Bob Hampton

    Sooner or later the authorities MUST investigate these “coincidence” deaths. This is the second death reported just TODAY with information and planned testimony about the Clinton family finances.

  • Bill Brasky

    ✓ Clintons
    ✓ Haiti
    ✓ Corruption
    ✓ “Suicide”
    ✓ And… pizza

  • Bob Swoger

    Anything involving the Clinton’s is corrupt. All three of them should be in jail.

  • luvsgunsandamerica

    Hopefully Hitlerky and Biildo can catch a .357 lead vitamin to help them towards a dirt nap which they could enjoy together

  • malli

    C’mon, time to drag this crime family in for questioning. UNBELIEVABLE! How many murders are we suppose to look the other way for?

  • malli

    Ya know, when we used to chant “Lock her Up” at those rallies, we weren’t asking… we literally meant it…’LOCK HER UP’

  • Mike

    How about that, ANOTHER suicide associated with someone who was about to expose the Clinton Foundation for what it is, was and always will be, nothing but a slush fund for the Clintons. I guess one more death in a long line of deaths associated with the Clintons just chalk it up. One day I truly hope that all gets exposed for what it is, the Clinton Crime Family or CCF for those in the know.

  • Bob Fry

    I believe this is number #54 of mysterious deaths that have the Clinton Name on them. This is much coincidence to say that there not connected. It’s getting so blatant obvious that if their is a problem that is connected to the Clinton’s that witness, or official seems to commit suicide the night before testifying. This confirms that the U.S.A. has a two tier system for Murder and their getting away with it!

  • http://susancritelli.com Susan Critelli

    Like Vince Foster, no doubt.

  • henry

    Dear Mr President ,I voted for you on two specific reasons -1 Build the wall ! 2- lock her up! If you do not put your foot in Mr Sessions ass and make him do his damn job that he was hired too do ,I’m sorry sir but you will not get my vote next time.

    • skyway1234

      Next week it will be 6 months in office – the first few months without a Cabinet. Give this a chance to happen. Trump is busy and taking care of first things first. For example, the Trump Admin created a new group called Voice to lend support to people who have been hurt by illegal alien violence. Then, they took the officials from a department in ICE that worked as a liaison with the people fighting for amnesty and fighting deportations – and reassigned them to work for VOICE. Just give it all a chance to play itself out.

  • damorris

    What’s the Clinton body count at now?

  • vegetarianj

    What’s the count now? 129?

  • shannonemeadows

    Be intellectually curious. Here’s another perspective. http://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2016-37826098

  • JohnnyR6356

    Oh for crying out loud…take out both sides of the entire bloodline and call it insurance…and a caution!

  • N.kelley

    TWO words: VINCE FOSTER!! A bloody trail always follows The Clintons!!

  • http://www.google.com Just Another Guy ✓ ✓ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So much Arkancide…..

  • http://www.google.com Just Another Guy ✓ ✓ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The Mafia probably has a lower body count than those alleged to be related to the Clintons.

  • Bonnie Bouton Dinbokowitz

    These so-called suicides began a long time ago. When Bill Clinton was in college and decided torun for class president, his opponent “fell” off an upper story balcony and died. When Hillary decided to run for Senator in New York her opponent was John Kennedy Jr. who, although he was an expert pilot, died when his plane exploded in the air. Bill Clinton immediately had all of the evidence destroyed before anyone could even look into it. Both bill and Hillary need to be questioned with a lie detector test and if they refuse to answer, water board them both.

  • Robert

    It’s time for the Clinton’s and their accomplices to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law just for starters. If you or I were to commit this many crimes we would be locked up forever and they would throw away the key. This proves to me that we can not trust Washington DC. any longer to obey all the laws they pass to keep the peasants in line, last count they pass 40,000 new laws in America every year right down to Civil Municipalities to Federal Laws and we can’t even enforce them unless it is against an ordinary Law abiding citizen who works every day, pays his taxes and takes care of his family. He can’t afford the bribes and Big League attorneys to come out clean, I have seen it first hand with my own eyes in my own community, prosecutors and judges bought off and cases wound up dismissed. The good old boy mentality, you scratch my back I will scratch yours. I have lost faith in the justice system in America because of all this

    • Kathryn J. Hernandez

      Robert: It’s more complex than just the “good ol boy” network. The Clintons are Satanic professionals. They have Brownstoned judges, law enforcement officials, congressmen, politicians, Hollywood stars, lobbiests, statesmen, industrialists and others for years on end. They got Comey a long time ago. He’s a child sex pervert and he protected himself. Hillary would bring down the entire US Government if she was charged because she would talk. There would not be enough prison cells for everyone. I, however, am of the opinion that if these compromised people are running our government now, it’s woefully handicapped anyway. I think Trump and Sessions are very smart. They are getting their ducks in line. Stuff this big doesn’t happen successfully if attacked quickly. Remember, the mills of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

      • Harry B. Furr

        fine grind?

  • Layla00

    I’m genuinely afraid for anyone’s life who crosses the Clintons. She’s already called for the assasination of Julian Assange.

  • jobird

    How many people associated with the Clinton Cabal have “committed suicide”?Does anyone know because I have lost the count.???Seth Rich was the last I remember.

  • charlesharris

    This is the Haitian that stood outside the DNC Convention Center protesting Hillary. Having an idea or Knowing she was behind it isn’t proof enough.

  • Justin Thought

    Let me guess. He smoked some dope and fell asleep on the railroad tracks. Oops, nope, that one’s been done. He shot himself seventeen times with a nail gun. Nope, can’t recycle that one. Theres always the old standby–he shot himself in the back of the head. Three times. Yeah, that one works every time! Go with it. When you own the Medical Examiner and the news outlets, it doesn’t really matter WHAT cock and bull story you use anyway.

  • catluvr

    Wow! What were the odds? 1,000,000 to 1

  • blakeNaustin

    Another one. When are Bill & Hillary going to be indicted, convicted, jailed, and executed for murder for hire? There are more than 50 likely cases like this one against them. None are being investigated and pursued. Why?

  • RandyBobandy

    She’s on a rampage, whacking everyone who knows too much…just like a mafia don.

  • Angee

    The previous dead bodies found buried in a forest, were of two investigators who were searching (investigating) the Clinton Library for information on Hillary’s incriminating documents. How convenient for the Clinton’s that the witness won’t testify. I doubt very much this was a suicide!

  • Sarcon

    Hillary can’t have the pedo ring exposed. Notice he owned a pizza parlor.

    • Sarcon

      They all don’t get arrested because they are all involved. Even the justice department

  • hawaiiguy32

    How many does that make now? I lost count.

    • Harry B. Furr

      i think 80-ish

  • Michael Meyer

    Yup, he probably shot himself in the back of the head. This type of suicide seems to be common among former associates of the Clintons.

  • Jim Wallace

    SUICIDE! GUNSHOT to the head! Killary Klinton! 1, 2, 3. BINGO! Another silencer making room in the Klinton Cemetery. How convenient for the Klintons to have all these witnesses committing suicide and or robbed. Just a few mentionables Vince Foster also committed suicide two bullet holes in his head and then Ron Brown’s death was due to a plane accident also a bullet hole in his head, and recently Seth Rich was a robbery victim (LOL) with his wallet in his pocket and an expensive watch on his arm why are you liberals so damn pathetic! you truly are the party of hate but more so the party of IGNORANCE !!!!

  • Sarcon

    Just spread the rumor, Bill and Hillary are going to expose the Clinton Foundation. Maybe they will put a hit on themselves.

  • Craig Austin

    Please, let me live long enough to see her in shackles and a prison pantsuit.

  • XPursangjock

    I wonder why this isn’t all over the MSM?

    • Harry B. Furr

      hmmm, i wonder…

  • Derek Simms

    I call bullshit. Here’s the real story from the Miami Herald, without all the important details omitted:

    • Jean Longchamps Jr


  • chickief

    Connect the dots! This is not a coincidence!!

  • NazdaPokmov

    Her baby brother Hughie lives in South Miami…..surely this is not a coincidence? Just another person who did not have the chance to testify against hill and bill and the fact they DID run off with all the money!!!! When is this witch going to stop MURDERING people?

