Ivanka Trump: Dad Is Destroying DC Pedo Network

Ivanka Trump has vowed that her father, President Trump, will do everything within his power, using the "full force and weight" of his administration, to drive the elite pedophiles out of the corridors of power in Washington D.C.

Ivanka Trump has vowed that her father, President Trump, will do everything within his power, using the “full force and weight” of his administration, to drive the elite pedophiles out of the corridors of power in Washington D.C.

Brave Ivanka posted a photo to Twitter of herself in the Oval Office with President Trump and NGOs tasked with eradicating the stench of human trafficking and pedophilia from not just Washington D.C. but the whole country.

It has emerged that Ivanka Trump was responsible for the sudden Trump administration attention to pedophilia epidemic, with the president’s daughter urging her father to hold a listening session last week on domestic and international human trafficking and pedophilia.

By doing so, Ivanka Trump, an influential West Wing force despite her decision not to take an official title at first, will one day be viewed by history as the person who was brave enough to tip over the first “domino” that eventually led to the whole house being bought down – and the garbage being cleared away.

Usually First Ladies and families of presidents focus on “healthy eating” or “better education for women”, whoop-de-doo things that only serve to keep them busy and looking good in front of the camera.

Families of the president never usually focus on anything gritty involving real human hardship.

But not the Trumps. They don’t pretend everything is rosy.

They tell it how it is and are unafraid to rock the boat, regardless of what the establishment throws at them.

Ivanka Trump with her father, the President, promising to rid Washington DC of pedophiles once and for all
Ivanka Trump with her father, the President, promising to rid Washington DC of pedophiles once and for all

It’s not just the POTUS who is going for the jugular on the issues that count, it’s his family too.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • https://twitter.com/misc_CIA_victim Josh Stern

    There’s an unexplored ambiguity with the use of the adjective “D.C” in the article. It could mean any of these things: a) happening inside Wash D.C. metro, b) involving Federal employees, elected or unelected, c) involving incidents in various places that are being politically protected by D.C. insiders. Maybe some comments from local DAs, named or anonymous, could clarify what they know about that. There is a potential conflict of interest/authority with a Metro Police indirectly controlled by or allied with Congress or DOJ/FBI, investigating crimes supported by Congress or DOJ/FBI. Should they be automatically turned over to independent investigators?

    • Kevin Watson

      You sound…. nervous….

      • https://twitter.com/misc_CIA_victim Josh Stern

        I’m not catching your actual meaning. Can you clarify?

        • Kevin Watson

          Unfortunately, I left my crayons at home. Analyze it.

          • https://twitter.com/misc_CIA_victim Josh Stern

            I need a clue from you. Is “sound nervous” meant literally? About the writing or the topic?

            I’m in favor of the pedophile investigations, and have posted elsewhere that the media is not adedequately covering them, in the US or the UK. I don’t have any personal connection to pedophilia. I have a personal connection to opposing the CIA and FBI and conspiracy theory that they block investigations into human trafficking and pedophilia.

  • photonic

    On this issue go get’m Mr. President, clean the filthy swamp and dredge it out clean if you can and good luck; but leave Russia and China alone! The enemy is closer to home as well as US bed fellows.

    • Katana Man

      The enemy is the fed, follow the money.

      • JJ

        yeah, follow it right to your birth certificate that no one knows how to process and use

  • catalanismo is hatred

    Ivanka has been raped by his world known sexual predator father all her life!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Muhammad Abbass

      In your disturbed little mind maybe. Indeed obviously. You’re sick!

      • catalanismo is hatred

        you should hear what your messiah Trump says about Ivanka and he is a world knwon sexual predator

        • Muhammad Abbass

          You should see yourself in a mirror. Trump is not my messiah you idiot. I am not happy with anything he is about at this stage. However your filthy little projections aren’t real. They’re just your sick twisted mind and others like you. We see you grubby little things, go crawl under rock.

          I am 54 and a man who like young girls myself. As in my wife is 29 years younger but she was 19 when we married. trump like alpha men tend to, also likes younger women, BUT I am easily able to ascertain from his choice of wives, what his tastes run to and BIG, BUSTY and BOMBSHELL would cover it. Tall boy, VERY tall women and classic models. That is his taste. NOT a petite one among them. Think about it, if you’re older than forty and not a virgin you might get it.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Trump is a world known sexual predator we have heard how gorilla Trump with his own words and mouth has said he grab the genitalia of all the women he can, no matters if this women want it, THIS IS A CRIME IT´S SEXUAL ASSAULT

            and Trump all the time says weird things about Ivanka´s body, so it´s easy to think he all the time is at least grabbing her genitalia

            a lof of member of Trump´s gang are sex pervs, his pupil Milo yiasomething is a pedophile

          • Loosegoods

            That’s really gotta be some cheap, shitty ass acid you’ve been doing. WHERE DO YOU DREAM THIS SHIT UP???

        • barbara lee

          You thing you are the only one who knows about these comments and know where they come from or are too dumb to figure things out somewhat? Just because we have different interpretations does not mean you are right. Your use of the word “messiah” gives you away as a fanatic libtard.

