Las Vegas Eyewitness Commits Suicide Following FBI Raid

Key eyewitness in Las Vegas shooting commits suicide following FBI raid

A key eyewitness in the Las Vegas mass shooting committed suicide and killed his daughter shortly after the FBI raided his home. 

John Beilman was wanted by federal agents in connection to a communications device discovered in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room at the Mandalay Bay.

The FBI had raided Beilman’s home one day before he shot his disabled daughter and then himself, according to sources close to the investigation.

Neon Nettle reports:  Agents executed a search warrant and raided Beilman’s Williamsburg Drive home the day before he took his daughter, Nicole, into the backyard and shot her and then himself in the back of the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.

According to this report, upon the FBI searching the Mandalay Bay Hotel room used by CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, a cell phone charger was discovered that had no accompanying phone—with SVR technology experts noting that this type of charger is used to charge a CP502520 3.0V 600mAh Li-MnO2 Non-rechargeable Thin Cell Battery used in various communication devices by both US Special Forces and CIA forces.

The company making this unique lithium battery, this report details, is Ultralife Corporation, based in Newark, New York, that specializes in military communications systems for the Pentagon—and whose lead engineer for this particular communication systems development was John Beilman.

Listing himself as a “product design and manufacturing professional”, this report continues, John Beilman was employed by Ultralife Corporation between 2007-2012 where he worked on various top-secret communications systems for the US military—thereafter his leaving to become a top engineer at the General Motors research facility located in Rochester New York.

Fearing that Ultralife Corporation had been secretly funneling their US military communications systems to the CIA, this report notes, this past Tuesday (3 October), the FBI raided the home of John Beilman under a secret US Federal Court warrant—and that caused Beilman, less than 12 hours later, during the early morning hours of Wednesday (4 October), to wheel out his severely disabled daughter Nicole into his home’s backyard where she was executed, with Beilman then killing himself too—and that was followed 48 hours later (6 October) by the Pentagon awarding Ultralife Corporation new contracts valued at over $49 million.

The CIA, this report further notes, has long been known to eliminate witnesses to their “murder sacrifice” “false flag” operations—and that includes the hundreds of witnesses mysteriously killed following the 9/11 “Tower Sacrifice”, and the, likewise, hundreds of witnesses mysteriously dying following the “King Sacrifice” murder of President John F. Kennedy—and that London’s Sunday Times reported the “the odds against these witnesses being dead by February 1967, were one hundred thousand trillion to one.”

The FBI claim they didn’t protect, or at the very least put under 24-hour surveillance, John Beilman following their raid on his home, due to American domestic intelligence experiencing a manpower shortage in their Las Vegas massacre investigation.

According to D&C, John Beilman committed the murder-suicide shortly after 5:20 a.m., Fairport police say.

Fairport police said Beilman’s wife, Donna Beilman, was inside the home and did not hear the shots that took the life of her husband and daughter.

Fairport Police Chief Samuel Farina said John Beilman left behind a “goodbye note” to his wife that indicated the circumstances of the shooting but not a motive.

A neighbor of Beilman reported that he saw two police cars near the home the day before the killings. Farina said this week that police had not responded to any calls at the home.

The FBI and federal prosecutors declined to comment.

A federal magistrate judge would have approved a search of the home. However, approval of a search does not ensure a crime was committed; instead, it is a search for evidence of a crime.

Records of federal searches are often filed under seal, and there was no public record available Friday of the search of the Fairport home.

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    “CIA” forgetaboutit…………………..

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      Where are the words ‘AND THEN’ ?

      • William McBrayer

        “committed suicide and killed his daughter” implies order of events.

        • Robert Karp

          No. That’s what people assume. The statement means inclusive, not any given order.

    • Mr. E

      I do believe that was the point.

    • Robert Karp

      That’s not what they said. They said he killed himself and his daughter. There is no ” AND THEN” in in the article.

  • Anne Felippe

    He says he shot daughter and then himself but more likely it was murder of both

  • Anne Felippe

    The important part of this story is what was this type of cellphone charger used primarily by special forces and cia doing in the room??

  • Justice Gorsuch

    Nonsense…did you guys miss the part about how he “shot himself in the back of the head with a shotgun?”

