Justin Bieber: Pedophiles Run The ‘Evil’ Music Industry

Justin Bieber told the congregation at a Bible class in L.A. that the music industry is controlled by the worst kind of people - pedophiles.

Justin Bieber told hundreds of people at a Bible study class in Los Angeles that he has “woken up” to the “evils of the music industry” and he needs to take a break from the industry because it is “controlled by the absolute worst kind of people – pedophiles.”

Bieber has become a regular at the Bible study class held at the Montage in Beverly Hills and on Saturday 22nd July he shared what he described as a “horrific story” with the congregation and explained why he felt he had to quit his world tour.

Describing a party on tour – attended by the upper echelon of the music business, including executive VPs of development, producers, power agents and international financiers – Bieber said he was encouraged to sexually abuse a young child who had been bought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry elite.

“I didn’t want to do this. I really didn’t. They said this kid was drugged, it was horrible,” Bieber said, explaining that it was made clear to him that he would gain entry to the “business side of the industry” if he “joined the club” by passing the initiation rites.

“I wouldn’t just be a performer, I’d be a mogul. That path would open up for me, like it did for Jay-Z.”

“It’s the difference between being a millionaire and being a billionaire.”

But Bieber told the congregation that he couldn’t do it.

“To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill this little child.”

Bieber said he had heard rumors about this type of initiation in the music industry, but he had not been confronted with it before.

“I got told they secretly film these parties. Once they’ve got you on video doing something like that, they own you.”

Bieber said his conscience is clear because he didn’t participate, but the fate of the drugged child is haunting him.

“They said this kid was raped by a few different guys. They said he was bleeding. I got out of there but I heard he died and that haunts me.”

Justin Bieber outside the Montage in Beverly Hills.

This allegation from Justin Bieber adds to the wave of accusations made by celebrities and musicians about the real nature of the music and entertainment industry elite. Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have both gone on record exposing the pedophilia at the heart of Hollywood.

According to Elijah Wood, innocent young lives are destroyed to satisfy “people with parasitic interests” who “see you as their prey.” In an interview with the Sunday Times, Wood dropped a series of bombshells about the pedophiles that run the industry, noting that “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

If you read the Washington Post or watch CNN, pedophilia is not a problem, and those who talk about it are tinfoil hat wearing kooks perpetuating ‘fake news.’ But more and more stars are coming forward with similar stories about the depraved Hollywood and music industry system.

In recent months Nicole Kidman and Lindsay Lohan also spoke out about pedophilia in Hollywood. Close friends of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington claim the recently deceased pair were working on exposing the pedophile ring working at the heart of the music industry – and it cost them their lives.

Justin Bieber shocked his fans by cancelling his world tour and announcing that he needed some time away from the music industry. But as more information comes to light, it appears he made the best possible decision.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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  • Adam
  • Pamela Hunter

    The problem is not just Pedophilia… like that were not bad enough. These guys are Luciferian… that is how they indoctrinate….. once you join you do not unjon. And being told to kill someone is nothing to these sick fucks. They are like Dahmer….. they sexually and physically torture till they kill the victim in a human sacrificing ritual… then drain the blood and eat the victim…. for Power from Lucifer. Sounds like Bieber barely made it out of there. He probably is a walking dead man or will be suicided same difference… for not only refusing… but also now for saying what happened. God help us. I personally am looking up… my redemption is nigh.

    • Greyson Palmer

      If you think that they’re Luciferians then you don’t know whag Luciferianism is.

      • Le Cochon Bleu

        Greyson Palmer.
        If you actually mean your claim (many evil satanists / Luciferians hide behind a pretended other definition), Pamela Hunter makes complete sense and knows exactly what she is talking about.

        If you actually meant your words, and if they are not just lies and pretence (I am not stating they are – if), just make a quick search and you will easily find a very common definition of the terms Lucifer and Luciferians as pertaining at least to evil, or the most evil.

        You could also look evil up in a dictionary if you do not or refuse to recognise what it means.
        Basically it comes down to the most concerted torture and destruction (destruction for torture).

        But why would someone not know such basic defiitions are very common, have always been extremely well accepted and known about?

        It seems in itself an attempt to obscure, to cast question on another’s testimony, to change the subject, to present as if reality is different from the witnessed facts which someone is relating.

        Very see through also, if that is it.

        The lady used the correct terms – do not try to pretend that she got something wrong.

        • D.M

          Because Pamela was there to witness one of these ritualistic offerings of sex and murder? I’m not saying this is not happening – but if you haven’t experienced it first hand then …

        • Ray

          Le C B,

          Oh dear,

          Defend the ladies honour indeed a gentleman.

          You might like to read the note by Greyson Palmer made.

          He clearly stated that this discussion with someone was based on assumption only.

          I can and will inform you Le C B, that the dictionary is a basis of the meaning of the word used not an explanation of the insight or indeed the activities and practice of the Satanist cults.

          Have a nice day

          … Ray

      • feminale

        the issue is rape and murder bru- go start a blog.

      • Mark Vilen

        Maybe you don’t …

    • Voiceofreason1

      Justin’s final judgement with God is looking much better, God bless him for fleeing the evil cabal.

      • Anitajcoy


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        • Mairy Hinge

          Wow! that’s cheap for a new Range Rover

        • Yes It Is Political

          They teach you how to spam blog comments and all that kind of stuff, too?

      • Christine Knapp Fekete

        Justin’s “judgement” from God will be non existent because he is a believer in the redeeming blood of Christ. Saying it is “looking much better” is very judgmental of you- and implies God grades on some kind of curve. We need to focus on our OWN sanctification and not speculate on someone else’s. Especially when you are getting you info from such a FAKE article such as this. Please church, be BETTER than this.

        • John Christensen

          Protestant gobblygook

          • John33

            Only Catholics call non Catholics “Protestants”. I have never heard a Christian call themselves a “Protestant”. But thank God for Martin Luther. Without him and those who came after we may still be in the dark ages. He was the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church as well. Corruption was weeded out as best that they could and they had to have Vatican 1 & Vatican 2 to bring their church back to a people hungry for God, not just rituals, superstition and stained glass.

          • Kevin

            I know of quite a few protestants that call themselves protestants. The reason that many do not is because they do not know the truth of God’s Word and do not even know what a protestant is. In short, they are not protesting the errors of Catholicism.

      • Richard Wilson

        He still needs to repent and accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.

        • Voiceofreason1

          honestly not participating in satanic worship is a step in the right direction and speaking out about it very very good job – very brave.

          • Karen Fettig

            You are spot on..God bless

          • Sandragstone

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          • Larane Campbell

            Lord put your shield around Justin! Protect him, let your Holy angels be with him,
            that the evil foe may no power over him! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

          • Marla Cole

            Yes Lord!

          • JJ

            No,way,already he owes them millions of dollars given to him for belonging,fame ,power and exotic cars,its too late for him now,no way out,that is the gift from the free#mansory#music

          • Cindy Feaster

            I declare in Jesus name that he is not a slave to this industry, he knew God before he got famous, and he is surrounded by those who know God now, and if God be for Justin who can be against him!

          • sobmaz

            Justin is going to Hell for just leaving that boy to be raped and killed and never called the police! And you are going to Hell for thinking that’s ok.

            Lucky for Justin, he will be fine since this story is fiction, so his soul is not in danger. You on the other hand are doomed because wether the story is true or not you think it’s ok to knowingly let a a child get raped and murdered and not contact the authorities!

          • james barklow


          • sobmaz

            I said….Justin is going to Hell for just leaving that baby there to be raped and killed and never called the police!

            In other words…..if James Barklow was at a party and KNEW someone was to be murdered and James didn’t want any part of it so just went home rather than immediately calling the police to try to save a life, James would have violated all laws of morality and justice.

            But then, let’s not get worked up about it, this entire story about Justin B is bologna and aimed at idiots who are stupid enough to believe it.

          • Tom Turak

            I’m more than sure Justin’s sales have more than paid back the money he was advanced. His records sold, you only go in debt to them when a record doesn’t sell enough to pay back advances and the cost to produce/market and distribute the record. Not a Justin issue! He broke out big time right out of the gate.

          • Chris Streett

            Wait do you guys actually believe this??? How on earth if this was even kind of true does he get a pass for “getting the he’ll out of there” he didn’t do a thing to stop it and just let this poor drigged boy get raped and murdered and somehow he did a godly thing?? This is the dumbest most untrue article everr written don’t drink any more koolaid you lunatics

          • Tom Turak

            Did you read my comment? I simply stated that i doubt Justin’s in debt to his record company, and yes I do believe the sick fucks in Hollywood and Washington are pedos. I’m beginning to think you’re a pedo too.

          • Chris Streett

            Wasng really replying to your comment just where this terrible website put my comment and I never disagreed with the pedophiles n Hollywood statement just that this article and the story about bieber is completely fabricated and no-one can seriously believe this happened and if it did Justin bieber is a horrible human being for just running away and letting a child get raped and murdered but all rhese people are saying
            He’s with god because he didn’t rape a kid but somehow ts godly to run away. And let a Chile be tortured n killed all the comments referencing god n beibers transformation are insane and those are the people we nees to concern ourselves with

          • Tom Turak

            I agree if he was in that situation he should done something to help the kid. Realistically, I don’t think Justin would have made it out of there alive if he tried to help the kid. Justin’s not a bad MOFO. You got me thinking of what I would do if I were in this situation. Sometimes you’re so outnumbered, the wise thing to do is retreat to fight again another day and if so, nothing stopped him from leaving the party and going directly to the police, if he had maybe that kid would be alive.

          • Chris Streett

            That’s whatbinwas going to say that he was able to get out of there ok he could habe easily alerted whatever security people were near by and if this is true then they could quickly intervene.. Also do u think this article is trying to insinuate that Jay-z raped a little boy?? I find that hard to believe he worked his ass off to get where he is today and is super successful because of a brand that appealed to a certain demographic that jist took off with his intelligence and hard work

          • Tom Turak

            I was shocked to see Jay-z’s name brought up. I would like to believe he wouldn’t do something as bad as that, but when $$ is involved, you never know what people are capable of. Like Justin said it’s the difference between being a millionaire and a billionaire.

          • Chris Streett

            True good point… Ok brother was nice talking to ya hope all is good in your life (not being sarcastic) genuinely hope all is good with u

          • Tom Turak

            Thank you brother, I’m doing well, I hope everything is well with you. It was good talking to you too. Enjoy the weekend, Stay safe and well.

          • Chris Streett

            Thanks brother u too

          • SD888

            Are you so naïve as to think that security guards would do anything in such a case? The only security guards that would be there would be men Who are also pedophiles and work to protect the powerful pedophiles that run this world.

          • snow4feetdeep

            And if he had he’d probably not be alive. The cops are in the know.

          • james barklow

            Get real. You don’t think the lapd knows about this stuff

          • snow4feetdeep

            Be this a true story, you really think he COULD have done something, besides get himself AND the child murdered?

          • sobmaz

            Isn’t it amazing? This just shows how many ignorant people there are in this world.

          • The Truth

            No one escapes the grips of Hollywierd!
            Look at Michael Jackson, Whiney Huston, Prince the two that committed suicide this year and so many others.
            They patiently wait til the time is right and they strike with a evil vengeance.
            So keep your eyes and ears tuned to Justin, a few of those rappers from Atlanta, Madonna, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jay-Z. Sure they will let you revel in the mogul status for a bit, but in the end it’s always the same for all of them.
            You don’t live to be old and when you dare to reveal what they are doing, not that anything is going to happen to them, because they are the LAW, but your time here on earth just got even shorter.
            Don’t believe me, just watch !

          • JOANN OMARA

            Oh, Please, stop with the preaching you guys!

          • So over it

            Amen. May God smite those who are doing this to the children.

          • jonny dgtl

            And you’re also very ridiculous

          • Jim Deal


          • jonny dgtl


          • Jan Bowman

            We need to pray GODS protection over him. What he did is monumental.

          • Larod Tucker

            I’m afraid for him now…

          • Cyril

            I’m sorry for you

          • timishere1925

            I’m sorry for you.

          • Cindy Feaster

            I believe God is with him, before he got famous he knew the LORD

          • Spirit of our Soul

            So true

          • ReRe

            Yes it is. Now, I fear for this young mans life and their about to pubicly make up lies on him to shun him for this

          • 7csssss

            They may try and muder him and frame it as an overdose or a murder. Pray God protect him.

          • Spirit of our Soul

            Totally agree. Leave the guy alone. He is dead man walking. I pray that they leave him alone.

          • SD888

            I have noticed in recent years that Justin Bieber has dead eyes. The vacant stare. He’s definitely under MK ultra mind control and has been sexually molested himself many times.

          • Tina Holewinski Griffin


          • Shqiptarja e zeze

            There is no “step” for salvation otherwise we are saved by works. Only accepting Jesus as Lord AND Savior will.

          • morningstar1968

            Oh please.

          • james barklow

            “Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the pharisees, you will not enter the Kingdom. ” –Jesus. Don’t believe that faith alone crap

          • jonny dgtl

            If it’s on the Internet it must be true…

          • Mark Anthony


          • So over it

            I have heard this from several sources actually. That it was a spiritual move.

          • Edmund Sonya

            This is not uncommon. Minister G. Craig Lewis has been sounding the trumpet on this for several years. He has dvds called THE TRUTH BEHIND HIP HOP. Part 1 -11 right now. Each of them goes way behind the music and show you the satanic side of things. How they pledge to organizations like the OTO. I recommend anybody that wants a clear stream of info, to order. Google /YouTube some clips of a few of his DVDs. He is not a conspiracy theorist but a man that God has revealed many things to.

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            My dear, all you need to do to be called a “conspiracy theorist” is tell the truth about something that mainstream denies. The very term is weaponized thanks to the CIA after Kennedy’s assassination, to cover up those nasty little rumors going around. http://www.jfklancer.com/CIA.html

            But I doubt this story about Beiber is true. He was part of a church that looked illuminati… very HOLLYWOOD doing shots of alcohol with his topless minister. NO this story was released to cover that shit up and add confusion. It’s not that I do not know that those things happen, but I doubt this is a true confession. And I dated a survivor of illuminati who has even been to human sacrifice (as a child with 200-300 people in attendance somewhere in Laurel Canyon, California, for the record).

          • Edmund Sonya

            That’s good to know. I contacted EXMINISTRIES about this and they said the same thing..that they doubt this is a true confession. Tell me more about the human sacrifices your friend witnessed.