        • Loosegoods

          Right! Where the hell does this clown dream this stuff up??? He likely supported the rapist’s enabler and protector who also likes little girls. Catalanismo is hatred, might I suggest that you shut up and stop showing everyone how flipping ignorant you really are, there are a ton of books that don’t focus on a pink kaleidoscope, maybe you should think about looking at something other than make-believe BS.

      • gmatch

        Mr. Trump bought all his wives – and imported them from Slovenia.

        • Muhammad Abbass

          Well that’s better than the ones you bought from the farmer. Don’t you wish you could afford a real human wife yourself or even be enough of a man to attract one?

      • Loosegoods

        Has anyone a clue as to what this clown, “catalanismo is hatred” is talking about???

        • Muhammad Abbass

          I think he has some unwholesome sexual obsessions along with a dislike of Trump. Just a guess, it is fairly incoherent.

    • Jonathan Lew


      • catalanismo is hatred

        pervert the orange gorilla Trump. you should hear what your messiah Trump says about Ivanka and he is a world knwon sexual predator

        • Katana Man

          Illegal alien?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            yes Melania was a illegal alien and she is a transwoman

    • Jacques Devin

      Shameful is idiot like you bringing charges you can’t back up.. Trump wouldn’t be talking about doing something about this plague if he was one of these sickos, would he?

      • catalanismo is hatred

        This is what I think you should hear what your messiah Trump says about Ivanka and he is a world knwon sexual predator

        • Loosegoods

          Well, I would have to say that you have proven yourself, beyond any reasonable doubt to be a complete damned idiot. An idiot because 1.) You actually believe what you’ve written; (NOBODY could be that damned stupid.)
          or 2.) Because you believe that anyone else would be so stupid as to believe the lies that you are spreading.
          Either way, guess who wins the cupie doll for dolt of the decade!

          • catalanismo is hatred

            we all know Trump is a sexual predator I think he rapes Ivanka daily

          • Muhammad Abbass

            I think your comments have crossed the line and are innappropriate frankly. For what it is worth I am reporting you.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Trumpzombies hate free speech you love the censorship NO MATTERS WE ALWAYS FIGHT AGAINST TRUMP´S DICTATORSHIP =)

          • Muhammad Abbass

            I am not even a Trump supporter you lame brained idiot. He is the pits. However I find extreme sexual perversion being spewed about as you are doing is obnoxious and it is also quite sickening. It is not censorship reporting you, I am reporting you for action as a pervert and sexual deviant. A disruptive person who is in breach of site rules. If you see that as censorship. stiff bickies. Nobody owes vermin like you anything except a mouth full of broken teeth.

    • Katana Man

      Foreigner minority black lives matters bi sexual?

      • catalanismo is hatred

        and? bisexuality is not a crime, it´s good

        the sexual pervs are Trump and some of the member of his gang

        Trump is a world known sexual predator and his pupil Milo yia a pedophile

    • barbara lee

      Appropriate name… “hatred” because filth twists your fantasies to new lows. What the hell do YOU know about this family? Nothing except that the fruit Trump bore are all good folks, Tribal or not. Methinks folks like you are just upset that you might lose your favourite toys due to a MORE HONEST form of government. Now, go away, crawl back under your roack; the rest of us are enjoying the change and the sunlight.

    • Loosegoods


  • Muhammad Abbass

    I’ll cheer when I see it really bring down the whole thing. It is so rife that they could easily just throw a few bigger fish and a lot of middle and small sized ones under a bus and move on. A limited hangout. If it is a real crackdown, it will be a bloodbath. We will know it when it happens.

  • Rolf David Liechti

    What an appallingly bullshit article!


    Lords defeat May over EU nationals’ rights after Brexit

    Theresa May calls Jeremy Corbyn ‘incredible’ in awkward PMQs joke
    Donald Trump has apologised for “causing offense” after a leaked 1995 recording exposed the Republican’s lewd and crass comments about women.

    As he travelled on a bus with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood to meet Days of our Lives actress Arianna Zucker, Mr Trump bragged about his attempts to have sexual intercourse with a married woman who rejected his advances.

    He insisted he had the right to do “whatever he wanted” with women, as he was a “star”.

    • Katana Man

      Hillary and Bill clinton enjoy Jerry Epstiens Pedo Island repeatedly, Bill was their 15 times, They frequented the lolita express. Clinton foundation taking pay for play donations for arms deals to draconian monarchs supplying isis with weapons. Hillary barred from Practice because she is a compulsive liar. Clinton foundation stole 90 percent of the money that was donated to Haiti after Obama their best mate told people who to donate to. Good old Clintons in the Mena connection helping cia to smuggle tonnes of drugs for years. Youtube everything i said, just the tip of the corrupt festering bought and paid for iceberg. You must really love war? Spose it was good all those invasions for no reason except nwo expansion and regime change? You are not very smart are you? You like nwo debt enslavement don’t you?

