Jared Leto: I Was Lured Into Hollywood Illuminati Cult

A source close to Jared Leto claims that the actor’s membership of a Hollywood illuminati cult led him to becoming rich and famous.

Jared Leto went “extra crazy” in his method acting to play the Joker role in the new Batman movie, but according to a friend it’s not his acting technique that made him rich and famous, it’s his membership of the Illuminati.

He was presented with an opportunity. He told me they lured him in [and] he cut a deal,” he said, explaining that Leto must now promote the cause “for the rest of his days.

Jared Leto, who is obsessed with the all-seeing eye, the symbol representing the eye of Lucifer overseeing his minions, has even tweeted Illuminati references as recently as last December.


But Leto’s childhood friend isn’t down on the actor/musician for making the decision. “If you were presented with the opportunity, can you be sure you wouldn’t make the same choice?

The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman’s stage decorations regularly feature Illuminati symbolism. A capstone pyramid, representing the top-down command structure of the Illuminati rulers of the universe, even features in the band’s logo.

Jared Leto Illuminati

Leto also has two triangle/triad tattoos on his elbows.

Jared Leto triangle

He he has the mark of the beast tattooed on his arm.

Jared Leto Illuminati

There are plenty of examples of Leto adopting the 666 and all-seeing eye poses.

Jared Leto Illuminati

30 seconds to mars occult

Jared Leto all seeing eye

Jared Leto Illuminati

Jared Leto 666

Baxter Dmitry

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  • Katos


    • disqus_1S1GyNUnq5

      satan is no more real than the christian god or every other god man made up. it’s merely a choice how you are going to lead your life. bei it anti-everything or pro-everything. it has got nothing to do with deities or supernatural stuff. there is just nature. and no, i don’t like nature at all.

  • KrisK

    A nazar (Turkish: nazar boncuğu, Old Turkic: gökçe munçuk, meaning “blue bead”) is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. Wikipedia folks. Tough research. So we’re supposed to believe that any talented maverick who works his ass off for decades to become a successful film maker, actor, singer, talented rock climber, humanitarian, all in all amazing individual actually just joined a little club and voila he’s famous. I bet you bought sea monkeys as a kid.

  • Mrs letosarnie

    Omg were you paid for this rubbish or just bored?! Idiot!

  • You’ve Got To Be Kidding

    Google Angelina Jolie and Illuminati ritual. Seems she also is a member, and was raped to join. Then she blabbed it all to her friends, one of whom was recording her. She’s one weird biotch.