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            Oh Edmund… his story is incredible and I will be releasing it to the world in one of my last podcasts coming up in a couple of months. Youtube has taken down half of them but you can find them on Bitchute under nolabutterfly channel as well. His mother was forced to work at Bohemian Grove to save his life. His father was a Major in the Army (not going to say where, though I know), and was originally a young Nazi that came over during project paper clip. His mother was from a jesuit masonic military satanic cult that induced some of what is now known to have come from the MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs the U.S. was involved in after absorbing some of the leading scientific minds into its breadth. This was done with good cause, but had dreadful consequences and added a deep rooted corruption, the likes of which may have never been seen before. Satanists live like christians in communities, and they “watch over” each others kids to keep them in line. Oh the horrors, he survived, including incest BY his entire family, and other degrading abuses.

          • Tom Butler

            He’s got that going for him at least.

        • Fred

          I agree 100%,no other way but the right way.But I will support him in his fight and pray he makes that decision.

        • Ray

          Dear Richard,
          are you another one of those Christians that have taken on the right to chose who is and is not saved?

          When you die on the cross for the sins of the world and have
          Risen from the dead.. maybe.

          But until then stop your silly drivel.
          Thank you

          • it’s my opinion

            Richard is absolutely correct. John the Baptist was a forerunner to Jesus and he preached: “Repent and be baptized.” The Bible says: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but, have everlasting life.” John 3:16

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            That is YOUR opinion. The Bible has lost most of it’s TRUTH because of the many translations. We all have different assignments and the millions of people who die not knowing “Christ” who is Yahoshua, are not going to hell. We make our own hell here on earth. That’s what the pedophiles are doing. Shalom

          • Karen Sutton Gieser

            The true translations are the original Greek (New Testament) and the original Hebrew (Old Testament)… other versions are not as perfect.

          • Bc Atypical

            No Karen Sutton Gleiser, the English versions are not as perfect. You can’t translate exactly into English lots of times. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a TON of truth. Also, meditating on scripture and praying for meaning would, I expect, get God involved in your understanding of it.

          • Lawrence P Urquhart

            Not only that most people don’t realize that there are several different publishers. If you compare Zondervan and Tyndale House publishers you will find that Zondervan leaves out either portions or entire scripture, which means when you read other translations by them those same scriptures will be edited or omitted.

          • Jena

            This is TRUTH! Please do not reject this, people of God! I know it doesn’t seem to line up with “religion” and habits but many things Jesus said did not seem to line up with with the Jewish religion either…and the Apostle Paul didn’t have a Bible to base everything he said off of by the way. Go to the Hebrew and the Greek translations — I know it might not be your favorite, but we NEED to get understanding.

          • Bc Atypical

            I didn’t know that! Thanks Lawrence!

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            Agreed Bc Atypical. We’re not throwing the baby (Yahoshua) out with the King James and other poor translations, dirty water. Lots of metaphors and lessons in scripture. I like to think of the B.I.B.L.E as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Shalom

          • Danielle Jones

            Can’t you get in trouble if you don’t report this type of situation?

          • Bonnie Johnson


          • Terry-Lynn Roberts

            Not to forget we have the Hl SPirit who leads us into all truths…

          • Ray

            Hi Vietta,

            Not true – Many have misinterpreted the Bible as the scripture has said ..

            In the End Times ..

            … Ray

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            If you read “The Fall of the Church” by Terry Newbegin, you might change your mind about alot of what we’ve been told by religious institutions. Time to know who the Goddess is!!!

          • Alfonso Galindo

            divine feminine, I see it in greek mythology, ancient egypt spirituality but not christianity

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            That’s because it was removed from the bible. Study to show yourself approved. Watch the movie Moana and you’ll see a Truth not known by many, in animated form.

          • meinerHeld

            maybe not Christianity, but it is in Christ. Genesis 1:1 Says God created the heavens and the earth. Elohim is the original word translated “God.”

            It contains masculine aaand feminine characteristics, so God is both.

          • tcv

            Looks like we have a white witch in the room.

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            Thanks for the complement. Psalm 119:165. Shalom

          • Ray

            Hi Vietta,

            I am glad to tell you the true story from scripture, not a fancy expensive book written by whosoever.

            Galatians is often avoided by many like yourself that scoot into the realms of (I /We know best)
            For easier reading I have placed some notes i.e. (my emphasis) You may need to check the Greek and maybe some Aramaic text to get a swirl around in the real stuff.

            Have fun..

            For a Starter :- Galatians 5:

            *** Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with ‘the yoke of (Circumcision /Law) bondage’.
            (My emphasis: (a command – Free under Grace or Slavery / Bondage under the Law;)

            2 Behold, I Paul say unto you, that ‘if ye be circumcised (Law), Christ shall profit you nothing’.
            (My emphasis: (choice here – Life under Grace or Death under the Law;)

            3 For I testify again to every man that is be circumcised (Law), ‘that he is a debtor to do the whole law’.
            (My emphasis: again – (choice here – Life under Grace or Death under the Law; open for discussion on this one)

            4 Christ is become of no effect unto you, ‘whosoever of you are justified by the law’; ‘ye are fallen from grace’.
            (My emphasis: (follow the Law and you are not saved – Please note the translation; it is a lot clearer in the Greek I can assure you )

            5 For we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.
            (My emphasis: (we are not saved by our knowledge of anything – but in the faith of the living Christ Jesus)

            6 For in Jesus Christ (neither circumcision /Law) available anything,’ nor uncircumcision’; but ‘faith which worketh by love’.
            (My emphasis: (neither circumcision /Law)

            7 Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?
            (My emphasis: Who hindered you?)

            8 This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you .
            (to Circumcision /Law)

            9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
            (My emphasis: this is a true saying)

            10 I have confidence in you through the Lord, that ye will be none otherwise minded: but he that troubleth you shall bear his judgement, whosoever he be.
            (My emphasis: Who hindered you as they will account)

            11 And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? then is the offence of the cross ceased. (My emphasis: are you being persecuted?)

            12 I would they were even cut off which trouble you.
            (My emphasis: As stated they who have hindered you will account)

            13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.
            (My emphasis: (My emphasis who put you back under the Law of Slavery?)

            14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
            (My emphasis: the Cross fulfilled all in the Law by following this simple instruction- Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself)

            15 But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.
            (My emphasis: who put you on the offensive to fight and devour?)

            16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
            (My emphasis: My emphasis: walk in the Truth of the Holy Spirit?)
            (My emphasis: the lust here would refer to the inner desire to follow one’s own way)

            17 For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.
            (My emphasis: the lust here would refer to the inner desire to follow one’s own way)

            18 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.
            (My emphasis: if you walk in the Holy Spirit you will not be under the law)

            19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
            (My emphasis: this refers to all kinds of sin walked into almost blindly)

            20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
            (My emphasis: again:- this refers to all kinds of sin walked into almost blindly)

            21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
            (My emphasis: again:- this refers to they will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven)

            22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, (My emphasis: (what a blessing would be missed)

            23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. (My emphasis: (temperance – and pride – note these two stick together like glue -)

            24 And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. (My emphasis: (this is such a gift of Yahweh / Yeshua -His death and resurrection has no end of love, life and liberty)

            25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. (My emphasis: (Live in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit, Die in the flesh and be in the in the Spirit)

            26 Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another. (My emphasis: Oh that we would walk in humility, walk in love and exist in His peace – not in a fantasy of lies and deception – thus ending up with nothing but eternal suffering)


            PS. You do have a choice

            … Ray

          • jim smith

            you need to come to Jesus before its to late

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            That’s very funny to me Jim Smith. I was born in the Church of God in Christ 62 years ago, where my grandfather preached til his death in 1972. I’ve been/experienced every religion except Catholicism over the years. I woke up to the name of Yahoshua/Jesus and Yahweh and I now KNOW they are both in me for we are all a microcosm of the Cosmic Universe. I live my life with Mashiach Consciousness and I receive help everyday from many Messengers. Came to Jesus in my infant years now He comes to me when I call as The Ancient Master. Remember Isaiah 43:11 Beside me there is no other savior (sayeth Yahweh)! You are Yahweh.

          • Ray


            Much as you may have spent your life in and about the church / What ever ones called it – This is not salvation..
            Romans 10: v9-10
            2Cor, 5: v17

            Faith come by hearing the WORD – One must react to it – One is not a tennis player because they are a member of the Club..
            One is not a Christian because one goes to church.

            Unless you can show me a scripture that says or mentions this idea .. Please do let me know as I would be most intersted to see / hear of ..


            .. Ray

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            You missed my reply, Ray. I’m very familiar with everything you’re saying. I was in the church for many years now my church is NATURE. Salvation is in YAHUWAH, the Divine energy of the entire Universe. Take the Creator out of the Religious box of Christianity and you might understand. Jesus/Yahoshua or Yahuwah/God is NOT A CHRISTIAN. THEY ARE ONE IN THE UNIVERSE. Don’t need your preaching, been there done that and now is the time to let that PROSELYTIZING go. Doesn’t work here. Move on.

          • Ray

            Hi Vietta,

            I did not miss anything – I put my finger on the issues that you perpetrate and you know it. (Gal. 5 has a deep impact in the areas covered)

            I offered an opportunity for you to turn away from your selfish ideals and look to your being away from Jesus (Yeshua or Yahshua) – God (Yahweh -Yahuwah

            “The only God of your Salvation.”

            The Word ‘Jesus Christ’ Means … ‘Anointed Saviour’ … There is no other name under heaven by which we / you can be Saved.

            Whoever showed you this deception must be laughing all the way to the Bank ..

            You have been duped.
            However, You now have another opportunity again to turn from you idealistic, selfish deception that has lead you astray.

            The Door is open – step back in, come to the Cross.

            The way to Him & Him alone is through ‘The Cross at Calvary’ Repent, Turn away form this wicked and deceptive and look to the Cross

            Once again look to the ‘The death & resurrection of Jesus Christ’ have Faith and be saved

            I am the least religious person you could ever meet. Why you will say, the answer is that Jesus was never religious in any way shape of form.

            He came to set us free from the bondage of the Law and slavery of the religious orders of the day and world today.

            I will as you have requested, ‘Move on ‘

            Your salvation is awaiting acceptance at the Cross.

            Good bye Vietta,

            … Ray

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            Thanks Ray. Enjoy the journey and stay in Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Overstanding. Shalom

          • Marshall R Andrew

            Vietta Robinson knows the truth. Very wise woman.

          • J. Cruise

            I agree regardless of what religion you are or what u call the person there is only one creator

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            OVERstanding. THANK YOU for that! <3

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            AMEN SISTER! Praise be to CREATOR GOD THE ONE!! All other institutions of MEN back off! BUT if people need it that is fine, but for ME I choose to connect through the church of my heart.

          • fights


          • Ray

            Hi Vietta,

            I would suggest that one would stop reading other peoples view of the Scripture, and stick top the WORD of God.

            You will find that it holds the truth.

            … Ray

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            Thanks Ray but I’ve read the bible since I was a child and now 62 yrs later I’m wise and discerning enough to read other writings and know if The Most High is giving me more knowledge. I don’t know everything but I’m led by the spirit of Yahuwah/God daily and I’m grateful for all the books that have helped me understand the scriptures and live a life of love, compassion and wisdom in all I do. The Truth of the WORD is in every cell of my body. Just think about the womb and all it’s mysteries and where every human enters this earth. And then there’s more to come…… Check out the Disney movie Moana and see the Truth about The Goddess which is missed in the bible. Shalom

          • Blake Alexander

            Yes the divine feminine. Jesus and Mary were Married and had children. Its deep. Too deep to try and explain. Read people. Read. You think man wasn’t capable of removing and adding to the word of God which I myself call the Bible. If you think it hasn’t been altered you are sadly mistaken. I agree with you Vietta.

          • Ray

            HBi ieta,

            I am 68 — This should give you a clue.

            Age and visitation will not bring you into the Kingdom of Heaven – If you are enjoying the issues of the The Goddess Diana.. you might wonder why it is in the Bible … P;ease read on:..

            This is a rundown on Diana in the Bible;
            Acts 19:24 –For a certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith, which made silver shrines for Diana, brought no small gain unto the craftsmen;
            Acts 19:27 –So that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth.
            Acts 19:28 –And when they heard these sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians.
            Acts 19:34 – But when they knew that he was a Jew, all with one voice about the space of two hours cried out, Great is Diana of the Ephesians.
            Acts 19:35 –
            And when the town clerk had appeased the people, he said, Ye men of Ephesus, what man is there that knoweth not how that the city of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddess Diana, and of the image which fell down from Jupiter?

            Deity of Asiatic origin:
            … di-an’-a (Artemis “prompt,” “safe”): the mother goddess of the earth, whose seat of worship was the temple in Ephesus, the capital of the Roman province of Asia. Diana is but the Latinized form of the Greek word Artemis, yet the Artemis of Ephesus should not be confused with the Greek goddess of that name.

            She may, however, be identified with the Cybele of the Phrygians whose name she also bore, and with several other deities who were worshipped under different names in various parts of the Orient. In Cappadocia she was known as Ma; to the Syrians as Atargatis or Mylitta; among the Phoenicians as Astarte, a name which appears among the Assyrians as Ishtar; the modern name Esther is derived from it. The same goddess seems to have been worshipped by the Hittites, for a female deity is sculptured on the rocks at Yazili Kaya, near the Hittite city of Boghazkeui. It may be shown ultimately that the various goddesses of Syria and Asia Minor all owe their origin to the earlier Assyrian or Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of love, whose chief attributes they possessed. The several forms and names under which she appears axe due to the varying developments in different regions.

            Roman mythology;
            … Diana [djˈaː.na] was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature being associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. She was eventually equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, though she had an independent origin in Italy.

            Thanks for your input


          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            This is not about DIANA but Gaia, Mother of the earth. All life comes from the Female Womb (hint: Who was your mother?) So take that wisdom and expand it to the Universe. I AM A GODDESS no less or more than Diana, Gaia or any other named deities. Have a nice day.