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      I said the same thing! Fake….

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      I thought the same thing, impossible to do.

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        I do not know for sure and do not intend to try.

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          Must be a typo or it is a fake story, seeing this is yournewswire it will most likely be a BS story

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            “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Benjamin Disraeli

          • taxedtodeathNY

            This not a lie. The man did shoot and kill his handicapped daughter, on Oct 4th, and then himself. Was in the Rochester, NY news. Maybe he didn’t shoot himself in the back of the head, but he is dead.

          • taxedtodeathNY
          • Rudy Pry

            Looks like they straight up copied and pasted this article into theirs…

          • jules2u

            A fact here and there does not make the entire article factual.

          • Bobby Boucher

            It’s true that Las Vegas and Rochester are cities in the US. I’ve been to both, so the article MUST be true…

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            A nonrechargable battery in a phone that needs a recharger ??? If its non rechargeable you don’t need a charging device 😀

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            Well yeah, the story itself isn’t fake, but connecting it to Las Vegas and almost certainly the shotgun (maybe he shot daughter in back of head?) is definitely bull

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            Yes that’s true

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          Not something I’d practice.

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      That is a fairly difficult maneuver.

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      No one shoots their self in the back of the head. There is some deep dodo going on here !!!

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        He shot his daughter in the back of the head

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        No one shoots “their self”. People do however shoot “THEMSELVES”

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      IF someone is going to KILL themselves with a shotgun…! THEY WILL just stick it in their mouth and pull the trigger…!! AS you say…, IN THE BACK of the HEAD…, DON’T THINK SO….!! NO ONE would try that…, they might miss and just wound them self…..!! BACK of the head is more like an EXECUTION….!!

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        Which would explain the two cop cars the neighbors saw..

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      Nope. If that is not a human error in writting this artical then I FEEL CONFIDENT in saying that he studied the art of suicide at the same university as the Clinton’s suicidal friends studied at.

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        Of course with all the spelling errors, I wouldn’t doubt that this was a typographical error. Somebody needs to proof read these stories, or maybe both the typist & the reader are not worth having around. .

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      He probably did it twice, just to be sure

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      He was murdered

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      Did you guys miss the part where he was charging a non re-chargeable battery? What the he’ll does that mean anyway?

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        It means yournewswire hired someone who wrote this in between hits of dope.

      • taxedtodeathNY

        It says he designed the charger found in Paddock’s room when, Beilman, worked for Ultralife Corp. in Newark, NY.. It sounds like it is a charging system to charge a battery ONCE, remember this is a system used by the military and the CIA. Read the article again. I first read this on Sat. night in another very long article.

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        This could possibly the “John” who posted on 4chan warning of the High Incident attack in Las Vegas.

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          I thought the same…this murder suicide was linked to Vegas weeks ago but I couldn’t find the connection until now.

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      I don’t believe his wife didn’t hear a twice fired shotgun. Was it a hand gun with a silencer, which seems more plausible?

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        Why not kill his wife too?

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      I agree, but it could just be poor sentence construction by the writer, and should’ve stated that he shot his daughter in the back of the head with a shotgun before killing himself. Unless the shotgun was a sawed off version, he could not shoot himself other than in the foot. 🙂

    • Kris Pryo

      Absolutely possible. For example, one could steady the stock against a solid surface (a chair works well), if one is right handed use the left hand to grab and steady the barrel, use the right thumb to push down on the trigger (once head is in position). Look up over left shoulder while placing back quarter of head against the end of the barrel.
      You don’t need to be a contortionist or be a yoga instructor to do this, so it’s not nonsense and there are any number of reasons why a person might choose to do this.

    • Joeg

      Vince Foster probably taught him.

