Jeff Sessions Declares Fight Against Elite Pedophiles A Top Priority

Destroying the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated D.C. politics is a "top priority" of the Trump administration, says Jeff Sessions.

Destroying the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated D.C. politics as well as government nationwide remains a “top priority” of the Trump administration, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions who spoke at the National Law Enforcement Conference on Human Exploitation in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday. 

Addressing thousands of law enforcement officials, Sessions called the pedophiles stalking the corridors of power “evil,” “twisted,” “wicked,” “horrific” and “vile,” and vowed to continue the Trump administration’s good work infiltrating the previously impenetrable ring.

While mainstream media focuses on baseless Trump-Russia allegations and Hillary Clinton enters full-force campaign propaganda mode (even though there is no campaigning to do) Sessions reminded us that the Trump administration is now closer than ever to bringing down the elite pedo ring in Washington D.C.

[First Democrat Elected Official Tied To Elite Pedo Ring Pleads Guilty]

In an unprecedented video, the Attorney General railed against the establishment and thanked the conference attendees for their very difficult and “dark” work. Sessions also pledged to them the full support of the Justice Department as long as he is in charge.

Beginning at the 00.20 mark, AG Sessions said:

I know from my experience working these cases in Alabama that you are stopping people [who], if not stopped, will continue to abuse more and more people. A lot of people don’t like incarceration. But the reality is, and I wish it weren’t so, that incarceration seems to be in many cases the only thing that would protect children….

“Child abuse and child exploitation cases are a high priority for me as United States Attorney and they will be a high priority now for me as Attorney General. And I want you to know that we can, we are now, and we will continue. You will make a difference in this fight and protect children that need to be protected and deserve our protection in every single way….”

Note: Before he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, Jeff Sessions, 70, was Attorney General of Alabama (1994-1996) and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama (1981-1993).

What we are charged [by President Trump] with doing is reducing crime in America, and crimes against children are some of the worst in our country…. So our efforts to improve public safety will make the fight against child exploitation and human trafficking a top priority of ours.”

“It takes dedicated people to investigate and prosecute these despicable crimes. It demands courage and compassion, resilience and resourcefulness and determination….

“But if you confront evil as terrible as you confront everyday, you stand up to predators who think nothing of destroying children just to make a buck or to fulfill their own twisted fantasies. You see wickedness that no one should ever have to see, and suffering and cruelty that few can imagine. Your work takes you to dark places, both virtual places and real ones, places no one ever should have to visit. You do the gut-wrenching work of collecting and reviewing evidence to these crimes. You interview victims, prepare them to tell their stories as witnesses, and support them as they recover, hoping, praying that the abuse they’ve suffered does not destroy their future.

“It’s tempting to become discouraged in the midst of all of this, but you persevere, and for good reason. Few others can say that their work matters so much. You are rescuing and protecting innocent children, and bringing to justice people who commit horrific acts. For this, you have my admiration and my gratitude and the appreciation of all American people. You also have my commitment, as long as I’m Attorney General, the Department of Justice will continue to strongly support your work. We will be behind you.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Black Swan

    Priority attention should be focused on the participants of the frequent flyer program of Epstein’s Lolita Express to the Private Island Carribbean Resort.

  • John C Carleton

    I don’t think sessions can take time off from trying to throw people in prison for using a natural plant to go after pedophiles. The “first Democrat convicted, a Mayor, is small fish. Come on Mr. I HATE weed, i would like to see the pedophile cow hillary dangling on the end of the line. There are some former presidents, Heads of alphabet agencies, sitting senators, house of representatives, generals. I don’t see a damn big fish even worried about Washington DC taking them down.

    Sessions better spend his time throwing people from Colorado in prison. They are smoking weed, making money, crime is down, drinking goose is down. The Pharma corporations are loosing money peddling their killer chemical cocktails and pills. Chop-Chop, lots of righteous work to be done.

    • Ryan Rji Rji

      Guess we’ll find out huh

      • John C Carleton

        If Washington takes down any top shelf pedi’s, it will out of self preservation. Take the Clintons. They get arrested on pedo charges, trafficking children, think they do not have the scoop, the dirt, the immoral acts of those who would have to take them down? When they are ALL corrupt, who’s going to go after one of these when they know that it would cause the Clintons, or other top shelf pedos, to spill the dirt on them. In cases like this, if the pressure gets to much, if the American people demand some of these baby raping murderers go down, i would expect to see plane crashes, car wrecks, heart attacks, suicides. As Long John Silver said, “Dead men, (and hillary types) tell no tales.”