          • J. Cruise

            Hey I agree there is only one creator regardless of what they are called or what religion people use to communicate their prayers with that one entity, I myself am not religious but I am spiritual because I feel as tho if I devote myself to one denomination or religion I’m saying that all the others are wrong in some sort of way or atleast am pushed by others to assume as much

          • Karen McNeilly

            I’m sorry Vietta Robinson. It sounds to me that you have gotten yourself all puffed up and are delighting in your advanced wisdom and enlightenment sufficiently to see yourself as like unto a God. Sound familiar?? God didn’t think very much of that self-aggrandizing attitude back then, and I doubt that He does now. To say that you have grown past needing to read the Bible, and that you are seeking Godly wisdom from other sources tells me that you have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line. Please go back and read God’s Words, and try to refind your grace and humility and tolerance for others. Those fruits, along with the other that God sends us through His Holy Spirit will be the only traits that matter when the accounting comes. All your worldly wisdom and self-importance will mean nothing, and wherever you came up with “the goddess” “which is missed in the Bible”……I would seriously repent of that. A goddess would be nothing more than a high-falutin’ God-like wannabe, which He frowns on. You sound like you’ve come full circle, gotten so much self-exaltation, that you’re back to seeking pagan answers to Godly questions. I am concerned for your soul.

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            Thanks Karen for your concern. I have a very intimate relationship with my Creator Yahuwah and the mind of Christ/Yahoshua guides me daily. The Word is in me along with the Kingdom that Christ pointed to frequently. May you be blessed on your journey to more Truth. Shalom

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            And are YOU God to JUDGE her? Do you read the ORIGINAL bible in its ORIGINAL language? Then who are you to even define for others what it is to mean? Two bible scholars can and DO argue with each other frequently. So who is the right? BUT JUDGE Karen, JUDGE. We all do, some more than others.

          • Raphaelle O’Neil

            The truth can be found in everything, even the lies. But using Disney as a citation of universal truths and evidence of godliness in the feminine is not the best example. GREAT MOVIE that shows they are now moving past the cliches of rescued damsel in distress to a more crediting one to our sex, but Disney is wrought with pedophile history, propaganda, and the continued alienation of children from their parents. Their use of predictive programming has been duly noted too. Right now I believe the strength of women is being used as another divide and conquer element, even though you and I both will be quick to admit that certain changes were necessary for our sex and races. Love your tenacity.

          • JJ

            Repent from your sinful life and mythological sense of comprehension because if you die in this state you’r landing in hades,you can’t have it 2 ways,if you spurn christ be ready to pay with your life after death.

          • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

            What your attempting JJ I call PROSELYTIZING. Nice try. I’ve been to hell and back. That won’t work with me. Move On to some youngster who doesn’t know better. Shalom

          • J. Cruise

            Hey honey do these people not understand there are multiple religions thousands of years older than Christianity with alot of the same ideology ? Im only 31 and know that. For them to be so knowledgeable about it sure seems like it’s awfully one sided lol

          • Gregs Julien

            Then we’ve always been in the end times since it’s been misinterpreted for hundreds of yrs

          • Young “samuel” Gouda

            the truth is the five hundred witnesses, the empty tomb, his death and also the OVER 2,000 historical documents that back it up.

          • Zazu

            It’s the alluminati

          • Ray

            Hi Zazu,

            It is a pity that some people see Salvation offered as a joke.

            I would hope that you too would see the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it is to late.

            Have a nice day

            … Ray

          • RT

            That’s a laugh…

          • J. Cruise

            Wow u sure are diluted when it comes to what truth means aren’t u. There are far more older religions than Christianity and there is also evidence that jesus didn’t die at all, that some of his followers stole the body, and some books that were removed from the Bible stated he wasn’t the son of God at all that he was a prophet and normal man like everyone else, and at the meeting known at the council of nicea is where he was classified as divine by Constantine to keep the people of Rome from tearing the country apart over seperate religious beliefs and bring them together under a new religion named Christianity so please be careful with what u call truth please

          • tcv

            So God is all powerful but the bible has lost most of it’s truth because of the many translations. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds. I guess he isn’t powerful enough to keep his word safe. Your God and my God are obviously not the same God.

          • Faith

            That is right. I guess to many Christians today put their faith in how God is lacking then in the omnipresence and ommnient God. The One who has already declared victory through His Son Jesus!
            Paul stated for us to think on things that are good and lovely; and believe me I am not perfect at doing that either. As Christians we need to stop judging, complaining, criticizing, fearing and start loving and standing in truth because that is what is going to stop these evil people.

          • Jena

            He also obviously isn’t powerful enough to get the Israelites to the promised land in a quicker time frame than 40 years, right? Or maybe He’s not powerful enough to keep His apostles from dying by persecution…I mean even Jesus said we’d be persecuted. How about this: God must not be powerful enough to keep us from sin, or to keep us from illness, or even to keep Adam and Eve from eating fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I mean, he could have just removed the tree, right? Beloved and mighty Woman of God, my point is this: just because something exists does not mean God is not all powerful. I recommend that you spend some time in prayer about what you are mentioning about scriptural translations and ask God more about it. Let Holy Spirit show you. Maybe even take a trip to Israel to find out more if you haven’t done so already. Study, study, study…it is imperative that we study in these times.

          • Ray

            Its your opinion:

            It may be you opinion – However it is not The Opinion of Scripture:

            (1) Interesting insight (John the Baptist) was preaching under law – he had no idea of the death & resurrection of his relation (cousins)
            (1a) Was a standard term (“Repent and be baptized.”) to the Jewish people as it was under Law / Not Grace.

            (2) The Bible says: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but, have everlasting life.” John 3:16
            (2a) Repent & Relive are indeed different in all aspects (Check out the Greek if the english is not clear)
            (2b) When one believes, guess what happens – it is then that you/they repent .. (Not different ?)

            As far as an attack on another Christian is concerned which ‘Richard did’ – I suggest that one reads the Bible

            There is no way that you , I or Richard has the right tp point the finger –

            Basic TEXT:
            *** Romans 3:23 (AKJV)
            23. for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
            *** Romans 2Authorized (AKJV)
            1.Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.2. But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.3. And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? 4. Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? 5. but after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God; 6. who will render to every man according to his deeds: 7. to them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:
            *** John 3:16-18 (AKJV)
            15. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
            If you wish to live under the Law – I would be happy to show you a few more verses..
            Please do ask …


            .. Ray

          • Jim Deal

            Of course that is what John SAID. That is not the question however. The question is did or did NOT Justin repent. Only GOD knows the answer. We are told however “by their fruits we will know” I would say this latest move by Bieber is a good indication of fruit. He showed more concern for this kid then himself. AND not only did he put his career on the line but his life. A lot more than I can say for many so called Christians.

          • Shqiptarja e zeze

            Why is it a question? Jesus shares a parabola to his disciple that each should worry about their own and not another disciples relationship with the Master.

          • Faith

            No this is not true. Did you know that in the book of Peter he stated that Lot was a righteous man twice?
            Yes Lot who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah . He was declared righteous not because of his works but because he was tormented in his heart because of the wickedness of where he lived. You DO NOT KNOW what has gone on in Justins heart early on but we do know now he was tormented in his soul by his coming out. Only God knows his true heart. “We are not justified by works by faith lest any man should boast”- Romans. Also any true Christian gone astray will be chastened by God til he comes back home- God takes care of His own. A couple of years ago God told me to specifically pray for celebrities in Hollywood, I at first was proud and said to God “Why pray for them, they are evil and a lost cause?” But God wants all to know Him through Jesus Christ; He loves them too. Unfortunately those who have given in to pedophilia and murder continually have harden their consciences. Let us pray that many of these celebrities will see their need for a Savior!

          • Faith

            I meant to say we are not justified by works BUT by faith lest any man should boast

          • Mary Brandy

            Ray you seems to be very judgmental. Richard is 100%correct!
            What did he say about having the right to do anything? No where.

          • Ray

            Hi Mary,

            I think nothing – I offer the WORD of God –:

            It may be you opinion – However it is not The Opinion of Scripture:

            (1) Interesting insight (John the Baptist) was preaching under law – he had no idea of the death & resurrection of his relation (cousins)
            (1a) Was a standard term (“Repent and be baptized.”) to the Jewish people as it was under Law / Not Grace.

            (2) The Bible says: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but, have everlasting life.” John 3:16
            (2a) Repent & Relive are indeed different in all aspects (Check out the Greek if the english is not clear)
            (2b) When one believes, guess what happens – it is then that you/they repent .. (Not different ?)

            As far as an attack on another Christian is concerned which ‘Richard did’ – I suggest that one reads the Bible

            There is no way that you , I or Richard has the right tp point the finger –

            Basic TEXT:
            *** Romans 3:23 (AKJV)
            23. for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
            *** Romans 2Authorized (AKJV)
            1.Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.2. But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.3. And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? 4. Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? 5. but after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God; 6. who will render to every man according to his deeds: 7. to them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:
            *** John 3:16-18 (AKJV)
            15. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
            If you wish to live under the Law – I would be happy to show you a few more verses..
            Please do ask …


            .. Ray

          • Brian

            Dear Ray,
            You are another anti Christian asshole who deals inferior because you are Godless. May the good Lord have mercy in your dark soul. You will surely need it.

          • Ray

            Dear Brian,

            You have no idea what you are talking about

            The very fact that you would communicate on the level you do – shows where you are in the issues of the Living and Gracious Saviour ‘Jesus Christ’.

            Have a nice day

            … Ray

          • Bc Atypical

            Interesting that you call someone what you have and then wish God’s mercy on HIM. I’m thinking you need it as much.

          • Bill McDonnell

            Ray, I don’t think Richard was trying to preach. He was simply stating a fact that you have to accept Jesus as our saviour to be admitted into heaven. Jesus is the only way. Without looking it up in the bible here is the quote from Jesus. “I am the way, the truth and the light. No man sees the father except through me.”

          • Ray

            Hi Bill,
            Thanks for your reply.
            … Ray

        • cmachiela

          How do you know he didn’t? He is still a baby Christian. My friend has connections of a Christian organization that introduced Jesus to him. His life started changing around since then, and has been on a momentum, maybe not as fast as you want to, but he moving forward. I really think he did, or he wouldn’t have come this far.

          • Jan Bowman

            I agrree. I wont take him down. He is on his way back to JESUS. He needs our prayers.

          • Jim Deal

            agreed. I have heard other reports that he made a more deliberate commitment to Christ. This latest move would certainly seem to be evidence of that.

          • Shqiptarja e zeze

            Your friend? Why people can’t keep in confidence what he shares? It so disgusting how churches today make difference of status.

          • Cathy Lyn Navarrette

            You want or believe it should be made public so parents can protect their children and other children? Hopefully you do not have any children or are responsible for the care of any. You must not have any sense of decency or idea of what you are saying to the child. Shame on you too.

          • Shqiptarja e zeze

            The fact that you knew nothing about this issue and blindly let your children be educated by the system shows what kind of failure of a parent you are. If you let them watch junk tv, you don’t know the reality of spiritual realm, and you think what he shared here is a revelation, you’re baying stupid. Don’t come to me with stupid comments like you don’t care about children or don’t have any. Show me you pray daily for your children and are aware of the traps of the society, understand how they control the media, the food you eat, and that you protect your family accordingly and id agree with u. From your defensive reply, it’s clear you’re nothing of that.

            I remember when Justin started and I saw he has a good heart and still has but I knew the fact his mother encourage him in that business, he would hit a wall. You can’t love the world and God at the same time. Spare me your nonsense judgement. Go take care of your family.

        • Theresa Sawyer Vance

          he already has, he was born again before he got famous, but he has been backslidden. Sounds like he is recommitting and the Lord is doing a new work in him. I hope so, times are short…

          • Cindy Feaster

            Amen!! and yes I remember him declaring his relationship with the LORD before he started out, he is coming back home, and God has his back!

          • james barklow

            As long as he’s received the Sacrament of Baptism he belongs to God.

        • Deb N Jesse Timms

          He already has. He is a born again Christian now.

        • Gaetano DiPasqua

          Justin is. He is being mentored and under the spiritual direction of some great Christian pastors…..Justin wants to be right and this is a great step in the right direction. I don’t know him but know with whom he’s partnered and where he’s being fed. The Bible study spoken about has blossomed into a great movement in the hotbed of Hollywood where so many lost souls are being reached….and there are some very influential people, some of great notoriety, attending. Pray for Justin, Elijah and the leaders of this community.

          • Chad Weissert

            Awesome, thanks for the great report!

          • Danny Lyons

            He is under the false teachings of an apostate preacher, Carl Lentz, of Hillsong New York. They do not preach biblical Christianity, rather the modern seeker friendly prosperity garbage.

          • jim smith

            maybe he will study the bible for himself and discover the truth

          • Gaetano DiPasqua

            Wow. Don’t hear anything like the “prosperity message” being taught where I know he is getting his teaching

          • John33

            Oh for goodness sake. If they preach John 3:16, that is all that is important. Don’t get caught up in the minutiae, and miss the big picture. Justin has been a little jerk in his past. I worked in Hollywood and saw his shenanigans first hand. But none of that matters. It is the condition of his heart NOW that matters. Christianity is a condition of the heart. Not a fish on the back of your car. The Holy Spirit convicts and guides you once you believe or start listening again. The Holy Spirit is the force that changes you. From the inside out. Danny, our job isn’t to be the Holy Spirit or rip other’s teachings as “garbage”. It’s about faith in Him, and He takes care of the rest. So put down the stone, God’s got this one.

          • Cathy Lyn Navarrette

            I have always had the belief that there is NO bad religion as long as they teach you to be a good person. However I also believe that in order to change a bad behavior there must be consequences. If not why would one change. If he wasn’t wanting the attention and money if he would have man up and try to protect that child. Drugging, raping and then murdering that child was just as wrong as not doing anything about it. And where were the child’s parents? I wonder if all the money he made was worth what he did or didn’t do. They say a true Christian who sins will do everything they can to right the wrong and then strive to not do the sin again.

        • Lattelover

          Have read he did.

        • w buttry

          who said he has not Richard if he can flee that temptation he has somebody on his side.

        • http://www.holistichomeandbodycare.com Vietta Robinson

          That’s your belief. Millions of people on planet earth have not accepted “Christ” who’s name is Yahoshua, They’re still ok in the eyes of The Most High. Shalom

        • Dawn French

          H grew up in a Christian home, he accepted Jesus a long time ago. He just needs to get back into his walk. Maybe Jesus will lead him into making music for him. He has so much talent, I would love to see him write and sing Worship music. He once sang with a Christian artist.