    • 10 Pound Test

      Oh come now…Bill Klinton’s pregnant secretary in Little Rock committed suicide by shooting herself in the back on the head, too. Klinton’s very own Medical Examiner said so, so it must be true, right? /sarc

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      THE WHOLE STORY IS NON SENSE, duh. It’s already been debunked and a simple Google search shows the story is ONLY on far, radical right websites all posted at the same time with NO SOURCES. Aren’t you guys suppose to be big on a story needing sources? I mean call the local police department yourself and ask about the investigation. It’s very clearly a total lie. And they either are too stupid to think of that impossibility or put it in there to make you talk about that instead of realizing for one second that “wait, this whole story sounds ridiculously dumb and untrue” Some moron simply saw the FBI raided a home where the guy killed his disabled daughter and himself, which isn’t ordinary and somehow put the two together to make some money off advertising hits. As if the FBI isn’t capable of running two simultaneous investigations on opposite ends of the country without connection.

    • Rick Costello

      Must’ve been a ‘suppressed’ shotgun for his wife to have not heard anything where she was in the house when he did it. Of course fifty years playing with guns I’ve never heard of a suppressor for a twelve gauge. 🙂 Oh well, it’s all true, must be, our government says so, right?

      • tomjoad

        Yeah, the wife not hearing TWO shot gun blasts is impossible. Just doesnt make sense.

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      u can shoot urself in the back of the head once ….. second and third time … well … lets just say … suspicious

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      Go to the main page and look around, for example at this:

      This is an actual fake news site.

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    Funny how so many suicides are caused by the individuals shooting themselves in places that are nigh on impossible to do. Shot himself in the back of his head??? Ummm.. Then secret devices only allowed by special forces… His wife didn’t hear any shots? Sounds to me like he knew too much.

    • jjjjtttt

      yeah, even with a sawed-off shotgun (or a pistol-grip / short Mossberg), it would be impossible to shoot yourself in the back of the head. And I love the fact that Vince Foster shot himself in the back of the head with a pistol … twice. The first shot isn’t too difficult, but the second shot requires intense focus. Unbelievable … as in … impossible to believe….

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    There is NO Newark, New York….New Jersey perhaps!! Fake????

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    Is this just really poorly written or did this guy really shoot himeself in the back of the head with a shotgun?

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    How does the wife, being at home, does not hear two shotgun blasts in their backyard?

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    We need to add to this conspiracy theory. The wife found out there was “activity” between the husband and daughter and she killed the daughter and then shot him in the head as he was running away.
    Just about as good as “Colonel Mustard did it with the Candlestick”.

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    how do you shoot your self in the back of the head with a 12 gauge?

  • LChad

    heard mention that Paddock also had chest wound

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    Eerily similar to the Todoshev murder following the Boston Bombing while being interrogated by the FBI. “Dead lips DON’T sink ships”.

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      but this source is corrupt. any other sources?

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    Absolutely fake news

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    He left his charger???? What kind of charger does one need to charge a non-rechargable battery??? I didn’t think they came with chargers because they are NON-rechargable… Hhmmmmm

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    So explain how it is that the FBI managed to surveil this man enough they decided it was worth raiding his home but then after that there is not enough man power to watch him at the same time as the Mandalay Bay investigation. If all it takes is one incident this size to make them unable to watch the bad guys we are screwed

    • Dawn Hendricks

      I think it is because they had all their agents looking for the piglets, lucy and ethel. BTW, this story came from Sorscha Faal. SVR is a dead giveaway that it is from

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    The actual Police news conference nor report mention the shot being to “back of head”. Where did you pull that from? I clicked the link and looked up the actual contract value and what it was for. FYI… It was only $337,421 for non-rechargeable batteries. Why did you say 49 million ? There might be something to this but when you stretch the truth so far, it hurts your credibility. Care to explain source for “back of head” and 49 million claims ?

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    she heard nothing…

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    were are the sources for this article ?

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    all done and plotted by are large global organized crime.. Powerful people who have been consoling us and our money for years.. It is many in many areas.. It is not a small group they have grown through the years and need all sort of workers.. The big guys, you will never see,just like the mafia.. Paddock was involved in some way but he was not a shooter, he was not capable of shooting those guys.. there were shooters on the ground of the concert..only for seconds doing on clean sweep than exit fast.. Then the upper shooting started.. Paddock was their circus puppet, to take the rap.. Plus he was not the strong type and would talk,just like this guy.. So they left him there like a sitting duck and I am sure under duress

  • Mossy Long

    he was killed or he is in witnesses protection

  • zyworski

    Hmm there might be something there with this conspiracy theory stuff.