  • Dave Tibor

    The Clinton Crime Family strikes again. It’s beyond absurd that at this point they still skate free of any real investigation.

  • AmericanEagleForever

    A Republican Party operative who said he tried to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers “committed suicide” just days after speaking to The Wall Street Journal, records acquired by the Chicago Tribune show. Peter W. Smith, an 81-year-old GOP donor from Chicago, was found dead in a Rochester, Minnesota hotel room on May 14. The Tribune obtained a state death record stating Smith “committed suicide” by “putting a plastic bag over his head and filling it with helium”. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/07/13/gop-operative-who-sought-clintons-emails-committed-suicide.html

    • Janet Casale

      Federal Prosecutor, Beranton Whisenant was found dead in May also. Whisenant was investigating visa and passport fraud at the time of his murder.

  • Janet Casale

    It was also reported today that Peter W. Smith, a Republican political operative that was investigating Clinton’s emails was found dead in May 2017. This is the same month that Federal Prosecutor, Beranton Whisenant was found dead in Florida. Whisenant was investigating fraudulent visas and passports at the time of his murder.

  • KYS Twice

    Another “suicide” to add to the ever-growing Clinton Dead Body List.

  • Kathleen Redman

    How many times am I gonna say…well, there goes another one!? The Clintons have killed witness after witness after witness. It was 80 when Bill left office. Wonder how many it’s grown to now. Usually happens within days of them testifying in court.

  • Ronald Riggs Sr

    What a surprise, another dead body around the Clinton clan??????

  • tcurry

    These gunshots to the head are becoming an everyday occurrence when it comes to the people who are set to testify against the Clinton’s.

  • RPVG

    “Curiouser and curiouser.”

  • Tatiana Covington

    Purely coincidence, of course. Nothing to see here, folks, move along (for the millionth time).

  • jpk

    Are H supporters stupid? The sheer numbers of people going to testify against that family ending up dead days before their testimony? Doesn’t it seem a little redundant happening over, and over and over again? When will they realize that the entire family and their “asociates” are vile and corrupt. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Such disregard for truth and good and light only implies evil of the most dangerous degree and people who stand for good and right are nothing but “nuisances” to them. WAKE UP!

  • Mychal Arnold

    Death after death related to the clintons, serial killers!

  • First Last

    This is Satan runs the world while keeps the susceptible minds preoccupied so they don’t threaten his darkness with any light.

  • DC

    Will this make CNN or ABC, CBS or NBC?! Seriously doubt it. They’re covering the Clinton’s lies and deceit.

  • Marguerite Morley

    Another one!!;-(

  • Harry B. Furr

    there is a place in HELL for the CLINTONS.

  • Tim

    The Clintons have too much dirt on too many high ranking officials to ever be prosecuted for anything they do.

    It’s that simple.

  • disqus_W47gpHId63

    …and another one bites the dust! I think you’d have to lock up all the evil libs to stop the murders. These people, the Clinton mob…are worse than Al Capone!

  • StaceyC

    This, from a site that has a story on the Illuminati and another that says Lindsey Lohan killed Heath Ledger. LOL!! I’ll read the National Enquirer, better journalism there, LOL!!

  • JimBob

    WOW….Add another victim to “The List” of people who have crossed the Clintons and died mysteriously.

  • Vincent Santangelo

    I hope there is a congressional investigation

  • Elaine Winkler

    Is that three or four this past year. Just this week, the so-called “suicide” of an investigator into the Clinton emails, the “burglary gone bad” murder of the DNC staffer credited with leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks while nothing was stolen. And now the testimony of a respected Haitian regarding the corruption of the Clinton Foundation in the Haitian relief funds collected by them around the world and not delivered. It seems anyone about to testify against the Clintons or gone against them ends up dead. I read a list recently that the number is at least 28 and possibly higher. How can this continue?

    • Vox Day

      “the “burglary gone bad” murder of the DNC staffer credited with leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks while nothing was stolen.”

      The Seth Rich story is Fake News. Adjust tin foil hat accordingly.

  • Olsoljer

    When is this going to end?

  • Kimble Linda

    I can’t even imagine the celebration there will be, once these two criminals join all those they have eradicated for their own crime and corruption. Seriously….I’m going to celebrate like there is no tomorrow….knowing it will be better without these two around.

  • braniff1

    Bill would not give Hillary a child so she pick the next best thing, a parnter at Rose Law Firm. She was so Bill could not leave HRC. She moved up from his pointer to second in command. But always a Bitch.

  • scriptysandra

    Murdered. Is there ANY question at all?????? WHEN will those two evil, corrupt criminals pay for all the ‘suicides’ in their wake???

  • Dave Frahm

    And may they quickly identify those responsible for this man’s murder.

  • Howard Lee


    Pray every day that Hildebeast and Billy get run over by a fast moving bus. Don’t want them to die, just want them to suffer horrible painful misery for eternity…

  • 1madgrannie

    Good grief! This mysterious death in addition to the GOP operative that was investigating 33,000 of Killary’s emails dies in his hotel room of Helium . Right! These creatures have no shame and need to be picked off by a sharp shooter before they kill more to cover up their crimes. Where in the hell is our law enforcement. The FBI is corrupt and needs a thorough house cleaning.

  • ixnay00

    i think that makes 96 deaths that can be attributed to the Clintons. any one who will testify needs to be protected on an army base with 20 round the clock people watching over them.



  • blbc

    Why can’t anything be done about all these “suicides” connected to the Clintons???

  • gardeauxandrew

    You Americans are so stupid just by allowing the Clintons to get away with murder!

  • Pat Engness

    Another Arkancide?? What’s this now? # 118…… there’s another guy who died this week who did lots of Probing into the Clinton Foundation! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoE73WNoCXo&t=1331s

  • Randall Mumper


  • WalterBannon

    another Clinton ordered hit

  • KWim

    This is the second ‘Suicide’ this month related to the Clintons. An 81 yr old anti-Clinton researcher supposedly committed ‘Suicide’ using helium and a bag over his head. It is being reported that he left a suicide note that said “there was no fowl play whatsoever”. This 81 yr old man was adamant about exposing the fake Russia hacking story.

    • Allyn71

      “During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake. Eberwein was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the commission, Sen. Evalière Beauplan confirmed. The commission is investigating the management of PetroCaribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil program.”

      Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article160983614.html#storylink=cpy

      In other words, he had reason to off himself.

  • dmacid

    looks like 3 in about as many weeks. Will anyone ever have the balls to stop these murders & start locking people up?????

  • Max d’Vizsla

    I guess the moral of this story is don’t fuck with the Clintons.

  • Kenneth W. Laursen

    Those son of bitches don’t even hide the fact that they are murderers, time for some well trained x military personnel to blow their heads off with a well placed Fulminate Of Mercury filled .30 caliber to show THEY are touchable as well. I like their other creative way ridding themselves of fly’s in their ointment, they partially own JB Hunt trucking, so that’s another “ACCIDENT/MURDER” venue. So if you have pissed off the Clintons, stay away from those JB HUNT TRUCKS! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09d7036a8ad30e9719be9e50a00422960d45dec6e5573aed9bdbe6552f851f0a.jpg

  • Mister Misanthrope

    The Clinton body counts just keeps going up, and no one in government can stop them.

  • lonley

    the Clintons have been running a organized crime family for well over 30 years. There is over 100 deaths mostly ruled suicide of people closely affiliated with the Clintons . as for me personally I could overlook 1 or 2 mabby 3 in a high profile family’s lifetime but over 100 that’s just way too much for coincidence .luckily the hildabeast got stopped from maximizing her complete control agenda in the 2016 election .as for her paying for past crimes don’t hold your breath .we now have a fighting POTUS and I believe 1 who has the best interest of the USA at heart .and there by I think he should just run the nation and leave the Clintons alone because there have been president’s assonated in our past and I wouldn’t wont MR TRUMP to be in excessive danger .which he will be if he try’s to prosecute the hildabeast .

  • Shockedandcantbelive

    Another man that was going to expose the Clinton’s, just recently, was found dead and it too was said that he committed suicide.