    • barbara lee

      I once dated a very wealthy, obviously by his bodyguards, very connected goodfella from NYC. He was a highly placed man with a flashy entourage. Charisma, danger, etc reeked from his every pore (and yes, I adored him to heck n back). The stories he told me of women coming on to him in many public places were amazing. Their gall. Can you imagine a woman cosying up to YOUR man when you sit across the room and whispering “I left a wet spot on that chair over there for you.” when she came with another man? His response, to toss both out and toss the chair out the next day. But he had stories. He was offered beautiful virgins to wife when he was in parts of Europe, he refused. It is NOT like these women are victims when they are up in this level trying to hook or interest a rich man. Many literally throw themselves at such men. Believe me, for 5 years I heard his stories so I knew he was being honest to me. SO do not defend people on a level you do not know, including the so called “victims”. And always look to source for that information, not JMSM gossip.


    GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DONALD TRUMP : This web page destroyed the pervert SOCIALISM : https://antelacion.blogspot.com/2017/02/integridad.html

  • ImpaledNazarene

    This is why the Clinton/Obama disciple pedos took down Mike Flynn and are working on taking out Jeff Sessions! The sick thing is those DNC Soros shills actually have supporters!

    • Loosegoods

      That really IS the scary part, damned near half the nation wanted that murdering traitor and thief in the Oval Office!

  • RobSmells

    Good ol’ nutjobs. You twist stopping human trafficking, a real problem, into an “elite pedophile network, AKA pizzagate”. Why not just report real news? Is human trafficking not exciting enough with trying to make it about The Clintons?

    • Katana Man

      msm wouldn’t report the real news, it would hurt their globalist owners.

  • abinico

    Hope Trump has great bodyguards.

  • Decleated

    Actions speak louder than words. I will believe it when I start reading about arrests and not until.

  • Katana Man

    I can see a meme now of Michele obama holding a sign saying “Bring our Pedos back” and a frown.

  • AmericaIsToast

    There should be only one sentence for scum who would do this to children and that is death. If you believe the Bible, Jesus will do much more to them than death. They might want to think about repenting and believing the gospel, because without Jesus, they are destined for Hell.

    • Loosegoods

      Slime such as this are destined for hell regardless, For some sick, evil bastard to destroy a child for that child’s entire life; uh, no, I DON’T believe that one can habitually destroy children, or even one child and then come up with the cop-out, “But I’ve accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior so therefor everything is cool now.” Nope! I don’t buy it! Kill the son of a bitch and let him bring it up with Jesus face to face.

  • michaelrivero

    Good for Trump! Odd how the corporate media refuses to report on this.

    • GAZOO

      I pass out Pizzagate flyers everywhere I go.

    • DavidMacko

      My guess is that the enemedia are being blackmailed into not reporting on this vile scandal because too many of their own people would be exposed. God bless President Trump for directing attention to this vile part of the swamp which he needs go drain.

  • evader2014

    CNN and the rest of the mess media will have some pedo “activist” denouncing Trump.

  • evader2014


  • debugger

    Hah!! Once the Pedophiles are eliminated there will be nobody left in DC to destroy the country. Hopefully Trump will bring some people that want to make America great again – but I’m afraid there are deceiving monkeys in his administration and one of them is his son-in-law!

  • gmatch

    When I read the comments here and in many other blogs I have to say: Americans are nuts.

  • Darkwing

    IF Tramp opens this can of worms how many RINOs will be in it.

  • Pat Enery

    They’re only going to throw some of the lesser players under the bus to make it look good. The really heavy ones will remain in office & fight hard against this because the blackmail against them is career ending & a guaranteed jail term. It is the reason nothing gets done for the American people in Washington. Such is the power of the architects who hold this power over our corrupt politicians & military leaders. I am not sure if Trump is aware of who these people are. The direction to look at is who benefits from the American Peoples wealth. Our sons & daughters are dying for fabricated war half way around the world. Who benefits? The answer lies in who really was behind 911. Anyone remember those dancing Israelis?

  • guber

    This would be too good to hold our breath. I will only believe it when I see real prominent heads rolling. But I doubt it will happen. This racket is at the very highest level. When have you last heard Donald Trump’s battle cry to #DrainTheSwamp? I have not heard it since his first visit to the White House where he came out with such warm words for Obama. I think he was told who is in charge of the whole thing and that was the end of it.

    Look how Mike Pence stands by his side now when he makes Presidential proclamations as if a watch dog or a prison guard. Pence is a politician, there is no trusting him, even if he seems like a conservative Hoosier. Mike Flynn’s departure may likely be related to PizzaGate as Flynn’s son is involved in the whole public investigation and Flynn himself is sympathetic. It is rumored that he had a list and on this list was someone named as “Mike Pence’s best friend”. Hence the fallout between Flynn and Pence.

    Now to these fine NGOs. How many of them are just fronts for anything from money laundering to child trafficking? This is not just baseless allegations. We know that known pedophile abusers are marching at the front of child abuse awareness marches. There is at least one Haiti charity implicated with the PizzaGate racket. So I think that might be all a nice show but how much really they will do will become clear whether we see meaningful heads rolling from highest ranks or just some pawns sacrificed, or worse, some round up of idiots from a lame bait and sting operation as we have seen in California and Norway recently.