    Suicided is more the term I would use here if this happened at all. More than likely a fake news story.

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    Ambiguity here? Unusual proceedings!!

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    So he had a charger for a non-rechargeable battery. . .. OOOOKKKKKK. . . .

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    Oh right, the CIA goes to the trouble of eliminating a witness but then eliminates him by having him shoot himself in the back of the head with a shotgun.

    Sounds like either the CIA is more incompetent than Bat Guano from Dr Strangelove, or that yournewswire is making up fake news.


  • satin85718

    CIA is well known for getting witnesses murdered. Why should this surprise us. We will never know how many Vegas murders are happening or have happened.

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    This stinks of Soros and Obama, and FBI! I just have a hunch about this. They found Obama info and Antifa flags in the shooters suite. This smells to high heaven!

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    People…what the article is eluding to is that somebody shot and killed this man and his daughter for knowing too much. They know darn well that he didn’t shoot himself in the back of the head.

  • Tracey Clarke

    exactly how does a charger recharge a NONrechargeable battery?

  • Ernest T.

    Reminds me some of how Vince Foster suicided himself.

  • Sherrie Edwards

    Neon Nettle is a satire site! Blows my mind that anyone would believe this crap…lol.

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    Must take a lot of effort to shoot yourself in the back of the head with a 12 gauge. Do they think we are all democrats??

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    yournewswire is now sourcing its nonsense from neon nettle. What’s the matter, Scorcha Fail not goofy enough?

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    This is just another Clinton coverup ! Clinton and her ass kissing girl friend obanonoman along with Sore Ass Soros are running around looking for a place to hide

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    Grammar. The difference between, “Shooting his daughter in the back of the head before turning the gun on himself” and , “…shot her and then himself in the back of the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.” Know your grammar people. Especially if you happen to be writing news articles…..

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    Pretty fishy, and how about his wife not hearing anything, is she deaf ?

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    a charger for a non-rechargeable battery!

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    Shot his daughter then himself in the back of the head with a 12 ga. shotgun, and the wife who was in the house didn’t hear it. Excuse me????

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    And people are going to take the word of a Muslim reporter??????

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    whats that has to do with Paddock FBI?

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    THE WHOLE STORY IS NON SENSE, duh. Just some crappy websites trying to make some money off advertising hits. Tying an eye catching murder suicide with the biggest news story right now, Las Vegas.


    Neon Nettle and Impious Digest’s claims that Beilman’s actions have anything to do with the Las Vegas massacre rest on the following “evidence”:

    Investigators found in the Las Vegas shooter’s hotel room a charger that doesn’t match any of his phones.

    This claim is inaccurate, and was known to be inaccurate at the time both articles were written. On 6 October 2017, NBC News reported that investigators, after earlier being puzzled by the presence of the phone charger, “have now been able to match all of the cell phone chargers found in the room with multiple cell phones that Paddock had with him.”

    How in the WORLD some fool saw a phone charger with no matching phone and tied that with f-ing Las Vegas is totally beyond me. It’s like I wish you people weren’t so damn stupid cause I could make a fortune selling bull to you folks. But stupid people generally don’t have much disposable income.


    This whole “article” was taken right from
    which is a well known site for its dubious posts and mostly completely made-up news

  • John

    So, based on that background info on the battery charger, Lee Harvey Paddock and/or whoever else was in that hotel room, was CIA.

  • Bobby Boucher

    No reference on the web to SVR technology. This article is bullshit.

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    How does a charger for a non-rechargeable battery work?

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    wouldnt you do the search then leave and sit and wait to see where he went or who he called or what he throws away like a computer etc..?? No brainer. Put someone at the back door and knock on the front. Right?? Oh yeah, its the new FBI after 8 yrs of Osama Obama, Eric Holder and James Comey

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  • revdto

    The ‘back of the head with a shotgun,’ issue aside, this article doesn’t say if the FBI found the cell phone. The story linked to about the FBI raid doesn’t say anything about the phone being found. Whether this was a suicide or an ‘elimination,’ whatever is on that phone might be a motive for these deaths.