    How many of these people are going to end up dead before someone gets off their ass and arrests the Clinton’s for the crimes they are committing?

  • chris

    the clinton gang strikes again.

  • John Cook

    Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor, Let the bodies hit the floor,

  • john millican

    You all DO realize that exposing all the Clinton indiscretions will expose many VERY nasty and very powerful individuals?? The Clintons themselves may not have anything to do with all the murders around all their schemes and gimmicks.

  • Jimjay

    Meanwhile, the current administration continues to destroy our country, but hey, lets keep going after Clinton, it’s one way to distract from the criminal activities of the Trump administration. This is simply hearsay, no argument to win here by the author…

  • Anne Zadonia

    This really IS fake news.

  • Anyone but Obama

    There are over 100 suspicious deaths of people who had the misfortune to be connected to the Clintons in some kind of situation. They were being asked to testify or were involved in a deal with them and so on. Over 100 dead people and it seems they’re not finished yet.

    The biggest scam of all time was Haiti. Hillary was Secretary of State, responsible for all the BILLIONS collected throughout the world for the terrible damage from the earthquake that devastated the island in 2010.

    Mrs Clinton was Secretary of State and Bill Clinton was UN Special Envoy to Haiti when the January 2010 earthquake struck, killing an estimated 220,000 people. Some $13.3 BILLION was pledged by international donors for Haiti’s recovery. Mr Clinton was appointed co-chairman of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), along with Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

    Bill Clinton used friends, relatives, whoever he knew in no-bids jobs to do the work. Just imagine how much money was funneled through the Clinton Foundation. The money was given to contractors, who did very little work and then funneled the money back into the Clinton Foundation to get lost in the huge money laundering system the foundation has.

    There are many parts of Haiti that are still in ruins because the money is gone. When will there be an investigation of the Clintons and their slush fund, I mean foundation?

  • Roger Becker

    Fake news, suckers.

  • Paul Rolston

    Omg you idiots, the commission was investigating him. Had nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation. He was working as an Uber driver living in a Quality Inn.

  • Spencer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    When will the Clintons go one suicide too far and the public finally decides to act?

  • Rabbit

    Democrats always say “Russian hacking” caused Hillary to lose, or “Trump colluding with Putin caused Hillary to lose”. No. It’s stuff like her own CORRUPTION that caused her to lose. Stuff like “we came we saw he died HAHAHA!” warmongering that caused her to lose. It’s stuff like being another corporate oligarch sucking up money and having no real “leftist” values that caused her to lose. & Democrats have continued to lose in all levels of gov’t because people have realized they are just as corrupt and warmongering as the Republicans so what is even the point of voting for either party.

  • anthony j. manzo

    Take note if you have anything on the clintons print it have it notarized and locked in a safe place to be opened if you die a mysterious death.

  • cwgf

    The trail of bodies following this evil woman grows longer by the day. Cannot understand why this psychopath hasn’t been investigated for murder.

    • diaspora

      Millions of Americans are asking the same question!!!

    • Steveglen

      I think investigators and justice officials are more aware of the scope of the propensity to commit suicide than we are, believe it is nefarious, and are frightened for their own safety, looking the other way. If you can take out Scalia and John Ashe with impunity, who is safe?

      • cwgf

        I think you are exactly right. There is probably a lot of palm-greasing and blackmail going on under the table too.

    • Proud Conservative Mom

      Because we had for 8 years a president who turned his nose up at the law of the land — our once beautiful Constitution and all but destroyed it. Tragically, many of his cronies are still on Capitol Hill and in other important D.C. Offices

  • Ironweeds

    An awful lot of people, it seems, die around the Clintons.

  • Mudpuppy1950

    Interesting. This proves what exactly?

  • Pool Leslie

    This same article was copied from the Miami Herald — sans any mention of Clinton. It also mentions a witness seeing him shoot himself. The person was to appear before court for fraud. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article160983614.html

    • dennis

      It does not report any witness to the shooting. You made that up. What is your angle? Neither does it state that he was to “appear before the court for fraud”. Are you a propaganda artist?

  • Sebine

    Just like everyone else, he shot himself in the back of the head three times.

    Quite the suicide.

  • Nam Marine

    Ohhh my……..what a surprise !

  • dan690

    Funny how everyone dealing with Clinton corruption seems to commit suicide and it is never investigated too closely. I guess the fake robbery scenario they used of Seth Rich was too risky.

  • Doug Packer

    Good lord, the trail of dead surrounding the Clintons is staggering!

  • Pool Leslie

    It’s absolutely shocking that you would publish a fake news story that was rewritten to add Clinton’s name to it. The man was being investigated by his government’s anti fraud/corruption commission for missing funds from Venezuela’s cheap oil program. It has nothing to do with Hilary’s foundation! This shit is obscene! Why would you print it? Here is the original link:

  • Sophie DG

    This is unreal. Literally. “Your News Wire” is the epitome of fake news. Look at their other headlines. Do you also believe alien mummies have been discovered? Check out a story about this man’s death written by the Miami Herald, a legitimate news organization.


  • John Dilinger

    This isn’t the first time a witness set to testify against Clinton “died” under mysterious circumstances:

  • Danni Smith


  • Richard

    Another one?

  • Peekin-In

    So so many people known by the Clintons have committed suicide, what are the chances of it happening to so many more. I would ask why someone doesn’t investigate more closely but I’m sure whatever they find out would also cause them to commit suicide….

  • Candace

    Killery strikes again

  • Craig Eves

    This bullshit is really pissing me off. Why does no one do anything to investigate all these deaths, cause they are scared of being killed themselves. This is so disgusting and disgraceful that I would like to see all three of them just disappear all together!

  • Pamela Hamman

    Many, many people that have been scheduled to testify against the Clintons over the years have been found dead before they could testify. Claims have always been they ‘committed suicide’. One of them ‘committed suicide’ from across the room from multiple gunshot wounds! The Clintons need to pay for all the people they’ve killed, all the lives they’ve destroyed.

    • Alan Rhoads

      There’s a new Sheriff in town. His name is Christopher A. Wray. He is the confirmed new Dir. FBI. We can hope and pray that he will endeavor to make all who are guilty embrace and be held accountable, under the Rule of Law. The American People have spoken at the voting booth and know the Clinton’s profiles.

  • Alex Alexander

    Another “suicide” with a bullet to the head to prevent a person from testifying against the Clintons. What’s New? It’s like a Mafia B-Movie. Getting old. Time to END this NOW.

  • Alan Rhoads

    Thank you. If you wish, please send it as well and far and wide.

    • Heather Soper

      I’d flush it down the toilet it’s all it’s fit for ! LOL!

  • lisarombach

    Of course! I knew he was dead before I finished reading the headline.

  • dennis

    You would imagine that normal people would be the most outspoken when their associates are dropping around them like flies. Bill and Hillary seldom mention it, despite it being constantly pointed out by normal people

  • Bill

    Expose the Clintons……commit suicide. A logical progression!

  • Albert Von Speers
    • furtive


  • Djess Hosmy Jacques

    Is their actually sources to Eberwein’s saying “The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace”

    Cause according to the Miami Herold, Eberwein would have been implicated in the corruption that he was supposedly going to “expose” & was a supporter of Martelly, Hillary’s chosen candidate in Haiti.

    “During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.” – Miami Herald

    • dennis

      “They are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein is reported to have said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation

      • Djess Hosmy Jacques

        Yes but were’s the source, is there a video or audio recording of this? does any other media outlet cite him saying so?

        • dennis

          I haven’t seen a video or heard a recording. Hopefully no-one would make it up

  • Joseph Suess

    Since they’ll never be prosecuted…… Where’s John Hinkley Jr. when we need him? 😉

  • plastic_jeezus
  • Herman

    Comey and the Clinton’s go way back to White Water. Then he was involved with the Pardon’s that Bill gave near the end of his term in Office. He was instramental is getting Martha Stewart sent to prison for lieing to the F.B.I.. Then in 1999 Loretta Lynch was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. He also appointed her to be a member of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She is also owned by the Clinton’s.