    • Patsy

      spell check: “booze is down” ….”are losing money”

      • John C Carleton

        You understood what i was saying. Control freak is a very destructive mental disease. Just because zionist say thats how to spell a word, don’t make it so. Control freaks can never achieve happiness, because it is impossible to control everything around one. It is a monkey on ones back just like a drug addition, never enough, and always requiring more and more. Seek Help. I am serious.

        • Patsy

          spell check: “drug addiction”

        • Fingal Carson

          Only modern liberals/zionists seek to destroy the uniqueness of English by removing all regional accents, creating a uniform and hypochondriac method of grammar and spelling, and looking down upon anyone else who does anything else.

          This, coming from the freaks who allegedly fetishize “diversity” and “differences”! More bedroom hypocrisy, that is, one belief in public, their real beliefs nestled at home, locked away in the closet.

          • John C Carleton

            This control freak inspired me to write a short bit on the evils of zionist control freaks.
            ‘Control Freak is a severe Mental Illness, and a Side Effect of the Zionist Virus’

          • Fingal Carson

            Great post.

            It also reminds me of southerners who, like libtard yanktard zionists, take pride in saying was a “part of southern history” (dismissing it).

            Real Southern gentleman are becoming nearly the minority and rarity of a Northerner that’s actually a human and not a yankee zion tool. Very scary sh!t.

  • itsnotrocketscience

    Ohhh ffs…as if..hes probably one of them…… and Trump is into occult practices.. do the math… ffs its not rocket science

    • General Apathy

      “hes probably one of them”
      Yes, that’s why he’s made over 5000 charges against pedophilia since becoming AG. LOL

  • gerry d welder

    Cannibalistic World Government

    “You will observe with concern how long a useful truth is known and exists, before it is generally received and practiced on.”
    -Benjamin Franklin…

    Fairfax County is less than an hours drive from Comet Pizza, just sayin.
    There’s an epidemic of children missing from Fairfax, Virginia. 50 …

    Each ‘statistic’ is actually a real child and part of a real family.

  • gerry d welder

    Will Law Enforcement finally act on the Podesta Wikileaks emails? They are mathematically verified by the DKIM encryption protocol. Have you EVER IN YOUR LIFE said anything like this?


    The proof is there, time to pry this tool out of the ‘Deep State’s’ hands, have congressional oversight find out who these murders are and make arrests. 

    Podesta’s emails implicate him in Scalia’s murder, how many more before these people are stopped?

    Possible Plot To Assassinate Justice Scalia …
    Oct 27, 2016 …

    “Yes we will invite the Mexican people to merge with us; to form one great nation, thereby narrowing our Southern border to the easily protected strip with Guatemala

    “Start WWIII with Russia”

    “Use this as an excuse to annex Mexico”

    “Scalia can’t block because he’d be an hero’d”

  • gerry d welder

    Go to minute 5:00 for a few seconds, then watch the (alleged Podesta) youtube video below:

    Could it explain this?
    Leaked: John Podesta Torturing Child at Comet Pizza

    Go to minute5:30:
    5 Dark Outcomes for victims of Child Trafficking #PizzaGate

    Notice the artwork in the beginning of this video of bound children in the bottom of a tiled pool (more convenient to hose down the blood?):


    Suspect With DIRECT CONNECTIONS to Hillary & Obama …

    ADRENOCHROME: The Blood Sacrifice Exposed | CONSCIOUS …… Proxy Highlight
    Nov 10, 2014 … What exactly IS adrenochrome? In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline (epinephrine) oxidizes.

  • gerry d welder

    Independent researchers suggest that the goal was not to scare the owners and patrons as initially thought but to damage the hard drive of a computer, which allegedly contained incriminating files, while making Comet Ping Pong Pizza (C3P) look like the victim of “fake news” in the process.
    Journalist and independent Pizzagate researcher David Seaman confirmed a hacker entered the C3P website which contained protected sections with downloadable files, needing a key to enable access.

    False Flag Shooter “Crisis Actor” Meme …
    Comet Ping Pong shooter has previously lived in Haiti and his father …

  • gerry d welder

    Go straight to minute 4:00:

    If 60 MINUTES is Right & PIZZAGATE is ‘Fake News’… EXPLAIN THIS!

