Huma Abedin Seeks FBI Immunity Deal

Huma Abedin is seeking an immunity deal with the FBI following James Comey's announcement that the agency have reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

Huma Abedin is seeking an immunity deal with the FBI in the wake of James Comey’s announcement that the agency have reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Abedin, who serves as vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for President, is allegedly seeking the immunity deal so that if she testifies against Clinton and Obama, she will not face prosecution herself.

According to an FBI insider, Huma has indicated that she would be willing to talk to them as long as they guarantee her immunity.

Rumors of the immunity deal began swirling on Twitter on Sunday morning, two days after Comey announced the FBI were reopening reopen their email investigation.

Since news broke of Abedin’s potential immunity deal with the FBI, Hillary Clinton apparently threw her off the campaign plane, according to reports.

Abedin is no longer sitting near the front cabin on her plane to Florida. She’s no where to be found this morning. So sad.


  • mike

    Proof that Hillary is very guilty -it’s lynching time

  • Jon Goodwin

    This is all one big diversion, scripted down to the smallest detail. More lies. They’re hoping the next Wikileaks release goes unnoticed. Keep your eyes on the ball.

    • Circassian Beauty

      You’re gonna have to spell that out for me. How is her lover turning against her a distraction?

      • Jon Goodwin

        The emails and the FBI aannouncement comprise a giant diversion. Salacious story, but no eat on the bone. The real story is Wikileaks and the Clinton Foundation .

        • NCBrian

          uh, what do you think the FBI is investigating in those emails? it’s all the same story.

  • robideu

    Sure, I believe this. Lots of solid sources cited. My ass.

  • Nordic Bezerker

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    snowflakes too their safe spaces

    is a message of help!

    Why in the fudge are you
    wasting your time, ink and bandwidth going after Comey, What he
    did is done! You cannot put Jack back into the box. The elephant
    in the room is what is HRC Inc going to do to stop the bleeding. Let
    see, she could confess, OH she has already done that and there really
    isn’t anything to confess or apologize for. She can blame Trump,
    republicans, or Comey, done that no good, WAIT how about blaming Bush
    Jr. haven’t done that in a while, provably a waste, besides he is
    voting for her and do not want to loose more votes. OK its time to
    bring in the big guns, oops she took them away, how about really
    really drastic measures, HUMAN SACRIFICE. First choice is Podesta but
    he is old and wrinkly, plus he kind of looks like Weiner, not muck
    impact here. Obviously the Queen, HRS, is a non-choice, BUT how about
    Huma. BINGO, even the Moslem’s will like this. Get to the hardware
    store, get a new hemp rope (don’t want her to kick she was not hung
    with a new rope) and as they say in the ole west “Hang Em High”.
    Now HRC can look the public in the eye and say without blinking “Look
    what we have done, we are the judge, jury and executioner of the one
    responsible for everything, I have saved you”

  • Calven

    Nobody is seeking “immunity” and there is no panic in the Hillary camp, they know this is all right wing propaganda BS that will go away after the election.

  • jaf1200abe

    How did Huma Abedin ever get top secret clearance ? Another bad decision by Hillary.

  • Chelonia


  • JudyLea

    Don’t give Uma any immunity. She will just do what the rest of Hillary’s crooks have done: Take their immunity and then plead the 5th. Let’s charge Uma, convict her, then pardon her IF she tells all on Clinton and Uma’s husband-to-be-exed.

    Or, just use the emails to convict everyone. No more immunity. You don’t need her testimony if the emails are explicit and complete as we expect.

    Find the emails about Benghazi and give the families of the heroes some answers.

    Convict Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea of all the crimes we can prove with emails and without their lying testimony.

  • NCBrian

    While I have no doubt that this could be true, this is hardly a strong story. some dude on youtube posted that he heard from an insider that Huma is seeking immunity? come on now. i saw the video. googled it. found this article which linked right back to the very same video as its source.
    we’ll see