  • Frank

    How many people have to show up dead before they slam the door shut on these criminals. Everybody and anybody who has the goods on the Clintons and is willing to spill their guts, ends up dead. SUICIDE??? If you believe that I have a bridge in California I’d like to sell you.

  • womanofclay

    It says…89.8% – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

  • Annie’sMom

    Check out Hillary’s brother, and his ties to Haiti: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/role-of-hillary-clintons-brother-in-haiti-gold-mine-raises-eyebrows/2015/03/20/c8b6e3bc-cc05-11e4-a2a7-9517a3a70506_story.html?utm_term=.13e0ba5d2125 This whole family is corrupt. The Clinton Foundation needs to be shut down.

  • OldSilk

    A clear case of Arkancide.

  • Donald Koenig

    Gee how many of you are planning to fly to Mars to join the kidnapped children?

  • deb

    Wow!! I don’t usually come to these crazy right wing sites!!! You people are all so delusional it is pitiful!!! Quit getting your info from right wing “click bait” conservative sources.

    • Alan Rhoads

      How does this right-wing conspiracy data make you feel?
      In 1865 a Democrat killed Abraham Lincoln.
      In 1881 a Democrat killed James Garfield.
      In 1963 a Socialist killed John F. Kennedy
      In 1975 a Democrat shot Gerald Ford
      In 1983 a Democrat shot Ronald Reagan
      In 1984 a Democrat killed 22 people in McDonalds
      In 1986 a Democrat killed 15 people in an Oklahoma Post Office
      In 1990 a Democrat killed 10 people at a GMAC office
      In 1991 a Democrat killed 23 people in a Luby’s Cafeteria.
      In 1995 a Democrat killed 5 co-workers in a Texas laboratory
      In 1999 a Democrat killed 8 people in a church service
      In 2001 a Democrat shot at the WH aiming toward George Bush.
      In 2003 a Democrat killed 7 people at Lockheed Martin plant.
      In 2007 a Democrat killed 32 people at Virginia Tech.
      In 2010 a Democrat shot Gabrielle Giffords and killed six others.
      In 2011 a Democrat killed 12 people in a movie theatre.
      In 2012 a Democrat killed 7 people in Minneapolis, MN.
      In 2013 a Democrat killed 26 people in Newtown, CT.
      In 2013 a Democrat killed 12 at a Navy Shipyard

      • furtive


    • msmonk

      I dare you to research this topic for yourself – the Clintons- from their start in Arkansas to now…..before you reveal your ignorance like that ……..it’s not about right 0r left wing opinions, sites,…It is about thinking using your mind and powers of discernment, caring enough to be willing to do your homework in researching these pressing questions…then with the facts, documents and hard evidence ask yourself -are all these deaths just mere coincidences Come on we are waiting

      • dennis

        Good comment

    • furtive

      Hasta la vista , BABY! WOW!!

  • grunt66

    ie: Vince Foster

  • Alleena

    What is the difference between the Clintons and Putin? Anyone who gets in their way winds up dead.

    • furtive

      Only the clintons. Putin gossip is projection. Watch his demeanor with Oliver Stone on Showtime. He aint nothin like a clinton psychopath.

  • Verk

    And she still thinks she wasn’t elected because of her “gender”. Ha! She wasn’t elected because most Americans tend to think poorly of deranged and psychotic criminals.

    • furtive

      She did get the majority of the illegal & dead voters, but there werent enough, which is why she went psychotic election night…like the wicked witch of the West, melting.

  • Jeannie

    SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!!! Another clinton body bag…and the extrememly liberal snopes claims all of the body bags are just coincidental….And the DEMONcraps are trying to make something about ONE GOP, who committed suicide due to his failing health. Give me a break

  • Boyd

    Totally fake news. Read the other crap this guy turns out

    • dennis

      Which sentence is “totally fake”?

  • ZH38

    I don’t think it was suicide.

  • JOBO

    The Clintons are totally corrupt, totally ruthless, and a repugnant affront to our whole political system!

  • Hard Little Machine

    This isn’t even shocking anymore. If Hillary had been elected she would put Borgias to shame.

  • Maerzie

    How long is this going to be allowed to go on?? None of it EVER gets investigated enough, or, are the investigators all bought off?? Actually, on “YourNewsWire.com”, it’s probably “Fake News”!

    • dennis

      Okay, you investigate. Just check if your life insurance pays out in the event of ‘suicide’ first

      • Maerzie

        Well, sure it would pay out because it’s been in force plenty of years. It just doesn’t pay out if the “suicide?” happens too soon after the policy is taken out. However, I’m not an investigator, so that job would be above my pay grade!

        • dennis

          Mr Mueller seems to have nothing much of value to do at the moment. Perhaps he and his 13 or 14 lawyers could give you a hand, pro bono

          • Maerzie

            I’m sure Mueller has enough factual leads for his investigation into the Trump gang, so he certainly wouldn’t be interested in “Fake News” about a Fake Democrat!

          • dennis

            The emails obtained by Wikileaks were copied and given to Craig Murray to deliver. The likelihood of Robert Mueller and every one of the lawyers he has employed not knowing this is unrealistically minimal. He appears to gamble that he can pull off a huge hoax

            Read ‘The Stink Without a Secret’ http://www.craigmurray.org.uk

          • furtive
          • dennis


  • David Logan

    this makes me sick how long are the people going to let the Clintons get by with this kind of shit we all know what is going on please people put them were they need to go

  • Maerzie

    It is so EASY to fall for these Fake News websites!! Especially when it fits into a pattern so well!!

    • dennis

      What was fake?

    • furtive

      So make like a tree and leave. You are too dumb to paricipate here.

      • Maerzie

        I posted the fake news sites, which INCLUDED the publication that made up THIS story. Actually, YOU are the stupid one, who doesn’t even BOTHER to do such research, and just FALLS for anything!. It’s called “gullible”! By the way, “dumb” means “unable to speak”.

  • michaelpc

    Many of the Clinton’s hits were labeled, 2 shots to the back of the head suicide. Yet no liberal media.

  • Pauline Kasper

    KiLAIRy and company strike again!

  • Cynthy

    The Clintons continuing the “family business”. Past time for them to be SERIOUSLY investigated, prosecuted AND convicted. And not investigated by donors or buddies.

  • katjan68

    Oh, another Clinton suicide???? Please! Just how many Dead people do you know in your lifetime??? I am 72, and I know three. My Mother – Breast Cancer, My Father – Heart Attack, and my Brother – Accidental drowning. Nothing near the hundreds the Clinton’s had close ties to.

  • Chris Corl

    And the list continues to grow, unquestioned. What’s that like 2 this week alone?

  • Berry

    Hey Dimitry! Why do you keep deleting my posts? Maybe you should change your Russian name! The original article that you partly plagiarized from the Miami Herald mentioned nothing about Hilary or her foundation. Go back to home you Russian bot instead of sow lies over the Internet in an attempt to turn our beautiful country into a plutocracy/autocracy. Why do you hate the fact that Americans have freedom? Stop sowing lies of disinformation to confuse the angry masses. Why not become a real American patriot and expose the real fake news that you spew? It’s appalling to know the truth after reading the real article that you plagiarized. Stop hurting hard working Americans by telling them lies. Below is the link to the original article that Dimitry used inserting Clinton’s name and her foundation that were not involved.

  • Pool Leslie

    Hey Dimitry! Why do you keep deleting my posts? Maybe you should change your Russian name. The original article that you partly plagiarized from the Miami Herald mentioned nothing about Hilary or her foundation. Go back home you Russian bot instead of sow lies over the Internet in an attempt to turn our beautiful country into a plutocracy/autocracy. Why do you hate the fact that Americans have freedom? Stop sowing lies of disinformation to confuse the angry masses. Why not become a real American patriot and expose the real fake news that you spew? It’s appalling to know the truth after reading the real article that you plagiarized. Stop hurting hard working Americans by telling them lies. Below is the link to the original article that Dimitry used inserting Clinton’s name and her foundation that were not involved.
    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article160983614.htmlHey Dimitry! Why do you keep deleting my posts? Maybe you should change your Russian name! The original article that you partly plagiarized from the Miami Herald mentioned nothing about Hilary or her foundation. Go back to home you Russian bot instead of sow lies over the Internet in an attempt to turn our beautiful country into a plutocracy/autocracy. Why do you hate the fact that Americans have freedom? Stop sowing lies of disinformation to confuse the angry masses. Why not become a real American patriot and expose the real fake news that you spew? It’s appalling to know the truth after reading the real article that you plagiarized. Stop hurting hard working Americans by telling them lies. Below is the link to the original article that Dimitry used inserting Clinton’s name and her foundation that were not involved.