          • Ray

            Hi Dawn,
            He is already going to fellowship and sings of the Glory of the Lord

            … Ray

        • Tina Thomas

          The fact that he didn’t do this and gave testimony in a bible study group tells me he most likely did. His mom is also a born again Christian.

        • Diane

          Perhaps he has. Perhaps the right thing to say now is “Good job. Carry on, Brother.” Perhaps it isn’t the right time to demand more. Perhaps God’s got this. He knows what He’s doing.

        • Jan Bowman

          How do you know he hasnt??

        • Sandy

          Seriously How would YOU know if he has or hasn’t.
          Surely Jesus knows his heart better than you,

        • Jim Deal

          My understanding is he has. He was raised by a Christian mom and living with a pastor and his wife for several weeks a while back (last year?) That doesn’t make him a believer but some of the things he said about his time with the pastor indicate he was.

        • cwrit

          Who says he hasn’t, Richard?

        • Sheila A. Donovan

          Get a life. Religious fanatics like you love to judge others. If what is claimed to be happening in the music and movie industry is true, I hope they arrest the lot of them. Glad that Justin was strong enough to say no to those murderous perverts. But Justin has his own conscience and his own relationship with god, and you do not have to “save his soul” by telling him to repent.

        • Crystal Seable Nykreim

          And how do you know he hasn’t???

        • lenaz

          yes he does and has …. but you have no idea what you are talking about this is huge!!

        • Jacqueline

          Maybe he already has.

        • Corey

          He already has. Way to talk about what you don’t know.

        • Debbie Ebert

          He has.

        • Terry-Lynn Roberts

          Being Justin is attending bible studys I would think he has repented and accepted Christ as his savior and in turn the Holy Spirit gave him wisdom to get out of the party which was trying to seduce him into a horrific act of violence and death.. God has his hand on Justin… How do you know Richard that he is not already saved? seriously.. Finger pointing Christians are the very reason many walk away… Ho dare you!!!!!

        • Allison Lillian

          He was in bible study group… I’m sure he’s aware of the requirements…

        • Genneralee

          How do you know that he hasn’t already? Perhaps he has thus why he’s having all these convictions. It’s pretty presumptuous of you to make that statement when none of us really knows.

        • gomurr

          He’s never made a secret of his Christian faith.

        • Patty Wright

          I believe Justin Bieber became a Christian as a child long ago

        • Queen Nor

          I believe he’s already done that and been baptized (in a bathtub)….

        • Mary Karas

          he is a christin

        • morningstar1968

          Paedophiles abound in churches too. Choir boys were sexually abused for decades.

        • kelhawk

          Richard Wilson
          Or else…LMAO!

        • arnibah

          That’s your point of view.He doesn’t have to accept the European version of salvation to be right with God.

        • LogicAndTruth

          I think that already took place… That is why he is at a church- Montage, in Hollywood

        • Ray

          Dear Richard,

          You are one of those Christians that have taken on the right to chose who is and is not saved;
          To condemn and punish, accuse and vilify.?

          ROMANS 2: v 1-6

          1. Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

          2. But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

          3. And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?

          4. Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

          5. But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God;

          6. Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

          Thank you


        • richard franco

          once you stare evil in the face like that, you have no choice but to land on Jesus’ side of the conflict

        • Malcolm Ambrose

          God takes care of no one. Hence, the good people die.

        • Cindy Feaster

          I believe Justin knew God before he got famous, I remember seeing that when he first started out, but unfortunately the enemy tried to trap him, and he got caught up,and now he’s returning back home to the LORD, praise God!

        • snow4feetdeep

          If Justin has already done so before, it is done.

        • fcabanski

          How do you know he hasn’t?

        • james barklow

          He just did

        • Bill

          He grew up earlier on in church with his mom in Canada and according to pastor Jonah Hill he has been mentoring him back to a relationship with Christ. We can only hope and pray this is the case because he will need angelic protection from the industry elite devil worshippers!

        • Sarah

          Ummmm.. he told this story at a bible study class & he’s praying in the photo. Who/what exactly do you believe he’s talking to?? Lol

        • James Martinelli

          Your words sound like a magical formula.

      • 7 Billion Sheeple

        @Voiceofreason1 ~ Bible study my ar$e–that’s the RUSE and those awake and aware know better…He is not fleeing anything…Everything that is done by the psychopathic puppet-masters is purposefully orchestrated and perpetrated–it is all scripted…They are putting these travesties in our faces as more mind manipulation to normalize it…It is like when Dwayne Johnson did the sick SNL skit with the ‘child molesting robot.’ These sell-out puppets are doing exactly what they are instructed to do because if they don’t they will not stay at the level they are, or fall victim to a “drug overdose” where the scripted spin on the CIA/CNN propaganda MSM outlet will be that he has been “battling drug use for years and finally succumbed to it”…The reality is that they will be taken off the world’s stage if they don’t do what is demanded of them by the psychopaths who own and control every aspect of the matrix we live in. Whether is Bieber, the Rock, or the POTUS, it is all planned and scripted propaganda to manipulate the minds of the masses for the benefit of the evil pieces of garbage at the tip-top of the power pyramid…And those at the tip-to are far above even the Rothschilds and Rockefellers…Those at the very top exist in the shadows and we will never know who are what they are other than them being of true evil.

        • Patrick J. Herbert

          Those from the shadows… I take it you are referring to the archons (or djinn)? That is the best label I can think of. One could call them demons as well.

          Nevertheless, there is a lot of truth to your post.

      • Poco Reese

        …but he is not safe in his current HILLSONG church either. His Sr. Pastor hid the pedophilia of his dad. Also, Hillsong has the same Hollywood agent/promoter figure that Justin is running from. Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong NY, is not a good model for Justin. Praying for him. I saw the pics from New Zealand where Justin was in a bar with Carl Lentz, drinking, removed his shirt. Most public bars say no shoes and shirt, no service, right?

        • John33

          Well, hate to break it to you, but Yeshua was called a drunkard and a glutton. None were true, but I imagine He drank wine, hence the accusation. His first miracle was turning water to wine. Also psalm 104:14-15 “He makes the grass come up for the cattle, and plants for the use of man; so that bread may come out of the earth;And WINE to make glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face shining, and bread giving strength to his heart”.

          • Poco Reese

            how can I make changes. can I use a stage name as some of the others are doing. let me know…thanks. And I would like to change emails.

          • John33

            I am not sure I understand your question.

          • John33

            Do you mean like changing your name from Saul to Paul? Or from Jacob to Israel? Or Abram to Abraham or Sarai to Sarah?

      • Yolanda Garza Simmons


      • lenaz

        he must be very frightened this is the real deal control

      • Bradley Neal

        As long he repents and accepts Jesus as his personal lord and savior… he has nothing to worry about.

      • Brent Allison

        LMAO right

      • fcabanski

        Why is it looking better?

        • Voiceofreason1

          it is looking better than if he had partaken in the wickedness. God Bless Justin Bieber, I love him more now for speaking up and resisting the evil. God Bless him.

          • fcabanski

            It may let you know it’s better for him, but sin doesn’t separate a person from God unless the person demands to be under the law.

            2Corinthians 5: 18-19
            All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: 19that God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting men’s trespasses against them. And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.

          • Voiceofreason1

            i see you are very creative in your interpetation. we shall see in the final judgement. the first law of heaven is obedience to the commandments. i choose that correct course, for safety.

          • fcabanski

            You’re right. Keep following the Commandments. It’s important to your salvation.

    • Alake BiOloron Tesiwaju

      LoL is no devil, like its no Sky Daddy

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226816244 SinDelle Morte

        Doesn’t matter if there is, only what these evil people believe.

      • Terry RM Roberts

        You, sir, are dead wrong.

    • susandaytoday

      Pray for him . I also am thankful he made it out alive .

      • Christine Knapp Fekete

        THIS is a FAKE story. I attend a church with Justin. This is simply NOT true.

        • beachmom

          And you know every story that he has told?

        • Delaney Jesse

          Zip it you know nothing!

        • Tina Hollidge

          ha ha ha I am sure you do smfh

      • Dorothy Blankenship

        Yes, Amen. May God protect him!!

      • Kevin

        If he truly accepted Jesus they cannot touch a hair of his head unless God allows it to serve a greater purpose. In truth, the devil would kill all of us were we not protected by the hand of God.

    • Joshua Seeley

      If he dies..He will not only save himself but millions of his fans from the evil doctine being pushed..Once they kill we only get louder..The truth wont lose

      • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

        Never does, never will.

      • Christine Knapp Fekete

        Dear God. This is such a blatantly FAKE story. It takes so little effort to research! WHY do the blind lead the blind??? Oh how it must grieve the heart of God! Yes! There is evil in every industry- including the church! But THIS STORY is a lie.

        • Shlomo Shekelsteinberg

          You just have 20 comments in which you vehemently try to label this as ‘fake’. Why so much effort? Folks, isn’t it a bit suspicious all this ‘SHUT IT DOWN’ behavior that this guy (no, not a girl, and ‘attending a church with Justin’ my ass you sick fuck)

    • LolleyGirl007

      Keep looking up Sister, I am too! Stay blessed in Jesus Name, Amen! Awesome Comment!

    • Patricia Beaulac

      Pamela, I doubt what you say, as Justin knows the difference between right and wrong..and between Satan and the Lord Jesus. Justin is with Jesus, and there is no power greater and no protection stronger. Good for Bieber. Redemption is just a request away. Just ask and you will receive. Amen.

    • Adam Dennison

      …reguardless of how it is done….it just needs to be stopped and EVERY ONE of those sick fucks needs to be castrated and put to death by hanging for the world to watch. It is disgusting either way you look at. My personal opinion, there is nothing that can be said that could make it worse nor better. The fact that the pieces of trash are raping and killing children is their nail in their coffin. I surely hope he has turned every single name that he knows into the proper authorities. Whether that be police, FBI, CIA, or whoever. If Bieber wants to be right with God, he needs to bury these fucks.

    • Queen Nor

      I pray God’s shield of protection around him. They won’t kill him because that would look too obvious. They will let him live and just say he’s delusional….

    • Skip Kelley

      Clinton B. In the club

    • Buck Eichler

      Since you are a believer, you need to stop speaking things you have not seen.

    • Kevin

      The redeemed do not use that kind of language.

    • Pere Pomana

      Perhaps his faith has protected him

    • Tina Holewinski Griffin

      you are so right on! we need to keep EXPOSING what is going on in Hollywood and around the world. i was just ripped apart on a so-called friends blog today because I too know what is going on and she basically belittled me. like i don’t know what i’m talking about. someone thinks we are lying until their own eyes are opened…then what? will they admit what they said were lies is now actually truth? you are right on with your comment. I lived in LA for a decade….enough said…

    • Matt Kraus

      Look at those above him…Scooter, Usher, UNIVERSAL….Who made him do those things.

  • Divine Insurrection

    Father please protect this man and give him courage to do YOUR work in this place, in Jesus name.

  • Karlyn Knudson

    From the way hes been acting for quitr a while I figured He was already initiated. I wish that instead of just leaving the party he would have found a way to save the child. OR THAT HE HAD CALLED THE PRESIDENT OR ASHTON KUTCHER. I feel like he could have done something more than just save himself. And now that its been 3xposed here he wont be safe going to that congregation.which is probly the only thing keeping him safe.Good job Baxter. You can go ahead and live without fear ….but would you mind thinking of other peoples safety?!?!You managed to find out exactly what church but did you think to bother to get the exact location of this party and the name of who the fuck was hosting it.

    • Le Cochon Bleu

      Be realistic, though. What can he do in the middle of a gang – turn into Universal Soldier and whip them all into KOs?

      Another thing is that the kabals use blackmailing and blackmailing with brainwashing and drugging to keep some as within their kabal.
      Those people might not have much of a clue about what is really going on and what they can and can’t control of their own lives or bodies.

      Even for getting out and telling people, Justin did well.
      But there are many who are controlled and physically unable to speak out.
      Others exist in alter states – they don’t remember about these kinds of experiences between occurrences.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226816244 SinDelle Morte

      Because the President and Ashton Kutcher are not part of it? LOL.

      • DatBus

        President Trump is anti-globalist. If there’s anyone you can be sure is not part of the deepstate pedo rings its Trump. wtf.

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226816244 SinDelle Morte

          You keep thinking that, man.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This is a fake news story. You can Google for details.

  • http://persistentconcepts.com/ Windtwist

    Good job Justin!!!!! I knew you’d pull through. I was worried about that hollow music. looking forward to some good stuff. Watch your back these guys are eel as you well know.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This is a completely fabricated story- never happened.

  • Le Cochon Bleu

    I like this man now. He is brave.

    • Leo

      He only decided to become “brave” once he was untouchable and financially secure.
      We could counter argue that he was smart because he made sure he was untouchable and had the ear of the press through fame before he ratted out these people so i do get that part.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This is a fake news story- it has been completely debunked.

      • Tina Hollidge

        ha ha ha ha troll

  • Voiceofreason1

    I’m very proud of Justin Beiber for having the courage to speak out about this horrible abuse that is going on.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      THIS NEVER HAPPENED- completely fake news. Please take a moment and research it. This was NOT his experience.

      • Tina Hollidge

        damn you’re out of control Christine lol lol troll

    • Dom Palmer

      Yeah. Too bad he won’t speak up to the police so he could actually do something about this horrible abuse. But I guess if he has the courage to speak out in general terms rather than actually do something then it is all good. Well except for the drugged children that are still being abused.

      • Voiceofreason1

        sometimes they are in on it an not the best people to report to, check out boystown documentary on youtube.

        • Dom Palmer

          Yes, there are the occasional corrupt police, politician or judge. But he seems to be alleging a widespread conspiracy. And somewhere in the area it covers there are lots of non-corrupt police, politicians and judges. Also he felt safe enough bringing this up and not at all worried about any backlash from any corrupt officials.

          • Striker333

            This needs to be blasted everywhere so federal LE sees it+has to address it-

          • Striker333

            If you want to make a difference, call the FBI in Washington D.C. and report it. Just google their number.

          • Christian Omari

            It’s not blasted everywhere because it’s not true.

      • solejahway

        Can’t go to LE. Even if they do investigate, their bosses or their bosses bosses shut that chit down. It’s why we have the war on drugs, now terrorism – DIVERSIONS. There is not a crime worse than that of the defiling of a child. Yet, according to our “laws,” it’s if anything, a slap on the wrist sort of crime. Bravo! to Bieber.