  • gerry d welder

    ” …[6] [7] [8] [9]
    Over the past four years, our investigative team has revealed repeated cases of Planned Parenthood affiliates covering up the statutory rape of underage girls and enabling sexual abusers.
    The footage corroborates a 2002 extensive study of Planned Parenthood clinics performed by Life Dynamics. Through a series of phone calls, the study documents over 90% of over 800 abortion clinics willing to cover up sexual abuse.
    In ten Planned Parenthood clinics, Live Action videos depict investigators posing as underage girls, as young as 13-years-old, saying they were impregnated by men over twice their age. Planned Parenthood’s typical response? “Whatever you tell us stays within these walls” (Alabama). Or, “I didn’t hear the age, I don’t want to know the age” (Indiana). Or, “You don’t have to say anything” (Arizona). Or, “Just say he’s 15” (Tennessee).
    It appears as though Planned Parenthood may in fact be part of a larger and much more sinister network that not only covers up individual instances of underage sex slaves receiving abortions, but that encourages those abortions, profits from the body parts, encourages the underage “prostitution,” and in fact, instigates it. The revelations of the Center for Medical Progress investigation into Planned Parenthood and StemExpress were enough for the people to rise up demanding that Planned Parenthood be defunded once and for all.[10]”

    Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Part One of “What Breitbart Knew” by Amy James and Evelyn Pringle #PizzaGate

  • gerry d welder

    PizzaGate: NSA/CIA Muzzled By Obama Admin?

    … or complicit?

    The Child Porn-Pentagon-NSA-CIA Link ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know Even though there is evidence, the Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA do not want …

    “… every time they defile a little child they steal some of the child’s youth.”
    Secret Sex Magick Rituals of the Illuminati

    Pizzagate Properties Align with Forgotten D.C. Catacombs

    Andrew Klein (now a senior adviser in the executive office of the president) and Arun Rao, Chief Southern Division of the Human Trafficking Persecution Unit of the DOJ now involved in Pizzagate. How convenient for pedophiles, child trafficking and missing children.

    Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking …

    – (copy heading and paste in browser if you click on link and get an ‘error’ or ‘content not found’ -which is happening more and more)

    Pizza Gate Expose’- A Who’s Who – Podestas, Weiner, Clintons, Obama & More

  • gerry d welder

    The #Pizzagate Wiki

    DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 1/19 – Suspected Pedophile …

    #PizzaGate: The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring – Forbidden …

    Pretty interesting #pizzagate new discoveries on GAB

    David Seaman · @d_seaman


  • gerry d welder

    Buck’s Has a Basement and Who’s is the Comet hoax shooter’s father?

    #PizzaGate #Investigate – Moloch Maschine – Buck’s Fishing & Camping Has a Basement

    Images of pizzagate comet art

  • gerry d welder

    WikiLeaks: Pedophile ‘Code Words’ Found In Podesta Emails, posted November 4, 2016

    National intelligence chief James Clapper says he will resign, posted November 10, 2016

    Clapper knows something or just coincidence?

    Andrew Breitbart was about to expose John Podesta’s connection to a child sex ring but died ‘unexpectedly’ in 2012 (was that convenient for the NSA so they wouldn’t have to explain their silence?). Breitbart’s coroner was poisoned and died shortly after?

    What does the NSA know about the deaths of Senator Nancy Schaefer, Monica Petersen, Katri Ikävalko, Anne Vihavainen, Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen?

    The NSA admitted it has communications prior to princess Diana’s death … but it is ‘classified’. “The NSA said they were ‘classified because their disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security’. ” “National security”? The NSA could resolve many of the issues that have been tearing our country apart… who’s tool is the NSA really?
    Secret files could hold clues to Diana’s death | UK news | The …… Proxy Highlight
    Jan 10, 2004 …

    When will the NSA tell us about all this ‘FAKE NEWS’, the NSA could resolve this in an instant, who is the NSA really working for while US citizens are force taxed to fund it?
    Annual budget
    Classified (estimated $10.8 billion, 2013)[6][7]

  • Mike sha

    I think he said all the same BS months ago.Lets see it happen.
    Actions speak louder than words!

  • Eileen

    This is why the MSM was trying to foment discord between Trump and Sessions. They tried taking Sessions down once before and failed. This time President Trump wisely refrained from using Twitter and the whole thing played out as fake news.

  • Pete Greco

    They know who these POSs in government are. Don’t fight against them, INDICT THEM no matter what position they are in our government. It is for the children’s lives to have these perverts in jail. This activity is not acceptable, well unless you are of the islamic cult.

  • HWR

    Show me. Stop talking. Start doing.

    I don’t see it happening. And I don’t expect it either.

  • Rusti Mccollum

    I know they took 8 down last week in Portland. 8 Pedos went to jail..Something IS going on with all the sexual predators coming out!!!