  • DonaldMFrank

    was he also aware of the Donald’s Russian connections?

    • furtive

      You need a craniotomy.

  • Kristy Gault
  • Dan

    On and on it goes. This is an embarrassment to every American. Being a crook is now normal to almost everyone. Shame.

    • furtive

      & they are the first ones to say Putin is a murderer. Unlikely.

  • Black Star Ranch

    Another unfortunate accident. “The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year. The official cause of death is “gunshot to the head“. Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide.”

  • Diana Drum

    ,,,,,,and ANOTHER one bites the dust!!!………where’s “Joe Kenda” when you need him?

  • B. Weber

    Clintons didn’t win the election, but they are WAY ahead of anyone else in body count.

  • lovingparentof2

    Add this to the Clinton kill list. When is this woman going to be seriously investigated and jailed???? Enough is enough!

  • Just3619

    How many “coincidences” is it going to take? They are going on much less with this Russian/Trump witch hunt.

  • Alexthekay

    We’ve got a traitor in the White House and you guys are still pushing these stupid “Clinton Death List” fantasies? Go move to Russia, where you’ll be happier.

    • Richard StJohn

      No thanks but you should give it a try. We voted Trump in to prevent the person who sold 20% of a strategic asset to Russia for a $145 million kick back from selling out this nation any further. There is no Russian collusion. Russia would much prefer Hillary than Trump. The Uranium One deal would have let them blackmail her. The DNC colluded with the Ukraine. The MSM colluded with the DNC as well. Yet despite the deck being heavily stacked in her favor she still lost. Thus we have been treated to Democrats refusing to accept the results of a valid election with an intensity not seen since Lincoln was elected in 1860. Keep talking about how Republicans are violent because of tweet from Trump. Keep ignoring the Antifa punks preventing free speech because they don’t like what may be said. Whenever liberals try to claim the moral high ground on an issue it is always the height of their hypocrisy. They’re sooooooooooooooo concerned about Trump attacking the media. No concern at all about the media being full of shit.

      • tetse

        He speaks of a traitor but fails to mention all the money Obama gave to Iran for their nuclear program. The Benghazi coverup also comes to mind. Didn’t Obama promote Susan Rice for blaming it on a film?

    • furtive

      Idiot. You have the same diseased brain as hil-LIAR-y.
      You are BRAINWASHED.

  • getumout

    unbeeelievable!!!! maybe the Hatian gov will get them, ours wont!!!

  • Tim

    I heard before there was a whole string of people that have been close to the Clintons since bill was a governor that turned up dead by suicide, sudden heart attack, and plane crash, has anyone ever investigated or heard of this????

  • paradoxmind

    We all know who did this and so does god. Judgement is coming for those sick bastards and god will not have mercy on their souls. Hopefully the abyss awaits them. A place worse than he’ll.

  • Sunshine

    You all realize this is #19 in the last year

  • Maerzie

    Here’s a list of “FAKE NEWS” sites:


    However, I can’t find a news supplier name on this story. “YourNewsWire.com”?? Is that it?

    It says that “Your News Wire.com” is:

    URL=yournewswire.com type=click bait 2nd type= Junksci

    So, it looks like it IS fake news, put out simply as “click bait”, and it sure did get a LOT of “bites”!

    • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      Fffuk Google – liberal biased, lying POS.

  • MJR

    How many deaths does this make recently associated with the Clinton’s?

  • http://lenbilen.com/ Lennart Bilén

    One more person getting depressed to the point of suicide just before testifying against the Clintons. Here is the list:
    Arkancide or Clintoncide? A list of casualties, a Limerick.

    It started in earnest as Arkancide
    Developed and morphed into Clintoncide
    To be Hillary’s friend
    may mean death in the end.
    “Her Lawlessness” is most disqualified.


  • Max Miller

    Another person causing trouble for HorHillary bites the dust! How many people can the Clintons have killed?

    I don’t think we have arrived at the time for an answer…

  • Paul M. LeSassier Jr.

    Coincidence ? Just count all the bodys

  • VinceR

    How timely for an untimely death.

  • Peter


    Peter Forbes Retweeted True Pundit

    “POTUS be true to the people who voted for you & go after this Clinton bitch. She & Soros are guilty of treasonous behaviour, if not worse”. And by God it has!

    Peter Forbes added,
    True Pundit @true_pundit
    Doubt Surfaces About ‘Suicide’ Claim of Clinton Investigator http://ow.ly/3fDL30dEEpt

  • Robert Groff

    Too many co-incidental suicides associated with the Lil Rock mobsters.
    It makes Al Capone and Da N.Y. Boyz look like punks !

  • bluewren

    Oh dear that seems to be too similar to other deaths associated with the Clinton’s doesn’t? Unlucky coincidence perhaps.

  • Busterak1

    I know the Clintons have a lot of money which all of it is bloody and they have a huge body count they have managed to amass. It is time the Clinton Foundation, HIllary and Bill both actually are investigated for all the crimes they have committed. The Clintons will never quit until they are locked up and there was supposed to law and order once the President was elected and then he needed Jeff Sessions and a FBI that only works for who pays them off. Where is the justice we citizens were promised? Drain the damn swamp, attack all crooked Democrats and Republicans and put them behind bars and if you don’t this administration won’t be around for long. Appoint a Special Prosecutor and permanent Investigator just for Congress. Selling votes is against the law Treason is against the law and according to my calculations, Obama, Clintons, Comey, Lynch, abedin, Lerner and Director of the IRS, Susan Rice and so many more all belong in prison. We can not fix our government until we clean it up and Donald Trump said so himself, AND SO I ASK PRESIDENT TRUMP, AG SESSIONS, VICE PRES PENCE AND THE REST OF OUR LAW MAKERS THAT ARE NOT ON THE TAKE (WHAT IS THE HOLD UP !!!!!!).

    • furtive

      Because he will be assasinated by the cia like jfk. Brennan is still active. He obviously has been warned.

      • Busterak1

        Fear that someone might be mad at how you do your job and is threatening you is not a reason to stop doing the job that you were hired for. if you are afraid to do your job then step aside and let someone in there that will do your job. We need to tackle corruption and lawlessness and we can’t have a bunch of Wimps that can’t get the job done. Our government is heavy with Criminals and they must be stopped.

  • Alan House

    Until you put this Clinton mafia and deep state traitors in jail the body count will continue to grow.

  • furtive

    These suicides wont end until the clintons’ suicides.

  • Patrizia Paige

    clinton and her satanic illuminati friends are definitely behind this

  • Bob N

    Has anyone noticed that whenever someone crosses the Clinton’s, they either strangely commit suicide or have a fatal car accident? Then there was a man that was shot and robbed in a quiet neighborhood one night, but he knew too much and he had to be eliminated before he could testify before Congress. As in the case of Vince Foster. The reason President Clinton wouldn’t let real police investigate his suicide and made the Park Service do it is because Foster was murdered in a different location and dumped in the park. The real police would have known that right away but Park Rangers aren’t trained to know those kind of things, so they ruled it a suicide in that spot even though reporters found no blood stains on the ground or on the tree afterwards.

  • Randy mathew

    Sadly this is without doubt another killing by Killary & her henchmen but she continues to evade the law due to her high connections with those in power & having wealth. What a travesty of justice.




  • Linda

    ANOTHER Hillary connection DEAD TOO? Wow.. I pray they are put in prison asap…. the FBI is still investigating them for their pay to play schemes… even the BIG one with RUSSIA that the DEMS are pointing fingers at Pres. Trump over, but have given HILLARY a complete PASS. Time for Jeff Sessions to get his people RIGHT on this.