        • Dom Palmer

          Sure he can go to LE. People go to LE about child abuse every day and people convicted of child abuse get long long prison sentences. Try looking at the McMartin PreSchool case for how LE deals with even false accusations. So stop with the BS excuses for your false idol. All he did was try and make himself look good by accusing a bunch of unnamed rich people of doing unspeakable things, knowing that he would get patted on the back by his mindless fans.

          • solejahway

            Not if we are talking the “upper echelon,” of society, industry, etc. Trust me on this. I know from personal experience. I had LE on my side. The higher ups made it, “go away.”. And we’re talking; child pornography, trafficking, etc..

          • Dom Palmer

            Sorry, but I won’t trust a random anonymous poster on the internet.I will trust the actual real life case, ones that even involve the “upper echelon” of society, over your anecdotal claims. Especially since your situation involved one very small part of the US, much less the world, while bieber is implying a virtual world wide conspiracy.

          • solejahway

            Sorry. Our case absolutely tied into the kids being trafficked via second mile, down to the DuPont circle q****s. It’s ALL connected.

          • BillyJack85

            Mcmartin preschool wasn’t fake and you know it…stfu you f’n troll.

            Anybody who’s actually delved into the case files of Mcmartin knows that all the tell-tale signs of abuse that you find in any of these other satanic ritual cults is present here also. Only satanic pedophiles & trolls like yourself try to say otherwise.

            You’re on the wrong forum trying to spread your pro satanic propaganda BS. You didnt think out of all these people you might accidentally run into somebody who would actually know about that case and know how full of $*** you are? I’m guaranteeing that anybody on here reading these comments right now would 100% believe the McMartin child/ritual abuse allegations to be true if they were privy to all the facts of the case, and not just the mainstream media portrayal. And anybody who’s already investigated this case knows exactly what I’m talking about. Why don’t you take yourself back to the satanic/pedophile section of the internet and gtfo here. You ain’t fooling nobody.

          • Dom Palmer

            You really should take your meds before you get on the internet and make delusional comments.

  • Malinda Sherwyn

    We believe you Justin!…THANK YOU for coming forward, this IS happening from Hollywood to George Town. The power elite believe they are entitled to rape, torture and yes…kill children.. We are watching! CPS and forced Adoption supplies children to these rings. http://medicalkidnap.com/2017/07/31/arizona-child-removed-from-loving-family-and-placed-into-foster-care-where-she-was-repeatedly-raped-then-80-of-body-burned/

  • susandaytoday

    God please protect this young man as he comes into the light . I pray he exposes much darkness and leads millions to your presence .

  • Butch


  • Ƭhe ƒuƬuriƬion

    Unfortunately, this is not sourced. Can’t be believed. Does this type of behaviour exist in Hollywood? yes absolutely! but this interview is fake! If you want to know about this site, who owns it and what it believes, look no further than Sean Adl-Tabatabai. http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/sean-adltabatabai-on-being-in-the-eye-of-the-fake-news-storm-a3468361.html

    • George Hampton

      Exactly. This article is a joke.

      • Stacey

        I don’t think so…if you google him lots comes up about his decision to drop out of the music scene for a while, canceling his tour…going to church….sounds like he’s had those moments of clarity that result in a revolutionary change in thinking and living. It happens to lots of people. We’ll see.

        • Ken Frase

          He and his pastor are lovers, Google it!

          • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

            sigh, ya troll
            making it harder for the general person to differentiate between what is serious and what is fiction in these comment threads

      • DatBus

        It may not be a joke at all, and Googling is not going to help much . Just like Hollywood, the deepstate now controls the search results and much of the political narratives of the silicon valley.

        • Bite me

          Oh! The comments are in quotes! Well, fuck! That settles it, then!

          • DatBus

            Bite me, indeed.

      • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

        saying it is a joke only threatens to begin the ignorance of the very world that this truth must be shaken into the heads and minds of!!!! this is all definitely very real stuff, whether this particular article is, “sourced”, or not.

  • Roberto Deramo

    Didn’t THIS SAME WEBSITE claim that the Beeb’s shapeshifted into a Reptile in Australia not long ago????

    So, which is is it… Hes a demon possessed Reptilian or a “Child of GOD”??????

    Pathetic…. Is he rich and famous? Yes? Then hes already gone, and worse yet, deceiving all of you.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This has been proven to be a FAKE story.

  • David

    Thou shalt not kill. (Exodus 20:13 KJV)

  • David

    There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 NIV)

    • DatBus

      No, there’s no time to murder children, sorry.

      • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

        well, now, you are taking what they said out of context, and, therefore, you are not relating to what they actually mean. the rationality of your response is, therefore, invalid.

        • feminale

          naw. you off topic and trying to draw attention to yourself- and he brought you back to the subject- troll.

      • Voiceofreason1

        no way

      • Ray


        Sadly there are many in the world that would disagree with you ..

        They will account before God .. so don’t worry He is the avenger LoL

        … Ray

      • Bite me

        Good to know, Datbus. I’m glad to see your busy schedule can’t accommodate it.

    • Mairy Hinge

      I love reading people’s comments I just can’t help myself. It’s like an addiction. So in honor of those comments that I have read, I have decided to write my own comment. And it’s all for you. I hope you enjoy reading my comment as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It’s not an interesting comment, but I’m pretty certain you have read the comment up to this point, so you may as well just keep reading right down to the end. And also thank me for wasting your time cause this is very useless.

      • Deborah McCullough

        Thank you lol

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Maaaan, this brave dude is cruisin’ for a dirt nap….i HOPE he MAJORLY ups his security….He’s a marked man now…But, no matter HOW MANY ‘they’ threaten/kill, ‘they’ ARE getting CRUSHED by the Truth. The Truth will always, always, always OUT, and these vermin CAN’T STOP IT. WELL DONE, Biebs!

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      The irony of your comment is that is has been proven to be a FAKE story. Justin is a good guy, who DOES go to church and has an amazing friendship with his pastor- but THIS story is false. You can Google for details.

      • Judy Ridgeway

        Christine ~ “Me thinks thou doth protest too much.”

  • Apple Plexi

    American needs to break it’s addiction with Hollywood and the music industry. We must stop feeding it our money and giving it any glory what-so- ever!

    • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

      hey, not all of them are evil. many are working to subliminally expose and release the TRUTH about the false and evil higher powers of this world, and this is all the more reason why many of us also believe in another, GOOD higher power- God.

      • Apple Plexi

        You can’t serve two masters. The pull of evil is too great. Just ask Justin Bieber.

  • DatBus

    If this story is true Beiber just implicated himself in a crime. If he was aware of a minor being abused and did not report it to police he becomes an acompliss.

    • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

      that is true, but, he could not have done much. this is the best thing he could do. what do you think the police will do when they hear about this? attempt to persecute the world leaders only to have them and their families facing much worse, or, turn a blind eye for a feed of a small sum of the riches to keep them quiet?

      • Leo

        I disagree – he had a choice between reporting these people and becoming a nobody or keeping quiet and becoming wealthy.
        He clearly took the greedy option and now that is eating him up inside – you always have choices in life.

        • John Walden

          What do you think the cops would have done? The industry elite are VERY powerful and have many of the cops in their back pockets. Yes, he may have had the choice to report it, in theory. But, what would have happened? Probably nothing to the monsters responsible. But to Justin, he may have been drugged, his family threatened or someone in his family could have met with a “horrible accident”. Or, we may have been hearing on the news that Justin Beiber died of an “accidental drug overdose” or “committed suicide.” You have to first understand how this industry and these people work to be able to say they have a choice. In my early teens I lived in Hollywood for a while and I got to know some celebrities. I took acting classes and even signed with a talent agency. But, I was too young to be so far from home and I got homesick and returned to my family. Looking back now on some of the things that have happened to some of those people I knew, I’m THANKFUL every day that the dream I had as a child of becoming an actor didn’t come true.

        • pinoy


    • http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161 David Howard

      Trump considering firing Sessions, replacing him with Epstein.

      • AintEzBnWhite

        He should as the DoJ under Sessions is utterly impotent.

        Firing Sessions will cause what? Them to name a special counsel who goes on an utterly baseless witch hunt, one that is unprecedented in it’s broad and all encompassing scope? An “investigation” that is so absurd and run by the deep state/Clinton’s own cronies that has it’s outcome predetermined. Or will the press trurn on him? LOL

        DJT has nothing to lose he might as well exercise THE FULL POWER of the executive branch and get a non-corrupt, non-pussified AG otherwise he won’t last another 6-months. Sessions has revealed himself to be a giant flapping vulva.

        • Doomsday Diva

          Do you know who Epstein is? I think u missed the point of the comment.

          • AintEzBnWhite

            Yes. Theo Epstein, GM of the Chicago Cubs.

            No, being serious now, Epstein = Jeffery AKA the serial child rapist, one could almost undoubtedly add “Murderer” to “child rapist” as well and they would almost certainly be justified in doing so, who flew Bill and Hillary Underwood …errr… Clinton out to his island of child rape, torture, and murder, all of which is part and parcel of the luciferian worship aspect that also occurs on said island …but I digress…

            So, yeah, I might as well point out the fact that the Clintons have visited this island no fewer than 32 times between the two of them. I only bring up the frequency of their visits as the high number of said visits leaves them little to no room to explain away their 30+ visits to Epstein’s island as having any sort of innocent motivation for them going to the island.

            Anyway, the comment was fully understood by yours truly. However, with that said, I did an extremely poor job of expressing myself in a clear manner to the point that it does in fact appear that I possibly had missed the point. So, thank you for drawing my attention to this so I can, hopefully at least, clarify my intended meaning.

            I was merely attempting to speak to the portion of David Howard’s post that brought up the firing of Jeff “Keebler” Sessions and not the sarcastic part about replacing him with Epstein. So, clearly, the confusion here is my bad.

    • Francis J. Ferguson

      There is just so much irony in your statement, it is exhausting. How is it you people just flat out believe this drivel. We used to laugh at this junk standing in line at the supermarket, and now there’s a whole flock of you guys that NEED to believe OBVIOUSLY MADE UP STORIES! Did you get to the part where he would have to kill the kid too!! SMH! Don’t you have a pizza shop in DC to shoot up or something?

      • DatBus

        Wow, what is REALLY sad is that you think you just said something intelligent. And actually took the time to type it.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      It’s a completely fabricated story.

    • Bite me

      It’s not true. It’s a load of crap.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AshLeHaunted Ashleigh (Rose) Park

    “pedophile ring” is a codename for, “Illuminati”.

    • po

      err… so what do you call an actual pedophile ring? I’m confused…

  • Stanley Russell

    I say expose and hang everyone of these mfkr’s! These sick deranged sob’s! Expose them! Let their names be known and cull this shit! I’ll gladly take them fishing! Bet no other children will ever be harmed!! You sick sob’s! Come mess with me! I really wish you would!!

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This has been proven to be a Fake News story. You can Google for details.

  • Jay

    Brilliiantly said.

  • d d

    Justin, please name these parasites …let’s get them out of the industry before more children die! Please clean up this industry so that future talented children have an opportunity to succeed without these constraints!

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This is a fake news story- has been totally debunked.

      • d d

        Apologies then. I’ve seen the rumors for years, listened to victim testimony; seemed plausible.

  • Kim Keenan

    Some of you that are so convinced you know the truth above all truth should really look into other ancient writings besides just what was ALLOWED to be in the bible, specifically what Gnostics figured out a very, very long time ago. The god of the old testament that some of you worship is not who you think he is and how anyone can think that cruel, angry, wrathful entity is All That Is/Prime Creator is beyond me. Lucifer is not who you think either. You also believe that this site is a source of truth which is pretty scary. I wouldn’t doubt there are sicko pedophiles within all the corrupt industries and governments but no way is this Justin Bieber story true along with most of the bullshit on this site. If this article is true in any way then Justin Bieber is guilty of all atrocities committed on the innocent child, including murder, for not doing a damn thing to help that little boy. But it’s not true, so no worries.

  • po

    fact check on this – no awards for guessing – this story is entirely fiction: https://www.gossipcop.com/justin-bieber-pedophiles-music-industry-bible-study-class-fake-news/

  • Sha Love

    Ok, I believe this has been going on forever. However, I have a REAL PROBLEM WITH YOU singling out Jay-Z. Out of all the pedophiles Jay-Z ? I hope u have some deep pockets and a lot of proof because I would sue the hell out of u!

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      This has been proven to be a fake news story.

  • Sam

    Any references on this?

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      It’s been proven to be completely false.

  • mary

    This boy is now in grave danger say a prayer all you people In the bible study group,and stop watching the Hollywood peodaphile satanic stuff like Game Of Thrones, you are financing their dream world where all this sicko stuff is the norm IT IS NOT

  • Singing Whale

    From out of the mouths of babes…
    Wow, this is unexpected, to put it mildly.

  • http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161 David Howard

    Donald Trump, was raping 13-year-old girls at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile parties in 1994.

    • Jade

      Wrong. You mean Bill Clinton. Who’s flight logs show that he’s been to pedo island more than 26 times. Go educateyourself.org

  • Cheryl Favored Coutris

    All true!!!!!

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      No, it’s not. Takes just a few minutes on Google to see this story about Justin was completely fabricated.

  • Leo

    Why did he not report it back then? He’s gone on and made millions so to be honest money seemed more important to him too.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      It’s a FAKE news story.

  • Daniel V. Harder

    But is he not one also?
    Corrupting youth with his music and lifestyle?
    Opening up the gateway to the darkside…..
    Just saying…

  • alindartist

    B.S.story. There is NO WAY this was ‘reported to a congregation” and NOT the authorities.
    No way I’m buying ANY OF IT.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      You are correct. Completely fabricated FAKE news.

  • Candy Thomas-Carter

    I have a friend whose son was destroyed by the big names out in California for being sexually abused. His story made the associated press….people magazine….every single newspaper out there and TV but because they had so much power and influence they destroyed him. He became a terrible alcoholic and then committed a criminal act which was nothing to do with his being a victim but the press said if he is guilty of this then don’t believe him for stuff he reported 15 years prior. I had information sent to me 15 years before it hit the paper so I know it’s true. He is in his 30’s now but he was only 15 -17 when it happened.

  • johnswanson

    So glad to hear that Justin has excepted Jesus. He got out just in time. he could have ended up like Michael Jackson.

