Hillary Clinton Cancels Public Events Amid Media Blackout

Hillary Clinton cancels all public events amid a MSM blackout

Hillary Clinton has canceled all upcoming campaign events following the FBI’s announcement that they are reopening their email server investigation.

The reopening of the case has sent the Clinton campaign into complete chaos, according to reports.

According to “Citizens for Trump” Special Projects Director Jack Posobiec, Hillary is looking to get out of the media spotlight for a while.

In a tweet, he stated: “Hillary has cancelled all campaign events in FL, OH, and NC.”

The Clinton campaign wants to focus on states that Hillary lost serious ground in – like Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Michigan.

Has the latest email scandal finally brought Hillary to her knees?

Will there even be an election on November 8th, or will we be watching Hillary Clinton go on trial?

It seems like anything is possible right now.

  • schmannity

    She wants to spend more time with her family.

  • Dick Tracy

    She may flee the country to avoid being arrested.

    • eyeswideopen

      You can run but you cannot hide….I would love to be part of the posey that hunts down “ALL” of these traitors.

  • Kathryn Leal

    No matter what happens, VOTE TRUMP! Don’t stay home!!!

    • Bob

      I’m w/ you sister. He’s at lease talking about peace w/ Russia & fighting terror.

  • Charles

    Huma is a Saudi/Muslim Brotherhood mole. She was printing out classified documents at home! Where is the dead-drop for her handlers? She should be tried and executed for espionage and the person who hired her should have DHS/FBI/NSA/etc. so far up their ass investigating their connections to espionage as well. That person is certainly not fit to hold any public office. And even if they didn’t know about the espionage, they lack the judgement to be president.

  • SargintRock

    The DemoRATS are in a frenzy, scalded by the very corrupt officials they thought They Controlled!

  • toondrawer35

    Hillary suffers from psychological ‘projections’ … because she doesn’t accept
    responsibility for any bad decision she makes or is made by anyone near
    her. She blames all OTHERS like we the “basket of deplorables” and then
    claims Trump called her and her fellow Democrats ‘nasty’. That is very
    Nixonian of her. She is NOT a responsible person that we want making
    decisions for us. So, WE the People have to take our responsibilities in
    tow and vote the Clinton crime family out of our lifes.