  • themidniteskulker

    Sounds like you’ve finally got the goods on her, guys!! Keep up the great work!!

  • overloard

    Suicide my ass, he was murdered just like the others that threatened to expose Clinton………When the hell is some one going to tell the truth about the Clintons.

  • themidniteskulker

    This Eberwein was indeed going to testify in an investigation being conducted by the Hatian Senate’s Anti-Corruption commission. This investigation, which is publicized, is into the alleged mishandling of PetroCaribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil programme. The insinuation about the Clintons will probably still work for the people who read this stuff here,though,since it looks like it confirms what they want to believe.

  • Barbara Johnson

    Another death that only benefits the Clinton’s how many people have to die before the country and it’s people say enough is enough we want justice served to these power hungry and beyond greedy people. If you open the skeleton closet that the Clinton’s have tried for so long to keep closed when that door is finally opened the out pour of their deceits will come to light and even the left who has supported these incredibly cruel and heartless people will have to finally face the truth once and for all.

  • John Arthur

    Too many coindences of individuals dying connected to this family. Why aren’t there any official investigation being done yet? #FBI #Trump

  • Cat

    More plausible deniability (The Clinton MO). Will it ever stop?

  • dan wipper

    So many die before testifying. Some think the Clinton’s kill people? You can see this guy was old, close to 40 like the rest of them. He didn’t come here to rat the Clinton foundation out he came here to die in America. Happens all the time. Move along.

  • Darcee Anthony

    How interesting that if you simply scroll down, you read how he committed suicide because he himself was under Haitian Government investigation into the FRAUD he committed at his job and was being tried for misappropriation of funds my him from HIS department! Yet you twist the truth by claiming some non-source indicating he was “murdered”, even though the Medical Examiner performed an autopsy which proved the gunshot to his head was done with HIS VERY OWN HAND! Twisted, “spun” truth IS NOT TRUTH!!!!!

  • ladyluck

    To think it’s suicide one must be a Democrat. Clinton enemies all commit ssuicide? I don’t believe that.

  • mothman777

    Quite some mugshot of Hillary Clinton there, she should be in jail, and why has Orange Man not put her in jail as he said he would do before the ‘election’? No, Orange Man says the Clintons are ‘lovely-people’.

    • furtive

      Only publicly. He knows obama is an ID fraudster with multiple social security numbers, & the clintons are bank robbers, Bonnie & Clyde 2.0.

    • dennis

      He has used the word “disgraceful” when tweeting about actions of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, in separate tweets. He probably can’t do much more than that without risking becoming the next statistic.

      But, as Joseph Conrad said: There is a weird power in a spoken word…And a word carries far — very far — deals destruction through time as the bullets go flying through space

  • waldo

    we have another murder incorporated here!

  • Whatever

    Most likely the reason he took his own life…funny how people project their own transgressions on others, kinda like our own poor excuse of a human being POTUS.

    “During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake. Eberwein was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the commission, Sen. Evalière Beauplan confirmed. The commission is investigating the management of PetroCaribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil program.

  • ForrestByers

    Well, so much for the usual course of business with the Clintons,It’s like discovering rats in the corn bin, no surprise !

  • sciteach123

    Another Arkancide case. Just how many people have the Clinton’s had knocked off over the years to hide their criminal activities?

  • Moe1138

    Ah, the Clintonistas modus operandi strikes again.

  • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt

    I am wondering why the people with this sort of information don’t stash it somewhere to be released in case of their untimely death. It’s just odd. Don’t they see people dropping dead around them ?

  • shucky

    Just one of many witnesses close to the Clinton’s and investigators of the Clinton’s who met premature and untimely deaths by “accidents” and “suicides”, as our cowardly Republican officials look away. The ruthless couple will die comfortably of old age.

    I try not to think about it, it is so infuriating. That’s why Democrats loved them, because they literally got away with murder.

    • furtive

      Both are very sick, not only mentally, but physically. Their neurological PSYCHOPATHIC criminality has affected their muscle control.
      Soon, Both will be home bound & confined to electric carts ( electric chairs would be better.).

      It would be quite easy for someone to overmedicate them.

      Trump knows this. Extracting a pound of flesh, when they have terminal diseases is not penny wise.

  • Johnny Canuck

    Another Seth Rich event …. I am truly impressed by the Clintons … they make the mafia dons look like playground bullies.

    And no one seems to be able or willing to stop these monsters.

  • Devon_Nullman

    I wonder why the Miami Herald is so wrong. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/haiti/article160983614.html

    “During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.”

    “Eberwein was scheduled to appear Tuesday before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the head of the commission, Sen. Evalière Beauplan confirmed. The commission is investigating the management of PetroCaribe funds, the money Haiti receives from Venezuela’s discounted oil program.”

    No mention of the Clinton Foundation at all.

  • MaryAnnabelle Martin

    Deaths and suicides around the Clintons are at an all time high. How many people know at least 50 people that have committed suicide or mysteriously died in the last 30 years?

  • Bob Beechan

    I feel sorry for the Clintons . They have the worst luck. Especially when it comes to choosing people to hang out with. Seems like most of their friends are accident prone.

  • Curly Surfhouse

    Have evidence of Clinton corruption or malfeasance and dare speak up about it?

    This is how you’ll end up.

  • Christine Glass

    Add another poor individual to the Clinton Murders list?

  • elmcqueen3

    Another “fake” suicide by someone connected to the Clinton’s…Shot in the head…dead.

  • FedUp

    These two criminals–and their followers — need some sort of justice–and I don’t care which direction it comes from. HOW LONG will they be allowed to thumb their noses at the law? Just seeing her face makes me go into a rage. Egads I hate this demonic witch.

  • Beachnative

    The title leads some readers to imply Clinton had anything to do with his death. A real shitty title by a shit bag who writes about garbage for the uneducated to eat up and spread like an STD.

    • furtive

      Get lost, ignoramus sewer mouth delusional moron. You need to be institutionalized..permanently.

      • Beachnative

        LOL, others have used the same language or are you really that stupid? LOL, You are to beleive this shitebag and his shite you so eagerly swallow. Sucks to be you!!!

        • dennis

          Are you saying that Mr Eberwein was lying about only a tiny percentage of thousands of millions of dollars getting to where it should have?

          • Beachnative

            No, I never said that. You did. He committed suicide, Clinton had nothing to do with it. He was in the Haitian gov’t then fell from his position then moved to Miami and he barely could support himself, depression set in when he was forced to support himself as an Uber driver. Depression kills, not the Clinton like this boob writer tries to imply.

          • dennis

            So you are not denying that he may have had damning evidence against the Clintons

          • dennis

            Where did you read about “depression”? That is not even consistent with the Miami Herald report. He was enthusiastically setting up a restaurant

      • Beachnative

        Delusional? Oh you mean the writer and his stupid shit gobblers like you? LOL LOL LOL

  • Sultan of Sanford

    What a coincidence!

  • Gerald Vitale

    Enough! In this great nation there is A double standard. Our forefathers, even better I will glorious father who sits on his rightful throne in heaven has given us these laws of justice to follow! Hillary rotten Clinton and her cartel the Clinton foundation is rushing bought and there’s complete collusion there as for Mr.Obama The worst president in the US has ever seen cost more division then Castro they must all go to prison how dare there be a double standard for them and the rest of this country Now I speak to you attorney general sessions wake up sir your age is showing, you should have a special prosecutor looking over the shoulder of crooked Mueller and his cartel of Obama and Clinton lawyers! Sessions wake the hell up and do your job for our president and for our God! And for the Republicans who are not doing their job I am voting against you in 2018 as God be my judge. We the people who voted in our president better open your mouths stand up and fight for justice for this country and for our president Our God and Savior are watching

  • Diane R.

    And ANOTHER death in the wake of the Clintons. I hope he left a deposition, recording, or something with his testimony with his attorney.