    • Christine Knapp Fekete

      He accepted Jesus years ago. This is a FAKE news story- you can Google for details.

  • Aaronaaa

    ‘It would be better for one to have a millstone tied around his neck and be thrown into the sea, than to offend one of these little ones’ – Jesus. These monsters may have believed there would be no price to pay for their actions, but many of them even now realize how wrong they were.

  • Mtpage

    Well done Biebes, you got my support now. God will protect your soul from those demons

  • https://www.Gab.ai Aristotle

    Bible shit is idiotic and sad. Pedophilia shit is totally real and standard across all industry.

  • Christine Knapp Fekete

    THIS is a FAKE NEWS story people! Please, in the name of JESUS, do not be sheep being led and deceived so very easily. ARE there evils in the industry- yes! JUST AS THERE ARE IN THE CHURCH! But a very simple attempt at some research debunks THIS article immediately. I attend a church with Justin. THIS is just NOT TRUE.

  • Yes It Is Political

    I call bullshite!

  • Henryb65

    Justin Bieber is an idiot and is being used by all and sundry. Get wise JB or be doomed!!

  • Snowfazam12


    God Bless You & Protect you Jus~ !!! TY!

  • ClaudiaandTed Thacker

    Gossip Cop is saying this is fake news , Justin needs to verify this story , pleeeesse

    • Bite me

      The vast majority of idiots commenting here believe what the bible says, so they’ll pretty much believe anything they read. They thrive on bullshit.

  • [RH-] BCPRO

    Nah the best decision would have been to get that kid out of there and report it to the authorities

    • LolleyGirl007

      Yep, agreed.. Something isn’t right here. To ALL: He didn’t say he was getting out, only “TAKING A BREAK”…

  • johnswanson

    I had heard that Justin had become a Christian years ago but the proof is in the fruits. He just recently stopped touring because of what he learned about the music Industry. Now that he has the conviction he knows what he must do.

  • palcau ioan

    i think the next step now for Bieber is to hide ,hide on the moon…or sun,coz these mf phuktards will go after him…

  • Flick Yoli

    Hollywood = pedophilia = Judaism


    • bwabble

      protestantism => antichrist => luciferianism => destruction of the world by white man

  • Bobby

    Well isn’t that nice, he refused to rape a child, but he left him at the party, not acceptable, at least try to get him out of there, take him with you, come back with the police, disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

  • clarioncaller

    I’m surprised that Bieber’s choice did not result in ‘suicide’.

  • Holly Soprych-Purtell

    Bieber needs to report this to the proper authorities. God help us.

  • 11.12.13

    Praise God let’s pray for him and more to come out of darkness

  • Karen Trimbur

    It’s running rampant in the government too! That’s why the democrats and some of the republicans don’t want Trump in office because he is uncovering all kinds of bad stuff they are doing. Satan is hard at work!!!!

  • Yolanda Rodriguez

    Now is when he is in the most danger…….they will try their best to kill him.

  • Heylie Palahame

    The power of the blood of Jesus breaks every yoke no matter what you have bound yourself to on earth God is bigger it’s never too late when we surrender everything to God he can break the chains of the enemy. If God can shake the foundation of the prison Paul the Apostle was captivated in, if he can loose the shackles and smash open prison doors to set captives free then he can set Justin Beiber free from industry.

  • Elizabeth Marie Anne Spraggins

    This blew me away. My husband and I just read this story, discussing how little the public knows about the ins and outs of what these performers experience. Bagging on Justin Beiber was just lighthearted fun, but, I don’t think we’ll ever do that again.
    He became a famous performer at such a young age. What he’s NOT saying bothers me even more. This adult man was probably a victim of this heinous crime, too. The whole time we were razzing on his hyper-boy-band persona, he was suffering.
    Beiber “haters” owe this man a humble apology and a world of respect. To you, Mr Beiber, I say ,” I applaud you, for going against the status quo. I commend you for your unbroken integrity, abstaining from a profitable and horrendous future.
    You may have sacrificed a bit of money, but, your soul is worth so much more. May God reward your decisions with happiness and peace. “

  • Tconn6

    You people will believe anything. Christians are such a scared bunch of idiots. I’ve bet it’s terrifying to be inside your heads.

  • amy. franklin

    Oh my goodness!!!!! Good performance this is just the beginning. This stuff really does happen we’re doing nothing about it do something about it!!!! Don’t cuddle Justin he is in the game that Satan is about to play with all the people.. They are laughing at us they have been lying to us for a very long time all of hollywood is nothing but a freak show and I suggest you put the armor of God on. Open your eyes and ears because this is just the beginning. Justin is a puppet for the Devil He would not throw names out there I have read so many articles that Justin has been in LA and seen at a 7 11 the symbols and signs that they throw up in our faces each and every day is obvious What he was saying about eating that child. That stuff really is happening from Hollywood and around the world. Why we all are content with our material world there out there kidnapping our children and Mind controlling our kids on TV and Playstations xbox and you name it. We are just letting them because we to busy on our Iphones and Ipads wake up people put the armor of God, God is watching us and we need to get it together. The devil is a lie hes here to rob you of going to heaven he is a thieve We need to be a ready the army of God is the most powerful stand up with faith and the armor we can destroy what there doing. This is so hard to wrap your hands around and it so hard to think that these bad things are happening but it is written and the churches need to wake up the devil is coming out of the wood work. Stop ignoring what is going on Transgender is a made up world that is not true there is only 2 genders Boy and Girl. I pray for Gods protection I pray the sheep wake up. One more thing “If Justin is waking up and I have spoken out of context about him I’m sorry” God says .not to judge I will let our heavenly father deal with him. I thank you Jesus for giving me the words to write because I am so sick of all this I’m so ready to fight in the army of God. Stop accepting what the Main media and news paper say research there are truthers. The bible is the truth.

  • Stephani Spitzer

    Read Trance: Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien. She’s been shouting from the rooftops about these people in politics, the entertainment industry, etc. for YEARS and 90% of people write her off as being insane. She was an MK Ultra Project Monarch mind control victim. You can find a PDF of the book online all you have to do is Google it. People scoff at her but she’s been saying all of this stuff for a long time.

  • Rat

    They will take him out, his music career will be finished. They can’t have their filth come out. Anyone who knows and squeals is taken care of. The world is run by nothing else but a filthy satanic low life mob.

  • lovingparentof2

    But yet, they still support the Democratic party that DENIES this and is MADE UP of liberals. Trump has beat down on pedophiles the most of any politician or celebrity in his 6 months in office than everyone else combined. And yet, the liberal media, Hollywood, etc aren’t even acknowledging the problem or Trump’s achievements. I’ve heard Angelina Jolie discuss human and sex trafficking for years, and her “dedication” to stop it, but yet, she’s a liberal and supported Hillary. Hillary CONTRIBUTED to it. Her husband was part of it. Ever heard of Lolita Island??? And yet, Jolie still talks badly about Trump and hasn’t come forward once about the recent mass stings of pedophiles that have been caught. Between the entertainment industry and the political circles, that’s a big chunk of the pedophiles right there!!
    p.s. Podesta brothers need to be checked out thoroughly. I believe they have been running a massive human and sex trafficking rig for a long time. I believe they are the ones who kidnapped Madeline from Portugal about 10 years ago. Why aren’t they being investigated???? Anthony Weiner is not the only sicko in Washington. It’s full of them.

  • lovingparentof2

    I’m glad he came out with this. I believe every word of it because these similar stories have been going around for decades. I’m also glad that he came forward to serve as an insurance policy. So if he commits “suicide” now, we’ll know it was murder.

  • anon

    Well done Justin! We re with you! Stay strong in the Lord! Praise be!

  • mabank

    It is full of bullshit that only distracts from real stuff. As a ganeral rule: If it’s a story on yournewswire, it’s probably made up.
    Why does this site do this? I dunno. Maybe these guys are so fucking lazy, that they are not able to get real news together,
    or maybe it is a psyop run by the CIA, who knows.

  • ExitThruEar

    Kill them all. Arrest me for hate speech. I’ll shout it from my cell. Scumbags run the world.

  • Murdered by OPP – Bob Srigley

    William Wallas’ campaign against England (Braveheart) was not about Prima Nocta or, the King wanting to have sex with Scottish women; it was about the long standing rape of Scottish children by crown agents.

    This is the true origin of the term faggot.

    Fag = bundle of twinges meant to fuel a fire (not wood for bows or furniture).
    Faggot = kings men’s ‘twigs’ fueling rage in the hearts of the fathers of Scotland.

    ‘Pedofaggots’ are those who engage in the rape of children for personal and or professional enterprise. They are 1000% worse than any murderer and should be castrated prior to execution.

    I should know. The Kings men murdered me in 2013. (Google it!)

  • Fiona Clark

    Good on him, I really hope he stays away. Also hope he stays alive.

  • Kris Kessler

    And don’t think this sick shit runs through are government Elite also. Sick bastards

  • http://about.me/brian_takita Brian Takita

    What are the sources?

    • Bite me

      Baxter’s imagination.

  • anoke
    • Bite me

      Another tabloid site, moron!

  • Joey Seay

    I dont even wanna hear this shit unless they are dropping names.. Plain and simple. How these guys can know it goes on and not name the perpetrators means they are complacent in the act.. It still happens because nobody names these monsters

  • Johnny Underwood

    Check out http://www.sohw-ok.com and/ or http://www.shadowofhiswings.com if you or someone you know has been a victim of pedophilia or sexual abuse. We are a Christ centered healing ministry that has seen and experienced God’s miracles in these specific arenas.

  • Chorboogie

    He ran to the wrong place he stepped into the ring leaders den where they do these sacrificial demonic things to children as well .. the CHURCH


      Fake news or not .. you know it to be true

  • Brendan Peterson

    This entire article is full of lies to get brainwashed christians distracted with yet one more thing to pray about and donate money for. Plz plz plz take nothing away from this article. I fear for my future grandchildren… they will be taught by pure stupidity one day at this rate

  • Sacha Remling

    Debunked BS.

  • Julia D

    quand es que le monde va se reveiller et faire en sorte que se monde la qui viole et tu pour leur propre desire se retrouve en prison jespere que dautre monde vont faire comme justin bieber et laisser faire largent pour sauner des vies

  • rick col

    Justin you just gained a new fan. If you were my brother I’d say GOOD JOB. Rick Colson

  • Sapphyreopal5

    Isn’t this fake news?

  • http://www.escapingatheism.com ن Max Kolbe

    It’s very obvious that Hollywood has tried for years to demonize Christians and Christianity to hide the reality of what they themselves are.

  • Muriel Lincoln

    Prayers for Justin and his return to Christ that these evil forces will not come against him and that he prevail in the truth.

  • urstoryandurstickingtoit

    Thank you to Justin Bieber for his bravery in telling the world the truth about the crimes of the elite. You are a real man. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

  • JCLUVU22

    horrible. And they all need to be exposed. As for Justin, he has gone back to the Lord and is doing his best to live for me. Thankfully, he listened to the Holy Spirit when he was at the ‘party’ and he left. I pray that he finds strong Christians who will help him grown stronger in his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Rae Parakh

    more on Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, please.

  • Anne Verebely

    I’ve heard this stuff before – awful

  • Ray

    Hi Patrick,

    I would stick to the Bible ..

    .. Ray

  • Nathaniel Brittingham

    This is super retarded. FAKE AS HELL. GN

  • Maxey Ross


  • Dee Dee

    I believe if our God Yahweh can utter the words “let there be light,” put into existence all that is, can create in 6 days, breathe the life into man direct the realms of heavenly angels, keep His word by sending Jesus (Yeshua), He can indeed direct and make sure that the truths are kept in tact in the scriptures. Only a fool would think that He would let anyone change what he wants to be known, or that He didn’t have a hand in it’s preservation. I am happy for Justin Bieber for choosing a better path and sad for the state of the world including this sickness in Hollywood. There is only one God Yahweh, only one WAY, Yeshua His son, only one interpreter, The Holy Spirit. Anything else is fiction at best and evil at the worst. Do not be misled.

  • Benthoven

    Yah, just looked it up… fake news. Yes, there is a problem with pedophilia in Hollywood, but this is a complete conspiracy theory.

    By the way, the most dangerous place for young boys is right there IN the church… and those pedophiles get away with it under the banner of their religious convictions.

  • Alan Carlos Spiceweiner Hutton

    Aint nothing to do with Lucifer or any kind of devil worship. .
    These are just sick evil fucks who have enough money and power to buy off enough of the law enforcement agencies to avoid any kind of publicity.
    So they can do what they want to whomever they want

  • denysegirl

    Justin was raped?

  • hazel

    People believe anything fake news put out lol do you think this is the reason he cancelled his tour I think not

  • Natasha78

    When people want that sick kind of wealth, this is the price of admission. I am so proud of Justin Bieber for saying no.

  • Fingal Carson

    When did he “wake up”? After another few joints? Please.

  • Beverly Wells

    I wish he would give the names of these perverts to law enforcement, otherwise more children will be raped and killed. He already spoke up but the job is only half done however.

  • David

    You talk of religion when God has none; you talk of what your senses tell you and you are blind; you look for a miracle when only you can see it; you repeat the evil in darkness so all can visualize it-this is as bad as it already is. You have shared their stance and none have erased their energy! You offer nothing to the injured not even grace. You bicker among yourselves and trade cliche’s. How many ways can a problem be fed and not be abolished? What is it that you are waiting for? Who is going to do it for you?

  • Missy Oliveira

    You’re all sitting here talking about Justin and whether or not he’s repented..


    my bad.. carry on with your conversation about what someone else is doing on their path to religion.. way more important than the innocent lives that have been ruined or ended..

  • MyTwoCents

    Why is nobody talking, getting evidence and giving names? W/out it this means nothing. But it’s not surprising when you see how sexual the videos and everything are and many of the young stars eventually loose their minds due to the abuse.

  • gus

    Enjoy your time out Justin. Btw, did you think of calling the cops?

    • gus

      Of course, silly me, its more yournewswire fake news.

  • Striker333

    If you want to make a difference, call the FBI’s Washington D.C. office and tell them about this story. If hundreds of people call, they will look into it. 202-278-2000(no phone calls on weekends though). You can also tweet this info, FB it, blast it out!

  • Bite me

    Funny, i haven’t read about this on any credible news sites. Where did you get your info from, Baxter? Sounds like you were right there with Bieber in bible study when you imagined he said this. Just another POS tabloid site. By the way, if you want to be taken seriously as a “writer”, learn the difference between “bought” and “brought”, idiot.

