Kurt Cobain Predicted A Donald Trump Presidency

Kurt Cobain predicted Donald Trump would become president

Kurt Cobain made an eerie prediction in 1993 in which he said that Donald Trump would likely become President of the United States. 

Just one year before his death, Cobain noted that his generation were sick and tired of American political culture, and that a big political change was coming in the years ahead that would demolish the two-party status quo.

Cooltobeconservative.com reports:

Cobain and his band, Nirvana, basically ended the “happy metal” days of music, which included bands like Poison, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi (though Bon Jovi has continued to thrive in the post “happy metal” music world), with a very ‘woe-is-me’ style of music that was rooted in self loathing and apathy.

Cobain and his generation were the latch key kids. They sat back and watched their Baby Boomer parent’s generation destroy the American dream via an obsession with materialism that led to massive debt weight and usually resulted in high divorce rates. They decided they wanted nothing to do with that, and as a result, Gen X’ers, until Millennials, led the U.S. in co-habitation without marriage, single parent families, and even in what would become known as “DINKS,” Dual Income No Kids.

It’s chilling to note that what Cobain said about politics only a year before his death by suicide, seems to be coming to fruition.

Courtesy of the Facebook page Trump Train:


Cobain knew an entire generation- HIS generation- was tired of the train wreck that had become American political culture, and he knew that change was coming. It would be another generation before the change he envisioned came about, and it’s sad that he’s not here with us to see it. But at least he’d be proud!

  • Mannik
    • Mandy

      Snopes are biased liberal liars, not always the case with all their stuff, especially as of late, probs due to the fact people were on to them, but they’ve been caught out for debunking with false statements.

      • Mannik

        That’s a lot of words to say “I don’t have a good rebuttal for the fact that this Cobain thing has zero supporting evidence.”

        • Mandy

          No it’s not, that’s a stupid comment – you should check out the above comment. As for Cobains comment, it hasn’t been proven he didn’t say it either. Haha

          • Mannik

            “it hasn’t been proven he didn’t say it either. Haha”

            Because it’s nigh impossible to prove negatives. You can’t prove you never said “I’d like to kill all the Jews and Blacks, sieg heil bro!” but without really good supporting evidence I’m inclined to not believe that you did.

            Burden of proof is a thing, and it’s damned hard to prove a negative.

          • Rc

            BUT…….it’s not a negative if you quote someone. Since the person who made the quote is not here to say one way or the other if it is true, the burden of proof is on the person using the quote.I could quote God as saying “I am dead” but can I prove it?

  • disqus_PxMGbpLOCq

    Though he really didn’t say this, it was the hope of a lot of people, and Trump played on that. There is nothing wrong with hoping for that to happen, however, people chose the wrong change agent. Trump has been known to be the master manipulator and perpetrator of the technique of the big liar…repeat lies often enough and people believe them. He changes his position daily, so what he promised on the campaign trail is not likely to happen in office, which we expect from politicians to a certain point, yet he painted himself as somebody who was not a politician, who does those kinds of things, and he certainly is not free from conflicts of interests along with some contributions that he ultimately was obligated to accept towards the end. He also doesn’t really know what he is doing, so he will have to rely on others, advisors, which is fine and what most do, but he is not choosing, noncorrupt, nonlobbyists, nonestablishment people, which is also not likely then to bring about change in the establishment. He is also choosing far right extremists, so look forward to some authoritarianism, loss of liberties, or worse.

    • Mainlander

      “Trump has been known to be the master manipulator and perpetrator of the technique of the big liar…”

      You would know all about being a liar, as there is nothing to back this statement up or anything else you’ve sputtered. Good job. Goebbels would be proud.

      • disqus_PxMGbpLOCq

        Nonsense. Beyond plain as the nose on your face obvious, google it as a label, extensively. He pretty much blatantly admits it. It is hard to see the truth when dazzled by money, bluffery/BS, or whatever else attracts you to that most unattractive of persons.