  • discussindepth

    That should involve John Kerry, as well, as his daughter won a government contract to put up inexpensive housing for the Haitians, If I recall correctly, it was about 9 million dollars. She put up like 4- 7 temporary shelters and that was it. Nine million would build a lot of houses in Haiti! Not just 4 + temporary ones. This bunch, Clinton’s and Kerry’s, (include Obama as Kerry was under his watch) are all in it together.

  • Eva Swayne-Davis

    Suicide my butt…clinton’s need to be locked up..how many more deaths have to happen before justice is served…

  • Valerie Cuccia Gleason

    How come all of these people keep ending up dead? IT CAN’T be a coincidence!

  • Clyde Doan

    Arrest that witch!!

  • Lizbet

    It really sickens me to read about all the crimes committed by Clintons.. And the suspicious deaths/murders of people who are going to witness against them in some capacity – and no official charges have been made or Investigations been made. Not since Comey’s investigation, probably paid for by Clintons. WHY do they get by with no troubles at all. Instead our media and gov’t officials are digging and digging trying to find something illegal to pin on our President! We are the JOKE of other countries, no doubt about it!

  • Gerald Cline

    Clinton/murder/inc. strikes again….

  • Diana Hinton

    Lololololol! Seriously? Suddenly he realized he would have to tell the truth instead of lying. If he had evidence where is it?

    • dennis

      Yes it is serious. You figure it is easy to defame the dead because they cannot sue? It is actually a criminal offence to defame another using the mass media in Finland with a two-year prison penalty possible

    • Arnold 1

      By the way, Diana – what is the going rate per post for trolls such as yourself?

  • furtive
  • tamajam10

    Yet another Clinton foe ‘suicided’. When will that evil cabal finally be taken down?

  • dennis

    klaus eberwein @klauseberwein
    Jun 14
    “We can not change the cards we are dealt, but we control how we play the hand.”– Randy Pausch
    May 18, 2016
    “F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.” – Zig Ziglar

  • Moon3

    The correct term is Suicided. How is that Seth Rich investigation going?

  • dennis

    klaus eberwein @klauseberwein
    Jan 6, 2013

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke’s)

  • Ivy Shoots

    He was under investigation for his own stealing and corruption. His testimony was to be about his own dealings, nothing about the Clinton foundation. You people are nuts.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/101173122916945418982 RiFF RaFF (Deplorable)

    Suicide by Clinton. Seems to be a common theme with those corrupt ass hats.
    #Lock The Up!

  • gary

    How many does this make,now? i lost count


    Clinton’s MAFIA!!!

  • Anna Patti

    just because you’re a president and a secretary of state you are exempt from punishment if you commit a crime. what a great country we live in.

  • Laura

    Sad bunch of people who believe that this is a credible news site.THIS place is the very definition of #FAKENEWS.

    • dennis

      “He came into office 28 months after Haiti’s devastating earthquake in Jan. 2010 and started asking where the international relief money had gone.” [Bill Still]

  • Bill Gone

    It is impossible that so many people who are willing to go on record to expose the corruption of the Clinton crime family end up dead right before they’re scheduled to testify. This guy committed suicide just like all of the other murder victims who had dirt on the Clintons. At least gangsters and other criminals are honest. They’ll come to you with a gun and take what they want by force. The Clintons use their political connections to amass a huge fortune and they’re obviously more than willing to have anyone who appears to be a threat to their criminal enterprise murdered.

  • David

    O stop it Russia did it….. The Clintons are very good people lmao!

  • Bill Gone

    “My his soul rest in peace”. I agree with the sentiment but his soul will never rest in peace. He was murdered on orders from the Clinton crime family, just like DOZENS of other men and women. They are the worst sort of gangsters.

  • Mrs. Fuxit

    Everyday is Christmas for Organized Crime’s little helper. Don’t forget she’s a grandmother when discussing sentencing.

  • Mike

    For the suicide, I’ve heard that he shot himself in the back of the head…twice. Great detective work ‘Clueso’! This will never make main stream media.

  • Lynn Cathy

    Don’t tell me. The gunshot to the head was done right-handed and he is left-handed. Same as Vincent Foster, right?

  • Jean Longchamps Jr

    is this the official version of what was weighing his mind or an attempt to score points?

    BTW, I’m certainly NOT a fan of the Clinton Klan or any of the above (foreign do-gooders), past or present for that matter…

  • Jean Longchamps Jr
  • alogar

    I’m surprised Democrats aren’t already pointing to a possible Haitian – Russia – Trump collusion collusion as clearly causative.

  • Heather Soper

    ”US intelligence agencies have concluded Moscow tried to sway the presidential election in favour of Mr Trump.”

    • dennis

      Mr Clapper is so arrogantly a liar, like all spooks, that he did so to Congress, which would, in a true democracy, see him punished accordingly. He remains, however, involved in intelligence. There are only 3 or 4 agencies, not 17 as claimed by Mrs Clinton. Perhaps if she was given intelligence about Russians from 14 nonexistent agencies then the supposed data she was given by the other 3 was outnumbered?

      • Heather Soper

        I guess in that case you think Comey lied too. Neither lied.

      • Heather Soper

        As I said to you on the previous page I expect you think Comey lied too. Neither lied. The only liar is Trump, he’s a proven liar.

        • dennis

          You are entitled to your opinion but I would not wish to be on a jury along with you. Just him telling Congress that Crowdstrike is highly qualified is the siren I instantly hear. There is no logical requirement to make such a plug for any renowned technical expert in any field

  • Sunshine

    clinton’s dirty work again and their death list continues to grow!!!!
    When in the world will these rats be exposed, tried and imprisoned along with their “sweet” and “innocent” daughter?

  • Christian Sargent


  • fedupwithmentalcases

    The filth pigerly clinton and her pervert husband slick willy have left a long trail of dead people behind them for many years and to think that some low IQ “americans” actually wanted this pos criminal in the White house …proof that democ rats have a serious mental disorder

  • millerstwo

    I wonder if Clinton and the rest of the lying crooks who ‘goose step’ to the Marxist Democrat Party will ever be brought to justice?
    Are there any honest politicians remaining in Washington ?….LOL

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    Everyone on here should repeat this letter and continue with your own thoughts…this is a battle against EVIL vs USA as One NationUnder GOD…and TRUMP is the primary target…we will all fall if he does…Amazing he has stood up having the Elites Establishment and Ditto Media Propaganda Machine…24/7… Amazing man… The EVIL self exposed has self cursed…we won’t be with them when this short, swift life ends..
    PS What is the total number of DEATHS of descent human beings from children on bikes to those who stumbled upon Mena Ark…drug airport while the GOV was in action put on the train tracks? Then we have the Tainted Blood sent to Canada over 40K…our friend Bev Collins up there fought against it…but cowards in the Media…wouldn’t touch the truth…

  • Randy mathew

    Another murder by Killary & co—-nothing new. A travesty of justice that there are no arrests– law is an ass.

  • Mark Ganovsky

    Another suicide, earlier this year a person investigating Bill and his foundation was found dead. The Coroner listed cause of death a suicide, he put a plastic bag over his head and pumped in a toxic gas and died as the result. How many people have to be killed by the Clintons before someone will prosecute them and put them in jail. They both believe they are above the law and so far they are correct in their assumptions.

  • Jenny Jirousek

    How many is this — eight bodies that we know of now? What does it take? What in God’s name, does it take to get a thorough investigation of the Clintons and their puppeteer? Unbelievable! (Oh! That’s the problem…..more bodies would start showing up…..)

    • dennis

      Malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance in public office should all be dealt with differently to crime in general. The United Nations should look at that because it would solve a lot of problems in the World. People who wish to accept the responsibilities of public service should do so knowing that they will be treated as guilty until proved innocent when issues arise. It is called transparency

  • N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E.

    The tRumps will be lining up for their orange jump suits, along with Sessions (do they make them small enough for Sessions?)……and I can’t wait to see that white trash filling up the jail cells. Melania will have to go back to hooking.

    • dennis

      Why not criminalise defamation, other than it would result in a surplus of lawyers? Your last sentence could get you two years prison in Finland

      • N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E.

        It would get HER two years in prison in Finland: being a whore is illegal over there, isn’t it?