  • lenaz

    this is a HOAX

  • deceneu♔♘

    Is not just music industry i think is also in politics, at the highest levels.
    Blackmail seems to be the order of the day .
    What a bunch of sick fvucks.

  • Carl Hungus

    WHEN will the entire diseased and corrupt temple come crashing down on their heads? Probably never. They have too much wealth to let that happen. Absolutely tragic if this stuff is all true. End of times people,,,end of times.

  • Christian Symonds

    I never liked this man and I never liked his music, but I have to respect his decision to cancel his tour and walk away in light of this evil. He made a noble decision regardless of what may happen to him and that is something honorable and good in my book. You’re alright, Mr. B.

  • Michele


  • Tee Watt

    I.D.ots It’s illegal to use a legal name http://bccrss.club/ Too late Bieber this shit has been done way to many times, you forgot that you, yourself IS a criminal.

  • Carl Hungus

    I actually never really cared for his musical product, reckless behavior in the past and life of excess, but I do have a new found respect for him. I hope they don’t off him. Good luck Beebs, stay true to your faith.

  • inquisitor

    “Bieber said he was encouraged to sexually abuse a young child who had
    been bought to the party for the sexual gratification of the industry
    “They said this kid was raped by a few different guys. They said he was bleeding. I got out of there but I heard he died and that haunts me.”
    “To join the club I’d have to do bad things to this poor kid. But then I
    realized that even that wasn’t enough for them. I’d also have to kill
    this little child.”

    Not reporting it potentially makes him an accessory to kidnapping, child rape and murder. And he just confessed to his crimes. Time to prosecute him and then give him a plea deal for naming the big names involved.

  • snowwhite’s creepydwarf

    Hollywood and Music industry should be barred from engaging children in their business. As an adult, I can not even stomach the material they put out on radios or tv. Seriously, it should be a crime. Don’t even know why this isn’t making national headlines and why these accusations aren’t taken seriously. Instead of putting an explicit warning on some of their content, they should just industries a crime.

  • LinGo

    Seems to be that pedophilia is everywhere.. Catholic priests, Hollywood, Muslims, Christians, Mormons, etc. Before it was Dirty Old Men and now every age man and woman are getting caught doing it.. So where it stops nobody knows. Child pornography, child prostitution, child slavery — A wicked & brutal assault on the weakest and most innocent people of our society — they are helpless victims. We need an anti superhero more like a super killer to infiltrate and execute these demons from our society as a whole — they are so easy to bait and trap.

  • St. Anthony

    God bless him for speaking out!! I do not doubt what he is saying. I am horrified, but I also pray for his peace of mind and heart through being a messenger of the truth, as hard as that must be for him, especially with his fame and stature. I really cannot imagine. God Bless his soul today and always. Amen.

  • 08Susan_B10

    Worse, what do they have on him, he was a very young lad when he started.

  • Tara Ross Jackson

    Wow!!! The comments

  • Stevo

    He’ll soon change his mind when they take every cent of him and send him back to Canada, with zilch.

  • Richy Richmyster

    I’m glad he finally brought this message to light. Imagine what would
    have happened if had he gone to the cops in the first place. A child
    could have been saved! Hell, a thousand could have been saved and those criminals shut down. But who does he tell first? A group of kids. And I’m sure he notified the cops before notifying the media too. Right? Or maybe he was just waiting for the time was right to strike. I curse these pedophile rings to the pit of hell. I really do. But – WWJD? (when will justin die?)

  • Ray


    It is YOUR free choice –
    Faith comes by hearing ‘The WORD of God’ – Not the wordS of Patrick. … However, It’s your opinion:


    It may be you opinion – However it is not The Opinion of Scripture:

    (1) “Repent and be baptized.” – Grace.

    (2) The Bible says: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but, have everlasting life.” John 3:16
    (2a) When one believes, guess what happens – it is then that you/they repent *** Romans 10: v9-10

    (3) 15. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.*** John 3:16-18 (AKJV)

    (4) Being nice, and a goody gum drops, will not get anyone into heaven.
    If that were the case, we would not ever have needed the Saviour Jesus Christ.

    .. Who ever told you this has told you a complete fantasy.

    I would be happy to show you a few more verses..

    Please do ask …


    However, if you are content with what you have – Go for it …. There will be no eternal life at the end.

    .. Ray


    • Patrick J. Herbert

      Hello Ray,

      Again, thank you for your reply. I admire your dedication.

      I live a very simple, non-materialistic life filled with unconditional love. My wife and I are on the receiving end of miracles that are difficult to explain because they are seldom believed by others. We are very happy in our understanding that we are all aspects of God/Creator, and we treat others with the same amount of love and respect that we enjoy having reciprocated back at us. The Universal Law of Attraction is very real and can be proven to those who seek to have it proven to them. These things need not be a mystery, as everyone has access to this information but some find it very difficult to leave their comfort zone, be it one born of a life long dedication to man-made religions, or even holding fast to a materialistic world view.

      To each his own. In the end, the Creator loves all aspects of himself/itself (there is no gender outside of the human experience), much like a parent always loves their children unconditionally. I have trouble understanding those who think otherwise, but they are certainly entitled to their opinion.

      • John33

        I agree with the gender comment Patrick. I ruffled feathers in the past by calling God “It”. Because it says very clearly “God is not male nor female”. I think some people get stuck and can’t accept God because people have anthropomorphised It. I do realize at the time of the Bible it was a male dominated world. God simply tried to relate to people in ways they could accept. It took almost 2000 years after Yeshua was on earth in human form that it was beginning to be revealed in understandable ways that God has no gender. Or at least one that we can comprehend.

  • Lee

    The brave thing would of been to leave the establishment and bring the feds and police back to save the child from the uncertain faith. If he truly felt the spirit of his faith he would not have feared and not only saved himself but aided in saving the child. In my opinion, how can anyone witness such an act or acts and do nothing to stop it from happening? I don’t understand it at all if in fact this story is even true which I also have my doubts about.

  • Cathy Lyn Navarrette

    If this is in fact true, he should be prosecuted. There is absolutely NO excuse for what he did. He destroyed an innocent child. I would also bet there were others before and after. Shame on him and anyone who condones this or excuses this is just as bad. That child deserves justice against him and the others. Man up and take your punishment and stop it from happening again by letting everyone who else was involved so that they receive their punishment too.

    • gomurr

      The children not destroyed by the music or movie industry are probably in the minority.

      • Cathy Lyn Navarrette

        It is still WRONG and he should be prosecuted. Without consequences there is NO possibility of change.

        • gomurr

          I agree whole heartedly. You should watch An Open Secret on you tube. These men were prosecuted. All still in the movie industry, with one “whereabouts” unknown. Very few people in Hollywood or the music industry will talk about this, but many not involved will keep their mouth shut, making them just as guilty, imho. All for their career……screw the kids.

  • Dr. Phil

    Why is it none of these people EVER name ANYONE thats part of it? They have the best security money can buy, just expose them and save hundreds of lives.

    • gomurr

      I just watched the film An Open Secret on you tube. See how these guys were punished. All are still operating in the business, and still preying on children, I’m sure.

  • gomurr

    I hate to say it, but the Beib’s life is now in danger.

  • Timothy Wade Corder

    Props to JB for his bravery in exposing this evil filth. A clear picture is emerging that exposes the unspeakable acts of the elites. Notice how the stories involving the entertainment industry, the Washington elites/establishment, and the left’s efforts to push immorality on our society are all starting to line up and come into clear focus? And THEY are the ones telling everybody to “resist.” It’s time to re-think everything we’ve been taught. Clearly we have been hijacked by the forces of evil!

  • Michael Kennedy

    Big ups to Justin Beiber.

    I never really liked him, but this took balls.

  • tim prater

    Is this a fake story? I’m seeing a lot of hokey stories on Facebook.

  • https://fb.me/amanda.wait Amanda Wait

    “Take a break”?? You need to quit it altogether! You cannot serve two masters Justin, you will love the one and hate the other. The music you are involved in does not honour our holy God.
    Come out from among the world, be separate and I will receive you says the Lord.
    Jesus is coming back for a holy church. The Spirit says to the churches to REPENT of their sexual immorality.
    He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches! 7 types of churches the Lord is speaking to…the dead church, the lukewarm church, the persecuted church, the loveless church, the compromising church, the faithful church, the corrupt church and the faithful church is the only one not warned to repent. Christians need to repent of their sexual immorality!
    Also get away from that pastor buddy of yours! I will pray for you, for your protection, but most of all for you to choose whom you will serve because you cannot continue in worldly music while serving the Lord. :'( The Lord is speaking loudly to you, He is warning you to get out.

  • Johnnie Ireland

    Where is any eveidence that he said any of these things?

  • Je_Sui_Pepe

    that made me cry, so sad and so harrowing. and it is time to shut THIS music industry down.

  • Cassandra M Randall

    God bless Justin Bieber for being courageous enough to come forward to speak the truth. I pray all the evil that is taking place in Hollywood is exposed

  • Purchased NOT Perfect

    For every Christian to read before engaging with the people behind some of the comments on here.(looks like a lot, but well worth reading). God Bless

    2 Peter 3:3 NKJV
    knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts…

    WikiSearch; A little known technique(s) seen throughout the world used by people who wish to disrupt, decive, influence, control & bring confusion:

    Straw Man:
    A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man”.

    The typical straw man argument creates the illusion of having completely refuted or defeated an opponent’s proposition through the covert replacement of it with a different proposition (i.e., “stand up a straw man”) and the subsequent refutation of that false argument (“knock down a straw man”) instead of the opponent’s proposition.
    This technique has been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly in arguments about highly charged emotional issues where a fiery “battle” and the defeat of an “enemy” may be more valued than critical thinking or an understanding of both sides of the issue.

    Allegedly, straw man tactics were once known in some parts of the United Kingdom as an Aunt Sally, after a pub game of the same name where patrons threw sticks or battens at a post to knock off a skittle balanced on top.

    In Contemporary work:
    In 2006, Robert Talisse and Scott Aikin expanded the application and use of the straw man fallacy beyond that of previous rhetorical scholars, arguing that the straw man fallacy can take two forms, the original form in which the opponent’s position is misrepresented, which they call the representative form and a new form which they call the selection form.

    The selection form focuses on a partial and weaker (and easier to refute) representation of the opponent’s position. Then the easier refutation of this weaker position is claimed to refute the opponent’s complete position. They point out the similarity of the selection form to the fallacy of hasty generalization, in which the refutation of an opposing position that is weaker than the opponent’s is claimed as a refutation of all opposing arguments. Because they have found significantly increased use of the selection form in modern political argumentation, they view its identification as an important new tool for the improvement of public discourse.

    Aikin and Casey expanded on this model in 2010, introducing a third form. Referring to the “representative form” as the classic straw man, and the “selection form” as the weak man, a third form is called the hollow man. A hollow man argument is one that is a complete fabrication, where both the viewpoint and the opponent expressing it do not in fact exist, or at the very least the arguer has never encountered them. Such arguments frequently take the form of vague phrasing such as “some say,” “someone out there thinks” or similar weasel words, or it might attribute a non-existent argument to a broad movement in general, rather than an individual or organization.

    A variation on the selection form, or “weak man” argument, that combines with an ad hominem is nut picking, a neologism coined by Kevin Drum. A combination of “nut” (i.e., insane person) and “cherry picking”, nut picking refers to intentionally seeking out extremely fringe, non-representative statements and/or individuals from members of an opposing group and parading these as evidence of that entire group’s incompetence or irrationality.

  • Grace656

    Like JZ?

  • Mario A Jimenez Jerez

    http://yournewswire.com/justin-bieber-pedophiles/ They are trafficking children! Senator Nancy Schaefer was murdered just a day before publishing a book exposing this pedophile child trafficking network in family courts and DCF.

    Unless the the American people unites and shuts down DCF and family courts, your children and family might be next.

    “Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor.” -Ginetta Sagan.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” ~ Pastor Martin Niemöller.

    Dr. Mario Jimenez, http://www.VoteMario.Us
    Florida Senate 2018

  • Shim

    How is his conscious clear when he’s refusing to name names and admitting that he knows who has raped children and asked him to do the same?? This boy is lying. He is not a role model and you will not help any child by believing him.

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    Hey Justin Bieber!
    I invite you to the righteous n justified religion i:e; ISLAM
    Just read the Holy Quran and even if you don’t follow it you will still find peace Insha-Allah. In this world and also in the world hereafter.
    May Allah Pak turn you to the right wway. Aameen!

  • Janet Tarboy

    psalm 32:8 I will guide you along the best pathway for your life, I will advise you and watch over you, hopefully he finds christ

  • Cheyanne Mae Kamps

    Am I the only one that thinks this story is a little off. Someone is trolling you people hard. Don’t you think a story like this would be on the news if it had any validity at all? LOL.

  • Yoda Pagota

    All you guys need to check out Mark Passio’s website, “whatonearthishappening.com”. He used to be a part of the luciferain illuminati occult & now is speaking against them, revealing theirs secrets & rituals. Very enlightening stuff & thought provoking into things of this matter.

  • Sandragstone

    our classmate’s step-sister makes $79 per hour on the internet. she’s been fired from work for two months but the previous month her earnings was $15932 working on the internet a couple of hours per day,➤ check out

  • Jim All

    If true he needs to go further and name them. And the place and hotel where it happened. It will be easy to trace phone and email and text records. Cameras are everywhere. It’s not enough to just state this stuff. Corey Feldman, Rose McGowan, Lady Gaga, and many others raped and Molested need to actually report this to the police and others or they are part of the problem. Kesha (groomed as a child) and then raped at 18 is the only one brave enough. Clearly Hollywood Sex abuse is worse than the church. Notice how the press is quick to believe allegations against the church but no LAPD investigation into what sounds like sex abuse. Are they suggesting this only happens in the real world but never Hollywood? Obviously many people witness and participate in this abuse, Bill Cosby wasnt able to do what he did all alone.

  • DedSec

    Still feel bad about pirating music?

  • DedSec

    Thats un-bieber-able. Which pot smokin canadian made this up… did he go to the police… are the FBI investigating this… come on.. next bieber song title “i would do anything for a billion… but i wont do that”

  • Kerygma

    He looks horrified in that photo taken outside the Montage.