        • dennis

          Count 2! Four years now. Do you have an extradition treaty?

          It is illegal in France, but the client gets fined. Good idea

  • Thomas Clarke Garvie


    • dennis

      It seems that the trick is to do stuff so bad that the average human being does not think it is possible

  • dennis

    Rotten cretins there are in the New York Times now whose founding father promised to strive to report the news, all the news, WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d3cd8e7d20d30aeae73586c99f6503675f0608d705149fac270af2a85471934f.jpg

  • Brian Richardson

    So I have to get this straight. Their claims of talking about their (1/2 of the duo) grandchildren. Maybe that wasn’t a lie, I do not think they had a conversation totally about grandchildren. Yes, I am sure they were mentioned. I went out to lunch with a friend of mine who leases really big cranes (like the shipyard ones). He offered to pay, of course I said no, he then said if we talk about cranes for 2 minutes, I can write this lunch off and get reimbursed for it. 2 minutes of just mentioning his business allowed him to state it was a business meeting entirely about cranes. So did they both lie, no. I think the grandchildren might have been mentioned, but hard to believe their entire conversation was about the grandchildren.

  • Azi Smythe

    You should probably make a hard, printed copy of this story before it ‘mysteriously’ disappears from the internet.

  • dennis

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

    “So why aren’t the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered A.G., looking into Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations?”

  • Greg Price

    52 SO FAR

  • pianobill

    So this is #53 that has committed suicide. These people were going to testify against the Clintons or knew too much about the Crooked Clintons. so they vanished or committed suicide. Come on AG Sessions, put the entire Clinton family behind bars and throw away the keys.

  • russ

    get an independent coroner to examine results, money will by you any results you want.

  • Cheryl Detar

    Chalk ANOTHER one up to the “Clinton Hit List” team.

  • skw

    Clintons cover for her pedophile life is a very big organization. Read this am just how big this organization is, understand it is worldwide!! Many many people involved who don’t want exposed.

  • hellhound55

    How convenient for the Clinton’s and the corrupt congressman that these people have all committed “suicide” at just the right time. The shadow government and the corruption in Washington will say and do anything to anybody that threatens to expose their criminal activities. Action needs to be taken now before these criminals try to kill Trump. How long will it take before Trump has an unfortunate “accident” or commits “suicide”. These people better understand one thing. The movement for change does not end with the elimination of Trump. The people will not stand by and allow this. We WILL have our change if we have to go to Washington and do it ourselves.

  • Don Hue

    Reminds me of the old joke about the guy they found at the bottom of the lake with a 100 lb chain around his neck. The coronor (who was in on the plot from the beginning) said, “Strangest case of suicide I have ever seen!!”.

  • Ruth M. Aldridge

    One more nail in their coffin, I hope………It is so sickening what they have gotten away with over the years. Why can’t someone prove it all? Praying that it will happen in my lifetime.

  • YonVonDuperclay

    Mathew Chapter 24. Enough said.

  • Granville Marcie

    Wow Anyone who believes this was a Suicide has lost their Mind if they had one to begin with. Ever Notice when the Big Shots get evidence brought up against them it never sticks because a person Dies of “Suicide” or “Tragic Accident” That’s malarkey. Common sense is They where whipped out by the person they where trying to bring down by a Inside Job so it doesn’t get back to them and ruin their Reputation. Its like 911 was Planes LOL it was a Inside Job.

  • Truth

    How many people have to die before Killary Rotten is taken down. She has perpetrated every dirty scheme in the books and been excused from any guilt or wrong doing. . People around her have a weird way of turning up deceased. Killary is the Black Widow Spider devouring her prey, when she is done with them. I guess it depends on who you are that you can get away with anything. Her Crime Spree is worse then Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde and Manson put together. This is due to the Decay of our Government and the people behind the scenes . These people must be removed and others to fill there place. It is time for the Honest Men and Women to be found and the Dis-Honest Men and Women found out. They are obstructing Justice at every turn. You can not allow them to continue with there agenda of taking out President Trump. This charade has to come to an end.

  • knowsit

    The number of “suicide” casualties of Persons who are willing to expose the Clinton crimes just keeps growing, yet the complicit American media platys lap dog to the Clintons

  • knowsit

    There is more honest reporting in Russia and Cuba, than In America when it concerns Democrats in power.
    At least most Russians know you can not believe what the KGB offers as truth, but most American Press are intentionally complying with whatever Democrats put out as national or local news.
    Most Democrats, and a great share of Republicans are intentionally clueless about the political intrigue Dem’s get away with daily, as again proven by the Clinton / Lynch “accidental” meeting between Billy-Jeff and Loretta Lynch during a time when there is a real need to investigate all the crimes committed by Hillary during her time as Atty Gen, during which time she made $$hundreds of Mio. for the Clinton’s Foundation

    • dennis

      She was Secretary of State. Eric Holder was the A-G

  • tiredofit

    When people are scheduled to appear any where to testify against the Clinton’s for anything WHY aren’t they under heavy guard?

  • a z

    #57. Clinton crime family strikes again!!!!

  • Steve

    Suicide??? And pigs fly …

  • Sharon Russell

    And the bodies continue to pile up…how much “circumstantial” evidence has to accumulate before it becomes undeniable?

  • Martha Banks-Bryant

    2 Many People R Coming Up Dead That Had Connections With The Clinton’s!!! Remember The 81 Years Old Man. Just A Few Months Ago. They Said He Had Something To Do With Getting/Finding Her Emails. He Was Found Dead. Suspiciously, With A Plastic Bag Over His Head???

  • ‫מאיר סילבר‬‎

    ..and may his blood be avenged.

  • urstoryandurstickingtoit

    Wow, all these deaths happening at just the right time for the Clintons, what a coincidence!

  • Bonnie Bouton Dinbokowitz

    The Clintons are responsible for so many deaths! anyone who has gotten to close to them or the truth seems to be disposed of. This is why offering a Plea Deal to a woman who is untrustworthy, dishonest and a liar is not right. Hillary needs to be held accountable for all of her misdeeds. She has deleted and concealed evidence, including 30,000 emails that were sent on an unsecured system for all of the world to see. She needs to be punished for the four Benghazi deaths. where she refused to send reinforcement. She needs to be indicted for all of the deaths that occur for just knowing her. Hillary Clinton simply can not receive a free pass, no other citizen would. She at least needs to spend the rest of her despicable life in Prison!

  • apeman2502

    Killary pays hitmen through two different well padded corporations. The Clinton foundation and SERCO. SERCO is a British corporation providing the background coordination between British royalty and the Bush criminal cabal which did the 9-11-2001 attacks.

  • rick dalton

    More RWNJs propaganda for all the fools to eat up.

    • OpusX

      fŭck your mơther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    More like an Arkancide.

  • rick dalton

    LOL brothers & sisters comrade Only thing is Crooked is the fake ass president you fools put into the white house.His lawyer say Crooked Trump business dealing is off limits cause of the statue of limitation how how that works ….DEFINITION of ‘Statute Of Limitations’. A statute of limitations
    is a law which sets out the maximum time that parties have to initiate
    legal proceedings from the date of an alleged offense. The precise form
    of a statute of limitations differs from one jurisdiction to the next. For you idiots this means it don’t even start until charges has been filed. Crooked Trump was right he could shit in your mouth and you fools would just eat it up

    • OpusX

      fŭck your mơther!!!!!

  • John Newman

    How many more people that are about to testify against the Clinton’s will be murdered????

  • Bob Nettles

    It is time to pay the Piper she has been dancing to this toon for a long time. The Clintons have more murders attached to their name.

  • Travis McLean

    Take this article down. It’s simply bad reporting:


  • Heather Soper

    Lol Don’t make me laugh! You mean Layoffs are booming. You silly little idiot beliving all the Liar-in-chief tells you! LOL OVER 2000 LIES he has told and lol you believe them all!
    NO, lol the world does not respect you, the US is now a Joke, a laughing stock..
    Stable genius!!!! 😀
    Mueller is Coming and He means business for Trumpsky and his partners in CRIME. Won’t be long now till we hear more Lies from the Stable Genius! Hehaw!!!!