  • Cyril

    Another delirous article from some catho-conservative cavemen.
    Please leave our Justin out of your fascist theories

  • Traffic Light Wizard

    If only he had the courage to save that child. It may have exposed everything. That would have been the best possible decision.

  • Kristy Dunham

    Sorry Jews own Hollywood and the music industry! Wake up people to the fake BS called anti-Semitism. There’s a reason they’ve been tossed out of every country they’ve taken over. After reading this then go read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Christ calls them the synagogue of Satan. Wake up!!!

  • Vicki Spatz

    Dear Justin you did the right thing, I’m so sorry you had to go through that! By coming forward you have helped, maybe even saved other young children from these twisted sicko’s! Be SAFE! GET HELP…..GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR BRAVERY!

  • Robert Cappitelli

    I want some evidence of this. Easier to accuse than prove. Where is the evidence. He too scared to film it? But not too scared to let adults rape and kill a child. If this is true he is an accessory to murder for not revealing the names of the murderers. But then again look at the source of the story.

  • Dana Cagle Nino

    This obviously Is fake because if he witnessed a child being abused, and thought the child later died and didn’t report the crime, he of course would be charged as well so he wouldn’t be discussing it w news outlets without police involvement. Not saying they’re aren’t complete degenerates doing unspeakable things in Hollywood, just saying this story is likely not one of them

  • Hugh Glass

    I respect Justin immensely for coming out with this truth that people desperately need to hear about the evils in our world today. He is too popular, too young, and makes too much money for the Zions/illuminati/Hollywood moguls. They won’t kill him,… They’ll just squash the story like they have been….or spin it like they have been. You can do that when you control almost every aspect of the media. Thank God we still have the internet,…for now. God bless.

  • Beryl

    Going to a Bible meeting and complaining about violence, pedophilia or rape is like going to the Harry Potter convention and complaining about Magic.

  • Bonita Houser

    This now needs to be investigated,and people need to be brought to justice,surely he can name names .

  • Adam

    He should turn all of them in to authorities.

  • beyash labish

    That’s the JEWS for you.. And to every American christian I urge you to do research before calling them the chosen ones. Sex/human trafficking and Pedophilia are very common amongst those rich jews, some rabbis have been caught doing so. Just do your research and identify the enemy hiding behind all the most powerful entities.

  • Elly101

    Is this true?

    • 카트루싸

      of course not
      i can’t believe that so many people think this is true. it doesn’t even make sense. bieber telling this to the press but not the police? police ignoring the allegations? all of police also pedophiles?
      common sense should tell you that this story is made up. whether there are pedophiles involved in music industry is an entirely different question of course, but this is just BS.

  • http://www.paleosaver.com Lorin Chane Partain

    Bieber had better beaf up his security.

  • Betty Jean Henry

    When I first became aware of this type of pedophilia satanic ritual abuse of children, I could not believe that human beings could and would do this to children, and then I realized that these are not human beings, for they have abandoned their humanity, or perhaps never had it in the first place, for it is pure evil.

  • Lasalle_Street

    Pedophilia is a real problem, this article is not true however. There are no links to anything. All these quotes are made up. Doing this makes it harder to bring real stories to light. This author should be ashamed. There are plenty of real pedophilia stories to report on without making ones up.

  • ArtfulEric

    There are no dates, source attributions or direct quotes in this story. The writer doesn’t say he heard Bieber, Woods or other celebrities personally. It’s entirely hearsay or made-up for clicks, the essence of “fake news.” As far as I’m concerned, there’s no truth to any of these claims, because the story simply isn’t credible. Try going back to college and attend a few journalism classes, why don’t you. And ethics, while you’re at it.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+InzlKettWoodsMarks/posts/p/pub Felix Nuts Tomcat

    It is no small wonder that Hollywood pumps out the garbage that it does. It is no friend of families or Christians.

  • Desa Hogate

    This is nothing new. We all know Hollywood is run by Satanic illuminati ppl that practice all type of aberrations. It’s also been denounced by other artists like Michael Jackson, Tila Tequila, Alex Jones etc. Latoya Jackson made a subtle reference in a program alive. Actually what Mr. Bieber witness was a satanic ritual initiation and probably he even didn’t notice it.

  • Schiepers

    No mention of the source.

    First, it’s obvious, to anyone who has made effective use of the internet up to this points, that pedophilia is rampant in all upper echelons of society. It is the the tool with which executive power in the economy and politics is controlled by those who wish to control.

    It’s simply very effective, and found it’s modern day origin as a method of control in early 20th century CIA counterintelligence programs.

    We don’t have video or audio, don’t have witnesses. That could be explained evevn in the case it were true. There are many powerful people and their handlers around this billion dollar boy.

    This makes that the gossip put out here may well be true, but we don’t know.

    Maybe the internet imageboard autists can help us out here?

  • Fritz – Ulrich Hein

    Das Problem ist schon seit der Nachkriegszeit WK II bekannt. Auch dass junge männliche Künstler nur was werden konnten, wenn sie sich einflussreichen Männern hingaben

  • enigel

    These celebrities should really tell the world the names of these pedophiles and let “karma” deal with them.

  • yeah ok

    If it looks like a duck, walks and quacks like a duck, It’s a Dog. < How TV, MUSIC, MOVIES work, and it's doing a great job. Ok, off to work, pay my bills, and eat some GMO – have a nice day everyone

  • No Joker

    To Author, Baxter Dmitry .. what is the SOURCE fir the Bieber / Pedos comment..????

  • Jordan

    What is wrong with a little child raping here and there?

  • Bite me

    Why are there so many fucking bible thumpers commenting here?

    • Bite me

      Oh, I get it. They love reading bullshit.

  • ray

    John Podesta is in this cult too .. following that ‘spirit cooking’ woman (Marina Abramović) that performs Aleister Crowley rituals.

  • Jon Mallek

    Why did he not call law enforcement when all this was going down?

  • TX

    What are your sources??

    Prayers for him that he is shielded with protection. We all know what happens after exposure of things like this.

  • Magdalene

    Good for him. This evil must be exposed.

  • Berta Herndon

    We continue to pray that each and everyone of them and their families are exposed and literally taken out by the Hand of God. They are nothing but despicable cockroaches that walk this earth and need to be exterminated and no longer live amongst human beings. Their days are numbered and they will fall like the locusts did as we watch them squirm and die! May Gods vengeance on all of them be 10 fold, starting today.

  • Jen

    the irony of discussing a conspiracy while pushing your religious bullshit is not lost on me

    • Jen

      not saying the pedophilia isn’t true, but christ while you’re investigating conspiracies why don’t you look into religion. Also a huge source of pedophilia. Catholicism anyone?

  • Mark O’Blazney

    Save Justin AND Ferris !!!


    So….now that he exposed these bastards, did they get arrested or ANYTHING?? Did Beiber go to the POLICE?? NO! He just stayed in his room and “thought about it all”. Jesus, I’m sick of these Aholes.

  • Vaughn Plata

    damn I came to read the story and then the whole thread just turned into religion preaching. I already went to church on sunday thanks.

  • Spiritfruitmarcus

    Another site says that this is fake news. The other site is gossip cop.

  • Justin Lluvias

    This is the same kind of rumors that have been going around about the film industry. Like any industry, bad apples can exist, but I’ve been in this industry for decades an have seen nothing like this ever. I think people are too gullible nowadays. The music or film industry has no more pedophiles than the Catholic churches do, possibly less. If this were a real story, he wouldn’t have told a congregation, he should have told journalists and provided proof of these accusations. Anytime children are preyed upon it is awful, but I’m curious what is driving this article…

    • Shazbat

      Doesn’t make it any less of a problem in the music industry than in the Catholic church: it’s still a big, big problem, and it even pervades into the very heart of national and world politics

  • Scott Nipper

    I don’t believe it he is still alive they would of killed him already bull shit I think

  • David L. Allison

    None of the mainstream media ignore pedophilia. CNN and Washington Post have run stories condemning pedophilia. Lying about one thing lessens the credibility about everything this media entertainment reports.

  • Lisa Hrncir
    • http://www.infowars.com/ Marshall Banana

      not a real source

    • Shazbat

      Want to discredit yourself in nothing flat? Mention snopes

  • Shazbat

    AH! Yeah, I KNEW this had something to do with the cancellation of the tour

    We were supposed to hang blackout drape for his upcoming show in Texas, and even though it cost me a day or two of income, I thought it was VERY interesting with the timing, and had a very strong feeling that this was the case: he got out as soon as he still could!!

  • Forrest Cook

    Now he needs to help bring those involved to justice. I only pray he is naming names and that justice will be served.

  • Tim Truscott

    If you believe this hogwash, you’re a fool.

  • Jackie1970

    Jill Dando was murdered because she was going to reveal what was going on at the BBC.Jill and colleague investigated them she was threatened.Hope Justin is going to be safe

  • Troy Cline

    Begin to pray Psalm 83, 109, 34 and many more over these wicked elites realizing that “ALL SCRIPTURE IS INSPIRED BY GOD”. 2 Timothy 3:16. Turn the other cheek to your personal enemies and curse them not, but these are God’s enemies, not yours, this are the ones that Jesus also talks about in Matthew 23, woe to these evil people!!! Pray, God is able to move through His Ekklesia the Church and to bring judgement on these people, His ruling council!!!

  • Franco Brocardo

    What a problem…

  • 7csssss

    This is so true. 2Pac said the same thing and at the time it was taboo to talk about it so he got murdered. I pray Justin Bieber does not get hurt. “They” may frame his death as a drug overdose or something weird like that. He needs to pray and be very careful.

  • William Waterstone
  • Mike Monteith

    Fake news. Only thing true in this whole story is he cancelled what was left of his tour. The rest is complete BS.

    • Billy James

      well these are very powerful accusations that one can never take lightly and why are you so sure it is fake? Do you know the writer of the column because he has put his life on the line if this is false!

      • Mike Monteith

        That’s all he does is write fake articles. Check Snopes if you don’t believe me.

  • peter choyce

    People who ‘believe’ in the Bible will BELIEVE anything, sorry

  • Mark Yamassu
  • So over it

    Although I am not a big Bieber fan, I applaud this guy for having the faith and courage to speak out. Knowing this will harm him on some way, as I doubt they will let him get away with it. I was researching something someone told me regarding the death of the starts that made it big but spoke out. Most deaths are around the 20th. and the 23rd. Significant? Also I know that in Luciferian doctrine they have to complete the deal made in order to become major stars. Poor Biebs. If something happens to this boy, I am gonna be very upset.

  • fcabanski

    There’s something off about this story. Killing a child isn’t pedophilia, it’s murder. Why wouldn’t the headline mention murder?

  • J. Cruise

    How is it that this entire article is about Justin Bieber telling people that the elites of the world are sexually assaulting and murdering innocent children and the comments automatically go to religion and which one is right and saying what a good deed he done when in all actuality all he did was save his own ass and get out of the situation when he should have immediately notified authorities when he left to tell them what was going on and could have possibly save that child’s life along with several others but everybody wants to praise him because he told people in his Bible study about it? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad that he’s finally speaking out about this but he should have done it way faster and to a much larger audience than he did

    • Lynda Heystek

      you are in the dark about what’s actually going on. No ways can he report it to the ‘authorities’ they are steeped in it too. its like a spiders web, when you expose this sort of thing, you need to be very selective with whom you share it…. he’s wanting to get out of an evil secret organisation….members from all walks of life, including politicians, police, judges, the very wealthy and he is doing it correctly. I just pray for his protection, as he will be on their hit list……. if you think this is rubbish, google, Pizzagate, Planet Ping Pong and Spirit cooking…. your eyes will be opened

  • Lynda Heystek

    Justin is exposing the evils of the industry….. very few in the acting and music industry make it on their own…. the people who control it are Satanists….. what Voiceforeason1 (Pamela Hunter ) has written is true, but it goes much deeper than this. Once someone tries to leave, their very life is in danger. Justin Beiber needs to be covered by prayer. Fortunately he did not go through the initiation, but he is still in danger . For those who don’t believe this is actually happening,…. google Pizzagate…. Planet Ping Pong just to start with, it will open up the facts about evil personified, and when you see those involved… you will be shocked….. the swamp is being drained and judgement day is sure to come on them all…… Pray for God’s angels to encamp around and protect Justin Beiber

  • B.Greenan

    It may be too late for Justin . . . he may have sold his soul years ago.

  • Patricia Love

    Fake news

  • Joanne Murray Vereb

    Never cared for Justin Bieber but I admire him for speaking out. God bless him

  • David Allen Watson

    Justin, as you well know, public equals judgement. God Bless You for leaving, and not bowing to greed and pedophilia. Your previous relationship with Jesus never ended. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He wept when you walked away, but all of Heaven rejoices at your return to Jesus. The little boy, if he truly died, is in the Mighty Arms of God. Remember always, Psalms 23. ……Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I WILL FEAR NO EVIL,……Gods people are praying for you, and we are many, and mighty.

  • Mary Stevens

    It’s a shame that these groups are NOT putting the focus on the media. The media SOBs would prefer to write about the non existent white supremacy and that people will explode if they look at a Confederate statue. Shame on them.

  • BRush

    homosexual or heterosexual pedos??? important to know this for protection reasons and investigation purposes.

  • MCM


  • Angel sent

    There is nothing impossible for God,,, I know it you started as a church boy,, then wondered away,,,, but God never left your side, he waited for you and will wait for you. Again there is nothing impossible for God, just believe in him. There is no other name then the name of Jesus, that name holds great power.

  • HtownRN

    im hoping to watch Hollywood and all the sick $&@“! in it fall like a house of cards…!!! I can’t wait..!!!

  • Jasmin Lovni

    Problem with this sensational site, there are NO SOURCES. I don’t doubt the pedophilia plague in Hollywood, but these quoted sentences could very well be invented. No ethics here to be found. Neither from the founder who took money from the People with Ike.

  • dLight

    The music industry, and the movie industry… I think it’s about time we admit that this probably goes on in upper-echelons of the political industry.

  • Debra Andrews

    justin will never be the same it will never leave him this is the most evilest thing ever he had found god and god will be with him and help him though this i hope someone will be able to shut this down and stop this its murder its sick and it needs to stop now someone haves to save these chillden i will be praying and i know god will end this amen

  • Skeptick

    This website is always fakenews. If Bieber said it let him say in on camera, then I will believe he was a hero.